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Mrs. Toad’s Wild Ride

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It all started about a month ago when my husband’s best friend Kohl came home from school. Actually it started last Thanksgiving when he was home…he, my friend Catherine and nothing but myself were smoking pot and laughing and making ourselves pretty horny… came of it. He came back from school and the three of us hung out at our first house…lots of flirting and innuendos were flying high.

My husband, Charlie, and I were starting to hit a rut in our lives sexually after the baby was born. We are both pretty young. (I’m 22 and he is 24) I found myself faking orgasms and forcing myself to act like I did before the baby…very sexual and fun-loving…but the strain was a bit too much to bear.

Kohl is Charlie’s opposite…sensitive and charismatic and older (26)I have thought in the past that if I could have them both (damn poligamy laws) I would have the perfect man. I found myself contemplating trying to seduce him…the more I thought of it the more I wanted to do it…10 months without a proper screaming orgasm will do that to a woman.

About two days ago he and I got VERY drunk and it seemed as if it was going to happen…but it didn’t.

Then last night, which is what this story is about, Kohl and Charlie went out to drink. I stayed at a friends house waiting for them to call so I could cart their drunk asses back to the house. They called at 1:30am, and when I went to get them my first thought was, “God I can’t wait for Charlie to fall asleep…I am going to try it tonight.”

In the car, they were both hitting on me hardcore. The suggestion of a threesome came up about halfway home and the thought of it made my knees weak. I started flirting back and becoming all the bolder by the minute with Kohl saying dirty things in the backseat.

We got home and we all had a drink or two…Kohl was on the floor and I quickly sat behind him and started rubbing his back…Charlie was watching with an increasingly excited look on his face. His main fetish is voyeurism and this was making him hard. I began kissing my way up and down Kohl’s back while I rubbed and he was saying something incoherent to Charlie when I reached his neck and lightly flicked my tongue against his neck and whatever he was about to say stopped in mid-syllable. I wrapped my arms around his waist and flicked my tongue at his ear…he grabbed my arms tightly and said he was going for a smoke and when he came back we would see where this was going.

Charlie shot over to me the second the door was closed and grabbed my hand and pressed it tightly against his dick, which was rock-hard. I didn’t even have to ask if this was ok with him or not…it totally was.

Kohl came back in, and simply said no vibrators up his ass and we had a deal…we all laughed and I took that moment to saunter by him and kiss him quickly as I walked up stairs to Charlie’s and my room. The guys followed in close pursuit. I shut the door and Charlie hit the lights…there was one second of awkwardness before I pulled closed to Kohl for a mind-blowing kiss. His tongue was massaging and sucking at mine…his teeth were softly biting at my bottom lip.

Charlie stood behind me with his arms wrapped tightly around my waist, which I now realize was to catch me. His lips were everywhere on my neck, my face, my ears…I fairly tore my tank top off when Kohl left my lips to tour my neck and move downwards…His hands moved down my body from my neck, stroking the outsides of my breasts and hips. As his mouth teased my shoulder his fingers made my shorts magically disappear…as his fingers softly teased my clit through my thong, I felt the first shivers of something big shoot through me. My thong made its exit somehow and Kohl decided it was time for something more fun than this. His fingers pressed gently into my clit and moved up and I lost control of my legs…once he had what he wanted in-between his thumb and forefinger, two fingers slipped inside me and VERY quickly found what had been so horribly neglected for so long. His fingers massaged both the g-spot and my clit and in less than five minutes I had an earth-shattering orgasm that had me shivering from the tips of my toes to the top of my head. Two seconds later a second one hit with even more intensity than the first.

I blacked out for a second and the next thing I knew Charlie had me on the bed stroking my back with what I would imagine was a very concerned look on his face. I shook my head slightly to let him know I was fine and struggling slightly to move up the bed, I heard Kohl say laughingly, “Now you are in real trouble!” I didn’t care what that meant; I just wanted it to happen.

He joined us on the bed and adjusted my legs so one was around him and the other across Charlie’s legs. He moved the flat of his hand up over my belly and between my breasts and back down again. He closed his mouth over mine and resumed his assault in the inside of my vagina. My body reacted violently and I arched my body up into the waiting mouth of my husband, who quickly suckled a diamond-pointed nipple before massaging the front of my body. Kohl’s fingers left my pussy but continued to tease and torture my clit.

He took Charlie’s fingers and put them inside me. Joining them there he pressed Charlie’s fingers hard exactly where he had been and some truly animalistic noises left my mouth. They both tried to quiet me down as the windows were open…but it didn’t work too well…in minutes the feeling of having so many fingers inside of me stretching and pressing and rubbing, I screamed my pleasure into Kohl’s hand and a pillow. Even as my body collapsed, they continued to finger-fuck me…Kohl’s fingers left the inside of me and his lips and tongue kissed and licked at the inside of my thigh and down my leg. He reached my foot and took a toe in his mouth. I have never been one for feet or foot stimulation but the feeling of his wet lips around the base of my toe took me over the edge…it was unlike anything I had ever felt before. His mouth left my toe and started licking at my ankle and working his way back up the inside of my thigh… and while all of this was going on Charlie was working some new found magic with his fingers, stroking me like he had never done before. I have had multiple orgasms before but never like this.

Kohl and Charlie must have been feeling like they were going to explode by now…instinctively I knew Charlie wanted me to touch him and wasting no time I ran my hand down his chest and belly and grabbed his dick and started stroking him. Kohl had other ideas for himself. He pressed my foot into his rock hard and thicker than average dick that I could feel was throbbing uncontrollably. I pressed and rubbed my foot against Kohl’s dick and I felt his body stiffen and raise his hips closer. I felt the wetness on both of their heads and knew they were struggling to keep control of themselves. Charlie pulled his fingers out of me and lay on his back. I shot down his body and took his dick in my mouth. He sucked air in so fast it sounded like he was choking. As I was giving him my full attention with my mouth, Kohl thrust his fingers inside me and I gasped around Charlie’s dick. I heard Kohl chuckle and say, “don’t bite it off, I want more godchildren!”

Then something quite unexpected happened. I felt a wet finger slip inside my ass and press against the fingers inside my pussy. The feeling of being completely filled took my breath away and I came hard. The sensations were overwhelming.

I sucked hard at Charlie’s dick. I gripped the base of his dick tightly and felt his whole body stop moving. I could feel his balls start to tense up, but not wanting him to come so soon (HA! soon? It had been almost 2 hours by now) I took my mouth off his dick and rolled over. I pulled him on top of me and wrapped my legs around his waist. He slammed into me, but at a word I couldn’t hear from Kohl, he slowed down. Moving his whole body up and down my body, he ground his pelvis into my clit. I must have come a million times before he flipped me over on top of Kohl so he could get me from behind. His dick was slamming into my sensitive and slightly raw-rubbed insides as Kohl’s fingers pinched and pulled at my clit. Kohl was kissing me deeply and inside of 2 minutes Charlie pulled out and showered my back and ass with come. My arms gave out and I fell on top of Kohl who wrapped his arms around me tightly and deepened the kiss. Even though he was no longer wreaking havoc on my clit I came from the sheer intensity of the kiss.

The three of us lay on our sides, and Charlie, though desperately trying to stay awake, fell asleep from the alcohol and exhaustion. Kohl was lightly stroking my body and pulling my back closer against him. I could feel his dick lying hard against my thigh and his lips kissing my neck and shoulder. He leaned close to my ear and whispered so softly, “How adventurous are you?” With an almost inaudible moan I said, “Very.” He pushed himself inside me slowly, and being that he is much thicker than my husband is, I almost cried out in what was pleasure and a bit of pain. He lay inside me for a while and ran his hands slowly up and down my body. I was aching to turn over and ride him until I passed out, but he made it very clear I was to do everything he said. And after the last 2 hours of unspeakable pleasure and the last year of lusting, I was going to do anything he said. But at the same moment Kohl started to slowly move inside me, Charlie started to snore…Kohl and I laughed despite the situation and went downstairs to the couch.

He grabbed my waist and entered me from behind as I knelt on the couch. I shoved my face in the back of the couch and moaned. His fingers started to explore my ass again and I tensed against the assault. He whispered in my ear to relax and then he pushed his dick deep inside me and I had little choice after that. He began to pinch at my clit with his other hand as he wet and slipped a finger inside my ass. Part of me was thinking this isn’t normal, but the rest of my brain was telling my conscious to shut the hell up. My body got used to having a finger inside my ass and the new sensations were pretty hot. The tri-stimulation was killing me and I pushed against his dick and finger and came yet again. Kohl slowed his thrusts down quickly, I suppose he didn’t want to end so soon into our long awaited private moment.

He eased us on to the floor and onto my back. He pulled his dick out and in the early morning light I could see it was very wet. He pulled my feet over his shoulders and positioned his dick at the opening of my ass…he could see the look of panic on my face and he leaned forward and gave me another of his fabulous kisses, sucking on my tongue and lip. His fingers slipped inside me and massaged my g-spot and I felt my thoughts spin away and my body arch up to his…he pushed inside my pussy with his fingers and moved in and out slowly…I felt stretched beyond comparison. He pulled out and repositioned himself and pushed the head of his dick inside my ass…All I could think the second before he started pushing the rest of the way in was, “dear god this is going to hurt some.” I wasn’t disappointed. The feeling of his thick dick spearing me from that portal was being tears to my eyes, from the pain and the most intense feeling of pleasure building up inside of me… He didn’t move for a few minutes, he just kissed the back of my knees and fingered my clit until I was writhing around like a cat. Then he started moving slowly in and out of me…I forced myself to relax and as my body adjusted itself to this new intrusion I felt my pussy clench down on air as it convulsed from the pressure on the other side of the wall. He asked if I was ok and I nodded. I couldn’t believe I was enjoying this so much…it was not something I had thought about much in the past.

Kohl started to speed up his thrusts and the pace of his fingers inside me. The pleasure was building fast and I could feel his balls tightening…I knew he was almost there. My body tightened as I came hard around his fingers. He stopped his thrusting and pulled out of my ass and with little warning pushed inside my pussy. He slammed into me as I held on to his hips and he bit the back of my knees…With one final thrust he came. It felt as if he opened a boiling hose inside of me…I don’t remember if I came, but the feeling was incredible.

Kohl collapsed on top of me and I wrapped my legs around his waist and held him there as we waited for our hearts to stop flying.

He asked if I wanted a cigarette even though I haven’t smoked in a long time. I accepted and we went out on the porch wrapped in blankets and smoked a few. I was trembling so bad he put his arm around my waist and rubbed me there. He covered me with kisses and said, “well…I guess you’re family now.” I laughed because 4 hours earlier we had been saying ‘why go out if you can go across the hall?’

When we went back in I asked if he wanted a shower and he said yep and dragged me upstairs with him. As we were washing each other off, he took my loofah and started to scrub my thighs and ass, then slipped his tongue between my lips and caught my still-swollen clit. Still trying to balance myself on shaky legs I fell against the shower wall and spread my legs so he had more room. He made me come twice with his tongue and when he was finished he stood up and finished rinsing the soap of my body. I offered to return the favor, but he held me close and said that this had all been for me and not to worry myself with it. We wrapped up in towels and went downstairs and fell asleep on the couch together.

A few hours later he left. I can still feel his fingers inside of me. I can still taste Charlie’s dick on my tongue and hear his moans of passion. I can see the barely contained lust in Kohl’s eyes before we went upstairs. I can feel my body so relaxed from an onslaught of orgasms that shook my world. I know I will never forget this night. I know that when Charlie makes love to me know it will be with lessons learned from this night. I know that the three of us will always be there for each other, and that I have to remember to thank Kohl for saving my marriage.

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