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A Birthday to Remember

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Ray spent the day before his birthday doing all of the things that he wanted. He started his day with a hard workout at the gym and a long soak in the steam room, and then proceeded to have a hearty breakfast at his favorite restaurant. He spent the rest of his morning shopping around his favorite shops before relaxing at a local theater.

His wife Amy came along for the ride, and also enjoyed everything her husband had planned out. The weather was warm for a mid-march day and the sky was blue. A more perfect day could not have been asked for. Ray was ready to relax at home by the time evening came, but Amy had other plans.

Amy surprised him with a long massage and then scooted him into a hot shower. Ray spent a long time under the hot water and was pleasantly surprised to find a cold cocktail waiting for him on the edge of the bathroom sink when he climbed out of the shower. He took a drink and savored the cold, burning sensation of the alcohol sliding down his throat. He wasn’t thinking of anything else as he opened the door and stepped out of the steamy bathroom.

The television had been turned off, and had been replaced by the stereo. The music was gothic in nature and the woman singing had a thick and sexy voice. The door to the bedroom was open and Ray could see from the strong light that all of the lamps in the room were turned on. The situation seemed very strange, as it was hardly the romantic mood that he thought Amy had been trying to create. The door to the guest bedroom was closed and a light coming from under the door let Ray know where Amy was. He turned to head to his room, but the door to the guest room opened slightly and Amy poked her head out. She was wearing fresh makeup, but Ray couldn’t see what else.

“There are some items for you on the bed. Put them on and wait for me. I also left you something to think about as well.” Amy told him with a smile.

Ray smiled. The commanding tone of her voice told him that she had switched gears and that his relaxing evening was about to change. Little did Ray know, that as he made his way into the bedroom, just how much it would change. All of the lamps in the room were turned on as he suspected and he immediately noticed that the digital camera was sitting on the dresser and the camcorder was set on the tripod in a corner of the room.

The room was set as it usually was when Ray and Amy would film themselves, but Ray was always the one to set things up. The items on the bed caught Ray’s eyes, and he quickly investigated them. Amy had placed a pair of briefs that snapped open in the front, and a leather collar on the bed. Next to the clothing was a magazine that Ray had recently purchased and had shown Amy a few days prior. Ray slid the shorts on and then fastened the collar around his neck. He then relaxed on the bed to flip through the magazine.

The magazine was an import that he had purchased from Japan, and contained pictures and articles about S&M, and Female domination. The magazine had caught his eye one evening while surfing the web, and it was by far more than he could have hoped for. The pictures of the Mistress’s were clear and large, and they did not shy away from any form of kink. There was dildo play, oral worship, cream pies, and even golden showers. Ray had an eye for kink, and the magazine delivered. He leafed through the pages, but there was so much that he had no idea what Amy could have been planning. He slowly stroked his cock as he waited for her, and was soon sporting a full-blown erection.

“I didn’t give you permission to do that!” Said Amy. She was standing in the doorway and Ray had not heard her come in.

Ray was floored. She had gone all out to dress for the night. She was wearing her black leather corset, matching choker, stockings and boots. Amy had heavily curled her red hair the way he liked and the dark makeup she chose made her look even more the part of a bitchy dominatrix. He could also smell her perfume and was intoxicated by it. It was rare that Amy wore a heavy amount of perfume, but it was that overpowering scent that Ray loved.

Amy walked across the room and snatched the magazine from his hand. She sat it on the nightstand before addressing him.

“I let you do everything that you wanted to today, but not any longer. Your going to do what I want now, so it’s all up to you as to whether you enjoy it or not. Quite frankly, I don’t care either way.” She said.

Ray watched as she retrieved a small package from the nightstand that he had failed to notice before. She opened the box and withdrew a set of rubber rings.

“Stand up.” She told him.

Ray stood up and waited as Amy fingered the rings in her hand. She looked at the floor and looked like she was about to kneel, but stopped.

“I’m not going to kneel in front of you. Get your ass on the bed and stand up.” She said.

Ray turned to get on the bed and received a sound slap on the ass while doing so. He got to knees and then stood on the mattress, but had to extend his hands to touch the ceiling to keep his balance.

“That’s better. Now keep still.” Amy told him. She unsnapped the opening of his shorts, and let his prick free. His cock was sticking out, hard as rock directly in front of her. Ray tried to keep still as she fitted a band over his cock, and slid it down to the base. She spread the ring with her fingers and pushed both of his balls through. The ring returned to its normal size when she removed her fingers, and Ray felt the heavy pressure as his balls were separated from his shaft. She then took a second but smaller ring and rolled it down his shaft. The ring felt tight even as she rolled it, and she fitted it at the very base of his cock. Ray could feel his cock throbbing and could see the veins bulging along the bright red shaft. He thought she was done, but Amy had one final ring, and this one was the smallest. He grunted through gritted teeth as she slipped it over the head of his cock. She nestled it snugly directly beneath the crown, and Ray could feel that this ring had a small ball that pressed against the underside of his cock.

“That should keep that cock from misfiring. Do you like it?” Amy asked as she leaned back and admired her handy work.

“Yes.” Ray answered.

He immediately knew that he had responded improperly. Amy’s hand snaked out and she gave him a firm but not bruising slap across his prick. “Yes what?” She demanded.

“Yes Mistress.” Ray said quickly.

Amy smiled and grabbed a hold of his prick. She gave it a few firm strokes that threatened to topple Ray from the bed before releasing him. She turned and retrieved the digital camera from the dresser, and proceeded to take a few pictures of his bound cock. Ray winced as she slapped it a few times and commented about the pretty shade of red.

“All right. Get your ass on the floor.” She ordered while setting the camera down. Ray complied and watched as she switched on the video camera. He could see the view screen from where he knelt and the camera was capturing a perfect view of the action.

Amy bent over at the waist and shoved her ass into his face with one swift movement. Her cunt was already drooling and Ray pressed his face between her cheeks and lapped at her juices with his outstretched tongue.

“You haven’t earned that yet. I want your tongue in my ass.” She commanded. Ray complied and began to push his tongue into her pink ring, and was rewarded by Amy reaching back to push his face even further between her cheeks. She had taken a shower before giving him his massage, and her ass was relaxed from the hot soap and water. The tip of his tongue easily forced her puckered hole to open. He slowly pressed more and more of his tongue inside her bowels until he could go no further. Ray labored to wiggle his tongue, but even though she had relaxed, her ass was still far too tight for such a thing.

Ray twisted his head to a fro in an attempt to swirl his tongue in Amy’s ass. He eventually pulled free, but thrust is tongue back inside before her hole could contract. Amy bore down on one of his thrusts, and her ass opened up wider than before, allowing his tongue to sink inside to a new depth. Ray felt her pushing, and pressed his face so hard between her cheeks that his air was cut off. Even though she had cleaned, he could taste the musky inside of her ass chute, and the nastiness of it all only drove him further. He labored to breath and was sucking in short snorts of air as his slurping sounds filled the room.

“That’s it. Eat my ass. I want you to suck the inside of my ass!” Amy growled as she ground her ass back against his tongue. Her pink ass ring had expanded from the constant probing of his tongue, and she could feel his saliva mixing in her ass and leaking out around his tongue. Amy hadn’t planned on climaxing so soon, but Ray was working wonders on her poop chute, and she couldn’t resist it.

“You better not let that tongue slip out. Keep sucking my ass bitch!” She commanded as she let go of his head. Ray had not intention on moving, and kept on feasting on her ass as she slid her hand between her legs and began furiously rubbing her clit. Amy was closer to climaxing than Ray knew, and it was barely a minute before her hips bucked and she came. It was one of the most intense orgasms that she ever had. Her pussy squirted multiple times, both coating her fingers and splashing on the floor.

Amy finally found the strength to pull away. She quickly twisted and presented her ass to the camera. She held her ass cheeks apart with her hands and displayed her gaping hole.

“”I want everybody to see what a good ass sucker you are. You worked my hole wide open with your tongue you dirty ass licker.” Amy said with a sneer.

She stood, turned and looked down at Ray, who was still trying to catch his breath. His lips were slightly swollen from the wild ride, and his face was flushed. His cock was still rock hard and bobbing between his legs.

“Now what should you say?” Amy asked.

“Thank you for allowing me to suck your ass Mistress.” Ray said. He was somewhat amazed at what was happening. Amy had played the dominant role before, but never with as much gusto or realism.

Amy smiled, and it was a wicked one. “Look at that. You made me come on the floor.” She said, indicating a puddle on the floor. “Get down there and lick it up.”

Ray balked at the command, but should not have doubted her resolve. Amy grabbed him by his hair and quickly brought his face down to the floor. “I said lick it up bitch!” She yelled.

The violent action caused Ray to obey immediately. He extended his tongue and lapped up the salty puddle, even licking up the mess that had dripped from her well-reamed ass. She held his face down until the floor was clean of her fluids. This was definitely a new side of Amy, and he was shocked, but more excited than ever.

Amy climbed onto the bed and positioned herself on her hands and knees. “Get up here and put that cock to use.” She commanded him. She laid her head down on her folded arms and raised her ass further in the air. Ray climbed onto the bed and positioned himself behind her. He wiped the head of his cock between her drooling cuntlips and then slid inside. He made one continuous push and buried his cock in to the hilt, which was the exact way Amy liked.

“Now fuck my cunt hard and deep.” Amy demanded.

Ray gripped her hips in his hands and began to fuck her with as much force as he could muster. The rings around his cock made everything hypersensitive, and Amy was cruelly squeezing him with every thrust. His strokes were hard and long, with him almost pulling free each time he withdrew. This continued for almost a full ten minutes, and by which time Ray had reached a tortuous ecstasy.

“Harder!” Amy demanded, and Ray struggled to comply. He was already thrusting as hard as he could, but dug his fingers into her hips and began swinging his hips with everything he had. The rings were making an orgasm more difficult to achieve, but not impossible. He was grunting with every thrust, and Amy didn’t seem any closer to climaxing. The friction from her cunt was burning his cock and his balls were dripping with her juice. He could feel his orgasm approaching and tried to anticipate what Amy would want.

“I can’t hold out much longer. May I please come Mistress?” Ray asked, which caused Amy to grin.

“No, not yet. I’m not satisfied.” Amy told him.

Ray groaned in frustration and his thrusting slowed a bit. “I didn’t tell you to slow down bitch!” She yelled.

Ray resumed fucking the way she wanted, but he knew that he would be unable to keep from climaxing. He tried to think of anything that would curb his excitement, but nothing seemed to work. He could feel his stomach knotting up and knew that he had only a few seconds.

“Mistress, I can’t hold out any longer at this pace.” He said feverishly.

“Very well, but you’ll pay for not being able to hold out.” Amy said ominously.

Ray didn’t like the sound of it, so he tried even harder to last. Her warning helped him to last a bit longer and he believed he had it under control. “You asked to come bitch, so do it”! Amy yelled. The slight progress he had made in delaying his orgasm was quickly erased. He didn’t dare defy her, because he didn’t know what she would do. Ray began taking slower but harder strokes, and Amy was forced to brace herself with her hands to keep from being driven forward. He found it far easier to cum than to try and not. His cock throbbed and he could feel the sperm as it surged down the shaft. He cried out in both pleasure and pain as it burst forth from the swollen head and he could swear that he could actually felt the rings expand from the pressure

“Don’t stop!” Amy ordered, and Ray kept pumping. She waited until she was sure his cock had been emptied. She signaled for him to stop and then pulled away. Ray collapsed back on his knees exhaustedly. His cock was still hard, and was coated with his slick cum and her cunt cream.

“Get the camcorder.” Amy told him. Ray weakly climbed from the bed and retrieved the camcorder from the tripod. Amy took it, and ordered him back on the bed.

“Lay on your back.” She said. Once he had done so, she straddled his chest, and smiled while pointing the camera at him. “I told you that you would pay for not lasting longer, but since it’s your birthday, and you love my cunt, I’ll let you clean it up.”

Ray could only lay and wait as Amy slid forward and positioned her cunt over his mouth. She held the camera out to catch every bit of action and then began to push. He had wondered why she had just not simply pressed her cunt o to his mouth, but knew why when he saw her cunt lips began to bulge outward. A pearly drop of sperm appeared between her lips and then began to grow. It formed a long, thick string that hung from her cunt by at least three inches.

“Open up cunt licker.” She demanded. Ray held his mouth open, and he realized that he was actually salivating. The thick glob dropped abruptly into his mouth, but Amy stopped him before he could swallow. “Wait for it all.” She said.

Ray kept his mouth open as she pushed again, and this time he was rewarded with an even large amount of cream that was only a bit thinner in consistency. The third push produced less, and Amy had to slide two fingers deep into her cunt to fish for more. She pulled the gooey fingers out and smeared them all over his lips and under his nose.

“Okay, now swallow it bitch.” She said with a laugh. Ray swallowed it slowly, and it slid like a warm oyster down his throat. He opened his mouth when he was done to show her.

“That’s good. Did you like it?” Amy asked.

“Yes.” Ray replied. From her tone, he had taken for granted that she was asking about the entire session.

“Yes? I thought you had learned your place, but it seems I will have to punish you. Get on the fucking floor and kneel.”

Ray realized his mistake, but all too late. He climbed off the bed and knelt on the floor. He had no idea what she had in mind for him as a punishment.

“This has been a long time coming. I was hesitant at first, but this seems to be the only way to truly show you that I am in control.” Amy growled.

Amy climbed off of the bed moved until she was standing directly in front of him. She was standing so close that Ray again mistook what she wanted. He immediately moved his head forward and tried to lick her slit, but was stopped by a knee to his chest.

“Oh no! I gave you a treat and you forgot who was the boss!” Amy said. She was still holding the video camera, and he knew that whatever she was planning, she wanted to capture it on film. She seemed to hesitate for a second and Ray thought that she was changing her mind. His intuition proved to be totally wrong.

“Turn around and lean against the bed.” She told him. When he seemed to not understand her meaning, she grabbed his shoulder and turned him so that his back was pressed against the side of the bed. In this position, she stepped forward and straddled his chest. His head was trapped between her pussy and the mattress and he had no room to move.

“Open your mouth!” She commanded, and it finally dawned on Ray what she intended to do. His stomach was full of butterflies as he did so. Time seemed to slow down as he waited. He caught sight of himself in the camera lens, and it was in that exact instant that the first burst of her pee caught him in the face. Most of it landed in his mouth, but some splashed up his nose, and he began to sputter.

“Keep your fucking mouth open! If you spill it I’ll make you suck it up from the floor!” She yelled.

Amy adjusted her angle and the next spurt was more controlled. It landed in Ray’s mouth and he quickly swallowed. Amy filmed a few more spurts before pulling away. “Turn back around the way you were before. But keep that toilet of a mouth open.” She commanded.

Ray turned around and stayed on his knees with his mouth open as she ordered. She played with the angle of the camera for a second before tilting her hips and letting go with a powerful stream of salty piss. Her aim wasn’t perfect but it was good, and Ray had to move very little to catch the stream. Amy grunted and laughed as her pee arched through the air and landed in his mouth. His mouth filled up quickly and it began to sound exactly like a toilet bowl.

Amy cut the stream and gave him a second to swallow before firing a second salvo. The second stream started strong but rapidly weakened, and Ray scrambled forward to keep from spilling any. What little that did splash made the floor slick, and he almost slipped in his frantic movement. He followed the stream directly to her cunt and pressed his mouth to it as she finished relieving herself.

“Very good slut. Go take a shower. You smell like piss.” Amy said with a sneer of disgust.

Ray stripped and did just that, but made sure to not take too long. He was still wearing the rubber rings, and they were becoming a bit uncomfortable. When he was done, he entered back into the room, where Amy was relaxing on the bed. Her wasted urine had been cleaned from the floor, and a fresh pair of silk boxers and a matching robe waited for him on the bed.

“May I change into fresh clothes Mistress?” Ray asked.

Amy laughed loudly. She took the clothes and held them out for her husband. “I’m all done as Mistress for the night, but I must say that I had fun. I hope you enjoyed it too?” She said.

Ray smiled as he took the clothes. “That was more intense than I could have ever imagined. I loved it!” He exclaimed. Amy didn’t say anything as she slipped from the bed and knelt in front of him. She removed each ring, and Ray groaned as each slipped off. Amy then gave his cock a soft licking, and finished off with a soft pat on the still-tender head. Ray was spent, and after slipping into his clothes, he collapsed on the bed.

Amy cuddled up close to him and was stroking his chest as she talked. “I figured that it was time to do some of the things that I know you always talk about, but I also knew that you needed to be pushed into doing them. I hope I didn’t take things too far.” She said.

“No, no. That was wonderful. Being forced into is part of the thrill, and you had me so excited that I would have tried just about anything.” He explained.

“That’s good, because I have a hell of a lot more planned for my slut-slave tomorrow.”

Amy said before moving up to give him a deep kiss. Ray didn’t know just how much more she had planned. She knew that she would start off the day with a shower and her usual trip to use the toilet; the rich dessert would guarantee it. She also decided that it would be wasteful to use toilet paper when she had such a handy slave.

Amy drifted off to sleep before Ray, and he could only guess as to why she still had such a devious smile on her face.

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