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My Amsterdam weekend

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I’m a 36yr-old male, fit, healthy & very happily married to a lovely, warm, gorgeous sexy woman. You may have guessed what’s coming next- I’m also cock curious!

I’m on a business trip to Amsterdam, and the meetings are finished ahead of schedule, with conclusions acceptable to all parties.

I’m booked on a flight in two days’ time so I have a bit of time to look around Amsterdam and possibly have a bit of fun. I have been here before, but with a group of ‘lads’ and all the baggage associated; getting drunk & high, looking at the hookers in the windows but ultimately a bit too uptight to really take advantage of the goods on offer.

Walking along the Canalstrasse and streets in the heart of the Red Light District, I feel totally anonymous, just another guy, of no interest to the various groups of revellers, and wide-eyed couples having a laugh at it all.

My hotel is, by design, quite near and I’ve had a few drinks in the bar. I’ve chatted to the pretty girl in reception and I’m feeling a bit horny…

then I see it. There’s a guy in one of the windows, tall, shirt open, naked from the waste down. His manhood is massive; almost as big as the ones you see on the porn websites being serviced by an impossibly tiny Thai girl, and it’s not even fully erect.

And he’s looking at me.

I take a sharp breath. My mouth is dry. My chest is pounding like a stone drill. Could it possibly be that I’m going to have my first bi experience, after years of fantasizing about it? I’m relaxed, feeling confident & very horny. I find myself reaching for the door handle.

The door has a sign saying simply ‘unisex’ and I notice there’s a woman in the room as well. I like the way she looks; a well-built blonde, in a pinstripe trouser suit, with an open-necked silk blouse revealing a glimpse of lacy pushup bra. The classy attire is almost perfectly offset by her strappy platform sandals and the makeup she wears- blue eyeshadow, heavy mascara and thick red lipstick. Her hair is long & blonde and tied in a pony tail on top of her head, she wears a faux-diamond choker and a cigarette burns between two of her painted nails. Every inch the vice queen.

You may have noticed that I’m paying much more attention to the girl than ‘cock guy.’ I don’t feel attracted to men in any way, just totally mesmerised at the thought of taking a big tool into my hungry mouth. Anyway, he’s closing the curtains behind us, and the woman is leaning on a desk, her arms folded, smoking languidly and watching me with a big smile on her wide lips. They are both late 30’s and I wonder if they are a couple.

I summon my strength and try to slow my heartbeat. I need to be fairly assertive if I’m to get the most out of the experience. Those management courses back in the UK might prove invaluable!

I turn to the guy. “I really want to suck your cock…”

It seems really strange, and quite liberating, hearing the words at last.

He smiles. I suspect he knew. “It’s fifty Guilders,” his accent has the slight American slant of most english-speaking Dutch people.

I hear myself speaking my assent. I turn to Lady. “And I want you to watch.”

She smiles and says “that will be another twenty-five Guilders…”

I take my clothes off completely, while they both watch me. I want to be in control at this time; if all goes to plan, as I’ve fantasized so many times, soon they will be very much in charge of the proceedings.

I ask for panties and Lady reaches in a drawer and produces a clean pair of large size baby-blue French knickers. These people are professionals, I note.

I slide the knickers on- they are cool & luxurious.

Cock Guy sits on a stool in front of me, his legs are apart and he’s hard. I kneel on a soft towel on the floor as he reaches for a condom.

I touch his hand, realising this is the most intimately I have ever touched a man.

“Please… I want you to cum in my mouth.”

“OK,” he smiles, “but it’s another twenty-five Guilders!”

I’m about to have the experience of a ten-inch cock shooting off in my mouth. Right now, one hundred Guilders seems like the bargain of the century.

Lady lights a fresh 120 with the burning tip of her old one.

“Let’s see you suck cock, bitch,” she drawls. She’s not smiling any more.

My heart feels like it will fall apart. I wet my lips and part them, taking the head of this glorious cock into my mouth. ‘Oh, fucking hell,’ I think. ‘This is amazing.’

I’m in a massage parlour in Amsterdam, dressed in frilly knickers, with a huge erect cock in my mouth and a fetish queen talking down to me. For the first time in my life, I feel alive, like everything so far has been a rehearsal for this moment.

“MMMMMMM…” I’m taking more meat in my mouth, stroking his long shaft and shaven balls with both hands. I want to take this to it’s logical conclusion, but I’ve got to slow down. His cock feels huge & heavy, as I imagined it, and tastes so much better than my wife’s dildo ever did.

Lady says one word in Dutch and the cock is pushed into my mouth, much more harshly, touching the back of my throat.

“MMM!” I try to withdraw but his hand is on the back of my head.

“Ok…keep sucking me, lover,” he says softly, thrusting slightly more slowly again.

Lady is in the drawer again. Her cigarette droops from her glossy lips as she pulls out a long, slim vibrator and a tube of KY jelly. She walks over to me, softly humming a tune and applying a fingerful of the gel to the tip of the vibro. Behind me now, and her smoke and perfume combine into a crushing, seductive aroma of sex. She pulls the panties to one side and I feel the exquisite sharpness of her manicured finger play gently on my anus, applying a smear of the lube.

I feel my sphincter stretch as the tip penetrates me. Briefly disengaging the tool from my mouth, I turn my head round to her.

She winks slowly and suggestively, taking a huge drag on her cigarette. “Is this what you wanted? To be fucked like a little slut,” she exhales an endless stream of thick smoke into my face.

“Oh yeah…” I whimper, as she pushes the toy deeper into me.

“Then suck me of, bitch…” I hear Cock Guy say, as he fucks his ten inches into my greedy mouth again.

“MMMM…!” I try to get away again, but he’s thrusting rhythmically now, hand on my head. Lady is timing her thrusts to match his and there’s nowhere to go.

I feel utterly degraded, being double fucked like one of the little prima donna porno sluts I’ve wanked over for so many years. I manage to get his cock out of my mouth just long enough to say “Oh, use me, use me…”

They oblige me. Lady is putting the whole seven inches of the dildo in and out of me while bathing me lungful after lungful of dense smoke from a fresh cigarette, Cock Guy is losing control, his breathing has changed noticeably. And then it happens.

Totally without warning, he moans and pushes it deep into my mouth and it starts to buck, pumping jet after jet of thick slimy spunk. I swallow and swallow but there’s just too much to contain for a first-time cocksucker like me. “MMM…you little slut,” he moans. “Little fucking cock whore…”

There’s cum everywhere, all over my face and lips, running down my chin and the shaft of his cock.

“Oh god,” I manage, “This is fucking amazing…oh fucking hell”

I haven’t touched my cock but it’s rock hard and literally dripping precum. Lady clamps her 120 between her ruby red lips and releases my own cock from the baby-blue knickers. ” Get it off for me, you little cunt…”

Three slow strokes and I’m squirting my own spunk all over the towel as she watches me, unsmiling.

Then, as I come down to earth, she does something totally unexpected; she she kisses me full on the mouth, letting me savour her exotic lipstick & cigarette breath.

“I do like the taste of my husband’s spunk…”

Although I’d love to parade around all night in French knickers and a cum-covered face, I clean up & get dressed. Paying my new lovers, I realise I’ve got two days ahead of me and I want to do this again. I wonder how much spunk it’s possible to swallow? The possibilities are endless in Amsterdam with a wallet full of money.

I’ve been very lucky with my first bi experience. These consummate professionals have made me feel cheap, degraded & humiliated, but totally satisfied, just as they could tell I wanted. I say my goodbyes and leave, but I’m sure I’ll be back…

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