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Dirty Little Girl

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My name is Rebecca, and I am an eighteen-year-old senior in high school. I am quite fit, having been on baseball and track teams all four years of high school. I am about five feet, six inches tall. I weigh around one hundred and twenty pounds and I have long brown hair and hazel eyes.

I am, and have always been a very easygoing person. I get along with just about everyone, and rarely ever argue with anyone.

I’m a good daughter to my parents, never causing them any trouble. That’s why if they ever knew about my preference for older men, they would be disappointed. So, of course, throughout my teenage years I traded through boyfriends my age like I traded through clothes.

None of them ever lasted long, and none of them meant more then a quick fuck. I daresay they didn’t quite mind.

Although I never did more then dream, I definitely had a few fantasies. Mostly revolving around my male teachers, and one particular older neighbor.

I called him Mr. Cauzey. He lived across the street from my home, and I grew up knowing him. He was widowed as far back as I can remember, and was always kind to me. He was a very quiet man, never talking unless he had to. When I first started noticing my fantasies for older men, he was the first that ever came to mind. He was a little over fifty, with dark graying hair. He was fit for his age, but had obviously started letting himself go. All my life I had helped him in his garden every spring and summer. I was determined my senior year would be no different. Especially since I would be going out of state for college, and felt this was my last chance to make my fantasies a reality.

So when spring came I was constantly home, waiting to catch Mr. Cauzey puttering in his garden. Finally, on one of the warmest days yet, I did.

It was Saturday morning, and I was getting the mail. My father was at work, and my mother was showering, and getting ready to go shopping. It was already seventy-five degrees outside and quickly approaching the eighties. I saw Mr. Cauzey taking his garden tools into the backyard, and closing the six-foot high wooden fence. I went back inside my house and changed into my bikini top and bottom. I threw on the shortest skirt I could find, and a thin short sleeve button up shirt. I left the last few buttons undone, as well as the first two. I stepped into my sandals and left my mother a note, saying I was taking a walk, then I started over to Mr. Cauzey’s.

I opened the gate and smiled broadly at Mr. Cauzey, “Hey Mr. Cauzey, I thought you might need some help pulling weeds, just like old times.”

He smiled in return and answered, “Of course, it has been some time since you’ve helped me back here.” He sat back and surveyed me as I walked over to him and bent over to kiss him on the cheek. I made sure my shirt gaped open to give him a nice view of my cleavage. My lips scraped against the rough stubble of his unshaven cheek and I felt my thighs tighten. Dear god, I wanted him so bad.

He coughed as I straightened, and I kneeled in front of him, my back facing him and started pulling weeds from on my hands and knees. I kept my nice firm ass in the air, the material of the skirt riding up, and straining against my butt. I could practically feel his eyes on me, and I felt my cunt start to get wet. I fought not to squirm or make a sound. We worked silently for a while, the sun beating down on us. I occasionally glanced back in time to catch his eyes on me.

Finally he got up and told me to take a break as he went inside to get us some water. I took a seat at the table on his deck and waited for him to come back before I started unbuttoning the shirt, claiming I was too hot to keep it on. Again I felt his eyes on me and had to clench my legs together to keep from squirming as I watched him watch me through the hair that had fallen in front of my eyes.

I slid the shirt off slowly and I couldn’t keep my eyes off him as I revealed the skimpy red bikini I was wearing. It barely constrained my C cup breasts. He coughed again and sat down quickly. But not before I saw the growing bulge in his shorts.

I smiled at him, the smile was more satisfaction then anything, and as he turned a deep shade of red and continued to survey me curiously, I wondered if he had noticed. He passed me one of the two glasses of ice water he was holding and I sipped at it, before setting it down and scooping out one of the ice cubes. I sat back in the chair and slid the ice cube over my lips slowly then down my neck, over my collarbone, and down my chest. His eyes followed the ice cube’s progress all the way down to my belly button, and then back up again where he caught my eyes and realized I had been watching him.

I stood up, and dropped the ice cube back in my drink before walking over to him. He watched me in silence, his mouth was open slightly, and his face looked surprised. I placed my hands on his shoulders, and tossed my leg over his lap to the other side. I slid down him slowly till I sat snuggly in his lap and my mouth was a breath away from his.

“Mr. Cauzey,” I whispered his name before pressing my lips to his. His hands hovered by my sides before he finally pushed me against him and kissed me back. I could feel his hard cock pressed against my pelvis and I rolled my hips just to hear him moan. It made me catch my breath and I forced my tongue into his mouth, which he took in gladly. His tongue teased mine gently, and I pulled back slowly, nibbling on his bottom lip. He slid his hands up my stomach and under my bikini, cupping my breasts. I arched my back and moaned, as his rough hands teased at my nipples.

“Maybe we should go inside,” Mr. Cauzey suggested. We lived in a very quiet suburban neighborhood, and after my moan I think he realized we were going to be anything but quiet. I nodded my assent and he cupped my ass and carried me inside.

Before he closed the door I saw another man peeking over the fence and smiled. This summer might be more eventful then I had first thought.

Mr. Cauzey dropped me on the kitchen counter and grabbed a handful of my hair, yanking my head back. He started biting and sucking on my neck, the grip on my hair became almost painful which only made me moan again.

“You like this you little whore, don’t you? You want me to be rough, you little slut.” He tore off my bikini top and sucked one of my nipples into his mouth roughly.

“Oh god, yes! Yes, Mr. Cauzey.” I shivered and bit my lip. His hand released my hair and moved around my waist to pull me closer to him. My legs wrapped around his waist and I pushed myself as tightly against him as I could. He grunted and pulled away from my tits to meet my gaze.

He pulled off his shirt, and I ran my fingers through the salt and pepper colored hair on his chest, before pushing him away from me. He looked startled and unsure as I got off the counter, but grinned as I dropped to my knees.

I slid my hand up his leg to cup and massage his groin as the other unbuckled his belt. I held his gaze as I unbuttoned, unzipped, and pulled down his shorts. His hard on was straining against his boxers, so I licked the length of it through his boxers, my eyes on his face, watching his reaction. His breathing caught and his hands moved to play with my hair.

I pulled off his briefs to reveal his bulging, pulsing, cock. It wasn’t the longest I had ever seen, but it was definitely on the thick side. Without waiting I sucked the head into my mouth, my tongue making circles around it, and tracing the ridge. I tasted the salty precum and moaned, my voice vibrating against his cock.

He made a sound and grabbed a handful of my hair before forcing his cock down my throat. I gagged and almost choked before getting control of my breathing and allowing him to force fuck my face. I let my gaze travel up his aged, weathered body as he fucked my mouth. Just seeing my fantasy so real, made me so hot.

I pulled up my skirt and plunged my hand into my bikini bottoms. I teased my clit and got my fingers moist from my own juices before finger-fucking myself at the same pace he took my mouth. I was writhing in ecstasy at the mixture of this old man’s cock in my mouth and my fingers in my cunt.

Not long after that I came with a scream as he shoved his cock as far down my throat as he could and held it there while he grunted and shot his sperm down my throat. After swallowing everything down he pulled his limp cock out of my mouth and wiped it all over my face.

He picked me up again, and carried me up to his bedroom. After dropping me on his bed, with my legs hanging over the end, he got on his knees and pulled down my skirt and bikini bottoms baring my shaved and dripping pussy. He spread apart my legs and ran a finger up and down my slit before pushing a finger into me.

“You’re so fucking tight…” I was trying so hard not to moan I couldn’t talk. His hand withdrew and stopped teasing my clit I thought I might scream.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when a rough stubbly cheek rubbed against the inside of my thighs. My hands tangled in his graying hair and he chuckled as I pulled his head into my snatch. I felt his tongue circling and circling my clit.

“Please, Please, Please…” I whimpered and he chuckled again before sucking my clit into his mouth, which halted all sound, and damn near had me cease breathing momentarily. “Yes, Oh, Mr. Cauzey, don’t stop.”

His mouth continued his ministrations until I was writhing and shivering in the throes of an orgasm. “Oh, fuck me, I’m cumming! Oh, god!”

When I finally came to, and could breath again, I saw Mr. Cauzey staring down at me, his hand pumping his thick, and once again hard, rod. “Fuck me.”

“I’d be happy to,” He grinned and grabbed my ass, lifting it up off the bed and positioning himself at my entrance. He caught my gaze and rammed all of his cock in me, his hairy balls pressed against my cunt. My hands gripped handfuls of the sheets and I screamed, my head thrown back. He started pumping himself into me, his hands palming my tits. My hard nipples were pressing into the middle of his palms.

I ran my hands up his arms, and stared at this old man, fucking me senseless. I loved it. He was sweating, and his breathing was ragged. My young body was being ravaged and thoroughly used by this old man and I was enjoying every fucking minute of it.

“Im such a dirty little girl,” I moaned and my hands spasmed. My nails dug into his arms.

“You’re a dirty little slut.” He grunted out as I pushed myself up on my elbows and watched his cock ram into me, and glisten with my juices. He leaned down and kissed me again, his tongue ravaging and claiming my mouth. Pulling away he mumbled, “The pill?”

I shook my head in answer and he swore. I came again, thrashing and clutching at his bed, my pussy spasming against his cock. He swore again and pulled out of me. He crawled on top of me, and straddled my stomach. He pressed his dick against me and cupped my breasts against his rod, fucking my tits. I moved my hands to hold my breasts around his cock, teasing my nipples as he pumped himself into my cleavage. His breathing became shallower and he started grunting with each thrust until finally he pushed his cock so hard against my chest, it hurt, and hot cum started shooting onto my face. I opened my mouth to catch as much as I could as he slowly pumped the rest of his load into my mouth with his hand. I licked off his dick, cleaning up every last drop of his cum and my cunt juice from his dick and balls. As he rolled off me, I wiped the rest of his load off my face and rubbed it into my breasts and stomach as he watched.

“Why me?” He looked honestly curious.

“You’ve always made me hot, Mr. Cauzey.”

“Really?” He smiled seductively.

“Oh, yes, Mr. Cauzey. I’ve fantasized about you fucking me for a long time.”

“Glad to be of service then.”

“We haven’t even begun Mr. Cauzey.” My grin became tantalizing as I rolled over and crawled to him.

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