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Lara Goes Back to School

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Lara had just dropped off her two daughters at school but, instead of turning around and going back home, she waited at the school gates with the other parents. Today was the end of term school party and the parents had been invited to attend a short concert before the party began. Lara noticed that some of the older schoolgirls were still walking in after the bell for the start of class and wondered if they would be punished for being late as some of her classmates had been when she attended this very same school.

Not that she had ever had to endure such treatment as she had always been a good girl at school.

The thirty-five year old mother of two noticed something else too. Some of the girls had obviously adjusted their skirts to rise much higher up their legs than the regulations allowed and she felt strangely aroused at seeing their bare thighs as a sudden, uninvited, thought flashed through her mind — did they wear the regulation big navy knickers like her own daughters did or were they wearing tiny panties as she had always done at eighteen. As she still did.

It had been her only rebellion as she had grown up. The school and her parents had always insisted on the girls wearing their full uniform, even down to prescribing what kind of knickers they should wear. Lara had always hated the way the large navy ones had covered her entire bottom and made her pussy feel hot and sweaty. Once she had saved enough pocket money of her own, she had secretly bought her own tiny white or pink thongs and never told anyone about them.

Now, looking at this year’s oldest girls, who must also be eighteen or over, she strained her neck to catch a glimpse of their slender thighs as their skirts rose even higher going up the stairs to the school door. Lara shook her head and tried to shake these thoughts from her mind. She had never been attracted to other women and she certainly wasn’t attracted to these girls in their school uniforms. That was just ridiculous.

As she and the other parents were led in to the school assembly, Lara found herself sitting near the front of the chairs which were banked up in the theatre style so that, when some of the same older girls she had seen going in to school came in and sat down on the chairs provided on the stage, she found her eyes were exactly at the same level as the girls’ knees. These were a select few members of the school orchestra and were about to begin the concert after a few words from the Headmistress.

As the strict, older woman began her address to the parents and the rest of the assembled school, Lara watched as the girl sitting immediately in front of her got into position and opened her legs to allow her double bass to lean against her inner thigh. Lara gasped audibly as the girl’s legs stretched wide to accommodate her instrument, unaware that she was showing off her tiny white thong to the mother of her school mates.

The Headmistresses words were lost as Lara could only stare at the tiny piece of white between the girl’s thighs and, even when the girls started to play, her eyes were locked on that small piece of cotton. As the tempo of the music increased, however, Lara noticed that the girl’s thong was pulling tighter and tighter against her young pussy and was stretched so tight that she was sure she could make out the outline of the girl’s lips.

Lara wasn’t sure what piece the girls were playing but it was very energetic and the girls were throwing themselves into the performance. She couldn’t believe it when the music stopped, the girls relaxed and Lara’s double bass player leaned back in her chair to reveal a tiny wet spot over her pussy. Lara squirmed in her chair and was sure she would have a similar spot on her own panties. Her head was in turmoil as she had never been turned on by girls before but something about being surrounded by all these young eighteen year olds in their short skirts and tight school shirts was making her feel quite giddy.

The rest of the concert passed unremarkably and Lara was glad when she was able to leave the stuffy hall and move outside to the party and for some much needed fresh air. As she and the other parents were led back out to the sunshine, however, Lara was met by a training session from the school hockey team. Once again, she was faced by the beautiful sight of the eighteen year old girls running around in their short pleated skirts. She could see that they were all wearing their proper navy knickers but supposed they couldn’t afford to wear tiny panties when their skirts were constantly flipping up as they ran about.

“What is the matter with me?” she wondered. “I’ve never even looked at another girl. I must stop these thoughts.” She wandered off to try to find her own daughters and nearly walked straight into the Headmistress. Lara couldn’t believe that the older woman could still be wearing the same sort of clothes she had when Lara was a schoolgirl. She wore a high necked blouse and long tweed skirt. Her shoes were low and sensible and she was the perfect image of the English school mistress.

“Can I help you?”

“I’m looking for my daughters,” Lara mumbled.

“Perhaps they are getting changed; I will show you to the changing room.”

Lara already knew exactly where the changing rooms were but didn’t think she could say so to the authoritarian Headmistress. She trailed along behind the older woman until the very same building that Lara and her classmates had used to change in all those years ago came in to view. The Headmistress stepped back and Lara knew she would have to take her courage in her hands and go in.

As soon as she did she knew she had made a big mistake. The changing room cubicles had all been taken away since Lara’s school days and were now open plan. The area just inside the door was obviously for the older girls and Lara was faced with about twenty eighteen year old girls in various stages of undress. Lara nearly swooned as she looked around at girls undressing, girls pulling down their skirts, girls taking off their school shirts, girls in just their bras and knickers, girls topless and one totally naked girl.

Lara couldn’t help but stare as the girl, she was sure it was the same girl who had been playing the double bass on stage, turned towards her and unashamedly showed off her bald pussy and tiny breasts to Lara and the Headmistress. Seeing the older women staring at her, the girl blushed bright red then turned around. This only gave Lara a view of the younger girl’s round bottom and she blushed just as red as the girl.

As the girl started to pull up her knickers, Lara could see that the younger girl was going to put on the same white thong that she had been wearing while on stage and she wondered if the wet spot had dried in. The Headmistress, however, was furious when she saw what the girl was wearing and ordered her to stay behind for detention after school. Lara and the girl both hung their heads low; Lara because she knew that her own knickers were even more wet at seeing all the girls without their clothes on and the girl because she knew what punishment awaited her.

As another group of eighteen year old girl’s came out of the showers, they weren’t aware that Lara and the Headmistress were still standing there and they hadn’t bothered to cover their naked bodies with their towels. In their innocence and lack of inhibition they showed Lara more naked flesh than she had ever seen. Suddenly becoming aware of the two women staring at them they immediately covered up but it was too late; Lara had seen more young female flesh than she could cope with and she started to feel very hot and unsteady again, partly because she knew her tiny knickers were soaking.

The Headmistress watched as Lara started to faint but grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the changing room, away from the heat, the smell of girls and the sight of all those young, naked bodies. As she stood beside her, Lara leaned against the wall of the changing room building and tried to take deep breaths of the fresh air, trying to clear her mind of her new obsession with young, pretty girls. The Headmistress was being kind, thought Lara, and argued that she must accompany her back to her office where, she insisted, Lara could recover away from the heat of the sun. Lara thanked her and followed the older woman back into the school knowing very well that it wasn’t the sun which was causing the heat in her pussy.

As they made their way along the school corridors, Lara was reminded of her own school days and how she had never had to go to the Headmistress’s office as she had always behaved well. The older woman opened the door and Lara walked in to the large, carpeted office. Her immediate impression was that it was more suited to a man with its dark colours and big, wooden desk. The Headmistress showed Lara a chair in front of the desk then prepared a glass of ice-cold water for her. Sitting down on the other side of the desk, she looked kindly at her former pupil.

“You seem a bit more composed now, Lara. How do you feel?”

“Much better now,” she thanked the older woman. Lara had never thought of her as being benevolent when she was herself a pupil at the school but maybe that was just the image she had to portray at school.

“Do you think it was just the heat that caused you to feel unwell, dear?”

“I think so,” agreed Lara readily. She couldn’t possibly admit to this kind old woman that it was the sight and smell of all those young eighteen year old girls in their bras and panties, in their nakedness, that had caused her to almost faint. She could hardly admit it to herself.

“Are you sure? The way you were staring at the girls made me think it might have been something else.”

“What do you mean?” stammered Lara as her face turned bright red at the Headmistress’s innuendo. Could the other woman have possibly guessed the thoughts that had been running through her mind in the assembly hall and in the changing room? About how she wanted to be naked too with all the other girls in the final year; about how she wanted to teach them all about their eighteen year old bodies and show them her more experienced one; about how she wanted to touch them, to taste them and let them do the same to her. No, the older woman could never have seen that in Lara’s face, especially as she didn’t want to admit it to herself.

“You seemed particularly interested in young Maria’s body when you saw her naked. I think it was that which started this whole episode. Wasn’t it?”

The Headmistress’s tone had changed and Lara now hung her head in shame. “No,” she lied.

“Don’t dare try to lie to me, Lara. I have been dealing with girls like you for years and I know when someone is telling me the truth. Now try again; were you excited at seeing Maria and the other girls undressing? She has just turned eighteen, you know.”

Lara’s face burned bright red but the Headmistress seemed to be able to read her very thoughts and was staring right through her. She simply nodded and whispered, “Yes,” in reply.

“I thought as much. I’ve seen many of you women coming here to the school pretending to be good wives and mothers when all you really want to do is lust after my schoolgirls. Isn’t this true?”

“No, really, no. I’ve never looked at a girl in this way before. I’ve never been attracted to other women. I don’t know what came over me.”

“So you admit you were attracted to young Maria then and probably quite a few others too. What did you think you were going to do with them? Did you want to kiss Maria? Did you like her bald pussy? Is that what was turning you on? Or did you like her small breasts? Did you want to suck on her nipples and get her to suck on yours? Did you want to lick her pussy, taste it? Answer my questions, Lara.”

“Please, miss; you must remember what I was like when I was at school. I was never in any trouble. I was always a good girl and never did anything bad,” pleaded the young mother.

“That may all be true, Lara, but it’s certainly not true now, is it? I saw the way you were looking up Maria’s skirt when she was playing her double bass. Did you think I wouldn’t notice a grown woman getting hot and flustered as she stared at a schoolgirl’s knickers? Did you want to be Maria’s instrument, Lara? Did you want to be kneeling between her young thighs and making her knickers wet? Well?”

Lara hung her head in shame because the very same thought had passed through her lustful mind earlier. She remembered being jealous of the double bass and how she had wished Maria had been running her hands over her more mature body. She couldn’t believe she had been discovered. The Headmistress seemed to know everything that had confused her today. The older woman interrupted her thoughts.

“Well, I can punish you now, Lara, or would you like me to call your husband and tell him what you have been up to? I am sure he would punish you too if I told him you had been lusting after schoolgirls. What would he think of his wife then? What would he think of the mother of his children? I am sure he would be as disgusted as I am. Shall I call him?”

“Oh, no. Please don’t call my husband. This won’t ever happen again. I promise you, I would never have touched Maria or any of the other girls. It was just a moment of weakness. Please don’t tell anyone, please.”

The Headmistress looked at Lara’s red, humiliated face, the tears in her eyes ready to fall. At that point she knew she had this beautiful woman sitting on the other side of her desk; she knew she could make Lara do anything she wanted and there was plenty the evil Headmistress could imagine her doing.

“Very well, Lara, but you must promise that whatever I tell you to do for the rest of today you will do it immediately and without question. Otherwise I will have no choice but to call your husband and tell him about all the disgusting thoughts that have been running through your head.”

“I promise,” said Lara enthusiastically, after all, how bad could it be between two grown women. “I will do anything you want me to do, only please don’t tell my husband. Lara thought that any punishment this older woman could prescribe could not be half as bad as the spanking her husband would deliver if he found out about today. The poor woman was about to discover how badly she was mistaken.

“The first thing, then, is that I will have to spank you for coming to my school and exposing my girls to your wickedness. Stand up and bend over my desk, please.”


“That’s not a good start, Lara. I’ve had enough of this. I’ll get your number from our files and call your husband right now.”

“No, please. I’ll do anything but please don’t ask me to do that; please don’t spank me,” said the embarrassed mother while, at the same time, she forced herself to stand up and do as she was told.

Watching Lara bend over her desk the Headmistress couldn’t help but grin to herself at this unexpected turn of events. She had been expecting the usual end of term concert and party but now she had a voluptuous young mother waiting to be punished. She thoroughly intended to push this woman as far as she possibly could.

Lara felt humiliated as a grown woman being forced into this position. Here she was in the Headmistress’s office, the Headmistress of the school her two daughters attended and the very school she herself had attended as a young girl. Not only that but she was leaning over the large wooden desk and waiting to be spanked, her, a grown woman, waiting to be spanked like a naughty schoolgirl and she felt her tears drop on to the desk top. She also felt her large breasts pressing against the desk which only reminded her how shameful this position was. Her summer dress was low cut and, in this position, there was a very real danger of her large breasts popping out. She also knew that her dress would have risen up her smooth thighs and it wasn’t very long to begin with. All she had done was look at a few young girls a bit longer than she should have but that was all. Did she really deserve this? She thought it couldn’t get much worse but then she felt the Headmistress standing by her side and taking hold of the bottom of her dress. Lara immediately tried to turn around to protest but the older woman pressed down on her back and told her to stay where she was.

“How can I be expected to spank you properly if your dress is still covering your bottom? I can’t even see what kind of knickers you are wearing.”

With that, Lara felt the bottom of her dress being slowly drawn up her thighs. The thin cotton of her dress was riding up and she could feel cool air on the bottom of her cheeks. The malicious Headmistress pulled the dress up to Lara’s waist. For a moment she said nothing and Lara dared to think she might have changed her mind but the Headmistress was just enjoying the view of the plump bottom presented before her with only the thin strap of Lara’s thong offering her any protection. Lara started to squirm under the gaze of the older woman but then she pushed back down on the young mother’s back firmly while her right hand traced up the back of Lara’s slender legs, over one cheek and then the other.

“Are you ready for your punishment, Lara?” she asked as her hand rubbed between Lara’s captive thighs.

“Yes.” Lara whispered. If she could just get this over with then she would collect her daughters and never come near this school again.

“Yes, what?” asked the Headmistress sternly.

“Yes, mistress,” ventured Lara. The Headmistress smiled to herself again. This young woman was ready to be used and she was the one who was going to use her.

“Your knickers are wet,” scolded the older woman and Lara knew she was right. How could she deny it when the she could feel the evidence on her pussy lips and the Headmistress could probably see a dark stain on her tiny white thong? She blushed red once more at the evidence of her overactive pussy and wished she had never come to the party today. She could feel the other woman’s fingers sliding back and forth along the tiny piece of cotton between her legs.

“This is in my way,” the Headmistress said, pulling down to the bottom of her round cheeks Lara’s last inch of protection and last shred of self respect.

Lara gasped once more in her humiliation, knowing the Headmistress could now see her pussy lips between her legs and perhaps even her dirtiest hole between her cheeks. The young mother clenched her bottom to try to hide her hole but this was met by a smack which echoed around the room.

Lara gasped and buried her face behind her hands on the desk. She heard the Headmistress cruelly laugh and felt her pull the useless thong down to knees. Another smack followed and Lara could feel her bottom heating up, imagining there must be a hand print on her paler skin and wondered how she would explain that to her husband. The Headmistress then pulled her knickers all the way down Lara’s long legs and, once she had stepped out of them, the older woman laid them on the desk next to her face. Lara could see how wet they were and could smell her own arousal. So could the Headmistress.

“Spread your legs, Lara” said the Headmistress almost kindly. Lara sobbed but did as she was told for she knew being kind was the last thing the other woman had in mind. This was confirmed when she felt the old hand come down on yet another smack Lara could feel her cheeks wobbling with the force of each slap but felt even worse, even more ashamed, when she felt the vicious woman push her thighs wider apart and spank her again. The Headmistress’s fingers moved to Lara’s inner thighs and slapped, then again, only this time lightly against Lara’s already swollen lips

“OWW!” Lara cried, biting her bottom lip before another smack rained down, harder this time and directly on to her dripping pussy. She tried to struggle, wriggling her hips to escape but the hand holding her down on the small of her back was reinforced by the Headmistress asking if Lara really wanted her to call her husband. Lara sobbed once more but jerked across the desk when she felt the Headmistress’s fingers dig into her sore bottom and squeeze hard. But it was only going to get worse.

Lara felt the other woman slide two fingers along her pussy and pulled them back soaking wet, holding them the younger woman’s nose and then to her own. Lara couldn’t believe she was being treated like this, like a slut. She knew she was a good wife and mother and had never been unfaithful to her husband but she also knew, in her heart of hearts, that she had wanted to be naked with those girls in the changing room and had wanted to do all the things to young Maria that the Headmistress had accused her of.

“What a slut!” she shouted. “Not only did you get wet when you were looking at my girls but now you are getting even more wet as I spank you. Well if that is what turns you on then I will have to punish you some other way. Stay where you are”

Lara had no intention of moving, even though she knew her red bottom was still bare and would be seen immediately by anyone coming into the room. She was so ashamed to be in this position but she was even more shamed to admit that the Headmistress was right. She knew her pussy was wet but it wasn’t her fault; there was nothing she could to stop it getting like this. She had never thought that she would be aroused by being spanked but that was exactly what had happened. It didn’t matter if she wanted to or not; her pussy had a mind of its own and she could feel her juices leaking down her thigh.

The Headmistress came back from her desk with something in her hand which Lara didn’t see and stood between the young mother’s outstretched legs, looking down on her punished arse. She got down on her knees behind Lara and slid her purple vibrator over the young mother’s upturned rear, rubbing it into her crack. She pulled Lara back against her and the younger woman could feel the tip of her wet tongue rubbing against her pussy. She ran her smooth tongue all the way along Lara’s expectant slit, tasting the young mother while Lara sobbed at the humiliation of being licked by another woman.

The Headmistress withdrew her tongue and replaced it with her vibrator, sliding it in and out of Lara’s cunt, getting it wet with her slippery juices, before placing it at the entrance to her tightest hole.

“OH NO” Lara cried, trying to get away once more but there was nowhere to go. The Headmistress let it buzz against Lara’s arsehole then slowly pushed the tip inside her. She leaned over the young mother and whispered in her ear.

“I said I was going to punish you and that is exactly what I am going to do.”

Lara had never been used in this way. Her husband had never shown any interest in anal sex and this was the first time she had ever felt something up there. The Headmistress pumped faster, and then reached around to slide a finger over Lara’s clit and Lara knew her orgasm wouldn’t be far away. She didn’t want this to happen but after all that had happened to her today she knew her pussy was ready to explode. As the Headmistress rubbed Lara’s rigid little button, she pushed the vibrator deeper into her arse and turned it to a higher setting.

Lara’s whole body shook as her orgasm overtook her. She felt her pussy contracting around nothing and her juices flowing like never before. The Headmistress rubbed and rubbed until Lara’s body finally stopped trembling. Now it was only her sobs which caused her body to shake. Leaving the vibrator still up the younger woman’s arse, the Headmistress knelt down once more between her captive’s thighs and cleaned her up.

“Now I have shown you how we deal with sluts at this school, we will go and teach Maria the same lesson.”

Chapter 2

When the Headmistress and another woman walked into the detention room Maria sat bolt upright and awaited her fate. She had never been in trouble before but she had heard her classmates talk about what went on in Detention and she was petrified. She had heard tales of the Headmistress spanking some girls and doing even worse things to them that she just couldn’t believe. She had always been a good girl and just because she didn’t like the school’s navy knickers and had been wearing her own tiny ones for the last year didn’t make her a slut. She had decided she was going to tell the Headmistress this but when the fierce woman strode into the room and slammed the door behind her, Maria’s nerve left her and she sat as quiet as a mouse, her head bowed low.

Lara knew that pose very well. It was one she used to adopt at school too, hoping no-one would notice her. It was the same when she went home to her strict aunt and uncle. It was the same now when her husband came home and she knew he expected her to be as submissive as she had been all her life. The only thing she didn’t know was what was expected of her now. She had taken her punishment for lusting after the schoolgirls from the Headmistress and she had suffered the indignity of having a vibrator stuck up her bottom and made to cum on the office desk. Surely she should be allowed to go home now, especially as the Headmistress had kept her thong and Lara was very aware of her nakedness under the thin dress?

The Headmistress stood in front of Maria’ desk, towering over her and trying hard not to smile in anticipation of the fun she was going to have with this girl and with Lara, again.

“Stand up, Maria.”

The frightened girl jumped to her feet, knocking down her chair in the process. She could feel her heart pumping in her chest and, at the same time, her private place moistening inexplicably.

“What we saw you wearing in the changing room today was not regulation school wear, was it Maria?”

“No, miss,” mumbled the young girl. She had just turned eighteen and had thought she would leave school without ever having to present herself in the Detention room. Yet, here she was and there was another woman here too with the Headmistress. Was she going to punish her too? Maria didn’t think so as the other woman seemed to be looking at her encouragingly. She was very beautiful, thought Maria, with thick dark hair, pretty face and wonderful breasts. Maria wondered why that last thought had entered her mind; she was not in the habit of staring at other women’s breasts but this stranger looked so feminine in her short summer dress. Maria couldn’t help compare her own tiny breasts to this unknown woman’s as she did with every other girl in her class.

“And are you still wearing them?”

“Yes, miss.”

“That is just scandalous, Maria. It is time you were punished for your disobedience and your disgusting underwear. If you are going to dress like a slut then you are going to be treated like a slut. Bend over your desk.”

Maria trembled but did as she was told, resting her forearms on the low desk. She didn’t want to be spanked and she really didn’t think she deserved to be; but worst of all, she knew that when the Headmistress and the other woman moved behind her they would be able to see her school skirt rising up her young thighs. She didn’t have to worry about that for very long as the Headmistress had other commands for her. The dictatorial woman ordered the schoolgirl to open the buttons of her blouse and instructed her to pull her skirt up to her hips. Maria was sobbing as she did so; she felt so humiliated showing her bottom to these two women. Why did she have to open her blouse too? Her tiny breasts had always embarrasses Maria as every other girl in her class had much bigger ones; it was if the Headmistress knew exactly how to maximise her humiliation.

The older woman ignored Maria’s protests as she slowly slid the girl’s skirt higher. Then she leaned over her pupil and tugged her white bra down, revealing the tiny breasts within.

“Slide your knickers down, Maria; I won’t have even such a small pair in my way.”

Lara felt the young girl’s shame as she was forced to participate in her own punishment and her own humiliation. She is forced to wiggle her sexy arse as she pulls the small piece of cotton down to her thighs. The Headmistress, meanwhile, slid her hand over the girl’s thighs, not touching her bottom but inviting Lara to stroke Maria’s silky, smooth skin. The young mother touched another girl for the first time and, reluctantly, admitted to herself that she liked it. Her face reddened in the knowledge that the Headmistress was watching her intently while she moved her hand over the girl’s bottom causing Maria to squirm beneath her.

“You will not move, Maria. Do you understand?” asks the Headmistress, firmly.

“Yes, miss,” she whispered in reply, waiting for what was to come, waiting for the first strike of the first spanking of her young life. The feel of the unknown woman’s hand was pleasant but she gasped with surprise as the Headmistress slapped her strong hand down, hard, stinging her pupil’s cheeks. She instinctively tried to cover her bottom and moved her hand round to protect herself. The older woman, however, struck her again, harder this time, and instructed Lara to hold the girl’s wrists up her back. Lara didn’t want to become involved but knew she didn’t dare disobey the Headmistress in case her punishment began again.

“Do I have to tie your hands, Maria?” she asked squeezing the girl’s bottom, enjoying the feel of the firm buttocks in her hands.

“No, miss” the girl whimpered, trying to stay perfectly still even though her whole body was screaming at her to escape.

The Headmistress teased the young schoolgirl, gliding her fingertips over her upturned bottom then, almost gently, spanking her on both cheeks. Just as the girl began to think she was over the worst of it and dared to relax a little, the Headmistress’s hand comes down hard and fast. Slap! Slap! Slap! Maria cried out and tried to escape the wrath of the older woman but, with Lara reluctantly holding her arms behind her back, there was nowhere for her to go. The vicious hand rained down again and again, slapping harder and harder with each stinging blow until its print completely covered the girl’s poor bottom.

Lara tried to look away but was drawn to the poor girl’s punished cheeks and wondered if her own looked the same. Again she tried to think of some excuse to offer her husband that night. She also started to think about how her pussy had reacted to her own spanking and wondered if the girl was enduring the same sweet torture. The Headmistress was obviously thinking the same thing as she stopped her spanking and knelt down to inspect the girl’s private place.

The old woman could see that Maria’s pussy was enjoying her spanking, just like Lara’s had. She could see the tiny puddle of juice on the girl’s lips and the girl herself cried when she realised what her Headmistress was looking at

“Are you going to be a good girl now, Maria?”

“Yes, miss, I promise.”

“And will you wear the correct under garments from now on?”

Poor Maria hesitated for just a second as she hated the idea of wearing the school’s big navy knickers but that was a second too long for the older woman. The Headmistress, enraged by the idea of one of her pupils wearing slutty knickers as much as by the fact that her spanking had had little effect, decided to take things further.

“Lara, give me her hands while you take my place.”

Lara handed over the young girl’s wrists to the angry woman but wasn’t sure what was being asked of her as she knelt between the pupil’s legs, her face only inches from the girl’s dripping pussy. Looking questioningly at the Headmistress, Lara just knelt there, very aware of the aroma of the girls’ arousal.

“Just do to her what I did to you earlier, Lara” instructed the Headmistress.

The young mother couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Did she really expect Lara to use her tongue on the girl’s wet pussy?

“Unless you want me to call your husband?” questioned the Headmistress.

Lara had never even seen another woman’s pussy before, not before today, and now she was being forced to lick this eighteen year old and she knew the fierce woman standing above them wouldn’t be satisfied until she had made Maria cum. Lustful thoughts may have been rampaging through Lara’s mind all day but could she really do this? Could she stick out her tongue and give this young girl possibly the first orgasm of her life? She looked up again at the Headmistress and realised she had no choice.

Maria felt Lara’s wet tongue slide and probe between her inner lips, slick with her own juices. As she got more and more wet she felt the stranger’s fingers opening her up, stretching her cunt wide, as her tongue, continued to feed on her pussy. When Lara reached under her and started to gently tickle her clit, Maria knew she was going to cum. She had managed to do it once before with her older sister but it felt even more intense this time as her Headmistress held her captive and an unknown woman lapped at her pussy in the middle of a classroom. Keeping one finger on the schoolgirl’s clit, Lara used her other hand to probe ever deeper into the young girl. She inserted one, then two, moving them in and out slowly, then hooking them up to massage Maria’s untouched g-spot.

When she did that, Maria was lost. She spread her legs wider and pushed back onto Lara’s fingers, never wanting her to stop. Lara was amazed at how the young girl had quickly got over her embarrassment and now found the only one who was embarrassed was herself as she continued to plunge deeper and deeper into the pupil’s cunt. Maria was moaning now in total abandonment and lust.

“When you cum, Maria, we will let you go.”

Both Maria and Lara had almost forgotten about the Headmistress, so intent were they in bringing the younger girl to orgasm. In fact, the Headmistress had already released her pupil’s hands and now, out of sight of the young girl, she produced the same vibrator she had used to fuck Lara’s arse. The young mother stared at it in horror remembering the pain she had felt not so long ago. She wasn’t sure her bottom hole had closed properly yet but she was too terrified of the older woman to stop bringing Maria closer and closer to her orgasm.

“Oh, God!” screamed the young girl as Lara made another woman cum for the first time in her life. “Oh God! Oh God! OH GOD!” Maria felt nothing but pure lust as she pushed her body back to meet Lara’s invading fingers, her whole body shaking and trembling in orgasm. Lara felt the girl’s pussy walls contract around her fingers and watched in horror as the Headmistress lined up the purple vibrator with the unsuspecting girl’s bottom hole.

“Get her hole ready, Lara.”

There was no doubt what the Headmistress had in mind and Lara was disgusted to realise that she was about to lick the girl’s tight, dirty hole. She knew that if she didn’t the girl would be in excruciating pain; she also knew that if she didn’t the Headmistress would call her husband without a second thought. Kneeling up she brought her tongue to Maria’s arsehole and, tentatively, touched the schoolgirl where she had never been touched before.

Maria was still coming down from her orgasm when she felt another new sensation. At first she couldn’t believe that it was what it felt like but when she looked around she could see Lara’s pretty face buried deep within her cheeks. She was just about to protest when Lara leaned back and Mara suddenly had something much worse than a woman’s soft tongue to worry about.

She felt the Headmistress press down on her back with one hand while pressing something else, something hard, against her bottom. In an instant Maria felt pain like she had never felt before as the hard vibrator burst through her anal ring and started to go deeper and deeper into her.

Lara wanted to help the young girl to survive this assault on her tightest hole so, even though she was supposed to be holding the schoolgirl’s cheeks apart, she reached down and began to rub her saturated pussy again. The young mother had realised that she had actually enjoyed the taste of Maria’s arse and now wanted to give her something back.

As the vibrator was turned up to a higher level by the merciless Headmistress, Lara replaced her fingers with her tongue, eager to drink Maria’s juices for one last time. Maria, having recovered from her first anal insertion was now trying to cope with the feelings coming from her pussy and her arse together. She could feel another orgasm building deep within her once again and, even though she couldn’t believe her Headmistress was fucking her bum, she knew she was going to cum like she never had before.

And she did. Her young body convulsed against her wooden desk as the two older women worked on her two stretched holes. Lara saw it as an act of kindness to deliver the girl’s orgasm to help her through this ordeal. The Headmistress saw it as an act of lust.

When Maria finally calmed down, Lara helped her off the desk and got her clothes back in to order. They were just about to leave when the Headmistress fired her parting shot.

“I’ll see you both in my office tomorrow at nine o’clock sharp. You two have had your fun today; tomorrow is my turn.”

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