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Mickey Triple D’s

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It was a hot and sweaty day for Josh and 3 of his friends. They were on the basketball court, outside of a local park, playing a game of 2 on 2. Josh and his close friend Mike were the shirtless team. Their other two friends, Kyle and David had to keep their shirts on.

The game was tied with 30 points each and they decided that, whoever made this last shot, would win because they were feeling very hungry at the moment.

Josh, for being a tall white dude, had some ups and he rebounded the ball after Mike, hit it away from Kyle. Josh proceeded to bounce the ball to their rival’s team of the count. Sweat glistering down his well-built and tanned chest and stomach. He jumped up high in the air and Kyle was on the other side of the rim but it was today last. Josh had dunked the ball and won the game for him and Mike.

“Damn. Lost again,” said David, very disappointed. “Next time, I want Josh as my partner. Kyle can’t play for shit.”

“Hey. Fuck you man. He got the ball from your stupid ass,” fired back Kyle.

“Hey guys. Let’s not act like a couple of bitches and fight about this. The white boy and me kicked you’re guys’ ass,” said Mike.

“Shut your black ass up. Josh basically carried your ass through the whole game,” shouted David.

“The rest of us short people need to dunk,” said Kyle.

“No Kyle. You need game period,” said David followed by laughter from Josh, Kyle, and himself.

“Whatever yo. Let’s go eat something to eat. I’m stravin Marvin,” said Kyle falling to the ground.

“Yo. I heard that there is this fine ass white girl that works at McDonalds now. My brother told me that she had a good-looking face but he wasn’t staring at her face if you know what I mean,” said David, winking at the guys.

“You gay?” Asked Mike who then started making an annoying laugh.

“Shut up bitch,” fired David.

“Guys. Lets go see this chick and eat all right,” said levelheaded Josh.

Mike and David grabbed Kyle by both of his arms and dragged the short, skinny basketball player to the car.

“Sit your fake-sleeping ass up,” said David to Kyle as they threw him into the back seat.

Mike was riding shotgun while Josh was driving to their local McDonalds.

They arrived in the parking lot and Josh parted the car.

“What you doing man?” Asked David.

“We’re going in to see this girl and order our food,” Josh said.

“The girl works drive-thru my brother told me. Let’s pull up there and see what she looks like. Besides, McDonalds is too white for me and McDonald used to be black. I hope he isn’t black anymore,” said David in a silly tone, cracking the other guys up.

Josh pulled over and drove up to the menu stand.

“This is Jessica. Can I take your order?” Said the pretty voice inside the booth.

“I think this is her,” said David curiously.

“Yeah. I’ll have a double quarterpounder meal with no pickles or tomatoes,” order Josh.

“And what would you like to drink sir?” Jessica replied back.

“Coke please,” Josh responded. “What do you jokers want?”

“I’ll have a whooper with cheese,” said Kyle.

“Dumbass. This isn’t Burger King. Get you’re shit straight,” cursed David.

“All right. As long as you get your teeth straight, then I will,” fired back Kyle.

Josh and Mike were laughing out of control and they heard Jessica laugh too.

“I’ll take a double cheeseburger meal please,” order Kyle.

“You have a very sexy laugh,” said Josh into the speaker.

“Thank you,” responded Jessica.

“I’ll have you sandwiched between the sheets, and me” said David being stupid.

“Excuse me!” Jessica said worried.

“He was only kidding Jess. He’ll take a cheeseburger kid’s meal,” order Josh, laughing.

Everyone started to laugh, including Jessica.

“What is this? Crack on my ass day,” responded David seriously.

“Then what do you want moron. We don’t have all day,” said Kyle.

“I’ll have the 20 piece mcnuggets and throw in some honey sauce while you’re at it. Ok baby girl,” order David. “And a large cock.”

“Aren’t you fat enough?” Said busted out Kyle joking.

“Your lips are about to join my ass by being fat with this boot in your face,” said David angrily.

“Chill guys,” said Josh. “Mike, you want anything man.”

“Nah. I’m straight. Don’t want to be like David’s teeth,” Mike said, busting into laughter.

Jessica let out another giggle and told them their total and to meet her in the drive-thru window.

Josh drove up to the window with anticipation to see who this girl is. She had her back towards them, talking to another female employee. She noted to the blond bombshell, that she had some customers. All the guys had their heads towards the window, including the two in the back, David and Kyle.

As she turned around, they saw the long deep slopes of her what seemed to be enormous breasts. Jutting out of her tight McDonalds work shirt. She turned fully around and they got their first view of her tight shirted melons. The shirt did nothing to hide their basketball shape size and them pointing straight at the guys.

“Damn. Wish I had those in my kid’s meal,” said joked David, stun at the size of Jessica’s chest.

“That’ll be $16.55,” Jessica told them, leaning on the desk next to the window, squashing her massive tits into the desk, while smiling at the guys with her nice red lips and her baby blue eyes contracting with theirs.

“Right,” said Josh, lost in her big baby blue eyes.

He handed her the money and she reached out causing some of her massive boobs to spill over the desk and outside the window, to take his money. He felt her soft, smooth hands on his as she took the money.

“Out of $20,” she said softly, working the cash register.

Her huge tits were practically on top of the register, hovering with amazing gravity.

“Damn. Let me order those melons,” said Mike, staring hungry at Jessica’s breasts.

“Here is your change. $3 and 45 cents,” she said in a soft voice, reaching out and handing Josh back his money.

He couldn’t take his eyes off of her and she likewise. She thought to herself that Josh was a good-looking guy. Had nice slick back black hair with blond streaks. Gorgeous green eyes and nice suckable lips that she could imagine kissing all night.

“You’re orders well be with you guys shortly,” spoke Jessica. “What’s your name?” She asked Josh who was sidetracked, thinking and staring at her mammoth tits, stretching her tight shirt as far as it could go.

“Josh,” he musters out quickly, regaining his train of thought. “Josh Howard.”

“Nice to meet you Josh. Do you live around here,” Jessica asked.

“Yeah. I have an apartment right around the corner from here,” Josh said.

“No. We have an apartment around the corner,” said David, correcting Josh.

“Yeah. All four of us share the apartment,” said Kyle, hovering over Josh’s head to get a good look at Jessica and her gigantic rack as they jiggle slightly while she talked.

“Cool. I stay with my mom for the time being right now. Just until I get enough money to buy an apartment,” said the 19-year-old busty employee.

“What are you doing later Jessica? What to come over and hang with us?” Asked Kyle.

“I don’t know. I barely if at all, know your guys,” Jessica said unsure.

“I’m Kyle. Next to me is David and the other guy is Mike. Now well you come over,” Kyle pleased again. “We heard you laughing while we were cracking on David. You seem like a really hip girl to get to know.”

“Yeah. You guys are modern day comedians. I get off work around nine. I guest I could swing by your guy’s apartment after work,” Jessica said.

She gave Josh a napkin.

“Write down your address,” she said.

“Excellent,” said Josh with excitement. He wrote the address down for Jessica on the napkin.

“Here you guys go. You’re orders are done,” Jessica said, handing the food and drinks to Josh.

“Before you come over, bring some of those McFrosties,” said David.

“I’ll see what I can do,” Jessica said laughing, causing her enormous breasts to jiggle uncontrollably in her shirt.

Josh drove off but the guys still had their eyes on her breasts as the imagines were fading away as they got out of the parking lot and hit the streets. Driving off to their apartment.

It was 9:00 p.m. and the guys had cleaned their apartment up a little bit to impressive their guest Jessica, whom would be arriving shortly. The guys didn’t think that they needed to dress up for the girl so they wore what they wanted.

Josh had on some sweat pants and a tank top. The other three decided it was too hot to be putting on much, so they just wore either boxers or shorts.

“You guys have to dress better then that,” said Josh.

“This is our fucking apartment. If she doesn’t like it, then she can leave,” said David being funny.

Kyle pulled out a box of condoms and stuffed some in his socks.

“And those are for what?” Josh asked curiously.

“Just incase she is a freak like that,” Kyle said.

The doorbell rang and Josh answered the door. Jessica was standing their, still in her McDonalds uniform. Her big tits stuck out almost a foot towards Josh.

“Well come on in stranger,” Josh said in a cowboy like voice. “Have a seat,” he requested Jessica to do.

“Don’t mind if I do,” Jessica replied with her own cowgirl voice. Then letting out a small giggle.

An hour pass by and the guys got to know Jessica very well and she got to know more about them. They cracked some jokes towards each other while having a fun conversation. Jessica even had some of her own jokes and got in on the fun of insulting each other. They made Jessica feel like she was one of the boys. And of course, with Jessica’s every moment, the guys kept close eyes on her huge tits as they would jiggle when she laughed, bounce up and down while she was jumping or just move to her movements.

Jessica wasn’t a dumb blond. She spotted their boners and their eyes on her chest the movement they first saw her at McDonalds but she didn’t care because that’s a normal thing for her when guys get boners or look at her chest.

As they continued to talk, it was around 11:00p.m. David decided it was time to bring out the alcohol for everyone to drink. Jessica was lucky that she didn’t have to go into work in the morning if she gets a hangover. The guys watched Jessica drink a whole bottle of E & J. without gasping for air. Her enormous tits heaved up and down with her gulping and drinking down the bottle. Their cocks got extremely hard just watching her.

Another 30 minutes passed and everyone was drunk and almost passed out around midnight. Josh was out, sitting on the couch with his back against the sofa. Jessica had her head on his lap, facing up towards him. Without even knowing, Josh’s left hand fell upon Jessica’s chest. He started feeling around her chest and felt the massive bra-encased boobs.

His eyes opened up and saw what he was doing. Silence moans were slipping pass Jessica’s mouth while he was kneading her breasts softly. Josh didn’t know what to do. Rather he should take advantage of a drunken Jessica or let her sleep in his room. Even though Josh is a smart kid. He was under alcohol and didn’t give a damn. If she were to wake up, he would pretend to be asleep and blame the alcohol.

Josh’s left hand continued it’s massaging of her breasts.

“Oh god,” Josh slipped through his mouth. Loving what he is feeling. He felt his dick sprang up and bulge in his pants.

Suddenly, Jessica started to turn and lay sideways, with her massive left breast, smashing into his left leg and her massive right tit on top of the left tit. The side of her face was right on top of his huge bulge. He kept trying to make sure that if didn’t move around so much but it had no control over it while he kept staring at her enormous tits, jutting into his stomach and leg.

Josh moved her head slowly off his bulge and pulled his sweat pants down some and pulled his massive cock out. All 9 1/2-inches sprang out, right in front of Jessica’s angelic face. He then grabs his dick and started to rub it on her lips. Smoothing her lips with his massive purple cock head. He heard small moans from Jessica’s mouth and then he was stun.

Jessica’s mouth open ups and took his cock in. Josh pushed his head back on the sofa while letting out a long moan. Surprised that Jessica was now sucking his massive dick. He felt her cold tongue ring move up and down his long shaft. Her eyes were still closed but she somehow knew what she was doing.

Jessica gripped his big dick and started to stroke it while engulfing it into her wet and warm mouth. Taking a good 5 inches into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around his cock, dragging her tongue ring up and down it. Sliding his huge dick deeper and deeper down her throat. Then she started bobbing her head up and down on his cock slowly. Savoring his dick in her mouth. Josh was running his hands through her hair. Helping her bob her head on his cock.

“Hmmm god,” moan Josh.

Unaware to Josh while he was receiving an awesome blowjob, Kyle had woke up off the floor to see what was going on. He saw Jessica’s mouth, stuffed with Josh’s thick and long cock. Now sucking furiously at it. Letting her saliva fall down his cock and onto his massive hung balls, which were still inside his boxers.

Josh had Jessica’s head in his hands while her mouth moved over every inch of his big dick. Sucking at the base of his cock up to the head of his cock. Licking his peehole with her tongue. Then probing the peehole with her tongue ring. The metal ring got his dick to go extremely hard. He never felt anything like this before.

Jessica got up and kicked off her shoes, then kneel in front of Josh with her eyes still closed and pulled the rest of his sweats and boxers down, slipping them off his legs. Leaving him in just his socks and tank top. She spread his legs and proceeded to suck his massive balls. Taking one into her mouth and then the other while stroking his cock in her hands.

Kyle couldn’t take it anymore and felt his cock ready to burst. He got up and pulled his boxers off and let his enormous 11-inch cock, hung down and flops against his legs while he walked over to Jessica. He poked her in the cheek wit his dick, wanting his sucked too. She granted his wish. She took his big black cock into her mouth and started sucking while still stroking Josh, who saw Kyle but was to horny to get rid of him.

Kyle had his hands on the back of her head, banging her face against his crotch, having her deep throat all of his 11-inches down her throat. She was nearly gagging on his gooey cock.

Josh stood up and grabs her head off of Kyle’s monster dick and put Jessica’s mouth back on his. Thrusting it in and out of her mouth. His massive hung ball smacking her chin hard. Gooey cum and her saliva run down her the sides of her mouth.

“God this bitch is good,” moan Josh, pounding away at Jessica’s mouth.

Jessica grab both of this big dicks and was now switching from cock to cock. Sucking them both off one after another. She even stuck both of their cock heads into her mouth and let her tongue swirl around them, then proceeded to give both dicks, long and powerful sucks. Furiously bobbing her head on Josh’s dick and then minutes later, on Kyle’s massive cock.

Mike got up from hearing the slurping sounds and the moans.

“Damn. Let me get in,” Mike said, immediately dropping his boxers and letting his 10 1/2-inch dick hang between a set of apple sized balls.

He placed his big cock over her shoulders and rubbed it into her right cheek while her mouth was stuffed with Kyle’s big dick, bulging out of her cheek. She grabs onto Mike’s dick and kept her grip on Josh’s dick and started jerking them off while sucking on Kyle’s dick, faster and faster.

“Oh fuck. I’m going to cummmmm,” moan Kyle, holding Jessica’s head stead on his cock. Letting it set in her mouth while her tongue worked it.

Kyle didn’t disappoint Jessica and blasted a huge load of hot creamy cum down her throat. She managed to swallow what she could and the rest leaked out of the sides of her mouth while his big dick was still inside.

“Ooooooooo yes,” moan Kyle, taking his cock out of her mouth and sat on the couch, trying to get it to rise again.

Jessica then stuck Mike’s dick inside her hungry mouth. Kyle’s cum was still dripping out her mouth and landing on her McDonald’s shirt.

“Lets take off her shirt and get a look at those big ass titties,” said David, standing naked behind Jessica and his chubby stomach bulging out along with his huge fat 12 1/2-inch cock.

He grabs the bottom of her McDonald’s shirt and lifted it over her head. She dropped the dicks in her hands and mouth to let David take her shirt off.

“Holy Jesus!!!” Said Josh has his eyes bulged out of their sockets at the size of Jessica’s bra-encased jigging tits after David removed the shirt.

The tops of her large breasts were spilling out of the bra. Her aureoles were huge and pink, topped with huge pink nipples that were hard through her bra.

“Goddamn. Let release theses jugs,” said David very happy and unhooking the back of her bra.

Jessica lay her arms to her sides and let her bra fall off of her shoulders and her giant basketball size tits pop out for their enjoyment. Jiggling and bouncing lightly after the cups free them.

David read the tag on the bra and she wore a 40DDD. Her massive melons just defined gravity. Looking like huge torpedoes yet round like basketballs, hanging down a bit to her navel but that’s only because of their size.

Josh pushed his big cock back into Jessica’s mouth and started to pinch and pull at her big nipples. David got on his knees behind Jessica and cups her tits from the bottom, bouncing her large melons in his hands. Then squeezed as much of her tits as possible. They were so huge that he needed more hands to hold them.

Mike grabs a tit in his hand and beat his still hard cock against it. Watching her tit ripple like a tidal wave in the ocean.

“All right. Lets get her out of her pants,” said Kyle, squeezing her ass cheeks from behind.

Josh took his cock out of her mouth and they laid her down on the carpet. Her gigantic tits spread out across her chest like thick pancakes, resting even on her upper arms. Josh slowly unzipped her pants and took them off. She had on a cheetah thong. Josh got between her legs and set them on top of his while he pull the thong down to bare her bald pussy which was wet and flowing with juicy. He lifted her legs up and slipped the thong over her rainbow colored socked-feet, which was the only things she have on.

“I’m going to beat this pussy up bad,” said Josh, grabbing her by the hips, spreading her legs around his body and inserting his big dick into her pink pussy.

The other guys had their dicks in their hands, stroking them while Josh was the first to pound away at her pussy. His heavy balls smacking her pussy hard as he was drilling into her.

Jessica let out a series of moans. Loud and soft while still in an unconscious position. Her titanic 40DDD’s flopped about her chest. Bouncing in every direction. Two of the guys, Kyle and Mike, got on either side of her and feasted on her huge tits. Each sucking a tit within their mouths. Holding them with both hands while trying to stead them from the bouncing Josh was giving her as his cock rammed more and more into her pussy.

David drops his balls into her mouth while hovering over her, facing her Josh. He held and strokes his huge dick while she sucked and slurped on his balls. Sucking both into her mouth.

Jessica grab both Mike’s and Kyle’s dicks in on hands, stroking them while they sucked her tits and chewed her nipples. Tracing their tongues over her huge aureoles, teasing the nipples. Watching them grow from her now puffy red aureoles. They proceeded to sucking her nipples now and taking the aureoles into their starving mouths as well.

Josh got up on his knees and rested her legs against his chest, continuing to pound away at her pussy, feeling her juices flowing on his dick and dripping onto his balls.

David sat down on her face with his cock in her mouth and hooked his big bare feet under her arms and started to fuck her mouth like Josh was doing her pussy. Some of her huge flopping tits bounced off his feet, which made him seriously more horny and forced him to really, pounds her mouth away. His big balls hitting her chin with every thrust.

Jessica was getting a fuck of a lifetime. Having two guys lick and suck her tits while jerking them off while one guy is fucking her mouth and the other pounding her pussy. She couldn’t take it anymore and came all over Josh’s cock while letting out deep long moans from her mouth stuffed with David’s cock.

“Oh fuck,” said Kyle as Jessica’s jumbo tit fell out of his mouth he came all over Jessica’s hand. Mike released the other tit and moan too while cumming in her hands. They brought their dicks to her massive tits and wiping their remaining cum on them. Coating her big nipples.

David pulled his dick out of her mouth and turned back around to face Josh and sat on her face and let his massive dick slip between her mammoth gooey and soft tits. He started tit fucking her. Holding her massive tits around his cock, thrusting in and out from the top of her cleavage. Tugging her big cummy nipples.

Jessica’s face was full of ass and she started to slide her tongue between David’s ass and lick his asshole causing him to thrust faster while rubbing his fat ass across her face. She placed her cum covered hands on his huge cheeks and spread his ass, getting more of her tongue deep in his anus. David had never felt anything like that before and was loving it.

“That’s right slut. Lick my asshole,” urged David.

Josh held Jessica’s up and spread apart, continuing to fuck her pussy hard. Feeling her pussy get tighter and tighter around his cock.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum,” shouted Josh, releasing a huge load into Jessica’s pussy.

“Ooooooooh,” moan Jessica, cumming around with Josh.

David came too, blasting a line of cum between her tits and onto her stomach.

“Oh damn,” said David, jerking the rest of his cum onto her huge breasts.

Surprisingly after, Jessica woke up and felt her body all sweaty and her mouth and tits gooey with cum.

“What the fuck!” She said in a furiously tone, looking down at her naked body and feeling her sore pussy.

“If you guys wanted to fuck, all you had to do with ask,” said Jessica.

The guys looked at each other, still naked and dumbfounded.

“Lets fuck,” the guys said all at once.

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