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Stealing Benny

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Sometimes alcohol gets the best of a person. Especially when said person rarely drinks. Benny’s girlfriend was very much a light drinker, which was the primary reason she had passed out on the couch adjacent Benny and his friend Travis. Both Benny and Travis had downed their fair share of beer that evening too, all in shallow celebration of nothing more than spending time together.

And while Benny was also feeling some the effects, Travis felt very little, having a far higher tolerance.

“Seems your girl is out like a light,” Travis laughed, tilting his PS4 controller to the right as his onscreen avatar dodge a barrage of bullets.

“Yeah, I’m not too surprised, really. I told her to slow down,” Benny said, following Travis’ lead in the game, though doing so a bit sluggishly.

Benny was only around 5’5″ and had a rather small frame for a guy, one not much larger than his girlfriend’s. And, like his girlfriend, he had bright blue eyes offset by dirty blonde hair—though his was clearly darkening with age. He was clean shaven and sported a soft jawline, all features that stood in contrast to his friend, Travis. It was likely his small frame, moreover, that contributed to his own tipsiness.

Travis was quite a few inches taller than his friend, standing at exactly 6 feet. He had dark hair and eyes the color of a wolf’s fur, which is to say the sort of grey that shimmers in the moonlight should one catch their glance at just the right angle. Having been the more athletic of the two, he also sported flat, firm pectorals with matching abs, something he flaunted by always wearing tight t-shirts.

“Watch out!” Travis yelled out, but it was too late. Benny’s avatar met a rocket to the face, filling his side of the screen with a massive explosion. A respawn countdown appeared against his then darkened side of the screen.

“Damn it. That’s it. I’m done. I’ve had it with this.” Benny slammed his controller to the table with enough force to shake it and knock his soda to the floor, but thankfully not enough force to break anything. The table was make of sturdy oak anyway, as opposed to the cheap prefab stuff, so it would have taken a mighty force to do so much as crack the surface, a strength of which Benny was very much incapable.

“Great, now look what you did. Better clean that up before Sarah wakes up and rips you a new one.”

“I’m sure you’d love to see that,” Benny huffed, standing up.

“Oh, I would love to see lots of things,” Travis said with a certain flirtatious edge in his voice.

It had been five years since Travis came out. He and Benny had been roommates in college, and Benny had been one of the few to know his secret before anyone else. It made sense, considering Benny had walked in on Travis with another guy a few different times. They shared a room, after all, with bunks directly across from one another. Benny sort of hated it at first though. Not the fact that his friend Travis was gay. But the fact that, when he came out, people would always make a snide comment along the lines of, “I would have thought it’d be you, Benny, if either of you.” Sure, Benny was the smaller, more feminine of the two, especially contrasted against Travis’ toned, muscular body, but what did that have to do with anything? Benny had been with Sarah for two years prior to Travis’ little coming out, so he always got extra pissed at the suggestion. Still, Travis was his good friend and he stood by him through thick and thin.

That was why he did not think twice to agreeing to allow Travis to stay with him and his girlfriend for the week. Travis had been in the middle of a move from his rental home in the suburbs to an apartment in the city that was a bit closer to his office. He worked as a journalist for a sports magazine and was recently promoted, giving him enough of a paycheck to finally afford a better place. Unfortunately, he put in his notice to the landlord a tad early, and now needed a place to stay while the tenants of the apartment cleared out.

“Yeah, I’m sure,” was all Benny replied as he walked to the kitchen for some paper towels. He could feel Travis’ leer as he walked away from him. He knew by the men he had caught Travis with that he was just the type Travis went for, and he had become used to the flirting and looks. It even felt nice feeling desired like that. Though he did grow weary of having to remind Travis that he was not gay, and that he, indeed, had a girlfriend. When they were drinking, Travis seemed to go a bit further than he ought, but it never breached the unwritten contract of “do not touch.”

It did not help that it was evening time and all three of them had long since slipped into their pajamas though. Sarah was curled up beneath her blanket on the couch in her white shirt and pink fluffy shorts. Benny was still in his button up black shirt but had on a pair of pajama bottoms that were black with an AC/DC design up and down the legs. Travis was a bit more bold, wearing just a simple white t-shirt with a pair of grey boxer-briefs that did very little to conceal his massive girth. Benny would be more than a little angry for any guy to dress like this around his girlfriend, and he knew Sarah had stolen peaks of Travis—he could not really blame her considering how obnoxiously bold that bulge was—but Travis was his friend and, well, gay, so he knew he had nothing to worry about.

Nothing to worry about in regards to Travis putting the moves on Sarah, anyway. And, while, he never would have thought Travis would do more than flirt with him, this evening would prove him to be incredibly wrong.

It was not two moments after he entered the kitchen, stood on his toes, and reached for the paper towels that were on the top shelf in the top cabinet, than did he feel Travis press against him from behind. Benny’s eyes grew two sizes as he felt Travis’ bulge do the same. The contract had been broken.

“What are you doing, man?” Benny yelped out.

“I was just going to help you grab the paper towels, shortie mcgee,” Travis responded, coolheaded as could be. He leaned tightly against Benny, his bulge digging in between Benny’s cheeks enough to slide his cotton bottoms up his crack. Travis then grabbed the towels from over Benny and backed up.

Benny turned to face his friend, his cheeks reddened with both anger and embarrassment. Travis’ lips curled to one side in a smirk, his wolf eyes half-shut with a glazed over I’m-gonna-eat-you-for-dinner look. He handed the towels to Benny, turned, and walked back to the living room. Benny was shocked, and stood there in the kitchen as he watched his friend walk away. This was too much. He had never been quite that aggressive before. It had to be the alcohol. But that did not make sense, of course. They had been drunk together plenty of times before. Maybe he really was just trying to help, and let the closeness get the better of him? Benny was not sure. He just knew what he didn’t know: how to respond. His body, on the other hand, seemed to have a pretty good idea, as he felt a hard little twitch from beneath his bottoms as his own cock came to life. Benny had never thought of being with another man. He preferred women and had been more than happy with his sex life with Sarah. She was a wildcat in bed. A perfect dear in public, but a real slut for him, something any red-blooded, straight male would kill for. And God could she give good head. Benny was confused just why he would have a boner now then, from having his friend Travis grind into him from behind of all things. It had, he supposed, been a couple of months since he and Sarah had been able to really make love. They had fucked, sure. They always fucked. But with their busy schedules, loving making, the kind of fervent, feverish interludes to stressful everyday life that far surpassed simple fucking, had been off the table. He was always the sort to enjoy passion, to enjoy feeling desired, needed, craved. And the regular quickies just had not been filling that quota. So, yeah, Benny was a little pent up.

Eventually, Benny walked back into the living room. His erection had died down some, but there was still a small tent he bashfully turned to hide. Travis was sitting back in the chair again with the controller in his hand playing. It was smug: his reaction, his complete attitude to the whole ordeal. A kind of holier than thou confidence smoldering from his body. If Benny had not known better, he could have sworn it even infused with the room’s natural aroma, permeating the air. That was always Travis though. Benny could suddenly recall the reason Travis was single. His many boyfriends ate up the attention he gave them at first. His dominating stature over them. His aggressive nature. It was all a leash by which to control them. Benny had seen how many fell into the role rather quickly, wanting nothing more than to please him, even if it meant humiliating themselves for him. They all had grown tired of it sooner or later though. Something always broke his hold on them and they left him high and dry.

Trying his best to pretend nothing had happened, Benny tore off a few strips of the paper towel, climbed to his knees, and began to soak up the soda spillage. Thankfully, his was a hardwood floor, so it all came up rather easily. The toughest part of the job was reaching beneath the table to clean up the mess that had spread there. As small as Benny was, even his hand had trouble wedging beneath the bottom of the table and around the leg to get at all the wetness. He had to angle himself so that his back was to the TV, he was facing where Sarah slept, and he was bending one shoulder down.

Just like the kitchen, Benny was only moments into this before Travis struck again. Benny should have known something was up when he heard the audible pause chime from the videogame. Travis had quietly found his way down behind Benny, climbing to his knees as Benny bent forward to clean up the soda from beneath the table. His hard crotch once again had found Benny’s soft cheeks. This time, though, his right hand had gripped Benny firmly by the hip as his left had planted itself on Benny’s back, pinning him in place, keeping him bent, one hand stuck beneath the table, his cheek pressed to the table’s top.

“What the fuck are you doing, Travis?” He kept his voice low enough not to stir Sarah, not wanting her to wake and see this.

“Come on, man. I saw your dick. You got hard before. Just admit it,” Travis replied, starting to grind himself against Benny again.

Benny could feel his friend’s cock throbbing. It seemed even bigger than before, meaning that as big as it had been, as hard as it had been, it had not been fully erect, a rather amazing truth for Benny to discover. “Knock it the fuck off,” Benny growled back over his shoulder, even though he was already starting to feel his own blood rush to engorge his manhood.

“You know, Benny-boy,” Travis said, using one of his nicknames for him, “I used to watch you jerk off back in college. You thought you were good at hiding it. Beneath the covers. That mound of blanket going up and down. Up and down. As you stroked that cock of yours. What was going through your mind, hm?”

Benny felt a blush burn his cheeks like hot coals. Travis was not lying one bit. Benny had a nasty habit of it. Even on nights that he and Sarah had had sex, Benny would end up masturbating right there in the bunk next to Travis. “I don’t know what the hell you are talking about, but if you don’t get off me…”

“You’ll what? Benny-boy, I know what you were thinking about, whether you want to admit it or not. Because I know a secret.” Travis leaned over Benny’s bent body to press his lips against his ear. Benny felt Travis’ erection stab against him, having no doubt he would have been penetrated then and there had there not been Travis’ briefs and his pajamas between them. Benny’s own erection seemed to pulse from this new pressure. “I saw you watching too. When I fucked Teddy, when I fucked Dan, when I fucked them all. You watched, pretending to sleep.” With that, Travis grabbed a fistful of Benny’s hair, pulling his head back and forcing him into an arch. “Didn’t you?”

Benny could not bring himself to do anything but shudder. He had managed to retrieve his hand from beneath the table now, though it was soaked in the spilled soda, so when he tried to grab the edge of the table for support, he only slipped, slamming chest and face to the surface as Travis released his grip momentarily. Travis now literally had him bent over the table like a common whore, the same table he had bent Sarah over many times before. As Travis ground against him slowly, it pressed Benny’s own erection against the edge of the table, forcing him to grind against the wood.

“That’s okay. I know you are straight,” Travis grinned. “For the most part.” He then wrapped his lips around Benny’s earlobe, suckling it softly like a newborn would a tit, whispering once done. “We don’t have to tell her.” Both men’s eyes looked in front of them, straight at Sarah with her back turned to them both, still apparently too wasted to wake despite any ruckus they caused. “It can just be our secret. Say no, and I’ll stop, I promise.”

Benny didn’t say no though. Couldn’t bring himself to say no. For one thing, the throbbing of Travis’s penis was very distracting. For another, he knew Travis was right. Benny had indeed watched them. He had stroked himself to the very edge every time, imagining what it would have been like had it been him lying there, had Travis climbed on him in his bunk, straddled his ass instead, and penetrated him the way he did his many boyfriends. Then Benny felt it. Travis was pulling the back of his bottoms down, letting them hang just below his ass. He must have pulled his grey boxer briefs down at the same time with his free hand because, before Benny could do so much as squirm, he felt the soft-hardness of Travis’ heated manhood slap against his right cheek.

“I’ve been dreaming of taming that ass of yours for some time,” Travis groaned as he positioned himself so that, upon his next gyration, the length of his cock was slide upward between Benny’s cheeks. Benny could feel the bulging underside right at his pucker’s entrance. He tightened, afraid of the possible pain that waited him. Still, though, he could not bring himself to say no. To tell his friend, his old college roommate, the only man he trusted, to stop. He couldn’t even bring himself to turn his head, to look at Travis, even from the corner of his eye. All he could do was stare straight ahead at his girlfriend’s sleeping body. His own cock was aching to be touched, held, and stroked now. He wanted it. He could not deny that.

He felt Travis pull back and heard him spit several times. He didn’t know what he was doing at first, but when Travis pushed back, this time the bulbous head of his penis pressing right against Benny’s hole, he could feel that it was much slicker than before. He’d lubed himself up. This was really happening. Travis was really about to fuck him. He was really going to treat him the way he had his many boyfriends in college.

“Travis, come on, man, this isn’t funny anymore,” Benny said, acting out one last denial even as precum formed at the tip of his own penis.

“Then ask me to stop.” Travis called his bluff.

Nothing. Benny just could not say it. And Travis took it for his shot at stealing his friend’s anal virginity. He pushed, wedging the tip of his cock into Benny’s ass. Benny arched and groaned, feeling himself split open already. His friend’s cock must have been massive. Combined with the fact that Benny had certainly never had anyone inside him before, Travis had his work cut out for him. He shoved more, inching himself slowly but steadily into Benny. Benny grasped the opposite edge of the table, digging his nails into the wood enough to leave claw marks even on this oak, a perpetual groan stuck deep in his throat, mouth agape as pain shot up his spine, and eyes lost in a glazed view as he became all the more aware of his own raging erection.

“Shh, it’s okay. It always hurts at first. Just relax, baby,” Travis said, stroking the side of Benny’s head softly, almost tenderly, nothing like the way he had ever treated his boyfriends. He seemed to actually slow down when he felt Benny tense up in pain. With his boyfriends, he would always have just thrust in as fast as he could. It was oddly out of character for him. Had Benny not been consumed by the plethora emotions and sensations coursing through him, he might have questioned more fully his friend’s shift. Travis knew Benny was new to all of this though. He was not blind to that, and had no cruel intentions toward his friend. He genuinely wanted him to enjoy it, because, truth be told, Travis had much more in store.

“Relax, baby, and I promise you will enjoy this.” There he went again. Benny was not used to being called baby by a man. It was so much different than when Sarah called him baby. Travis did it again. Stroking his cheeks now. Even leaning in and kissing his neck. Not the way he attacked the necks of others. Not rough, intense biting. But tender, gentle caresses with his lips, with his tongue sneaking out once in a while. Passionate. Benny was swept up in this gentleness. This intimacy unlike any that any woman had ever offered him. He actually wanted to turn back, to crane his neck, to kiss Travis fully on the lips.

“Mnngh,” Travis groaned, and Benny realized his friend had managed to sink his entire length—had to be nine inches at least—into him. It had worked. Benny had relaxed enough to allow him full access. And it was not without effect. Benny’s eyes rolled up in his head as he felt his friend’s pelvis slap against his cheeks, the mark of being fully penetrated. Every single pulse, every little throb, every aching twitch reverberated through Benny’s body now, melting his pain into a puddle of pleasure unlike any he had ever felt. Being penetrated was far different from penetrating.

“Oh God, Benny, your ass is so tight. Can you feel it? Can you feel me inside you?” Travis moaned, his hot breath coating the base of Benny’s neck.

“Yes,” Benny managed to moan.

Travis went back to kissing Benny as he remained fully impaled into him. Benny’s body was starting to synch up with his friend’s Every time he felt Travis’ lips on his neck, shoulder, or back, he would squirm, he would wiggle his hips, softly stirring Travis. Travis would throb, would twitch, would want so badly to pull back and thrust back in—and would only resist that urge as long as it took his friend to get used to it all. In turn, Benny’s own cock would throb and twitch without ever being touched.

Sarah stirred a bit on the couch, rolling to her other side so that she was now facing the men. Benny’s heart jumped nearly out of his chest, but thankfully her eyes remained closed, and judging by her face, she appeared entirely out of it.

Benny could not help himself any longer. He needed to feel friction, to feel pressure, so he squirmed more, this time forward, so his cock was once again rubbing against the edge of the table. Travis took his wiggling about as a sign that he was more comfortable now, grabbing his hips, sitting up some, pulling his chest from Benny’s back. He slowly pulled his cock from Benny’s ass, leaving just the tip in.

“Travis…” Benny moaned as if a plug had been plucked from his throat. As if the words previously unfound had been suddenly found. But then he moaned again, and it became obvious that his friend’s name was the only word on his mind. “Travis…”

“Don’t worry, sweetie. I’m still here,” Travis smiled, thrusting suddenly back into his friend. Benny groaned out loud enough to wake even the neighbors, yet Sarah remained sound, and drunkenly, asleep. Travis did it again, and then again, building a nice rhythm, steadily fucking his best friend. Benny grimaced each time he felt Travis pull out, and gasped softly each time he thrust in, until the slickness of Travis’ saliva coated cock had coated him inside enough to feel comfortable, even pleasurable. Which was a good thing. Because Travis did not seem like he would be stopping anytime soon. He pulled back, slammed in, pulled back, and slammed in, as both their breaths grew ragged. Eventually, Travis returned to his hunch over Benny, pressing his firm pecs to Benny’s shoulder blades as he humped his friend into complete, blissful submission. Benny was lost in the feeling of being his. Of being the object of Travis’ sexual desires. He wondered what it looked like. What seeing Travis’ huge, engorged cock disappearing into the sheath of his own ass looked like. He wanted more. Even as he stared at his sleeping girlfriend, he knew he wanted, needed more of Travis.

“Oh God, Benny,” Travis groaned, and by the feel of his tensing muscles, by the fact his arms wrapped tightly around Benny and squeezed him in a giant bear hug, Benny knew his friend was close. “I’m going to cum,” he groaned, his hips jerking hard, slamming deep into Benny before he paused, tensing up, and exploded. Benny felt the hot ropes of Travis’ seed flooding his body, pooling deep inside of his ass, and spilling out at the edge of his penetration. The pleasure was immense. So immense, that Benny’s own cock exploded in reaction right there against the table. His cum spilled out on his pajama bottoms to hit the edge of the table. He closed his eyes tightly as he felt it twitch, as he felt Travis twitch, as both men spasmed against each other as their powerful orgasms rocked through them.

Their bodies came unglued and Travis slumped back against the foot of the chair in which he had been sitting half an hour prior. He took a minute to catch his breath. Benny also slumped back, finally turning his back on his sleeping girlfriend to face the man who had just ravaged him. They sit there staring at each other for a while. The scene that had just played out was weighing heavily on both of them. Travis had the expression of concerned guilt like that of a kid having just been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, whereas Benny had one of shame and pleasure blended neatly together. Benny didn’t know what to do. He knew he had enjoyed it. He also knew that Travis had no right to do what he had done. It was not exactly forced on him though. He could have said no at any time. He had wanted it. Had secretly desired it for a while now. And he had been caught. But what now? He had just cheated on his girlfriend. He knew nothing about being gay. Didn’t even know if he really was still.

“Come here, baby,” Travis was the first to speak. “Come here,” he repeated, patting his knee.

Some primitive instinct sparked to life inside of Benny. He had seen enough porn to know how a woman might react in such a situation, beckoned by such a stud, playing into the role dealt her. He didn’t know yet how to be a gay man, but he at least had a clue from his life as a straight one. He crawled over as if an obedient little lover and straddled Travis’ lap, his thighs on either side of Travis, and his spent cock pressed tightly to Travis’ hard abdomen. Travis wrapped his arms around him, bending one up so he could stroke Benny’s hair. He looked him in the eyes and then pulled his head in close, planting his lips to his friend’s. They kissed passionately for a full ten minutes, exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues until both men’s cocks started to stir again. Benny’s throbbed gently against Travis’ abdomen and Travis’ grew enough to poke at the tender spot between Benny’s testicles and anus, causing Benny to wiggle and even roll himself in Travis’ lap. Benny was starting to get into the groove of things, rolling his hips like his girlfriend often did to him, using the motion and his body to stroke Travis’ length, to beckon it to life, and to indulge in the pulsing of life between his own legs as he did so.

As Travis was kissing Benny’s neck, he looked behind his new lover at Sarah. Her eyes were opened now, staring at the two of them, watching as her boyfriend sit in his lap squirming about. Travis smirked at her, reached between himself and Benny, grabbed his shaft, aimed it, and forced Benny’s ass down, penetrating him again.

Sarah’s eyes widened.

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