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Mariadela & Esperanza

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I was walking through the streets of the little Central American town, headed to one of its many markets. Founded by the Spanish over 500 years ago, it’s nestled in a ring of mostly-dormant volcanoes. You can still see the occasional plume of steam and smoke escaping the crest of one or the other of them.

I stepped across the median of the bustling street, cars, motorcycles, buses, mopeds, and other pedestrians crowding together on all sides. The main market was ahead of me, and I looked forward to wanderings its confines. I was washed in a sea of sights, sounds, and smells. There were seemingly endless rows of stalls, hawking endless varieties of goods. Here, (probably) illegally copied movies and CD’s, over there, soccer jerseys, down the way, a variety of shoes, and across from that, used parts for cars and motorcycles. There were people of all descriptions — black, white, red. This is a favorite destination of European visitors, and I can see — and hear — Germans, Brits, French, as well as other nationalities I didn’t readily recognize. There are those of Spanish descent, or Castilianos, as they are known, as well as the darker skinned mestisos, and still-darker native descendants. All in a hodge-podge of colors, textiles, and textures. I smelled chicken grilling in an open-air cookshop, ripe fruit hanging at every turn, diesel and oil fumes, sweet perfumes, roasting coffee grown on the adjoining volcanic hillsides, the pungent odor of unwashed humanity. It was a paradise of old and new — forgotten and yet undiscovered. And did I mention some of the most beautiful women anywhere? THAT was just an added bonus to my travels.

It was Friday, my first day in this town, and toward late afternoon, I begun noticing even more people on the streets and sidewalks, if that were possible. People were getting out of work, and I also noticed a peculiar addition to the burgeoning population of pedestrians. There began to be uniforms everywhere — specifically, girls in uniforms everywhere. Were they schoolgirls? I didn’t think so…they appeared to be in their late teens and early twenties. I was intrigued, and definitely titillated. The majority of the uniforms were a combination of short plaid skirts in the school’s colors, a dark blazer over a white blouse, and to top it off, knee high stockings and heels. Almost invariably, heels. ‘N-i-i-i-i-c-e,’ I thought to myself.

I continued to shop for a while, enjoying the sights and sounds, but then decided to head over toward the Parque Central, the town’s huge public square. The area was over 100 yards on each side, and in the center a gigantic fountain and attendant sculptures spouting water. I stood near the fountain, turning in a slow circle to take it all in. Along one side was a long arcade, people crowding in a long queue to put their paychecks in the bank. I was told this was an every-Friday occurrence. Along another side was a massive palace-like structure, complete with stone pillars, loads of sculpture and ornamentation, and armed guards along its facade. Opposite this was a string of small shops, restaurants, cafe tables, and bars. But what struck me most was the people. It was a people-watching paradise.

I decided to take a seat on one of the many benches, at the opposite end from an older gentleman, probably in his late fifties or early sixties. He smiled at me genially and nodded. After a while of drinking in the sights, I decided to strike up a conversation with my neighbor. He introduced himself as Francisco. He said he like to come here in the afternoons while his wife shopped in the markets. The two of us sat and watched, as children played in the fountain, or chased each other playing tag. There were people of all ages; mothers walking with their children, homeless begging for spare change, others returning home from work, or most people, like me, just enjoying the fading light of evening.

“Francisco, what is the reason for the uniforms the girls all wear?” I asked my new friend.

“These are girls from the secretarial and business schools,” he replied. “Beautiful, si?”

“Si,” I nodded emphatically.

As we continued to watch, a pair of these girls approached from our right, on one of the pathways traversing the park. One was tall, approaching six feet, with long, slender legs, and the lighter hair characteristic of the Castilianos. Over her shoulder, she had slung a bright pink Hello Kitty backpack. She had a natural beauty, and appeared only to wear a little eye makeup and lipstick. Her companion, dressed identically, was maybe a foot shorter, slightly darker complexion, and noticeably stockier, although still very attractive. She appeared more thick-waisted, with more athletic, muscular legs than her tall friend. All in all, a very sexy pair. I received nothing more than a quick glance from both girls as they made their way in front of us, and off to our left.

About 10 minutes later, as Francisco and I were talking about the history of the town, the same two girls — I saw the backpack — walked toward us again. This time, they eyeballed me a little longer, so I nodded. At this, the two girls leaned in to each other giggling as they walked past. Francisco rattled off something unintelligible to the pair, and the tall one glanced over her shoulder, sticking out her tongue at Francisco, and then gave him the sweetest, most devilish grin I’ve ever seen as they continued on away from us.

“My Spanish is not bad, but I didn’t understand what you said to her.” He had spoken rapidly, in a kind of slang.

“I told the girls to come back and enjoy the company of my friend,” he said. At this, I blushed, and told him I appreciated him looking out for me. “It is still early — there is still hope for you, my friend. Well, it is 6:00, and I must go and find my wife. Enjoy the rest of your time here,” Francisco told me as he stood up to go. I rose and shook his hand, and we said our goodbyes.

I wandered the square somewhat aimlessly, coming to the idea of enjoying a beer at one of the cafes. Just as I started to head toward one called La Abondanza, I heard a voice from behind me.

“Buenos tardes,” said a sweet voice. I thought maybe it was one of the many people wandering the square, selling jewelry or weavings to tourists. To my surprise, as I turned around, I saw the two girls Francisco had tried to entice earlier. I stopped in my tracks, trying to believe whether my look could really be this good.

“Buenos tardes,” I returned in my best Spanish. “Me llamo Estefan. Mucho gusto.”

The two introduced themselves as Esperanza (the taller one), and Mariadela (the shorter one). After a minute or so of agonizing awkwardness in all parties involved, I suggested getting a few beers at the cafe where I had been headed. The girls said they knew a better one, where it would be a little less crowded. I agreed, and we set off across the park. At first, I decided I needed to keep on my guard. Not knowing the area, I didn’t want to be taken in by a possible scam or get set up to be mugged by an acquaintance of the girls. Luckily, we didn’t walk very far, and ducked into the coolness of a small restaurant on one of the side streets just off the square. I relaxed a little, feeling like I didn’t have to worry as much now. I still wouldn’t drink too much, just in case.

We three sat at a tiny table in a back corner of the establishment, the two girls flanking me on either side. As I asked the two what they wanted to drink, they each flashed me the sweetest smiles. I was hoping it was going to be a good night. We ordered three beers, which the little elderly waitress brought back momentarily.

After an hour or so of questions about each other’s lives, boyfriends, girlfriends, or luckily the lack thereof, how I was enjoying my touring, and just general harmless chit-chat, the two got up to go to the bathroom. When they returned, Mariadela asked me how long I would be in town. I told them I was to leave tomorrow afternoon, and they both said that was too bad, that they would like to have shown me around. For a moment, the girls put their heads together and then returned their attention to me. In a flurry of Spanish, Esperanza spoke to the woman behind the counter, and in five minutes’ time, two bags of food and two bottles of wine arrived at our table. At first I was uncomprehending, but when Mariadela stood up and took my hand, I realized we were getting our dinner to go. Better and better.

It was only a short walk up the street to the girls’ apartment. Since it was still early, there were plenty of people on the streets. We passed the bolted doors of shops that had closed up for the night, and now there were the sounds of the night in a bustling town. People out enjoying themselves, lively music coming from a number of restaurants and clubs. The cobblestone street was a narrow affair, tiny sidewalks on each side, the ironwork grilles of windows punctuating the walls of the buildings we passed. It was a decidedly picturesque place. I was definitely coming back to visit again.

We arrived at an oaken door studded with brass nails. The house’s walls, right at the edge of the sidewalk, were a coral-colored plaster, and a window grille looked out on the entrance. Mariadela took out her keys and unlocked the entry door, while Esperanza ushered me inside. It took my eyes some time to adjust to the dim light of the single lamp that sat on a small table in the corner. The apartment was cozy, a tiny little living space with whitewashed walls that was virtually stuffed with two oversized sofas and a low coffee table. The few antique photos and prints hanging on the walls gave the place a definite Old World feel.

I dumped the two bags of food onto the coffee table and sat on a sofa, while Esperanza put on some music. I recognized the same type of dance music that I had heard coming from one of the clubs we had passed earlier. After this, Esperanza came over to where I sat and kicked off her shoes. In a moment of cruel teasing, she put her left foot on the sofa and slowly, ever so slowly, unrolled her white stocking to take it off. Without even trying, I got a glimpse of silky white panties beneath her dark skirt. She caught me looking and flashed me a wicked grin. She then switched feet and repeated the entire agonizing process right in front of me.

Taking her cue from the taller girl, Mariadela did a mock strip-tease, spinning and undulating in time to the music as she removed her blazer. She looked deep into my eyes and began unbuttoning the top of her blouse. First, one, then another, then another button…and stopped. I realized then what a tantalizing display of cleavage she was putting on. The tops of her lacy black bra cups just peeked over the edges of her partially opened shirt.

Now that both girls were comfortable, they flopped down onto the floor, heedless of their short skirts, and started digging through the food to pass it around. I slid off the couch and deposited myself on the floor between the two of them. I realized I hadn’t eaten for hours, and the food was delicious. A semi-spicy mixture of meats and tortillas, tamales, and good red wine. Bookended by the two beautiful sirens, I was in heaven!

We all laughed as the two told me stories about things that happened at their school, or some of their adventures on weekends when they weren’t in school. Everyone was having a good time, loosened up from the wine, but not to the point of drunkenness. At one point, Mariadela jumped up and yelled, “I love this song!” She began undulating to the music, her eyes closed, enjoying the feeling of moving in rhythm. Esperanza stood up to join her, and I got a “floor’s-eye view” of the two friends locked in a steamy embrace, each holding the other close, arms encircling waists. Occasionally there was a kiss on the lips, or a stroked cheek. It was obvious the girls adored each other. As the music heated up further, Mariadela moved one of her thighs so it was between the legs of Esperanza and they danced in a style similar to Meringue. Their sexy hips gyrated back and forth as they continued to hold each other tight. I felt myself getting incredibly turned on by this candid display of intimacy. The two kissed again, and I saw one of Mariadela’s hands slip between the two of their bodies, rubbing the both of them from the outside. Esperanza let out a gasp as she enjoyed the feel of her friend’s hand on her clothed pussy. In a frenzy, the two kissed eagerly one last time, and then collapsed on the floor next to me in a tangle of legs, laughing and exhausted from the dancing.

We talked for what seemed like hours — I couldn’t remembering having so much fun in a long time. It was somewhat of a surprise when Mariadela asked me what hotel I was staying at. I told her the San Lucas. As if on command, Esperanza stood up, saying it was getting late, and it was probably time to go to bed. The statement hit me like a ton of bricks, and I went instantly from being on top of the world, to being absolutely depressed. I was NOT looking forward to returning to my tiny hotel room alone to jerk myself off. Been there, done that. I stood up slowly, starting to say my good-byes to the two girls, when Mariadela giggled and said something in rapid-fire Spanish to Esperanza.

“Silly man! I meant you are to come to bed with us!” Esperanza told me, laughing. Holy shit! I couldn’t believe my luck.

Mariadela grabbed my hand and led me down a short hallway to a small room with a huge antique-looking bed at one wall. The headboard was ornately carved wood, dark with age, and must have been at least 8 feet wide. As I looked around the room, she explained that they shared a bed, since they needed to save money, and a one-bedroom apartment is much cheaper. From behind me, Esperanza chimed in that over time they had become lovers, and that they shared virtually everything. I think my cock stood at full attention at this last thought. As I stood contemplating this, the tall beauty spun me toward her and leaned in for a kiss.

The two of them lighted a series of oil lamps — it’s cheaper than electricity, one of them explained, and the room was thrown into a warm, golden glow. As Esperanza went back down the hall to turn out the living room light, Mariadela reached down and pulled the hem of my shirt over my head. She purred in delight as her soft hands caressed my chest and shoulders. I heard the music grow louder as Esperanza carried one of the speakers into the hallway. A second later, I felt her behind me, her breath on my skin as she planted tiny whispers of kisses on my back. Her strong, supple arms encircled my waist, and I felt her fingers working to undo the button of my pants. Mariadela leaned closer to give her a hand, and soon my pants and underwear slid to the floor. I continued kissing first one girl, then the other. After a while I told the girls I had really enjoyed watching them kiss each other earlier.

“Anything you wish,” said Mariadela. And with that, she wrapped her hand in Esperanza’s thick mane of dirty blonde hair, pulling her head down for a long, slow kiss. They were locked in a sensual embrace, lips pressed together, mouths open, tongues intertwined. Hands roved each other’s bodies, exploring, teasing. Esperanza leaned down even further as she continued to kiss her lover, running a hand up under Mariadela’s skirt, and stroking her sopping pussy. Mariadela’s breath hissed inward, and she exhaled a sigh of delight. Esperanza pulled the shorter girl’s panties to the side, running a finger up an down the wet slit. Mariadela spread her legs wider as she stood soaking her friend’s finger. Another gasp of pleasure issued from her mouth as first one, and then a second finger, disappeared deep inside the girl’s aching pussy. Esperanza was fingering her good now.

At last releasing her hold on Mariadela, Esperanza brought her hands up to the front of her friend’s blouse, undoing the remaining buttons. The garment slid off her shoulders. Next came the skirt and panties. Soon I was taking in the gorgeous sight of Mariadela’s body. She was thick hipped, lovely athletic thighs (she had told me she was a soccer player) met just below a pussy with one small tuft of dark hair, and a pair of grapefruit-sized breasts sat high on her chest. Luscious, huge nipples shone proud. I moved to take one into my mouth, and felt her hand wrap around my now-rigid cock. As I ministered to the shorter girl’s breasts, Esperanza finished undressing herself, and joined me in pleasuring her.

Esperanza knelt down between the two of us, first licking her roommate’s pussy, then taking the head of my cock in her mouth. Mariadela’s head was thrown back, a constant stream of moans and obscenities streaming from somewhere deep inside her, as her lover continued to stimulate every inch of her dripping cunt with tongue and fingers. I kissed from her ear, to her exposed throat, down to the tops of her breasts, using my tongue to circle her diamond-hard nipples. Esperanza’s tongue was working magic on my cock, swiping up and down the shaft, flitting underneath to my balls, and then playing with the head. Before long, she stood up and pushed me toward the bed, where I fell onto the edge and slid myself up toward the head.

“I want to ride that pretty cock,” Esperanza practically growled. With that, she moved up to straddle me, teasing my cock mercilessly. She knelt on one knee, with the sweet mouth of her pussy just millimeters away from sucking me into her. There was that ever-present wicked grin — she knew damned well how to drive me insane. Her hips lowered a fraction, so that just the tip of my cock pushed her outer pussy lips aside. I tried to move my hips up in response, but she had apparently anticipated my move; shaking her head teasingly, she moved back up, so I was left high and dry. She grabbed both my hands, putting them on her luscious, small breasts, and this time, sank ever so slowly down onto the shaft of my cock in one long, deliciously slow movement. She was now impaled down to the balls on me. A long, low moan of satisfaction was all she could let out. As she adjusted to her pussy being filled up, she leaned forward to kiss me deeply, and I circled my arms around her, holding her tight to me. I didn’t want her to get away to tease me again.

Now that she had perfect access, Mariadela situated herself between my legs, behind Esperanza, and stroked her hands down her roommate’s back. She massaged the other girl lovingly, stroking and caressing, kneading the supple flesh, until her hands wandered down to spread the cheeks of Esperanza’s tight ass apart. With my head propped on two pillows, I was treated to the sexy sight of Mariadela burying her tongue in the tight little asshole of her lover. It was driving Esperanza crazy, and she wriggled her hips in appreciation as she soaked my cock with her juices. I felt the occasional lash of Mariadela’s tongue on my balls as she flicked it up and down the entire slit of the pussy laid out in front of her. I decided I wanted to feel Esperanza grind on me, so I let her up from my crushing embrace, and she sat straight up on my rod. Mariadela knelt behind Esperanza hugging her from behind, teasing her nipples and squeezing her huge breasts. Esperanza, her long, lean legs astride me, was soon writhing in the throes of her first full-on orgasm. Her shuddering and quaking seemed to go on forever, and I felt the inner walls of her cunt spasming and gripping my cock, threatening to push me over the edge.

“I want to feel you explode inside me,” Esperanza said, as if she could read my mind and feel my impending orgasm. “I’m quite sure a young caballero like you can be persuaded to cum more than once tonight for us.”

“Yes,” agreed Mariadela. “Because you’re going to cum for me, too.” she said grinning.

I felt my head spinning as I approached the moment of impact. Esperanza sensed it too, riding me in long strokes, focusing on squeezing me with her pussy. Her rhythm gradually quickened and intensified, and I knew I was going to pop for sure when I felt Mariadela squeezing my balls, running her gorgeous nails over them, teasing the boiling cum out of them. With a grunt and a groan, the liquid fire came jetting out of me, to coat the inside of Esperanza’s pussy. It overflowed and squeezed out as she continued to straddle me.

“Mmm…that was nice,” said Esperanza as she slowly dismounted me. Her pussy was dripping with creampie, which Mariadela instantly bent down to examine. I thought I was going to cum a second time as I watched Mariadela delve her fingers deep inside Esperanza, bringing out the cum and licking it ravenously off her fingers. She playfully pushed the tall girl back on the bed, and went to town licking and sucking at her pussy, trying to glean every last bit of cum should could from the girl’s satiated hole.

While I gave my cock some time to recover, I got behind Mariadela’s gorgeous, thick ass, just grinding against her, teasing her.

“This is how I’m going to fuck you, baby. Is that what you want?”

“Mmm…yes, please — I want you inside me,” she said as she ground her hips back against me. “But I want you in my ass. Esperanza doesn’t fuck in her ass, but I LOVE it!”

“Oooh, I bet you’re tight, too, aren’t you?” I teased her, smacking her ass. I heard a muffled reply from her, her face still buried in her lover’s cunt. I bent down and did as I had seen her do to Esperanza, lubing her puckered ass hole with my tongue. At the same time, I dropped my hand down lower to find her clit. The tiny nub hardened quickly under my fingertips. I ran my fingers up and down her slit, playing in and around the folds of her outer lips, before I carefully ran a finger inside her. Mariadela pushed back against me, trying to bury my finger in her still further, so I inserted a second digit as far as it would go. I developed a rhythm, fucking her with my hand, and decided to take it further…why not see if two more would fit? She gratefully accepted, and was now bouncing frantically back onto my hand.

“Harder! Harder! More, baby,” was all she could moan. Esperanza had slid down further on the bed so she was directly under Mariadela’s body, and the two were now kissing passionately while I plowed Mariadela with my hand. The thumb, all that remained outside, slipped in quite easily, and Mariadela’s entire body throbbed in orgasm.

“Don’t stop! Keep going….please!” she begged. Now with my entire fist in her, she was utterly under my control, and my cock was rock fucking hard again, enjoying her responses to my stimulation. I could tell she was approaching a continuous state of orgasm, so I pumped her deeper and harder, my fist disappearing inside her up to the wrist. Our bodies moved in tandem as I forcefully fist-fucked her with everything I had. “Unnnnngggggghhh……..” one long, absolutely uncontrollable groan of lust was uttered by the little nymph, and sploosh! splatter! splutter! as she squirted violently all over the bed, and all over me. Damn! What a turn-on!

I needed to fuck Mariadela now, and I removed my hand slowly, the lips of her pussy gaping as I came out of the void. I used the juices of her excitement to lubricate her asshole, poking a finger into her tight passage, slowly working it around to prepare her for my invasion. A second finger beside the first lightly stretched her sphincter, and caused a brief squeal of enjoyment. I was enjoying playing with her, but I was going to enjoy putting my cock in that tight little hole even more.

“Turn around, mi amor,” Mariadela told Esperanza. I want to eat your pussy while I have his cock inside me.” One last kiss, and then Esperanza flipped end-for-end and her head appeared under me. She eagerly gobbled my cock into her warm, wet mouth, slobbering over the head to get it ready for her friend. She gave it one last lick from the base to the head, and whispered, “Fuck her good”.

Mariadela’s unbelievable ass waggled in front of me, and my hands went to her wide hips, pulling her toward me. The tip of my throbbing cock edged toward the tight pucker, and I took it slow so I didn’t hurt her. A little bit at a time, I pushed, and sat still…pushed, and sat still, until I was about three inches into her. At this point, she took over, and pushed herself back onto my rod, burying me deep inside her. Apparently, the preliminaries were over, and now she wanted to be slammed. I obliged her, as we found a pounding rhythm. Every so often, Esperanza would grab me by the balls to stop me, and pop my cock into her waiting mouth. The combination of fucking the one girl’s ass, and the being sucked by the other girl’s hot mouth was mind-blowing. I could feel another load of hot cum working itself into a frenzy in my balls. Mariadela was emitting an ever-louder series of growls as her back heaved up and down. Her breath came in ragged surges now, and the plunging of my cock worked to reinforce the tonguebath Esperanza was giving her pussy. Another fierce orgasm ripped through her now, and she screamed in delight.

“Oooh…Madre de Dios!” she blasphemed loudly. “That feels so fucking good! Come down here. I want you to cum in my mouth!” I love watching a girl take my load in her mouth, so I was all-too-willing to obey her command.

Once again, I was lying on my back, my head on the pillows, while the two of them took turns working my cock over. The girls massaged my balls, mock-fighting over who was going to suck me into their mouth first. As I neared the point of no return, Mariadela took my shaft in a powerful grip, working me in long, slow strokes.

“This will be mine,” she playfully growled at her lover. “If you’re nice, I’ll share it with you.” As if to acquiesce, Esperanza kissed her on the lips, then lowered her head to my balls. First one, then both disappeared together inside her mouth. The pressure intensified inside me, and Mariadela tightened her grip. I told her I was almost ready. With a greedy lick of her lips, she began pistoning her hand faster and harder. She was enjoying trying to elicit a response from me. With a forceful spasm, my hips lifted off the bed, and an enormous jet of cum shot into the sexy young girl’s searching mouth. Another stream crossed both her lips to drip off her chin. She continued to pump as much as she could get. It quickly became sensitive, and she giggled as she gave one more quick series of tugs. Now, for the crowning moment, Mariadela turned her head toward Esperanza, and the two kissed deeply, mouths open wide. My creamy offering moved back and forth between them for some time, before they both swallowed, sexy smiles on their faces. I guess they really DO share everything…

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