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Mrs. Fantasy

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I have this reoccurring fantasy that I dare not tell anyone who actually knows me. I identify as a bisexual woman, but I much prefer women over men. One thing that REALLY turns me on about men however, is them watching me and them masturbating.

I find something very powerful and erotic about a man taking his own cock into his hand.

I am married and love playing the happy house wife. I love when my husband has his friends over and I love preparing food for them and getting them drinks while they watch sports, even though I personally hate sports.

I have this fantasy where I am sitting on the couch with my husband and we have had a few drinks, which always tend to start making my husband horny. I have jay sitting to my right on the other side of the couch and mike and rick are on the love seat diagonally from us. I have my right leg crossed across my left and over my husband’s right leg and he slowly starts to rub it. Eventually he starts rubbing up to my thigh and then starts making quick little grabs between my legs. I can feel myself start to get hot and start to throb. I am in jeans and they are pressing painfully against my swollen clit and puffy lips.

Eventually I try to casually uncross my legs and give my husband a little more access to my heated genitals. with jay sitting next to me there is no way for him to not notice the motion of my legs and it isn’t long before he notices that my husband’s hand has crept higher than my thigh. My husband never looks away from the TV, playing coy with me and I notice that jay keeps sneaking peeks at me and watching my face and body react to my husband’s touch. I cannot tell if he is disgusted or aroused until he gently trails a finger down my thigh to get my attention and then looks me straight in the face as he adjusts the bulging growing in his pants. I bite my lower lip and let out a slight moan, drawing mike and rick’s attention from the love seat.

I see them turn their heads and I feel my face flush. I don’t know what to do. I am too embarrassed to turn and look at anyone, but I am also enjoying the pressure on my vulva from my husband and do not want him to stop. The stares from the guys are adding to my excitement and I feel myself swell farther and can feel my panties are moist and sticking to me. At that point I don’t care what anyone thinks, if they are disgusted, they can leave and I lean my head back and part my legs wide for my husband.

My breathing starts to pick up and the waves of pleasure start to roll. my eyes are shut, but I feel a hand reach across the right side of me and peek open my eyes just enough to see jay unzipping the fly of my jeans with one hand and rubbing himself through his jeans with the other. I have only been with my husband for years and the idea and look of another man’s cock; even through jeans is insanely exciting. My husband removes his hand from my crotch and I look at him pleadingly. He grins at me with his half grin and big blue eyes that made me fall in love with him and grabs my jeans, he looks up at jay and he grabs the other side. I lift my butt up off the couch and together they pull my jeans down and leave me sitting between them in some lace boy shorts and my fitted tee-shirt.

I am feeling scared and exhilarated all at once. I am a mom and I am sporting stretch marks, and I have always been self-conscious of my large, thick inner labia and large clit. But at the moment, my excitement is tromping my fears. I look at all the guys and see them all looking at me, then hold my husband’s gaze and lean back for him to start rubbing me again. He pulls me to him like a doll, presses my back against his chest and spread my legs open wide. I can feel that my legs are glistening with moisture and my lips are bulging in my panties. I have my eyes cracked and can see that jay is still steadily and softly squeezing at his cock through his jeans, and mike and rick are adjusting themselves. I can see their pants are becoming a little tight also.

My husband slips a finger between my puffed up lips and savors my wetness for a second, whispering in my ear, “You like this?” before plunging in his middle finger and pulling at my g-spot. Any chance I had at stopping this or playing it down is gone and I gasp as I raise my hips up to his hand and start to softly moan. As I lean my back down I feel the fullness of his manhood and lean back to rub it. He sighs and smiles at me. Our sex life has always been great and I know exactly where to touch him to drive him crazy.

I slide down off of him to the floor and kneel in front of him, stroking at his cock through his pants and smiling up at him. He smiles back at me and undoes the button and zipper of his pants and pulls his manhood out for me.

The show is on now! I can hear the friction of hand against cloth and the guys are rubbing at themselves and I quickly suck my husband’s cock into my mouth, kneeling in front of him and sticking my ass out with my legs open wide so I can slip my own hand into my panties to use my slick pussy juice to rub my clit. I’m pumping my head up and down on my husband shaft, sucking and slurping away at him and keeping in rhythm as i polish my pearl.

Only a few minutes in and I feel a tug behind me and peek back to see rick peeling my boy shorts down to get a closer view of my soaking cootchi. A moment of panic sets in. I have always been ashamed of my large lips and I know that at that moment I am so aroused that they must look like someone stuck chewed up wads of bubble gum on me. They are pink and throbbing and positively dripping. But one look at rick’s face as he looks at me and the squeeze to his junk tells me that he is rather enjoying my largeness. So I stick my ass out farther, slip a finger into my slippery cunt and deep throat my husband’s cock with an eagerness I never knew possible.

I glance at jay and mike and see them both lounging back with a hand down their pants, my husband is rubbing my shoulders, grunting and taking deep breaths as his orgasm approaches. I can feel rick still behind me staring at my pussy and I am eagerly finger fucking away at it, loving the sound of my wetness.

I pull my mouth off of my husband’s shaft and start to slowly stroke him with my hands, looking up at him. He is smiling down at me. Proud of me and enjoying showing me off to his friends. He grabs my arms and pulls me up to him. Kissing me deeply and then peeling my shirt up over my head and quickly undoing my bra. He grips at my tits and sucks them hard, switching back and forth from breast to breast. I am circling my hips above him and gently pressing the head of his dick against my slit but not letting him fully enter me.

I look around at the guys and they have all pulled their cocks out at this point and are slowly stroking. Their eyes are rolling over my body and their breaths are picking up speed. I am loving every second.

I turn my back to my husband, slide a hand over my body, savoring my hard nipples against my palms, my flat belly, and slip my fingers into my snatch one more time to open my meaty lips up for my husband. I spread my legs wide to rick in front of me and lower myself onto my husband cock while I slip my pussy juice laden fingers into my mouth to suck them clean. He is stroking more furiously now and clenching his balls with his other hand and I know that he will be cumming soon. I start to thrust my hips and look over at jay. He is laid back on the couch with his shirt pulled up, slowly running his fingers along his toned stomach and slowly stroking with the other. I am amazed that he has lasted this long.

My husband grabs my hips and starts bouncing me up and down and thrusting deep inside me. I lean back and let him thrust as hard and as fast as I can, reaching down with one hand and gripping my breast and rubbing fiercely at my harden clit with the other. I can feel my orgasm nearing and look over at mike, who has been pretty quiet through this whole ordeal. His face is flushed and he is vigorously stroking his super thick cock. He is raising his hips up into his stroking and making deep moaning sounds in the back of his throat.

I hear a deep moan and look forward in time to see rick collapse forward onto one hand and deeply pull at his cock with the other, spewing a large load forward onto the carpet and clenching his teeth through his orgasm. I start to feel the heat of my own orgasm nearing and my legs are starting to tingle. I am gripping at my breasts and my clit is getting almost too sensitive to touch.

“argh!” mike calls and I look over in time to see a fountain of cum erupt from his cock. He slides his fingers through it and uses the lubrication to just keep stroking. I love watching his cock twitch as his pulling slows down to small, gentle, strokes.

“oh oh oh oh, here it comes……oooooohhhhhhh.” I start to yelp through my orgasm and my husband grips my hips and yanks me down to his lap, deeply filling me up with his cock. My pulsing puts him over the edge and he blows his load deep inside of me.

I look over at jay, smiling at me and still stroking away and rubbing at his stomach. He stands up, letting his pants and boxers drop to his ankles and stands next to me. I lay back on my panting husband. Feeling his load drip out of me with my own sweet juices. I reach down and fondle my lips, slipping them between my fingers and gently probing at my softening clit. Jay reaches out, softly trailing a finger down one breast and lightly tweaking a nipple while his stroking picks up. Once he starts his stroking hard it doesn’t take long and he lets out a deep cry as he leans forward and blows his load all over my chest, grunting as he finishes.

My husband slips his arms around my waist and hugs me. Says, “thanks baby.” and gives me a soft smack on the hip to send me on my way. I stand up, gather up my clothes, and head upstairs to run a bath. I hear the volume on the TV go back up as they finish watching their game and smile to myself. What a good night.

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