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Maria ‘n Michael

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In chatting with the ever so lovely Maria last night, my boyfriend Michael was going to write a fantasy for them. But after he told me of it, I asked him if I could write it for him and he agreed but I know he plans on writing one for her as well.

This then, will be my version of them together. Let me say first though, the thought has entered my mind many times of them being together. I’m quite fine with it as it brings many hot and erotic nights for myself when making love to him as I have in the past always asked him to close his eyes and imagine her doing the things to him as I perform on him. She tells me I’m amazing that I do these things for him, but it’s natural for me, as I know of many women who have been with him and want him to this day. I am secure in myself as I am secure in our relationship.

So without further ado, on to the story.

As Michael and Maria meet in the hotel lobby, they casually lock eyes. Knowing what each other looks like the chemistry between them is exotic. As the distance between them closes, their arms lift and the embrace takes place. Met with a kiss, a long passionate kiss that stands time still.

Once the kiss is broken, the heat between them builds. As they look into each other’s eyes no words are or have been spoken. The stand apart as they look each other up and down. Michael reaches for Maria’s hand and warmth consumes both.

Michael leads her to the restaurant within the hotel. The maitre’d shows them to their table and leaves them together after seating them.

Michael is the first to speak as he compliments Maria on her attire. He is obviously happy with the way she has come to meet him. In her sexy black miniskirt, thigh high stockings and 4 inch high heels. A nice tight fitting sweater, which shows off her awesome cleavage, completes the ensemble.

Michael is looking quite delicious in his tight dress jeans, his butt looking as awesome as always. A nice dress shirt and jacket. Both compliment each other in both dress and appearance.

The waiter arrives and looks Maria up and down, smiling as Michael orders a bottle of Merlot. The waiter leaves and the silence at the table is mesmerizing.

The wine is brought and as the waiter uncorks the bottle, Michael asks him to let her have the first taste. He pours a little into her glass and a she brings the glass to her perfect lips, both Michael and the waiter hold their breath.

Maria nods her head and the waiter pours her glass to half then moves and does the same for Michael. Michael raises his glass and offers a toast to a beautiful special woman who is genuine. They touch glasses as Maria thanks him.

Talk at the table is minimal as the obvious reason is more than dinner. Michael makes a suggestion and before they can order, they stand and taking the bottle of wine leaves the restaurant.

Walking through the lobby, all stares are on this incredible looking couple walking hand in hand as they stroll towards the elevator. The door opens and in they stride. Michael turns to Maria, and grasping the bottle in one hand, embraces her with the other as they kiss once more.

The doors open before it gets to Michael’s room and in walks a woman. Maria tries to break the kiss but Michael does not. Michael moves his free hand down to her butt and squeezes it gently. In plain view of the woman. Maria begins to blush as she is not used to public displays such as this.

The doors open and glancing up at the number on the board, Michael takes Maria hand and out they go. Leaving the woman in the elevator to watch them walk down the hallway.

Michael is smiling over Maria’s obvious embarrassment. Her face flushed and a cheery reddish color brightens her cheeks. Michael can only laugh.

Once at the room, Michael swipes the card key into the reader and the door pops open. Michael leads Maria inside were he sets the bottle down and engulfs her in his arms and they begin to kiss again.

They slowly move from the entranceway to the bedroom of the suite. Michael takes Maria’s hand and leads her to the large king size bed. Once at the foot of the bed, Michael whispers for Maria to sit. Michael then goes into the front room and gets the bottle of Merlot and pours them each another glass.

Bringing the glass to Maria, they touch glasses again and slowly sip. Michael steps back a few feet and admires the beauty before him. She is sitting on the edge of the bed, legs crossed and her beautiful face smiling wide. Thoughts flood Michael’s mind as to the fun and excitement of this evening can bring.

Michael moves to her and without saying a word, kneels down so that he is at the level of her face. He looks into her eyes and tells her that there has always been one thing that he has always craved to do from the first time they met.

Michael then takes her ankle into his hand and uncrosses her legs. He caresses them while slowly parting them. His hands feel warm to her legs as she watches his every move. She tries to reach out to his belt but he declines her advances.

As his hand roam over her long sexy legs, Maria can only watch him at this point. He won’t let her touch him until he feels he has satisfied her. He takes hold of her ankles and parts her legs. Maria knows what he is doing as he has complimented her many times.

Maria decides to go with the flow as she allows him to part her thighs. She leans back onto the bed as he raises her legs so that they are now draped over his shoulders.

He moves up her sexy thighs, kissing his way higher and higher. Pushing back on the hem of her miniskirt so that it is now bunched around her slim waist.

He kisses the exposed area above the band of her stockings, her thighs. He loves her thighs as he kisses and runs his tongue over them. Moving between them and over them. Caressing the soft skin with his hands.

His kisses move higher as her legs part further. He is now locked onto the very mound in which his desire has taken him. He peels apart the thong, pushing it aside and kissing the very smooth flesh underneath it.

His tongue and expertise, flicks at the soft inner lips. Gently sucking them into his mouth, feeling each soft lip swell with the flow of blood like a small erection of a man. His desire to taste Maria has been overwhelming from the first time he saw her.

Now is the time to do so with such a slowing provocative feel for however he wishes to advance upon her. She is the hunted and he is the hunter. He has caught his prey and now is about to feast on the prize.

Maria closes her eyes as she feels his warm breath upon her pubic mound. His fingers part the soft lips as his tongue flicks at the wet slit. Tonguing the hood of her clit, teasing the piercing as it vibrates from his humming.

His expert tongue, moving in and out of her entrance slowly. Tasting the drops of her wetness that he craves. Giving him the sense of empowerment for a brief moment as she falls into a relaxation state of arousal. Her soft moans, the trembles of her lower body as he flicks at the very core of her being. Tonguing the nub of her clit doesn’t help matters much either.

He laps at the flattened out lips of her inner walls. His tongue trailing along the outer edges of her swollen lips. Tasting the sweetened wetness, which is, produced deep inside her walls. He laps at her like fine wine. Her body convulsing under his touch.

He senses that she is about to orgasm, but slows his advances. Not wanting her to orgasm yet, he stops the movements. He rubs lightly along the edges of her swollen mound. Blowing soft puffs of air at her lips and clit, slowing her orgasmic release.

Once slowed, he takes up position again licking the lips, the nub of her clit. Sucking the nub directly as she reaches down, taking his head in her hands. She pushes him into her sex. He knows that she wants to orgasm for him but he decides not just yet.

He flicks his tongue one more time over her wet slit, following the ooze of wetness as it coats her lips, the tiny slit leading down to her backside. He moves his finger over her clit then down to her entrance. He pushes in for tease only.

He moves from her entrance after pumping her a couple of times. Still traces his finger down the path of the retreating wetness. He moves down the canal towards her tight backside. He places his tongue against her clit ad as she rises up, he slips his finger into her backside.

Her moans begin to grow louder, her body moving under his tongue while pushing his finger deeper into her tight backside. Her moans grow louder with each press of his tongue into her sex.

He feels her impending orgasm coming, hoping it comes in waves, in multiples, he holds her down with is other hand. He pulls his finger from her backdoor and places it onto her hip.

Confining her movements, knowing this will cause her to thrash more and therefore limit her movements by force. A scenario mastered many time with myself. He knows how a woman moves.

Her moans turn to light screams as his tongue presses her clit, sucking it into his mouth, tonguing the growing nub as his hand hold her down. Maria, moans out in a long lashing growl as his tongue never leaves the nub.

Maria’s body thrusts against his tongue, keeping her low onto the bed her breathing hard and gasping, feeling her wetness coating his chin he continues to lap away. Flicking the folds, the nub, and her ring. Echoing the vibration from his hum thru the metal piercing.

Her body lifts only to be shutdown by his hands on her hips. Sucking, lapping and feasting on the woman of his dreams. Her orgasm comes hard, followed by another and another. Living up to his expectations of how her body would feel under his touch, his tongue and lips.

Her nipples grow so hard that the rings flip upward, she is pulling on herself as her body flourishes in her expected release. He knows that his fantasy has been fulfilled. Slowing down the movements of his tongue, he allows her to wallow in her orgasmic bliss.

He moves from her sweet smooth mound to her sexy inner thighs. Kissing, caressing them once more. Lapping at the rush of wetness oozing from her parted lips. Open entrance. His tongue capturing the droplets as they release from the inner walls.

Wanting to lick her dry, but knowing that that task in itself is impossible as her body contracts and grows soft once more. His and my fantasy fulfilled with the beautiful Maria left looking as beautiful as the first day we met her.

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