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The Lifeguard

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“I told you NOT to run by the pool, young lady.”

I looked up from my position on the wet concrete. It wasn’t the best position to be in, especially considering that Matt Shepherd, the city’s hottest lifeguard, was standing over me, one leg on both sides…if I sat up, my mouth would be at his crotch.

I swallowed and tried not to think about the fact that my brand new string bikini was basically all string at this point and very little bikini.

“S-sorry.” I mumbled, my mouth so dry it felt like sandpaper. What else could I say? I had been running. By the pool. After he told me not to… I’d tried to stop. Really I did. But I’d been running too fast; the pavement had been slicker than I thought, and so I’d fallen right on my ass, right in front of him, right after he told me to stop. My face was on fire. I’d been so bad. I couldn’t even say this was the first time I’d broken the rule or that I’d never do it again. We both would have known that was a lie.

See, sometimes, when I get excited or nervous, I break out into a run. It’s weird, I know, but I’ve done it all my life and I have no idea why. I’ve never been able to stop. Most of the time, like today, I don’t even realize I’m running until it’s too late.

And today, I’d gotten really really excited…and taken off running. Of course, it was his fault. Not that I could ever tell him that. But it was. I mean, I took off running because he had noticed me. For the first time. Ever. Really noticed me.

I’ve been in love with Matt Shepherd for as long as I can remember. He’s been a lifeguard at the pool during summer breaks since he started college at the University of Arizona. Now he’s in medical school here, but he still works at the pool between semesters. I don’t know if it’s because he needs the money or he loves it…but I suspect it’s the money since I’ve never seen him so much as crack a smile when he’s working. He’s built like a jock and looks like a dark haired Adonis, but the sharp look in his eyes gives away his intelligence…and his sternness. I would walk through fire for Matt Shepherd… Not that he cared.

To him, I was just the nerdy high school girl with frizzy hair and glasses that is always hanging out at the college pool (my pass to the pool is one of the only perks of being a professor’s daughter). To make matters worse, I’ve never worn a suit that didn’t look like it could’ve come out of a 1950s store. At least, not before today.

Today, I look hot. I know I do. I’ve spent the last three weeks with my gorgeous cousins from California, cousins I didn’t know I had until a few months ago, getting a super makeover. It’s a long story, but my mom and dad got divorced when I was a baby. She ran off with another man and my dad got full custody of me. I’ve spent the last year dealing with my anger at her, for abandoning me, and the last couple months trying to find her. I guess I hoped, if I found my mom, I would find myself somehow too.

I realized, shortly after turning 18, that I’d spent my whole life with my nose buried in a book, trying to live through characters instead of myself. To put it bluntly, that had not been working out too great. I had no friends, no boyfriend, no life… other than the one I had in my dreams. So I’d talked to my dad and he’d reluctantly given me permission to start the search.

The priest who’d married my parents had taken pity on me and given me the phone number of my mom’s sister, now a nurse in LA. My dad had never heard of her. I called her and she’d never heard of us either.

I didn’t get to confront my mom, because she’d died a year before. Aunt Tina said it was a drug overdose… hearing that, I was almost glad she left us. My dad is the last person in the world who’d ever get involved with drugs. He teaches health and wellness classes at the nursing, public health, and medical schools on campus. I’ve always wondered if Matt’s been in one of his classes, but been too embarrassed to ask. My crush on Matt has always been my deepest secret…nobody knows, and that definitely includes him. I think I’d die of shame if he realized how much I wanted him and all of the things I’ve thought about doing with him or to him or having him do them to me…

Feeling his eyes on me, I realized my secret was in serious danger. I was pretty sure my whole body was blushing as I felt him look and it felt like my nipples were about to poke through the tiny triangles of cloth barely holding in my breasts.

I’d never been pretty before. And I sure didn’t feel pretty now. Even though, I knew I was. I’d flown out to meet my Aunt, who had two cousins my age that looked like models (one of them actually is a model, in fact). They were slender, leggy, and had perfectly tan skin, hair down their back, and sparkling blue-green eyes. I couldn’t believe we were related. They, on the other hand, had burst into laughter when they first saw me, but it wasn’t because they were mean. They said I looked just like they had in Junior High.

Apparently, my state of un-attractiveness was entirely self-imposed. If I’d never met them, I swear I never would have known. Dad is wonderfully kind, but completely clueless when it comes to make-up, hair, and fashion for young women. And since I read almost constantly, I didn’t have a lot (or any) other friends to turn to. Until I met my cousins Shana and Lace, who spent almost the entire time we were together dragging me to malls, stylists, and the beach. I’d even done a mock photo-shoot with a famous photographer who’d offered me a modeling job. I told him I’d think about it…I’m still not sure if modeling and majoring in engineering are compatible.

Today, I was wearing the same bikini I’d worn during the shoot and I’d done my hair and make up exactly the way the stylists had shown me. When I’d walked past Matt, he’d stopped talking in the middle of his conversation and just stared. That’s when I had not played at cool and waited for him to recognize me, but instead taken off running. He was staring again now but this time he definitely had the upper hand. “Get up.”

I waited for him to move. He didn’t. I just stared.

“Do not make me tell you again.”

I gulped at the steel in his voice and then scrambled to crawl out from under him. I might, as well have been naked, my bikini moved so much. But if I hadn’t crawled, I would have inevitably bumped into his crotch with my face and then…

After apologizing the whole time I got up, as soon as I was standing I started to walk away slowly, praying I would not start running. again. I felt his hand immediately circle my left wrist and tighten, drawing me back. My breath caught.

“Not so fast, Alyana, I’m not through with you yet.”

“Y-you know who I am?” I couldn’t believe it. Other than scolding me for running around on the wet pavement, he’d never given me the time of day.

“Yeah. Not saying it didn’t take me a minute to recognize you in that get-up, Ms. Stevens, but you’ve been coming to the pool and breaking the rules for over five years now … so yeah, I know you and that is not a good thing.” He dropped my wrist and let the reminder of my bad behavior hang in the air. I felt tears forming. I was in love with him and he thought of me as nothing more than a naughty child.

I swallowed hard, trying to hold them back, but I just couldn’t and I felt a drop of wetness slide down my cheek. I just looked at him then, hurt and vulnerable. He stared back, calm, but without a trace of sympathy.

He looked away and called out to one of the other lifeguards, “Tim, I need to take the rest of the day off, can you watch the pool? We’re double staffed and I’ve got something I need to take care of.” Tim said sure and Matt turned back to me.

“What,” I spoke slowly, forcing myself not to cry or stutter, “are you going to do with me now?”

He moved a step closer and raked his eyes over me again. I’d never felt more naked in my life. I would have given anything for my frumpy one piece back.

“Ms. Stevens,” his voice still stern, even at a whisper, “what happens to girls who break the rules multiple times, even when they are warned to stop?”

My eyes must have grown to twice their size as my stomach twisted into knots. I wanted to cry that it wasn’t fair! I couldn’t help it! Instead, I tried to bravely meet his hard gaze, “well,” I started, “there are usually consequences.” I thought for a minute, wondering if I had the courage to say another word. “Sometimes they are… punished.” Apparently, I did. And I almost thought I saw him crack a tiny smile.

“Exactly, Ms. Stevens.” He started to turn and then stopped to say, “you will pick up your towel and follow me immediately.”

“Yes sir,” I said, not being sassy so much as conditioned to years of being taught to mind my manners. I started to scurry towards my towel. “Walk!” He yelled. And I cringed. Looked like he was right. Him knowing me – at least as the running girl — was not a good thing at all.

The walk to the locker rooms was silent. We went through the back way, by the manager’s offices, and I followed him into the one private room, hearing the door lock behind us. This room was usually reserved for staff and VIPs. I’d never even been in it.

It was well lit and airy, with a small shower, a bathroom, and a single row of lockers. Fresh towels and toiletries were sitting on the bench. He moved them ominously to the floor and sat down, knees spread apart, hands folded in his lap; he looked way too relaxed. I started backing away towards the door.

“Alyana,” His voice stopped me. I couldn’t believe I’d longed for him to say my name even once for years when it made me so terrified. “Yes.” I answered forcing myself to be calm, to not stutter. For a second, I almost thought I saw the hint of a smile again. He crooked his finger at me and I shuffled a few steps closer. The raise of his eyebrows told me I needed to get closer still. Every step felt like a mile. Finally, I was standing between his legs.

He moved his hands up to lightly touch my hips and I let myself dream, for half a second, that maybe he did that because he actually wanted to touch me and wasn’t just trying to get me attention.

“I should kick you out of the pool, you know.” I blushed and nodded, I knew he should, I really had been breaking the rules over and over. “We’ve told you,” he stopped, “I’ve told you not to run at the pool so many times. It really is dangerous. You could have gotten seriously hurt when you fell today. I’ve seen — ” He shook his head, probably stopping himself from telling me some gory story that I definitely did not want to hear.

“I know. I’m sorry.” It was all I could think to say. I mean, I really couldn’t help it, and I definitely didn’t want to be forced out… if I was, I might never see him again.

“I let you stay mostly because I felt sorry for you.” His hands tightened fractionally on my hips. Ordinarily, the gesture would have thrilled me. Now, I only heard the words, which felt like a dagger to my heart. He pitied me. I tried to jerk away, but his hands only tightened more, holding me in place.

“Stop. Anybody would have. I don’t think you can actually help the running thing; it seems to be a nervous tic for you…or something. And you had no friends, only books…I could tell this was the one place you enjoyed coming, and…” He sighed, “I could tell you were in love with me.”

I tried again to get out of his grasp, feeling my face flame and praying the floor would swallow me whole. I thought I’d done such a good job keeping my secret and now — I knew — he’d known all along. The shame and embarrassment was painfully inescapable.

“Why don’t you just kick me out then?” I cried. “We both know I deserve it. And it’s not like I’ll ever come back now, anyway.”

“Grow up, Alyana, you’re not the first girl who has ever had a crush. It’s perfectly normal to have the hots for a lifeguard, not that big of a deal.” His words just sank the dagger deeper. I gave up trying to get away though. There was no point; his hands were like a vice. Unable to escape, I allowed myself to get annoyed with his characterization of my “crush.”

“I’m not sure you appreciate the depth of my feelings for you, Matt Shepherd. I fell in love with you the first time I laid eyes on you and it’s only gotten worse since. I would do anything for you, walk through fire, rob a bank, let you fuck me, anything.”

I could tell I’d shocked him. Mostly because he was blushing, but also because his hands loosened, at least momentarily on my hips.

“Is that true?” He barely got the words out. I just nodded, tears still sparkling in my eyes.

“Alyana, you’ve got to understand something about me. I don’t know you well enough to know how I feel about you, but I am –” He paused and, for the first time ever, I saw a smile, “very attracted to you. And seeing you today — after whatever it is that you’ve done to yourself — lying nearly naked on your back by the pool… it was hot. Really hot. You are probably the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen. That’s why I mentioned bringing you here and hinted at punishing you… I couldn’t stop myself. I never thought you’d actually go along with it.”

When he said it, that I was pretty, I actually felt like I was… Part of me wanted to take off running again, but a different part, a stronger part, stayed. I almost didn’t hear the rest of what he was saying. About punishing me. Just the thought gave me chills. I’d fantasized about something similar, but I’d never ever thought it might become my reality… with Matt Shepherd.

He took one hand off my hip and gently traced a line down my thigh, “but you did go along with it, didn’t you?”

My knees went weak and I had to force myself to say something. “I did.”

“And now… you’re here… saying you’ll do anything for me, including let me fuck you.” Now, after hearing him say that, I knew it was futile to try to continue to stand. I fell to my knees, between his legs, and did my best to evenly meet his dark stare.

“I am.”

“Alyana, do you know what bdsm is?” He asked quietly. I nodded slowly, knowing my darkest dream was coming true.

His jaw tightened for a moment, then relaxed, “how?’

“I spend way too much time on the internet.” I quipped, enjoying his soft laughter for the first time.

“Then you should know that I like to be dominant, to a certain degree, with women. IF we are together, in any way, I will want and expect to lead you, teach you, play with you, and punish you occasionally, both for fun and when you require it, as I believe you do today. Do you understand?”

I started to nod, trying not to let too much of my excitement show, and then stopped myself. I needed to ask the question. “Punish me how?”

He tucked his hand under my chin and lifted my face up to his until our mouths were almost touching, “I want to spank you.” He moved his mouth to the outer edges of my ear and continued to whisper, “spanking is my thing, I love your ass, by the way, I can’t wait to feel it under my hand.” I was glad I was already kneeling because I felt myself trembling everywhere. My bikini bottoms were far wetter than they’d been in the pool. And he wasn’t even finished. “I’m also into light bondage, toys, nothing too over the top… and I’m a firm believer in taking care of you before, during, and after whatever we decide to do, which means you’ll get a safe word today and I expect you to use it if you need to.”

His words were making me so hot. But the combination of what he was saying and his mouth gently tracing my ear lobe and the base of my neck… that was going to make me explode… I told him as much and he laughed again, full-throated and free, just hearing it for the first time made me smile.

“That’s all sounding good to you then?”

I nodded fervently. He responded by pulling me up and pushing me face down across his lap. “The word ‘yellow’ is for slow down and ‘red’ is for stop completely…understand?”

“Yes.” And because I knew this was important I repeated, “yellow tells you to slow down and red means stop.”

I felt him pat my butt and squirmed.

“Good girl… about the safe words only, I mean. Other than that you’ve been a very bad girl today, haven’t you?”

I didn’t say anything, wondering how many times I was going to come during this ‘punishment.’ I’ve always been very very sensitive and just the thought of a spanking was about to send me over the edge.

Smack! I heard it the instant before I felt the sting. Hurt a bit more than a thought it would, but I still almost came. “Ouch.” I tried to reach up to rub where he’d spanked, but he pushed my hand back down and smacked me again.

“You didn’t answer my question.”

“Yes,” I answered, feeling myself get wetter just thinking the words, “I’ve been a very bad girl today.” I felt him getting as hard as I was wet as his hands gently rubbed me now, his fingers sliding against the fabric along the crack of my ass.

“You were running by the pool, weren’t you?” Another smack! Again I tried to cover my butt with my hand but he pushed my hand back down again, “if you don’t stop that, I will tie your hands together. Now answer my question.”

“Yes, I was running.” Smack! “You’ll say ‘yes sir’ when you are getting a spanking from me, understand?”

“Yes sir.” I was catching on, which was good, since even as turned on as I was, the spankings were starting to smart. Guess that was kinda the point though.

“You know that running by the pool is dangerous, but you keep doing it, don’t you?”

“I can’t help it!” I asserted, indignant since I thought he’d said he knew that. Smack. Smack. Smack. Three more spankings. I tried to wiggle off his lap, but his one hand pressed down firmly on my back, while the other teased me through my bikini bottoms sliding gently from the front, barely skimming my clit, to the indentation of my cheeks. I moaned and came, so wet there’s no way he couldn’t have known. He didn’t mention it.

“Watch your tone when you answer my questions and don’t come until I say you can.” His voice sounded stern again.

“Yes sir.” I thought it best not to protest and I was also still basking in the afterglow of my delicious orgasm and not really listening very well.

Smack! He must have known. That got my attention back.

“Now, I know you think you cannot stop yourself from running when you get excited or nervous, but I think you’re wrong.”

He continued his gentle teasing of my pussy and ass through the swimsuit…it was making me ache. “I think a good hard spanking will remind you not to run, and not running will keep you safe.” He moved his other hand to my face, sliding his thumb along my lips.

“I want to keep you safe.” He whispered. My heart melted, but I stayed silent, pressing a gentle kiss to his thumb instead of speaking.

“I am going to untie your swimsuit, pull down your bikini, and spank you five more times. You are not allowed to come ‘again’ until I reach five. And after your five spankings you may only come when you’ve promised to never run away again. Do you understand your punishment?”

I was starting to… and having to wait to come was beginning to sound like the worst part. But I instinctively new better than to argue. And I was even starting to think a good spanking might actually help me with my running problem… it was a little Freudian, yes… but I couldn’t deny how hot I was finding it.

“Yes sir.”

“One…” He certainly didn’t waste any time; it felt like his hand hit my ass the same second he’d reached for my bikini strings and ripped down the bottoms. That spanking was much harder than the others; those, I realized, must have been warm-ups. “Two… Three… Four…”

My whole body felt lit with the same fire I was beginning to feel burning on the skin of my cheeks. I felt hot everywhere with excitement and my pussy was so wet and tight the orgasm felt unstoppable. I clenched my teeth and my thighs, praying I could hold it in… I could almost see his smile. He held off on the last spanking, choosing instead to torture me.

His fingers danced across the bare skin of my ass. “Lovely,” I heard him murmur. Then his hands slid down, his fingers reaching to tangle in the curls at the apex of my thighs, I felt fingertips graze my clit and couldn’t contain a little scream. His other hand pressed against my mouth, reminding me to contain myself. Then moved to push the fabric of my top out of the way and toy with my nipples, lightly squeezing and releasing until my head was spinning. When I begged him to stop that, he just fingered my clit again, drawing quick tight circles with increasing pressure.

“Please…” I was really begging now, my voice sounding more like a whine, “I’m going to come… I can’t help it… please let me… Please!”

He lifted his hand from my burning cunt and asked softly, “are you going to say yellow??? Or red???”

I groaned and shook my head, “not yet sir.”

“Then, I’m not going to stop yet. This is part of your punishment.” His fingers returned to my pussy and I felt myself start to cry. “Good girl…” He whispered, ironically offering me encouragement despite the fact that he was my tormentor. “Keep letting me touch you… Hold it in… Don’t come yet…”

His finger slipped inside me and I almost screamed again. I felt only slightly better when I heard him moan, “you’re so hot, wet, and tight…perfect… we’re almost done sweetheart.” His thumb pressed against my asshole while his finger was buried in my pussy. I was near sobbing now and about to cry “red” when his fingers left me. I felt that final spank, his now wettened hand smacking hard against my ass. “Five.”

I almost came as soon as I heard it, then I remembered his rule. “Good girl” He said, seeing I’d waited, his hand moved against me, his fingers back to where just where they had been before the final spank. “I promise to never run away again.” I whispered and then I came. Violently. All over his finger, his swimsuit trunks, the floor. He fucked me with his fingers throughout my orgasm, softly whispering, “damn” as I came down from it, shuddering over his lap.

“Thank you sir.” I said softly. A second later he turned me over, cradling me to him as my bikini pieces fell to the floor.

“You are so hot.” His mouth met mine before I could form a response. His tongue deep, his lips insisting, I pressed against him, wanting more, knowing I would never get enough. Not really.

“And don’t thank me yet.” He slid one hand between my legs again, while moving his mouth to my breasts and sucking gently on my nipples. With his other hand, he reached for the pull on his swim trunks. I came again and he just laughed, adding, “We’re just getting started.”

“And now – your punishment is over,” he brushed his lips back against mine, “please come as much as you want…it’s so hot. I think I could spend the rest of my life just watching you orgasm.”

I came again instantly at that. And again and again. When he reminded me of my offer to let him fuck me… I was already lying on the bench with my legs spread. waiting.

He buried himself inside me and heard me gasp at the shock of his big hard cock deep in my cunt. It was so much…more than I’d expected. And I could hardly breathe trying to adjust to all the sensations assaulting me – pleasure, discomfort, intensity, more pleasure…I knew it’d just get more intense when he started moving, started riding, me.

“I’m your first, aren’t I?” He asked, but it wasn’t a question. Not really. He knew.

I turned bright red, I’d kinda hoped he just wouldn’t notice that I wasn’t experienced. So much for that. I groaned and tried to cover my face with my hands. He pulled them away. “Shh…it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Some girls wait.” He kissed me deeply and held my arms pinned over my head. “I’m glad you did.”

I kissed him again and let the sensations of both intense relief and intense pleasure wash over me.

He buried his face against my neck and bit gently at my shoulder as he rocked against me, slowly at first, then faster…and harder until we both came together, trying hard not to cry out.

Hours later, still in that private locker room at the pool house, I lay in his arms, thinking he had drifted asleep. “Just so you know,” I heard him murmur, “I love you too.”

I knew then, that he’d more than done his job as a lifeguard because I loved him so much I would have given my life for him. In loving me back… he’d saved it.

And I’ve never run from anything or anyone, least of all him, since.

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