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Not Tonight

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~This is a story of fiction based on a real life relationship between two people who love and care for each other.

These characters interact in a manner that not all readers may be able to connect with, but stays true to the dynamic that exists between the real life players behind it.

Please take this into account as you rate and comment, hope you enjoy.~


I almost fell out of bed when the phone rang. It was after midnight already, no one I knew was ever up that late. Even though I didn’t recognize the number, I decided to answer anyway.

“Hello?” My greeting was met with silence on the other end of the line, but something told me not to hang up yet. “Hello?” I asked again and waited.

A woman’s voice finally spoke two quiet words, “It’s me.”

I recognized the voice but was confused to hear it. We’d dated a long time ago and when she’d left it was abrupt, with no warning. No explanation, just goodbye. Why was she calling me after all this time, and why so late? Something wasn’t right.

“Are you okay?” I asked cautiously.

“I can’t…” she started and then trailed off, “I didn’t know who else to call. Are you busy?”

I wasn’t sure what to say. “No, but what’s going on? I haven’t talked to you in forever.”

“I know. I’m sorry,” she said, her voice cracking. “I really need to talk.” It was obvious that she had been crying, and my heart immediately went out to her. Nothing had changed. I still loved her deeply no matter what she had done to me in the past.

“Where are you?” I asked.

“I’ll be there in a minute,” she said and hung up.

When I opened the door she came past me with that look on her face she always had when she was really upset. It was a sad look like a pouting child makes. I felt for her. I knew it had to be something serious that had made her this unhappy.

I closed the door behind her and put my arms out. “What’s wrong?” Turning, she fell into my arms, crying. I didn’t know what to say, so I just held her quietly and tried to console her until the sobbing eased and she’d somewhat calmed down.

“I can’t explain,” she started. “You won’t want to hear it.” Then somehow I understood. I just knew. The needy phone call out of nowhere, the crying, it all suddenly made sense. This was a broken heart. Someone had finally done to her what she had done to me.

“I’m sorry,” I offered, not sure what else could be said.

“I had to see you,” she said, tears welling up in her eyes. “I can’t sleep. I didn’t know where else to go. I know what I did to you back then was wrong, you didn’t deserve that. I don’t know what’s wrong with me!”

“Shhh, stop…” I held her tight and kissed the side of her face, trying to comfort her. No matter what she’d put me through in the past I couldn’t help but still love her. She had meant everything to me. I’d never loved anyone as openly and unconditionally as I had her. Holding her now I still felt the same.

I felt her arms tighten around me and I pulled her in close, happy to feel her in my arms. It was as if this familiar embrace was as necessary to my existence as air or water. She might as well have been a part of my own body, a piece of me that I had been missing this whole time.

Suddenly I realized I was feeling the skin of her face flushing against my own. I felt her shift in my arms and I started to step back, trying to think of something to say. “Look…” I started to speak when she suddenly turned, kissing me hard on the mouth. Her kiss felt desperate and full of need. Startled, I pulled away.

“Fine I’m sorry,” she said embarrassed. Fresh tears welled up in her eyes and she pulled away as if to leave. Frustrated, I grabbed her arm hard.


“I need to leave,” she started, reaching for the door. “I shouldn’t be here.”

“I said stop.” I pressed my body close against hers and pushed her back against the door. My mouth hovered inches from hers and I stared intently into her eyes, judging what was about to happen. She tried to kiss me again but I backed away. “No.”

Her expression crumpled in obvious confusion. Unfortunately for her part of me took pleasure in that. She needed me and that put me in a position of power. I was seeing an opportunity I didn’t intend to miss.

“You’re not in control right now.” I leaned in against her until my lips were almost touching hers. “I am.”

I knew even before I could see it in her eyes how much my words turned her on. I moved in as if to kiss her, but when she started to respond, welcoming it, I stopped and bit my lip just slightly, drawing out mutual tension. She groaned and pushed against me, almost whining in frustration. I responded by pressing her back even harder against the door.

“Stop fighting,” I warned, “or you’ll never get what you want.”

I saw her flinch as my words hit home and she started to realize what I intended to do with her. I gave it a moment to sink in and then finally allowed our lips to meet in a soft, tender kiss. She kissed back with increased urgency but I held back.

“No,” I said quietly. “Not yet.”

When I leaned back in she remained passive, receiving my kiss with earnest but tempered passion. I finally released my grip on her arms and we kissed slowly. Sensual, deep kisses like I’d always enjoyed so much with her. I sank hopelessly into the delicious familiarity of it. Both my heart and my pussy began to ache for her.

Finally I couldn’t stand anymore. I kissed her hard and aggressive before pulling back breathless to speak. “Touch me.”

She grabbed for my jeans and anxiously fumbled with the zipper before dipping her hand beneath them, causing me to gasp loudly. When her fingers made contact with my already hard clit I moaned in pleasure.

“My god, you’re so wet!” she exclaimed, working her fingertips around the head of my clit. Then without warning she thrust two fingers deeply inside of me.

“Oh fuck!” It had been so long since I’d had someone inside of me and I was filled so much with her I thought I’d explode. “Down. Right now, on your knees.” I ordered. “Eat my pussy.”

Obeying, she jerked my pants below my knees with desperate hands, burying her hot mouth in my wetness. She licked and sucked my clit energetically, causing me to throw my head back, exhaling with pleasure.

She moaned back, “Mmm, you taste so good,” and forcefully pushed her fingers inside me, rhythmically fucking me deep and hard. I felt myself swelling in her mouth.

“I’m so hard for you, fuck…” I moaned.

She renewed her efforts and I felt my muscles clench, already close to the edge. “Fuck me hard,” I told her. Gripping her hair in my hands, her fingers pounding in and out of my wet pussy. She begged me to come for her and sucked my clit into her mouth, working her tongue back and forth over its head.

Suddenly my knees buckled as my orgasm hit me and I squirted as she fucked me, my juices coating her face and running down her arm. I rode her until I was too sensitive to take any more, then she licked her lips and looked up at me hungrily.

I exhaled, “Come here,” pulling her up to meet her mouth with mine. I kissed her hard and rough, the way she liked it. I showed her with my mouth how much she had just pleased me, tasting myself on her lips. I could feel tension coursing through her body. She needed to be fucked and I knew it.

I pushed her towards the other room.

“Go get my cock,” I ordered. “You know where it is.”

I stripped while I waited for her to obey, knowing even before she started to move that she would do as told. When she returned I was standing naked waiting for her. She knelt in front of me and went about securing the cock in its straps. I raised each foot and allowed her to put them on me.

“Now tighten them up,” I directed, shifting to present my hips so she could secure the straps properly, giving me complete control over the cock as if it were a part of my own body. I hesitated, enjoying the feeling of control it gave me. Choosing my next words carefully, my tone low and deliberate, I finally spoke. “Put it in your mouth.”

Her eyes widened but without hesitating she eagerly obeyed. Taking my cock in one hand she put her mouth on it, licking and sucking it noisily. She acted like I could actually feel her mouth on it. I took her hair in my hand and encouraged her, loving the way she looked, “God, you’re such a dirty slut. I love fucking your mouth. Get my cock good and wet so I can fuck you with it.”

This was a well rehearsed scene for us.I knew which words turned her on the most and exactly how to use them. She responded with erotic, anxious moans around the head of my cock, and although I wanted to maintain control my body betrayed me as my hips moved uncontrollably toward her face, showing her how desperately I wanted it too.

“Get up and bend over.”

Obediently she stood and leaned over the side of the bed, her ass high in the air. I stood back and admired her body. She always looked so good like that. I wanted her so badly my clit ached with need against the base of the cock.

Leaning against her from behind I pressed against her ass without entering her. When she moaned in response I roughly grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, growling in her ear, “You want this cock don’t you, slut?” punctuating it with a hard slap on her ass. Startled, she gasped and bounced forward, pushing back against me. Her breath was short and her knees trembled. I pushed against her again.

“You love this, don’t you?” I said in a low voice, rubbing the head of my cock in her wetness. Stepping back, I suddenly dropped to my knees and spread her cheeks with my hands. She wiggled with anticipation.

“Stay still,” I instructed, and then slowly ran my tongue from the head of her clit up to her dripping wet hole. She tried to push back into my face, but I moved back slapping her ass again hard. “NO. I didn’t say that you could move yet.”

As soon as I was certain she was obeying I pushed my face back into her warm pussy and sucked her clit into my mouth, enjoying how wet she was for me. Her legs quivered, but this time she was otherwise still, accepting my attention with little more than short, stunted breaths. Finally I trailed my way up slowly and lightly traced her ass with my tongue. Startled, she started to recoil.

“I said NO!” I repeated, standing to slap her round ass again firmly. “Do as you’re told!”

She began to protest but I’d already anticipated that response, so jerking her head back I grasped her hair firmly in my fist. “Whose whore are you?” I demanded.

“Yours,” she sputtered. “I’m your whore.” With that I slammed my cock deep in her pussy without warning, eliciting a shriek of surprise and pleasure from deep within her core.

“That’s right, you’re my dirty whore,” I said, pulling her body close to mine. “This pussy belongs to me.” Pushing in and out I slowly and deliberately punctuated each statement, pushing her to the next level with my words. “I own your body. The only reason you even exist is to fuck me.”

Her groans were deep and guttural, and she arched her back as I penetrated her. I repaid her with deeper, more forceful thrusts.

“That turns you on, doesn’t it? Knowing your body is mine to do with as I please.” Her body shook underneath me as I slammed into her. “You love when I fuck this pussy. My pussy. Don’t you whore?”

“Yes, I love it!” It barely came out she was so breathless, panting with raw lust.

“Nobody looks as good on my cock,” I told her. “You see how easily you take it, how wet you are for me? That ass will be mine too when I’m ready for it. I’ll do whatever I want with you. Don’t you EVER fucking forget that.”

I rammed the full length of my cock fully within her. She whined, crying out with primal passion. “That’s it, take my cock, slut. All of it!” I gripped her shoulders and put every last ounce of my energy into giving her the deep hard fuck I knew she desperately needed.

She tried to reach her hand between her legs but I stopped her, grabbing her arm and wrenching it behind her back, slapping her ass hard. “Mine. Not yours.” She whined in exhausted frustration. “You won’t come until I fucking tell you that you can.”

Issuing a few more powerful thrusts I finally released her and she fell forward in a heap. I then reclined on the bed and nodded towards her. “Get up. On your knees. Facing me.”

Worn but looking eager, she complied. Straddling my hips I watched her guide my cock back inside of her. Then she hovered, eyes wide, waiting for instruction.

“Good girl,” I praised. “Go ahead. Ride my cock.”

She did so, slowly for just a moment then increasingly urgent, bucking and grinding against me. Her tits bounced wildly in time with her efforts. When I knew she was more than ready I finally gave my permission. “Now touch yourself.”

She stuck two fingers in her mouth to get them wet, then started to rub her clit frantically. “Oh god yes, please!” she begged blindly. I held my hands on her thighs while she rocked back and forth on my cock.

“Let go. Give yourself to me,” I coaxed her, then when I felt her body tense I switched my grip to her ass and demanded, “Come for me. Come for me right now, you fucking whore!”

Her eyes shot open as she came, incoherent and wild-eyed. As her orgasm overtook her and ricocheted through her body I held her steady with my hands, staying deep within her until eventually she stopped shaking.

“That’s it, baby.” I comforted as she collapsed forward onto me in a heap and then rolled off, emotionally and physically spent, covering her face with her hands. I held her tight and kissed her cheek, “It’s okay, you’re safe. I’ve got you,” but when she finally looked up she had tears in her eyes.

“Wait, what’s wrong?” I asked, surprised.

“Nothing’s wrong,” she replied. “I just really needed to feel a connection like this again. I’ve felt so alone.”

I smiled and kissed her softly. “Well you are not alone,” I said, brushing her hair from her forehead. “At least not tonight.”

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