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Just Days Before The Wedding

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I’ve been absolutely in love with my wife Sara since I first met her when we were in fourth grade. We were instant best friends and she lived just down the street from me so it was easy for us to spend a lot of time together.

I’m an only child, but Sara has a younger sister Ashley, who’s 5 years younger than us. Despite the age difference Sara and I welcomed Ashley to hang out with us quite frequently.

Sara and I delighted in her innocence and she loved being included in what we were doing.

When Sara and I started driving we took Ashley on dates with us. The girls’ parents encouraged it because they knew that Ashley being with us would keep us from any adult situations.

Well, all good things must come to an end, and we were no different. Sara and I graduated from high school when Ashley was 13, and we both got accepted to a university on the other side of the country.

We were both intent on getting masters degrees in just five years, which meant summer school every year, which kept us away from our home town except for a few short visits here and there. On each of our visits however Ashley was unavailable, which was disappointing.

After five years of college Sara and I were thrilled to be done, and even happier to be getting married, we’d agreed to wait until after college, and now there was nothing to stop us.

We both wanted to live and work in our home town, and we wanted to get married in front of our families so we headed home upon graduation.

Waiting to pick us up at the airport was an incredibly gorgeous young woman that bore a stunning resemblance to Ashley. She was wearing a very short skirt and a really tight top that showed her belly button. Sara and I were both surprised at how she looked.

“I know it’s been five years, but surely you remember the pig tailed little rug-rat that used to follow you around.” Ashley said.

“Oh we remember you sis, we just remember you as a girl going through puberty that was still growing into her body. But look at you, a fully developed woman.” Sara said.

“Didn’t turn out half bad did I?” Ashley asked.

She did a little spin showing off her whole body.

“Can you believe that I just turned 18 two weeks ago? Well Matt, aren’t you gonna say hello to me?” Ashley asked.

“Hi.” I said.

“You have been gone a long time, but that’s no excuse for forgetting the way that we used to say hello to one another.” Ashley said.

“How we used to?” I asked.

“Yeah, you remember, every time Sara and I came over to your house or you came over to ours you’d kiss both of us hello.” Ashley said.

“Oh yes, now I remember, I don’t think that’s entirely appropriate.” I said.

“Why not? It’s just a kiss, Sara never used to mind, why would she mind now?” Ashley asked.

“Oh I don’t know; she might mind because we’re engaged, or she might mind because we’re not kids anymore, there are lots of reasons that she might mind.” I said.

“Well, I don’t want to get you into trouble, so let’s ask her. Sara, my dear sweet sister, would it bother you if Matt and I said hello to each other the way we used to?” Ashley asked.

“Go right ahead, you two haven’t seen each other in a long time, and I always thought it was cute the way he’d kiss you after he’d kissed me, go on and say hello to him.” Sara said with a little chuckle.

I looked at Sara with a surprised look on my face. I turned my head towards Ashley just in time for her to put her arms around my neck and press her lips to mine. At first I kept my mouth closed tightly, but she forced her tongue into my mouth and I began to melt into her mouth.

I kept my hands at my sides and kept leaning back more and more making some attempt to pull away from the kiss, but Ashley kept her lips locked onto mine until she was ready for the kiss to be over. She pulled back just a few inches and looked me right in the eyes.

“It’s been a long time Matt, welcome home and congratulations on your engagement to my sister.” Ashley said; her arms still wrapped around my neck.

“Thanks.” I managed to respond.

“That’s enough sis.” Sara said.

“Oh, alright. The car is this way.” Ashley said.

She released me from her grasp and walked towards the door. I found my eyes trailing after her gorgeous ass. Sara snapped me out of my trance by stepping in front of me.

“Let me just check something. Oh my, it’s even worse than I thought.” Sara said.

She had blatantly put her hand on the front of my pants and was feeling my very hard cock.

“What are you doing?” I asked batting her hand away and looking around to see if anyone had noticed what she’d done.

“I was checking to see just how turned on that little kiss made you. Judging by that piece of iron in your pants you want to fuck my little sister.” Sara said.

“No baby, it’s not like that.” I said.

“Oh yes it is. Don’t worry, I can’t blame you, the past five years have turned my baby sister into a full blown babe. Actually I was hoping that she’d kiss you just the way she did so I could watch you squirm like that.” Sara said.

“You put me through that just so you could get a laugh?” I asked.

“Yes I did, and I’m gonna enjoy the laugh for quite some time.” Sara said.

Our wedding wasn’t for four weeks, so we moved into Sara’s parents’ house while we searched for our own place. Ashley was once again our constant companion, but things were different this time.

For one thing she insisted on kissing me like she had at the airport every time we saw each other…when nobody else was around that is. Sara just laughed every time. Ashley was also wearing clothes that she never would have worn before. Mostly she wore very short skirts, but she also wore tight jeans or tight shorts, and her tops were always very tight and revealing.

She took every opportunity to touch me, to rub her body up against mine, it seemed that her favorite thing to do was to walk into the room when I was sitting down, plop herself down on my lap and wiggle her ass around on my cock as she kissed me.

Eight days before the wedding Ashley and Sara went shopping, when she and I were alone in our room that night Sara had some stunning news for me.

“Ashley told me that she’s a virgin today.” Sara said.

“Do you believe her? I mean she doesn’t act like a virgin.” I said.

“Oh I believe her. She’s definitely not innocent, but I believe her when she says she hasn’t had sex.” Sara said.

“Maybe you’re just biased to believe her because she’s your little sister.” I said.

“That could be part of it I suppose, but when she told me why she was still a virgin I was totally convinced.” Sara said.

“Oh yeah? Just what reason did she give you that would convince you that she’s still a virgin?” I asked.

“Well, are you sure you want to know this?” Sara asked with a giggle.

“Oh my interest is piqued, I’ve gotta know.” I said.

“Okay, but just remember you asked for it. She said that the reason she’s still a virgin is that you were away for the last five years.” Sara said.

“What? Why has my being gone kept her a virgin?” I asked.

“She wanted her first time to be with you.” Sara said.

“She what?” I asked.

“She wanted her first time to be with you. She fell in love with you the same way I did, and you became her sexual fantasy. It’s kind of cute really.” Sara said.

“Cute? You think it’s cute that your sister wants to have sex with me?” I asked.

“Sure, think about it, she always used to hang out with us, and when we started kissing when we were 13 you started kissing her too so she wouldn’t feel left out and she was only 8. Now I get to have sex with you and she wants it too.” Sara said.

“Hey, those kisses when we were kids were innocent, the ones she’s been giving me lately, with your approval I might add, are far from innocent. Her tongue could draw a detailed picture of my mouth at this point.” I said.

“Don’t even try to tell me that you don’t enjoy her attentions, I’ve felt how hard your cock is after she’s done with you.” Sara said.

“I’m ashamed that she has that effect on me, I’ve pledged my life and my body to you; I shouldn’t have that kind of reaction to anyone else. You’re to blame for it though, you’re the one that keeps letting her do it.” I said.

“That’s true, I am responsible for letting her do that to you, but part of me thinks she’s entitled to it, and maybe you are too.” Sara said.

“Entitled to what?” I asked.

“To be attracted to one another.” Sara said.

“Why on Earth would either of us be entitled to that?” I asked.

“Well, you’re a very handsome sexy man, she’s a young, hot girl, and the two of you have been friends most of your lives, it’s only fitting that you’d be attracted to one another.” Sara said.

“Okay, so what the hell do we do about this?” I asked.

“About what?” Sara asked.

“About your sister wanting to have sex with me? I mean I don’t want this whole teasing thing to go on much longer.” I said.

“You’re quite right, the teasing has to stop. There’s only one way out of this that I can see, but I’m not sure you’ll like the idea.” Sara said.

“If it gets her to stop sexually harassing me every time she walks into the room I’ll like the idea, what is it?” I asked.

“You’re just gonna have to have sex with her.” Sara said.

“What?” I asked.

“Oh don’t act so surprised, it’s the perfect solution.” Sara said.

“For who?” I asked.

“For all of us. Ashley is desperate to give you her virginity, I know that you want to have sex with her but won’t admit it because of me, and as for me, I must admit that my desire to keep you for myself is losing out to my voyeuristic desire to watch you be with her.” Sara said.

“Sara, you can’t be serious.” I said.

“I know it sounds totally absurd, but I’m very serious about this. I can assume that Ashley would willingly participate, but what about you?” Sara asked.

“No, no, I don’t want any part of it.” I said.

“Now Matt, I love you and I will respect your wishes, but I must ask you why you don’t want to do this.” Sara said.

“I don’t love her.” I said.

“Sure you do.” Sara said.

“Okay so I love her, but it isn’t the same kind of love that I have for you.” I said.

“That’s true, but that’s not justification for not doing it. You love her enough to want to make her happy and doing this would make her very happy, and it would make me very happy as well.” Sara said.

“How would my having sex with your sister make you happy?” I asked.

“I told you, it would fill my voyeuristic desire to watch you with someone else.” Sara said.

“Wait. Wait just a minute. Am I to understand that if I was to agree to this and Ashley was to agree to this, the incredibly awkward sex that we would have anyway would be made even more awkward by you sitting there watching me have sex with your sister?” I asked.

“Well yes. You don’t think I’d let you face her alone do you? With the things she’s likely to do to you I’d never get you back.” Sara said.

“I can’t believe what I’m hearing. The woman I love wants to watch me have sex with her little sister.” I said.

“Matt, I love you, and I know that I’m the only woman you’ve been with. You must be curious what it’s like with someone else.” Sara said.

“Curiosity is one thing, but acting on it is something else. Even if I did want to try having sex with someone else I wouldn’t pick Ashley, I’d pick some woman from somewhere far away that after it was done I wouldn’t have to see her ever again and it would be out of my system.” I said.

“But that wouldn’t resolve the sexual feelings between you and Ashley.” Sara said.

“So what? We can sit down with Ashley and tell her that it’s never going to happen and that she needs to move on.” I said.

“Come now Matt, do you really think that would be the end of it?” Sara asked.

“No, I suppose not. But how could I possibly allow myself to, well, you know.” I said.

“Don’t allow yourself to do it, just do it and enjoy it. You would get great pleasure from it, Ashley would get great pleasure from it, and I would get great pleasure from it. As far as I can see there is no reason not to do it.” Sara said.

“You really want me to do this don’t you?” I asked.

“Yes, I do.” Sara said.

“You’re sure?” I asked.

“Yes Matt, I’m sure. I know that Ashley’s sure. I know you want to, but you aren’t sure. Will you please do this? Do it for me, do it for Ashley, do it for yourself; do it for all of us.” Sara said.

“Well shit. If this were to happen we would have to do it in the next six or seven days, because I cannot see myself doing it after the wedding.” I said giving in.

“I don’t think that will be a problem. We’ll need to make some plans so what if we do it two days from now?” Sara asked.

“I suppose we should find out if she’s even interested, you’ve been assuming that she is to this point, but we don’t know for sure.” I said.

“I suppose you’re right, let’s go ask her.” Sara said getting out of bed.

“Now?” I asked.

“Sure, why wait? If she does want to do it she’ll have all day tomorrow to go crazy with anticipation which should make things pretty wild. If not then you can get a good nights’ sleep.” Sara said.

It made sense so I got out of bed and followed Sara to the door. She sleeps in a thin T-shirt and a pair of panties and I sleep in just my boxers but neither of us grabbed anything to cover up with as we headed down the hall.

We crept into Ashley’s room and I sat at the end of the bed as Sara turned on the bedside lamp, sat up close to Ashley and gently shook her to wake her up.

Ashley instinctively sat up in bed and that’s when we found out that she slept in the nude as the covers slipped down her body and her breasts became visible in the dimly lit room. Sara lifted the covers back up over her sister’s chest as Ashley didn’t notice or didn’t care about her exposure.

“What do you want, it’s late.” Ashley said.

“Sis, we have something to ask you, and we just couldn’t wait.” Sara said.

“What is it?” Ashley asked.

“Would you like to have sex with Matt?” Sara asked.

“What?” Ashley asked.

“Do you want to have sex with Matt?” Sara asked again.

“Well, yeah, I told you that I did, so what?” Ashley asked.

“So, two days from now if you want to, you can have sex with Matt.” Sara said.

“I can? Wait, what’s the angle?” Ashley asked.

“There’s no angle, just a few conditions.” I said.

“What kind of conditions?” Ashley asked.

“Well first and foremost I get to watch.” Sara said.

“You want to watch me have sex with Matt?” Ashley asked.

“Yes, but not because it’s you, because I’ve wanted to watch him with another woman for quite some time and this will be my first and possibly only opportunity to do it.” Sara said.

“Well, I guess that would be okay. What other conditions do you have?” Ashley asked.

“Once it’s done, it’s done. Unless for some reason we all want it to happen again it’s going to be a one time only thing. That means no more tongue kissing Matt hello, no more sitting on his lap and grinding your ass on his cock, no more flirting.” Sara said.

“I suppose I can understand that. Did she tell you that I’ve been saving myself for you Matt?” Ashley asked.

“Yes she did tell me that in fact.” I said.

“Okay, so are you okay waiting two days to do this?” Sara asked.

“Well, I would love to do it now, but if I’ve gotta wait two days I think I can make it that long. It might be a struggle though now that I know I get to do it.” Ashley said.

“Okay then…tomorrow we’ll book a hotel room and tell mom and dad that we’re taking you out to celebrate your birthday since we weren’t here when you turned 18.” Sara said.

Two days later Ashley was up at dawn and she wasn’t about to let us sleep away the day when she would finally get to have sex with me so she came into our room and woke us up.

“Ashley, it’s too early, give us another hour or so.” I said.

“No way, this is my day, you said you would have sex with me today and I don’t want to wait any longer.” Ashley said.

“I had planned on heading to the hotel this afternoon.” Sara said.

“The room is reserved for today so it should be ready now, so get up and let’s get going before mom and dad wake up.” Ashley said.

“What do you think?” Sara asked.

“I think we won’t be getting any more sleep today so we might as well get up. Ashley, give us time to get showered and dressed, then we’ll all go to breakfast, I can’t do anything on an empty stomach.” I said.

“Okay, I’ll be in the living room, hurry up.” Ashley said.

Sara and I pulled ourselves out of bed, headed into the bathroom and started getting ready. I shaved while Sara was in the shower, then I joined her in the shower. I grabbed her from behind and kissed her neck, she pushed me away.

“Oh Matt don’t do that, you should save all of your sexual energy for Ashley, I’m sure that you’re going to need it.” Sara said.

She got out of the shower and I made sure to wash every inch of my body as best as I could. If I was going to go through with this I wanted to be nice and clean for it. When I got back into the bedroom I found that Sara had laid out some clothes for me.

“What’s this?” I asked.

“That’s what you should wear today; you want to look nice for Ashley don’t you?” Sara asked.

“I guess so.” I said.

We got dressed, Sara had packed an overnight bag for the two of us in case we ended up spending the night at the hotel, then we walked out to the living room and as soon as I entered the room Ashley kissed me and her hands groped at my body. I pushed her away gently.

“Hey, we can’t have any of that stuff here; you’ll have to wait until we get to the hotel.” I said.

“Who’s hungry?” Sara asked.

“I am.” I said.

“I am too, but I’m not hungry for breakfast, I’m hungry for something else.” Ashley said.

“Well I’m sure we can take care of your hunger, but first we’d better get some food into Matt or he might not have the strength to keep up with you when we get to the hotel.” Sara said.

“Then let’s go to breakfast.” Ashley said.

We went to a diner for breakfast and between the two of them the girls didn’t eat half of what I did. Sara usually gives me a hard time when I pig out like that, but she knew I was fueling up for what figured to be a very long day.

As I was sitting in the booth I could feel a foot rubbing up against my crotch. I slipped my fork under the table and gave the foot a gentle poke. Ashley yelped and pulled her foot away.

“If you don’t let a guy eat in peace he might just have to find something else to do today.” I said.

“I’m sorry, it’s just that I’ve been dreaming of this for so long and now it’s going to happen. I’ll try to be good, but please hurry.” Ashley said.

“I’m almost done, why don’t you girls run across the street to the drug store and buy some condoms and I’ll meet you at the car.” I said.

“No, no condoms.” Ashley said.

“Now wait a minute.” I said.

“It’s my special day so I should get to decide whether or not to use condoms.” Ashley said.

“Sara?” I pleaded.

“She has a point Matt, today is supposed to be about her. Besides, I want to see you go bareback.” Sara said with a smile.

I was so stunned that my jaw dropped open; I had expected Sara to be on my side. For a moment I just stared at both of them as they sat across the table from me with big grins on their faces.

“You know, between the two of you, you’re going to put me in a very early grave.” I said.

“Just as long as you don’t die until after I’ve had my fun.” Ashley said.

I finished eating, paid the check, and we headed for the car. Ashley was in the car and ready to go long before Sara and I got there. You’d have thought she was a kid getting ready to go to Disneyland for the first time or something.

We’d booked a hotel room in a town about 50 miles away so that we could be reasonably sure that nobody would recognize us. When we got to the hotel Ashley was even more excited than ever.

“Calm down sis. We’re here, in a few minutes we’ll be in the room and we can get started, so just relax.” Sara said.

I walked up to the front desk to check in.

“Here’s your key sir. House cleaning has already been through the third floor so there shouldn’t be anybody to disturb you if you want to get some sleep.” The clerk said.

“Thank you.” I said.

We walked to the elevator. The doors opened and Ashley pulled me in but wouldn’t let Sara get into the elevator. The doors closed and she started kissing me as the elevator went up to the third floor. She pulled me out of the elevator and towards our room, but I held firm against her tugs.

“We’re going to stand here and wait for Sara. I would never have agreed to this if she didn’t want this to happen, and she wants to watch what happens so you’d better hope that your little stunt didn’t cause her to change her mind.” I said.

“I was just playing, she knows that.” Ashley said.

“We’ll see.” I said.

The elevator went down and then came back up. Sara gave Ashley a look that made Ashley’s smile disappear.

“One more stunt like that at any point and this whole thing is over. Do you understand me?” Sara asked.

“Yes, I’m sorry; I was just trying to be funny.” Ashley said.

“Well that wasn’t funny. Now, let’s get into the room before someone sees us.” Sara said.

When we entered the room we found a bottle of champagne on ice waiting for us.

“Matt, you don’t have to get me drunk, I want this to happen.” Ashley said.

“I didn’t do this.” I said.

“I did. I figured we could toast Ashley’s special day, and I figured both Matt and I might need a drink.” Sara said.

I opened the bottle and the cork and some foam shot out of the top.

“Oh my, does he shoot like that every time?” Ashley asked.

“You’ll just have to wait and see.” Sara said with a giggle.

I poured three glasses of the champagne, handed one to each of the girls, and we held them up waiting for Sara’s toast.

“To my sister Ashley, and my soon to be husband; thanks for helping three fantasies come true.” Sara said.

“I’ll drink to that.” Ashley said.

I didn’t say anything; I just drank my champagne, then another, then another.

“Hey, no fair getting drunk, I want you to remember what we do today.” Ashley said taking the glass from my hands.

“I’m willing to remember it; I just need a little help relaxing so I can even do this.” I said.

I picked up the bottle and took a long pull off of it before Ashley pulled it away from me too.

Sara kicked off her shoes and crawled onto one of the two beds.

“Okay Ashley, you’ve got him here, enjoy, but remember, I get him back at the end of the day.” Sara said.

“I remember; if I only get one day with him I’ll have to make it a day that I’ll never forget. Okay Matt, let’s get started.” Ashley said.

“Hey, this is your thing, not mine. I’m here, but you’re the one in charge.” I said.

“I’m the one in charge…I like the sound of that. Well then, if I’m in charge then I want you to get undressed. I won’t have you embarrass yourself by trying to do a striptease, just get naked for me.” Ashley said.

She sat on the end of the other bed and looked on with great interest as I first kicked off my shoes and pulled off my socks. I unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off. I unfastened my belt, unbuttoned and unzipped the dress pants Sara had laid out for me, pushed them down and stepped out of them. I grabbed the waist band of my boxers, gave a sigh, and pulled them down and stepped out of them.

I stood there with my arms at my side, completely naked in front of my soon to be wife and her younger sister.

“Very nice, you have an incredible body Matt, and your cock is nice and big. It felt pretty big when I was teasing you by sitting on your lap but it’s even bigger than I thought.” Ashley said.

“So what now?” I asked.

“Now I want you to undress me.” Ashley said.

I moved over close to the bed and Ashley lifted her foot up so that her toe touched me just below the belly button and her heal was very close to my cock. She was looking right into my eyes so I held my gaze back at her as my hands removed her shoe. She then lowered that foot and raised the other one. I removed that shoe as well.

She held out her hand, I took it and helped her stand up. She turned around so I could easily unzip her dress, but then she turned back around so she could look directly into my eyes as I moved the dress off her shoulders, down her body and to the floor. I half expected her to be wearing nothing under the dress, but she was wearing some white lacy panties and matching bra.

Our eyes stayed locked as I brought my hands up to her sides. She shivered at my touch. I slowly moved my hands up behind her back searching for her bra strap. I slowly unhooked it and ran my hands back down her sides causing her to gasp at the tickling sensation.

I moved my hands up the outside of her arms to her shoulders where I gently pulled the shoulder straps towards her shoulders until the slipped down her arms and the bra slipped down between us to the floor. I’d gotten a glimpse of her breasts in the poorly lit bedroom the night we’d gone to tell her about this, but looking at them close up for the first time I had to admit that they were perfect.

I knelt down in front of her. Our eyes stayed locked as my hands moved up her legs over her hips until they found the soft material of her panties. My fingers slipped down inside the waistband and slowly began moving down. Once they’d gotten down past her knees they fell the rest of the way down to her ankles. I delicately lifted first one foot and then the other out of the panties freeing her of the last piece of clothing either of us had been wearing.

Our eyes had never strayed from one another’s gaze the entire time that I was undressing her.

When I stood up Ashley moved in close, so close that I could feel her breasts against my chest. We continued to look into one another’s eyes in silence for a moment; then she pulled my face to hers and kissed me.

At first she forced her tongue into my mouth, but soon I relaxed and gave in to the kiss. I moved my hands around her body so that her body was pressed tightly against mine as she continued to kiss me for more than a minute.

Finally she pulled away from the kiss and looked into my eyes. She was bighting her lower lip and there was a look of raw passion and desire in her eyes.

Until then she had been the aggressor, but I was the experienced one; I knew how to give a woman pleasure. I pulled her to me and kissed her. Her kisses had been forceful, but when I kissed her I was much more passionate. I could feel Ashley melting and trembling in my arms.

Ashley’s lips reached out trying to continue the kiss as I pulled away from her mouth and moved down to her neck. One of my hands moved down to the small of her back and pulled her lower body close to mine. I could hear her gasp as she felt my hardening cock growing between our bodies.

My lips moved from her neck out towards her shoulder. Ashley was startled when I moved my hands to her sides and gently guided her to the center of the bed.

I moved onto the bed beside her, kissed her; then I trailed my way down her neck towards her chest. I was lying on my left side so Sara would be able to see what I was doing. I reached up with my right hand and gently began caressing her left breast as my lips trailed there way down her right breast and made an entire circle around her nipple before wrapping my lips around it.

When I gently grasped her nipple between my teeth and began flicking my tongue over it Ashley quickly sucked in a deep breath. I gently rolled her pink little nipple between my teeth twisting it side to side. While doing that I closed my thumb and forefinger around her left nipple and applied a pinching pressure to it as I rolled it between my fingers.

Ashley was surprised when I suddenly released her nipple from between my teeth and moved up to kiss her. She moaned into my kiss.

I moved my mouth back down this time taking her left nipple in my mouth and gently bighting it as my hand pinched her right nipple. When I pulled away from her nipples I moved up to kiss her again.

After breaking our kiss I kissed my way down her neck, between her breasts, down her flat little tummy to her belly button. I kissed my way around her belly button before locking my lips over it and swirling my tongue around it and finally pushing my tongue into it. Ashley trembled and drew a quick breath.

I moved below her belly button kissing all over her lower tummy. I could feel the heat and see and smell her heightened level of arousal. Her whole body was trembling as I moved lower and kissed part way down her right inner thigh, and then up her left inner thigh.

The hard work and the long trail of teasing kisses had had the desired effect. When I gently placed my tongue on her red hot pussy for the first time Ashley exploded into an orgasm.

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! That was incredible.” Ashley gasped while catching her breath.

In her extremely aroused state I knew that it wouldn’t take much to make her cum again so I moved my mouth between her legs again and started flicking my tongue over her pussy. Ashley’s body quivered and she tried to roll onto her left side. Only my head between her legs kept her from rolling over. I hooked my arms around her legs and placed my hands on her lower tummy to hold her down on the bed.

Ashley’s arms were flying around wildly and her entire body was writhing around. It only took a few minutes before Ashley pulled her legs up, clamped her thighs around my head, and moaned as she had a second orgasm.

Ashley raised her head and looked down her body. We locked eyes, but then her eyes rolled back and her head dropped to the bed as I started flicking at her clit with my tongue.

After two quick orgasms I wanted to draw out the third one so I slowly worked her up towards the orgasm. When she was close I quickly flicked my tongue side to side over her clit. Ashley exploded into orgasm.

Then something unexpected and absolutely amazing happened. After the first orgasm she had a second then a third all within a minute of each other.

When the third orgasm subsided Ashley’s body went limp.

“Wow…I’ve never seen anything like that before. That was intense.” I said.

“Thank…thank you…thank you Matt.” Ashley said as she gasped for breaths.

“You’re welcome. Do you need some time to recover?” I asked.

“No. I need to feel you inside me now.” Ashley said.

I moved Ashley up further onto the bed and moved over her.

“Are you ready?” I asked.

“I’ve been ready for years Matt…don’t make me wait any longer.” Ashley said.

I moved into position so my cock could enter her pussy. I took a deep breath and slowly pushed my cock into my soon to be sister in law. Ashley gasped in each breath and moaned as she released each breath. When I had fully penetrated her I looked down into her eyes. The look on Ashley’s face and the look in her eyes was one of pure happiness.

“Oh God Matt you can’t begin to imagine how amazing it feels to finally have you inside me.” Ashley said.

I smiled and leaned down to kiss her.

“Are you ready?” I asked.

“Yes…god yes…fuck me.” Ashley said.

I started slowly moving my cock in and out of Ashley’s extremely tight little pussy. She moaned with each inward thrust.

“That feels so good. I need it…give me more.” Ashley said.

“You’ll get more, but this being the first time it should be long, slow, and gentle.” I said.

“Okay…you’re the experienced lover…do whatever you want to me right now as long as we get to something hard and fast eventually.” Ashley said.

“I promise we will.” I said.

I kissed her and continued to slowly move my cock in and out of her pussy.

After more than 20 minutes I could feel Ashley beginning to tremble beneath me so I increased my pace a little. I was trying my very best to give us the amazing experience of a mutual orgasm. I was extremely close, but I was able to hold back until I felt her orgasm starting and then I let go and we erupted together.

Ashley immediately pulled my face down to hers and kissed me.

“God Matt that was absolutely unbelievable. I understand now why you wanted the first time to be this way. It was amazing.” Ashley said.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. I believe you said something about wild and fast or something like that. Do you still want to do that?” I asked.

“Hell yes. Can we do it like this or do we have to change positions?” Ashley asked.

“Well the easiest way to do it hard and fast is for you to be on your hands and knees and I get behind you.” I said.

“Then get off of me.” Ashley said.

I rolled off of Ashley and she rolled over and got on her hands and knees all in one motion. She looked over at me.

“Come on…let’s get started.” Ashley said.

I moved to my knees behind her. I had to push her legs further apart to make room for mine. I pressed the head of my cock against her pussy and she pushed back against me taking my entire cock inside her.

“It feels even bigger this way. Come on Matt…your cock is inside me…put it to use.” Ashley said.

I pushed her forward with my cock still inside her. I moved my hands to her hips and slowly started moving my cock in and out of her.

“Is this it? I thought you said this way was hard and fast.” Ashley said.

“Patience…I’m just getting you used to the motion.” I said.

“I’m used to it…just do it.” Ashley said.

I pulled back so that most of my cock was out of her and then pulled her hips backwards as I thrust forwards forcing my entire length into her as our bodies slammed together. Her reaction to the initial thrust was a groan. She was really surprised when as soon as I’d gotten all the way in I pulled all the way back and then thrust into her again just as hard. After a few minutes Ashley and I had a rhythm going where she’d rock forward a little as I pulled back and then we’d both slam our bodies together.

“Yes…yes…god…yes. Fuck me Matt…fuck me hard!” Ashley groaned.

I was going pretty much as hard and fast as I could. She seemed like she was really enjoying the intensity so I moved my right hand away from her hip, pulled it back, and spanked her ass as hard as I could. She yelped.

“God that was great! Do it again! Do both sides!” Ashley said.

With my right hand still free I pulled it back and smacked the right side of her cute little ass again. She yelped excitedly. I moved my right hand back to her hip, pulled my left hand back, and smacked the left side of her ass twice.

At that point I was getting close to cumming and I knew she was too. I pulled both hands back and smacked the left side of her ass, then the right side, and then both sides at the same time. After smacking both cheeks at the same time Ashley had an orgasm. I tried to cum with her, but hers was just ending when mine started.

Ashley fell forward onto the bed and I fell forward on top of her. Her head was turned to the left side so I pulled her head out of the way and turned my head to look at her.

“How was that? Was it hard enough and fast enough for you?” I asked.

“That…that was…amazing. Thank you so much.” Ashley said.

“You’re welcome, but now I’m exhausted.” I said.

“Does that mean we’re done?” Ashley asked.

“It doesn’t have to. There are things that you can do to me without me having to do much at all.” I said.

“Like what?” Ashley asked.

“Well…I gave you oral, but you didn’t suck my cock. If you wanted to do that you could.” I said.

Ashley’s eyes lit up.

“Hell yes I want to suck your cock. Get off of me and lay on your back.” Ashley said.

I rolled off of her to the right side of the bed since there was more room on that side. Ashley quickly moved down to the level of my cock.

“No fair…it isn’t hard anymore.” Ashley said.

“He’s had a busy day. I’m sure you can coax him back to life if you play with him a little bit…maybe give him a massage.” I said.

Ashley cupped her right hand under my cock, squeezed it a little, and started stroking it along the top with her left hand. After everything we had already done I wasn’t sure that she would actually be able to get me hard again, and she wasn’t having much success for the first few minutes.

“Maybe he needs mouth to mouth.” Ashley said.

She lifted my cock upright with both hands and lowered her head and wrapped her lips around the head. I could feel her prying open the hole. When she had it held open with her tongue she actually blew her breath into the end of my cock as if she was actually giving a person mouth to mouth.

I have no idea if it was the excitement of what she was doing or if blowing down the end of my cock actually did something, but whatever it wasn’t long before my cock was good and hard again.

“It looks like you saved your patient.” I said.

Ashley giggled.

“It sure looks like it. Spread your legs open so I can get in there.” Ashley said.

I spread my legs out to the side and Ashley moved between them. She’d kept her left hand on my cock while she moved to make sure it stayed hard.

When Ashley opened her lips and took the head of my cock in her mouth it was my turn to moan for a change. She pulled her lips away from my cock, looked up at me, and smiled. She took my cock back in her mouth and she stroked it with both hands near the base while sucking and bobbing her head on the first few inches of the end. As she was sucking she swirled her tongue on the bottom of my cock…it felt amazing.

With as many times as I’d already cum I knew it was going to take a long time for me to do it again…assuming I even could. The day was supposed to be about Ashley having sex with me…and me having sex with her. I looked down at her and caught her eyes.

“If you come up here and turn around you can suck my cock while I lick your pussy.” I said.

Ashley’s eyes lit up, she pulled her mouth off of my cock, scrambled to turn around, plopped her pussy down on my face and went back to sucking and stroking my cock.

Even though I’d already given her oral and cum inside her my tongue was not nearly as exhausted as my body. Ashley’s pussy was gaping slightly from being fucked so hard so my cum had no problem oozing out of her and into my mouth. I had the thought that the more of it that came out the less likely she’d get pregnant with my child.

Ashley’s hard work on my cock started to pay off after awhile…I could feel myself getting close to cumming. I could tell that she was getting close to orgasm herself. Ashley moaned around my cock as she had her orgasm and a few seconds later I came in her mouth.

Ashley took all of my cum in her mouth then quickly spun around and kissed me pushing some of my cum into my mouth as her tongue pushed into my mouth.

After kissing me Ashley reached behind herself and guided my still hard cock into her pussy again. She sat straight up and started bouncing up and down on it. I put my hands on her thighs and caressed them as she fucked me.

“That feels good.” I said.

“It feels good on this end too. Will you be able to go again after I’ve cum on your cock?” Ashley asked.

“Probably…what have you got in mind?” I asked.

“Well I’ve got one hole that we haven’t done anything with yet and I hear that it can be pretty intense.” Ashley said.

“Oh…you want to try anal huh? I’m up for that if you want to try it.” I said.

“Good.” Ashley said.

Ashley realized that I had very little chance of cumming as she got herself off bouncing up and down on my cock so as soon as she had an orgasm she pulled herself off of my cock, moved up beside me, and kissed me.

“So how do we do anal?” Ashley asked.

“Well…we didn’t bring any lube with us and it’s a pretty tight fit so we should probably do it in the shower so we can use the water for lubrication.” I said.

“Okay…let’s go.” Ashley said.

She grabbed my hand and pulled me off the bed and into the bathroom. Ashley got the water to a comfortable temperature and stepped into the shower.

“So how do we do this?” Ashley asked.

“Let me check something.” I said.

At one end of the shower there was a bar anchored into the wall. I wanted to be sure it wasn’t going to move so I yanked at it and pulled up and down on it. It was designed for handicapped people so it had to be secure.

“Okay…that’s good and secure so face that way with both hands and grab that bar to help hold yourself up.” I said.

Ashley turned towards the wall and grabbed the bar.

“Okay, now I just reposition this shower head to spray down near your ass so it will flow down right where we need it.” I said.

I took my time to aim the water into just the right spot.

“Now I get my cock nice and wet and then push it into your ass.” I said.

I got my cock wet and pressed it against Ashley’s asshole.

“This is probably going to be really tight at first so you should probably brace yourself.” I said.

I felt Ashley’s body go rigid. With my right hand I reached around Ashley’s body so I could pull her back against me. With my left hand I guided my cock until it was lined up to Ashley’s asshole. I held it in place as I started to push the head in. Ashley groaned.

“Any time you want me to stop just say so.” I said.

“No…I want to experience this.” Ashley said.

I pushed forward slowly until the entire head of my cock had disappeared inside her ass.

“Okay…the head is all the way in so you can tell how thick it will be in there. Do you want me to keep going?” I asked.

“Yes, but go slowly.” Ashley said.

I slowly pushed my cock in about half an inch at a time. It took awhile, but I was able to push the entire length of my cock into her ass.

“Okay Ashley…that’s all of it. How do you feel?” I asked.

“The initial pain is gone, but the thickness still kind of stings.” Ashley said.

“That’s natural. It doesn’t take long for you to adjust to it. Do you want me to take it out, leave it in, or slowly start fucking you?” I asked.

“You could start fucking me, but go really slow…at least at first.” Ashley said.

“Okay.” I said.

I slowly eased a few inches of my cock out of Ashley’s ass. The water ran down over it helping to lubricate it as I pushed it back in. For several minutes I pulled about 2 ½ inches of my cock out and then pushed it back in.

“You could pull more out and push it back in.” Ashley said.

“Okay.” I said.

I started pulling 5 ½ inches out and pushing it back in.

“How does that feel?” I asked.

“It’s kind of weird…it hurt at first, but it feels a lot better now.” Ashley said.

“Does it feel better enough for me to go a little faster?” I asked.

“We can try it.” Ashley said.

I increased my pace and Ashley started moaning with each inward thrust. I hadn’t expected either of us to have an orgasm, but amazingly I could feel myself building towards one and Ashley seemed to be getting close too.

She beat me and had her orgasm first, but I wasn’t far behind when I pushed my cock as deep into her ass as it would go and unloaded whatever cum I had left in her ass. I pulled my cock out of Ashley’s ass; she spun around, and kissed me.

“I didn’t know that I could have an orgasm from anal sex.” Ashley said.

“I didn’t know you could either.” I said.

“So what can we do next?” Ashley asked.

“I don’t know; this is your rodeo and I’m just about spent so I’ve got one…maybe two times left in me.” I said.

“Only two more times?” Ashley asked.

“Ashley this is the most sex I’ve ever had in one day. If not for that big breakfast I had this morning I probably would have passed out from exhaustion by now. I’m trying the best that I can, but I’m only human. I think I can muster up the strength for two more, but you’d better make them count because after that I’ll either be dead, in a coma, or at the very least passed out.” I said.

“Hmm…I definitely want you to fuck me from behind like you did again, but since it takes so much energy I’d better save that one for last. Will you do it with me like you did the first time, but without all that extra stuff…just go down on me and then have sex with me?” Ashley asked.

“I think I can handle that.” I said.

We showered off, dried off, and headed back to the bedroom. Ashley lay at the end of the bed so I could kneel on the floor and have easy access to her pussy.

She was still incredibly turned on and her pussy was super sensitive at that point so it only took me a little over 10 minutes to make her cum twice. When I pulled my face from between her legs she scooted up to the middle of the bed and I moved up over her pushing my cock into her as I did.

Instead of taking my time like I had the first time I fucked her at a pretty good pace and after about 20 minutes we both came.

“One left…are you okay?” Ashley asked.

“Yeah…I’ll do my absolute best.” I said.

“I want you to keep going until you absolutely can’t go anymore.” Ashley said.

“Okay.” I said.

Ashley moved into position and I moved in behind her again. I pushed my cock into her and started fucking her hard and fast.

To my great surprise my exhaustion seemed to melt away. Maybe it was the fact that it was the last time I was going to be with her or maybe it was something else, but for whatever reason I had a burst of energy and stamina that I wasn’t expecting.

Ashley was happy that I’d gotten the extra energy from somewhere.

“Yes Matt…yes…that feels great. Keep fucking me…fuck me until you can’t fuck me anymore!” Ashley said.

I hadn’t figured on lasting very long, but with the newly found energy I was well past 25 minutes before I felt myself fading. In that time Ashley had had 6 orgasms.

After 35 minutes of fucking Ashley as hard and as fast as I could I buried my cock inside her and spurted one last little dribble of cum inside her. I could feel and hear Ashley in the midst of her 8th orgasm as I collapsed onto her back.

“I’m…I’m spent.” I said.

“Okay. That was fucking amazing Matt. All of it…this whole day. I loved every second of it. I can’t thank you enough for this.” Ashley said.

I fell over onto my left side bringing Ashley over onto her left side in the process. We were both surprised when we saw Sara sitting on the edge of the other bed. Somewhere along the line we had completely forgotten that she was there.

“So…um…what did you think?” I asked.

“That was the hottest fucking thing I have ever seen.” Sara said.

I could feel myself blushing and I saw that Ashley was as well. We both felt more than a little embarrassed at the realization that Sara had seen and heard everything that we had done.

“Um…are you okay with what we did?” Ashley asked.

“Of course I am. What I saw the two of you do today was the absolute hottest thing that I’ve ever seen.” Sara said.

“Are you still okay with me being with Ashley?” I asked.

“Sure…as long as you both remember that this was a one time and one time only thing.” Sara said.

“Believe me; I understand that and will abide by it. Since I only got to have Matt for one day I got all I could out of him today since it’s the only time I’ll ever get to have him.” Ashley said.

“Matt…how about you?” Sara asked.

“You don’t have to worry about me baby…in a few days I’m marrying you and once that happens I’m yours and yours alone for the rest of our lives.” I said.

“Good, I’m very happy to hear that from both of you. After what I saw I have to admit I was afraid that you’d enjoyed it too much. Well…you two should get dressed so we can get back.” Sara said.

“Do you honestly expect me to stand up and walk to the car right now? I’m drained. I think I’m gonna stay right here and take a nap for awhile.” I said.

“Yeah…no kidding…now that I know its over my excitement has given way to exhaustion.” Ashley said.

“Okay, you have a point…you both look like the living dead right now. We can stay here and you two can sleep for a couple hours then we’ll go home.” Sara said.

Ashley and I remained spooned together as we drifted off to sleep. I’m not sure what time it was when we went to sleep, but at 5:30 Sara shook the bed to wake us up.

“Okay guys, you’ve slept long enough, we need to get back for dinner at mom and dad’s house…everyone’s supposed to be there. It starts at 7:00.” Sara said.

When I rolled off the bed and stood up it felt like I weighed 400 pounds. I walked to the bathroom and started peeing. Just as I was finishing Ashley came in and sat down as soon as soon as I’d stepped back.

We headed back to the room and started putting our clothes back on. As we left the room and headed for the elevator the hallway seemed twice as long as it had been when we arrived.

“Boy, the cleaning staff is going to get one hell of a shock when they go in that room.” I said.

“I guess we did kind of make a mess.” Ashley said.

“Forget about the mess…I’m wondering how many people in the rooms on either side or just walking by in the hallway heard you…you were pretty loud.” Sara said.

“Oh god that’s right. Hopefully nobody saw us going into the room and recognizes us on our way out.” Ashley said.

We got out of the hotel and into the car without anyone seeming to look at us funny. Sara was driving so Ashley and I both dozed off for most of the 50 miles back to town.

“Wake up guys; you’re both too tired for people not to notice at dinner. We need an explanation for that.” Sara said.

“How about we tell them that we went up to the lake and between hiking and swimming we wore ourselves out?” Ashley asked.

“I think that would work, but Sara; you’d have to pretend to be as tired as we are.” I said.

“I think I can handle that.” Sara said.

We pulled into the driveway a little after 6:30 and found that people were already showing up for dinner. Ashley and I had both had enough time napping to pretend that we were just a little tired; Sara was very convincing in her attempt to look as tired as we were. Several people that had come to dinner asked all three of us why we were so tired and what we’d done all day. We told them our cover story and nobody questioned it.

By the time dinner was over Ashley and I were struggling to stay awake. I was able to make it to our room on my own, but Sara had to help Ashley. When they walked past our open door Ashley stopped.

“We need to go in there for a minute.” Ashley said.

They walked into our bedroom and Sara closed the door.

“I just wanted to thank you both for the best day that I’ve ever had and probably will ever have. I’m grateful to both of you for today.” Ashley said.

“All three of us enjoyed today Ashley, but you’re welcome. I’m glad we could make your fantasy come true for you.” I said.

“Let’s get you to bed.” Sara said.

They left our room and went to Ashley’s room.

Several days later Sara and I got married. No-one was happier for us than Ashley.

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