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Lez Be Friends

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I had known Christa for years before she ever came out. Not only had I harbored a bit of a crush on her, but even my wife once told her that, if anything was to ever happen to her, Christa had her blessing to take her place. We had a lot in common and it always surprised me that some lucky guy hadn’t scooped her up.

When Wendy came into her life, she decided it was time to end the charade and admit to all of us that she was gay. I don’t know that there was one person in her life who wasn’t completely supportive of her and, when we got to meet Wendy, we embraced her as well.

Purely by coincidence, Wendy and I ended up working at the same company a few years after she and Christa first got together. We didn’t know each other really well but we got to know each other a little better even though we worked in different departments. It was during a lunch together that our conversation took a surprisingly intimate turn.

“Did you know that Christa has never been fucked by a guy?” Wendy asked. She continued before I could respond, “That’s not to say that she’s a virgin; just that she’s never been fucked by a guy.”

“You’re telling me this why?” I had to ask, though trying not to sound rude about it.

“I’m concerned,” she said, “I don’t want her to have some kind of mid-life crisis in a few years and decide she needs to fuck a guy, or worse, multiple guys. I’d actually rather facilitate it happening now and help her get it out of her system rather than leaving it to potentially build up.”

“So she hasn’t said she wants to get laid, but you’re just hoping to head her off at the pass?” I asked, still not sure why she was telling me something so intimate.

“Right,” she replied, “I figure I find the right guy for the job then talk to her about it. With the right guy, it shouldn’t take too much convincing…for either him or her.”

“Am I in contention for the right guy?” I asked after a sudden revelation.

“In contention would imply that there are others under consideration,” she replied, “I’m hoping that you’ll be interested in helping me out and I’m sure that Christa would be more than happy to have you as, hopefully, the only guy she ever screws.”

It took a few minutes for me to digest what I was being asked to take part in. This was obviously something I’d be interested in, given that I’d had a crush on Christa, but it was also something that we’d need to be discreet about, especially given that I was married.

“You’d be there, too, right?” I asked, as I considered that she’d need to be present to facilitate and that it might be a little bit awkward without her. Wendy had a nice figure and a set of tits to rival Christa’s, so there was no way I’d be able to turn down the opportunity to be with both of them.

“I, uh,” she stammered, clearly not having given it that much thought, “I guess it would make sense if I was there, too.”

That sealed it for me so we got down to the details of her discussing it with Christa then how we would pull it off. I suggested that they mention in the presence of my sister-in-law, who they were closer friends with, some home repair that they needed, knowing that she would recommend they call me. I knew that my sister-in-law would mention it to my wife so, when she brought it up, I could say that I’d just talked to Wendy about it at work and we just needed to figure out when I could make it over there. As it worked out, my wife actually helped me schedule a day and time to go fuck a couple of lesbians.

Wendy and I had lunch again the Friday before and made sure that everything was set and it seemed that we were all pretty excited about it. I showed up at their condo on Saturday with a trunk full of tools that would never be used as there was only one that I expected I would need. I hugged each of them when they let me in then we agreed to go ahead and get started. They led me to their bedroom and, as Wendy and I had already discussed, they started to undress me. I raised my arms as they worked together to strip off my shirt then kicked off my shoes as they undid my shorts and let them drop to my ankles. While I stepped out of my shorts they were massaging the obvious bulge in my briefs, which they then also slid down, ending up on their knees, staring at my throbbing tool. They looked it over but didn’t touch it then stood and asked me to lie in the middle of their bed.

“Are you hot for some cock?” Wendy asked Christa while fondling her tits. Christa nodded with a big smile so Wendy started to pull her shirt up. I watched intently as Christa raised her arms and her bra was soon visible. As Wendy was tossing Christa’s shirt aside, Christa started to remove Wendy’s shirt, as well. They caressed each other’s tits through their bras before each reaching for the other’s shorts and starting to slide them down. My cock was completely rigid as I admired the two of them in just bras and panties, now making out while squeezing each other’s asses. They both moved their hands up to the back of the other’s bra while stepping slightly apart and were both quickly allowing their respective bras to slide down their arms.

They both turned to face me and show off their tits, which I definitely appreciated. Christa’s nipples and areolas were a bit larger than Wendy’s, but there wasn’t much difference in the size of their tits. They both then grabbed the sides of their panties and started to slide them down, revealing two trim bushes that nearly matched in their light brown color. As soon as they’d stepped out of their panties, they both moved up onto the bed as I watched their tits bouncing and swinging. They knelt on either side of me and Wendy took my cock in her hand while asking Christa if she was ready. Christa nodded so Wendy had her straddle me and guided my tool toward her approaching pussy. As she lowered herself onto my tool, she moaned and, feeling how hot, wet and tight she was, I did the same.

“What should I do?” Christa asked, though I’m not sure whether the question was directed at me or at Wendy.

“Just start moving until you figure out what feels the best,” I replied, my hands moving up to caress her succulent tits. Wendy had moved up to lie beside me and was watching as Christa started to move up and down on my cock. Her pussy felt incredible and the soft smooth flesh of her bouncing tits felt pretty awesome, as well. I didn’t know whether to look at Christa’s tits or her trim bush as my cock penetrated below it or her pretty face with the range of expressions passing over it. I settled for alternating between them and, once I noticed, also included Wendy’s fingers gently stroking her own pussy. When Christa apparently determined the most pleasurable movement, she started moving faster and moaning more. I just lay there letting her ride me while caressing her tits and gently tugging her hard nipples, which I hoped I’d get the opportunity to suck on.

Her pussy had been hot and wet when it had first engulfed my cock but, the longer she rode me, the hotter and wetter it continued to get. When Wendy could no longer resist and reached out to stroke Christa’s clit while she bounced up and down on my cock, Christa’s pussy only felt better and better. I guess Wendy wanted to get more involved because she got up and got behind Christa, still stroking her clit and kissing her neck while I continued to play with her tits. It didn’t surprise me when Christa suddenly let out a gasp and her body started to tremble. She kept moving and I kept fondling her through what was apparently a long and intense orgasm. When she finally let out a long sigh, she stopped riding me but didn’t get off right away.

“Are you going to fuck him now?” she asked Wendy.

“Uh…” Wendy replied, again apparently not having thought everything through completely.

“Christa, would you mind if I ate your pussy, to see how I compare to a lesbian?” I asked, figuring if the two of us were occupied, Wendy could decide what she wanted to do. Christa moved forward, my cock slipping out of her, and straddled my head. I watched as her trim bush approached, then took an ass cheek in each hand as I started to lick her slit. Glancing up, I could see that she was gripping the headboard and that her tits were looming above me. I was pleasantly surprised when I felt Wendy adjusting her position slightly while taking my cock in her hand. While I was slurping up Christa’s copious juices, Wendy guided my cock to her hot pussy and eased herself down on it.

Wendy’s pussy wasn’t quite as snug as Christa’s, but it was equally hot and slippery, so it felt awesome as she slowly began to move on my cock. Christa had started humping my face as I ate her so I moved a hand off of her ass and slipped a finger into her pussy while focusing on licking and sucking her clit. Glancing up again, I could see that Christa’s tits were in Wendy’s hands so it didn’t surprise me that her moaning was getting louder as I noticed Wendy pulling on Christa’s hard nipples. It was really incredible to me that, not only had I seen Christa naked and fucked her, but also that I was currently devouring her pussy while her girlfriend was riding my cock. I was certainly savoring the opportunity as well as the taste of her pussy and the feel of Wendy’s.

I could feel both of their pussies becoming hotter and wetter the longer I enjoyed them, but Christa started to shake while letting out a cry before Wendy. I kept eating her while my finger was flooded with even more nectar but, once she’d finished cumming, she climbed off of my face, so I sucked on my fingers while Wendy continued to ride me. I watched her tits bouncing so my hands eventually ended up caressing them and stroking her hard nipples while she got closer and closer to cumming. She seemed totally into fucking me and Christa was totally into watching her fuck me, so it was win-win all the way around. I could feel my orgasm getting closer but the way Wendy was moving and moaning made me believe that I wouldn’t be cumming before she did.

While I was enjoying the opportunity to fondle her tits and was eyeballing her naked body, Wendy was verging on her own long, intense orgasm. When she started to shake and let out a gasp, I just relished the feel of her pussy as it was flooded with additional lubricant. When she’d finished cumming, she just sat there, impaled on my still throbbing tool, as she caught her breath.

“It seems only fair that we make you cum now,” Wendy said, still sitting on my cock, “but, to be honest, neither of us is very big on the idea of you cumming in our mouths.”

“Would you mind if I fucked your tits?” I asked, turning to direct the question at Christa.

“No, I guess not,” she laughed, as if it was the most absurd thing she’d ever heard. I couldn’t imagine that she was unfamiliar with the concept, but maybe she was. Wendy climbed off of my tool and Christa took my place in the middle of the bed once I’d risen to my knees. As I straddled Christa’s ribs and lay my cock between her tits, Wendy just knelt beside us and watched. I squeezed Christa’s tits around my tool and brushed my thumbs over her nipples as I started to slowly slide my cock against the soft, smooth flesh. Wendy watched for a couple of minutes, but soon moved out of my sight as I was focused on Christa’s tits.

When Christa closed her eyes and started to moan, I glanced over my shoulder and saw Wendy had buried her face between Christa’s thighs. I took a long look at her round ass sticking up in the air, then went back to watching my cock sliding between Christa’s tits. My breathing rate was picking up as I got closer and closer to cumming but I was trying not to fuck her tits harder and faster so I could draw out the pleasure. The level of pleasure continued to increase until I finally started shooting ropes of cum onto Christa’s chest. Christa let out a gasp of surprise and watched as I unloaded onto her. Once I was spent, I let her tits fall away from my tool and climbed off of her.

Kneeling beside her, I had a great view of Wendy devouring her pussy, which made me want to do something else, too. Obviously my cock was not ready for another go, but the way Wendy was positioned on her knees gave me another idea aside from fucking her from behind. Lying on my back, I slipped underneath her, between her legs, and started to lick her pussy. I heard Wendy moan, which encouraged me, and I caressed her ass with both hands while I slurped up her juices. I tried reaching up over my head to caress her dangling tits but it proved to be a bit awkward, so I went ahead and slipped a finger into her pussy. As I licked and sucked her clit, I was pumping my finger in and out while caressing her ass once again with my free hand.

It felt like Christa was writhing around quite a bit on the bed and I could hear her moans over the slurping sounds that both Wendy and I were making. When she started to cum, I could actually feel the vibrations through the bed as her body shook under the stimulation of Wendy’s clearly talented tongue. I continued to eat Wendy’s pussy as Christa was cumming and, once she was done, Wendy’s moans were more audible, not being muffled by Christ’s pussy. I felt Christa get up and move but couldn’t tell where. When it felt like she was kneeling beside Wendy, I glanced up to see her hands on Wendy’s tits. I was glad that Christa knew how to push Wendy’s buttons because I immediately felt her pussy getting wetter and more engorged. I kept up what I was doing and hoped that Wendy was enjoying it enough, given that it was a guy’s tongue and not a girl’s. It wasn’t much longer before she started to cum, her body trembling as I continued to lap at her clit. When she’d finished cumming, she moved off of my face and we all ended up lying in the middle of the bed.

“So, I know you both came, but how did my oral skills measure up from the standpoint of a lesbian?” I asked.

“No complaints,” Christa replied and Wendy agreed, “I definitely wouldn’t turn down another opportunity, but I will always prefer Wendy’s tongue.”

“That’s sweet,” Wendy replied as I rolled my eyes, “but what about getting laid for the first time?”

“I have to say that I actually enjoyed it,” she replied, “I don’t have any intentions of going straight, but if the same people were involved, I’d be open to the experience again.”

“How about you, Wendy?” I asked.

“Given that I wasn’t planning to be involved,” she said, “I’d have to agree with Christa that I’d be open to doing it again but only with this same group.”

“Well, before I leave,” I replied, “we can come up with a list of potential future repairs to get me back over here again.”

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