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Class Learns New Lessons

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Miss Annabelle Nella was a high school teacher who really enjoyed her job and loved teaching her senior class. It was, for her, great to give all the students one last piece of education before sending them off to college, where many she hoped, would make something of themselves and enter the real world off to a great start.

She was thirty-four and have been teaching for little over ten years now, senior classes, and this class to her has a different meaning to her than past classes did.

It was mainly males and a few females, all in all, a total of sixteen students. It was an exclusive school, where the classes were smaller than many other schools are, which makes it all the better for Annabelle, who enjoys getting to know all of her students on a more personal level. It is still early in the year being only second quarter and she already knows her students by name and personally. Maybe that is why she is a popular teacher. Her positive attitude and personal involvement she partakes in with every student she has. Rarely does she ever have to discipline her students for they are all well behaved and do as they are told first time asked. She always had good luck with having a great bunch of students and was always proud, and sad, to see them graduate when that time comes. One of the downsides of teaching a senior class.

Annabelle walked in her classroom early in the morning, it was cloudy and rainy out, and she didn’t pack an umbrella thinking it was just cloudy. She looked down at herself as she stepped by her desk and saw her white blouse wet and slightly transparent. Showing her bra a little as it clung to her body, Annabelle pulled on her shirt to get it to stop sticking to her body. Taking a seat and opening her bag, she pulled out her planner and a stack of papers, along with a food bar, she started to eat while looking over the day’s lessons.

After a half hour had gone by, some of her students started to shuffle in the room and head to their desks. Annabelle addressed each one personally with a smile and the same courtesy returned. Stephen, Lindsay, and Will all took to their desks and quietly talked amongst themselves. After a little more time went by more students began to make their way in and take their seats. The first bell rang and in came all the rest from either loitering out in the hallway or just entering the building, but all were present before the second bell rang to officially start the day.

Miss Nella took attendance and started the day with a smile and good morning as she does everyday. She felt herself still a little wet from being rained on earlier and saw most her class was wet as well from walking from cars or the bus. She tried not to think about her slightly wet shirt clinging to her body and go on, not wanting to attract attention to it hopefully. Her long black hair wet as well, taking forever to dry as usual, the curse of having thick hair, she always thought. Especially when it gets wet inconveniently. All twelve guys present and all four girls present and in their assigned seats.

Some of the guys have already taken notice to her wet shirt and how it is clinging to her heavy breasts and showing off the solid shade of her bra underneath. It got all around the class for the boys, and they all looked with hidden desire at their middle aged teacher. She was curvy, and the blouses she wears that are even dry tend to show off the curves of her upper body. The hip tight formal dress skirts or the tight khaki pants she wears, allows her male students to look at her, leaving little to the imagination regarding her body shape and size. They would especially admire her round butt, it was quite plump and round and looked very good given her age.

She never really gave it much notice of how revealing her outfits were. She made a point not to show too much skin, and always thought she dressed appropriate for school. It was obvious, though, some of the boys in class would ogle her and look at her when they though she didn’t know. She knew, not only from their obvious stares, but she noticed some would start to sit awkwardly during class, and would be hesitant when getting up to go to lunch or leaving the classroom. Annabelle didn’t mind it, though, in fact, she sort of liked it. Made her feel like she was still desirable and had a chance of still catching a man.

She looked over at Fiona and noticed she was looking at her wet shirt, along with Sarah and Emily. Annabelle looked around the class to see who was looking and not. She knew it was wrong, but it was making her a little bit excited. Knowing she was on a little bit of display for her senior class. They were all eighteen, and technically adults, she thought. And it isn’t like I am parading around naked.

Starting with the schedule of the day, Annabelle went on and started class with science. All of the students pulled their textbooks and notebooks out almost all at the same time. Leaning back on her desk, Miss Nella pushed her hips out nonchalantly as she leaned a little further. Her breasts pushing against the wet fabric of her blouse, the buttons straining against the openings, as her heavy big breasts were rising from her breathing. The students took immediate notice and would catch glimpses of it between paragraphs and pretend yawns or stretches. Of course, Miss Nella knew what they were really doing and made her a little bit more warm inside.

Her nipples slightly hardening from all the subtle attention she is getting from her students. I can’t believe I am doing this, she thought as she continued the lesson.

“Ok, with that section of the chapter done. I will hand out the worksheets for you all to work on until end of the period.” Her voice seemed much more lighter and sweeter to the class for having experiencing their, normally, proper teacher.

After a few minutes passed from handing out the worksheets one of the boys, Will raised his hand for help. Getting up from her cleanup job on her desk. Miss Nella gladly walked over to her student and stepped behind his chair. “Yes Will?”

“I am having trouble with a question, ma’am.” He pointed out the question and Miss Nella leaned in closer to read, not noticing her breasts slightly rubbing against his shoulder as she silently lipped the question.

Will took quick notice on feeling the heavy tits lightly touching his shoulders and he looked up at her and watched her read the question silently. Her full, wet lips slowly moving as she was reading off the paper. His pants getting a little tighter under his desk and he looked straight ahead feeling his penis grow more and more. Charles behind Will took notice of Miss Nella bending over and he sat there gawking at her round, plump rump along with the two boys next to him. Her khaki pants stretching across the beautiful butt and they could see a visible panty line. Where they can kind of make out the little designs on her underwear through the stretched out dark fabric.

After finishing helping Will, Annabelle stood up straight again and went back to her desk. Will feeling his shoulder a little cold now where her once big breasts were touching. His dick throbbing in his pants as best it can given the tight space. Making him a little nervous incase someone happened to notice his crotch part of his pants twitch.

Annabelle went back to her desk, and no sooner did she sit down, another student raised his hand. This time being George, he had a question about how to explain a part of a question. She stood on the side of his desk and bent over to read the question and what he had so far. It disappointed him, but he did however, find enjoyment of watching her lips move as she silently read his worksheet. Lindsay sat next to George and looked over and caught an eyeful of her teacher’s butt. She noticed how great of shape Miss Nella was in and hoped that she looked about the same when she was around that age.

Lindsay would keep taking short glimpses at her round butt, and had a hard time concentrating on her worksheet now. Softly rubbing her legs up and down, she felt her virgin pussy heat up again, like it does at night when she rubs her clit and between her pussy lips. Her panties riding up between her pussy lips as she kept rubbing her legs together, her hands at the side of her desk now. She dropped her pencil on the side Miss Nella was on and Lindsay stopped rubbing quickly and hoped no one saw what she was doing under her desk.

Miss Nella heard the pencil drop and she went to turn around as Lindsay was leaning on the side of her desk and hit the side of her butt against Lindsay’s cheek. Lindsay froze at the touch, and quickly sat back up in her chair as Miss Nella quickly turned around after she felt her face rub her butt and quickly said sorry. George turned and stared at her butt as she was picking up Lindsay’s pencil and slightly smiled.

By the time lunchtime arrived, Miss Nella had probably helped the whole class at least once with questions with the exception of a few students. Either shy or too embarrassed to ask, couple of the girls didn’t ask either. Annabelle sat alone in the classroom as she ate her lunch at her desk. She kept thinking back to when Lindsay touched her butt with her face. It made her hot, she knew that much, as she kept thinking about the shy girl. She is cute, little skinny and short, but still growing, she thought. Long brown hair and a cute little round face, perky breasts and long, white legs that went from her shoes to the knee high skirt she usually wears.

Oh stop it, Annabelle told herself. She is your student for god sakes! Didn’t matter, though, it has been a long time since she has had sex and her pussy is now reminding her about that. Not soaked, but it wasn’t quite dry either. She felt it heat up and get a little wet as she sat there thinking about Lindsay and her small, sexy body.

She unbuttoned a couple of buttons on her blouse from feeling too hot in the room. Her mind straying from Lindsay to couple of her male students and what she did while helping them with their work. At the time she didn’t really notice, but thinking back now, she did get a little too close and was most likely acting out of line. Though, right now, she can’t shake it from her mind and it is driving her over the edge.

Hearing the lunch bell ring, she knew her class would be coming in, all full of life again, from having food in their systems and it would surely be noisy. Forgetting about her buttons undone on her blouse, she went to the whiteboard to write out a few notes to start off the history subject. In came her students, all talking and finishing up their conversations from lunch. Taking their seats, some still talking and few watching her write on the whiteboard about various subjects and headlines for history. Her arm moving up and down causing her body to slightly jiggle with the movement.

Turning around, she had full attention from her class for all the wrong reasons. Her blouse unbuttoned a few buttons down still and they all looked at the line of cleavage, and how her breasts slightly pushed up from her bra. Her blouse showing a wide V of her upper chest, her long beautiful neck and how it showed off her slender collarbone allowing the eyes to easily move down to her heavy breasts. Her skin looking so soft and radiant, especially under the lighting of the classroom.

The students looked upon her with awe, some staring out of lust, others admiring, and none were at all displeased with the sight they were taking in. Miss Nella of course unaware of what is really holding their attention went on with the class after she saw all was back from lunch. Turning around and picking up a textbook, she opened to her marked page where she left off from yesterday and continued about World History.

Holding the book in front of her chest blocking the view from her students, they all snapped out of their trance and listened to what she had to teach, but minds still thinking about the sight. Few of the guys in the class were already excited and wanted to see more. The girls were even in a state of arousal and awe from the sight. They all knew she was a beautiful woman, a woman who was full figured and very well aged. Her soft body and how it was so voluptuous and curvy, the classy and professional look she upholds, and to see her showing that little bit of skin, have caused the whole class in a huge silent uproar of excitement and arousal.

Looking down at while reading, Annabelle noticed she forgot to button her blouse back up before lunch was over and looked up at her class with wide eyes and a mouth going dry fast. Oh my god, did they notice, she thought as she scanned her students looking in the textbooks following with her as she went on with the lesson.

Nothing seemed out of place, she looked around and saw a couple of students, following the rest, looking up at her seeing why she stopped reading. Taking a hard swallow and looking back down at the book, taking a quiet breath, and continued reading key points of the chapter.

Feeling embarrassed again for now the voyeuristic show she is giving her class. She can’t help but not feel a slight tingle in her body, a shiver of bitterness and lust at the same time, giving her a numb taste in her mouth but a warm feeling deep inside her.

Feeling the edge of reason leaving her now and being taken over by her warm feeling inside of her. Miss Nella wanted to see if she could keep her class focus despite her actions. Walking around the front of the room now while reading aloud to the class. She slowly made her way to the row of desks and looked from her book while turning a page to see if any had noticed.

“Ok, I am going to call out a name, and you read a paragraph and choose someone to read the next until we finish the chapter.” She lowered the book from her chest to allow her students to have another glance at her exposed breasts, slightly pushing them out to give them better views.

Walking in front of Harold’s desk, she leaned over slightly and asked him to read knowing her breasts were eye level as he looked up. “Would you like to read the first paragraph, Harold?” She smiled at him in his blue eyes.

“Y-yeah, I will read.” He let out, taking a swallow from the view of her big breasts hanging in front of his face inches away. Her scent strong, what she always smells like, strawberries and another sweet smell he doesn’t know, but knows he likes.

“Thank you.” She replied softly. Continuing her walking around the desks as Harold started to read the first paragraph.

Few of the guys looked up as she walked past to get a glance of her butt up close, no matter how many times they have seen her butt as she walked by, they would always look when they can. Few of the girls even stole some looks from her when she walked by their desks. Looking at the beautiful view of her breasts and the way her hips swayed as she slowly walked through the line of desks. A few students tempted to just reach out and grab her butt and feel how soft and plump it would be in their hands. Like squeezing soft bread dough as some envisioned doing it when she was close enough to reach out and touch.

By the time the day was over with, Miss Nella stood by the door to say good bye to her students as they left for the day. Having kept her blouse unbuttoned for the rest of the day and knowing her students were stealing many glances at her exposed chest. She decided to see what she can bring to the table tomorrow and get her class in another frenzy. Her nipples stiff from the looks she was getting from her class, especially some of the hot guys in the class, and couple girls as well. Lindsay kept her in mind throughout the day along with Will. She found herself thinking what the both of them would be like in the position she was in. Feeling their body parts and getting peeks of them

The next day she decided to wear a button white sundress with short sleeves that cover her shoulders. Looking at her body in her mirror, she found the dress wrapped around her body just right, and showed her hips and breasts off wonderfully. After fingering herself to two orgasms when she got home yesterday and thinking about it all night before she fell asleep. She wanted to see how far she could go with her students and hope they enjoy the little peep show she is planning on giving them. She was all buttoned up with her sundress, the fabric thin and soft, made of cotton and felt so gentle against her body. Putting her hair up and glasses on, instead of her contacts, she took one last look of herself in the mirror before she left the house.

Getting to the school at the same time she does everyday, Annabelle stopped off at the teachers lounge to get some coffee and headed to her classroom after talking to couple of the other teachers. Flipping on her lights and walking in the empty classroom, she sat her things down and took a seat at her desk preparing her schedule book for the day. Looking at her bare legs as the dress went above her knees as she sat down and grew a little nervous at what she was about to do today. Not so much second thoughts, as it was mainly if they would like it or not. Hoping she wasn’t making a mistake, Miss Nella began to mark the textbooks of where to start for the day.

As usual, before few minutes before the first bell was to ring, a few students shuffled on in. Emily came in behind Will and Charles. She smiled at her teacher and gave her a cheery good morning. Miss Nella returned the greeting and said good morning to the three students as they came in and took their seats.

“That’s a pretty dress, Miss Nella.” Emily said reaching into her schoolbag and pulled out the science book and notebook. “It makes you look very bright today.”

“Thank you, Emily.” She said feeling fuzzy inside from being complimented by her. “Still rainy and cloudy out, so I hoped this would brighten up the day some.” She said with a little laugh and smiled at Emily.

The weather was still nasty out and was making it quite humid for being springtime. And Miss Nella knew this would make for a good excuse to unbutton her sundress down low and be able to show some more skin than she did yesterday. There were only five buttons on the sundress and they stopped near the bottom of her breasts allowing the dress to be opened wide for her students to look at her. She had checked before leaving this morning of how much would be shown in front of her mirror and saw that it was enough to most likely please her students. If they were excited yesterday by the little bit shown, they will be over the edge today.

As the morning went on and Miss Nella went through science and math, now into the final subject before lunchtime. She noticed already some students admiring her in her sundress and she haven’t even unbuttoned it yet. Some would try and be subtle with looking at her hips and butt when she walked around and taught from the book, or writing on the board they would look at her butt move as she wrote harder than usual. Many grinning faces and others gawking at her without a second thought of being caught. The girls were impressed still, looking at her body and how great she looked in the sundress and her hair looking shiny and beautiful all done up. Indeed a fabulous looking teacher they had.

Afternoon had finally arrived and the students were off to lunch as Annabelle went to the teacher’s lounge to eat her lunch and talk with the other teachers that had that lunch period off. Talking and eating, some were grading papers and eating in between papers, and others were off in their own world enjoying the peace and quiet of lunchtime. Annabelle was thinking over how she would naturally unbutton her sundress for the class and then it came, along with another thought as well. One that had her already hot from the mere thought of it and thinking of what the class would do with this one now. Grinning now, she went back to the classroom and took her seat waiting for the lunch bell to ring.

Excited to get the afternoon started, Annabelle sat there with her idea racing in her head nonstop, wanting to see how it all works out. She knows her students are obedient to her, and wouldn’t say a bad word, so she wasn’t worried about getting caught. Mainly the reaction to what they will see, and do, when she puts her plan into action. Hearing the bell ring and distant chatter from down the hall where lunchroom is, Annabelle tried to hide her smile and anxiousness. Waiting for her students to come back and get the surprise of a lifetime.

In came the flood and they were noisy and, once again, full of food to keep their energy up. She looked around to make sure all were accounted for and stood up from her desk with a smile. “Everyone have a good lunch?”

“Yes, Miss Nella.” They all said out of tune to her.

“Good.” She replied, and now seconds away from putting her idea into action.

“Did you have a good lunch?” A couple students threw the question out.

“Yes, I did.” She smiled her pretty smile at them and turned around and picked up the history book.

Halfway through reading out notes for the class to write down and important key events of the time period. Miss Nella wiped her forehead and sat the book down on her desk, turning back around to her class and noticed some had already looked up at her wondering why she stopped reading.

“Anyone else hot in here?” She looked left to right over the desks at each student.

“A little.” George answered. “Want me open some windows?”

“No, it is too humid out and would make it only more unbearable in here.” She felt her stomach tie in knots as she was about to say next. “Would any of you mind if-” She stopped as she planned last night and during lunch. “Never mind, I’m sorry.”

“What is it?” A few students were captivated by the way she said and stopping.

“Well, with it hot and unable to open windows due to humidity and stuffiness outside. I was going to ask if it was ok if I were to unbutton my sundress down to cool off some.” She said too fast than she really wanted to. Hoping it didn’t make her sound like it was planned or too needy.

The students looked at her and at each other, some excited, others shocked and soon a loud confirmation was given.

“It’s fine.”

“Nothing wrong being comfortable.”

“No problem, cool down, Miss Nella.”

Surprised by the fast reaction of her class, Miss Nella acted embarrassed to be doing such a thing and started to unbutton the top button. The whole class having their eyes glued to their teacher unbuttoning her sundress. Holding their breath each time they see a button come undone and a little bit more of skin exposed, getting closer and closer to her breasts. Miss Nella was on the third button, which she remembers from this morning’s button test, this was the button that would begin the exposure. The classroom still silent over the unbuttoning, all eyes on her and she let go of the button allowing the sundress to fall to the side stopping at the fourth one. Moving her hands down and slowly undoing that one and getting faster as she reached the last one and it was done.

The class stared at their teacher and her exposed upper body. Her bra covered breasts and how wonderful they looked being held up by her bra cups. None of them really had any idea what size she was exactly, but some were guessing around C or D. Either way, she looked good and there wasn’t a soul inside the classroom that had their mouth closed and wasn’t looking at her. She looked up at the class and noticed the eyes staring at her exposed breasts. The top of her sundress hanging on each side of her body and the rest of the dress not fitting as tightly as it was.

Miss Nella continued on with the reading, but noticed her students weren’t paying as much attention as they were and she felt herself become completely overwhelmed by this. Setting the book down again on her desk and turning back around to her class. Who is still looking at her bra covered tits and didn’t even hear what she was reading. Feeling the cool air across her exposed chest as the open flaps of her sundress lazily hanging on the sides.

“Feels a lot better now.” She waved her hand towards her face, feeling the cool air hit her cheeks. “I am sorry again I have to run around like this.” She told the class in her best apology voice.

The four girls of the class were shocked at this, they always thought of their teacher as a prim and proper woman. And to see her act this way and to expose herself set something off in them. It was exciting and lusty and forbidden all at the same time. The guys didn’t really look at it with that much depth, they just saw her exposed bra and breasts and how wonderful they looked being on display. Each step she takes, the exposed top part of her breasts would jiggle causing many pants to become tight fitting. Each breath she would take, her chest rise in a magnificent way that made her breasts look so big and full. The way her dress would fit around her body and loosely cling to her body, making it look even more delicious and curvy.

“I hope this isn’t crossing a line,” She said shyly, looking at her class as she slowly leaned back against her desk. “Bras can be so uncomfortable if the weather is humid and stuffy as it is. And girls, I understand if you would like to follow suit of what I am doing, and either lift up your shirt, unbutton, or take it off. I don’t want you having to go through this dreadful misery as I was before I unbuttoned my sundress.”

Eyes widened and mouths dropped before she finished the last sentenced. The girls were not so much put on the spot, but were wondering if it was right. Surely, if their teacher was doing it for comfort reasons, it wasn’t really wrong. All four was thinking the same thing and asking themselves the same thing. They were feeling hot and have been since before lunch. Fiona had on a light, blue sweater, Lindsay had a button up pink shirt, Emily a regular green shirt with a cute picture on it, and Sarah with a light, white sweater. After looking at each other and back at Miss Nella, they all saw her reassuring smile and felt comfortable following her cooling down method.

Emily was the first to do so, looking around and blushing as some of the boys tore their eyes from Miss Nella to the four girls in the class. Emily pulled her long brown hair behind her shoulders and ears, and lifted her shirt up past her quite sizable breasts and left the shirt resting at the top of her exposed breasts. Her pink bra contrasting with the green shirt, making her pale skin seem almost heavenly looking. “It does feel cooler now.” She smiled shyly, slightly blushing as she looked up at Miss Nella.

Fiona looked over and saw how Emily seems to be looking comfortable and ok with it all. Taking a deep breath, she reached down and grabbed the bottom of her sweater and pulled up and over her head. Her small, perky breasts not moving much with her arms as Emily’s would have, but the guys around her still enjoyed the sight and had a hard time choosing from who to look at. Fiona ran a hand through her wavy shoulder length blonde hair, getting it unruffled and straightened out.

Lindsay didn’t hesitate much and had her shirt already unbuttoned, but not off, as she just let it slide off her shoulders and kept it around her arms. Her little, cute breasts being held up by a blue bra and her flat, slightly tanned stomach contrasting well with the pink fabric. Making it look beautiful and the lights above her shining off her exposed skin, radiating it for all to see. Her brown hair being done up in a ponytail to keep off her shoulders.

Sarah had short, light red hair that went a little past her face. She reached down under her desk and without hesitation, lifted the bottom up past her slightly round stomach and her nice sized breasts, over her head and on the floor next to her bag and books. Sarah wasn’t as thin as the other girls, but was filled out in all the right places and still had some baby fat on her. Her stomach round, but cute, and her breasts looking full and delicious looking behind the white bra.

“You girls feel much better and cooler now?” Miss Nella asked them, seeing her last minute plan went well and without complications.

She figure the girls would do it, especially after seeing her do it herself. The boys going wild now in the classroom, not knowing where to stare. Their leg squirming under their desks, some hunched over to keep from others seeing the slight bulge in their laps, and some having their legs squeezed together trying to keep their hard ons from popping up. Miss Nella noticed this, but didn’t bring it to attention, figuring they were flustered enough from what has just happened in their lives.

Picking the book back up and continuing, she would look up between paragraphs and notice the girls were getting a lot of attention now. Which she was enjoying herself, seeing their nipples stiffening under their bras. She looked at their young skin and how vibrant it looked, soft to the touch, she kept on reading. Her class was still maintaining attention to her lesson, with straying eyes, but she is pleased overall, they are actually keeping to the studies. She knows they are only human, and teenage human at that, nothing like a group of eighteen year old boys exposed to a group of beautiful women exposing some breasts.

After reading a couple more pages and writing out some more notes, she wanted to go further in her exhibition game. She was turned on now, her pussy getting more and more hot, feeling her pussy juices wet her underwear. Four young girls in nothing but their bras behind her as she was writing on the board more notes for them to copy down. Taking a deep breath, she decided to take another step forward with her exposure show.

She turned around as the class was taking the notes on the board, quickly she slipped her arms through the arm sleeves and the top of her sundress fell down to her waist. Leaving her whole upper body to be viewed when the class finishes looking up and eyes on her awaiting more reading from the chapter.

Annabelle felt her nipples become harder under her bra, she couldn’t believe how turned on she was. Shaking a little from the adrenaline and nervousness. The class looked up all at different times, but the gasps and all caused the other students to look up and see the wonderful sight ahead. She couldn’t believe it, never in all her years would she believe she would be acting like she is today. But it felt so great, it was wonderful, made her feel so turned on and hot, her pussy wet and nipples aching from being so stiff, and most of all, it felt so taboo to do in front of her students.

She noticed after awhile her lessons were falling on deaf ears and so she decided to go another step further. Feeling her hands become cold from being nervous, she took a quick breath in and sat the book down once again on her desk. “You all don’t mind if I was to take my whole dress off would you?” She looked innocently at her students behind her glasses.

“No.” They all said almost at the same time without any hesitation of having their teacher strip down to her bra and underwear.

Placing her thumbs inside her sundress near her hips, Miss Nella pulled them down bending over to push them down to her ankles. Her heavy breasts shaking and almost spilling out of her bra now. Standing back up, Annabelle lifted her legs out of the sundress and was now showing the class her white cotton underwear. The damp spot was slightly visible if close enough to see, the first row of desks were surely to see it. Turning around, Annabelle bent over to pick her sundress up, her underwear riding up her butt cheeks and showing the bottom parts of her butt, and put the sundress on her desk.

She looked back at the class again and saw their eyes now glued to her crotch, making her even wetter now. “Ok.” She tried to take her mind off her hot pussy and everything as best she could. “I am going to hand out worksheets about what we just read and you have fifteen minutes to finish them up.”

Walking back to her desk, Annabelle leaned across her desk and reached for the worksheets. Her butt in the air slightly, and the underwear slowly riding up between her legs, outlining her pussy lips. After handing out the worksheets, it was only a matter of minutes before someone had a question for her about one of the problems on the sheet.

Seeing it was Brad, she put her pen down and went over to his desk to help him. Leaning in front of him as she had her hands on each side of his desk. Her bra covered tits inches away from his face, he couldn’t hold his dick between his legs anymore, she smiled at him. “What is your question?” She asked him sweetly.

In front of Brad was Harold, who turned around to see his teacher’s underwear covered butt. He looked over at Emily and grinned, she knew what he was after and watched to see if he would really do it. As Miss Nella was helping Brad, Harold reached out slowly towards the top of her underwear and he took a deep breath and held back a laugh. Emily’s eyes were glued on Harold’s hand as he was closer. Quickly taking two fingers and sticking it in the band of Miss Nella’s underwear, he yanked down and exposed her bare, plump and round butt.

Turning around quickly to Harold, Miss Nella had her bare butt now showing to the back of class and in front of Brad’s face. Annabelle was shocked by this, but she felt so good being used like that, having her underwear yanked down like that. She left it, and turned around to continue helping Brad without saying a word about it. The back of her underwear pulled down and under her full cheeks, her bare butt was being shown to whoever looked over at her. This drove her absolutely crazy, she felt her pussy soak big time when she felt all the eyes behind her staring.

Finishing up with helping out Brad on his question, she turned and went back to her desk where she stood in front of her desk pretending to be doing something. Letting herself be on display for anyone who wants to look, she knew every set of eyes were on her now. Not believing this went this far, she thought in the back of her mind it should stop, but wanted to keep going. Her lust had taken over and her pussy was feeling so good, driving her to go through the rest of the day and see where it goes.

“Miss Nella, I need help.” Emily raised her hand and looked at her with a smile.

Turning around and heading towards Emily’s desk now, she saw all the heads move where she moved and some still straying off towards one of the four girls that had their tops off as well. Stopping in front of her desk and leaning down as she did with Brad, allowing a top view of her big breasts to be shown off, hanging beautifully in each bra cup. Emily looked down the line of cleavage and felt her pussy getting a little bit wet. She pointed out the question to Miss Nella and asked something about it to keep her there long enough. Miss Nella turned the sheet around to read the question and see what was confusing about it, Emily reached out and squeezed one of her breasts.

Annabelle’s eyes widened and looked up at Emily and her hand that is holding her left breast. She kept silent, though, feeling the soft kneading Emily was doing with her hand. She felt the fingertips push against the top of her breasts, the warm tips against her skin, and the palm directly in the middle holding and lightly squeezing. Miss Nella closed her eyes for a moment, taking in the touch, and feeling her pussy pulsing from feeling so turned on. Oh my god, she thought, her eyes closed still feeling Emily touching her just right as she dipped lower on her desk.

Removing her hand, Emily patted her breast, “Miss Nella? Do you know what this question is asking for?” She acted like nothing happened and looked at her as if she dazed out by herself.

Explaining the simple question to Emily, she saw Emily’s breasts under the shirt bunched up and resting above them. Held in place by her full pink bra, she reached out and squeezed her breast, returning the pleasure. She skillfully touched and squeezed it in all the right places, feeling the young, nubile breast. It was very well sized given her age, she thought, feeling the soft flesh and fabric of the bra in her hand. Dipping her hand inside her bra and feeling her nipple, it was stiff, of course, as she pushed the bra aside and pinched it gentle between her finger and thumb. Emily was shocked by this, she never though she would do something like this. Not to her own student, anyways, rubbing her legs together up and down feeling her panties getting wet each time she rubs.

Fiona and Sarah saw this and were shocked by it as well, they couldn’t believe it, their own teacher feeling up another student, and female at that! Feeling their pussies getting hot and wet from the sight, they watched in silence as Miss Nella was rubbing and pinching Emily’s soft and pink erected nipple. Removing her hand and putting the bra back in place, Miss Nella saw Emily open her eyes and smiled at her before turning around and heading back to her desk. Each side of her butt moving hypnotically with each step she took. Emily felt on fire, the first time anyone ever touched her breasts, and it being from her teacher made it all the more erotic for her.

The class tried to keep to their worksheets. The boys going nuts with raging hard ons and the girls feeling turned on from being exposed and watching the touching that took place between Miss Nella and Emily. They guys were scared to do anything about their stiff dicks, afraid it might ruin everything and the show comes to a halt. So they kept it in their pants until a sign or something was told to them.

Fiona and Sarah were still thinking about what they saw Miss Nella do to Emily and wanted some of that attention. Their nipples stiff and pussies on fire, they sat in their seats rubbing their butts against the chair and their legs tightly together. The room still silent, no talking unless there was a question. Not so much of it being tension or awkwardness, but was afraid it would all end if they started to get out of hand.

Annabelle wanted to something unexpected again, wanting the class to remember today. Her butt still facing the class as she was standing in front of her desk looking at the textbook. She pushed it off the desk and it made a loud noise making all the students look up at her. Just in time to see her bend over and pick it up, her butt in the air and her underwear stretching around her legs under her butt as she was bending over. She picked it up and looked back at the class who just saw their almost naked teacher bend over and pick up a book.

“Sorry.” She smiled and her eyes playful behind her glasses.

Most the students kept staring at her as she returned back to her book and reading. Her one leg limp and the other one stiff, her beautiful hips slanted as she was reading. Annabelle pushed the textbook towards the front of her desk and leaned over with her elbows on the table and hands resting on her face. Her round rump slightly parted for the class to see. And looked they did, they saw the lovely little shadow of where her ass hole is, the indent of her cheeks. It was a wonderful sight to gaze upon. Her thick legs crossed now, bringing her cheeks tighter together as she kept leaning over her desk.

Some of the students finally finished their worksheets and brought them up to her desk where the tray is for finished papers. The first one to finish was Will, he walked up, slowly with having a hard on, his eyes never leaving the bare, white roundness of her ass. He kept staring at her behind, not once skipping a beat as he placed the paper in the tray, and went back to his seat. What a fantasy this is, he thought to himself taking his seat and admiring the bare butt in the front of the class.

Fiona finished now and went up to put her paper in the tray and most of the guys watched her as she had her top off and was in nothing but a bra. What came next blew them away, they would never of thought that shy Fiona would ever do something like this. She rubbed one side of Miss Nella’s butt cheeks as she placed the paper in the tray, Miss Nella looked back and saw it was Fiona. Smiling at her and pushing her cheek more into her hand, Fiona rubbed it again and smiled back.

God these kids are bold, Annabelle felt Fiona’s hand leave her behind. She returned back to reading with her hands under her face and her breasts resting on the desk. It was cold at first, when she felt the coldness through her bra and a lot on the top exposed parts of her breasts. Her underwear now soaked through, pussy on fire, and she thought back to the last time she had sex.

It was so long ago, eight months ago, she recalled. Remembering the guy she had met at some bookstore, he was around her age and they ran into each other. After talking for a few minutes, he had asked her if he would join her for some coffee, as the bookstore had its own coffee corner inside the place. They went and had a conversation and he was quite a charmer, knew what to say and how to. She didn’t expect to have sex with him, but it just happened. Besides, it was since her divorce when she last had sex, anyways.

What an exciting sex life I must have, she thought, looking at the textbook in front of her. Feeling another hand touch her butt again, she jumped from the reminiscing and looked back to see it was George. Smiling, she allowed him to keep touching as he was handing his sheet in. But, now I am spicing everything up, she felt her stomach flip when George lightly slapped her butt before heading back to his desk. It became apart of handing in the worksheets now, rubbing her butt as she was leaning over her desk. She wasn’t saying no or complaining. If only they knew, she thought.

When the worksheets were all done, there was a few minutes still left of the fifteen she gave them to finish them up. Looking around the classroom, Annabelle couldn’t get enough of seeing the girls baring their bras. It was nice. Looking at the ground and seeing herself in nothing but bra and underwear, with the back pulled down past her butt. It was very hot and she was enjoying every minute of it. Until the big wet spot caught her eye as she was looking back up her body. She was wetter than she had thought, didn’t think it was that soaked, she looked at her underwear’s wet spot. Making it a little transparent if up close to it.

“Umm, would you all mind if I took my underwear completely off?” Miss Nella spoke up, breaking the staring silence in the classroom. “I appear to have a wet spot and I don’t want it, well, ruining my underwear.” She thought that up on the spot.

Once again all the students gave permission just about at the same time. Looking their beautiful, middle aged teacher about to strip off her underwear. Some not even believing this is actually going on. Too good to be true, many thought. Until they heard Miss Nella speak up again.

“Aww, you all so considerate.” She smiled seductively at them all. “I am glad you are understanding and kind towards me. Not wanting me to be all hot and nasty with this horrible humid and stuffy weather.” She gushed to them all these sweet words and thanks.

Placing her thumbs on each side of her hips in the band of her underwear, she hurried up and pulled her panties now completely off. Leaving the class to look at her furry pussy. They could make out some of the dampness in her pussy hair above her lips, where the damp underwear rode up and got it wet. She was mainly hairy above her pussy lips and it fanned out evenly, thick in the middle and light on the sides making a rectangle of black curly hair, stopping a little before her stomach. It was thick looking, and inviting. Annabelle felt her stomach do more flips from now exposing the most private of her body parts to her students.

She felt more hot now than cool, her insides pulsing fast and her nerves causing her to slightly shake. This was by far, the most craziest thing she has ever done. And it is working out so wonderfully well. Reaching behind her, the class looked up and wondered what she was doing now, until they saw her high breasts make a little bounce and then slumped a little. She removed her bra, slipping her arms through the straps and letting it fall down to the ground with her underwear. As she stood there completely naked in front of her students. They all admired her thirty-four year old body.

Her breasts were absolutely gorgeous, so heavy and round and plump. Her nipples hard, a soft pink tint. Her stomach slightly chubby, but fitting the rest of her curvy body, especially her hips. Her hips were round and beautiful, making her legs look all the more beautiful now she is completely naked and standing in front of her class. Allowing them to take in the sight of a mature woman’s bare body.

Reaching up, she undid her hair and let it fall down past her shoulders and to her back. Long and shiny black hair that made her skin look light and all the better. A wonderful contrast it did for her. The students were now in awe, looking at, to them, the most beautiful woman they have ever seen. Curvy, voluptuous, and the right size all around to make her come off as a goddess to them.

“You all are making me blush if you keep staring at me like that.” She said holding back a giggle.

Snapping them out of their trance, they shook their heads and kept looking at her awaiting instructions for their next assignment or lesson. Not in any state of mind to be learning now, they were still her students and knew better. Looking at her class, Annabelle knew they were no longer in any condition to be learning, so she went and hopped on the edge of her desk and crossed her legs.

“How about we spend the last two periods as a study hall?” She asked the class.

“Yeah!” They all said in near unison.

“Girls, if you want comfortable, too, you may do so as well.” Giving them silent permission to strip down completely. Looking at the boys, still straining to hide their bulges and all, she knew she had to let them out or they would be suffering for long time. “Same goes for you guys, also. You may do so. But, this stays in the classroom, you all got me?” She made sure she put that last part in, just incase, they wanted to share their newfound experiences with anyone else in the school.

Emily had took her shirt completely off now, following her bra and was completely topless now, showing off her breasts for the class as they all stared. Fiona took her bra off and stood up with Emily as they both unzipped their jeans and pulled them down along with their underwear. Showing off their sparsely hairy, virgin pussies to the class. Lindsay took her shirt off with her bra, and took unbuttoned her skirt and let it slip down to her ankles and pulled her panties down. Her pussy quite furry and cute looking, Miss Nella saw her in all her glory now. Sarah had stripped down the fastest, already naked before any of the other girls were and was feeling already better.

Their panties all having little wet spots in them, as they were on the ground with the rest of their clothes now. Four naked teenage girls, all virgins, and being stared at by all the guys in the class along with their teacher. Feeling their bodies redden a bit from blushing, they took their seats and watched as the boys started to get comfortable. Mainly starting with their pants, as they all rushed undoing their belts, zippers, and buttons, taking their jeans off and boxers. All different sized dicks flopped out, hard as can be, and many with wet tips from precum. The last one to get out of his jeans was Will, his long dick springing out of his briefs and standing straight out. Each one automatically went straight for their dicks and held them, some even stroking them, feeling so good to finally have that feeling of being relieved.

The girls sat and stared at all the cocks in the classroom, twelve in all, and each one different from the other. It was all new to them, and they were enjoying it very much. Miss Nella even stared, too, taking in the sights of few of the males. Quite endowed some of them are, she thought, feeling her pussy throb from what she just unleashed in the classroom. Her whole class naked, the boys finally taking their shirts off, some opting to leave them on, but all bare where it counts to stare.

“Lets play a game,” Miss Nella said as quickly as she did thinking of the idea. “If all the guys would come up to the front of the class and stand in a line, please. The girls and I will see who has the best penises, no that sounds too formal. Dicks, yes that sounds better. See who has the best dicks in the class.” She said fast, not wanting to talk herself out of it.

The class all looked at each other, in the eyes, actually. And shrugged, and up came all the males getting in a line in front of the class after they took their shoes off and let their jeans and under shorts on the ground. Miss Nella saw their backsides and grinned at their butts, some were nice looking, quite the rock hard butts they have, others were nice as well, just not as toned. Stepping around, Miss Nella took a seat with the four girls, who she had sit in a group in the middle of the desks.

“You girls ever see a real dick before?” Miss Nella asked the four of them. Who answered with a shake of their heads as they kept staring at all the hard cocks in a line now. So many sizes, thickness, and looks. “Ok, well, what we are going to do is,” She smiled at the four girls and continued on. “Grade them with, length, thickness, stroking factors, and taste.” Miss Nella saw the girls react the same she did, their stomachs doing flips and nervousness setting in. Oh my god, I cannot believe this, Annabelle didn’t know if she should scold herself or congratulate. They are so willing.

“Taste?” Lindsay spoke up. “You mean-”

“Yup, you will take a lick or the heads of their dicks in your mouth and grade the taste.” Miss Nella confirmed her suspicion, and the other girls suspicion. “We first grade the length, by looking at it, following the thickness, by taking a hold of it around their shaft and rubbing once up and once down. And ending it with taking a lick or mouth full of dick head for final grade.”

The guys all excited from hearing the rules for the contest, none of them at all concerned with who would win or not, but the fact they are going to get touched and all by not only Miss Nella, but the other girls, too! A dream come true for all. This is, just, damn, fucking mind blowing, most of them thought, standing at their place in the line. Their cocks throbbing and twitching now even more from hearing the contest rules.

“Ok, Lindsay, Sarah, Fiona, and Emily, take your places I will be next to Emily in line to finish up the last of what you four did. After we go down the line, we will take our seats again and quietly talk about who gets what in grades.” Miss Nella stood up, following the girls and all got in the beginning of the line.

Miss Nella had gotten on her knees on the cold floor and the girls soon followed her down. Lindsay was staring at Will’s cock inches from her face, her nipples stiff and pussy throbbing, shaking from nervousness from staring at the round, wet cock head. He was thick, and his balls were quite big hanging in his sac. Miss Nella started the contest with a go and Lindsay started it off after taking a deep breath.

She nervously looked at the size, and with hesitation, she reached out and grabbed the warm, kind of sticky skin, and rubbed it up and then down. She felt the hardness in the palm of her hand, her breathing growing faster as she knew what part of the contest was now.

“Come on, Lindsay,” Miss Nella encouraged her. “It’s ok, now taste it and move on to the next so Sarah can take her turn and we can hurry up and get to the grading. It’s ok, sweetie. Just take a lick and move on.”

Lindsay looked up at Will, who already had a big smile on his face, and she stuck her tongue out slowly, grabbed his dick by the head and lifted up and took a lick under his dick. It wasn’t so bad, she thought, tastes pretty good. She moved down and Sarah scooted down in front of Will and looked at his now saliva coated dick. After awhile, Will felt his dick begin to tighten up as he kept his hands off of it and soon felt Fiona rub it up and down, before taking his head completely in her mouth. Miss Nella watched on, her whole body shaking from the sight of watching her four virgin girls do this. Now it was Miss Nella up after Fiona had scooted to the next guy, Thomas.

Miss Nella took a look at Will’s cock and smiled at it, before taking it into her hand and stroking it a couple of times. Will was already on edge, he was trying to hold back his urge to shoot his load, but lost all control when his naked teacher took his whole cock into her mouth and back out. A string of cum shot out and splattered against her chin and mainly hitting her chest. Miss Nella looked up at Will and he was scared he might get in trouble for getting the teacher dirty. The other girls looked over at Miss Nella and saw the white stuff slowly drip down her breasts and between her breasts. Everyone looking at Miss Nella and she looked over at Fiona. “You almost done with Thomas, honey?” She asked, completely unfazed by the cum shot she just took.

Will took a deep sigh of relief and held his cock in his hand since Miss Nella was the last one in line. The line moved down another one, finally, and all could be heard in the classroom was heavy breathing and sighing, occasional popping sound from a cock leaving a mouth, or a slurp from a cock in a mouth.

“Oh my god!” Sarah let out as she felt a string of hot cum hit the side of her face when she let George’s cock out of her mouth. “It’s all over my face!”

“Calm down, Sarah.” Miss Nella calmly said. “It isn’t bad, in fact, either wipe it off with your finger and taste it and swallow it or wipe it off with a tissue.”

The end of the line came and all the guys have shot their loads at least once, and all the girls took it with a smile, Miss Nella even had some cum shots on her aside from Will. The girls either wiped it with a finger and swallowed it, or just left it on their faces or bodies it shot on. Miss Nella had Harold’s cock in her mouth and she slid back with her lips still wrapped around it as she took it out of her mouth and left it slumping in the air, still slightly hard after he shot a big load of cum on Fiona’s face. Miss Nella could still taste the cum, spit of the other girls, and musky taste of cock.

The girls stood back up after they finished with Harold and Miss Nella soon joined them. She took a quick look at the floor where they went across and saw some sperm and pussy juice from her, and the girls, dripping pussies. Miss Nella took the girls back to the back of the classroom where they were to discuss the grading and reveal the top five winners of the contest. The guys kept in their lines, some still stroking their cocks, others holding their cocks, but all eyes on the huddle of five naked women in the back of the room. Four tight butts and one mature, round and beautiful rump.

After about ten minutes had gone by and the girls were over their excitement and took to the contest. Miss Nella smiled and turned around to face the line of naked males completely bared. Stepping up to the front of the desks few feet away from the line, Miss Nella looked up and down, as did the girls.

“Ok, we have decided.” Annabelle looked up and down the line at each and every cock. “We are going to pick the top five, and those top five will get a reward that will be announced after we choose.”

Miss Nella smiled and looked at each one in their eyes, they all had hopes of being picked. “The fifth place goes to Thomas. Fourth goes to Harold. Third is Will. Second is George. First is Charlie.” She announced, hearing cheers and jeers after she had told the top five without any hesitation. “Everyone else now please take a seat and the five chosen stay where you are.” She instructed.

The seven guys all took their seats and watched curiously as what was to happen to these five. Miss Nella and the four girls all walked up and Miss Nella stepped in front of Charlie, Emily in front of Will, Sarah was standing near George, Fiona was by Harold, and Lindsay took Thomas.

“The reward for being in top five is two minute blow jobs from each of us.” Miss Nella told the reward and saw the five boy’s eyes light up as they heard this. “When the two minutes are up, we will switch and suck on another one for two minutes until we have all had each one for the two minutes.”

All five women got on their knees and grabbed the dick in front of them and started to stroke it back to full hardness again before putting in their mouths. Miss Nella taught them that after they chosen the top five. Lindsay already was sucking on the dick in front of her, taking half of it in her mouth and holding his legs to keep balance as she crouched in front of him. Emily tried to deep throat Will after she got his dick hard again, but ended up pulling back from gagging, and only took little over half of his dick. Miss Nella chuckled at her attempt and then swallowed Charlie’s dick until her nose was touching his pubic hair and she reached up to cup his balls.

Sarah saw that and rubbed his balls as she sucked on George’s dick up and down, she felt the warm, soft shaft moving between her lips. All the girls were busy now with having their mouths full of cocks, and the seven behind them watching it all were stroking their dicks at the show. Hearing slurping and suckling noises was too much for them and they kept stroking to it. Miss Nella turned around and saw them stroking.

“No, you can watch, no coming.” She ordered them. “You all have jobs after this is done.”

Putting smiles on their faces for what is to come, they reluctantly, but in respect, stopped stroking. Watching all of them sucking on the dicks in front of them, keeping their eyes on Miss Nella and how her butt would slightly jiggle and her tits swayed from the side when she stroked on Charlie’s dick. The other girls were doing well, too, especially for being their first time actually giving blow jobs. The four girls pussies were so sopping wet, as well was Miss Nella’s, but they were told they were not allowed to touch themselves either, not until the end, anyways.

The third rotation was on its way and so far, three of them have came, and Sarah was the first to have one shoot a load. She tried her best to swallow it with his dick still in her mouth, but ended up having it come out the sides and eventually shooting out over her chin and bare breasts and stomach. All the cocks red and wet from the stroking and sucking, as they looked down at the women wrapping their mouths over their dicks. They looked at each other and smiled and looked back down to not miss a view of the mouths moving up and down their dicks. Miss Nella would get the most out of it all, one being experienced, but also being the teacher and feeling so wrong having the teacher doing this.

Before all the top five guys had a chance to be sucked off by each girl, they were growing fatigued and unable to keep their dicks hard. Miss Nella noticed this and called a stop to it, most the girls had three times to do and the guys obviously looked satisfied.

“Ok, time to let the seven behind us have a release.” Miss Nella had the five switch places with the seven who were watching the whole show. Their dicks still full and ready to get sucked on. “Ok girls lets have our backs facing each other and make a little circle, now you seven make a circle around us. We are going to have a circle jerk.”

The five women all put their backs against each other, their butts sitting on the cold tile floor, and watched as the boys spaced out and made a circle around them all. Their dicks so hard and ready to explode, they all looked with a little bit of confusion.

“You all know what a circle jerk is, right?” Miss Nella looked around and saw still confusion. “Us girls are going to finger ourselves and masturbate, as you guys will do the same and cum all over us as we finger ourselves. Is that clear enough?” She explained to them.

The girls were all ready to finger their pussies, as they were on fire and turned on, especially after all the cocks they had in their mouths for the first time ever. All five of them using each others backs as support, they opened their legs and exposed their pussies to all of the guys surrounding them. Miss Nella was the first to start by rubbing her clit and running her finger through her soft pussy lips. Feeling her finger get wet the minute she went between her lips.

The other girls, use to fingering themselves, all went straight for their tight pussy holes and put one finger in, needing to get use to it before putting a second one in. They were wet enough, but still unsure of what all can really happen down there for them. Miss Nella slipped two fingers inside her pussy and couple of the boys sitting scooted closer to see better as Miss Nella went to finger herself. A overload of pleasure, their naked teacher fingering herself along with the four only girls in the class doing the same. Each one had their fingers busy between their legs as they looked up and saw the circle of guys stroking their cocks fast and hard watching them.

It only took a few minutes before some of the girls had came, their pussy squirting or leaking out, getting the floor wet beneath them as they let out soft moans. Driving the boys crazy in the circle as they saw fingers pushing in and out of four tight pussy holes, and one mature wet pussy hole, many lost it and shot their cum at them. Trying their best to direct it on the girls, a lot had hit and made it to their face, but most of it landing on their bodies.

“Ok, rub it in and feel how hot and warm it is against your skin.” Miss Nella instructed, as she had a cum shot on her tits and stomach, rubbing it in with her free hand as she kept fingering herself with her other.

The circle jerking went on until twenty minutes remained before final bell would ring, and after some rest time, the five boys sitting had taken their place in the circle and jerked off. After most of them had already came, it wasn’t as much, but still enough. The girls were covered in cum and had all brought themselves off on multiple orgasms, a first for some, and they were all exhausted as they boys could do no more. Miss Nella looked at herself, and the girls, then the boys, and smiled. Feeling a heat inside of her, waves of pleasure, and shaking. She couldn’t believe it had went this far and they were actually willing participants in this. Pulling her three fingers out of her pussy hole, following more of her juices to squirt out on the ground. She licked her fingers clean and the four girls saw this and pulled their fingers out, looking at how wet they were, first time ever thinking about doing something like this. They licked their fingers clean, just like their teacher did.

Miss Nella feeling even more daring, she looked at Emily’s stomach and all the cum that was coating it and went down and licked it up. Cleaning her stomach with her tongue, Emily felt shockwaves of pleasure through her body, and the other girls looking on with awe at what was taking place. Today was a day of learning new lessons and knowledge. The boys all taking a seat and watching the girls clean each other off now with their tongues, they were too tired and exhausted to even get hard, but not from looking on. They started to dress after seeing the day was about over. The girls were still sticky with cum and their pussy juices between their legs, but, in a strange way, enjoyed the dirty feeling. Getting dressed and taking their seats waiting for the bell to ring. Miss Nella slid her sundress back on, putting her bra and underwear in her purse, and taking a seat at her desk.

“Remember, if you want to keep this special privileges up,” she reminded them once again. “You cannot tell anyone about this, and if you all do well throughout the week in work and everything, we can make our Friday afternoons like this and as the school year goes on, who knows, it might branch out to better things.” She teased them with thoughts of better things.

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