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Just One of the Girls

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I never set out to cheat on my wife, but somehow, maybe the drink, maybe all the sexual innuendos etc., had just been too much for me. Where do I begin?

I had been working in the hospitality industry for nine years, and 4 years ago I changed jobs and took up a position as the Assistant Manager of a large club.

I had a rotating shift, so that meant I normally had the closing shift at least 3 times a week, sometimes on quiet nights and the following week it would be the busy nights. Being a “male” oriented club the staff were all females, mostly young and attractive girls. It was quite usual for me to sit around after closing, and have a few drinks with the girls. Sometimes it was just one of them and me, and on busier nights there could be 3 or 4 girls present.

Now I have never liked the so-called “clicks” that happen in jobs, but a week before I started there a woman called Veronica started work and a week after me another one called Susan arrived. I was 30 at the time and Veronica was 39, about 5’8″, shoulder length blonde hair and from the way her tits formed under her uniform, I guessed they were about a 36 in size. Susan on the other hand was younger then us at 25, she stood around 5’6″ and had curvy brown hair and basically she was flat-chested.

How did I know this you ask? Well, the uniforms they wore had a crossover style in the front as well as being low cut. Many a night I would get a great view down her top as she bent to get glasses from the bottom tray, and she never wore a bra. She only had very tiny little mounds but her nipples were beautiful, and she always caught me having a look, but never once did she ever say anything, or try to cover them from my sight. She loved to tease. As we were all the “newbie’s” it just happened that we formed a close friendship.

Every second Friday and Saturday I had the late shift, and as these were the busy ones, Veronica and Susan both worked late, as well as another girl (Donna) I had worked with in a previous establishment. Donna was 27, short brown hair and around a 34 tit size. When we closed up we would either stay there with the lights down low and have a few drinks, or sometimes we would head into town and relax in a bar or disco that was opened until the wee hours of the morning. Each of us would take a turn at driving the others so we all had a chance to drink and not worry about driving. There were many a time that I would end up drunk and one of the girls would deliver me back to my wife.

My wife never complained about me being with these girls as she had met them all many times, and she knew we were just friends, and as she had the kids to look after, she did not mind me enjoying myself. Some times on the quiet nights it would be just Veronica and I who would go out for drinks or even to a party we knew of. A few times we would end up back at her place for a few nightcaps, and many times I ended up “crashing” at her place. My wife knew there was never a problem, she knew Veronica would never allow herself to have sex with me, as her and my wife were very good friends. My wife even knew that Veronica only had the one bed, and that when I stayed there we slept together, but nothing ever happened. I was indeed a lucky guy.

Whenever we all went out together it was referred to jokingly as a “girls night out”, and this had many a young customer jealous of me, as these women were all attractive, and I was the only guy allowed with them. The girls even joked and told the young guys that I was a stud, and how much they all enjoyed sharing me, when they would plead to be included, or ask how come I was always invited. I eventually got quite a name for myself around the place.

Until now there had never been any thoughts of being unfaithful to my wife, it was all just good clean fun. We would sit around and tell dirty jokes, the girls would even tell each other about how good this guy or that one was in bed, never once being concerned that I was hearing their deepest secrets. After all, I was one of the girls. I have always believed that a group of drunken guys can be very vulgar, but was I even wrong. The things that these girls would confess in front of me was amazing, even I turned very red on a few occasions.

One night we were all sitting around talking after we closed up, and as there had been a function that night, there were also some extra staff rostered on, all female. Eventually the talk turned to sex and sexual stirring of each other. Veronica made a comment to the group that all men are led by their cock, and once a woman shows interest, they forget to think with their brains. I argued this point with her and said not all guys are the same, that some like me could not be tempted so easily. She laughed and said one day she would prove me wrong. I wondered what she meant, but soon it was put into the back of my head.

We stayed and drank a lot longer than expected, and eventually it was around 2am, so we finished up our drinks and prepared to leave. I had to lock up and turn on the alarm system, so I would be the last to leave. As we were going, Jenny (from the kitchen staff) asked could anyone give her a lift home, as it would be too hard to get a taxi at this late hour. Now Jenny had only been working there a few weeks and we did not really know a lot about her. It turned out she lived in the same area as me, so I offered to give her a lift. By the time I checked all the doors and window, as well as set the alarm, everyone else had gone, and Jenny was waiting outside the door. And it was raining bucket loads.

We stood and waited for it to settle, and we continued to chat. I always seem to turn peoples words back on them and make it sound dirty, and with all the drink, tonight was no exception. We were talking and joking in a dirty fashion and she was turning red as I twisted her words. Eventually she made a comment that could have been taken as clean or dirty, so I just joked back to her.

“If I did not know better, I could have thought you just propositioned me, and did not know which way to take what she had said.” I said laughing to her.

At the time I did not take much notice of what she replied, and soon we ran to my car and jumped in. As I turned the ignition on, I turned to her and asked her to repeat what she had said a few moments earlier.

“I said, you can take me anyway you wish!” she answered.

I sat motionless for what seemed an eternity before I felt her hand stroking my cock through my trousers, and turning to look at her and see a very cheeky grin on her face as she lightly licked her lips. I was gone. I turned off the ignition and reached across and we were soon kissing and groping at each other. Before long, pieces of clothing were coming off and I realized that my car was sitting in the open, with the security lights above us. I started the car and moved to a spot nearer the fence where there were many bushes to help keep prying eyes away.

By the time the engine had stopped she was sitting naked next to me and she was lowering my trousers and jocks at the same time. She bent down and had my cock in her mouth and was giving me the greatest blowjob I had had in years. My wife would suck my cock, but only for a moment as she did not enjoy doing so, but this girl seemed to love the taste of a cock in her mouth. She had me close to losing my load, and as I had not intended t cheat on my wife, but was almost there anyway, I wanted to get my cock into her cunt really quick. Because of the rain we were stuck in the car, and as it was a small car, it was not going to be easy.

She moved around so that her hands were on the floor and her knees were on the seat. I moved in behind her to get a look and taste of her love box. I lay on my side and put my mouth to her cunt and began to lick her lips and taste her lovely juice. She began to cum as soon as my tongue entered her. She arched her pussy back into my mouth before finally telling me she needed my cock in her right away.

It was a bit cramped but I managed to get on my knees and enter her hot, moist pussy, but I had to keep my head twisted down a little, or else I would push it through the roof. Because of the contorted position I was able to give her slow long thrusts in and out of her cunt, but I did not seem to get the full sensation and feel like I would cum very soon. I guess it was a better way so that I could enjoy her honey pot for longer.

After maybe 30 or 40 minutes of pumping her cunt in this fashion, and her cumming at least 3 times, I finally felt my balls tighten and my shaft become harder. I soon was squirting my hot juices into her. It was about then that I came to my senses and realized what I had been doing. Up until then my cock had been in control and now that it was satisfied the blood returned to my other brain and had a chance to think. Shit, how did this all happen, what should I do now.

We never spoke, instead we got our clothes back on and I drove her home. When we arrived I realized that she lived only 4 streets from my place and I wondered how come I had never seen her around the area. As the car stopped she opened the door and was about to step out when she stopped, turned back to me and leaned over and kissed me before telling me how much she enjoyed, and needed, that fuck. I did not know what to say, but she seemed to read my mind and said that it would be our little secret, no one needed to know, not even my wife. Shit, I had not even mentioned to her I was married and yet she knew and still fucked me regardless.

I said goodnight to her as well as thanking her for a great time, then drove home to my unsuspecting wife. I quickly showered and went to bed where I had trouble sleeping, all the time wondering what I was to do in the morning. Wondering if I could keep this secret, thinking that my wife would probably smell this other woman on me and know I had betrayed her. But I was wrong. Next morning things were as usual, my wife joked and asked me had it been just another long night of drinking with the girls. I was safe, for now.

When I went to work that afternoon, I hoped and prayed that Jenny was not rostered on. I knew that I would not be able to face her so soon after the previous night. At around 7pm I looked to the kitchen and saw her working. Damn, how was I going to get through this I thought. At around 8pm the manager asked me if I wanted to have a drink with him and a friend of his, so I got a beer and joined them. Soon after I saw Jenny walk past with a meal for one of the customers. After she walked past the manager turned to look at her from behind and then said to neither of us in particular.

“Isn’t that a really nice arse? Wouldn’t you love to fuck her?”

His friend quickly agreed and said that if he knew he could get away without his wife knowing, he would gladly fuck her sexy 19-year-old cunt. Shit! I had not even given it a thought as to her age. She was only 19 years old? For the rest of the night, every time we crossed paths I realized that she was just as scared about what we had done last night, and she also turned her eyes from me to avoid us both giving away out little secret. At the end of the night I decided not to hang around and have a drink, as that would mean having to sit and talk with Jenny in front of the others, and that could be dangerous. As I was about to leave the manager called me and asked if I would mind giving Jenny a lift home, as he said he knew I lived in the same area. How could I say no and keep from explaining my reasons for not wanting to.

We bid them all good night and we walked out, making sure we were not too close to each other. Once I drove out of the car park she turned to me and asked could we stop and talk, as she had something important to tell me. I wondered what it could be but thought it best to chat and explain that even though I had enjoyed it, I could not do this again as it made me feel sick with worry.

As soon as I stopped she surprised me by saying she felt exactly the way I did. She said how the sex with me had been fantastic, and she really wanted to fuck me some more, but, she had a boyfriend and she talks in her sleep. She explained how once asleep she had mentioned my name many times and he had questioned her over and over, but she explained that I was her boss, and we had worked together and I had driven her home. She felt he believed her, but was too scared to fuck with me again in case she said more.

Over the next few months’ things settled down and we just treated each other as friends, never mentioning that night again. It was the day before Xmas and Jenny came to my house to ask me if the pays would be ready, as she needed money for shopping. My wife said that as I was going over soon to collect my pay, she should go with me, and then when we return she should come and have a Xmas drink with us. Now this had me worried. Her and my wife together, all of us having a few drinks could be a problem if the tongues loosen up.

When we returned my wife was not there, but she had left a note on the table. She had gone up to her mother’s house (her mother lived at the other end of our street), and they would prepare the food for tomorrow, and we should both join them there for a few drinks. Jenny said she would not stay as she gets drunk easy and did not want to slip out that her and I had fucked, and in so doing cause me troubles. I said fine and offered to drive her home, but she said first she wanted to give me my Xmas present. Damn, I had not thought of that, what should I give her in return?

She went into the lounge room and asked me to join her there. At this point I realized that she only had a small purse with her, so how small a present was she going to give me. As I followed her there she turned and kissed me on the lips and her tongue slid into my mouth. Oh, so this was her present, a nice juicy kiss and hug. I started to return her kiss when I felt her hands move down to my zipper. She startled me and I asked her what she was doing.

“I know I said I could not do this again with you, but I have been craving for your cock for so long that I decided this was to be a special present to you.” she said.

By the time she finished saying this her skirt and panties were off and she was laying herself down on the lounge. She opened her legs wide and she ordered me to fuck her hard and fast, as her boyfriend was waiting for her back at home. All reasoning and logic went out the window right away and I had my pants down and was pumping my cock deep into her depths. It took no more than 5 minutes before my cock was spurting my cum deep into her pussy and she was moaning out loud as she dug her nails deep into my back as she also spewed her hot juices onto my cock.

I slid off her and lay on the side before my eyes looked up, and there staring back at me was my wife. But not really my wife, it was the large portrait of her hanging on the wall. I nearly died as I thought I had been caught in the act. Maybe it was just a picture of her, but it still made the guilty feeling rise inside of my being. Jenny felt me cringe and asked what was wrong, before she also asked what I was looking at. She suddenly burst into tears and began apologizing for making me cheat on my wife once again. We dressed and after taking her home I went to my mother-in-laws and tried to act as if nothing had happened, explaining that Jenny had gone shopping and said maybe another time she would accept the offer of a drink.

The day after Xmas I was back at work once more and again Jenny came up and told me how sorry she was but once again saying how much she enjoyed it, but also she knew she must never do it again as she still spoke in her sleep and her boyfriend was asking lots of questions. As Jenny got more and more work, and much of this was on the same shifts as mine, we saw a lot of each other as well as bumping into each other in the streets and shops. Soon my wife started inviting her around and they became friends, and this had me on edge every time we were together.

My wife found that Jenny had a lot of little jobs that needed doing at her place and had suggested that I would be able to help her at times as we were all friends. This was strange, my wife was sending me to her place, not aware that we had been lovers, and were trying to keep our distance so as not to have it happen again. If only she knew the position she was putting us in. I was spending half a day at Jenny’s’ place doing odd jobs, but Jenny always made sure it was when her boyfriend was away. He was an interstate truck driver, so he would be away for days at a time.

Being so close to her made me think and remember the two times we had fucked, it made me want to do it again, but each time the subject arose she would say that no matter how much she needed and wanted it, she just could not. It was a few weeks later and I had been changing a light bulb for her. I had been standing on her bench to reach it, and when finished I just sat on the edge of the bench as she was making a coffee. She asked if there was anything else I needed, and as usual I said a fuck would certainly be nice.

“You know I want to, but I really can’t, sorry,” she said.

Now being a person who loves joking around I just snapped back.

“So, I guess a blow job is out of the question as well?” I laughed out to her.

She almost could have knocked me over with a feather when she retorted that a blowjob would be fine, as long as it did not lead to us fucking. As she said this she was already pulling my shorts down and my cock was in her mouth pronto. I leaned back against the wall and relished in the feeling of her mouth giving all this attention to my now rigid cock. I felt myself ready to cum but when I warned her she just sucked harder and faster until my juice spurt into the back of her throat. She seemed to go crazy as it hit, she sucked deeper until she had taken every drop of me, then she pulled back used her tongue to make sure that I was totally clean, and free of tell tale signs that my wife may have noticed.

I could not believe what she had done, as well, this was the fist time in my life that anyone had ever taken my cum fully into their mouth and swallowed every drop. The experience had me hooked and I was already planning on how to make this a regular event. Every two weeks for the next 6 months I would be making excuses to visit her and do odd jobs, just waiting for her to offer to suck my cock for me. I had the best of everything going for me. She would give me the blowjobs that my wife would not, and then I could go home and fuck my unsuspecting wife, and last for ages and give her so much pleasure. My wife never suspected why I became such a “stayer”, she was just so happy that I could giver her so many orgasms before blowing my load.

Unfortunately all good things come to an end, and in my case it was my own undoing. I had been at Jenny’s for a few hours and instead of waiting for her to bring the subject up, as soon as she put the kettle on for the coffee, I jumped the gun and dropped my shorts, sat myself down on the “blow job bench” then eagerly awaited her mouth to administer its pleasures.

“You bastard!” she yelled at me, “You only come here to get your cock sucked,” she added, before finishing off with “well this is the last time mister, no more cock sucking from this mouth”.

I was devastated, I knew I had been too eager and now I had lost my fortnightly pleasure. Even my wife began to ask me what had happened and why had my sex drive changed so much that I would cum so soon. But how could I tell her without admitting what I had been getting all these months. I just told her it must be age creeping up on me. A month later Jenny quit her job, married her boyfriend, and they moved out of the area. I never saw her again for 10 years, but never again did I get to have fun with her.

Unbeknown to me at the time, Jenny had left me with a parting gift. Not the usual type of gift that comes wrapped as to be expected, rather her gift was in the form of words. Not even words to me, but to the other girls where I worked. It was the week after she had left, and as usual a few of the staff and I were having some drinks, but this time the girls invited their boyfriends to join us. There were 6 of us in total. Veronica and her guy, Susan and her new boyfriend, myself and Sally, the apprentice cook, who had started a few weeks before.

As the time passed the subject turned to sex and before long Veronica was running her hand up her guy’s leg and rubbing his cock and not caring who saw her. As the talking slowed and the free ‘perv’ increased, soon Susan was doing the same with her boyfriend. That left Sally and me to sit and watch. Soon the show was getting the better of her and she suggested that we play a game of pool and let the lovers have some privacy. It was a good idea and we went to the next room to have a game. As I went to break I joked and asked her what were the stakes for the game.

“The loser has to be on top,” was her reply.

I was sure that she was joking but it played on my mind and I did not play very well at all, I lost. I went to the bar to get us both a drink and I heard her call out and ask me ‘how many holes are there on a pool table’. I laughed and said she must be dumb if she could not count up to 6, but when I turned around I saw her laying back on the pool table, her cooks pants and panties were on the floor, and her legs were wide open. There were now 7 holes on the table.

“Come on, you lost. You have to be on top,” she ordered.

“What do you mean,” I asked, before adding, “I’m a married man girl, I can’t fuck you, I thought we were just joking.”

This was when I found out what Jenny’s parting gift for me was. Sally told me how Jenny had revealed all about us and had told her that I was a “player” and also that my cock was big and enjoyable. I was stunned and embarrassed. “Did all the girls know of this?” I asked, and she just laughed and said.

“Well, Jenny told me quietly so I don’t know, but you will soon find out which ones do and which ones don’t know over the next few weeks I guess!”

As I was feeling horny after seeing the others and their guys, as well we were alone and no one would ever know, I decided I may as well take care of my throbbing cock and give Sally a quick fuck. Sally was a little on the plump side, but not too much, but she certainly did not have a plump cunt, she was very tight. After enjoying the feeling of my cock going in and out for about 5 minutes, I unleashed my sperm into her depths before getting my pants back up and making sure there were no tell tale signs left of the felt. Once we were both presentable we returned to the other room and rejoined the rest who were back to normal and just talking and drinking.

The following week Veronica and I were invited to a party near her place. As I did not have my car this night, Veronica drove us to her place and we then walked to the party. About three hours later, and way too much to drink, we staggered back to her place where we had another drink. I was going to ring a taxi and go home but she said I may as well stay the night, as my wife knew we could both be trusted. She was right, I had stayed here many times before when we were both too drunk, so why should tonight be any different.

My head was beginning to feel light so I said I would try and sleep and she agreed that she to needed sleep. She went to the bathroom and changed into her sleepwear, and I proceeded to strip down to my jocks as I usually did when I stayed the night. I was sound asleep before she returned to the bedroom.

A few hours later I was deep in slumber land and having a dream about Jenny and Sally. I was so aroused and horny with this dream that I had not realized that it was not a dream about me having my cock sucked, it was in fact Veronica sucking on my cock. By the time I was ready to cum I became aware of what was happening. I opened my eyes and looked down to see her mouth going up and down on my shaft. I asked her what she thought she was doing, she knew I was married; she was a friend of my wife, my wife who trusted her so much.

“Why should I miss out on all the fun?” she asked. “You have fucked Jenny as well as Sally, so why not me also?”

Damn, Veronica knew about me as well. How far was this known around the club I worked in, I wondered. I was almost in shock thinking about this when Veronica slid up and pushed her pussy to my mouth. It sure was nice and my brain lost control once more and my cock did all the thinking. Soon I had rolled her over and onto “all fours” where I entered her from behind and pounded away with all my might. Veronica may have been older than me, but she sure had great muscle control. Her lips kept taking hold of my cock every time I tried to withdraw. She did not take long before she had me spewing my love juice deep into her hot and hungry pussy. We rolled over and just cuddled each other for maybe 5 minutes before she spoke.

“Remember what I once said to you? “Once a girl offers herself to a married man, his cock takes control and he goes for it, no matter how much he loves his wife,” she said.

She was right of course, I had never meant for this to happen, but it had. My cock was going to get me into big trouble for sure. How long could all of this be kept a secret from my wife? My days were numbered and I knew it. No longer was it a matter of “IF” she finds out, but “WHEN” she does. Over the next 2 months I was serviced by 3 more of the female staff, as well as 4 customers that all had known Jenny, and she had told them to “see” me if they ever needed a good service.

There were a few times when I came close to being caught out by my wife. One night I came home and did not know that there was lipstick on my collar. It was difficult, but I managed to pass it off as a customer who I danced with, but that she was drunk and I made sure nothing happened. Another time she questioned me about the scratch marks on my back, but that was quickly explained as an accident where I slipped from the loading dock while unloading a truck. Things were getting hairy for me. I started to ask the girls at work for help and suggestions at work, but they just laughed and said I would need to be more careful in future.

A few months later it was my wife’s 30th birthday and I had invited a few of the staff to come around and have a few drinks with her. On the night, we started at around 6pm and the girls had all given her some small gifts which were a little on the personal side as far as I was concerned. Susan had given her a pair of crutchless knickers, Sally gave her a porno bi movie, but Veronicas’ present sent shock waves through me. She gave her a vibrator, the kind that has the realistic looking rubber cock, as well as a smaller one to enter her arse at the same time. I did not know what my wife would think or say.

By 9pm my wife was getting very drunk, and the drunker she got, the more the girls gave her to drink and they would laugh and give each other funny little grins. I did not know what was going on, but I knew they had something planned. I was becoming very scared that they were going to divulge my so-called secret life. I imagined that tonight was to be my last night as a married man.

Nothing more was said for the time being, but around 10:30 there was a knock on the door. I was about to see who it was when Veronica said she would get it. When she returned there was a young, well-built guy with her, whom I did not know. Before I could ask him who he was, he looked at the girls and asked.

“Which one of you lovely ladies is Mary?”

My wife had a glazed look on her face as she said it was she, and then she asked him who he was.

“Well Mary, I am your birthday present!” he said.

My jaw dropped when he said this, not knowing what was going on.

“Yes Mary, your lovely husband had asked us what he should get you, and we all joked that he should get you a young stud, but we did not think he would take us this seriously,” Veronica stated.

With that said, she turned on a CD player that I had not noticed he had when he came in, and he began dancing around her. I realized than that he was a male stripper. Well at least this was OK as nothing would happen, and maybe she would think it was all just a bit of a stir. As he danced around her he began taking his things off. First his shoes and socks, then he slowly undid his shirt and removed it, twirling it around his head before throwing it across the room.

Next he pulled down his zipper before ripping his trousers from his body, they were specially made with Velcro on the sides and crutch so they removed in one quick tug. These also joined his shirt. He was now parading around her face with a very noticeable bulge in his jocks. Her eyes widened each time his bulge was presented to her face and I saw her run her tongue over her lips each time he passed.

After a few minutes of this he turned so his back was to her and he bent right down as he slid his jocks off, to reveal the tiniest of G-Strings. Mary’s’ eyes bulged out even further as she saw his naked arse as well as the sides of his balls dangling from below. She lent forward and planted a wet kiss right on the crack of his butt. She lingered there for a moment and I did not know what to say or do. He quickly jumped up and told her she was a naughty girl and needed to be punished for her actions.

For her punishment, instead of exposing his now rising cock to her, he went to each of the other girls and presented his cock to their mouths so that they could get a closer look, or suck it if they wished. But he made a point of keeping his back to her so she could not see it. She was moaning in agony and had tried to move to where she could see it, but each time he covered it once more and moved to the next girl. Each girl saying how great his cock tasted, and that she was missing out.

By now she was almost begging him to let her see it and to touch it, she was like a little child let loose in a candy store. She wanted her “all-day sucker” to put in her mouth. He slowly relented and took himself closer to her, but he did not take his cock out. He pushed his groin into her face and she went wild, but each time she tried to pull his G-String down, he pulled away from her. She was getting very hot and excited, and soon I noticed that she had her hand under her skirt and she was masturbating herself, and not even aware that she was doing so in front of not only me, but my staff as well. Meanwhile I was both excited and stunned at what was happening.

The stripper soon saw what she was doing to herself and suggested that if she wanted to see his cock, she would have to take all her clothes off as well. She jumped at first and realized what she had been doing, but a few moments after pulling her hand away from her cunt, the girls all let out a cheer and egged her on to let loose and enjoy herself, as this was her special day. Slowly she got her nerve and pulled her panties off, but seemed reluctant to take any more off. Her hand went back to her pussy and started probing her slit once more. The stripper again said that she had to take it all off or else he would not go any further, but as encouragement he quickly flashed his cock for a few seconds in her face.

She tried to take it into her mouth without even considering what she was doing, but he pulled back again once more. She gave in and began to take all her clothing off, but as she was undoing her bra she looked directly at him and said if she was going to show all of herself, as well as masturbate, then the rest of the girls and I must also do the same.

Now the girls and I had seen each other naked, and had fucked, but never at the same time had more than two of us been undressed at once. I was sure that they would baulk at this and I was not really prepared to get naked like this and let my wife see how excited I was by all of this. As I looked around to see what they would say, Veronica had already taken her top off and was undoing her bra and the others were doing the same. By the time they were naked they were all starting on me to take mine off, and my wife was the loudest of the lot of them. I had no choice.

Once I also was naked the stripper moved forward to Mary and told her she could remove his G-String, but only with her mouth. She was too far-gone now to care, her mouth dove forward and she had her teeth on the string and was lowering it very quickly. Once she had it down to his knees her head moved back up and she took his cock into her mouth and started sucking like her life depended on it, all the time inserting two fingers deep into her now dripping pussy.

I did not know what to think, what the girls had started as a practical joke was now getting out of hand, or should I say into mouth? The sight was both worrying and exciting me. I was watching my wife devour this young studs cock, and I knew if left unchecked she would soon be trying to fuck him. I did not know how to avoid this situation, knowing that tomorrow she would be totally ashamed of herself and not able to show her face in front of my staff. As I tried to think of a way to stop this madness I heard Susan call out and ask Mary if she could “help” me with my not so little erection that seemed to bothering me. Mary briefly pulled her mouth away and looked across to see my cock standing to attention.

“Be my guest, as long as I can fuck this young guy, I don’t care what you girls do!” she said.

With that said Susan was between my legs and taking my cock deep into her mouth. Next Veronica joined her and was kissing my nipples as well as taking the remaining exposed part of my cock where she began pumping it into Susan’s mouth. Losing all control and self consciousness I settled back to enjoy what was happening to me and after a few minutes I turned to see what Sally was doing, but she was not in her chair still. I turned to see how Mary was going, and sure enough, she was still sucking madly on the strippers cock, but, Sally was on the floor between her legs and her face was buried deep into her pussy.

The sight of my wife sucking on another guys cock while she had her cunt eaten out by another woman was too much, I exploded deep into Susan throat without giving her any warning. Spurt after spurt was shooting into her before Veronica pushed Susan out of the way and took the last few drops for herself. I collapsed into the chair and tried to get my breathing and mind straight.

As soon as I felt composed I looked across and Mary was on the floor on all fours and had the guy’s huge cock sliding into her cunt, he was pumping her furiously. My cock began to feel life returning but then I realized that Sally was sitting on the chair and Mary was now licking her out. Damn, I never in my wildest dream would have imagined that she would touch another woman’s cunt, let alone fuck another guy while there were so many watching, me included. This was getting too hot; my cock was now standing again and begging for attention.

Susan suggested that we all join the others on the lounge, and not realizing how we could all fit, I tried to think of what she meant. She instructed the guy to stop for a moment, where she then told the girls to all assume the same position as Mary, on the floor on all fours. I now understood what she had meant, she wanted us two guys to fuck them all one at a time. I entered Veronica and he entered Sally where we pumped in and out for a few minutes. Then we were told to change, so I entered Mary and he did likewise with Susan and once more we pumped away. I lent over and whispered into Mary’s’ ear that I loved her and hoped she was enjoying her present. She just “cooed” and moaned and told me to fuck her harder.

The stripper soon blew his load into Susan, but being a much younger guy, his cock seemed to stay hard and he was soon entering into Veronicas’ cunt. This continued for some time, us guys taking turns to fuck all four of these naked beauties. I had not been able to fuck like this for so many year, it was amazing that even after I had come in Susan’s mouth and recovered, I also shot deep inside of Mary and was still able to get it back up hard with a little help from the girls, and continue for another hour to pleasure the girls and myself. It was a night to remember.

When I finally came for the third time, inside Sally, I collapsed to the floor and closed my eyes for a few moments. I could hear the girls and Mary still moaning and demanding to be fucked and licked harder and harder, when all of a sudden I opened my eyes and saw that the stripper was also laid out beside me, exhausted. I rolled over to see the most wondrous of sights, Mary and the girls were laying in a Daisy chain formation and licking each other out as well as rubbing tits or pussy or whatever their hands could locate. My cock began to spring back into action once more.

Not knowing which one of them to fuck first, I moved closer and asked who wanted my cock, but before any of them could answer I felt a pair of lips engulf my shaft. I blinked a few times and recounted the girls. Yes, all four were still there and busy pleasing each other. I looked down and saw the strippers head bobbing up and down on my swollen cock. I let out a sudden coughing sound and all at the same time the girls stopped and looked around to see what was wrong with me.

“FUCK! That is so hot!” Mary exclaimed. “Woo hoo! Keep going you guys!” the other girls added.

I could not believe it, until yesterday I had just been a guy who was scared of being caught by his wife for cheating. Not cheating with just one other, but many, and tonight I am not just fucking 3 of the girls I had been cheating with, but my wife was involved as well. And now, I was getting my cock sucked by another guy in front of all of them, and they were loving every minute of it. What more could a guy ever want.

When we all finally collapsed Veronica was the first one to speak.

“Well, you no longer have to worry about Mary finding out that you were fucking us all, do you?” She said, before adding; “I hope you have enjoyed your birthday present Mary?”

“Oh fuck yes!” Mary replied. “And as for my cheating husband, if he ever cheats on me again and does not include me, I will divorce him!”

The girls all laughed and I slowly joined in with them as I realized the girls had set this all up so as to get me off the hook, as well as to bring Mary into the picture so she could have fun as well. I was one very lucky guy. All I could think of to make this a perfect night would be to have Jenny here to join us all.

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