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Legal Issues

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I had worked with Janet for a number of years as a technical consultant. This legal case appeared to be no different than any other of the cases where I had done product liability testing for her. She had won enough and made enough money at it that when this particular case called for a my deposition on a particular day, she had no problem flying us there in her twin engine Cesna.

The flight had been long, but at least her good looks and company made it pleasant. Janet was tall and slim, her height just touching six foot and I guessed her weight at something one thirty. I had never seen her in anything other than a skirt or slacks business outfit, usually with a light colored silk blouse. The flight up was no different, and I enjoyed very much watching her nylon encased legs work the rudder pedals as her skirt hiked up a few extra inches as we flew.

The night in the hotel was uneventful, a long evening going over my testimony and a list of questions she expected the opposing attorney to ask me. I would have loved to climb into the sack with her, but it was separate adjoining rooms for a long night in a hotel bed.

I woke in the morning and dressed in slacks and a polo shirt after a quick shower and shave. As I headed for the door to meet Janet for breakfast, I noticed a paper that had been put under the door. It was on hotel stationary and stated that all guests are advised that once outside the hotel, they were required to adhere to the NND dress code according to some city code. That dress code limited dress to hats, shoes, socks and appropriate accruements required for conducting business.

I was mystified, and wondered if this were some kind of ploy by the opposition in the case to confuse us. It wouldn’t be the first time some bright young attorney tried something unusual to muddle the technical expert. The whole idea was to trip you up in your deposition to give wrong or multiple different answers to essentially the same questions.

I knocked on Janet’s door and held the sheet out for her as she opened it, looking as professional and as good as ever.

“Yes, I got one too. I’m not really sure what it means. I thought I would check with the desk on the way down to breakfast.” She said in response to my query.

“Sounds good.” I said as I stared at a young couple walking past us completely naked, the young ladies very large breasts swinging enticingly as they went past.

Janet closed the door and we followed the couple down the hall to the steps and headed down to the lobby.

“This is really odd.” Janet said as we walked toward the front desk, the majority of the patrons in the small restaurant naked, along with the waitresses, who were wearing nothing but their small aprons. “Excuse me, can you tell me what is going on?” Janet asked the nude young lady behind the desk.

“Yes maam. This is National Nude Day. The city passed an ordinance three years ago that anyone in public must be appropriately undressed.”

“You are kidding, right?” Janet asked the young lady seriously while I looked out the front door at the nude or nearly nude people walking down the street.

“No maam. Completely serious.” She replied.

“Thank you.” Janet said, turning to leave the counter. “Well, let’s go get breakfast and think about this.” She said to me, walking toward the small restaurant.

We ate a light breakfast from the buffet, and sat at the table pondering the situation.

“Ok. This is obviously meant to throw you off.” Janet said quietly. “They clearly had to know about this, why else this one town and this one day?”

“Yeah, but what do we do about it?”

“Not much we can do. If we don’t show up, you are in violation of a subpoena. I wondered why they subpoenaed your testimony instead of just scheduling it like any normal attorney. This way we have to show or not use your testimony.”

“Can we just dress after we get there?”

“Apparently not. They chose the courthouse, which as I read this sheet, is a public place and subject to the rules.”

“Wont we get arrested for indecent exposure?”

“Apparently they suspended all indecent exposure laws with the exception of those involving children.”

“So what do we do?”

“Got anything against working naked?” she asked with a crooked grin.

“I suppose not.”

“Well, then I guess we go upstairs and take off our clothes.” She said getting up and leaving a tip on the table.

I got up and followed her upstairs, where we went to our separate rooms to get undressed. It didn’t take me long, shedding all my clothes and replacing my black socks and dress shoes with a pair of athletic socks and shoes I normally wore for comfort. I walked to the adjoining door and knocked.

“Come!” Janet called from behind the closed door.

I pushed the door open and stepped in, stopping in my tracks. Janet was bent over, her firm ass sticking out at me, along with her clearly visible outer pussy lips. Her ass was tanned everywhere except a small triangle of creamy white barely wider than the cleft between her cheeks. I stood and stared at her pussy as she rolled the second of her stockings down her leg and then pulled the rolled material off her foot. She stepped back into her three inch heels and turned to face me, now naked except for her shoes. Her tits were large and firm, easily a large c cup with little droop. her nipples, resting in the middle of two large dark areola, started to harden as I stared at the small triangles of creamy white skin that set off her areola so clearly. The rest of her body was uniformly tanned and extremely well shaped. I allowed my eyes to trail down her body to her completely shaved pussy, making my dick grow even harder at the thought of what it would be like to lick or fuck her hairless pussy.

“Well, I can see you like what you see.” She said quietly, as she stared back at my growing dick.

“I’m sorry. I guess I wasn’t prepared for just how gorgeous you look naked.” I replied, trying to will my dick down.

“Well, thank you. That was a very nice compliment!” she said as she turned and picked up her briefcase. “Shall we?”

“I suppose so.” I said, following her out, leaving my room key and wallet in my room.

We walked side by side out into the street, a lot of naked bodies bustling around as if it were completely natural to be naked. Some guys sported hard dicks, but most seemed immune. I was kind of wishing I was immune, since I felt a bit obvious, which was made worse by the lingering looks from the ladies.

“You seem to be attracting a bit of attention.” Janet teased with a smile.

“Sorry.” I said quietly.

“That wasn’t a complaint.” She said as she strode along on her heels, her beautiful full tits wiggling enticingly. “Women like to be envied!”

It was only a couple more blocks to the courthouse, where we turned and went in, thankfully.

“We’re here to give a deposition.” She said to the naked desk guard who was obviously trying to check out her naked body without being obvious. He failed miserably as he pointed us down the hall. He stared at her perfectly shaped ass as she walked away from the counter and down the hall.

I followed her into a reasonably large conference room with a large oak table and a variety of leather chairs. A young lady, apparently a recorder, was setting up her machine, her creamy white skin and small tits a stark contrast to the dark wood of the room.

“They should be ready to start in a few minutes.” She said as she straightened up and prepared to sit down.

“Why don’t we sit over here.” Janet said, selecting a chair for me close to the recorder, with her selecting one on the other side of me. “Now remember. Just relax. We’ve been through this all before. I’d say if you get nervous, then just think of them in their underwear, but I’m not sure that will work this time!” she said with a chuckle, leaning over toward me until one of her firm tits was brushing my arm.

“So are we all ready?” A female voice said from behind me as three very beautiful women walked in. One of them was obviously the attorney, tall slim, professional looking with her briefcase, despite being naked, and the remaining two, whom she introduced as her assistants, were, for lack of a better term, porn star material. Large tits, sexy curves, blond, you know, typical porn stars.

Things started off normal enough, name, profession, etc. These opening segments were always normal and lasted about ten minutes before we got into the meat of the topic. The opposing attorney began asking about the tests, and results, while the two assistants, sitting behind her, began making out. It was subtle at first, hands in each other’s laps and the like.

I did my best to try to concentrate on the questions as one of them leaned over and began sucking the tits of her partner. My dick felt like a steel rod, which wasn’t missed by the recorder, or Janet. When I would pause in my answers to think I would often see her hand slip to her lap, pressing against her pussy.

“I think we need a break!” Janet said suddenly. “Is there a room where Mister Connor and I can talk privately?” She asked the clerk.

“Certainly. The next room over is available this morning.” She said sweetly.

“Thank you.” Janet acknowledged while she got up, touching my arm to get me to come along with her.

“Ok. Now I understand their game.” She said as I stepped into the room and closed the door. Any other day this would be illegal, but today we can’t do anything about it.”

“What?” I asked her.

“Their distraction technique. Those two are no more part of their law firm than I am. They are there to distract you and they are being successful. I’ve been through this with you on other cases, I’ve caught you correcting yourself several times.”

“yeah. It has been a bit distracting.” I agreed as she turned to face me and sat on the edge of the conference table.

“Well, I can fix that. Come here and fuck me!” she said as she leaned back and spread her legs.

“What?” I squeaked. I was not at all repelled by the idea, just shocked that she would make the offer, let alone in a businesslike manner.

“I want you to come here and fuck me. If you’re not quite so horney maybe you can concentrate on your answers!”

“You don’t have to do that. The case isn’t worth that is it?” I asked.

“First off, it’s a ten million dollar suit, of which I get ten percent, so yes it’s worth it. Secondly watching them is as distracting for me as it is for you. And thirdly… damn I’m so fucking horny after watching that. Now please come fuck me!”

“That’s a good enough answer for me.” I replied as I stepped between her legs. “Just tell me you’re not a screamer.” I said as I pressed my dick slowly into her wet tunnel.

“I don’t know. I don’t usually get fucked by a guy!” she panted as I pushed deeper into her. “My roommate is female.”

“Oh god.” I groaned as I started stroking in and out of her pussy. “I didn’t know you were lez.”

“I can go either way. But I usually prefer girls. But for you I’ll make an exception.” She panted as I picked up my pace.

“Well, I hope I don’t disappoint you then.” I said, reaching for her firm tits and squeezing both firm globes as my balls slapped into her perfect ass.

“You haven’t so far!” she squeaked as her body shuddered as if suddenly chilled.

She leaned her head back allowing her shoulder length brown hair to flow and fly free as she rocked her head, moaning loudly as I squeezed her nipples.

I felt her body shudder again and her pussy contract around my dick, pushing me over the top. My body involuntarily jerked hard, slamming my hard cock deep into her pussy as it unloaded the first shot of hot cum.

“YES!” she cried softly as my cum surged up into her, shot after shot of pent up juice flowing into her. She sat up, and wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling her face to mine and moaning into my mouth as he kissed me vigorously. “Oh fuck.” She panted, her tits and chest heaving as she tried to catch her breath after her obviously hard orgasm. “Definitely not disappointed!”

“I’m glad.” Was all I could say as I pulled her sweating body tight to mine. We stayed that way for nearly two minutes before she let me go.

“Ok. Time to go back.” She said.

“Isn’t it going to be obvious that we had sex?” I asked her.

“Uh huh. I want it to be. I want her to know that no matter what she throws at us we can handle it.”

“Ok, this is your game, not mine.”

“You got it Mike. Trust me, I know how to play this one.” She said as she led me back out to the other room.

“So all ready?” the other lady attorney asked as we came back in.

“Certainly.” Janet said, allowing her opponent to see my glistening dick.

With a frown the opposing attorney went back to questioning, my attention now much more focused. The recorder though seemed to be much less able to focus on her work, frequently having to ask me to repeat as she watched my dick slowly grow back to size, the two assistants now laying on the table in a sixty-nine licking each other’s pussy’s eagerly.

Janet got and walked around the room, frequently standing behind the other attorney and rubbing her tits to focus my attention on her as a reminder.

The two porn stars finally began to climax in a screaming heap on the end of the table, the show having been only moderately successful.

“Would the recorder please record the side conversation for the record?” Janet asked the young clerk.

“You want me to transcribe that?” she asked with a squeak, nodding toward the two women grunting and mumbling hot sex talk.

“As best you can.” Janet said, as she sat down next to me and reached into my lap to stoke my hard dick. Then she leaned over to me and whispered “I want you to go fuck one of them.”

“Huh?” I asked, looking over at her in shock.

“I want you to walk over behind them and stick your dick into one of them. But ask if it’s ok first. I think the answer will be yes, but you need to do it soon.”

With a shrug I got up and walked over to the pair and allowed my dick to stick out in front of the face of the one on the bottom.

“Oh yeah. Hot fucking dick. Push it into her. Fill her hot cunt with your fat dick!” the one on the bottom said loudly as she pulled me toward her, aiming my dick at her partners pussy.

“You’re sure?” I asked loud enough for the clerk to hear.

“Oh yes! Fuck her! Stuff that fat dick into her hot wet fuck hole!” she said as she continued to pull me into her partner, feeding my raging hardon into her.

“OH FUCK YES!” her partner screamed as she felt my dick slowly slide into her. Her partner went back to licking her clit, and quickly had her bucking and shaking as her pussy spasmed around my hard dick. I couldn’t see what was happening on the other end of the pair, but the transcription later told me that the one on top stuffed her fingers into her partners pussy, driving her over the top with her, the two of them collapsing in a heap on the table with my hard dick still stuff into them.

“Ok now we’re going off record.” Janet said as she got up and walked around, pulling me slowly out of the pair. “Would either of you like to finish what the pair stared on him?”

The other attorney sat stunned, but the clerk stood up and timidly raised her hand and said. “I would.”

Janet pulled me by the hand around the table and sat me pushed me onto the edge of the table next to the other attorney. “Slid up on the table and lay back.” She whispered while she motioned for the young clerk to come to her.

“Now climb up and ride him.” She whispered to the naked clerk.

“I’m not sure I can.” She answered quietly.

“Sure you can. Just think about how that hard dick will feel sliding into your hot wet pussy. You’ve been sitting there trying not to stroke your pussy all morning. Now it’s time to get release.” Janet cooed in her ear as she helped her take her shoes off and climb up on the table.

I lay back and watched her crawl over my body, finally reaching a point where Janet could rub the head of my dick around her wet pussy. Slowly she sank down on me, feeding herself over my dick one slow inch at a time.

“Ohhhhh yes.” She mewed as she shuddered, her pussy still slowly expanding to accept my hardness.

It was nearly a minute before she had fully settled on my shaft, her curly pubic hairs mingling with mine. Ever so slowly she stared riding up and down my shaft, her feet flat on the table and her knees spread wide apart. She used my chest as a hand hold and worked her legs up and down, sliding her extremely tight pussy up and down my shaft. I reached up and found her nipples with my fingers and squeezed and pinched them gently, bringing more moans from her young lips.

“Oh fuck I’m going to cum!” The clerk groaned as she ground her pussy onto my dick. Her body stiffened and she let out one long groan, her face and neck flushing bright pink as her orgasm washed across her.

Slowly she relaxed, allowing her weight to sit on my hard dick. I so wanted to finish fucking her at that moment, and I moved my hands to her firm little ass and lifted to allow me to pump up into her.

“OH yeah!” I grunted as I pushed up into her tight hole, our bodies slapping quietly as I hit her ass with each stroke. It only took a few short minutes before my body hit its limit and surged gush after gush of hot cum into her tight pussy, triggering another small climax in the young clerk.

“Damn.” I panted, laying back on the table to look and see where Janet had gone to. I quickly found her sitting in a chair with the other attorney kneeling between her legs, her head bobbing up and down as she licked Janet’s hot pussy.

“Come here.” Janet said, motioning me to join her. I helped the clerk off my softening dick and gave her a gentle kiss, which she returned just as gently.

“Thank you.” She whispered as I slid off the table and took the couple steps to Janet.

“Ok, now suck his cock! I want to see it clean!” Janet said to the other attorney.

Without a word she pulled her wet face from between Janet’s legs and began licking and sucking my shrinking member. Janet reached for my hand and pulled me toward her, ignoring how difficult it was making for her opponent to keep working in my dick. Janet pulled me down onto her lap and pulled my head down to her face and kissed me seductively while the other lady continued to work on my dick.

“You like this?” Janet whispered to me.

“It is certainly different.” I whispered back.

“When she gets you hard, do you want her to fuck you too?”

“I’d kind of like to save it for you.”

“Oh that’s sweet, but we have all night… I think you should fuck her doggy style while she finishes licking me to a nice climax. If you do what I say here, I’ll make sure you are more than rewarded tonight.”

“If that’s what you want.” I said, not about to argue with getting to fuck the next hottest body in the place.

“Good.” She whispered, moving her mouth to my chest, and nibbling on one of my nipples. I never really knew that men’s nipples were that sensitive, but between her attention to my nipples and the other attorney’s attention to my dick soon had me back at full mast.

“Ok bitch. Now let us up!” Janet said sharply. Immediately the lady pulled from where she was sucking my dick and moved aside. Janet helped me up and then got up herself, moving to the edge of the table, sitting on it and lifting her legs in the air as she leaned back onto her elbows. “Ok bitch! I want you to lick me until I cum, and let him fuck your sweet pussy. And you better not cum before I do!”

“Yes master.” She said in a quiet voice, moving to bend over between Janet’s legs and spread her own feet so I could enter her from behind.

It was a hell of a view, with each stroke I slapped into the other attorney’s ass making her face bang into Janet’s pussy, and in turn making Janet’s tits wiggle enticingly. I reached around and found her tits and began squeezing and massaging her hard nipples. Driving her wild while she tried to lick Janet’s clit.

“OH fuck!” she cried into Janet’s pussy as her orgasm washed over her, my dick feeling her pulsating pussy as her body gave in to the sensations.

She increased her efforts to make Janet cum, her own orgasm peaking and holding as I pounded into her pussy.

“You weren’t supposed to cum till I did!” Janet said angrily to the attorney. “I think you need to be punished. What shall we do to punish her?” Janet asked me.

“I have no clue.” I replied, not at all sure what wall was going on.

“Maybe we should fuck her ass?” Janet asked. “How about that, would you like it in your ass?”

“Oh no! Please! Anything but that!” She begged Janet.

“I think that’s exactly what you need!” Janet said. “Mike why don’t you pull out and go sit in that chair.” she said motioning to the chair the attorney had been using. “I think Mary should have to do this herself.”

I pulled out, and went and sat in the chair as Janet had directed. She pushed Mary from between her legs and slid off the table. “Now sit on his dick!”

“Must I?” Mary said looking pleadingly at her.

“Yes!” Janet said commandingly.

Mary moved back and sat on my dick, spreading her cheeks and forcing her ass down over my slick dick. It took her a long time to get all the way down on me, and when she had, Janet stepped in front of her and pulled Mary’s head to her pussy. “Now make us both cum!” She commanded as she lifted a leg and rested it on the arm of the chair.

Mary went back to work on Janet’s pussy, licking and sucking her bald slit while she stroked up and down my shaft.

It didn’t take long, looking at her eating Janet’s pussy, Janet squeezing her tits while her body shook in orgasm, and the sensations of Mary riding me. I grunted and groaned as my body shot a load of cum into her ass, making her jump and moan into Janet’s pussy. She continued to lick and suck until Janet told her to stop.

“Now go get a wet towel and clean him off!” Janet commanded Mary.

“Yes.” She said as she practically ran out of the room and down the hall.

“I’m confused.” I said as Janet dropped into the chair next to mine, looking very pleased with herself.

“Simple. They sent the wrong attorney. After we got back from screwing I realized she wasn’t looking at your dick, she was looking at my pussy. I could see in her eyes, she might be a forceful attorney, but she’s a sexual submissive. It’s a way of compensating between her personal and professional life.”

“Oh… I get it now.”

“Like I said. They sent the wrong woman for this job.”

“I guess so. So what now?” I asked as Mary came back into the room and gently began washing and drying my limp dick.

“Well, we have some lunch, and by then you should be hard again. Then I think I want to go shopping. I promised you a good time tonight, no point in not starting it right after lunch!”

“Just what do you have in mind?” I asked curiously.

“Well we have to give your dick a chance to rest, but after that? You’ll just have to wait and see, but I can assure you, you will enjoy every second of it.”

“How do you know?”

“Hell! You think I haven’t seen how you look at my body when we’re alone? Now you got to see it and fuck it, but there’s lots more we can do that I am sure will fulfill your wildest fantasies.”

“Like what?”

“How would you like to fuck me in public? I can think of several places we could legally have sex today. Besides, I’d really like some new lingerie!” she said with a huge smile.

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