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Collar Me

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“You just don’t get me, Marcus.”

The words pierced right through his seemingly frail exterior. This kind of fight had been all too familiar for the last few weeks of their relationship. Kim wanted him to give her more satisfaction in the bedroom but Marcus was too much of a worrywart and relaxed man to give her the kind of action she so desired.

Kim glared at him getting more and more unsettled over the debate. “You just need to find something inside of you that makes you be more of a man for God’s sake. You’re too soft with me. I want to know that if I need it, you can give me the rough romp in the park or the random hair pulling in the kitchen.”

Marcus just stared at her with the dumb and lifeless look that he usually gave her when she’d bring the subject up. He wasn’t beyond doing these things for her but he just had a hard time mustering it up with how badly some of his relationships in the past had failed once he did. After a long pause however, he would usually struggle out a sentence such as ‘I just can’t bring myself to treat you like some hooker or random hook up.’

However, this sentence or any like it did not escape from his lips this time. He only listened to her for a few more moments and finally having reached his limit, rushed from their small bedroom to the bathroom where she was currently doing her hair and grabbed her wrist.

“Hey!” she retorted swiftly. The suddenness of his action bewildered her but her body rejected what her mind so abruptly felt. Her slit moistened and her heart rate spiked. She was trapped in their tiny one bedroom, one bath apartment on the third floor of their middle class neighborhood. The walls were thick and no scream would ever have a chance of making it through. He had her cornered in the bathroom and was staring at her in such a weird way that she neither felt at ease nor scared. Her skin crawled. The cold bathroom floor became hot with her rising blood pressure and before her next thought could come to her, Marcus’s lips were on hers kissing her deeply. Hers softened and quivered at the familiar feeling but rough change of pace. The fingers on her hands flexed and found their way to his sides.

Marcus stepped back from her but kept hold of her wrist. “You really want something different, do you?”

Kim stared at him, turned on more than she had ever been before and nodded. The difference in his character was astonishing. She wanted more of it regardless of how weird it might get.

“Alright, put on your shoes and let’s get going. We have to go buy something new and exciting for you.”

So that’s what she did. With haste she finished getting ready. Her brand new tennis shoes were on before he could ask again and they were out the door into the summer morning breeze.

Marcus pulled his BMW 325i into the shopping center parking lot and placed it confidently into park. He looked over at Kim and eyed her up and down, wondering how she was going to take what he was about to attempt to open her up to.

“I hope you’re as willing as you say you are.”

Kim opened her mouth to reassure him but before she could he was already out the door. For someone who talked like he was worried he sure seemed pretty confident about how he’d handle her regardless of her answer.

She jumped out of the car and slammed her door behind her before following beside him. Up ahead of them there was a grocery store, a bar, a sex shop, and a pet store. Kim glared at the sex shop windows with their mischievous tinting that made it impossible for unwanted folks to peek in.

“Nice choice,” she commented.

“Oh, we’re not going in there,” Marcus responded and grabbed her hand assuring her. He led her towards the pet shop front door and eagerly stepped inside.

“Pets for Less?”

Marcus gripped her hand tight to shush her and led her to the section that was marked for dogs. A sales assistant was overlooking the leashes and collars and before Kim could spout a retort Marcus asked the clerk about collar sizes for a Labrador.

“You’ll need a large size but probably not an extra large unless you’ve been feeding the big guy a little too much. That section is over here,” the clerk advised him and pointed towards a huge section of collars. After pointing them out he finished with, “well if you have any questions, just let me know and I’ll be happy to help you.”

The man walked off and left Kim and Marcus standing there. Kim looked completely dumbfounded.

“Marcus, what are you doing? We don’t have a dog.”


Kim looked at him, “we’re getting a dog?”

“You could say that.”

“A Labrador?”

“You could say that too,” he answered her glancing at her long, wavy blond hair.

“That’s your big plan? You’re going to distract me with a puppy?”

“Distract is such a bad word to use for this event, my dear.”

Kim sighed. She thought she had finally broken a boundary with Marcus but it seemed he was just off to create another stupid ploy to get him out of having to please her sexually.

For the rest of the store visit she said nothing. Her arms were left crossing her chest for the remainder of their time there. Even when he picked out a pink collar that looked to be made of a pretty comfortable material, she said nothing.

Marcus purchased the collar, a matching leash, two bowls for food and water, and they left the store. The ride back to the house was uneventful. No words were exchanged between the two of them until they actually parked in the driveway.

Kim looked over at Marcus, “why are we home? I thought we were going to go get your stupid dog.”

“Hey- don’t be mean to our future dog.”

“Okay,” she corrected herself, “our future dog.”

“I have to do some research and training before we can really get to that stage, sweetheart,” he lectured her and grabbed the bag of stuff. They locked the car and headed up the stairs and into their third floor apartment.

The moment the door closed behind her, Kim felt Marcus’s hands shoot up her breasts from behind her.

She gasped and moaned approvingly. Make up sex what exactly what was needed right now. His hands were rough. They found their way under her shirt and groped her violently.

“God, yes!”

Kim cried out finally getting what she wanted. The forceful disposition of it all got her pussy flowing with luscious moisture.

Marcus started to toy with her, feeling up her nipples and biting her neck hard from behind. He stripped her shirt from her and broke the clasps off of her bra, tossing it to the floor. It was now completely unnecessary to have such a luxury on her body.

Kim’s hands found their way into her own pants, rubbing her clit and probing her slit. She found herself completely unable to resist his attacks on her. Her lips quivered, her body trembled, and her moans grew louder and louder.

With every moan she took, Marcus removed another article of her clothing without her noticing or caring and before long she was completely nude and on the floor panting from how hard she had climaxed from her own fingers.

“Oh Marcus, that was so good…” she mumbled through a deep breath she took in.

“What’s that baby? I can’t understand you. All I can hear is whimpering and barking.”

Kim cocked her head to the side and suddenly Marcus slipped the collar around her neck and fastened it tight, looking it in place with a tiny padlock.

“What the hell, Marcus?!”

“Stop barking!” he ordered her and gave her a solid slap to her buttocks.


Kim yelped out loudly and whimpered before she caught herself doing it to stop. “What the hell are you talking about?”

She tried to get to her feet before Marcus tripped her and held her down on all fours. “Bad dog!”

“I’m not a dog!”

Marcus clicked a button on the remote he held in his hands and a soft charge of electricity ran through the collar that Kim wore. She whimpered loudly but quickly stopped talking from the harmless but jolting shock.

“Now,” Marcus started while standing up and leaving her on the carpet on all fours. “You’ll learn to be obedient and I’ll prove to be a worthy master for you, Kim.”

Kim looked up at him and then ran her fingers along her new collar. The comfortable suede actually felt increasingly soft as she felt it up. She inspected the lock that Marcus had locked it with and the tip of her finger found where the keyhole was. She was trapped in the thing until she found some way to get the key from him.

“Going to play nice now, puppy?”

Kim nodded and took a few steps on the soft carpet towards him. The Gods were good to her. They had blessed her with carpet that would be just right for this sort of thing. It was so supple and squishy that it refused to present any problem to her shins and knees.

“You want some lunch?” Marcus asked her as he pulled two dog bowls out of the Pets for Less bag.

“You really don’t expect me to eat out of those, do yo-” Kim started but was given a little shock through the collar before she could finish her sentence.

“Dogs don’t talk, Kim.”

Kim groaned and sat down, not unlike a dog sits down. This was degrading, she thought. All she wanted was a different pace in her life and she ended up with the weird guy who took it to mean being turned into his pet.

Her stomach groaned, reminding her how hungry she was. She wasn’t really going to have to endure such degradation, was she?

Marcus filled the bowls: one with water and the other with some heated up buttered noodle pasta leftovers from the night before- Kim’s favorite dish.

Kim gulped hard as the smell of the pasta hit her nose. How badly did she want to eat? –Pretty badly all things considered. They had been in such a rush to get out the door that she hadn’t eaten yet. Without much enthusiasm she walked on all fours to her new food dish and lowered her head down to eat.

The pasta tasted better than she anticipated. Her hunger had made it hit the spot more than usual. She gobbled her food down with no remorse while Marcus sat down next to her, petting her hair and back as she did so.

Kim tried as hard as she could not to like it but something about it felt so soothing and fine. She slowed down eating and savored the dish a little longer as his petting continued to make her feel relaxed.

As she finished her last bite Marcus leaned down to whisper in her ear, “now was that really so bad?”

Kim shook her head. Maybe she would actually be into this kind of thing she thought and licked his cheek without thinking about it further. If she was going to do this she was going to do it right.

Marcus laughed and looked at her with his soothing blue eyes, “you just licked me…”

Kim fell backwards as the act finally hit her brain. She just licked him! “I’m not a-” she started but stopped midsentence. Looking down at the carpet she began to question herself.

Marcus came to her and ran his finger up her exposed pussy. She was completely soaking. Her juices had actually began running down her inner thighs.

He put his wet finger up to her mouth and slid it inside. “It looks like someone likes being a dog more than they’d like to admit.”

Kim just stared at him wide eyed. She really had been turned on. The food and petting had just distracted her too much to take notice. Her pussy was completely covered in her juices as he had said.

“I think it may be shower time,” Marcus suggested and confidently picked her up in his arms easily and carried her to the bathroom.

Once there he pulled the lock free from her collar without ever inserting a key.

“Wait… there was no key?” Kim questioned him as she stood in front of the mirror with Marcus working the collar loose behind her.

“There never was, baby. I just thought I’d make you think there was so you’d try something new. I wasn’t going to lock you into something that might have hurt more than I knew. I didn’t know if the shock would be a little too much. From now on though, we should definitely have a safety word for it so I know when or if I need to stop.”

Kim looked at him with awe. She thought he was the one who needed the lesson in trying new things but in reality she was completely bested by the show of his own.

“Don’t worry about it though baby, we don’t have to do it anymore. I just thought something new would be fun,” he said lightly and finally removed her collar. He placed it on the counter and kissed the back of her shoulder. The love he had for her was more than apparent.

Kim turned around and looked him in the eyes.

“I think I might want to do that again sometime, sweetheart. You’re right. I think I kind of liked it.”

Her warm smile reassured him that she was telling the truth and his hand made its way to her soaked pleasure spot.

“Oh, I have a feeling you liked it more than just a little…”

He quickly stripped and backed up. His free hand turned on the shower and his other beckoned her inside with him. She followed and quickly was thrown against the shower wall. His lips were on hers in seconds.

He had her right where he wanted her, his hard on apparent as it pressed firmly against the inside of her leg.

“Oh baby, you are hard aren’t you?”

She grasped his hard cock and started to pump it powerfully in her hands.

Marcus’s head swung back and he breathed heavily.

“Being in that much control of you really got me off, baby”

“I’m sure it did…” she whispered back to him and then bit cleanly into his chest.

Marcus brought his head back up to her face and one of his hands darted to her hair, grabbing it with vigor.

“I want you so bad”

“Take me!” Kim ordered and before anything more could be said he thrust up, deep inside of her.

Over and over he filled her up. They both bit and kissed each other all over their bodies and made love to each other.

The shower water stained their bodies and moans echoed on the walls as they both finally released their tension. Marcus’s hips bucked up and down to continue giving her the complete satisfaction while Kim cried out, her orgasms rocking her body over and over again.

Before they knew it Marcus gripped her hips and pumped load after load of his cum deep within her body. Kim took it all in greedily and gripped his cock hungry for more as he did so.

“Baby…” Kim breathed as they both came down from their release. Marcus pulled his cock out and the combination of his and her juices flowed out of her slit.

“Now, let me wash you” he demanded.

He picked up the shampoo and conditioner and poured it all over her hair, working it in as he did so. His hands rubbing all over her body made her horny once more. The wetness between her thighs forced her to finger herself. One finger, two fingers, it was full.

Marcus moved the washcloth along her body, kissing her as she got herself off until she came as many times as her heart desired.

After the washing, Marcus stepped out of the shower and dried off but wouldn’t let her out of the shower. He waited until he was fully dry before having her step out and drying her off with his own two hands and her towel.

Kim was taken aback by it but something about it just felt right. She loved how he was taking care of her. It was so different and so foreign compared to his usual self that she was determined to take all that she could.

“Ready for a nap? I am.” Marcus asked her.

“Yeah, I could nap. You’ve kind of taken it out of me today, sweetheart.”

Marcus led her into the bedroom right down the hall and they both slipped under the covers. Marcus wrapped her up in his arms and quickly fell asleep but Kim felt strangely unable to join him. Her neck felt so open, so void that it just bothered her. She wrestled with the thought of putting the collar back on but was conflicted on needing such an object. Regardless of how much she had enjoyed the feelings she had experienced today she didn’t want to get used to it by any means. She wondered if the collar was strictly sexual or if it were more.

Finally after trying for twenty minutes to sleep but to no avail she climbed out of bed gently as to not wake Marcus and made her way to the bathroom.

Her feet felt cold on the tile floor as she eyed her prize on the bathroom counter. The pink collar she had enjoyed spoke to her. She picked it up lightly and fastened it around her neck once more.

“Silly thing…” she whispered to herself but then looked herself in the mirror. The familiar wetness returned in her groin and she bit her lip.

“I’m not into this that much… am I?” she half pleaded with herself but knew the answer.

Silently she made her way back to their bedroom and slid underneath the covers with her collar safely confined to her neck.

The bed felt better now. It felt more at home. The covers regained their familiar comforting feeling and she curled up next to Marcus.

It was true. She had just had a door opened to her that she was afraid may never be able to be closed from that day forward.

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