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My Older Secretary

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I’m 32 years old. My divorce was finalized about six months ago (no children). I consider myself to be good looking man, am in good shape, have a good high paying job, and somehow managed to keep my large house in the divorce. Prior to getting married, I had had sex with two women. My wife and I had a decent enough sex life before things fell apart, though certainly nothing interesting enough to write about.

I manage an office of about 50 employees for a larger company. I have two secretaries. April is about 40 years old, tall, with a pretty face, pale skin; has beautiful long blond/brown hair, and enormous tits. She’s thick, but would never be described as fat or even overweight. She wasn’t necessarily a head turner, but after work conversations with the other managers over drink about the good looking women on staff usually got around to her rack at some point.

April was well liked at the office. She was happy 100% of the time seemingly. She was a killer cook and made quick friends on holidays and Fridays when the staff did potlucks. She was a mom of two elementary school aged kids, and dressed like it with lame sweatshirts, and clothes that advertised whatever holiday was upcoming. She was married to her college sweetheart who also made good money.

April would often invite me over for dinner at her house on nights when I had to work late. She lived minutes from the office while I commuted about an hour. Since she was a great cook, I started taking her up on her offers. Her husband traveled a lot for work so sometimes it was just her, her kids, and I. Sometimes her husband Ryan was there and once in a while just us. I filled in for poker with her husband’s game a couple times. They were a nice family. I honestly never thought of April sexually. That changed.

One Friday she asked me if I could come over after a conference call to look quickly at her stereo receiver which apparently wasn’t working after one of the kids had fooled with it. Her husband was on the road for the week and her kids were at friends houses sleeping over for the night. She got me a beer and it took be about a half a second to get the stereo working. We sat down on opposite couches and bull shit about the work week. After a few minutes she excused herself to go to the bathroom. I didn’t even see her reappear till she was on my lap.

She was wearing nothing but a short silk black robe which was open. I could feel the heat of her pussy through my jeans. I tried to stammer something but was so in shock I didn’t know what to say. She silenced me and explained that while she loved her husband, her marriage had pretty much become sexless. “I’m betting you could use a little attention too.” She said with a wry smile.

I was too dumb founded to do anything but sit and stare into her eyes. “Hmmm.” She said. “Maybe we’ll give you a minute. With that she slid down my legs to the floor. She began taking off my pants and told me to take off my shirt, which I did. Moments later I watch my entire cock disappear down her throat. It seemed like it took about 10 seconds, but her mouth and hand had me in total delirium. However long it took, I came what felt like enough to fill a swimming pool. She was unbelievably sucking it all down when a small blob dripped onto one of her huge tits. After picking her head up, she wiped the last drip off her breast, put her finger in her mouth and licked it clean. “Mmmmm.”

With that she slid back up my body, the black robe still on. Her pussy was a river at this point. Her juices were all over my leg. She gave me a keep mouth kiss which was the first time I’d ever tasted my own semen. She moved her lips to my ear and whispered, “I’m going to fuck your brains out.” She was already playing with my cock, and I was still pretty much sitting there like a dumbass. It didn’t take too long for me to get hard again. When that time came, she stood, shook the robe to the floor revealing her huge tits with silver dollar nipples and gorgeous cunt with wisps of brown hair. April eased herself onto my cock and wasted no time. She bounced on my cock while playing with my balls and pulling my face into her chest. I eventually began to embrace her and thrust back some while also kissing her tits. I lasted a while but she never let up her rhythm, and I eventually came inside her for the second time in the hour. She moaned when I came but sat still on my drained cock for a while breathing into my ear and kissing my neck.

Eventually she rolled off me and into the seat next to me on the couch. She said she hoped I wasn’t all worn out because she ‘could go all night.’ We eventually did, but we talked first. April was clear that she wanted nothing from me but sex. We were to be each other’s fantasies. We could say and do thing we couldn’t do with others and have total exploration in sex. She wasn’t going to leave to her husband under any circumstance. There would be no dates, no presents, and we would spend minimal time talking about our lives beyond work. We would only fuck when it was totally safe, never at work, or any other risky venue. Not a soul was ever to know about our get togethers.

And so it went. April and I would get together sporadically when the coast was clear and would fuck seemingly every imaginable way. I nailed her in every position we could think of. We played with leather, oils, endless toys, whip cream, videos, hair pulling, dirty talk- you name it. April was the boss and always determined the course of the evening. She claimed she loved the taste of my cum and eventually the routine became after I came inside her, I sucked it out of her pussy and fed it to her in a kiss. I never thought I would go for something like this, but it was totally hot. I could never tell when the next session would be, but when the time came we fucked all night and resumed early the next day before she put her mom clothes back on and gave me one last deep kiss tasting of my own jizz.

Like all things in life, we want what we can’t have. The sex was amazing (lot’s of other tales to tell about some of these escapades), but I still had no one to take to the Christmas party, no one to go to dinner with on many weekends, and really no one to build a life with. I know most married guys would kill for a giant titted lady who wanted nothing more than to fuck every so often and head home, but it was starting to feel empty.

One night after fucking April on my counter top for 40 minutes with massaging her asshole with my finger, I shared with her how I was feeling. She said she understood, but reiterated that she was clear up front and the details weren’t changing. She didn’t want to lose me, but said if I needed to move on, there would be no hard feelings. At the end she said it would be great if I could find a girl we could both enjoy. “What!?” She reminded me that our relationship was about sexual exploration. “I’ve always kinda wanted to be eaten by a woman.” I was speechless, but this didn’t really solve my problem. I didn’t exactly have women lined up to get involved with three-ways, and it wasn’t the sort of thing you casually brought up. But luck was on my side.

I went into a Victoria Secret to buy April some shit to keep at my house. When I walked in a girl my age who I was friends with in college was there working. Maggie was built remarkably like April. She was a little shorter, but also very pretty with brown/blond hair, huge tits, & pale complexion. She too was thick, but not at all fat. Unlike April when I met her, Maggie had always kind of oozed sex. She was a shameless flirt and once in college I got her to blow me. We caught up briefly. I told her I was divorced. She had had an engagement that fell through. “So who are you buying lingerie for?” I figured, why not? I told her I had a totally sexual relationship with an older woman and we were actually looking for someone to join us. After making sure I wasn’t teasing, remarkably, she agreed to join us.

April was thrilled. The night Maggie was to join us I was a mixture of totally horny and nervous as hell. April wouldn’t let me touch her till Maggie showed. I got a rock hard erection when the doorbell rang. Maggie walked in and gave me a cute confident smile. As she hugged me hello she stroked my cock through my jeans. I almost came. April followed behind me and gave her a big hello. She was wearing the same black robe (closed) from our first encounter. I wondered if it were a coincidence. “My god you are stunning Maggie! I’ll be lucky if he pays any attention to me!”

April got Maggie some wine and they chatted about how I knew each of them. I couldn’t believe how calm Maggie seemed. After a glass of merlot, Maggie reminded we didn’t invite her over to talk and announced she better change into something more comfortable. When she exited it took everything in my power to not start fucking April on the counter out of insane horniness. Since Maggie worked at lingerie store I was expecting something lacey. When she emerged she was wearing high heels, a gold waste necklace, and a smile. Her pussy was totally shaved, and her tits looked good enough to eat.

While I stood with my normal stunned look, April walked right up to her and started kissing her. Maggie kissed back and before long the two of them were fingering each other and squeezing each other’s tits. I got my jeans off and began to stroke it. Eventually they moved to a 69 on the floor, but I wasn’t invited yet. Neither of these women had ever been with another woman before and they were sucking each other’s cunt like it was going out of style.

Eventually Maggie admitted she couldn’t tease me anymore and asked April if it was cool if I fucked her. April said I was all hers under the condition that I sucked out all the cum I shoot into her and feed it to April. Maggie agreed with a smile. I fucked Maggie missionary style for about a minute before blowing a huge load in her. April changed her mind and decided to suck it out of Maggie herself and let Maggie have a taste. April feeding Maggie my cum for the first time was one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen. April then went right back into licking Maggie’s gorgeous pussy so I started fucking April from behind as hard as I could before cumming in her pussy several minutes later. This time Maggie sucked it out, and I eventually after a break fucked Maggie from behind while she ate April till I came.

After that third orgasm, I had a beer while the ladies too a pee break. I plopped down on the couch in happy exhaustion, but the girls weren’t done. The both got on their knees in front of me and took turns sucking my cock in an effort to get me hard again. Needless to say it didn’t take too much effort. After I regained an erection, we tried having both of them on all fours with both of their asses in the air. This didn’t work well as it required too much breaking of rhythm. We switched into me on my back, Maggie riding my cock like a champion, and April sitting on my face. The two kissed while I wailed on Maggie’s sopping pussy. I eventually announced I couldn’t hold it anymore and came again inside Maggie for the third time. April, who was becoming a pussy addict in front of me, sucked my load back out. I announced I needed a break and that when we resumed we’d try the same position with April riding.

I fell asleep. The two ladies went up and got into my shower. There was nothing sexy in the shower. The two ladies talked. April filled Maggie in on my need for a more traditional relationship and our predicament. They basically decided while sitting on my shower floor that Maggie would fill that role with April keeping up her sporadic visits when possible. Like me, Maggie and April would have no outside affiliation. There would be no shopping dates, phone calls, or visits. Only when we were fucking would they be together.

They got out of the shower and without drying off came down to wake me up. They seemed so happy and natural with each other. April took me up on my offer and starting riding me, but Maggie was sore and watched. April bouncing on my dick while I sucked on her tits was as natural as breathing by this point in our relationship. I was fucking her so hard tonight that I eventually picked her up, laid her on my coffee table and fucked her till I blew (air) inside her.

April couldn’t stay the night due to having to pick up her kids in the morning early. Maggie stayed but we went right to sleep. In the morning there was no awkwardness. We talked about the night before and decided we didn’t need to worry about labeling our status but agreed we should try to fuck as much as possible, starting right then. It was the first time I fucked her alone. I rammed her missionary style with her legs wrapped around me and her head arched off the side of my bed moaning. I pulled out when I had to cum and shot on her tits. We cleaned those beauties off together.

Maggie and I are still together. I guess we are a couple as she has met my parents and we do spend time together clothed. She has an insatiable appetite for sex, and I am happy to oblige. April is still married but left our office a while back. Her husband got transferred out of state which makes things tough. She still joins us from time to time, but not nearly as often I wish she would. April and I’s solo flings have become really special occasions. Maggie has been talking lately about finding a new woman to join us. Perhaps I’ll have another story…

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