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Taking the Plunge

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Remember when you were 10 or 11, and your buddies double-dog dared you to jump off the high diving board at the local swimming pool?

Well, something like that happened to me recently, and it was the most incredible erotic experience of my life. I still can’t believe I did it, but I guess if you climb up on the board often enough, eventually you’ll throw caution to the wind and make that jump.

My name is Dale, and I’m in my late 20s. I’m single, although I usually always have a girlfriend. I don’t have movie-star looks, but I’m not ugly. I’ve got a thick mustache and brown hair that I like to wear fairly long. I’m of average height and weight, but I do work out quite a bit, and my job involves a lot of heavy lifting, so I’m pretty well toned.

My day job is in construction, and while it pays pretty well, I know I can do better for myself. So I’m saving money to go to college. A year or so ago, my girlfriend at the time suggested that with my physique I could make a little money on the side as a male stripper.

This girl knew that I’m a closet exhibitionist, and I took to the work like a duck to water. I’m strictly an amateur, in that I don’t work clubs, but rather do parties and such. You’d be amazed how many horny women get off on watching a guy strip naked, you’d be flabbergasted to learn how many of them want to watch a man masturbate, and you’d be absolutely dumbfounded to find out that they get off on watching a man fuck himself with a dildo.

So that’s what I do, if that’s what they want. I charge $100 for a straight strip show, $150 if they want me to masturbate and $200 if they want to watch me use a dildo or butt plug (or both) on myself while I stroke my thick, 7-inch cock. It’s all cash, up front, so the host knows what’s coming. That’s to prevent anyone from causing a scene when things start getting hot.

My girlfriend got my first show together, I put an ad up on the Internet, and word gradually spread that I was some real hot entertainment. You want to spice up a hen party or a bachelorette party, and I’ll definitely give you your money’s worth. Usually, the ladies will tip me quite generously in addition to my fees, and some have slipped me their phone numbers, which has led to some very nice encounters.

One day, however, I got a call from a man who sounded as if he was in his 30s. He identified himself as Curt, and what he wanted made me pause. He was gay, he had heard about my show, and he wanted to hire me for his partner’s birthday party. I had never done a gay party before, largely because I wasn’t sure how I would react.

You see, in addition to being something of an exhibitionist, I’ve had a strong desire to experience sex with a man. I don’t know why, but it’s been there ever since my high school days, when I’d be in the locker room shower after football practice, and size up the other players’ cocks.

I had never acted on this desire because, well, I was afraid I’d like it too much. I love women, everything about them, the softness of their skin, the curve of their breasts, the wet heat of their pussies, and I’ve never left anyone unsatisfied. I’ve just never found one yet that I loved enough to want to spend the rest of my life with, and when most of them find out I’m not going to commit myself to one woman, they usually drift away. But even those relationships usually end amicably, and I currently have about a half-dozen girlfriends I see who don’t mind being one of the crowd. There’s no deception involved; they all know up front that I see other women. I can only think of a couple of relationships that ended bitterly, and those were more the woman’s fault than mine (honest).

Nevertheless, I always wondered what it would feel like to suck a man’s hard cock, to feel him shoot cum down my throat or all over my face. I discovered early in my teens just how sensative my anus is, and the fantasy of taking a man’s throbbing erection deep in my ass and letting him fuck me until he fills my bowels with hot cream always sends my arousal soaring. That’s one reason I incorporate dildoes with my act, to stimulate my arousal.

Anyway, I kind of hemmed and hawed, then decided, ‘what the hell, why not,’ so I told Curt I’d do it. He wanted the whole $200 show, and promised I’d make at least that much, if not more, in tips. He said he had invited about 20 men to the party, but he didn’t expect all of them to show. He assured me that they were all professional people, and that they would behave. We made the deal, and he gave me directions to his house.

When I got to his expensive suburban home that Saturday night, there were 17 men at the party, including Curt and the birthday boy, whose name was Bob. There were men of every size and sort: three blacks, two Asians, two Hispanics and 10 whites. They were all in their 30s, most of them were well-built and looked like they had money to spare. I knew I was going to do well that night.

Curt was a fairly large man, with a cheerful demeanor, while Bob was about my size and slender, with a gentle expression.

After the group had had a few drinks to loosen up (except for me, I don’t drink), the group descended to a cozy downstairs den that had seats enough for everyone. I brought my props in, a bag containing the tools of my trade, and a padded mat. This mat folds out to an eight-foot square “stage” that protects my knees when I start to get into the “meat” of the show, and to protect the host’s floor from flying cum.

I retired to an adjoining bathroom to change into my costume. I wore a black leather vest and a pair of black leather pants that resemble bicycle shorts. Underneath my shorts I had on a cloth g-string. I like the way the strap of the g-string stimulates my ass when I’m doing the full show. I had dropped a Viagra earlier, just to give me an extra boost. Later on, I would be damn glad I’d done it.

Before I left home, I had scrubbed my butt real well and given myself an enema to clean out my insides. I was ready.

From the host’s sound system, loud dance music began to play, and I made my entrance. The room was semi-dark, with just a line of three soft floodlights hanging from the ceiling that Curt had thoughtfully trained on my mat. The room had a real sexy, seductive glow to it that turned me on.

I danced suggestively, giving each guy a close look at the bulge in my pants. After awhile, my vest came off, and I made an exaggerated show of squeezing and lightly pinching my rock-hard nipples. I don’t have a lot of chest hair to begin with, and I shave what I have. In fact, I shave off all of my body hair right before a show. I find it highly stimulating when I run my hands over my hairless body.

The crowd was really getting into it, and I could see a lot of the men were squeezing their cocks, either with their hands or legs, trying to suppress their hard-ons, and the lust in their eyes was quite apparent as I danced real close to each man.

Of course, I paid extra attention to the guest of honor, rubbing my chest against his face and lightly running my tongue down his cheek. As the music continued, I danced back to the center of the room and asked them what they wanted, and they quickly chanted for me to take my pants off. I teased them for a few minutes, showing them my perfect buns before I peeled the tight pants off and let them drop to the floor.

The room went silent as they watched me dance erotically around the room. My cock was throbbing hard, and the front of my g-string was wet where it had come into contact with the leaking tip. I was as charged up as I had ever been, and I really got into it. I bent over, squatted down, spread-eagled, everything. As I danced, a slick sheen of sweat had built up all over my body, and I was ready to go a step beyond.

I stepped up to Bob and got up on the sofa, where he was sitting goggle-eyed. I straddled his hips and gave him my very best lap dance, grinding first my cock, then my ass all over his crotch, where his dick was making a tent of his pants. I put my hands on his shoulders as I dry-humped him, and bent my face down until we were practically touching. My tongue slithered out of my mouth and I licked my way down his nose until I reached his lips. He couldn’t help himself. He opened his mouth and kissed me, full with a lot of tongue. We kissed just long enough for him to get into it, then I pulled away.

Mesmerized, he reached in his pocket, peeled a $50 bill off a roll of cash and slid it in my g-string, getting a good feel of my iron-hard cock as he did. Well, that sent everyone in the room reaching for their wallets to pull out bills, and for the next few minutes I worked my way around the room, giving all of them a lap dance and letting them cop a feel. By the time I’d gotten around to everyone, I had almost $400 hanging off my g-string.

By now, I was beyond aroused. I could tell I was going to shoot an absolute fountain of cum, I was so turned on. As the crowd started up a rhythmic clapping, I started to peel the g-string off my cock. I gave them a couple for teases before I finally pulled the material down. My cock bounced out of its confines like it was on springs, wobbling wetly before their eyes. I quickly dropped my last piece of clothing to the floor and tossed it into my bag.

I felt a rush roar through my body the way it always does the first few moments when I’m completely naked in front of a crowd. It is so liberating to be nude and aroused with people watching you. I shimmied my hips and waved my iron-hard cock as I danced close to each man in the room. Occasionally I ran my hands over my cock and balls, but I refrained from any serious stroking. I knew I was too turned on, and that if I fondled myself too much I’d cum prematurely, spoiling the show.

I did everything all strippers do, splits, spreadeagles, bending over to show them my pink butthole, raising my legs high over my head, giving them a real good look at everything I had.

At last, I returned to my mat and prepared for the climax. I spread my legs as I stood in the center of the mat, took one hand and got my cock covered with my slick pre-cum. With the other, I reached back and began to finger my ass, not really penetrating, but just rimming the hole. That alone sent spasms of lust through my body. With only my sweat as a lubricant, I pushed a middle finger in and worked it around, all the time lightly jacking my cock. I couldn’t suppress a groan of lust as I slid one finger and then two fingers into my sweaty ass.

I worked them in my butt with some difficulty, then pulled my fingers free. I danced to my bag and pulled out a bottle of baby oil, my dick waving seducively in front of me. As the crowd clapped and whistled, I poured oil all over my body and sensuously ran my hands all over to make sure every inch of me, except my face and hair, was covered. I dropped to my knees as I worked my cock with my hands, sometimes one, sometimes both. Reaching back, I resumed finger-fucking myself, and now it was much easier. I had three fingers pumping lewdly in my ass as I stroked my cock slowly, evenly.

Looking around the room, I could see the wolfish looks and the agonized expressions as they fought the urge to pull out their cocks and join me. Little did I know…

Gasping with lust, I crawled to my bag and pulled out my dong, a medium-sized, 7-inch rubber dildo. Usually, I start with a butt plug to get my ass accustomed to insertion. But not now. I was too far gone.

Kneeling on my mat, my ass pointed directly at the guest of honor, I pushed the fake cock into my ass, groaning loudly as I did. I worked it back and forth with one hand while my other stroked my cock more briskly than ever. Every nerve in my body was straining to hold back the tidal wave of cum that was boiling in my balls.

I swiveled around, so my cock was aimed at Bob, and lowered my body until the dong was sitting up on the mat, then I took both hands and worked my cock as I rode the rubber dong.

Up and down, up and down, I was in a frenzy of lust as I worked my body on the rubber dick while masturbating my throbbing, purple cock. My body was a live wire as I strugged for control. Gasping, I asked the crowd what they wanted to see.

“Cum, cum, cum…” they chanted, and I was ready to accommodate them.

I squeezed my eyes shut as I felt the electric tingle in my scrotum. With a choking cry, I fisted several really hard strokes and felt a volcano roar through my cock as I exploded in as violent an orgasm as I could remember having.

My first shot arced a good five feet in front of me and for the next few seconds I kept spewing out my white cream, until it was oozing out my cock to cover my hands. My chest heaving, I dropped my hands to the floor, then gingerly slid the dildo out of my ass, as the crowd erupted in applause. I bowed weakly as my host walked up to me while I pulled a towel out of my bag to wipe my hands, and to clean off my mat. He handed me a big glass of ice water, which I drained.

“Great show, man,” Curt said. “Really great.”

Curt’s den opened to a back patio with a large swimming pool that he generously offered to let me use, so that I could cool off. After I stowed my stuff in the bathroom with my clothes, I walked out, still naked, to take advantage of the offer. As I did, members of the crowd, now mixing and mingling as they refreshed their drinks, shook my hand and thanked me for a great show. But the way they looked at me was a little disconcerting, for they all plainly lusted after me. I felt a strange chill run down my spine as I walked to the pool.

The water was cool, but not too cold, and it was most refreshing on my super-heated body. I swam a few laps just to limber my muscles, then I sat in the shallow end of the pool and rested. I had just completed another leisurely lap when I noticed that Curt had come out and was standing by the side of the pool, gazing at me. When I reached the side of the pool, he squatted down, and I couldn’t help but notice a very large bulge at his crotch.

“Dale,” he began. “That right there was just about the hottest thing I’ve ever seen a person do, and I’ve got to tell you that every man in there was stiff as a board. I know, because I certainly was, and I got a chance to look around at everyone else. Anyway, we’ve been talking, and we have a proposal for you.”

“A proposal?” I asked, my heart in my mouth.

“Yeah,” he answered. “We’re willing to pay you a very large sum of money for something extra.”

“How much is a very large sum of money, and what would I have to do?” I asked, although I had an idea what was coming.

“Two grand, cash,” he said in a low voice. “If you’ll let all of us fuck you.”

It’s a good thing I was in the water, otherwise, my cock might have given me away. Here was my opportunity to finally experience gay sex – in mass multiples. This was way beyond anything I’d ever really contemplated, but the truth was, I had occasionally fantasized about doing just that, having a roomful of men fuck me and cover my body with cum. And $2,000 was a lot of money. I could do a lot with that kind of cash.

Still, I had reservations, so I raised them.

“If I do this, how do I know things won’t turn rough?” I asked.

“You have my word as a man of honor,” Curt said. “None of us is into pain or bondage or any of that shit. We’re all about pleasure, always have been. It’s my house, and I set the rules.”

“OK, what about the possibility of disease?” I continued. “I don’t want to leave here with some sexually-transmitted disease.” Curt frowned a little at this.

“Dale, I know every man here, and I can vouch for them,” he said. “If any of them have anything, I would have heard about it. Like I said, we’re about pleasure here.”

He knew my resistance was cracking, from the questions I was asking. And, despite the coolness of the water, my cock was growing at the thought of being their cum whore for the night.

“Give me a couple of minutes to think about it,” I said, and he agreed, returning to the house. I really didn’t need to think about it, but I wanted to compose myself. Then I climbed out of the water and dried off. My heart was pounding as I walked into the den. The room went silent as I entered, all 17 men looking at me expectantly.

I just smiled and ran my tongue sensually over my lips.

“All right, I’ll do it,” I said. “Just remember that I’ve never done anything like this before, so be nice.”

At that, the crowd erupted in hurrahs, and began to gather around me. However, I excused myself to retire to the bathroom for just a minute to pee and prepare myself, while Curt passed the hat to collect my money. In the bathroom, after I peed, I looked at myself in the mirror and wondered what I’d gotten myself into. I was about to become a real-life whore, a paid sex provider, and the prospect was a little intimidating.

But I had told them I’d do it, and frankly I got a thrill out of the thought that I had so aroused them that they were gladly willing to pay me a lot of money to relieve them. And I knew that if I didn’t do it then, I’d never do it, and then I’d always have those what-ifs.

Just then, I heard a knock on the door. I opened it, and Curt came in with a wad of cash. I noticed that he was naked with a very big, very fat cock waving in front of him. Before he handed the money over, he looked me dead in the eye and asked me one final time.

“Are you OK with this?” he said. “If you’re not comfortable, we can still call it off, no hard feelings. We’d be disappointed, but we all understand how it is with guys who think they may be bi.”

My answer was to reach up with both hands, grab the sides of his face and give him a big, deep kiss. Our tongues jousted as our lips locked, and our hands roamed over each other’s torso. Then I broke the embrace, took the cash from his hand, put it in my wallet and headed out the door.

“Let’s do it,” I said with confidence I didn’t entirely feel.

You could almost hear the hum of satisfaction when I walked out naked, my hard cock already wet and throbbing. They were all naked, and I walked among them, touching and caressing their bodies as they were caressing mine. It was about the most sensual thing I’ve ever experienced, a relaxed feeling out of sensations, sort of the calm before the storm. Some of them I kissed, some of them I wrapped my hands around their cocks to get used to the feel of another man’s dick.

I learned that cocks are like snowflakes, no two are exactly alike, and that thrilled me somehow. At last, I found Bob, the man of the hour. The crowd sort of parted as we came together. There seemed to be an unspoken decision that he would be first. We kissed deeply, ravenously, exploring each other’s mouth’s with our tongues as the rest of the group began to find places to sit to await their turn with me. Our hands roved over each other, until we found each other’s cock, literally at the same moment. We were both bursting hard, and wet at the tip.

I ran my hands over his chest, rolling his hard little nipples, then I bent down and licked them. I licked and kissed my way down his chest, until I was on my knees staring at his cock in front of my face. I took it in my hand and softly stroked it, as Bob moaned in acute arousal. As I watched, a big ball of pre-cum flowed out the tip, so I took my index finger and lightly rubbed the lubricant all over the head of his dick.

My mouth was literally watering. Bob had a perfectly-shaped cock and nice-sized, not too long, not too fat, but just right. I inhaled his manly aroma seconds before I swiped my tongue up the underside of his dick. I licked all around the shaft, then brought my mouth to his dick and sawed his length between my lips, lapping all around it with my tongue as I maneuvered it over my mouth.

When I had his cock covered with my saliva, I opened my mouth and slid his cock past my lips. I sank my mouth on Bob’s hot cock until he hit the entrance to my throat, and I began to work my mouth over his tool.

The moment Bob’s cock sank into my mouth, I knew the reasons I’d been reluctant to pursue a gay relationship had been correct. Frankly, I found that I loved cock. I loved the feel of it, the taste of it, everything. And I quickly realized that I was good at sucking cock. I wasn’t sure about the big dicks I could see some of the guys fisting, but I could take a cock the size of what Bob had, and I quickly vacuumed his cock to the hilt. I took him all the way in, then pulled him all the way back, swirling my tongue around the shaft as I did.

As I sucked on Bob, slowly, sensually, I felt someone’s fingers rubbing over my anus. I looked back and it was Curt. He ran his big hands over my butt cheeks, over my anus and between my legs to my throbbing-hard cock, which was already leaking fluid onto the mat. He circled my cock from behind and softly stroked me, and I hummed in satisfaction over Bob’s dick in my mouth.

Then he took his hand away, but only for a moment. This time he had some lubricant jelly on his fingers, and he casually slipped one of them past my sphincter and into my ass. He had big fingers, and he was slowly finger-fucking me, getting the hot lube way up inside me. Then he pulled out, added a little more lube, then pushed two fingers in my ass. I growled at that, and I licked Bob’s cock with absolute lust in my eyes.

I looked up at Bob, and nodded my head.

“It’s time for you to fuck me,” I whispered, and a sort of charge rolled through the room.

I was still kneeling on my mat as Bob walked behind me and got down on his own knees. Just to emphasize my willingness to be used by these men, I reached behind with both hands and pulled my butt cheeks apart, exposing my open hole, slick with lube.

Bob pressed his cock to my ass and I just closed my eyes, relaxed and let him push the head past my sphincter. Because I had already been opened up during my show, there was very little resistance, and we both groaned erotically as his hot, hard cock sank into my rectum.

“Ah God,” I gasped as I felt his hardness begin to fill me. It didn’t feel anything like a rubber cock. It had a soft hardness, if that makes sense, that was completely different from a dildo. And was he ever hot. Bob’s dick felt like a warm rod scudding up my ass, and it was causing sensations like I’d never felt before.

Bob quickly established a steady fucking motion in my ass, gripping my hips to pull me back and forth on his rod. I lightly stroked my own nuclear cock just enough to keep it stiff as a board. An overwhelming lust came over me, and I found myself asking for someone to come put a cock in my mouth and let me suck it off. I wanted to taste cum; I wanted to feel cum on my tongue; I wanted to have cum all over me.

An average-sized white man stepped up and knelt in front of me, and I gobbled his cock into my mouth like a starving man. In no time, the two men were fucking me in tandem, pushing and pulling me on their cocks, as our groans of lust filled the room.

I knew they couldn’t last long. They’d been much too keyed up from my performance and the build-up to this encounter. Bob began to pick up his pace in my ass, pounding me from behind, while the man in my mouth grabbed me on either side of my head and started fucking my face hard.

It was Bob who came first. With a gasp, he drove his cock deeper than ever and spewed a huge cum load into my bowels. It felt like someone had stuck a waterhose up my butt as he filled me with his hot cream. Just a few seconds later, the man in my mouth pushed his way deep into my throat and shot bolt after bolt of tangy cum down my throat. There was a slight acrid taste to it, but otherwise it didn’t taste too bad. I swallowed as much as I could, but he shot so much that some of his cum dribbled out the corners of my mouth. I milked him with my lips to get the last few drops, while my rectal muscles squeezed out the last of Bob’s cum.

Both men pulled out nearly simultaneously, and I could feel Bob’s cum dripping out of my open ass. But it didn’t drop very far, because another man was already in position. He took the fat head of a nice-sized cock and smeared the cum all over the outside of my anus, then pushed his way in to the hilt.

I groaned lustfully, my hard cock bouncing off my belly as I lurched back to meet his incoming thrusts. As I worked my hips over this nice, fat dong, an Asian man with a fairly small cock, maybe 5-6 inches, stood in front of me and pushed his cock into my mouth. I let him fuck my mouth at his leisure, concentrating on the cock in my ass. I could already feel the slickness of my rectum as the man fucked me in frenzied strokes.

These two didn’t last long at all. The Asian man spewed a thick cumload that I was able to swallow with very little trouble, and the man in my ass also shot over a half-dozen hard shots, adding his cum to what was left of Bob’s load. I felt the warm cum slide down my throat as the Asian man withdrew, and I could feel cum dripping out over my crotch as the man in my ass pulled out.

Next up was a large black man, and he came up to my face, knelt down and kissed me hard, insistent. He visibly savored the taste of cum on my lips, then looked me in the eye.

“Are you ready for a really big cock?” he asked, and he had a really big cock. I ran my hands over the hard mahogany-colored tool, which was easily 9, maybe 10 inches long, and fat. I just nodded my head like I was in a trance, so he crawled behind me and pressed the head to my gaping asshole.

It’s a good thing he hadn’t gone first, because if he had, I don’t think I could have taken him. As it was, he stretched my anus wide then filled me incredibly deep. But once he got it all in, I went crazy, because it felt absolutely divine. I looked back over my shoulder and fairly snarled at him.

“OH YEAH!” I shouted. “Fuck me hard, that’s just how I like it!” I was officially in the fuck zone, where nothing else mattered but pure sexual pleasure, and I wanted this big black beauty to fuck me to oblivion. I looked over the men who were waiting and I informed them in no uncertain terms that I was ready to be used.

“C’mon!” I said loudly. “I want two big ones in my mouth!” And two big ones obliged. They were both white men, one with a fairly fat 7-incher, and the other a big guy with a long fat dick. It wasn’t quite as big as the ebony pleaser in my ass, but it was close, and they both stepped up to either side of my face and let me start working on them.

I took them both in a hand and stuck my mouth over the one to my left, the smaller of the two. I sucked on his throbbing hard pecker, then moved to the other. I could only get about two-thirds of this guy in before it just wouldn’t go in any further. I worked on him, then went back to his partner. Back and forth I went, slobbering drool onto the mat as I went from cock to cock.

Meanwhile, Black Beauty was fucking me with even, steady strokes, not too fast and not too slow, and I could feel his hand reach around my waist and start to stroke my cock in rhythm to his back-and-forth thrusts.

The two cocks at my head were each fucking my mouth with harder, faster strokes, and on cue, they both took their cocks out of my hands and jacked off furiously for maybe 10 seconds. I stared fascinated at their hands on their cocks, and gasped when they both exploded almost at the same time. They shot their cum all over my face in big, white gouts of semen. They covered both of my eyes, my lips, cheeks, everywhere. When they had finished shooting, I pulled the head of each cock to my lips and drained the last dregs of their orgasm onto my outstretched tongue.

When that display was finished, the man in my ass said, “now it’s time to really fuck you like a whore.”

He pulled his huge cock out of my ass, rolled me onto my back, lifted my legs high and rammed his cock back into my red, swollen ass. I gasped with pleasure as he began to fuck me at a far more brisk pace than he had earlier. Quickly, one of the Hispanic men straddled my head and pushed a fair-sized cock into my mouth from behind. At the same time, he grabbed my ankles and pulled my legs back until I was nearly bent in two, and in this position, the black guy could really hammer my ass.

And, man, was I loving it! They worked like a well-oiled machine, using me like a ragdoll, drilling their cocks all the way to the hilt with no regard for me whatsoever. The guy fucking my face simply ignored whatever gag reflex I may have had left and was fucking my throat with purpose, right in time to the guy fucking my ass. I could hear gibberish escaping their lips as they fucked harder and faster.

Just when I thought I was going to choke, the guy in my throat swelled and shot a tremendous load of cum straight into my stomach, and seconds later, the black guy finally surrendered his load, and I thought he’d never stop cumming. Even before he finished, I could feel his cum oozing out around the base of his cock and onto my mat.

My chest was heaving when they pulled out, leaving me bereft of the cock that I had already come to love.

I wasn’t empty very long, however, as two more men stepped onto the mat and introduced their cocks to my eagerly waiting holes. A smallish white man knelt between my widespread legs, slid his cock up my flooded ass and quickly set up a brisk fucking pace. His cock wasn’t real long, but it was quite meaty for its size, and he fucked me effortlessly.

At the same time, a plumpish Asian with a good-sized cock knelt to the right of my head and offered me his cock to suck. I reached up and fed it into my mouth, licking the shaft as it scudded into my throat. I was a little surprised at how easily I’d mastered the art of deep-throating a cock. This wasn’t exactly a small cock, but I was able to take this man to the hilt with a minimum of effort.

I sucked his cock with long, deep thrusts, then pulled his cock out and sucked each of his low-hanging balls into my mouth, while I watched him steadily jacking his cock. Turns out, I’d been too good, because as I licked right at the sensitive place between his scrotum and his anus, he groaned heavily and shot a half-dozen thick ropes of cum over my face, adding them to the cum soup that streaked my face.

Watching my face get hosed like that was too much for the man who’d been fucking my ass, because he suddenly pulled his cock out and shot his cum load all over my abdomen and over my throbbing-hard cock. He covered my dick with his cream, and when he was done, I gently massaged the hot stuff all over my crotch area. I say gently, because I was getting pretty close to cumming myself, and I was trying to delay my release as long as I could. It was agony, but delicious agony, to hold back the geyser of cum that was boiling in my balls.

My attention was quickly diverted, however, when I saw the two cocks that were up next. A tall white man with a long, fat cock was kneeling between my legs, while a light-skinned black man with a long, slender cock was ready for me to suck him. The man with the fat cock maneuvered me back onto my knees, the better for me to take his big dick. I looked over my shoulder and purred.

“Oh yeah, fuck me with that fat cock,” I panted. “Fuck me hard with it.”

And, boy, did he. He pushed the bulbous head of his cock into my gaping ass all the way to the hilt and quickly began to fuck me with hard, fast strokes. I howled with pleasure and humped my ass back vigorously on his dick as we worked together for our mutual pleasure. My raging hard cock bounced off my belly as he worked me back and forth on his cock. I looked up to find that the black man had laid down on his back and was sliding up the slimy mat underneath me. He grabbed my cock and slid his lips over the head and I pushed forward to let my shaft enter his throat.

At the same time, I bent over, grabbed his cock and plunged my mouth over the shaft and into my throat. In no time, we were sinuously fucking each other’s mouth, while I was being drilled by the big dick in my ass.

As I got royally fucked, it felt almost like I was hallucinating, even though I was stone sober. I guess I was overdosing on testosterone or something, but I actually felt like I was high just from extreme sexual pleasure. Yet every time I felt like I was close to coming, the black man who was sucking me squeezed the base of my cock to stem the flow. That didn’t stop me from vigorously sucking his cock until he was humping his hips upward to drive his cock into my throat.

The cock in my ass was fucking me faster as well, and the black man released my cock and groaned heavily. I pulled my mouth off his cock and lowered my head just as he shot a fountain of cum into my sweaty hair. I took the first few bolts on the top of my head then let the rest spurt onto my already-saturated face. From behind me I heard another groan and I felt a hot splattering of cum shoot up my bowels.

The man underneath me rolled off the mat, replaced by an average-sized white man who grabbed my hair and drove his cock into my mouth, fucking my face like a whore. I loved it.

At the same moment, the big cock that had been in my ass pulled out, and a stream of cum flowed down the backs of my legs. He was quickly replaced by the other Hispanic man, a handsome, dark-haired fellow with an average-sized cock. He slid into my ass easily, and humped me hard.

I have to say that by that time, my ass was so fucked open that I could barely feel him, but I made an effort to squeeze my rectal muscles enough to give him a little friction. He’d been watching the show and waiting so long that he didn’t last but a couple of minutes, and when I felt him swell up, he wrenched his cock out and splattered hot cream all over my buttocks and my red, gaping ass. Seconds later, I felt a jet of spicy-hot cum shoot down my throat. I swallowed every drop with a groan.

These two fellows fell away, and I felt myself being rolled onto my back again. The third black man was taking his turn, and he had another huge cock for me. It wasn’t quite as fat as the last big cock I’d taken, or as long as the first black cock I’d had, but it was plenty big and I moaned in utter lust as he took my ankles in one hand, lifted my legs and thrust his cock up me. When he was in all the way, he released my legs, and I instincively wrapped them around his waist to pull him as deep into me as he could go.

I was delirious with lust as he fucked me fast and hard, then I felt my head being pulled back and another white guy with a large cock slid his cock all the way in my throat and began to fuck my face like it was a pussy. These two worked me over like a ten-dollar whore, and when they came it was like two firehoses spewing in me. I swallowed as much of the white guy’s huge load as I could, but I couldn’t take it all, and several big spurts of cum flowed out of my mouth, covering my nose and running down my cheeks.

It was pretty much the same with the big cock in my ass. I’d been filled with so much cum that there was no place for his prodigious load to go, and it simply flowed out from around his pistoning cock in rivulets over my butt. I was practically swimming in cum by the time he was finished.

I looked around the room, and realized that the only guy who hadn’t cum yet was Curt, and it turned out that he had the biggest cock of them all. My throat was sore, my jaw ached, my ass was numb and my cock was so hard it hurt. I was covered in cum almost from the top of my head to the soles of my feet, but I was a long way from being through.

Curt moved me back onto my knees, crouched behind me and slowly pushed his cock up my flooded rectum. In spite of all I’d been through, I felt an electric charge run through me as Curt began to fuck me with slow, but powerful strokes. From out of the corner of my eye, I saw Bob walking up to me with a renewed hard-on. He’d gone out and taken a dip in the pool, and smelled fresh and clean.

I sucked Bob deep in my throat, something I hadn’t been able to do earlier, and together, he and Curt fucked me leisurely. As Curt began to pick up steam, he leaned over and whispered to me.

“It’s time for you to cum,” he said. “Show us all how much you’ve enjoyed being our whore. Jack off for us and shoot that load.”

I groaned as I took my purple boner in hand and began to stroke in tandem with the increased pace of Curt’s cock in my ravaged ass. Faster and harder, the three of us worked, Curt in my ass, Bob in my mouth and me in my hands. I gave a muffled squeal over Bob’s pulsing cock as I felt the quicksilver tingle of my cum overflowing from my balls.

From deep in my core, I felt the cum race through my cock and explode out the end in at least a dozen hard spurts, adding my cream to the pool of cum that had dripped off my body onto the mat. As I came, I dimly heard Curt gasp and I felt like something bullets being fired into my bowels. I thought Curt’s cum was going to spew out my mouth, that’s how hard he came. He just kept fucking me and shooting cum, cum that had nowhere to go but down the backs and insides of my legs, to pool under my knees.

Just then, Bob pulled his cock out of my mouth and added his second cum load to the mask of cum that covered my face. We gasped for breath as the power of our orgasm washed over us.

Finally, Bob staggered back onto the sofa, Curt stumbled to the kitchen, and I flopped forward onto the cum-covered mat. I writhed around in utter ecstacy and felt the cum and sweat cover my body. I was so turned on by what I’d just done.

Curt came back with a tall glass of ice water, and I managed to wipe enough cum off my face to gulp it down. It still left a cum taste in my mouth, which also turned me on. And I could see that everyone was still watching me with avid eyes, and, incredibly, I was watching them with the same look. I’d been fucked into a state of hallucination, but I wanted more.

And for the next hour, that’s what I got. Everyone got a second round with my cum-covered, fuck-ravaged body. My ass felt like a train had been driven up it, but I was utterly insatiable.

When I’d rested a little bit, I had three guys in front of me alternating fucking my mouth, while my ass was being fucked. They took their time, and when they were ready to cum, they all pulled out and shot their loads on my body.

The sexual delirium descended on me again, and the rest of it was a little hazy. I was able to get a general idea of who and what were fucking me, and where, but the details were a little dim.

I remember that I was rolled onto my back while a white guy filled my ass and the first, big-dicked black guy fucked my mouth. When they came, the white guy pulled out and shot on my belly and cock, which was back up to nearly-full hardness, while the black guy nearly choked me with his cum load.

They pulled out and a white guy with a big cock fucked my ass and another white guy, one with a smallish cock, fucked my mouth. The big cock in my ass shot his load in me, but the guy in my mouth pulled out and added his cum to my body. I think he was trying to find a spot on my body that wasn’t gleaming with the reflection of cum, but I don’t believe he found one.

Then it was back on my knees where a black guy fucked my ass and the white guy with the big fat cock fucked my mouth. They both pulled out at the last second and shot cum on me. Throughout the second round, I was steadily, dementedly stroking my cock, which was hard as a rock again, even though it was my third hard-on of the night, coming after two incredibly intense orgasms.

I think it was an Asian guy who fucked my ass next, and a Hispanic guy whose cock I sucked. They both came in me, as much as it was possible to. A white guy got my ass next, and the third black guy fucked my mouth. By this time, I’d sucked so many huge cocks that his dick entered my throat effortlessly. They fucked me for what seemed like a long time, then they pulled out and shot cum on my chest and on my back.

At last, only Curt and the last of the white guys were left. Everyone else was sitting around watching, sprawled out on the sofas. Some were too exhausted, but others were working to muster up yet another hard-on. I was so far out of it, I really didn’t care. I was rolled onto my back like a ragdoll, and Curt slid his cock into my throat while the other guy filled my ass. He had a really big cock, but my ass was so numb and so fucked open by then I could barely feel him. My own cock, however, was still standing up proud and tall, proof of better living through chemistry.

As Curt gently pushed his cock back and forth in my mouth, he moved my hands away, bent over and slid my cock into his mouth. While my ass was getting a final fucking, Curt and I did a long, slow 69, and we came together. He shot a nice, big cumshot that I was able to swallow, while I filled his mouth with my third, and final cum load of the night. As I came, the guy in my ass shot his load deep in my bowels, and that load joined the pool of cum that I was lying in.

They stepped back, and I just lay on the mat exhausted. I looked up through bleary eyes, and was stunned to see about eight of the guys with renewed erections. I managed to lift my head and croaked that if they wanted to they could jack off on me, but that I’d taken all the cock that my body could handle.

So I laid back on the cum-covered mat, my entire body covered with slick, slimy cum and watched as I was surrounded by guys furiously stroking their cocks, trying to will one final orgasm. As I looked up with a weary, but bemused smile on my face, one by one they started to cum. By now, there wasn’t much sperm in these cum shots, but they were wet and the orgasms appeared to be intense.

When they were finished, I was literally lying in a lake of cum. I was covered with the stuff, even to my hair and the soles of my feet. As I struggled to stand up, everyone broke into spontaneous applause, and I managed a weak nod as Curt and Bob helped me off the mat. I staggered to the bathroom and was afforded the chance to shower. As I washed myself, I couldn’t believe how cored open my asshole still was.

When I’d showered and dressed, it was just Curt and Bob left of the party. They were dressed in long robes, and they stood up to see me out. They had cleaned up my mat and folded it up for me.

“So how do you feel?” Curt asked, as he handed me my mat and my bag.

“I’m sore,” I said with a weary laugh. And I truly was. My ass was sore, my cock was red and chapped, every muscle in my body ached, my jaw hurt and my throat felt shredded. Good thing I was in shape.

“Think you might like to do it again some time?” he asked.

“Well, I’m not sure about that,” I said. And truthfully, as incredible as the experience had been, I wasn’t sure I ever wanted to try anything like that again. I’d scratched my itch for cock, and then some. I’d taken the plunge, and was satisfied that I could do it, but I don’t know if that’s something I’d want to do again.

But as I thought about Curt’s huge cock, and Bob’s soulful eyes, I felt a stirring in my groin, and I winked at them as I shook their hands and headed for the door.

“I might not want to do 17 guys ever again, but if you two want a private show some time, you know how to reach me,” I said.

Then we all laughed and I headed home for a well-deserved rest.

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