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Mr. Pearson and I

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Mr. Pearson was away on travel again. I had met him about four weeks ago and borrowed some money from him to fix my car, well anyway, when I tried to repay him, he said it was a gift and to just forget it. That’s when I asked him if there were some way I could sort of work it off by doing some sort of jobs for him.

After thinking for a moment he asked if I’d be willing to take care of his house when he was out of town. It was an easy job and it left me plenty of time for my college courses.

Three weeks later, when I got evicted from my apartment because I was so far behind with my rent, I couldn’t think of anywhere to go except to him. Since he was out of town most of the time, I asked him if I could stay in one of his spare bedrooms until the end of my semester at college.

He agreed but I had to promise not to have any parties or such that would upset his neighbors. I promised, and that’s when Susie, my best friend, helped me move in and get settled.

What made it so great was that I had free room and board, and the use of his pool and all I had to do was bring in his mail, be sure the place was kept clean, and straighten things up once in a while.

It was sort of lonesome there all by myself and I finally asked him if I could ask Susie, my best friend, over sometimes to go swimming with me. Again he agreed but looked at me rather suspiciously. Actually I think at this point that he was sort of going out of his way to please me. Hell I liked it that someone cared for me, since I had lost my parents several years earlier.

Well one day when Susie and I were lying around the pool, tanning, he arrived home unexpectedly..and came out to the pool wearing a pair light blue Speedos.

He had come out so quickly and quietly that I hardly had time to sit up when I heard the sliding glass door open. I was frightened he might be upset, so I quickly got up and introduced Susie to him, explaining that she was my very best friend and reminded him that he had said it would be ok.

It didn’t seem to bother him in the least, and he actually asked the two of us if we wanted to go out to dinner with him that night. Susie hadn’t brought any decent clothes over, so she begged off, and feeling uncomfortable, excusing herself I walked her out to her car.

She stood with the car door open and her mouth hanging open. “Oh my god Kelsey, he’s, he’s gorgeous. He looks like one of those Chippendale guys that girls get for their bachelorette parties.”

I had to agree. I was aghast too. I hadn’t seen him in a pair of trunks either, so I never suspected what a hunk he really was. Anyway, I returned to the pool and lay on my tummy, undid my bra and bikini bottoms and began to tan. I was sort of showing off for him and thought I could explain my baring my back by telling him I was hoping not to get those tan lines that I hate so much.

Fifteen minutes later he came over to me and looked down.

“You’re going to get one hell of a burn Kelsey. You’d better get some lotion on or cover up a bit.”

I turned my head and lifted up just enough so my breasts cleared the lounger and asked him if he could put some lotion on my back.

I thought he would refuse and just hand me the tube and go away, but he must have realized that it’s difficult to oil up your own back, so he knelt down and began to rub the cream into my back.

I mean he oiled me up from my neck to my heels, not missing one inch. I thought he would hesitate when he got to my ass, but he didn’t. Actually he never lingered in one spot longer than absolutely necessary, but just long enough to massage the cream in. When he was done, he returned to his lounger.

Twenty minutes later he dove in and did a few laps before getting out and toweling off. I think he was going to go in the house and that’s when I got a bit panicky. I didn’t want him to leave. Without really thinking, I did something foolish.

I rolled over onto my back and lay there completely uncovered. He hadn’t seen me yet and just as he was getting up to go to the door, I called out.

“Mr. Pearson? Could you get me the lotion? I’d like to stay out a little longer and get my front done too.”

Turning he saw me and hesitated. A long moment passed and I held my breath. Then he walked back and picked up the tube and brought it over to me.

I kept my eyes closed and prayed. Suddenly I felt his fingers rubbing the cream into my forehead and over my face.

I was surprised when he continued to mass it in, moving lower his hands moved over my shoulders and throat. I held my breath and waited.

He didn’t hesitate. His hands moved down and he rubbed the cream into each of my breasts, lingering just long enough to rub it in, but not a moment longer. My nipples began to swell and become sensitive under his palms.

When he moved lower, across my tummy, I took a deep breath and waited. Would he or wouldn’t he, I wondered.

Without hesitation, he continued down, coating my hips and upper thighs, then I couldn’t help myself. I inched my legs slightly apart almost inviting him to apply the cream there too. His hands continued to the insides of my thighs and over my pussy. Again he didn’t linger, or do anything invasive, but just massage everything that was exposed.

By the time he got to my ankles I was on the verge of having an orgasm and my breath was coming in short gasps.

Standing, he looked down and commented: “Kelsey, I wouldn’t overdo it. You’re getting pink, and some places really don’t need all that much sun. Just be careful will you?” Then he turned and instead of going in, went back to the other lounger and lay down.

I knew the place he was referring to about not needing much sun, was bare pussy. I had just shaved it this morning and it was tender and should have been covered, but I wanted him to see and touch me there.

I mumbled something about just a few more minutes and waited. From that moment on it was sort of a game. I watched him to see if he was getting a hard on, and see if I could catch him taking sneak peeks at me.

He must have known he had aroused me. My nipples were swollen and my breath was still coming in long measured gasps. And I was sort of panting which made my breasts rise and fall. My pussy was doing a dance and I swear it was beginning to weep. I get very wet and creamy when I get excited.

All the while I kept watching his crotch and I could swear it was quite a bit larger now than when he first came out.

Anyway, he finally got up and went in. I followed three or four minutes later and since I he had seen me nude, I didn’t even bother to put my bikini back on, I just sauntered back in stark naked, and went to my room.

I was on the phone with Susie telling her what I had just done when he knocked softly on my door. “Better get ready Kelsey the reservations are for six and we have to be ready.”

I cut the call short, bathed, put on my make up, and we went to dinner.

That night, during dinner, I had too much to drink, but so did he, I think. He drinks these highballs called “Jackhammers.” Vodka and pineapple juice. Well anyway when we got home I wanted to keep on drinking. I was feeling really relaxed and mellow, so I made a pitcher of his vodka things and poured two, handing him one.

And I began. “You know Mr. Pearson, er… Ned, I think we get along pretty well, don’t you? I mean things are working out really good between us and I was sort of wondering about something.”

He looked questioningly at me as I continued.

“I was thinking since you’re not involved with anyone right now, and neither am I and well, I sort of have times when I kind of need to… you know, relieve my tensions.”

I blushed at my own forwardness and watched his face. A cute smile crossed his lips as if he understood and yet was a bit embarrassed.

I took another gulp of my drink and went on. “Anyway, I guess guys have times like that too and since neither of us has anyone to… sort of help us, I was wondering why we couldn’t team up and…maybe do that for each other sometimes. You know, no commitments or anything, just two people who like each other…you know, taking care of each other.”

Thank god for the drinks, I thought. Maybe he’s mellow enough to consider it.

He looked at me sort of dumbly and thought before asking. “What do you mean by helping each other? You know I’m a good bit older than you are Kelsey and I don’t want anything to happen that gets serious or complicated.”

I was panicked, and thinking he wouldn’t go for it, quickly went on to try and explain my way out of this. “Well, when you were at the pool with me this afternoon, and you helped put on the suntan lotion, well that was one of those times for me. Actually, in another minute I would have finished. That’s the sort of thing I was thinking about. You know when I get all keyed up you might just help me a little like that and it would be a nice way to finish, and I could do something for you sort of like that too.”

For the first time he lost his cool. “You mean you want me to make you orgasm and you want to do the same to me? How? I mean… Oh god Kelsey that’s dangerous. Sure it’s one thing to give you a massage or something if that helps you but what are you thinking about doing to me?”

I looked straight in his eyes and answered. “Give you a hand job, or something. It’s always better when someone else does it for you, don’t you think?”

I thought I had gone too far. He probably had known the answer, but never expected to actually hear me say it. And I began to get flushed at the thought of what I had proposed.

He looked at me and asked: “Are you serious Kelsey? Sure it sounds, sort of erotic and all, but you’re so young.”

“Not that young, Ned, and actually I’m in one of those moods right now just thinking about it. Why don’t we just try it this once and see if it works for us. If it’s too embarrassing or anything we can just forget that I suggested it.”

“You mean now? Where? Here, tonight? This is crazy.”

I was giddy and daring, and as I began to open my blouse, I answered. “Yeah. Now, right here. Come on, it’s ok, we wont make a mess here in the living room and I want to see if it works.”

By now I was pulling my skirt and panties off and I went to the couch where he was sitting and flopped down next to him and began to stroke his crotch thru his slacks.

Oh yeah, he was getting hard, and I was getting hotter and hotter just feeling him swell up between my curled fingers.

Moments later, I leaned over and I unzipped his fly and let my hand snake inside. Oooh yeah, he was hard alright, and I held his cock in one hand as I unfastened his belt with my other.

He must have resigned himself to at least letting me have my way this once, because he lifted up as I pulled his slacks and underpants down to his ankles. He kicked them aside as I took his shirt off.

Looking at what I held in my hand, I thought, my god he’s big. I had intended to jerk him off until he came and that way he would be obligated to do me, so I began to stroke his long hard shaft. At first, letting its surface slide across my curled fingers. The problem was, he had no foreskin and I really couldn’t dry stroke him for very long.

That’s when I lost control completely. I slid to my knees and moved between his legs and sort of tugged his cock to my waiting lips. I had intended to get him wet in my mouth so I could stroke him better, but once I had his cock between my lips, I didn’t want to let it go. So it happened for the first time.

The next morning he went on another trip, and Susie was sitting on the couch in his living room as I went into the details of what had happened.

She wanted to know everything. The most intimate things we did and what he said and did. So I began:

“Well I had intended to jerk him off but once I had him in my mouth I changed my mind. I decided I was going to suck him off. I was bobbing my head up and down like a damn woodpecker and all I was getting from him was a little pre-cum and achy jaw. He was really big and thick.

After maybe ten minutes of this he pushed me off and I thought he was going to call it quits and tell me he didn’t want to go thru with it, but instead he helped me up and carried me to his bedroom.

Susie, I have never had anyone make love to me like that before. He was like an octopus. He was all over me. He laid me down and he lay next to me. He slid one arm under my neck and over my shoulder so he could hold my breast and he began to use his fingers to massage my breast and nipple. He was rolling my nipple and sort of massaging my whole breast until it was so damn sensitive and swollen that I was shuddering all over.

He put his mouth over my other breast and was sucking, nibbling, sort of raking his teeth up and down its nipple, while his free hand crept down over my tummy and rested on my pussy.”

Susie was sitting there listening to my every word with her hand up under her blouse. She was playing with her own nipples. Soon her other hand was well down inside her jeans pawing at her pussy, as she moaned, “Go on, I want to hear it all.”

I continued: “As if that weren’t enough, he slid two fingers up inside me and began to curve them up and began to massage my “G” spot. That’s when his thumb began to move back and forth over my clit.

You know how hard it gets when I’m excited. Well it was swollen up pretty good by now and I know I screamed out the first time I came. But when I arched my back and came a second time, he began to sort of shake his hand and squeeze my cunt between his two fingers and thumb.

Everything was going on at once and I think I had one of those moments when you don’t know where you are or what’s happening to you.”

By now Susie’s eyes were glazed and she was on the verge of having an orgasm from just listening to me and playing with herself.

“Yeah,” she went on, “Tell me what happened next. Did you jerk him off than?”

“No,” I answered, “The guy’s a maniac. He let me rest for a second, then he changed positions and he went down on me.”

Susie’s eyes got large as saucers. “He actually went down and ate you out? Oh my god Kelsey, that’s my dream. He actually did that? Did he make you cum that way?”

I nodded and felt a flush run thru my body as I remembered the moment, trying to put it into words.

“Susie, you wouldn’t believe it. I grabbed for his cock and held it in my mouth as he did things to my cunt that are hard to explain. His tongue was lapping up and down my slit, pausing and stabbing deep inside my vagina. The room seemed to be filled with the sounds of me moaning and him sucking.

All I could do was lay there and listen to the sucking sounds he was making, sort of shush, shush, slurp, sloshing noise as he wiggled his tongue in and out of my cunt and I all the while I was sighing and sort of howling, half in my mind and half aloud.

I was using words I never thought a lady would use and I was shocking myself, not wanting to admit that I was saying such things aloud.

The man was driving me mad. Then he would suddenly have his lips over my clit and was sucking it into his mouth and flicking his tongue back and forth while his fingers somehow got back into my pussy.”

“Susie I have never ever in my wildest dreams felt anything like that. The guy was amazing. I was squealing and gasping, and a couple of times I had to pull his cock out of my mouth or I would have bitten it off. My god he was good.”

By now Susie was going for another round or orgasms as she urged me to go on.

“By then I was exhausted. I must have cum five times and I was sort of sobbing for air, you know like you sometimes do when you’ve been crying real hard and at the end you make those sort of sobbing, gasping sounds.

At that point I knew I had to do something really special or lose him, so I had him sit on the edge of the bed and I went down again to suck him off, but again he was too damn big.

So I told him to stand up and help me. He stood up, but looked confused, so I held his balls in one hand, and the base of his cock in my other hand and told him to fuck my mouth.”

Susie sat there with her mouth open. “You did what? Ohmygod Kelsey that’s so hot. Did he cum? I mean did it work?”

I was now playing with my own nipples and sort of rubbing my pussy thru my jeans as I went on.

“Yeah! When I began to pull him forward and force his cock down my throat and pull my head back, he got the idea and began to sway his hips back and forth. I found that if I pursed my lips as if I were going to whistle, he got more feeling. In the beginning, I held my hand at the base of his dick so he wouldn’t make me gag, but suddenly I didn’t give a damn. I wanted him to finish in my mouth and I wanted to taste him and swallow every drop.”

He was slow at first. You know, not wanting to gag me, but he kept getting harder and bigger each minute. Finally he began to stroke faster and faster and I knew it was going to happen, and Susie, I wanted it so bad I would have killed for it.

I wanted to hear him cry out and beg me. And most of that happened. I took my hand off his cock, took a deep breath and pushed my face forward so my nose was against his tummy. Suddenly he stopped moving and began to pull back.

I heard him call out my name. “Kelsey, no! Kelsey I’m gonna cum. Take it out! I’m cumming Baby. Oh my god girl, I am!”

I wanted him. I wanted him to cum in my mouth and I wasn’t going to let him go, so I reached around him with both hands and pulled his ass forward, holding him in my mouth as he came.

Susie stopped what she was doing and stared at me and gasped. “You wanted it? You wanted to taste him? Oh my god Kelsey. Oh my god you did that? What was it like? What did you do?”

I looked at her and sort of smiled proudly. “I loved it. It wasn’t bad at all. I guess pineapple and vodka makes it different. The first spurt wasn’t much, sort of like egg whites. Kinda thin but a little salty and metallic tasting. Then it got thicker but it was sort of sweeter after that. Seven or eight spurts later I was swallowing in big gulps and it got sort of sticky, like my tongue was sticking to the top of my mouth, but god Susie, it was him, and I really liked it.”

“Oh my god Kelsey, you’ve got it all. I think this is more than just the two of you helping each other out. I think you really have this thing for him. I mean a guy who feeds you, gives you a great house to live in, takes you out to great restaurants and now will even go down on you? It’s fantastic.

A month ago you were broke and going to have to quit college and now your sort of having sex with a guy who looks like a male stripper. Oh god honey, what’s going to be next? Do you think he might do me like that too?”

“What do you mean?” I asked. “You want me ask him to have a threesome? Exactly what should I ask him? If he’ll go down on you too? Hell Susie, I barely got him to go this far and now that its working, I don’t want to mess it up.”

She stared at me and mumbled, “Well, if the time’s ever right and you know, he might like to have two girls work that big cock of his over, and return the favor, you know, it’s possible, don’t you think?”

I suddenly realized I wanted him more than I cared to admit. I wanted to have him fuck me, not just let it stop with mutual masturbation or anything, I wanted it all and I intended to get him into bed with me and do it. And I needed to go beyond our agreement but I wasn’t going to propose a threesome until I had him to myself.

I explained that to Susie and she seemed to understand, but by next Tuesday, I had more to tell her, and she was going to be thrilled.

Again Sue sat curled up on the couch as I began:

When he came home Sunday night it was too late to go out to eat, so he and I watched some TV. I stared at him all night hoping that he would give me some sign that he was horny, but nothing happened.

Monday we kidded around and swam together sort of skinny dipping in the pool and although I tried, I couldn’t get him to take me to bed during the afternoon. That evening we went out to dinner again and again I got looped out. But I was more successful when we got home and I made another pitcher of drinks. I got him pretty mellow and sort of enticed him into my room.

Again he went down on me and again I went crazy, I mean really crazy. I sucked him off this time and he did cum for me without me actually having to jerk him off. I think he was feeling more comfortable with it by now and when I was finally exhausted, and he had finished in my mouth, we went to sleep.

Around two thirty I woke up and rolled him onto his back. He was still out but I sucked him up, creating one really huge hard-on before I tossed my leg over his hips and slowly slid down on his cock.

He moaned once or twice, but stayed out. Now I felt what I had been dreaming about for the past three weeks, his hard cock stretching me open and sort of pulsing deep in my cunt.

I began to lift and lower myself slowly while I massaged my clit with my fingers. I had never been able to cum just by having something move in and out of my pussy without helping with my fingers or vibrator, but I was getting close now. That’s when he began to come to. I panicked.

I knew he would stop me so I quickly lay down on his chest and wrapped my arms around his neck and slid my heels under his thighs, locking us together. He did struggle and try to break loose for a while, but all he accomplished was to stroke in and out a little as he twisted and turned.

Three breathless minutes later he gave up. I guess the feeling of his cock moving deep inside me finally got to him. He began to slowly thrust but with me on top of him, he really couldn’t do too much.

At that point I thought it was safe enough to relax my hold, and he suddenly rolled the two of us over so now he was on top. I looked up and heard my own voice cry out. “Fuck me Ned! It feels good doesn’t it baby? Feel my squeezing you? Come on honey give it to me. Be good, sweetie, I need to be fucked.”

He paused and lifting up whispered: Kelsey, No, we shouldn’t. Not this. I’m way too old to be doing this to a kid.”

I was actually closer than I have ever been to having an orgasm just by having something sliding in and out of my pussy and I wasn’t about to let it end.

“Oh crap, Ned, don’t quit on me now. I’m gonna cum any second and your gonna let me just lay here? No Way. Now fuck me until I cum baby, I’m close now and just a little bit more and… and… Oh god Ned, yeah, that’s it, long strokes like that.”

He had lifted up off my breasts and so help me god he was doing this thing that was driving me crazy. He was perfectly lined up with my slippery cunt and he would pull all the way out then plunge it back in again. Pull out, and then pound back in deep and hard. Now his pubes were pounding against my clit with each thrust and the room seemed to echo with the sound of his cock pistoning in and out of my pussy. “Thup, thup, thup,” in and out, turning and twisting, pausing and then plunging back in and pulling out.

No longer the soft “Pit a pat” as in the beginning, but now a slurping sort of slush, slush, sort of sound. I was leaking more of my own wetness then I could ever remember and he was churning it into creamy white goo that coated his cock. “Thup, thup, thup,” it went on and on and I kept begging and babbling for more.

“Feel it Ned? Oh my god it feels so good that way. Yeah, baby, faster now, I’m almost gonna…….. Cum! Gonna cum baby! Yeah I’mmmmmm cumminnnng all over your hot cock…… Oh god Ned, give it to meee!”

I threw my legs wide and high, my arms flung out to grab onto anything I could. I was cumming for the first time in my life simply by having his hard cock thrusting in and out of my pussy and I was terrified that it might end.

It was strong and it was long. I have cum a thousand times in my life, sometimes good, some times just a little blip but never ever anything like this. He kept pounding his thick hot cock deep inside me before drawing it almost out and then forcing it back in again.

Susie, “to feel your pussy collapse on itself than suddenly be stretched back open and filled, is a sensation that made my world stop. The sensation never seemed to end until he suddenly paused.”

“Oh god Kelsey, I’m gonna cum. Wanna pull out Kelsey, not this way, honey, Noooo!”

I had waited so long to hear him call out to me, to use my name that I wasn’t going to let him get away.

“Nooo Ned! Inside me! Shoot inside me! Give it to me there! I made it happen and it’s mine. Give it to me there, inside me!”

Hell, he couldn’t have stopped if the roof came crashing down. I was tearing at my own nipples and my eyes were locked on his face. His mouth was open and his body was shaking, he was quaking and sending spewing warm jets of warm cum deep inside my cunt, and I was ecstatic. I had him and I was sharing the moment with him. Suddenly he dropped onto my body and lay panting.

Now Susie wiggled and tucked her legs up under her butt as she smiled and murmured, “He’s ready for a threesome now Kelsey. Don’t you see it? He’s yours. He’ll do anything to please you now. If he didn’t care about you he wouldn’t have gone this far to please you. All you have to do is ask him to do you a favor. You know, Just suggest that it would be really exciting to watch him do all those things to your best girlfriend. He’ll do it I know.”

I didn’t think it would be that easy and quite frankly, I was terrified that unless I could mellow him out and get him in the mood, I might screw a good thing up, so we came up with another plan.

He had met Susie and seemed to like her. So when he came back from travel, I made sure that Sue was with me at the pool. As I expected, he offered to take us out to dinner, but this time it would be the three of us.

Everything went well, he had his two highballs, and we got ourselves well oiled by drinking a wee bit too much, but when we got back to his place, I did the pitcher of drinks thing, but now Sue was in on it too.

She complained about it being a bit warm in the house. Not unusual because I had turned the thermostat up just before we left. It must have been almost ninety when we got back. Anyway that gave us the excuse to take off our blouses. Kidding around, we got Ned to take his shirt off too.

I put on some “Dirty Dancin,” music and Susie started in on Ned. She was sort of tugging her skirt up and hunching on his thigh as she rubbed her bra against his hard chest. Soon the bra came off and it was a set of hard nipples that were being stroked against him. He was beginning to respond. Two more highballs and he was in his shorts and we were in our panties.

It was then that Susie did her, “oops I spilled my drink,” act. She dumped the glass between them as they were dancing and using that as an excuse, peeled off her wet panties. Next she naturally looked down at his shorts and before he could say a word, she had them down around his feet. It was easy for me to join in and I took my thong off too. So now we were three nudes dancing in the living room of a house that was sweaty hot.

Pretending to lose my balance, I pulled Ned down on top of me, landing on the couch. From that point on, he was lost. We sort of pretended to wrestle around on the sofa and all the time I managed to work my wet cunt up against his thigh. My other leg was sort of humping his crotch and within moments he began to grow hard. We sort of ignored Susie but by that time I had him hard and began to stroke him.

It was at that point that I put my mouth to his ear and whispered. “Someone’s jealous Ned. Shouldn’t we let her join in a little?”

He looked over at Sue as I continued to caress his now, huge cock, making no pretense of hiding it from view.

It was the moment of truth. Would he go with me on this or back out? Susie sort of slinked over and sat on the other side of him and raked her nails down his chest as I continued to stroke my hand up and down his cock. He didn’t say one word. He was beyond saying “No.”

I did a little baby talk in his ear as Susie kept him hot. Her hand had replaced mine on his shaft and I whispered, “Want to fuck her? I’d love to have you do that for her. I could help too. Look at those beautiful boobs and those big pink nipples. I bet she’s tight too, just like me. Want to do it Ned? Wanna fuck her and eat her out and do all that? I know she’d like that a lot.”

That was when Sue slid back on the couch and put her face in his lap, capturing his cock in her mouth. From that point on, he followed my lead. I didn’t want him to cum too fast but even if he did, he was quick to recover and didn’t lose his hard on like others did.

I almost had to pull Susie off him and get her to kneel on the couch. She faced the back and folded her arms, resting her head on them and began to wiggle her ass. Ned stood up and I moved him to stand right behind her. Now I wrapped my fingers around his cock, and began to rub its head up and down her cunt, spreading her juices up and down before allowing him to slide into her opening.

He must have realized that he might hurt her if he went too fast so he sort of inched his feet closer to her and he began to stretch her pussy open. I heard her draw a deep breath and slowly let it out before moaning, “OOOHHH, yesss. Fuck my pussy baby. Give it to me hard. I want it honey. Deeper, yeah, like that!”

I chimed in and began to encourage him. “She likes it Ned. Look at her wiggle that ass. Give to her good, sweetie. She needs it bad. Yeah like that. Hard and …yeah do that thing where you pull out and shove it back in. That drives me crazy. Give it to her that way!” By now he was glistening with perspiration and in the dim light I watched his ass swing back and forth, driving that beautiful cock in and out like some piston on a pump. Soon the room began to resound with the squishy sounds of his cock moving in and out. “Thwap, thwap, thwap,” over and over again and all the time Sue was sobbing and tossing her hair as she looked back over her shoulder.

“Yeah, Oh god yeah, screw it good! Oh my dear lord, give it to me more. Yeah,….ooohhh, ooohhh… Kelsey, Oh god Kelsey, I’m gonna cum Kelsey. I’m cumming now! NOW FUCK ME NED, FUCK ME DEEP AND FAST! YEAH FUCK MY SLIMY CUNT GOOD!”

I was so damn hot watching him screw my best friend that I was tempted to get right up next to her so he could do me too. I practically had my nose between them as I watched his shaft moving in and out of her.

His balls swayed back and forth and there was thick creamy stuff flooding out of her cunt. It had begun to sort of drool down onto the couch, and his cock had a sort of white collar of the stuff ringing its base. For a moment I thought he might have cum but I remembered, he always tells you when he’s cumming and kinda slows almost to a stop.

Sue always could have orgasms one on top of the other, but I think she was nearing her end. She must have cum five or six times before she screeched aloud.

“Oh my god. Anytime Ned. Finish any time honey. I can’t cum again. I can’t do it anymore.”

I panicked. Quickly I sat down next to where Susie was kneeling and when I heard Ned gasp. “Gonna cum! Kelsey? Kelsey I’m gonna shoot in her, honey!”

“Pull out I shrieked. Gimmee it! Pull out and fuck my mouth baby. Its mine Ned!”

Then I heard a sucking slurping pop, as his shaft slid out of Susie’s pussy. Quickly he turned towards me and thrust it back into my open mouth.

At first I was tasting Susie’s creamy cum, then suddenly Ned’s warm thick jetting spurts began to fill my mouth. I remembered the taste, the thick stringy stringent flavor of my first mouth full two weeks before and I swallowed thirstily until I had drained him.

By now Susie had moved to sit next to me and we struggled to move his pulsating cock from my mouth to hers. I had a mouth full when she finally got her lips over its head. Some had splattered on her cheek, but I knew the rest was gushing into her mouth. Finally she pulled off his cock with a sort of smacking sound and I watched her throat work as she swallowed.

She had done it. She had actually done something she didn’t think she would ever be able to do. She had swallowed instead of letting it drool out.

She slid her finger across her cheek and brought the thick globule to her mouth and licked her finger off. In the meantime I had kept working my hand up and down Ned’s shaft trying to keep him up. I wanted to be next.

We pulled two of the cushions off the couch and lay them one atop the other on the floor and I sat on them before rolling back. Now my cunt and ass were well elevated and it was obvious what I was waiting for. Now it was Susie’s turn to watch.

I spread wide and held my feet up high. I thought Ned would fuck me without hesitation, but instead, he bowed his head and began to run his tongue up and down my pussy. That damn tongue of his was working its magic again and I let out a squeal as he trapped my clit between his lips. Somehow he managed to get his fingers in me by sliding his hand under his chin and I exploded.

Sometimes your mind plays tricks on you. Sometimes thoughts turn into words. Sometimes the filthiest words the mind can create tumble from your lips and this was one of those times. I probably wasn’t even aware that I was making all that noise, but at that point I didn’t really give a shit. He was eating me out and I was going mad and to make it even more intense, Susie was down on me sucking my nipple as if she were nursing me.

The room filled with my cries and I couldn’t believe it was me. “Yeah, eat me baby! Like that. Taste me? Want to make me cum for you Ned? Do it more. Oh yeah Ohhhh here I go. Cumming baby, I’m gonna give it to you Ned. Suck it up baby!”

That’s the instant that Susie bit rather hard on my nipple and I thought I peed in his mouth. But when my body fell back down onto the cushions Ned lifted his face from between my thighs and his face was covered with a coating of my own creamy wetness. I had actually ejaculated for the first time in my life and I wanted it to go on and on.

Susie must have seen it. She knelt next to me and looked from him to me. Her mouth was slack and she just gasped, “Oh my god. Oh my god Kelsey. I don’t believe you did that.”

I was panting like a damn train and I lifted my head and practically screamed at Ned. “Fuck me! Put your cock in and fuck me good! For gods sake don’t leave me like this, fuck me honey.”

Now it was Susie’s turn to help. Ned inched forward on his knees and she forced his erect shaft down so it lined up with my slit. I felt him jab once or twice, missing my opening and almost going up the back way. But then on the third jab he was in. I was so wet by this time that all I could feel was the stretching sensation, than the fullness of having his thick cock deep inside me. The way my cunt was tilted I felt the head of his cock press against something deep inside me. Almost as if he were pushing something up into my abdomen, but as he began to slowly stroke in and out that sensation turned to one of being full, than empty. Over and over again he drew completely out only to return and each time he seemed to force me open again to take him in.

Then I began to cum. And as if to help me, Susie had put her fingers over my clit and began to swirl them round and round over my clit. Seconds later I was sobbing again and bucking up to meet each thrust with one of my own.

It’s almost indescribable. I mean the sensation of orgasming over and over again without really coming down from one before soaring into another and I gave up screaming and between trying to catch my breath, I could only moan. “Unh, unh, unh, oh, ooh, ohhh, over and over again.

I guess Susie got excited watching us because she came to life again. “Give it to her, Mr. Pearson! Fuck her more. She needs it. She loves it! She wants your cum again. You can do it Mr. Pearson. Shoot another load of cum for her. She wants it!”

As if on command, I heard Ned’s familiar warning. “Gonna cum Kelsey. God baby I can’t hold it back. Here it comes. Yeah, oh Yeahhhhh, take it now!”

I felt him convulsively jerk deep inside me, spewing the first jet of his cum deep and hard. Then he drew back and his cock sprang upward, pulling free and suddenly I watched the milky ribbon of cum arc up and spatter across my tummy and breasts.

Susie quickly pounced. Hardly had he stopped spurting before she was down lapping the thick globules of cum up. She reminded me of a kitten lapping up milk and I suddenly wanted to giggle but then she got up to my breasts and the sensation, and thought of what she was doing suddenly became the most erotic thing I had ever encountered.

Even though Ned had abandoned my pussy, the sensation of Susie licking and sucking his cum from my nipples and breasts sent me into one last hard contraction and I took a long gasp before finally wilting.

So we had had our threesome and my Ned actually suggested that we do it again some time. Of course Susie was thrilled, but actually I sort of wanted him to pay more attention to me so I signed up for classes during the summer vacation so I could wean him away from her. The one thing I had wanted him to do to her will probably happen the next time we have a threesome. I want him to rape her ass. Of course, I’ll be his coach and help if she needs any extra help from my vibrator. So we’ll see what happens.

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