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My 40 Birthday Surprise

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I woke up and looked at the clock, it was 8. Today was my 40 birthday. I was divorced, lived on my own and had an 18-year-old son who was at college 200 miles away. I heard the post come through the letterbox so I got out of bed and went downstairs to see if they were cards for me. There where two, one from my son Greg and the other was from my best friend Susan.

Susan and I had known each other for years and she had been a big help to me when I was going through my divorce. I made myself a cup of tea, and then went back to bed to read my cards. I got up after I had read them and stood in front of the mirror and took my night shirt of and just stood there looking at my body. For a 40 year old I had quite a good figure. A nice pair of tits, (which didn’t sag), a flat stomach and a great looking ass. My legs where long, and to top it of, a great tan from hours under the sun bed. To be honest, I looked pretty damn good. The phone started to ring.

“Happy birthday Clare.”

“Thanks Susan.” I got your card this morning as well.”

“That’s OK.” What have you got planned for today then?”

“Nothing much, just lazing around here and relaxing.”

“Well get dressed and we are going to go out for lunch and then I have a surprise for you later on.” I will pick you up at 12 o’clock, OK.”

“OK, Susan, I will look forward to it.”

I went straight into the bathroom and took a long shower. I rapped a towel round me and went back into the bedroom to look for something to wear. I pulled out a black skirt, which finished above the knee and a white v-neck jumper, which showed of my large cleavage to perfection. I also put on my black silk panties and matching bra, which made me feel really sexy. I then finished it of with my black high-heeled boots. I looked at myself in the mirror and I must admit, I looked good and felt good. I went downstairs and made myself a drink and waited for Susan to pick me up. Susan was very rich; her husband owned his own company, which was a big car dealership. She wanted for nothing. All she did all day was go shopping and go to health farms or the gym. Just as I finished my coffee I heard her car horn. I got my jacket and rushed out to meet her.

“Happy birthday darling.”

“Thank you Susan.” Where are you going to take me then.”

“Well first we are going to that new Italian restaurant in town, then onto your next surprise.”

“I can’t wait.”

So we arrived at the restaurant and it was very nice. The food was excellent and the waiters where gorgeous. They kept looking at both of us and wouldn’t leave us alone. It was quite nice being stared at but we both got fed up with it in the end. Susan was also very pretty for her age. She had the money to look good. She would always flirt with anybody she found good looking. They would always be half her age. We both finished the meal and Susan went to pay while I got our jackets.

“Right Clare! Now for your next surprise.”

We both got into the car and drove out of the restaurant car park and headed out of town. We ended up at the local football stadium.

“What are we doing here?

“I thought that as it’s such a nice day that we can watch the local team play football then go and have a drink in the supporters club afterwards.”

“Well it’s certainly a surprise all right.”

So of we went, paid our money and stood and watched the game. It was a good game as well, we won 2-1. There where a lot of men there and some of them where well dishy.

“Right, know the game is over let me buy you a drink in the bar.”

We found the bar and walked in. Nearly every bloke in there turned round and stared at us. They looked like they had never seen two women in a bar before. Susan got us two gin and tonics and we found a table and sat down. I took my jacket of to revile my large tits under my jumper. I could feel hundreds of eyes looking at me, which made me feel rather horny. I crossed my legs and pulled my skirt up a bit to show some leg. Susan just kept eyeing up the best-looking blokes, and their where quite a few to choose from. I started to feel excited and more daring.

“Right Clare, I think you are ready for your next surprise.”

“What is it?

“Come with me and you will soon find out.”

So I got up and followed Susan. I was a bit disappointed because I was enjoying all the attention the men where giving me in the bar. Susan led me through a few doors then told me to go in that door and your surprise will be in there. I was a bit nervous at this point because we were still at the football ground and I couldn’t work out what it could be.

“I will wait for you in the bar, OK.”

So Susan turned round and went back to the bar and left me to walk through the door. I opened it slowly, not knowing what to expect. I opened the door fully and to my surprise it was the footballers changing room. I slowly walked in and shut the door. I could hear water running so I went to investigate it. I walked round the corner and was stunned at the site before me. There, in front of me in the shower where two young men completely naked. They where the most gorgeous looking studs I had ever seen. They must have been about 25 years old and had bodies to die for. They both turned round to look at me. They had the most gorgeous looking cocks I had seen in a long time.

“Happy birthday Clare.” Your friend Susan said to us that we have to do what ever you want us to do.”

“She did, did she”?

One of them started to walk over to me. I was very nervous but at the same time very excited to be in this situation with two of the best looking men I have seen in a long time. He stood right behind me and helped me take my jacket of. He then moved round to the front and kissed me on the lips.

“What would you like the two of use to do?

I thought about his question for a bit and thought that as Susan has gone to all this trouble, it would be ungrateful not to take advantage of the situation and besides; I hadn’t had a good fuck for months.

“Right then you better help me get undressed and then I think I better join you both in that shower don’t you.”

They didn’t need to be asked twice. They stood around me and helped me get out of my clothes. I lifted my arms up so that they could take my jumper of. One of them went behind me and undid my skirt, which fell to the floor. I stepped out of it and stood there in my sexy black underwear and my leather boots. One of them went down on his knees and took my boots of. He looked up at the damp patch on my knickers.

“Why don’t you undo my bra, and you down there can pull my panties of if you like.”

They did exactly what I told them to do. The bloke behind me undone my bra and threw it on the floor. They both looked at my tits in amazement at the size of them and my erect nipples sticking out. The stud on his knees put a finger under my elastic of my panties and slowly pulled them down to my ankles and he lifted one foot up at a time so I could step out of them. Then he undid my boots and took them of as well. I was completely naked in front of them know just waiting for them to do something to me. It didn’t take long either. The one on his knees moved his hands up my legs very slowly, feeling my soft skin. He placed a finger at the entrance to my pussy and slowly inserted it. It felt incredible. The stud behind me moved to the side and placed his mouth onto my huge tits, and started to suck on it. His hand went onto my ass as he started to bite on my hard nipples.

“Lets get into the shower and continue in there shall we.”

I led them into shower and told them both to put their backs up against the wall. They turned the water on and I knelt down onto my knees in front of them. The water was covering all of us and it was a great feeling having these two studs at my control. I positioned myself in front of one of them and slowly placed his cock into my waiting mouth and slowly took more and more in until his balls where touching my chin. I then started to suck on it, gently at first but speeded up after a while. The other one just watched in amazement at what I was doing to his mate. He didn’t want to be left out so he pushed his mate out of the way and got hold of my head and pushed it onto his cock.

“Don’t rush boys, we have got plenty of time and both of you will get your turn.”

I sucked this one hard because he was too impatient. He started to moan out loud and I hoped that he wasn’t going to cum just yet. I pulled away from him to stop him cuuumming and stood up in front of them. There was a large table in the corner of the room, which was used for the physio to work on the players when they had injuries, which I started to walk towards.

“Come on you two, its my turn to have some attention, as it is my birthday.”

I got up onto the table, still dripping wet from the shower and laid down. They both followed me. One of them stood beside me, lent over and started to kiss me passionately, sticking his tongue down my throat and playing with my tits. The other one stood at my feet and slowly parted my legs to get a good view of my nicely trimmed pussy and to see that my own juices had started to flow. He knelt down and placed his head inches from my cunt. I’m sure he could smell my scent. He moved in close and started to lick on my clit, up and down he went. He went in deep, and at the same time parted my lips so he had better access. I could feel my first orgasm approaching, and I knew that it was going to be a good one. The stud that was kissing me moved down and started to suck and bite gentle on my tits. I moved my hand down to my own pussy and started to rub my clit up and down to make myself cummm harder.

“Fuck, you two are going to make me cummmmm.”

That was it. I had started to orgasm, and they both knew it. They both sucked and licked me much harder which tipped me over the edge. I was moaning very loud and they both thought that someone might hear us. I started to buck my hips up and down, making there sucking and licking much harder to do. My juices started to leek onto the table and into the crack of my ass. I slowly came down and became very limp and satisfied from a great sexual experience that I had had with these two studs. They both stood up beside me and looked at my naked body, which was covered in sweat and my juices. Now it was there turn to be satisfied, and I can tell you I was very much going to enjoy it, as I wanted there cocks as much as they wanted to fuck me. One of them pulled me of the table, turned me around and pushed me onto it. I knew from that, that I was going to be fucked from behind. He got hold of my hips and slowly placed his hard cock at the entrance of my cunt. I pushed back a little and he entered me inch by inch. He went in slowly at first until he whole cock was in me. His friend got on top of the table and sat down with his legs hanging over the edge of the table either side of me. His cock was right in front of me, so I suppose that he wanted me to suck on it. I pulled forward a little so I could take it into my mouth. He got hold of my head and pushed it down onto his lap. I hungrily sucked on it as hard as I could, licking his shaft from the tip to the base, even licking and sucking on his heavy balls. The bloke behind me was fucking me harder and faster with each thrust, which started to bring me to another great climax.

“Fuck,” you two are making me cum again.”

I pushed hard behind me to get all of him in me and sucked as hard as I could on the other ones cock. I started to moan louder and louder as my climax started to take over me. I took the cock out of my mouth to let out a loud moan of pleasure as I reached the pinnacle of my orgasm. The guy behind me slowly pulled his cock out of my tingerling pussy, and then I collapsed onto the table, totally exhausted but well and truly satisfied.

“Well that was the best fuck I have had in a long time.” “What about me finishing you two of now?”

They didn’t need to be asked twice. They both walked towards me and gently lowered me to the floor so I was kneeling in front of them. I took one of them into my waiting mouth while the other just stood and watched in amazement on how deep I could take his cock. I took him so deep his balls kept slapping my chin. I cupped his heavy balls, which started to tighten up which meant that it wasn’t going to be long before he emptied himself all over me. He let out a loud grunt, pulled his cock out of my mouth and emptied his balls all over my tits. He came so much it dripped onto my stomach and legs. He retreated to the table and let his mate have his go. He walked up, took my head in his hands and pushed it onto his cock. I opened up for him. I got hold of his ass to steady myself and then I sucked him hard and fast. I knew that he wouldn’t be long either so after a little while I pulled him out and started to jerk him of with one hand, while still grabbing hold of his ass with the other hand. He let out a loud groan and started to shoot his warm cream all over me as well. It also hit me on my tits and dripped down onto my legs.

“Thanks you two for a great birthday surprise.” I can say that it was a surprise and that I won’t forget in a hurry.”

They both got dressed and left me to clean myself up before going into the bar to thank Susan for her great birthday gift. But to my surprise that wasn’t the end of it. I went into the shower to get cleaned up when a voice from a dark corner said, “Do you think it is over.”

I turned to see who was there, but I couldn’t see a thing, it was to dark.

“Who’s there”? I shouted. I saw something move. Out of the dark corner came a figure of a person. The person walked out into the light. It was a black guy, completely naked. He stood over 6 feet high and he had muscles everywhere. He was huge in all departments. I have to say, he was gorgeous. He slowly walked towards me and I couldn’t keep my eyes of his semi hard cock. It must have been at least 7 inches but it wasn’t fully hard.

“My name is Dan.” I hope I didn’t frighten you but I have to say that you look a lot better in the flesh than your picture.

“What do you mean by that,” I asked him.

“Your friend Susan came up to me a few weeks ago at football practice and asked if I would show you a good time.” She showed me your picture and I agreed because you looked quite hot.”

“O she did, did she.” Well we better not disappoint her had we”?

“Let me help you get cleaned up.”

So he walked over to me and led me into the shower. He turned it on for me and got it to the right temperature. He moved me under the water and started to rub shower gel onto his hands and moved them onto my body. He had huge strong hands, which made me shiver with every move he made. He moved me so I was facing the wall and he stood right behind me. He started at my shoulders and slowly worked his way down onto my back, then onto my hips and firm ass, which he took a bit longer on. All the time I could feel my juices starting to flow once more. All the time I was fucking the two guys he must have been watching me, which really turned me on. He bent down so he could do my legs. He went up and down very gently, and every now and then would brush my swollen lips of my cunt, which was fantastic. I never thought that having a shower with such a hunk of a man would feel so good.

“I have finished your back, would you like me to wash your front now?”

“If its not to much trouble. You have got such good hands,” I said to him. He gently moved me around so I was facing him. He slowly started to wash my big tits. He massaged them with great expertise. He would gently pinch my nipples, which nearly pushed me over the edge with my first orgasm with him. He then moved down to my flat stomach, and then he went onto his knees once more so he was staring right at my pussy. He slowly went up and down the front of my legs this time. He started at the bottom and worked his way up to the top where my trimmed pussy was waiting for him. As he reached the top, he pushed one of his fingers into my cunt. I let out a tiny moan of pleasure as he touched my love tunnel for the first time. My hands came down onto his head, wishing he would penetrate me some more, but he was in no hurry to do so.

“Right Clare, I think I have cleaned you up from the sex you had before.”

“Thank you Dan, that was great. How about I give you a rub down now.”

It was my turn to see what this guy had got in between his legs. I was excited to see how big he could get, and to see if I could take him inside of me. I slowly moved him so he was facing the shower wall and then I started to rub shower gel over his large shoulders. I couldn’t believe how big this guy was. I moved down his body until I reached his firm ass. I then bent down onto my knees and cleaned his large legs. Without warning he turned around and faced me. I looked up and there it was in all its glory staring me right in the face. It was huge, and also gorgeous.

“I hope it’s not to big for you Clare.”

“Well Dan, I have to say that I haven’t seen one this big before, but I’m going to have a bloody good go.” And with that I took it in my hand and started to slowly move my hand up and down the full length of it. Dan let out little moans of pleasure but I didn’t want to make him cum just yet, so I slowed down a bit. There was pre cum oozing out of the tip, which I wanted to taste. I couldn’t hold back any more. Time was getting on and I didn’t want Susan to come in after me. I put my hands onto his ass and pulled him towards me. I opened my mouth and slowly placed the tip of his cock into my mouth and started to lick his pre cum. I looked up at him and he had his eyes closed and moaning gently. I took more and more of it down my throat but I didn’t know if I could take it all down. I sucked and licked him for a while so I could get used to the size of it in my mouth, then I couldn’t wait any longer. My pussy was dripping juices down my leg in anticipation of what it was going to feel like inside of it. I took him out of my mouth and stood up in front of him.

“I think it’s about time that you put that monster of yours inside of me don’t you”?

That was all he was waiting for, those words that came out of my mouth. He moved in and started to kiss me passionately, pushing his tongue down my throat as far as it would go. His hands went onto my firm ass and he pulled me into him so all I could feel was his cock pressing against my stomach. I couldn’t move from his strong grip so he was in total control. I wanted him inside of me so much my pussy started at hurt. He pulled one of my legs up and placed it around his waist and with both hands lifted me up and placed the other leg round his waist. He had me lifted up from the floor with his huge hands underneath my ass. He then turned me around so my back was against the shower wall, still with the water gushing down over both of us. He reached down between the both of us and took hold of his cock and started to rub it up and down my clit.

“For fucks sake just stick that cock inside of me before I cum again.”

He placed it at the entrance of my cunt and with one powerful thrust shoved it straight into my dripping cunt. I had to put my arms around his neck to steady myself. He was so powerful with his thrusting that all I could hear was his grunting every time he hit the top of my pussy. It wasn’t long before my orgasm started to go through my body. I held onto him as tightly as I could.

“Fuck Dan you are so big inside of me.” Don’t you dare stop until I tell you to”?

I started to shake all over and he held onto me so tight with his hands squeezing my ass. He even lifted me up and pushed me back down onto his poll, which was incredible. I had never been fucked with so much force and passion before and not by such a big cock like this young black stud had. He kept on moving me up and down on his cock until my orgasm started to finish and then he released his grip on my ass and let my legs fall down onto the floor. He had to keep hold of me round the waist because my legs where still shaking from my intense orgasm.

“Dan, that was one of the best fucks I have had in a long time, thank you.”

“That’s ok Clare, I hoped you really enjoyed it. Since I have seen your photo I have been looking forward to it.”

“I did Dan. I think its about time that we finished what we started, don’t you.”

I looked down at his cock and it was glistening from my love juices. I walked over to him, bent down and took him in my mouth and sucked on it as hard as I could. I could taste my own fluid on it and it was good. I sucked him for a while, listening to his moans and knew that it wouldn’t be to long for him to shoot his cum down the back of my throat.

“Clare, before I cum, I want to fuck you from behind, bent over the table.”

So that’s what he did. He walked me over to the table and gently bent me over so my firm ass was staring at him. He took hold of my hips and moved in closer to me. I could feel his cock pressing at my entrance and then I pushed my ass back onto him and it slid in. He slowly started to pump into me and got up a nice steady rhythm. I moved with him to meet his strokes. He had so much power in his thrusts it was incredible. He speeded up and his grip on my hips got stronger. He was moaning louder and louder and I knew it was time. He pulled out of me, which was disappointing because I really wanted to feel his cum inside of me. Instead he turned me around and bent me down so I was on my knees. He got hold of the back of my head and pulled it towards him. I gladly opened my mouth for him to enter it. I sucked for all I was worth. His hips started to buck and shake and then the first stream of cum hit the back of my throat.

“Fuck Clare don’t stop sucking.”

I wasn’t about to. He tasted so good. He was Cumming in bucket loads. I couldn’t swallow all of it and it dribbled out and onto my tits. He took his cock out of my mouth and jerked the rest of his juices out onto my face and tits.

“Clare that was fantastic thanks.” “I didn’t think I could cum so much.” It probably has something to do with you.”

“That’s sweet of you Dan, but I really did enjoy that. I can say that Susan has given me the best birthday present that I have ever had.”

Dan helped me up and took me into the shower to clean all of his spunk of my face and tits. He dried me and then helped me get dressed. I gave him a long passionate kiss and we said are good byes. I walked back into the bar to find Susan.

“Thank you Susan, that certainly was a birthday surprise.”

“I’m so glad you enjoyed it.”

We walked out of the bar and into her car and she took me home. I was totally exhausted but definitely satisfied.

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