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Sweets Ch. 1

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Sylvie (a.k.a. Sweets ) and I were not dating regularly, it was more of a “more than just friends” relationship. She would call me when she was between boyfriends, as I would call her when I was between girlfriends and we would end up taking care of each other’s basic needs. It was one such time when I had called her on a lazy Sunday morning in January, to see if we could link up.

When she answered the phone, and replied that she had nothing planned for that day my cock was already fighting to get out of my pants, BUT, her friend Sue was staying with her from out of town, and she didn’t want her left out. So if I could find a friend for her, I would be more than welcome to join them.

The circumstances were that Sue’s parents had moved to another city a couple of hours away because of a job transfer, however Sue’s friends were all here. The deal was Sue would come to town once a month and stay the weekend, so she could be with her girlfriends, her parents allowed her as long as she behaved. I was soon to find out that her visits were primarily to escape her strict parents so she could fuck her brains out.

I immediately started calling buddies, but the fact that I never met her, or knew what she looked like turned out to be a problem, believe It or not, I wasn’t able to convince anyone to come with me on such short notice. After an hour of calling everyone I could get a hold of, I gave up. I called Sweets and reverted to begging, I hadn’t seen her in a few weeks, and needed her bad, she felt the same way, but she didn’t want her friend left out. Finally she accepted for me to go over, but it had to be strictly a social visit.

While driving to her apartment I was trying to convince my cock to behave itself, but it was being stubborn. I came to the realization that I never had been with Sweets without having Sex – our relationship was based solely on sex. When I arrived Sylvie opened the door, and immediately gave me the, “Remember, you promised to behave yourself, look.” When I went to kiss her hello, I made a futile attempt to French kiss her, however she clamped her lips closed. That’s when my cock finally started to believe me … that we were here just for tea and crumpets. Sylvie was 23 years old, 5’5″, slightly plump, with smallish breasts. The stunning part of her was her shoulder length strawberry blond hair, Crystal blue eyes, full lips, and still to this day (20 years later) one of the most beautiful sensual faces I can recall.

Sue was slightly plump as well, slightly taller and pretty, with brown eyes and straight brown hair down to her mid back, but not as beautiful as Sylvie, however she made up for it with her massive breasts. After the usual introductions we sat at the kitchen table, and chatted over coffee. It was all very nice but the tension between Sweets and I was obvious. Both Sylvie, and I were restlessly shifting around in our seats, as well the conversation would regularly die out, and we would end up sipping our coffees in silence. It was Sue who finally broke the tension by saying,

“O.k. guys, I can sense the horniness in the air, why don’t you go take care of things, I’ll be fine while you’re gone.”

Sylvie & I both reacted with surprise and embarrassment saying with a nervous chuckle, “What are you talking about?” No we’re fine.”

“C’mon guys, do me a favor, and don’t let me feel guilty, I know I’m in the way. I’ll be here when you’ll be finished, get going, I’m a big girl I’ll be fine”.

At this point Sweets and I grabbed the opportunity, and sheepishly headed for the bedroom. The embarrassment was short lived, as soon as the bedroom door was closed, we dove for each other. My first move was getting that deep kiss I craved for, her full lips were mesmerizing, she never wore lipstick, having a natural pink hue to them, and her eyes were hypnotic. We embraced, our lips and tongues locked together while we were shedding clothes, stumbling towards the bed. We collapsed into the bed still clawing at our clothing, I remember raising her blouse, and admiring those small breasts complimented by large nipples upon small aureoles. While I was sucking and licking her breasts, she was clawing at my pants. She finally freed my Penis, and the way I was aroused I pushed her hand away in order not explode in her palm. She said, “Let me suck it, I’ve got to have it.”

I made her understand with a trembling voice, that if I didn’t work on her first I was going to blow my load. I stopped teasing her nipples, and lowered myself between her legs. The taste of her pussy was overpowering, I was met by a wetness I had never experienced before, after only a couple of laps, my face was drenched, her juices dripped off my chin. I stayed away from her clit, she was propped up on her elbows begging me.

“Oh Christ, don’t do this to me, don’t tease me you FUCKER.”

I looked up at her, and saw that she was in a complete state of delirium. Those fuck me eyes were partly closed, and unfocused as if she was close to loosing consciousness, her mouth was open in a silent lament, and her chest was heaving as if she just ran a marathon. I couldn’t do it anymore, partly because her friend might think I was beating her, and also if she didn’t do me soon I was going to waste a load on the bed sheets.

I took her swollen clit into my mouth. Instantly she fell off her elbows and onto her back, letting out a gasp and a spastic jerk that caught me off guard, I stopped sucking to look up. And was met with a “What the fuck are you doing?” look from her. The poor girl had suffered enough. I sucked her clit into my mouth and rapidly flicked my tongue over it. The world went silent…She clamped her legs on my head so hard, I thought my eardrums were going to burst from the pressure. I couldn’t hear her, but she started thrashing about and clawing at the mattress, and I had no choice but to grab on to her thighs, and go along for the ride.

After what seemed like an eternity, she released the pressure and collapsed…For a moment I thought she had passed out. I couldn’t hold it anymore, I crawled up to her face with my cock in hand. She immediately took me into her mouth, and realizing my desperation did not leave me hanging. She practically inhaled my cock, sucking like a madwoman. I came instantly. The volume of my come was unbelievable, The poor girl was caught by surprise, and gagged to the point of scaring me half to death. After regurgitating most of it out onto me, and the bed, her breathing slowly returned to normal as she recovered.

Needless to say the thought of Sue totally escaped our thoughts, however after regaining our senses, Sweets said with a blush, “Oh my god, Sue! ”

She threw on an oversize tee-shirt, that covered her to mid thigh and went to her. I was content to lay down and catch my breath, I could hear distant conversation from the living room, but slumber soon overtook me.

Sylvie shook me awake, “Hey, did you come here to sleep?”

I replied, “Sorry I was just recharging my batteries.”

Sylvie said, “I have a favor to ask you.”


“Sue is leaving in a few hours and she won’t be back for another month. Since her parents watch her like a hawk, if she doesn’t get laid today, she’ll go nuts, and overhearing us , didn’t help her situation.”

“So what can I do? I called everyone I could think of.”

Her reply stunned me, “She needs to get fucked, and I volunteered you… are you up to it?

I pulled up the bed sheets to cover my dick, he was reacting to what she had just asked, but my reply was “I’ll do it only if you are absolutely comfortable about it.”

Sweets answered “I’m fine with it, Sue and I have been friends forever.”

Looking into me with her eyes, she grabbed my crotch, and said with a sly look, “your friend seems to be comfortable with the proposal.” With that said, she went to inform Sue.

I had gone to the washroom to clean up, when I came out Sylvie nodded towards the bedroom with a tilt of her head and a smirk that said, “You owe me big time, Bucko”. When I went in, Sue was sitting on the edge of the bed, leaning back braced on her arms. She blushed, and straightened up as soon as she saw me go in, as if she was embarrassed about her posture. I sat on the edge of the bed, a couple of feet from her, wearing a towel around my waist. My cock was straining against the towel. I said, “Are you sure about this?”

She nodded and in turn asked, ” I am…How about you?”

I didn’t reply, I just leaned forward looking into her big brown eyes, and gently kissed her neck, Since Sweets and I had raped each other just before, my intention was to make love to this girl. Before I could put that plan into action, she had yanked my towel off, and was on her knees sucking me back to full attention while struggling to take her clothes off. I was clumsily trying to help. As soon as her bra and panties were off. She pushed me on my back and mounted me. This girl was all business, she knew she had to squeeze a weekend of fucking into a few hours. She was so wet I was surprised to see I was already buried deep inside her. A moan escaped her as she proceeded to part her massive breasts, placing one on each side of my chest, she then put both arms around the back of my neck, and started riding me. Her face was buried in my neck, and the only sound escaping from her was her heavy panting. I started saying things like,

“Oh yeah, you’re so hot, don’t stop.”

Her response was to remove one of her arms from behind my neck, and never even looking at me, placed her hand over my mouth! I had been gagged.

She increased her rhythm while her breathing turned to groaning. I figured out exactly what she meant to say “Shut the fuck up, and don’t get in my way, if I need your help, I’ll ask for it.” It didn’t take long before she climaxed, and she turned out to be a squirter, when she came, she ejaculated. I felt hot liquid drowning my crotch, and running down my balls. Sue paused for a second, moaning, her sounds muffled as she pushed her face into the pillow, without taking a break, she started humping again.

I was just along for the ride, she didn’t want me, she just wanted a cock…Any cock. I saw movement in the doorway, Sylvie had came to see how we were doing. She was leaning against the doorway with her arms across her chest, Her mouth was open in astonishment, our eyes met, and she raised her eyebrows and mouthed the words,


I raised one of my hands from Sue’s trembling ass, and signaled Sylvie to come over. Sue was oblivious to us as she was humping her way to another orgasm. She came again, but with more intensity, this time she reared up howling, not concerned about being discrete, as she leaned back. I saw her juices flooding my lower stomach. Her breasts were quivering and bouncing from her convulsive movements. She was surprised when she saw Sweets kneeling next to the bed, our tongues locking in a deep kiss. Sue collapsed next to me, and Sylvie jumped at the chance to take her place. Sue was getting off the bed when Sweets grabbed her arm and said,

“Where are you going? Stay.”

Sue laid back down, her pubic hair, and the inside of her thighs were glistening with the moisture that had oozed out of her, and seemed content to watch us while stroking her pussy. This was too much for me, I increased my rhythm, and while Sylvie’s expressive eyes were locked onto mine, I couldn’t help but notice a bit of contempt directed at me. I was guessing that she came to the realization that this had turned out to be a far bigger favor to me, than to her. With that I came, with a great intensity. Sweets felt me getting soft inside her and ordered,

“Oh no Buddy… you’re not done yet. You’d better stay hard for me, you Fucker “. I couldn’t, I raised her over my face and started eating her. I couldn’t see Sue but judging from the sounds of her moans and laments, she had brought herself to another orgasm.

Sweets finally came after what seemed like forever, driving her pussy hard into my face, while rocking back and forth. I started fearing that she wouldn’t let me come up for air. She at last rolled off me, and fell next to Sue, which allowed me to finally draw in a breath. I saw that Sue was rolled up in a fetal position, eyes closed, with one hand still between her legs, while cradling a breast with the other, and biting her lower lip, still recovering from yet another powerful climax. Well that was it, I was spent, I was ready to call it a day. I stated,

“Alright girls, that’s it for me, let me see the two of you going at it.” Taking Sweet’s hand and placing it on one of Sue’s tits. They looked at each other, and burst out laughing. Sylvie commented with tears in her eyes,

“Someone has been watching too many Porno flics.”

As if they had rehearsed it, they both lunged at me, and pinned me to the bed, Sue yelling,


Sue straddled my face, while Sweets tried to suck me back to life. Sue didn’t waste any time, within a couple of minutes she was tensing up, She was crouching forward, leaning on her outstretched arms. I was treated to a view of her immense globes dangling, and quivering overhead. She drowned me with another sudden burst of juices as she was rocked by still another climax.

I eagerly lapped up her elixir, causing her to shudder with a series of smaller orgasms, each accompanied by small spurts of more liquid. In the background I heard Sylvie jealously exclaiming,

” Sue… Jesus, how the fuck can you keep coming like that?”

Between gasps Sue replied “This is (AHH) …what happens(HMMM)…when you live with…my parents.”

Sweets without my realizing it, had expertly sucked me back to life, and was riding me to glory. Sue had gotten off my face and presented me her tits, which I eagerly devoured. At some point Sylvie rolled me into the missionary position. I was alternately fucking both of them, as they were lying side by side. After some time, incredibly I came again, spurting the last few drops of semen I had left, on Sue’s belly, Sweets latched on to my dick with her mouth, and sucked me dry. This time I collapsed face down on the bed and begged to be left alone. Sue commented,

“Uh-oh I think we broke him.”

They were giggling like schoolgirls as they hopped off the bed and raced each other for the washroom. Even from behind I could see Sue’s Tits bouncing all over her chest, and their asses jiggling as they ran down the hall.

When they came back, I was still lying on the bed, which was soaked with body fluids, my hair was wet from Sue’s last orgasm, I must have been a sorry sight. I turned around to see that they had cleaned up, and were telling me to hurry, Sue was going to miss her bus. They hustled me into the shower. After I was done, I went into the bedroom to get dressed. I noticed Sue was lining her panties with a sanitary napkin. I asked,

“Did you get your period?” Her reply floored me. Dressing as she spoke, she casually replied,

“No, on the bus, I try to get a seat over the back wheels, that way, between the bumps and the rumble of the engine, I can usually cum a couple of times, and this way I don’t wet my jeans.” I was stunned into silence. I looked over at Sylvie who was slipping on her Pants, for confirmation, she was shaking her head in disbelief, and I’m sure with a tinge of jealousy as well. Sue looked at Sweets and said,

“WHAT? You know I get car sick if I read!”

I watched with admiration as Sue was cupping and adjusting her breasts into those small parachutes she called a bra, hoping to one day, enjoy her again.

At the bus station we made some small talk while waiting for her bus. Sylvie and I were holding hands. Soon the bus boarded, The two girls cordially kissed goodbye saying,

“See you next month.”

When I leaned over to kiss Sue, she turned her face allowing me to plant a peck on her cheek, barely making eye contact with me, she said goodbye and bounced away. As we watched her give us one last wave before entering the bus I asked Sweets,

“I was used today…wasn’t I?”

Sweets replied “Oh yeah!…BIG TIME!”

To Be Continued…

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