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Michele’s New Collar

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I looked down at the text and my cock began to stir…

My girlfriend Michele was my first college crush. One look at her and I was a goner. She was a petite, little thing, cute as a button, with long blonde hair and small, perky breasts with nipples that stood up firm to the touch. Her penetrating brown eyes looked right into your soul.

But her best feature was her ass. I had never before, and still have not to this day, had an ass in the palms of my hands that was as tight and ripe as hers.

But as most college romances go, it was fleeting. We were too young to get serious, and we quickly went our own ways. But deep down I knew she was the love of my life. Fast forward twenty years, and after a recent divorce for each of us, we were reunited, and ready to make up for lost time.

Unfortunately, we live in adjoining states, with jobs and kids that we can’t leave, so we are able to see each other for only one weekend a month. The upside is that we have gone above and beyond to make the most of every moment together, especially sexually. We have no time for vanilla sex. There is no position, no fetish, no scenario that we are not willing to try. And Michele is an insatiable sexual being. Every part of her body is open to me, any moment I desire it, and she is never more content than when my cock, fingers, or tongue is on her or in her.

Her latest interest is exploring her submissive side. Michele has asked me to push her envelope, to see how far she is willing to go, to see what I can get her to submit to. And that led her to send that awesome text…

“Hey, do you think you would like it if I wore a dog collar around my neck while on my knees giving you head? One that had a chain for you to hold?”

Best girlfriend ever, right? I of course told her how much I would enjoy that, almost as much as she would, knowing her new-found thirst to be dominated. We made plans for her visit the following weekend to go shopping to select the collar together, and bring it home for some dirty fun.

The Big Night

As we prepared to head out to the store, Michele came out of the bedroom looking stunning in a leather skirt, white tank top and leather boots. I noticed that her tank was a bit see-thru, and she was clearly not wearing a bra. She did a quick twirl for me and then wrapped her arms around my neck. She kissed me deeply, snaking her tongue into my mouth, as I grazed her nipple with the back of my hand, causing it to stiffen.

“Do I look okay, Daddy?”

“You look amazing baby.”

Another one of Michele’s turn-ons was the whole Daddy-Daughter fantasy. We often incorporated that into our phone sex and bedroom playtime. In fact, if she is ever on the verge of cumming but having trouble getting over the hump, all I have to do is say, “cum for daddy”, and the change In her body is palpable. Her breathing quickens, her moaning grows louder, and she grinds herself on me extra hard. She always explodes moments later.

“No bra, I see. Does that mean no panties either?”

“Of course. I know how you like me.”

My anticipation for this evening had gotten me worked up already, so I decided to take the edge off. At least my edge. I figured I’d turn up the heat for Michele and leave her near boil. “Bend over the table for me sweetheart. I want to see if you’re as ready for tonight as I am.” Without a word, Michele turned and grabbed the dining room table, presenting her covered ass to me. I pulled it up over her hips, displaying her juicy ass to me, and confirming that she was indeed without panties. As I rubbed my hand gently over her clean-shaven mound, she moaned and spread her feet apart. I unbuckled my belt and fished my hard cock out of my jeans. Average in size, although Michele has always said that I had the most beautiful cock she has ever seen. Not bothering with foreplay, I spit in my hand, gave myself a couple quick strokes, and plunged myself into her dewy wetness.

“Uhhhnnn!” she moaned. “Oh, daddy, fuck your baby girl! Give me your cock.”

Michele’s pussy was addicting. Full pink lips, with so much tasty meat to chew and suck on. Her lips gripped my cock and dragged down my length as I withdrew and thrust again. I can never get enough. And that’s what she was counting on, I’m sure, but I was interested in my satisfaction, and keeping her on the edge. A couple more thrusts and I withdrew, leaving her gaping and empty.

“Get on your knees and suck me dry like daddy’s good little whore.”

Again, not a word. In two seconds she was kneeling and taking me deep into her throat, cleaning her juices off of me. She loves to be a submissive cocksucker more than anything, immediately putting her hands behind her back. I grabbed her hair in both my fists and began to choke her with my throbbing penis. I pushed as hard as I could and she fought her gag reflex. I alternated deep and shallow strokes, feeling myself build to an easy climax. Looking up obediently with watery eyes, Michele braced herself when I squeezed my cock with one fist, held her still with the other, and ejaculated what seemed like a quart of semen in her mouth. Four or five long spurts, the last of which coated her lips. She sucked gently on the tip of my cock until I withdrew, trailing a string of cum from her lips. She opened her mouth to show me the gift I just gave her, smiled lovingly, and swallowed my seed. I zipped up and we both composed ourselves, Michele still randy as hell.

“Are you ready to get shopping?”

“I sure am. I can’t wait to have that collar around my neck so I can do your bidding…although I ALWAYS do your bidding, obviously.”

“That’s my girl. And you don’t have a problem with trying them on in public? People will know you’re my obedient whore.”

“I’m a little nervous, but excited. Besides, all the other people in the sex shop are probably sex-crazed just like we are.”

“You’re probably right.”

“Then let’s get going before I lose my nerve.”

We had decided that the best place to get a sex collar was a nearby adult store. We had been to them before and always had fun. Part of our excitement was that Michele was willing to let me try them on her in the store, out in the open, and maybe walk her around in there a bit. We both like the thought of being exhibitionists to a reasonable degree, and this was going to be one of our first forays into that area. And we figured it would be an accepting environment for it.

But I had another idea…

On the drive, I absently caressed her bare leg as I drove. She allowed her skirt to slowly inch it’s way up her thigh. One of Michele’s best features has always been her legs. They have made my mouth water since college. As I caressed her, she reached over and, finding where my cock was starting to thicken in my jeans, slowly traced the head with one finger.

Now we cooouuuld go to a sex shop to get what we needed, but I decided to try pushing her a bit further. She was clearly aroused already, so I figured she would agree to whatever I asked of her. So, I bypassed the sex shop, pulled into a crowded strip mall, and parked in front of a well-known pet store. I figured, hey, they have collars too, and this will certainly turn the exhibitionism up a notch or two.

“What are we doing he…wait, are you serious?”

“Of course. I think we will get a better quality product here.”

I gave her a smirk that let her know I didn’t really care about quality merchandise.

Michele’s eyes flashed with panic for a second. She then sat quietly for a few seconds, possibly contemplating going through with this. She straightened her skirt and sat up straight, seemingly having made a decision.

“Daddy, can we go inside and buy your sweet girl a dog collar?”

Fuck I love this woman.

“Absolutely baby, let’s go.”

The Pet Store

We did our best to walk casually into the store. I think we were both equal parts nervous and excited. I gave Michele a squeeze on her ass as we passed the registers just to keep her stimulated. I smiled to myself wondering what would be more noticeable; her being overdressed for a pet store, or her obvious lack of a bra, made even more noticeable under the unforgiving lighting in this place. As we turned down the first aisle, I got my answer, as a woman elbowed her boyfriend who had stared at Michele’s tits for the entire length of the aisle.

The store was not busy, yet there were still a handful of customers. We found our section after searching a couple minutes, and got right to work.

They had a decent selection of collars, in various materials and colors. I decided right off that I wanted something sexy, in leather, with metal studs of some kind, and a shiny metal chain. Michele would later tell me that she felt her pussy juices begin to run down her thighs the second she saw the collar section.

I picked out a brown leather one, about an inch and a half wide with metal spikes. Without prompting, Michele grabbed her long, blonde hair into a bunch and moved it out of the way to present her neck to me. I leaned in and gave her neck a gentle suck, and then lovingly fastened the collar for her. The collar had a steel loop on the front, so I selected a chain and hooked that up too, then stood back to assess the look.

My cock started to grow immediately. It was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen.

“How does it feel little one?”

“Oh, it feels good daddy, but can it get tighter?”

I should mention that Michele also has a choking fetish…

“Of course sweetheart. Here, let me adjust it.”

I tightened the collar and I could see her excitement rise a bit as she mildly struggled to get more air. I tugged lightly on the chain. Michele obeyed my silent command and drew nearer to me.

“Does that feel better, my pet?”

“It feels much better. I feel like you have complete control over me.”

I reached out and slid two fingers into her mouth, which she eagerly began to moisten and suck on, no doubt simulating what she would be doing to my cock very shortly. I withdrew them and reached out to pinch her erect nipple, displayed prominently through her flimsy tank top. That was when her knees visibly buckled.

“You know, we would get a better feel of how this will work, and you will also be safer if you were on your knees.”

“Kurt, you don’t want me on my knees in a dog collar right here, do you?”

We both knew the answer to that question.

“Get on you knees, now. Be daddy’s good little whore.”

“Yes, daddy. Whatever you say.”

Michele immediately dropped to her knees, looking up at me expectantly. Just then an old woman walked by and audibly gasped at the sight of Michele, kneeling and collared. She shot us a disapproving glance, and hurried down the aisle. Michele looked mortified for a moment, but her expression quickly turned to one of satisfaction, knowing how deviant she was being, and that she was getting away with it.

I turned back to the rack of collars and selected another. No sense hurrying our fun along, and you never want to buy the first one you pick up. It was also brown leather, but with studs instead of spikes. I figured this may be safer for me, seeing as how I planned on having her head in close proximity to my groin for the majority of the evening.

We were giving this one a test run when I looked up at the sound of a voice behind me.

“The black one would better match her skirt.”

I turned to find a woman holding a can of goldfish food and staring down at Michele.

Taken aback, I very smoothly replied, “Um, what?”

“The collars. You should get that one, but in black. It matches better.”

Holy shit. Michele and I had planned on shocking some people, and eliciting some stares, but neither of us thought anyone would engage us in conversation during our shenanigans. We both stared at the woman, like deer in headlights. Finally I composed myself enough to respond.

“Thanks, you’re absolutely right about that.”

The woman looked from Michele to me and continued.

“You guys going to a bondage party or something?”

“Actually”, I replied, “we are just having some fun by ourselves. My name is Kurt, and this is my girlfriend, Michele.”

“It’s nice to meet you both. I’m Jodi.”

Now Jodi was quite a cutie. She seemed to be around our age, very laid back with a disarming smile. She was petite like Michele, with short, brown, tousled hair that looked like she spent either two hours or two minutes on it. She was dressed simply, in short khaki shorts, a blue t-shirt, and sunglasses atop her head that were obviously not covering her bright blue eyes.

Her pleasant demeanor had almost made me forget that I was holding my girlfriend by a leash. But I snapped to and continued…

“I’m sorry if we offended you with all this.”

“Not at all, in fact I’m kind of curious about what’s going on. Do you want to be left alone, or may we talk some more?”

Speaking for both Michele and I, I replied, “Not at all, we are just trying some new things.”

I held out my hand and helped Michele to her feet. I like to be dominant, but I am a gentleman in the end.

“That’s awesome. You two must have quite the sex life. I’m jealous.”

“Thanks,” I said. “We don’t see each other very often, so we try as many crazy things while we have the chance.”

“And do you enjoy this, Michele?”

That snapped Michele out of her haze. She seemed to just be staring at Jodi, letting me do the talking.

“A-Actually, this was my idea,” she said with an embarrassed smile.

“That is so cool. You are one lucky man, Kurt, to have a woman who knows what she wants.”

“That I am. She really is insatiable sometimes.”

That got me a sharp pinch in the back from Michele, as she shyly lowered her eyes.

“Oh, really? Like how?”

This was getting fun, so I decided to go all in.

“Well, we have experimented with almost everything, and Michele has vowed to never deny me anything I want, and vice-versa. We will try anything. Deep-throating, spanking, anal, toys, phone sex, choking…Michele is up for anything. She even taught herself to squirt.”

At this point, Michele was beat red, and I wasn’t sure if she would punch me or hike up her skirt and finger herself. I glanced at her and noticed she was staring at Jodi, almost hungrily, like I’ve never seen from her before.

“Wow,” said Jodi, “that’s quite a list. Is there anything you have wanted to try but haven’t?”

I decided to go for broke.

“She and I have discussed playing with another woman. We had talked and fantasized about me watching her make love with a woman, perhaps me participating a bit, but fucking is off the table. Michele is so good to me that there is no way I would get greedy.”

“Do you like women, Michele?” asked Jodi.

“NO! I mean yes. I mean I don’t know, I’ve never been with one.” “I feel the same way. I never have either, but I’ve thought about it for years.”

Now we were at a standstill. There was an uncomfortable silence as we all waited to see what someone else would say next. Jodi was now looking at Michele with the same voracious hunger with which Michele had been eyeing her. Should I go for it? Without consulting Michele? Is this what she wants? Is this what I want? Tonight was about to take a turn that neither of us had anticipated. This could all go terribly wrong, but then again, when would we handed an opportunity like this again? Maybe never.

Plus, Michele and I had spent lots of time discussing threesomes, and had a lot of great phone sex fantasies, and I knew from our talks, that Jodi was exactly Michele’s type. I could also tell by the way she was drooling over her. Maybe it was my growing erection talking, but fuck it, I decided to go for it.

“Jodi, would you like to come home with us?”

Time seemed to stop. I think neither of them could believe I had asked that. I held my breath and waited for Jodi’s answer.

“I would love to. You guys seem great. And to put you both at ease, I am as freaked out as you both look. But I promised myself after my divorce that I was going to experience everything in life and take some chances. I’m not sure what’s going to happen tonight, but I know I want to be a part of it. But only if it’s cool with both of you. I don’t want to mess anything up for you two.”

“You’re right of course. Would you mind if Michele and I talked it over for a minute?”

“Absolutely. I’ll tell you what. I will go pay for my goldfish food, and wait outside for a few minutes. If you come meet me, great. If not, that’s okay too.”

Jodi began to walk away, but stopped in front of Michele. She leaned in and whispered something in her ear before giving her a soft kiss on the cheek. She rushed away to the register without looking back.

“Well,” I said, “what are you feeling right now?”

Gazing down the aisle after Jodi, Michele paused, then looked back to me.

“I’m feeling a few different things. Mostly scared and aroused. Incredibly scared and unbelievably aroused.”

“I can guess why you’re aroused. She’s exactly your type.”

“You noticed that too, huh?”

“Yes. Tell me what you are afraid of.”

“What if she doesn’t like me? What if I’m not good at having sex with a woman? What if you like her more than me? What are the boundaries going to be?”

“Well, here is what I say to all of that: if she didn’t like you, she wouldn’t have said yes; you’re an amazing lover, just do what you like having done to you; and I’ve loved you with all my heart since I laid eyes on you when I was an 18 year old boy. Nothing and no one will ever change that.”

“And as far as the boundaries, you set them right now and I will follow them.”

Michele mulled this over for a few seconds before announcing her decision.

“Okay, two rules…don’t kiss her, and keep your dick out of her pussy. The rest we will play by ear. But let’s get going before she leaves!”

I didn’t even have time to respond. We quick-stepped it down the aisle, almost running out the door before remembering that Michele still had a dog collar around her neck that we had yet to purchase. We swung around to the register where a bored college-age kid was slouching against the counter. His jaw dropped when he finally noticed Michele with her collar and chain combo, which trailed down between her on-display tits.

“We’ll take the collar and the chain,” I declared.

The kid looked flummoxed as he stared at Michele’s studded throat. The clock was ticking and Michele, with out missing a beat, explained, “Rover and I have the same size neck.”

That must have satisfied him, because he reached up and scanned both the collar and chain. We finished the transaction and bolted out the door. Waiting for us up against a post was Jodi.

“I was getting worried. Are we still on?”

This time it was Michele who spoke up. “We still are! Will you ride with us? We are only ten minutes away and we can bring you back later.”

I was beginning to understand that Michele was in charge now.

“Sounds good,” answered Jodi.

We all walked to our car, butterflies racing in all of our stomachs. “Where should I sit?” Jodi asked.

“Why don’t the two of you sit in the back? You can get to know each other a bit.”

The two women looked at each other shyly, but that shy look turned quickly to lust. In they hopped and off we went. It was silent in the back seat when we approached the first intersection, so I started the conversation.

“Where are you from, Jodi?”

I received no answer, so I glanced in the rearview mirror. My cock instantly tented in my pants when I saw Michele and Jodi gently kissing. Slowly at first, as if trying to get the feel of each other, to fully take in their first experience of kissing another woman. Michele ran her hand up and down Jodi’s arm while Jodi ran her fingers through Michele’s long golden hair.

Their lips dispelled apart for a moment as Jodi looked down at Michele’s breasts. She hesitantly reached out and cupped her right breast, gently caressing the nipple with her thumb. Michele sighed in appreciation.

“I love that you didn’t wear a bra, Michele. I think that’s so sexy and liberating for a woman. Does that mean you’re not wearing panties either?”

“You’re free to discover that on your own, Jodi,” Michele responded breathily.

At this point I was struggling to keep one eye on the road and one eye on the ladies, while cursing every stoplight we encountered. I desperately wanted to get them inside my home so I could fully enjoy this, and I even more needed to release my raging hard on from my pants.

They resumed kissing, more insistently now. Michele threw her head back as Jodi attacked her neck with her lips and teeth, and reached up her shirt to fondle her naked breasts. Michele was panting heavily, her airway still restricted by her collar. Jodi, feeling emboldened, grabbed the bottom of Michele’s shirt ad snatched it up and over her head in one fluid motion, leaving Michele naked from the waist up before she knew what hit her. Jodi bent down to take a nipple in her hungry mouth. Michele gasped and groaned at the same time, now giving herself completely to Jodi’s ministrations. This may have been he first lesbian experience for each of them, but they clearly had both wanted it for a long time.

Jodi put her hand on Michele’s inner thigh and slowly dragged it up toward her groin, while Michele held her breath in anticipation. When Jodi finally cupped Michele’s pussy, both women audibly gasped. “Oh my god, you’re soaking wet,” cried Jodi. This embarrassed Michele, as her juices had run down her thighs and coated them halfway to her knees. She immediately recovered when Jodi dragged her finger through the moist full lips of Michele’s succulent cunt and began fingering her. Both women were completely gone, all inhibitions out the window, when we finally pulled into the driveway. I didn’t want to miss another second, so I quickly got out and opened the back door. It took them a moment to emerge from their sexual stupor, but Jodi slowly removed her sticky, wet finger from Michele and held it up to Michele’s lips. She obediently opened her mouth and sucked in the finger, savoring her own juices, like she loves to do with my cock after I’ve thoroughly fucked her.

Both disheveled ladies stepped from the car, Michele not seeming to care that her breasts were fully exposed. Luckily it was dark by now, so it didn’t seem to matter. She still had the collar and chain around her neck, held at the other end by Jodi. She offered me the leash, and said, “I think she belongs to you.”

“Thank you,” I said. “Shall we go inside?”

The Main Event

My erect cock led us all into the house. Michele followed, being pulled lightly on her leash by her master, with Jodi holding her hand. Once inside, we all were unsure where to begin, or who should begin. We just stood in the foyer and stared at our feet. It was quite a sight. Me with my hard on protruding awkwardly, Jodi with her hair mussed and lipstick smeared, and Michele half naked and panting.

Mercifully, Jodi took the bull by the horns and spoke up…

“Kurt, since I am new to this and the guest in your home, and Michele seems to get off on being submissive, I suggest that you take charge and dictate what happens tonight. I think Michele and I will both be less self-conscious if we just do what we’re told, rather than have to figure it out on our own. We are yours to command.”

Okay then. Well, if I was ever going to dig deep and channel my inner sex god, I guess now was the time. And I had two beautiful, horny women staring expectantly at me, so I decided to go for it.

Still holding the leash, I pulled Michele into me by her throat and kissed her, probing her tongue deeply with mine. I pulled back and turned to Jodi.

“Jodi, finish undressing Michele.” She didn’t hesitate. Jodi pulled the zipper down the back of Michele’s skirt and pushed it over her full hips and let it fall to the floor. Michele stepped out of it, leaving her naked except for her boots, which Jodi also helped her get off. Not the last time she’d help her get off.

“Get on your knees,” I commanded my lover. She did my bidding. I let go of Michele’s leash and moved to Jodi. I stood behind her, facing Michele, watching to gauge her reaction, cognizant of any hint of jealousy. I leaned in and kissed Jodi’s neck, Jodi closing her eyes and letting her head fall to the side and sighing. With an eye still on Michele, I slowly pulled Jodi’s shirt up and over her breasts, perky c-cups it appeared to me. Unflinching, she raised her arms and I quickly rid her of her shirt, and her shorts soon followed, leaving her in a lacy pair of matching yellow bra and boy shorts. I ran my hands across her stomach and along her hips as she lightly ground her ass back against me. I checked in non-verbally with Michele, but the glazed look she returned seemed to indicate she was more than okay. I likened her gaze to a cheetah eyeing up a gazelle.

I left Jodi for now and returned to Michele. Taking her leash, I handed it to Jodi. “She is yours to use however you like.” Both girls seemed to swoon. Jodi reached behind her and unclasped her own bra, letting it fall to the floor and unleashing her lovely tits. Looking down at Michele, she said, “Come with me, my pet,” and turned and walked away, leading Michele by the neck, who obediently crawled after her. Jodi made her way to the couch and sat down, legs apart, and pulled Michele between them.

“Make me come, bitch.” She pulled Michele to her mouth by her leash and they began to kiss with a lust I had never seen in two people.

Jodi either wasn’t the innocent woman I thought, or had just been overcome by this new situation. In any event, both women were now voracious animals, and all apprehension was now out the window.

Michele kissed her way down Jodi’s neck, over her collarbone to her chest, where she began to fondle the first female breasts of her life that were not her own. She seemed mesmerized as she stared and pawed at the firm tits. Jodi had deep red areolas topped with thick protruding nipples, in stark contrast to Michele’s light pink nipples. Michele took a nipple hungrily into her mouth and sucked on it like it contained mother’s milk. Alternating licking and sucking each nipple, Michele’s ass and pussy was on full display to me as I settled into an armchair. I noticed her pussy was very wet and there was a visible sheen on her inner thighs where her creamy pussy juice had been leaking, probably since I fucked her over an hour ago.

Michele was reluctant to leave Jodi’s succulent tits, but she knew there were more treasures to discover. Kissing her way down her belly, Michele hooked her thumbs in Jodi’s yellow panties. Jodi lifted her ass off the couch and Michele wiggled the lacy panties off her hips and discarded them on the floor.

My erection was throbbing at this point, so I stood up and fully undressed, sitting back down and began to absently stroke my cock while I watched the hottest moment of my life unfold before me. Michele had sat back on her heels and gazed, mesmerized at her first sight of a pussy from this vantage point. Michele always kept her pussy the way I liked, vulva completely shaven with a neatly trimmed patch at the top. Jodi seemed more earthy, with short brown hair covering her pubic mound and vulva, most of it matted wet from her arousal.

Jodi shot me a sly smile, then slid her ass to the edge of the couch. Then, lying back, she planted her feet on the couch and lifted her pussy in the air, displaying her gaping pussy lewdly for both of us to see.

“Now eat me, my pet, and make me come.” Giving Michele no say in the matter, she reached under her ass and yanked the leash, drawing her face closer to her sex. Michele began to lap at the succulent lips, tentatively at first, exploring the inner and outer folds and crevices. Jodi’s sighed deeply as Michele probed her tongue deeply inside her vagina, trying to draw her juices out.

I pulled at my cock that was now leaking copious amounts of pre-cum onto my stomach as I could hear soft, muffled moans coming from Michele in between her slurping and lapping sounds. She was such a sensuous lover and amazing cocksucker that I just knew that she would be fantastic at cunnilingus once she got the hang of it. I could tell she was succeeding from Jodi’s response.

“Oh, that’s it, Michele. Lick me all over, fuck that’s good.” Her breathing was heavy and her chest was heaving up and down. I gazed at Michele’s succulent ass, calling out to me, her pussy begging to be filled. It was all I could do to keep from crawling up behind her and filling her with my throbbing cock, but I wanted her to fully experience the feeling of enjoying her first pussy without distraction.

Jodi squealed as Michele mercifully took her clit between her lips. She sucked on it like a baby and then used her tongue to lightly circle it over and over. “Fuck, baby, yes! Suck on my clit. Uuuhhhmm! Oh, shit. You’re gonna make me come…mmm.” A sheen had now formed between Jodi’s tits as she neared her climax. She was thrusting her hips up into Michele who had now fully latched onto her clit. She added a finger deep inside her and that pushed Jodi over the edge. “Aaahhh I’m coming! I’m coming! Uuuuhhhh!” She soaked Michele’s mouth with her orgasm, collapsing to the couch, panting. Michele gently kissed her thighs while they both recovered.

I couldn’t believe what I had just witnessed. My gorgeous lover, who I had only ever seen with me, had just eaten another woman’s pussy. I was overwhelmed, and my cock was about to burst. I needed to get in on the action. Luckily, Jodi, finally recovered, had the same thought. She sat up and kissed Michele deeply, tasting her own juices on Michele’s lips. “That was so amazing, Michele, thank you. You are a natural cunt licker. But now you need to service your man. I want to watch you suck his cock.” I know Jodi had said I was in charge, but it certainly didn’t seem like it anymore. “Crawl to him.”

Michele looked at me in what can only be described as a sexual haze. She crawled to me, her ass swaying as she did, much to Jodi’s delight. She reached me and I felt her hot breath on my groin. She began with my taint, sucking on that sensitive spot underneath my balls. Her nose pressed into my ball scrotum as she inhaled my musky scent. She moved to my balls, bathing them completely in saliva and taking one, then the other fully into her mouth to suck on. Michele loved my balls, often sucking on them alone for twenty minutes at a time. It was pure heaven for me.

At this point, Jodi was no longer content with her view from the couch. Rising, she crossed the room and knelt at my feet right next to Michele. She watched in fascination as Michele pleasured me. “Kurt has such full balls, Michele. There must be so much cum in them for you.”

“Mmm hmm,” Michele replied, her mouth stuffed with balls.

Releasing my balls, Michele slowly dragged her tongue up the length of my cock, swirling her tongue around the head to soak up the pool of pre-cum that had formed. She managed to give me just two more licks before she was overcome by lust and sank her mouth down fully on my cock and began to suck me with a fervor that I had become accustomed to enjoying. In and out to the hilt, Michele gagged herself on me, occasionally pulling off, thick strands of saliva connecting the tip of my prick to her lips.

Jodi had moved even closer, resting one hand on my knee and running the other up and down Michele’s back, trailing down to caress her ass and pussy. “Suck it Michele. Suck your daddy’s pussy like a good girl,” she told her. “Take it nice and deep, that’s it, gag on his thick cock.”

How I had managed to hold back my orgasm, I have no idea. But I knew I was quickly getting there. Michele stopped sucking me, and looking into my eyes asked, “Daddy, can Jodi help me?”

“If that’s what you want, sweet girl.”

Jodi’s eyes lit up as Michele slid over. Michele resumed sucking me as Jodi latched onto my balls. The feeling of having two mouths on me was unlike anything I have ever experienced. Even more wonderful than the feeling was the sight of two women pleasuring me, knowing that TWO women were completely focused on MY cock. Michele began to stroke my cock with her hand in time to her sucking. Sensing I was getting close, she stopped, and in a rare moment of dominance, grabbed Jodi by the hair and pulled her off my balls.

“I’m going to let Kurt cum in your mouth, slut. Don’t you dare swallow it. His cum belongs to me.” Jodi, nodded, drunk on lust. Michele pointed my cock toward Jodi and pulled her head to mine. Jodi wrapped her lips around me and began to suck, while Michele resumed stroking me with her hand.

“Daddy, your little girl wants you to cum in her friend’s mouth. Will you daddy? Will you please?”

That sent me over the edge. The cum boiling in my balls erupted and shot out of me in spurt after spurt. Jodi choked on the force of the first spurt, but recovered and milked me until I was spent. They stroked me slowly until I was finished, then Jodi pulled away, mouth brimming with my cum. Reasserting her dominance over Michele, she grabbed Michele’s long blonde hair and yanked her head back. Michele eagerly opened her mouth as Jodi leaned over her and, looking me right in the eye, slowly drooled my river of cum into Michele’s mouth. Michele swirled it with her tongue for a moment before swallowing my seed in one gulp. They finished by licking up any remnants of my cum around each other’s mouths and ending in a sloppy kiss.

I took Jodi’s place and kissed Michele lovingly, taking her in my arms. She had been so sexy, so beautiful, so obedient, and accommodating. She had taken a leap of faith and let us both explore our fantasies together. I could not have had more love for her.

The only thing left, was to make sure she was satisfied. Jodi was laying on the floor, basking in her post-orgasmic bliss. I said to Michele, “Go find out what it feels to be pleasured by a woman.” She crawled the five feet to Jodi. Straddling her head, Michele lowered her pussy, which by now was leaking like a faucet, down onto Jodi’s eagerly waiting mouth. Within moments Jodi’s face was covered in Michele’s juices as she lapped away. She pulled each of her thick lips into her mouth and sucked the dewy moisture from them.

“Eat me, eat me, eat me!” she cried. “Yes, fuck that feels good.” Michele ground her pussy on Jodi’s lips. Her legs gave in from the strain and she collapsed onto Jodi’s prone body, her face now in the crotch of Jodi, who had latched onto Michele’s clit and was sucking happily away. I couldn’t take anymore and moved to kneel behind Michele. Jodi gazed up at my engorged cock as I lined it up and impaled Michele in one forceful thrust. She screamed into Jodi’s pussy in shock and ecstasy. I fucked her slowly at first while Jodi quickly moved to bathe the juncture between my cock and Michele’s cunt with her tongue. It was an exquisite feeling, multiplied when she began to tongue my balls. Michele moaned and writhed, sliding her sweaty body against Jodi, who returned her attention to my baby’s engorged clit.

I withdrew for a moment and fed Jodi my cock that dripped with Michele’s wetness. She savored it for a moment before we returned to pleasuring Michele. Reaching forward I took the leash and pulled Michele back to me. She loved being pulled back like this while being fucked from behind. “Grind your pussy on her baby, make her suck your clit while you get fucked,” I growled in her ear. I increased the tempo of my thrusts, knowing that she was getting close.

“Fuck me Kurt! Fuck me! Make me yours! Make me cum for you!”

“Cum all over her face baby, give her everything! Make her your bitch! She’s your whore now!”

“I think I’m going to squirt. Can I squirt? Can I squirt on her?” she pleaded.

“Do it! Soak her, make her yours.” I was now fucking her mercilessly while Jodi lapped at her clit like a buzzsaw. Michele went completely silent. This was it. She always goes completely silent for ten seconds before an orgasm. And then…


I pulled out of her and she exploded. And I mean EXPLODED. Bursts of cum shot out of her pussy, the first hitting Jodi in the forehead, soaking her hair. The second and third burst hit her square in the face. Jodi gasped for air like she was being waterboarded. The remaining shots flooded her mouth and overflowing onto the carpet. Michele squirts frequently and copiously, but I had never seen this volume or force. I released the leash and she collapsed onto Jodi. I reentered her and fucked her with everything I had. Jodi reached up and squeezed my balls, bringing me over the edge. I pumped my third load of cum into Michele, moaning and shuddering as I did.

We remained where we were, panting and sweating, until I softened and slipped from Michele’s wet, tight, sheath. She wearily sat up, pussy hovering over Jodi, and expelled my cum into Jodi’s mouth. Jodi looked like she had been in a waterpark accident. Michele flipped over and shared a cummy kiss with Jodi, then leaned forward and cleaned my sticky, flaccid cock of both of our fluids until it was clean as a whistle.

Michele rolled off Jodi onto the floor and curled up into a sweaty, satisfied ball and immediately fell asleep. She had expended everything she had and was completely spent. Jodi and I dressed and I drove her back to her car. We thanked each other for an unforgettable night, and went our separate ways. I returned home to find Michele still asleep, looking beautiful and innocent. I scooped her up and carried her to bed. I laid her down and kissed her gently as she sleepily looked up at me.

“What do you think, baby?” I whispered.

“Can I take off this fucking collar yet?”


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