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Just A Business Trip

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It had been a long couple of days. Catching a 4am flight then grabbing a rental and off to meetings, back to the hotel for a late dinner, and gone again early the next morning. Being a systems analyst was a big pain in the ass, but now mid week it was slowing down, and the next few days would be the pleasant part of owning one’s business.

A few hours tomorrow then I could be out on a flight Friday, and home to my wife for an entire weekend of sex! But for now I would settle for a nice dinner and some time to just relax. Following dinner I decided to take a drive over to the ocean, since I live inland I thought it would be something relaxing.

Sharon and I had met in college. We had married and raised one child, who was now away at college. It had been a difficult pregnancy and she couldn’t have any more children. Both of us were in the computer business and Sharon now worked as a troubleshooter for a large company. They had offices throughout the country so she traveled more often than me, but usually it wasn’t for more than a day or two.

On my way back I passed a couple of those XXX Movie theaters and the marquee of one advertised “Debbie Does Dallas” – the Original!! I just about wrecked the damn car trying to get into the parking lot. As far as that movie was concerned I ranked it up with “Deep Throat” and “Behind the Green Door”!!! My wife and I had watched it years before and we found it to be one of the most erotic X movies. I remembered the one scene where the girl is in a candle shop and uses a candle as a dildo. That scene came on and Sharon went NUTS! She had been playing with my cock up to that point, but when she saw that her fingers pushed mine away and she began to masturbate furiously. I had never seen her jack off and I sat stroking watching her. It was definitely the beginning of our sexual love life, but that is another story.

I got my ticket, and walking in my cock began to stir with the thoughts of seeing this movie again. Best part was it wouldn’t be on a little TV but up on the big screen. The theater was one of those that had two movies and they just ran them over and over. I could see there weren’t many people there and took a seat towards the back, well away from everyone. One movie was just ending and up on the screen were two women doing a guy and each other. ‘This might be an interesting movie to watch too’, I thought to myself.

I had the whole row to myself and was sitting about in the middle of the row. This movie was fairly good and I had unzipped my slacks and was lazily stroking my cock when I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. I pulled my windbreaker over my prick and looked over. There was an older couple coming down towards me. In the darkness I could see they had gray/silver hair and dressed nicely. The woman was leading the way and she must have made out my silhouette as she stopped and told her husband to move back.

‘What the hell are they doing here? This doesn’t have anything to do with J.R. Ewing!’ I thought to myself. They moved off about four seats and sat down. My eyes were adjusted to the dark and I couldn’t see them very well, and thought this would be ok. I kept my coat over myself and went back to watching the big screen.

“I’m sorry young man, I didn’t see you. It’s so dark in here.” The woman had leaned towards me and spoke softly.

Taking my eyes off the screen I turned towards her in the darkness. “That’s ok m’am. No harm done.” I smiled and hoped it would reflect in the tone of my voice. That movie ended and I waited patiently for “Debbie Does Dallas” to begin.

I had forgotten they were even there as the movie progressed. My cock felt good in my fist, precum had begun leaking out and I had used it to lubricate myself. The sound of a zipper being pulled down brought me back to my surroundings. I could hear the rustle of clothing from the direction of where the older couple were sitting. I smiled to myself picturing the old guy getting excited watching the movie. I glanced over and the light of the screen brightened momentarily and saw that it was her who had his cock out and was pumping it. He had his arm around her with his hand inside her blouse. ‘Damn! They’re really getting into this.’ I thought to myself.

Turning back to the screen I saw that my favorite part was coming up. My cock throbbed with anticipation, but I kept one ear attuned to the couple down from me. I could hear movement, but the candle/dildo scene was coming up and I my cock throbbed in anticipation.

“He’s playing with himself under his jacket. Oh look! She’s getting the candle!” Her voice dropped and I could hear them whispering, but not loud enough to hear what they were saying.

I don’t know if she meant for me to hear, but it startled me, and I looked down. Although hidden, my cock tented my jacket and as I pumped my fist the jacket moved with it. I stopped and squeezed the shaft. She was right, the girl was jacking off with the candle and I had been right on the edge of cumming! But she also knew what I was doing! Which along with being embarrassed for being caught was the frustration of my rapidly deflating cock.

“Young man. Young man!” I knew she was again speaking to me, and looked over. She was sitting on her husband’s lap and from her movements I knew she was impaled on his cock. “Come here…” She motioned me to the seat next to her.

I hesitated then figured ‘why not’. Besides when I got home and told Sharon about this, whatever happened, she would find it exciting. We had, over the years, done some swapping with close friends. It had always been four of us in the same room, and quite erotic.

Then one evening, after returning from one of her trips, she had told me of meeting another employee. It had almost come to the two of them going up to her room, but not knowing how I would react she hadn’t gone through with it, but we sat and discussed it. We were both secure in our marriage and decided if such a situation presented itself, and we were discreet and careful, we would go through with it. We agreed we wouldn’t go looking for it on every trip we made, but if it did happen when we returned home we would share it. After that discussion we had had some very erotic homecomings.

Holding my jacket in front of me I moved over in the seat next to them. She was a slim woman, not skinny, but a nice figure for a woman her age. In the semi-darkness it was difficult to tell. She was straddling her husband legs and her panties hung off one ankle. Her white hair was long and covering her face hung to her breasts. She had on a sleeveless summer blouse that was unbuttoned to the waistband of her skirt. The bra straps had been pushed off her shoulders exposing them. They weren’t large or firm, but as I reached over and cupped one in my hand I found it fit nicely in my palm. My thumb found her nipple and it was small, about the size of a baby pea, but very hard.

Looking behind her I could see, who I assumed to be her husband, was a large well-built gentleman. He held her waist and his hands and forearms were large. I couldn’t make out his face as he wore one of those wide brimmed cowboy hats that covered most of his face. He was watching the movie, and seemed oblivious to my presence. The only movement was that of his hips as he pushed in and out of the woman.

She pushed the jacket away leaning across the arm of the chair I felt my cock slip between her lips into the warmth of her mouth. Her fingers busied themselves undoing my belt and pants, the she worked her them inside my jockeys and pulled my balls out.

“oh shit-t-t-t…” I tried to keep my voice low, but she had taken my entire cock in her mouth until her lips gripped the base. I’m not huge, just what I always thought was a normal size cock. When fully erect it’s slightly over seven inches and not real thick. Sharon had always said I was a nice mouthful…she had never taken this much though! “Ummmmm…” This woman held my balls and rolled them in her palm, while sucking up and down the full length of my now throbbing cock.

Her small hand closed around my fingers, where my free hand rested on her shoulder, and pulled it down between her thighs until my she had my fingertips pressed against her clit. “ahhh-h-h-h..” A soft moan escaped her lips, as I understood what she wanted and began caressing the hard little button that was hard but not much larger than her nipples. My thumb rested against the underside of her husbands cock as it pumped into her and from what I could tell by touch was that he was proportionally as thick as his forearms.

Sharon always quizzed me as to whether I had ever done anything with another guy. My only experiences had been when I was a kid and my buddies and I would have a circle jerk and sometimes jack each other off. She always found those stories enough to get her off. Now as I felt the underside of this cock I couldn’t wait to see her reaction when I told her about it.

If anyone were watching us they would had to know what we were doing. He was back against his seat, his arms lifting her up and down on his prick. I was leaning slightly toward him, my right hand over the arm of the chair and between the woman’s thighs. The left extended past my cock and held her right breast, her forehead bumping the crook of my elbow each time she went down on me. She sitting on his lap and bent over with her head bobbing up and down in my lap.

I sensed his body tighten as he growled quietly. My thumb felt the contraction of his cock then begin to spasm rapidly. I knew he was unloading and then felt his warmth of his cum leak past her outer lips and onto my thumb.

I could feel my own orgasm approaching and increased the pressure against her clit. Her body began to shake and although muffled, by my cock in her mouth, there was a low wail from deep in her throat. Her head stopped and she held my cock firmly between her lips until the peak of her orgasm passed. Just from the lewdness of the moment, with her mouth not moving, I felt my own release approaching and involuntarily my hips lifted up towards her mouth.

Her lips pulled firmly upward, I felt my load travel rapidly up the shaft from her suction. “ugggggghhhhh…” It erupted against the back of her mouth. She opened her mouth slightly until that first load ran down my cock, then she closed her lips around the sensitive spot at the crown and began swallowing. “What!…Damn!” I jolted upright then fell back against the seat. His hand had come off her waist and now gripped my exposed, cum covered shaft, and began jacking me off into the woman’s mouth. “Shit! Damn! Fuck!” I tried to keep my voice low. This was unexpected, never had I thought he would touch my cock. There was no stopping my release, and I didn’t want it to! I could see his large fist jerking me into his wife’s mouth. She continued to gently fondle my balls until I had emptied my balls into her swallowing mouth. “ohh-h-h-h-h…” Spent I collapsed into the chair.

All was quiet except for the sound of the movie, and we didn’t move. My cock, still being gently massaged by her lips and tongue, softened in her mouth. Shortly her husband moved her from off him, and he slid over into the next seat. She rummaged in her purse, which I noticed was the size of a small suitcase, and pulling out a couple towels handed one to each of us. Nothing had been said, all during this time, with the exception of the dialogue in the movie. She casually pulled her bra straps up and holding first one cup then the other placed her breasts back inside them. Her husband and I cleaned ourselves up and straighten our clothing. She put her foot into her panties and pulled them up tightly against her cum filled pussy, and rearranged her skirt. I watched her and couldn’t help but think how attractive she was for her age, and almost wished it had been me depositing a load in her cunt.

Sitting back in her seat she shook her hair and pulled it back off her face. Smiling she turned to me. “Thank you young ma-a-a-……JON!”

Startled hearing my name, I looked up at her. “Esther!” Then to her husband who was now looking my way. “Frank!”

He stared at me. “Oh shit! Oh shit!”

It was my in-laws! Sharon’s parents! Esther’s hand covered her mouth; Frank sat with his mouth open. They stared at me as I looked from one to the other. What were they doing here? I’m dreaming? What am I doing here? I’d known these people for more than twenty-five years! Sharon! What do I tell her? Now what? Now fucking what?

I picked up my jacket from the seat next to me. “I-I need a drink…” as I started to stand.

“Me too, son!” Frank rose and picked up his coat, Esther slowly got to her feet nodding in agreement. “There’s a nice quiet lounge just down on the corner.”

I turned and walked towards the opposite aisle, trying to collect my thoughts. I knew they lived here in the city, and had talked to them just the other day, but had never…NEVER…in my wildest dreams, imagined I’d see them here! But yet for what had just occurred they must have done this before. Just the way things had happened they had to have done it before, and then it just wasn’t a coincidence that she had two hand towels in her purse. I knew I had to tell Sharon, but how? She was really close to her parents, especially her mother, and I had to admit that I felt the same way.

These questions, and more, flew through my mind as I walked out into the lobby of the theater. They were waiting and seeing me started out, I followed along behind them to the place Frank had mentioned. I stopped by the nearly empty bar, and ordered drinks for all of us. Frank went on ahead and took a back booth; Esther had put her things down and went to the ladies room, as I sat down.

“It’s been quite an eventful evening, I guess…” Frank broke the ice, and I had to smile, he had always had ‘a way with words.’

“That has to be the understatement of the year…” I chuckled.

“Do you go to these movies often? Doesn’t Sharon know, or is she ok with it? I know you’re both responsible adults, like us, but we all have those little things that…well…get us excited.” Frank had always had a knack for putting people at ease, which I had tried to learn and use with my clients. Now here we sat and I found myself relaxing in our conversation.

Esther returned and sat down just as the bartender brought our drinks. “I suppose you think we are really terrible people now…” She smiled nervously.

“No not at all Mom, like Frank just said we are all adults.” I winked at her and turned to Frank. “I don’t go to porn movies often, but I hadn’t seen ‘Debbie Does Dallas’ in years and it has always been one of our favorites. So I thought I’d take it in…not thinking all this would happen.”

I went on to explain that other side of our marriage and how we had come to our agreement. I didn’t go into detail, but by the time I had finished they had a basic understanding of our other sex life. They listened intently and smiled or nodded from time to time. It was amazing how comfortable I felt talking about it all. It was as if we were just discussing the latest NFL statistics.

“Well Mother, by the sounds of it our daughter inherited our sex drive, got a man who could keep up with it, and is quite open minded.” Frank waved for another round while playfully giving Esther a nudge.

She giggled. “It seems that way. Even if she was adopted, I guess she did listen to some of our mother daughter talks in the years before she married.” She hesitated while the next round was set down.

After the bartender left Esther explained herself. She hadn’t told Sharon to be promiscuous by any means, but was quite open with the subject of sex. Sex wasn’t dirty but something to be enjoyed and that it was ok to try different things as long as it was agreeable to all involved. She then went on, with Frank joining in periodically, about how their life had included other couples and singles. But as they had gotten older, the want for sex was still there, but Frank had begun to have some problems.

They had taken up going to movies, such as tonight, more often. Esther explained how Frank had always enjoyed seeing her with another man. Frank, looking somewhat embarrassed, interjected here that he also enjoyed touching another man. I spoke up here and admitted that it was the first time, in years that it had happened to me, but added that I didn’t object to it and had found it rather pleasurable. Esther then went on that when they had the ‘urge’ Frank would take a Viagra and they would hurry off to the movies, hoping to enjoy themselves as they had this evening.

I signaled for another round. “So tonight wasn’t out of the normal then?”

Frank chuckled. “From this conversation I’m wishing I was allowed to take another pill, but have to wait a couple days. As to your question…yes and no. There are many nights that we take care of one another, so to speak, or I’ll screw her like I did tonight.” He reached over and held Esther’s hand. The drinks were delivered.

“But not every time.” Esther smiled her usual dazzling smile. “Sometimes it’s reversed. I’ll roll a condom on the gentleman and go down on Dad.” She shrugged. “It isn’t as satisfying though not being able to feel the flood of cum, and tonight I wanted filled.”

We talked on and on. I learned how Frank had gotten a strap on for those times he couldn’t get hard, and how Esther enjoyed that. It really surprised me to learn that they still desired and had sex in some form at least four days a week. I shared things about Sharon and I, trying not to be too explicit. They showed sincere interest and nodded from time to time.

We lost track of time until the bartender called ‘last round’. We ordered the last drink and turned to the still unanswered question ‘what about Sharon?’ Esther wanted to call her in the morning and explain, but I suggested allowing me to talk to her first then I would give them a call, or depending how she reacted she would call. We finished up our drinks and walked out.

I shook Franks’ hand and Esther gave me a hug. “Oh gracious, what’s this?” She giggled and reaching down took my semi hard prick in her hand and gave it a squeeze.

“It surprises me too! But the evening and conversation has been quite interesting, you know?” I laughed.

She stepped back and put her arm through her husband’s. “So are you going back to your hotel room and jack off?” Her eyes danced and I knew she was teasing me.

I returned the smile. “Well now that you mention it, maybe I just will!”

“Good then I can think about that while I get myself off.” I raised my eyebrows at the thought. She looked up at Frank then back to me. “You can use these.” Glancing around and seeing the street empty she hurriedly pushed her panties down and put them in my jacket pocket. “And think about Frank going down on my wet full pussy while I jack off into his mouth.”

I stood there dumbfounded. Again! They turned and walked off towards their parked car. I turned and walked off towards mine, my hand in my jacket pocket feeling her panties, my cock getting harder as I thought of wrapping the silkiness around it when I got back to my room.

Frank beeped his horn as they drove past. I waved and started the car.

Upon my return to my room, I did just as Esther had suggested. The thought of her and Frank, naked in bed, with his head between her thighs had my cock rock hard as I stripped and lay down on my bed. I watched as my hand had taken the light blue silk panties and wrapped it around my prick. I knew that part was her own juices but the majority was Frank’s cum, it hadn’t taken but seconds before my own load was added to the mixture. I had drifted off to sleep thinking of the two of them.

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