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Mrs. Winters & Kevin’s Friends

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The neighborhood was made up of mostly an upper middle class setting. Everyone got along well and no one had any cares of crime, money or a lack of gossip or minor scandal. All in all it was still a good place to raise a family. The husbands were very successful and sometimes would get together at the bowling alley.

The wives didn’t need to work so they mostly stayed at home and talk with one another during the day. Some even took the time to at least go outside every now and then and maybe go to the gym. At 39, Mrs. Winters was one of these women.

One weekend during the summer Kevin Winters invited his friends Steven, Charlie and Tom over to his house to just hang out. All four of the boys have known each other since their freshman years. Now they were 18 years old and on the verge of graduating High School. They enjoyed going to Kevin’s, because his house was very big and his backyard had both a basketball court and a pool with a small pool house. Also, because they enjoyed being in the presence of Mrs. Winters.

The three boys were walking down the block on Kevin’s street. Steven had a basketball and was tossing it around with the others as they made their way to the house. The conversation was typical for 18-year-old boys. Sports, cars, movies, but mostly about the girls in their school and some of the rumors going around about them. Until Charlie changed the subject.

“I don’t know about you guys, but Kevin’s mom, Mrs. Winters, is pretty hot.” Charlie said under his breath.

“Dude I know. I’ve always had a thing for her since I first saw her.” Steven responded.

“You guys ever see those pictures of her in her house where she’s laying on the bench next to her pool? Her ass is so plump and round even at her age.” Charlie pronounced.

“Don’t forget those titties too man!” Steve said.

The conversation was pretty vulgar and childish but they kept it to them selves as they were now at Kevin’s front door of his house. They stood at the door as Steven rang the doorbell. Kevin answered the door.

“Hey guys come on in.,” he said. They walked in and saw Mr. Winters in his study and they all said hi to him as he responded with a wave hi.

They all made their way outside to the backyard and started shooting the basketball and listening to a radio that Charlie brought over. While they were playing around Tom casually asked Kevin where his mom was.

“I think she’s out shopping or something.” Kevin said.

About twenty minutes passed when Mr. Winters cam out and asked Kevin if he could speak to him inside. Once Kevin left the conversation picked up right were they left off.

“I hope she’s buying some thongs, like I told her to.” Tom said under his breath in a laughing voice.

“Shit, she’s brining me back some beer and large tits.” Said Charlie in a confident manner.

Kevin returned to let the guys know that his dad had to go to the airport for some business meeting and that he had to take him. The guys thought they had to leave, but then Kevin said that he asked his dad if they could stay until he returned from dropping him off at the airport. To which his dad said that is was ok. The guys thanked Mr. Winters and told him to have a good flight and wished him well.

“I’ll be right back guys.” Kevin said as he walked though the house and out the front door with his dad.

The guys continued fooling around and playing and the macho talk of Mrs. Winters.

“How long do you think we’ll be alone?” Tom asked the others.

“I don’t know why?” Steve asked.

“How much you want to bet me to go upstairs to her bedroom and get myself some of her panties?” Tom joked.

“Dude, you wont do it.” Steve told him.

Just then Tom tossed the ball over to Steve and walked into the house. Steve and Charlie stayed outside and looked at the bedroom window on the second floor watching to see if he was in fact even going to enter the bedroom. Suddenly Tom appeared in the window.

“Guys, this place is huge and I can totally see the whole backyard form here. Come on up.” Tom yelled. The others looked at each other and raced to get in the house.

The two went upstairs and entered the bedroom to see Tom standing there with a black thong in his hand.

“I’m hanging these up in my car. Once I get one.” Tom said.

The others rushed to open the drawers to find this new treasure. They found a variety of G-Strings, thongs, French cut, Cotton, and lace panties.

As the panty and bra raid continued Charlie saw something very interesting. Mrs. Winter’s personal diary.

“Oh, my god guys. Look at this.” Charlie announced.

They huddle around it and flip open the pages. Charlie started to read out loud her deepest thoughts and feelings from her husband to her life even about other women in the neighborhood until he saw a very detailed and long entry.

Charlie began to read out loud.

” I don’t know what it is. Maybe its just because I’m getting older and I feel like I haven’t had any fun in my life. I mean I do love my husband, my family, this house and this life. But I crave something wild and secretive. Maybe an affair or just a one night stand.”

Tom looked at a picture of Mrs. Winters and imagined she was speaking to him as Charlie continued to read.

“Sometimes I watch those porno’s that Kevin hides in his room while I’m home alone and fantasize that maybe I can be that girl for just one day. She seemed to enjoy being controlled by those guys and getting used like she was nothing but something to please them. Maybe if I hadn’t been married at a young age I would be able to get these feelings out of the way and I would be saying these things.” Charlie finished.

“Dude, she’s a slut!” Steve said.

“I can’t believe what I just heard. I’m definitely taking a pair of these for myself then. I have some MILF panties that once urged for a gangbang.” Charlie said.

As the boys laughed and continued with the search Steve heard a car pull up to the driveway.

“Shhh. Quiet! Did you hear that?” Steve asked

They stood still as the sound of a car door shutting and alarm being activated echoed through the area.

“Kevin’s back. Shit!” Tom whispered as they tried to hurry and clean up to get out of the room before they were caught. Steve peeked down stairs into the open living room and saw her. Mrs. Winters. Walking through the front door and in the living room.

To Steve it was like slow motion as he peeked from the top of the stairs to the living room. Mrs. Winters was about 5’5″ and about 125lbs with long black hair and dark brown eyes. She was wearing what appeared to be gym clothes. A pair of black spandex shorts that showed off the shape of her curvy hips and plump firm ass. She was also wearing a blue sports bra with a matching blue sweater that was un zipped, which had her 34c tits hanging out in front of her.

Steve snuck in the bedroom.

“Guys shut up. It’s Mrs. Winters.” He whispered. The others had their eyes popping out their skulls.

“Dude, Were so fucked.” Tom whispered.

They stood there listening to the sounds of Mrs. Winters put her stuff down and walk around. Then they heard the sliding screen door open up to the back yard. The three young men slowly crept to the edge of the window and saw her standing there next to the pool reading a note.

Mrs. Winters read the note that explained that Kevin had taken his dad to the airport. Mrs. Winters started to make herself a little comfortable as she took off her sweater and placed it on a chair.

“Dude look at those.” Charlie whispered.

She then sat down and took her shoes and socks off to dip her feet in the pool. She relaxed and leaned back with her legs in the pool as the three horny teens leered at her.

About two minutes later she stood up and walked into the pool house and returned with some blue material. She looked around making sure that she was definitely alone. When she was sure she began to lift her sports bra over her head and expose her firm tits to the warm air. The three of them stood in amazement. The sensation of the rush of air made her nipples instantly harden. Then with her back towards the direction of the three guys she slipped her fingers between her hips and black spandex shorts and slowly began to slide them down her legs while bending over at the hips.

Her round ass and lightly trimmed pussy was now exposed to the three of them. She kicked the shorts over with the other of her gym clothes and unraveled the blue material revealing a two-piece blue bikini. She stood there by the pool dressing herself with the small material that made up her bikini as the guys were in amazement.

“What should we do?” Tom asked.

“Maybe we should leave.” Steve said.

“I don’t think she knows were her.” Charlie said. “Let’s just go to the front door and say that we came here to see Kevin. No one will know the difference and we can still keep her panties.”

“Okay.” Steve replied.

The three of them snuck down stairs and to the front door. Steven rang the doorbell and waited with the two of them for some kind of answer.

“Maybe we should just go.” Tom said. “We have some of her under ware, that’s all I need.”

“What happened to how you were talking before?” Steve asked. Suddenly the door opened. There was Mrs. Winters standing in a white terry cloth robe that came to her mid thigh. Her black hair was wet and there were beads of water on her firm legs and gorgeous face.

“Oh hi guys how are you doing? Kevin had to take his father to the airport.” Mrs. Winters said.

“Oh hi Mrs. Winters. Yea Kevin told us that he’d be a bit late and just told us to go around back if no one was home and just make our selves at home until he returned. If that’s ok with you?” Tom said.

“Well sure guys, but you don’t have to go around back. Come on in.” She told them.

She opened the door and all three of the young men came inside pretending that they didn’t just see her naked earlier. Mrs. Winters led the way through the house towards the back. As she did the guys were staring at her body and pointing at her ass whispering to them selves. She slid open the screen door and showed them to the backyard.

“Thanks Mrs. Winters.” Steve said.

The boys immediately started to play around on the basketball court shooting around and trying to act casual. Mrs. Winters on the other hand being kind of shy about being in her bathing suit laid on a beach chair with her robe still on but hanging kind of loose.

After a few minute passed by Charlie got a grand idea. Invite her to come and play for a while.

“Hey guys, watch this.” He said. “Mrs. Winters would like to join us in shooting some hoops?”

Mrs. Winter giggled. “Are you crazy, I don’t know how to play.” “Come on its easy just a few shots.” Charlie persisted.

“Oh. Okay” Mrs. Winters agreed.

She walked over past the pool and towards the guys. She stood there listening to Charlie explain how to shoot while Steven and Tom snuck peeks at her body, still covered by her robe. After a minute she said she had the general idea.

Charlie gave her the ball and she attempted to shoot. The ball totally missed and they chucked at her.

“Stop it you guys this is my first time playing.” She laughed.

Steven ran over and grabbed the ball and handed it to her. Again she tried but failed to come even close.

“Wait one second.” She said.

Then she began to undo her robe to try and get more of a free motion in playing. Her intentions were innocent, but she didn’t know that by doing so really got the young boys attention, with her two piece bikini showing much of her body off.

They stood there staring at her ass and tits as they bounced around each time she shot. She was so excited about shooting the ball she didn’t realize they were checking her out. Tom had an idea of his own.

“Here Mrs. Winters let me show you a trick.” Tom said.

He got behind her and leaned his body against hers letting his hardened cock press against her ass. She concentrated on the shot as he moved her body to shot the ball, which she missed.

“Some trick.” She smirked.

“Let me try?” Steven asked.

He did the same thing but this time she knew what he was doing and she got kind of uncomfortable. After all these guys are her sons friends that she knew since they were freshman. She felt him grind his cock against her ass, which to her surprise felt very good to her. She sot it knowing now that her tits were bouncing around and that maybe these guys were getting a cheap thrill out of all of this.

She missed the shot again.

“Well I should be getting inside. If you guys want something just make your self at home.” She said as she grabbed her robe, threw it on and walked inside the house.

“I’d like to help my self to that ass Mrs. Winters.” Charlie whispered.

The other guys laughed and they all walked in the house to get a cold drink.

The guys went inside to a living room with a huge TV, a Play station and other video equipment. They all sat down on the couches and Steven saw a DVD video camera and a stack of blank DVD’s.

“Dude, I wish I knew this was here before Id love to have taped her when she was changing.” Steven said. The other agreed and just relaxed thinking of what a great day today had been.

Later on Tom had the urge to use the bathroom and excuse himself from the others. He walked upstairs to the bedrooms and happened to see Mrs. Winters in her bedroom sitting on her bed watching a small TV on the dresser. Tom knocked on the door.

“Mrs. Winter can I use your bathroom down the hall?” Tom asked.

“Well it’s being re done so it’s kind of messy. Come in here you can use mine.” She said.

“Thanks.” He said.

Tom came in and noticed she was still in her robe. He made his way in the bathroom and shut the door. When he finished he came out seeing her now laying on the bed.

“So what are you guys doing?” she asked.

“Not much just watching TV.” Neither one of them know what to make of the situation. She then stood up during a commercial and started to talk to Tom.

“I want to thank you guys for all you’ve done for my son. He really likes you all a friends.”

“That’s no problem Mrs. W”

As the conversation grew from where they were going to college and basket all the instinctively got closer and closer.

Mrs. Winters asked Tom, ” So what do you plan…”

She was cut of by Toms reaction when he grabbed her and started kissing her passionately. Both of them were kissing when she broke it off.

“What just happened? I can’t believe this. This is so wrong.” Mrs. Winters tried to assure her self. Tom then took a chance and lifted her up as he continued to kiss her. She returned the favor, moaning as they were locked in the kiss.

He sat her down on the dresser, which allowed her to spread her legs so he could stand closer towards her. He then began to undo her robe but it still lay open on her shoulders and her started to massage her tits through her bikini.

“Oh god Mrs. Winters I’ve always wanted this.” Tom said in her ear.

“Don’t stop Tommy, please.” She moaned.

Tommy the pulled her bikini top to the sides of her breasts and began sucking her tits while she was still seated on the dresser.

“Tommy, you can’t tell anyone.” She said.

“I wont.”

He sucked her tits feverishly as she placed one hand on her mouth not to let out any noises.

“Oh Tommy what am I doing?” She said.

He didn’t answer. Instead he began to play with her pussy between the bikini bottoms, which drove her in extacy.

“I want to fuck you Mrs. Winters. I want to fuck you bad.” Tom whispered.

Not believing what she’s hearing she agreed.

“But first I want you to suck it.” He told her.

Tom then lifted her off the dresser and leaned against its corner as she stood there in form of him with her tits hanging out her bikini. She took her robe off and laid it on the floor and knelt on it. She began undoing his shorts and pulled them down to his ankles. His cock sprung under his shirt. He lifted his shirt to his chest and let he have full view of his eager cock.

He gazed at its youthfulness and size. Then like an old habit she took it in one hand and placed her mouth around the shaft closing her eyes. She started slow and worked up to a faster pace. His hips bean to get in the motion and he even put one hand behind her head for added enjoyment.

Loud slurps and sucks filled the room as her saliva dripped down her chin. With her free hand she then started to massage his balls in rhythm of her head.

“Oh yea Mrs. Winters just like that suck it like that.” Tom told her.

A million things flew through her head. She was married. These are her sons’ friends. She knew their mothers. But she was ultimately lost in this moment. Loving the idea of being a neighborhood MILF she started to focus more on her job at sucking Toms cock and quickened up her pace.

“Oh shit Mrs. Winters. I’m gonna cum. Where do you want it?”

“I don’t know.” As she sucked faster.

Tom then held the back of her head, took his cock out of her mouth and started stroking his cock.

“Open your mouth baby” Tom ordered.

Not believing what he told her she opened her mouth. He moaned as he started to shot load after load one her face in her mouth and on her hair. When he was finished she had lines of cum on her face and started letting some of his cum drip out her mouth and down her chin on the robe.

“I can’t believe I just did this.” She told him as they stared at each other.

“Us either.” Charlie said. Standing in the doorway with the camera fixed on her cum covered face.

“Shit!” She said. She then grabbed her robe and darted in the bathroom and closed the door with Toms juice still covering her face.

“Dude, I will never forget this day.” Steve told Charlie and Tom.

Mrs. Winters was washing her face thinking to her self that her life was now ruined and she’d end up on the internet embarrassing her son and husband. She decided to face the music and confront he boys. As he opened the door and stepped in the bedroom the three of them were waiting for her to come out.

“We need to talk about this.” Tom said. Who was now fully dressed.

“This was so wrong. I’m sorry”, Mrs. Winters said with some guilt and embarrassment in her voice.

“Mrs. Winters you don’t have to worry about this I know I wont tell. As for these guys I don’t think they would either. Would you guys?” Steve asked.

“I’m not.” Charlie said.

“Me neither.” Tom said.

There responses made her feel a little more at ease but still unsure of what to do about this situation. She stood there in her robe and her arms folded leaning against the dresser that only a few minutes ago was giving a blowjob to Steven on.

She looked at Charlie holding the camera.

“Why did you tape us?” She asked.

“Honestly Mrs. W it was too good to pass up. I think I can speak for these guys also when I say that we’ve always wanted to see you naked, but when me and Tom saw you on your knees like some porno star it was a once in a life time opportunity.”

“A porno?” she giggled.

They laughed along with her.

“Can I see it?” She asked Charlie.


They made a space between them sitting on the bed so she could sit next to them and see the video.

The tape played and the image of her on her knees sucking away at Steve’s cock was actually starting to get her a bit excited of the idea. She started to refer back in her mind to her journal entry that the boys secretly read.

“You guys have to erase this.” She giggled.

Surprised by her giddiness they said, ” Noooooo, this one is going to be our secret.”

The atmosphere started to lighten up and get a bit more experimental. They cheerfully pleaded with them and they denied her and occasionally suggested posting it on the Internet or making an email of it. Of course they were kidding.

She stood there against the dresser again and Charlie then turned the camera on and focused on her. She playfully tried to hide her face with her hands and asked him not to film her. More compliments and persuasion form the guys broke her tension and she stood there smiling and looking at the ceiling asking her self what she was doing.

“So Mrs. Winters. You just gave a fabulous blowjob to Steven here. How do you feel? Charlie asked.

With a surprised look and a smile she said, “What did you just say?”

“Come on, its sort of an honest question.”

Smiling and embarrassed she answered, ” Well, it was great.”

“Boy I’ll say.” Steve said. Everyone laughed.

“Why did you want to do it?” Tom asked her.

“I don’t know why. I was just driven to do so.” She said.

As the questioning continued Charlie was focusing on her bare legs and the occasional cleavage that appeared from the top of her robe.

Mrs. Winters began to feel like her dream was coming true. She became more playful and willing to their questions, but still knew how to tease and make them beg for her compliance.

” I got a crazy idea. Why don’t you take that robe off? It must be kinda hot.” Tom suggested.

“I’m not going to do that. So everyone can see me naked on your little video.”

“Don’t worry well erase it or just give it to you to hold on too.”

“Do you guys realize that I’m old enough to be one of your mothers? Actually did you ever think that I’m married and my son is your friend?”

“I wasn’t thinking that when you were sucking my dick.” Steve said jokingly. “That was something I’ve always wanted you to do to me.”

“Where did you learn that language?” She asked.

“Were no little kids anymore, Mrs. Winters.” Charlie said.

“No, I guess not.”

“Well. Take off the robe.” Tom said.

She began to comply and as she undid it and slipped it off her body she cupped her tits as she stood there with just her blue bikini bottoms. The guys started hooting and whistling a little as she began to blush and giggle at the situation.

“Come on. Why are you hiding those? There perfect and you should be proud of them.” Tom told her.

“Show us. Show us. Show us. Show us.” The three guys chanted.

She giggled and psyched her self up knowing that this was all being taped for there please and didn’t know what would come of this situation. But, she over came them and went from cupping her tits to holding them out with her nipples pointing towards the camera.

“Oh man look at those. They’re perfect. Those can’t be real. You must be cold.” The guys all commented.

The attention and excitement started to go to her head and she proudly displayed them and started to pose for the camera.

Charlie zoomed on her tits and asked her if they’re real.

“Yes. Of course they are.” She said.

“I don’t believe you.” Tom said. “They’re to round and firm looking. And look at how hard your nipples are sticking out.”

“How would you guys know about breasts?” she asks.

“I don’t know much about breasts, but I have seen plenty of tits. And those are tits.” Tom said. “Prove there not fake? Jump up and down for us.”

Which without hesitation she did.

“I’m still not convinced.” Tom said.

He got up and walked to her. Charlie got the video of her looking at Tom as he walked in the frame to her. She was still taller then him even in the video.

She stood there holding her chest out and arching her back as he looked closely at her tits. He then slowly reached out and began fondling her right tit with one hand.

“Well I believe this one is real.” He reached out and began feeling up her other tit.

She closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation of being felt up by her son’s friend while being taped.

Tom stood behind her and reached to her front to grab both tits and started messaging them for the camera as his hardened cock poked her ass from under his shorts. He pulled and pinched her nipples a bit and they were amazed as she moaned and squeaked each time he did.

“Do you like Tom doing that to you Mrs. Winter’s?” Charlie asked.


“Dude she loves it. Check out how hard her nips are? I’m never going to forget this day.” Tom said to the camera. “Lets try this.” He said.

Then stopping with the massage he guided her closer to the camera and turned her around so her ass was the main focus. She closed her eyes and could only imagine what would be next.

“Now this is a piece of ass.” Tom said to the camera.

He knelt down so his face and her ass were in the camera as he began to run his hands up her legs and over her ass with the Blue bikini still on. He started to squeeze it and give it an occasional slap. The thought of these three guys observing her ass like a bunch of explorers was a rush of excitement for her.

“Mrs. Winters. Can you just bend over a bit and stick your ass out a bit?” Charlie requested.

“Ok” she said.

Slowly she leaned over and pushed her hips out.

“Just a little more, please.” Charlie said.

She leaned over more and her ass was in full view in the camera.

“Oh yea that’s it baby.” Tom said as his hands were still on her butt.

She leaned over Toms back to balance herself. As she began to feel more than one set of hands caressing her ass. Suddenly she felt a slap on her ass.

“Ahh!” What was that she laughed?

“You like that don’t you?” Steve asked, and he slapped it again which made her squirm while still leaning over Charlie.

Teasing her Charlie would hold her a little tighter as they took turns playfully slapping her ass while she giggled and begged for them to stop.

“Why should we?” Charlie asked. “what’s in it for us?”

“Whatever you want (laughing), just stop” she giggled.

They then stopped and asked that she slip off the bottoms as her payment for their compliance. As Charlie held her almost over his shoulder she reached behind her and slowly slipped her fingers between her bikini bottoms and hips. The boys were silent as they watched at amazement at what she was doing.

She then wiggled out her bottoms and let them drop to her feet on the floor. The guys cheered and whistled and really took an interest in feeling her up. Charlie spread her ass apart for a perfect view of her asshole and nicely trimmed pussy.

“Oh man that is so hot!” Tom said.

“Thanks.” She responded as she was now living in a dream. She then reached between her legs and spread her pussy for them showing them just how wet this whole experience has gotten her.

“So, I guess we’ve gotten all the footage we need huh guys?” Charlie said.

“Oh yea.” Steve responded.

Mrs. Winters stood up and walked to the dresser again now this time completely naked. She leaned back against the dresser and ran her hand down to her pussy and slowly started to play with herself. The young guys froze in amazement.

“You mean that all you wanted were pictures like that?” Mrs. Winters asked.

“I’m sure we have more tape for more footage.” Charlie said as he continued to tape.

She then dropped to her knees and motioned with her fingers for the guys to come to her. They got the hint and started making there way to her. They then stopped making a half circle around her as the camera was still rolling and focused on her face.

“This has to stay between us.” She said.

“Yea it will.” “Of course.” “Whatever you want.” All three said.

She then reached out and started to undo Charles shorts. Steve and Tom got the hint and started to undo their shorts and take off there shirts. Charlie was trying his hardest to keep the camera on her as she roughly tried to undo his belt and zipper. His shorts dropped to the floor leaving his cock standing straight out looking right at Mrs. Winters. She looked up at the camera and then swallowed Charles cock.

“ohhhh man.” Charlie moaned.

The other guys finished undressing and stood around her watching her work Charles cock. She started slow and soft working her pace up while rubbing his balls. Using the same technique she used on Steve just a while ago. Charlie had a hard time with the camera so he asked Steve to take over with the camera work. Steve took the camera and Charlie grabbed the back of her head with one of his hands.

“Look at the camera baby.” Steve said as he zoomed in at her performance.

She smiled as much as she could with Charles cock still between her lips. Tom feeling left out knelt next to her and started to rub her tits with one hand and reach down to her ass with the other hand teasing her ass and occasionally her pussy sending her to moan on Charles cock and writhe in pleasure.

After about 10 minutes she then started to suck her way to his balls and stroke his cock with a free hand still making sure to smile for the camera. Tom then started to finger her pussy more and more watching her suck off Charlie.

“Dude, this is some bomb head.” Charlie said. They all laughed as well at her.

“Oh baby. Oh baby. Mrs. Winters if you keep this up I’m going to cum. Slow down.” Charlie said.

She just looked at him and smiled continuing her progress and speeding up bit by bit.

“Dude, I think she wants it?” Tom said. “Let her have it.”

“Wait, wait. Let me get a good angle.” Steve said with the camera. “Ok. I’m ready man. This is going to be so awesome.”

She giggled a bit over how these guys were reacting, but she loved the attention and being the focus of these guys. She then worked Charles cock faster and harder telling him to give it to her. She opened her mouth and started to jerk his cock towards her face.

“Oh man I’m going to cum. I can’t hold it any more.” Charlie moaned.

Just then he held her head and let his cock shoot out his young hot creamy cum over her cheek, then her forehead stretching from her chin then it finished the last ones in her mouth as Steve made sure to get every frame.


“Wooo Hooo!”


The three guys cheered as Mrs. Winters Started to slowly swallow and lick her lips of Charles cum.

Tom was now fingering her warm wet pussy and squeezing one of her tits. With her free hand Mrs. Winters started to stroke his cock as it stood to attention.

“I think she’s ready for some fucking. Aren’t you Mrs. Winters?” Tom asked.

“I think you are too.” She told Tom as everyone laughed at her slutty response.

“Where do you want to fuck me guys?” She asked while looking up at them with their cocks on her face.

“Get on the bed.” Tom told her.

Steve then handed Charlie the camera so he could join in the action and allow Charlie a breather. She then crawled on the bed on her hands and knees to the groaning and whistling of the guys watching. She looked at the camera and would give playful glances and pose in certain positions that they asked her to get in. Tom asked her to stick her ass out, Charlie told her to squeeze her tits together and Steve asked if she could rub her pussy for them.

As she did these things Steve positioned him self behind her and rubbed the tip of his cock against her ass.

“What’s that for?” She asked.

“Do you want it?” Steve looked at her.

Mrs. Winters then leaned far forward sticking her ass in the air and inviting his young cock to pound her pussy. Steve grabbed her hips and slowly began sliding his cock in her as she closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure.

“Oh God!” she moaned. “Oh that’s good. Go slow baby. Please.” She asked. Steve slowly began to pump his body against hers.

“Dude look at that!” Charlie cheered as he got the side shot of Steve fucking Mrs. Winters like a dog.

“Slap her ass man.” Charlie directed.

Steve then rubbed her left cheek and slapped her ass to her amazement. They all laughed at her response and cheered her and Steve on.

“MMMMMM, fuck yea Mrs. W.” Steve said in between breathing heavily.

“Fuck me Steven, Fuck me!” She said as her body began bucking back and forth to his motion.

“Dude, she’s getting nasty.” Tom pointed out.

“Are you getting nasty?” Tom asked her.

“Yes. Yes. Oh god yes I’m nasty.” She said as she leaned back with her head looking up and eyes close.

Tom looked in the camera and back at her and Steven.

“Are you a slut?” He asked her.

She then giggled “Yea. I’m a slut aren’t I” She asked.

“Fuck yea.” All the guys cheered.

She then whipped her hair back. “Pull my hair Steve. Pull it hard.”

Steve with a look of amazement grabbed her hair and pulled back on it like the reins of a horse. He then started to fuck her faster and faster with the echoes of two bodies slapping together filling the room. She covered her mouth with one hand to muffle her screams of pleasure. This kept on for a good 15 minutes with Charlie moving around the two of them getting different angles for the camera and Tom asking her slutty questions and making rude comments, but it was all in good fun. Steve was ending his limit.

“Oh shit, I’m gonna cum baby.” Steve said.

“Cum on my ass baby please.” Mrs. W begged.

Just then with her hair in one of his hand his free hand pulled his cock from her warm wet pussy and pumped his cum on her ass and some shots were strong enough to land on her back and hair. She began rubbing her ass to feel the warmth of his cream as he rubbed it in her back.

“My turn, my turn!” Tom said as he lay on his back.

She laughed at his eagerness.

“Wow you really want it huh Charles?” she asked.

Steve let her hair loose and sat down on the chair next to the bed to catch his breath.

Mrs. Winters them mounted Charles as he laid back on the bed and she slowly began to slide down his young cock. Steve’s cum still shined on her ass and back as she began to rock on his cock back and forth. Charlie then gave a thumbs up to the camera. He then reached up and began rubbing and grabbing her tits occasionally sucking one then the other.

Charlie didn’t last as long as the others as he cried out that he was about to cum after about 4 minutes. She quickly got off and started to jerk his cock off as she leaned her tits against it. Load after load began squirting on her firm tits as Charlie moaned out how good it was.

Tom then zoomed in on Mrs. Winters.

“So how was it Mrs. W?”

“I can’t believe we just did that. It was soo wrong in so many ways but it felt sooo good.” She responded.

“I don’t think well tell anyone. I don’t know if they agree with me but this was the greatest time of my life and I don’t think Ill ever forget it.” Steve told her.

The others agreed and gave her words of encouragement.

“I think I should take a shower. Thanks guys. Thanks for everything.” She said as she got up and smiled at them.

” I have a feeling that maybe well see each other again.” She then walked in her bathroom and began running the shower.

The guys then got dressed and went out back to continue playing basketball and talk about what just happened.

“Tom where is the camera?” Steve asked.

“Oh I left it up at her bed. Maybe we can come back some day and ask if we left it here?”

They all laughed.

Just then Kevin came in after dropping of his dad at the Airport.

“Hey guys. Sorry I’m late. I hope you guys weren’t bored.” Kevin asked

“No” Charlie said. “We passed the time just well.”

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