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My high school reunion was coming up in a few days, and I couldn’t wait. I hadn’t been back to my hometown since my graduation 6 years ago, so I was really looking forward to seeing some old friends. I know what you’re thinking: a 6-year reunion? Well, I’m from a small town, so the high school does all-class reunions every few years.

My husband Rob was, as you might imagine, slightly less excited than I was about the reunion. After all, he didn’t know anybody, and being in a small town, there really wasn’t anything else to do except attend the reunion; it’s not as if he could go off and do his own thing while I chatted up my old friends. I also got the feeling he was a little wary of meeting all of my old high school flames.

Actually, Rob loves to listen to me talk about my early sexual experiences. He’s told me that it’s a huge turn-on for him to hear about how popular I was with the guys back in high school, and sometimes he’ll even ask me to tell him, in great detail, about my ‘first times’ while we’re having sex. But going to the reunion, meeting the guys in person, having to watch them flirt with me – which was probably inevitable – I guessed it wasn’t a thrilling prospect for Rob.

So, as the days approached, I started to develop a clever idea, a plan to make the weekend more exciting for both Rob and me. I kept it to myself until we were actually in the car that Friday, and then gradually introduced the subject into the conversation.

“So, Rob, are you looking forward to this weekend?”

“Well, Marie, I’m glad we are getting away, but frankly, this trip is mostly about you getting to see your old friends. I think I’m pretty much just along for the ride, right?”

“Well, I was thinking, maybe there’s a way to make things a little more fun for both of us.”

“I’m listening.”

I placed my hand on his thigh, and slowly, gradually, moved it towards his crotch as I began to share my idea.

“Well, you remember my stories about Chucky and Mikey, right?”

He shifted in his seat as my fingers moved ever closer to their goal. “Of course, Marie. You know I love those stories about what a little slut you were in high school.”

“And you know they’re both going to be at the reunion.”

My fingers arrived, and I began gently stroking his cock, which quickly hardened under my touch.

“Yeah, so?”

“Well, I’ve been thinking over the past few days, and I may have come up with a way to bring everyone’s fantasy to life. Mine, yours, presumably theirs…”

“I’m still listening.”

“You’ve told me that you’d love to watch me with another guy, did you really mean that?”

“Oh, god yes, Marie, that would be really hot.”

“Well, what about two guys at once?”

“Seriously?” He shot me a quick glance, trying to gauge how serious I was, before looking back at the road in front of us.

“Oh, yeah. I have always fantasized about being DP-ed, and I’m thinking this weekend might be my opportunity to make this fantasy come true, with you watching.”

His cock was rock hard now, and throbbing under my fingers.

“Unzip me, Marie, please. If you’re going to keep talking about this, I want you to stroke me as I drive.”

“My pleasure!”

I unzipped his jeans, pulled out his cock, spit on my hand to provide some lubrication, and began stroking him.

“So, Marie,” he said, a teasing quality in his voice, “what makes you think Chucky and Mikey will be up for this?”

“You’re kidding, right? They’re called tits, Rob.”

He laughed, then reached over and squeezed my breast for a moment, before returning his hand to the steering wheel. I shifted in the passenger seat so that I could reach my right hand around to fondle his balls as I continued stroking his shaft with my left hand. Seriously, though, I was sure all I had to do was ask. I’m very pretty, have a hot body, and don’t look any less good than I did in high school. I was confident that the guys would be drooling over me as soon as we arrived at the reunion.

Rob was breathing heavily now, and I knew I could bring him to orgasm if he allowed me to. “So,” he said, “you think just because of your long blonde hair, your beautiful face, your perfect 34C tits, your tiny little waist and perfect ass, you can have any guy you want?”

“Well, I already have the guy I want,” I said, knowing the comment would push him closer to the edge, “but yes, I know that with a little flirting, I can have those two guys wrapped around my little finger.”

“God, Marie, yes. I love it when you talk like that. You’re going to make me cum, is that what you want?”

“Yes, Rob, please, I’d love a mouth full of cum.” I picked up the pace as I continued to jack him off. “I want to walk into that reunion with the taste of your cum still in my mouth.”

“Oh god yes, Marie. OK, ready? Go down on me, now!”

Luckily we were on a particularly lonely and straight stretch of highway, so Rob was able to keep driving as I plunged down, taking his cock completely into my mouth and bobbing up and down for just a few moments more until I felt him jerk and shoot his load, completely filling my mouth with hot, delicious cum.


The drive, and the conversation, had gone even better than I thought. Not only was Rob up for my plan, but we were both completely turned on from that point forward. Road head always had that effect on both of us.

We settled into our hotel room, checked into the reunion – complete with the cheesy “Hello, my name is…” nametags – and began mingling in the hotel’s ballroom – the only venue in town large enough to host an event for a few hundred people. I spotted both Chucky and Mikey at different times from across the room, but was genuinely enjoying catching up with some of my old girlfriends, so it took a little while before we came face-to-face with either of the guys.

Rob was looking handsome and confident as he always did in social situations, well-dressed in a jacket and dockers. I had chosen an outfit which accentuated my curves, a perfectly-fitted little black dress with a plunging neckline, short skirt, and matching heels. I’m only 5’4″, so any chance I get to wear 3-inch heels, I make the most of it.

It was after a couple of drinks that Chucky finally made his way over to us, hugged me, and I introduced him to Rob.

“Oh, please, Marie, call me Charles. I haven’t been Chucky since graduation!”

“OK, Chucky, whatever you say.”

I couldn’t help but remember my first time with Chucky – which was my first time with anyone. I guess it’s true, you never forget your first time! The three of us made small talk for a while, about jobs, life since high school, and the like, until Mikey finally made his way across the room to join us as well.

“Hey, Marie! Chucky!”

“It’s Charles, now, apparently,” I said with a wink as I gave Mikey a hug, “and I suppose you’re Michael now?”

“No, Mike is fine! And this must be your husband Rob,” he said, extending a hand to meet Rob’s.

The small talk continued, and I gave Rob a couple of glances, trying to express with just my eyes that I had no clue how to introduce my indecent proposal into such an innocuous conversation. Both of the men had managed to find ways to touch my arm, or hug me again, or wink when our eyes met, so there was certainly a playful, flirtatious feel to the conversation, but it was still a far cry from, “hey, you guys want to DP me while my husband watches?”

Rob must have understood the message I was trying to send him, and perhaps realized that, as my husband, was in a position to either allow or prevent things from moving to a more intimate level.

“How would you guys like to join us in our room for a nightcap a bit later?”

“Um, OK, sure, that would be great!” Mikey looked surprised, but eagerly accepted the invitation on behalf of both of them.

“How about 9:30?”

“Sounds good,” Chucky – um, Charles – chimed in.

We parted ways and went back to mingling, working our way around the room with handshakes, hugs, and the occasional avoidance of an old high-school enemy. As we walked, Rob’s hands were constantly on my body, either an arm wrapped around my waist, or gently touching my arm, or, in an occasional dark corner of the room, sneaking a hand up the skirt of my dress. I can hardly describe how turned on I was, imagining what I might be doing – or who would be doing me – in a few hours.


Rob and I were back in our room just after 9:15, alone for a few minutes before the other men were due to show up.

“Do you still want to go through with this?” Rob asked as he pulled me into an embrace, kissing me before I could answer him.

“Oh, yeah. I’m so fucking turned on I can’t even tell you.”

“Oh, yes, you are, aren’t you,” he said, his hand slipping up my skirt, tracing my inner thigh, and gently rubbing me for a moment through my panties.

“Oh, god, Rob, yes, I’m so wet!”

“I’m glad! Now, just follow my directions, and I’ll make your fantasy come true.”

“Yes, sir,” I said with a smile.

“Take off your dress, but leave on your bra, panties, and heels, and then climb up on the bed for me.”

I quickly did as I was told, catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror on the closet door as I moved across the room.

“Now, lie back against the pillows, and I want you to start slowly, gently, touching yourself.”

I did as I was told, pushing my panties to one side of my pussy lips, and gently rubbing one finger back and forth, up and down across my skin, gently touching my clit with each stroke. I sighed, arched my back against the pillows, and forced myself to move slowly, even though I could have easily fingered myself to a climax right then and there, I was so turned on.

Rob was sitting in the chair across from the bed, watching me, smiling, and I smiled back at him, enjoying the moment, until we were interrupted by a knock at the door. I started to move my panties and was planning to reach for a robe, but Rob mouthed the word ‘no’ to me, and so I understood that he wanted me to continue touching myself as he got up and walked to the door.

“Who is it?”

“It’s Mike and Charles,” one of them responded.

Rob quickly opened the door and welcomed them in, and I watched as their friendly smiles changed into looks of shock, their mouths dropping open as they both looked at me. Mikey just kept staring, while Chucky tried to pull his eyes away from me.

“Oh, wow, Rob, I’m sorry, did we interrupt something, are we early?”

“Nope, you’re right on time.”

Mikey finally managed to pull his jaw off the floor and say something, “Rob, um, did you know that your wife is half naked, there, on the bed?”

“Yes, she’s doing exactly what I’ve asked of her. You see, we’re hoping you guys can help us out with a little fantasy of hers. Please, sit down.”

Rob motioned for the men to sit down on the bed next to me, and he returned to his chair. They still looked a bit awkward, but had no intention of leaving, either. They sat down, one on each side of the bed as I lay in the middle, and struggled to keep their attention on Rob, as he spoke to them.

“I know you’ve both been with Marie, she’s told me about all of her sexual experiences. On the drive here, she confessed to me that she’s always fantasized about being with two men at once, and we decided that this reunion would be an excellent opportunity to make that happen for her.”

He paused, and both men looked at me as I continued to gently touch myself.

“Isn’t she hot, guys? Please, just watch her. Marie, I want you to finger yourself now, pleasure yourself while we watch.”

I closed my eyes as I inserted two fingers of my right hand as far as I could into my hot, wet pussy, then began rubbing my clit with two fingers of my left hand. As I began to find a rhythm, rotating my fingers in a circle inside my tight pussy, I opened my eyes again, eager to see the three men watching me.

“That’s right, just watch her. Let her turn you on. Do you want to watch her cum?”

Chucky looked at Rob, surprised at the question.

“That’s right, Charles, she’s multi-orgasmic. She can cum for you now, and cum for you while you’re fucking her, and then cum for me again later. Cum for them, Marie, while they watch you.”

I was rubbing my clit furiously now, turned on by Rob’s voice and then by the sight of both of my old boyfriends as they quickly stripped off their clothes, threw them to the floor, and began fondling themselves as they watched me, their cocks quickly hardening. My experiences with them quickly came back to me as I saw them naked again – Chucky, to whom I’d lost my virginity, and Mikey, who’d only fucked me a couple of times, and who, I remembered now, had a smaller cock. Hmm, I thought to myself while I could still think clearly, he’d be the best choice for my ass.

“That’s it, Marie, let yourself go! Don’t you just love watching her finger-fuck her shaved pussy, guys?”

“Oh, god, yes, yesssssssssss!” I cried out as a long, powerful orgasm moved through my body. It took me a few moments to recover before I let my fingers slip out of my dripping wet pussy. I held my glistening fingers up to Mikey, who eagerly licked them clean, while Chucky bent down and licked me out, causing me to jump with pleasure as his tongue hit my oh-so-sensitive skin.

“Now, guys, please stand next to the bed. Marie, sit down between them, and take turns sucking them.”

We all eagerly followed Rob’s directions, shifted positions, and I took a cock into each hand, then took turns with my mouth, a few moments on Chucky’s big hard cock, a few moments deep-throating Mikey’s smaller, thinner cock. I looked over at Rob every chance I got, making sure that he was enjoying the show, and noticed that he was now rubbing himself through his dockers.

As much as I was enjoying myself, I was suddenly hit with a pang of fear. After all, as eager as I was to live out this fantasy of mine, I’d never had a cock in my ass. Rob knew this, of course, so I hoped that he had a plan to help things go smoothly. Meanwhile, I prolonged my dual hand-and-mouth job as long as possible, and none of the men in the room seemed to object.

“OK, guys, are you ready to fill Marie, my naughty, slutty wife Marie, more than she’s ever been filled before?”

“Oh, god, yeah,” Mikey said, and Chucky could only nod with enthusiasm, his eyes glued to my tits as I followed Rob’s next direction, which was to remove the rest of my clothes.

“Alright, Marie, I want you on all fours in the middle of the bed, and each of these guys is going to quickly take you from behind, just to get lubricated, OK?”

I didn’t even respond with words, showing my enthusiasm for this idea by moving as quickly as I could into position and looking back at my husband with lust-filled eyes. Chucky jumped on first, slowly pressing into me, filling me completely, holding himself there for several moments, and then pulling out and moving to the side so that Mikey could take his turn. My pussy muscles clenched as Chucky pulled out, then readjusted to Mikey’s smaller cock, which was soon covered with my juices as well.

“Now, Charles,” Rob said, “lie down with your head on the pillows, and let Marie ride you.”

I smiled at Chucky – sorry, couldn’t bring myself to think of him as Charles – as I positioned myself above him and slowly lowered myself down onto him, and then began a slow grinding. It was heavenly, and I tried to focus entirely on that sensation, rather than on what was coming next.

“I know you could ride that hard cock all night, Marie, but I want you to lie down, your chest against his, so that your ass is exposed.”

I slowly lowered myself down against Chucky, my hard nipples pressing into his chest, as he remained buried inside of me. His cock throbbed, and my pussy clenched, but we both just held the position, with very little in-and-out motion.

“Here, Mike, take this lubricant, and get her tight little virgin ass as ready as you can.”

I heard the click of a bottle top, the squirt of the gel, and then flinched as the cool substance hit my skin. I couldn’t see what Mikey was doing, but the feeling made it obvious enough – he had started by squirting the gel directly onto my ass, and now was beginning to probe me with a finger. This I could handle; after all, Rob and I had experimented with that much penetration before.

I began to move against Chucky once again, and he responded by pressing in and out of me, as Mikey was now fucking my ass quickly, but still just with one finger. After a few more moments, he inserted another finger, and I realized that my muscles were adjusting. I would be able to do this after all!

“She’s ready, Mike, I can tell. Squirt some of that lubricant onto your cock, and then take her, in one smooth motion.”

Still unable to see what was happening behind me, I listened carefully for clues, while Chucky took advantage of the moment to fuck me harder from below. I could hear Mikey squirt out more of the lubricant, and then put the bottle down. Then I heard what could only be clothes rustling, and guessed – hoped – that Rob was undressing.

As Mikey climbed on the bed behind me, I could feel the head of his cock press against my ass, which had tightened up again after his fingers left it and with Chucky fucking me harder now. As if he sensed my thoughts, Chucky gradually slowed until he wasn’t moving at all, as Mikey slowly, steadily, forced himself into me.

I cried out, whimpering, then sighing, then panting with pleasure, as Mikey finally bottomed out inside of me. I was thankful that he was smaller than Chucky, or Rob, for that matter, but I still couldn’t believe how incredibly full I felt. For a few moments, none of us moved, just getting used to the sensation, but finally I began to rock back and forth between them, encouraging them to move as well.

I gradually realized that I’d been holding my eyes firmly shut, tense at the anticipation of what was coming, and that I could now relax. When I finally allowed my eyes to open, I saw Rob standing next to the bed, stroking his cock as he watched us. This was enough to put me over the edge, and I kept my eyes fixed on his as my body clenched with another orgasm, lubricating Chucky’s cock with my juices and encouraging him to begin fucking me harder now.

Mikey waited for a moment, holding himself deep inside my ass, as Chucky established this new, intense rhythm, then found his own complementary rhythm to begin moving in and out once again. The two men were soon pounding away relentlessly, and I spurred them on with hissed words of encouragement – ‘fuck me, fuck my pussy, fuck that tight little ass!’ – as my eyes remained glued to my husband.

Rob stepped closer to me now, and I reached out a hand to pull him close, grabbing his ass and pulling him towards me until I was able to take his cock into my mouth. I didn’t have as much control of my motions as I might have liked, as I was being thrust into from above and below, but I did manage to keep Rob’s cock in my mouth, licking and sucking on at least the tip.

Mikey was the first to cum, suddenly pulling out, groaning, and covering much of my back – I could tell from the sensation and also from Rob’s surprised gasp – with cum. He collapsed beside us on the bed, relaxing with a huge smile on his face for a few moments, before jumping up and finding a towel to wipe my back clean.

It was then that I realized I once again had the freedom to sit up and ride Chucky, to once again take control of the pace and bring him to a climax. I sat up, his hands immediately clutching my tits and kneading them as I held him deep inside of me and ground back and forth, before once again bobbing up and down, in a furious tempo, for several moments more, until I could sense he was close.

I pulled up off of him, knelt beside him, and took him into my mouth just as he was almost ready to cum, so that I was able to taste first my own juices and then his hot load of cum, which I eagerly swallowed. As sore as I was from having both holes filled with cock, I was still eager to cum again, and more importantly, to bring Rob to climax after all his time spent watching my fantasy come true.

“OK, guys, have a seat, it’s your turn to watch.”

I rolled over onto my back and Rob quickly followed me, climbing up onto the bed, taking hold of my legs by the ankles and pushing them back up over my head, then plunging into me, hard and fast, as I cried out in pleasure beneath him. Rob’s 8-inch cock was just slightly bigger – both in length and in girth – than Chucky’s, so the feeling of fullness was amazing.

He gradually let go of my ankles and I was able to relax my legs a bit, letting them come to rest on his shoulders, as he continued to pound me in this position for another several minutes, the other guys watching, obviously impressed with his stamina. I felt another climax begin to grow deep inside of me, and then it hit me, hard and fast, as I writhed beneath Rob, who continued his rhythm uninterrupted. Even though I’d experienced multiple orgasms on many occasions in the past, they were coming – no pun intended – harder and faster this time around, I was guessing because it was such a turn on to be watched.

It was Rob’s turn now, as he changed our position for the last time, encouraging me once again up onto my hands and knees and then fucking me, hard and fast, from behind. When I felt him getting closer, I reached between my legs and fondled his balls, just as I knew he loved for me to do, and it was enough to push him over the top.

I felt his cum fill my hot, wet, sore pussy, and then we both collapsed to the bed, completely exhausted. After a few moments, I realized that Mikey and Chucky were just standing there, not sure what to do with themselves. I climbed up out from under my husband, gave them each a big hug and a kiss, and thanked them for helping me live out my fantasy.

“Yes,” Rob added, standing up as well, “thanks, you guys. I hope it was as fun for you as it was for us?”

“Oh, god yeah, that’s the best time I’ve ever had!” I’d never seen Chucky with such a big smile on his face.

“Yup, me too!” Mikey was pulling on the last of his clothes.

“Wonderful. Well, thanks for coming over. I think my wife and I are going to take a shower now. See you guys tomorrow for more reunion stuff?”

I giggled as my husband chased me into the shower after closing the door behind our guests. He wasn’t done yet, and neither was I. This was going to be a long, wonderful night.

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