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Hair Removal Treatment

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Bobbie is 28, she is about 5’9″, dark haired with beautiful eyes and long lashes. she has large firm breasts which are a D cup or more, and a ridiculously happy go lucky nature. She is one of those slightly ditsy sorts who bumbles through life without much of a plan. Basically she is gorgeous. She is also my wife’s cousin!

My wife Tanya is similar in personality, yet very different physically. She is 31 years of age and stands at 5’5″. At size 14 and not particularly athletic, she also has small B cup breasts. She is however extremely pretty and a great wife. Our sex life over the years has become more and more adventurous, although I cannot say we are overly experimental, and like a lot of men I usually have to instigate every new adventure.

Bobbie had been in a long relationship, and when it finally came to an end she was ready to start seeing men, and she was clearly enjoying it as she regularly picked men up in clubs and had one night stands. sometimes after nights out together she would grab a bloke and bring them back to our house. This usually ended up with Bobbie draging him off to our spare room for no strings shagging until the early hours. I always admired her liberal attitude.

My story begins one night when Bobbie came over for a drink with us.

Bobbie bounced through our front door holding a bottle of wine in one hand and a bottle of Vodka in the other. Bobbie was good at drinking, and the little inhibitions she had simply disappeared when she got drunk.

Tonight she seemed in a good mood, with a broad smile gracing her lips as she entered. all the pleasantries were exchanged and we sat down in the living room for a chat.

The usual topics were covered from work to friends, girly arguments regularly took a good hour to run through, and as usual she had photos on her phone of her latest conquest to show Tanya. Tanya always looked at them and said things like “oh he’s nice” or ” Bobbie, are you sure?”. She never gushes over them as I am sure she knows it would get on my nerves. I can be a little possessive, and moody, but aren’t most men?

Anyhow after a couple of hours had passed we were all having a right laugh. the wine had gone, as had the vodka. Bobbie was slurring a little as was Tanya. As always I was a little behind the others as I can drink and drink and then drink some more. I decided to go out to the off license to get some more drinks as we had already run out. The journey was short so I returned quite quickly and came in through the front door. I was greeted by the sight of Bobbie facing away from me with her trousers down. Tanya was sat down and Bobbie was for some reason showing her her pussy. I had a great view of Bobbie’s bare bum staring at me. It was a lovely pale cream colour and as tight as a drum. No extra inches there.

I had clearly startled them as Bobbie jumped out of her skin, unfortunately due the fact that her knickers and jeans were around her ankles, she lost balance and fell to the floor bursting out with laughter. She hit the ground and rolled with her legs coming up above her head. This gave me full view of her pussy and ass, with her cheeks fully parted and her pussy squeezed together between her thighs. She was completely 100% bald.

Tanya gave me a glare, noticing how I was staring at what was on show, but the laughing coming from Bobbie on the floor cleared the air very quickly. we all burst into laughter at the way she couldn’t seem to sort herself out and was basically sprawled across our floor fumbling with her jeans to get them up.

I asked them what they were doing, and Tanya was first to pipe up. “Bobbie’s had a hair removal treatment and wanted to show me what the laser could do”. Bobbie piped up. ” I had a hairy mary, and I got fed up with shaving all the time, so I had permanent hair removal, look”. She glanced down at her pussy and seemed quite pleased with herself. “Its completely smooth now and I don’t need to do anything, its great”.

“You could do with that” I quipped to Tanya and she nodded in agreement, saying how she hated shaving and that she was a fairly hairy person. Bobbie said she was as well before the treatment.

Tanya said “not like me, I would have to shave every day or so”

“It can’t be that bad” said Bobbie. “show me”.

I suppose with all the drinks and banter they were feeling quite liberal so Tanya undid her trousers and pulled down her G-string. Her furry pussy was fully on display and Bobbie moved in for a closer look, she reached out her forefinger and traced down the inside of Tanya’s leg where it joined with her pussy.

“ooh you are carrying a little bit extra there Tanya”, “do you not like to keep it clean shaven?”

“look Bobbie” she said, “it takes a lot of effort to keep on top of it and I don’t have the time, and to be honest I find it hard in the shower to reach all the parts especially right underneath”

“Oh that was my worst part” said Bobbie, “I used to have quite a hairy bum crack”

Tanya was quick to respond “really? did they remove that too?”

“clean as a whistle” said Bobbie.

Well I must admit that I was sat on the sofa next to these two discussing their pussy shaving rituals and showing each other and getting pretty turned on. I had a cushion sat on my lap to hide the erection that was steadily growing.

After quite a few more drinks, Jack and coke to be exact, Tanya disappeared upstairs to get changed into her night dress and I was left alone with a drunken giggling Bobbie. She could often be quite flirty with me and I could tell she would be an easy target if I was either single or a player. I am neither.

She sat down next to me and started saying things like, “oh you’re so lovely Peter”, “Tanya is really lucky to have you, you’re so nice”. She went to put her hand on my leg but accidentally placed it right on the edge of my crotch, where my still semi hard cock was straining inside a pair of white tight boxers. She looked me squarely in the eyes with her long lashes coated in mascara, and smiled. She clearly liked what she had felt and adjusted her hand so that her palm lay right over my twitching cock. “can I sleep with you and Tanya tonight Peter?”, “I hate sleeping alone in strange places” she said.

“er i….er… mmm not sure, you will have to ask Tanya” I responded desperately trying to not to appear bothered.

With that Bobbie got up and went upstairs to either use the loo or to track down Sally, it was hard to tell as Bobbie was quite drunk and not really in full control. Just the way she was walking gave that away.

I decided that I would tidy up a little and lock the doors before bed. After I had completed this nightly routine I headed upstairs, but neither Bobbie or Tanya were about, I wondered if Bobbie had been sick so I went to the toilet to see if they were there. The door was locked and I could hear them both talking and the sound of a either a running tap or the cistern refilling. “oh no” I thought to my self “tears and puke” “I am not cleaning any puke up”.

I trudged off to bed and got under the covers. their warmth and softness enveloped me and I soon drifted into a light sleep. I awoke to a bang, and I couldn’t be sure if I had been asleep for 5 minutes or 5 hours. I leapt out of bed and was heading to the door, when it swung open.

In walked Tanya, her hair was tied back tight and she had a full length silver overcoat on. She had put on make up and I could smell the scent of perfume from 10ft away. She began to walk into the room and I noticed that Bobbie was behind her holding her hand. Bobbie was completely naked and although still a little unsteady on her feet, seemed completely in control as she held eye contact with me for what seemed like a life time.

“I’ve got a present for you” said Tanya. “opening up the front of her coat to reveal a perfectly shaven pussy. “oh really” I said. “and how did this happen then”.

Well Bobbie said she knew what it was like to have to keep shaving day after day and said she would do it for me on one condition. “what’s the condition?” I mumbled.

“Bobbie will be sleeping in our bed tonight” whispered Tanya in voice that was clearly meant to sound as mischievous as possible. They both came forward placed a hand on my chest and pushed me back onto the bed.

Tanya sunk to her knees at the end of the bed and took my cock into her mouth. I swear I was rock solid in about a quarter of a second. Bobbie got onto the bed and straddled me facing away from me. She stole my cock out of Tanya’s mouth. They were both sucking and licking down the full length of it, whilst Tanya cupped my balls and gently tugged on them. she knows I love that particular sensation.

I had an amazing view from my angle of Bobbie’s ass and pussy, and could see in great detail that there was not a single hair on it. I lifted my head from the bed, and gently extended my tongue so that it run along the full length of Bobbies pussy and all the way up her ass crack. The flavour of her pussy and ass was amazing and I greedily went in for another long lingering lick. I could feel that my cock was being wanked off at a feverish pace and from between Bobbie’s large hanging breasts in front of me, I could see Tanya and Bobbie with their mouths together, tongues fighting in a passionate kiss.

This was too hot for me and I thought I might cum right there and then. I let my head fall back onto the bed and sat there enjoying the view and wank until Bobbie leant back and sat squarely on my face. My nose was pushing right on her little puckered hole and she was grinding into my face. Slick pussy juices were running onto my chin and from the noises Bobbie was giving off, I could tell she was really enjoying her self. She carried on like this for another minute or so until I felt a buzzing sensation on my chin. Tanya must have got her vibrator out and was rubbing it on Bobbie’s clit whilst I licked her holes.

I pointed my tongue out as far as a could and jabbed it relentlessly at Bobbie’s asshole. At first it struggled to accept the slippery foreigner and my tongue would be squashed but after a few tries it slipped past the opening, and my tongue was now probing the inner walls of her asshole. The taste was dry and a little bitter but it was such a fucking turn on. Bobbie screamed out loud as I continued to tongue fuck her ass and Tanya pushed the vibrator deep into her pussy. Bobbie came long and hard, with spasms in her ass pushing my tongue clean from it. A thick glupey liquid began to pour from Bobbie’s pussy and onto my face and I licked and tried to slurp at it as much as I could.

Bobbie was spent and rolled off of my face and onto the bed next to me. Tanya had been getting a great view me eating out Bobbie’s ass and with the slick of girly cum all over my face looked at me with a smirk on her face. “my turn” she breathed at me.

She climbed onto the bed, pushed me flat on my back and came up to my level to give me a long lingering French kiss. Her tongue was dueling with mine and I could tell she was enjoying the remaining taste of Bobbie’s asshole and the juice from her pussy. Her crazed tongue ran all the way around my mouth lapping at the cum on my face and eagerly yumming it down.

“you want to taste it first hand” I said, “you know you do”.

With that Tanya put her hands onto Bobbie’s hips and pulled her up onto her knees. She pulled her asscheeks apart and dived face first into her ass, squirming left then right to try to get as much of it in as she could. Bobbie was once again moaning loudly as the sensation overtook her. I did the same motion with Tanya and she was at the edge of the bed with her ass sticking nicely in the air and her freshly shaven pussy squeezed tightly between her thighs. I too dived right in and was soon licking deep into her ass, then circling around her clit before trailing up past her labia until I was back at her little bald litle bum hole. It wasn’t too long before the licking, nibbling and thumbing of her clit brought her to a huge screaming orgasm.

I broke off for a second to get the vibrator which had been left at the end of the bed, I pulled Tanya off from licking Bobbie’s ass, and told Bobbie to turn over and lay on her back. She did so and I passed the vibrator to Tanya. She knew exactly what to do with and in one easy glide it had been forced in its entirety up into Bobbie’s waiting pussy. Tanya clumsily fiddled with the sliders on the side until it sprung into life, rotating, twisting and buzzing deep inside of Bobbie.

“Fuck me Peter, please fuck me hard and deep” said Tanya “I want you in me now”. Who was I to refuse?

Cock wise I am not a huge bloke, about 7″ long but quite thick, with a big bulbous bell end. My knob slipped straight into Tanya’s welcoming pussy and we all banged away in this position for a quite a while. With each thrust I could feel my balls tightening and from the combined moaning in the room I knew it would not be long before we all came.

I was thrusting deeper and harder with each movement back and forth, Tanya was rotating the Vibrator inside of Bobbie’s pussy and licking her clit. I brought my hand round from where it had been rubbing away at Tanya’s clit and it was coated with thick pussy juice. I circled my slick fingers around Tanya’s asshole and in one movement pushed two of them deep inside her. She let out a loud “aahhhhh”, which was clearly a mixture of pleasure and pain. I began rotating them from left to right whilst still pumping my cock into her pussy. I could feel my own fingers through the walls of her arse, and it was bringing me even closer to my orgasm. I heard another loud “ahhhhhh” but this time it was from Bobbie. I looked over Tanya’s shoulder to see the first 3 inches of the pulsating vibrator disappearing up into Bobbie’s arse.

This was a fucking awesome sight and it would be mere seconds before I came. I pulled my cock out of Tanya’s pussy, placed it at her ring and pushed forward, burying my entire cock deep into Tanya’s backside. My hips slammed against her bum cheeks, and from this angle I could see that all 9 inches of the vibrator was also now nestled deep inside Bobbie’s ass. Bobbie was pushing her self onto it greedily fucking herself up the arse while Tanya held it still.

This was my final few seconds, and I ploughed back and forth in deep strokes. I hammered away for all I was worth grunting and groaning under the intensity of the physical punishment I was handing out to Tanya’s asshole.

Bobbie came first, with a jet of liquid bursting out of her pussy into Tanya’s face, the vibrator was still firmly lodged deep in her ass. I couldn’t hold on any longer and as my balls twitched and emptied themselves into Tanya’s arse, this was enough to push her over the edge and she screamed herself through the loudest orgasm I have ever heard her have.

I pulled my cock out of Tanya’s ass, which was dilated and remained fully open, with a red tinge around the skin which surrounded it. I had well and truly fucked that arse. I stood there with my cock still at full mast twitching every time a pulse went through me. Bobbie got up from the bed, walked round to where I was standing, dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth, straight from Tanya’s ass. She pushed it right to the back of her throat, something nobody had ever done to me before. I smiled at Tanya as Bobbie sucked and licked every last inch clean.

Tanya was still leaning over the bed, unable to steady herself from the huge orgasm, it must have left her light headed as when she went to stand up she simply slumped back into her original position. Her ass was still fully exposed, her dilated and satiated hole was weeping cum and it began to dribble down over her pussy lips with little globs settling here and there.

Bobbie took my cock from her mouth and moved in directly behind Tanya. With a distinctly lustful look in her eyes she moved forward mouth open. Her tongue extended and it slipped straight into Tanya’s gaping anus. She licked and prodded away until Tanya cried out “oh my fucking god” and came again, this time squirting pussy juice onto Bobbie’s hands which were frigging away at her clit. As Tanya bucked back and forth Bobbie sucked the cum straight out of her arse, swallowing and licking her lips.

The sight of her doing that brought new life back into my dick and it once again stood tall and proud. I hurriedly shoved Bobbie over the egde of the bed, lined up my cock and shoved it balls deep into her arse.

Tanya was lying on her back directly beneath Bobbie and she began to suck on Bobbie’s gorgeous erect nipples while I sawed in and out of her arse. I leant forward and grabbed the vibrator which was lying on the bed held it tight and aimed it between my legs at Bobbie’s drenched pussy. It slipped in easily and I pushed it as deep as it could go. I held it firm whilst turning it onto full power on all settings. It sprung into life and I felt amazing sensations creeping through the walls of her pussy and deep into her arse where my cock was buried. Bobbie’s asshole was tighter than Tanya’s, and the sense of me filling every square inch was amazing. I began to mumble something like “fucking Jesus fucking Christ” and then burst again, this time I could tell there would be less cum but it was equally as strong on the orgasm scale. With the sensation of my knob throbbing deep inside her, and the sensation of hot sticky cum filling her deep within, Bobbie let out one final cry and had another powerful orgasm.

Tanya must have been keen to repay the favour to Bobbie, because the minute she heard us crying out in orgasm, she slipped from underneath Bobbie, pushed me aside and assumed a similar position behind her. She gripped her slippery buttocks tightly in her hands, dug her nails in and pulled them apart as far as they would go. Bobbie’s once tiny hole was now open for business and Tanya wasted no time. Sticking her tongue out she pushed it in as far as she could licking and revolving it around the reddened walls of Bobbie’s arsehole. As a final act she sucked what little cum I had deposited in there out, grabbed Bobbie’s head with both hands and turned it so she could access her mouth and shared a long lingering tongue kiss, sharing my final deposit between them.

We all collapsed on the bed with far away stary eyes. A complete sense of exhaustion must have taken over because before I knew it I awoke and there was light coming through the curtains. Bobbie was nowhere to be seen and neither was Tanya.

I got up and went downstairs to find Tanya sat at the computer looking up hair removal treatments.

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