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Vegas Birthday Party

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Chapter 1

Erin wanted this weekend to be special. It was finally her time. Just about a week ago, she had been on the phone with her friend Liz, chit-chatting about their boring lives, what this guy did to that girl, why Arnold cheated on Maria, etc. Erin had let out an audible sigh during the twenty minute conversation as she was flipping through the channels. Then, that same commercial came on again, “What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas.”

She heard it a million times. Somehow this time it hit her like a hammer. Vegas. Gambling, shows, Wayne Newton, the lights, rich men spending money, showgirls. It was only a three hour drive from her small town in California.

A week from Sunday was her 40th birthday, and dammit, it was time to have some fun. She cut Liz off mid-sentence. “Get ready, we’re going to Vegas next weekend.”

“What? Are you nuts? I can’t get anyone to be with the kids all weekend….”

“Just do it. No excuses.” Erin hung up and dialed Veronica.

“Vegas, next weekend. You, Liz, me. Shopping tomorrow at noon.”

“Girl, you are crazy!” Veronica laughed. “I’m in!”

The planning was easier than she thought. She made the hotel reservations, a suite with two bedrooms. She and Liz would share the master bedroom, and Veronica would have the guest room. She got tickets to Cirque’s Ka, and planned to check TKTS when she got there about seeing David Copperfield as well.

Thursday, she had her mani-pedi, bright red polish for both sets of nails. The excitement was building. She woke early Friday and had her final packing done by 8am. She poured her travel coffee mug, locked up and headed for Veronica’s. They both stopped by Liz’s house and the three were on their way. There was lots of singing and laughing. Yes, this would be a great birthday present for herself.

Pulling up to The Hotel, she handed the keys to the valet, had the bellboy take the bags in (he struggled; it looked like they were staying for a month with all the clothing they brought), checked in quickly and went up to the room to freshen up.

Veronica ran to her bedroom’s bathroom and Erin let Liz use theirs first. She opened her bag on the bed, pulling out the new dress that she’d been just dying to wear. Pulling her blouse over her head, she then unbuckled her jeans and slid them down her shapely legs. She glanced at her reflection in the full length mirror on the wall of the bedroom and paused. She turned, looking over her shoulder. Yes, she had a tight body. The workouts did pay off. Her ass was firm, barely covered by the black thong, her hips curvy but not fat. Her full red hair cascaded just past her shoulders. She unsnapped her bra, and her breasts bounced slightly as they freed. Erin turned back to look at herself in the mirror. Her dark nipples hardened as she ran her hands over her flat stomach and up underneath her firm breasts.

“Yeah, girl, you still got it!” a soft voice intoned.

Instinctively, Erin covered her breasts as she turned to see Liz leaning back against the bathroom door frame, watching her, smiling broadly. Liz was 35, divorced three years, a curvy long-haired blonde. Her arms were crossed over her ample breasts, one leg forward of the other. Erin laughed and turned back to pick up the dress. She stepped into it, pulling it up over her body. A chill of excitement came over Erin’s body as she did.

A low whistle escaped Liz’s lips.

The dress was emerald green with a subtle black leopard print pattern. It clung tightly to Erin’s body as she struggled to pull the stretch knit up, adjusting her breasts into the sewed-in cups. Her full cleavage was prominent, and she ran her hands over the smooth material, pulling it into place. It was scandalously short, barely covering her shapely butt. Her long, tanned legs were showcased perfectly with this dress. As she turned to her friend, Liz felt her breathing actually increase as she looked into Erin’s green eyes, perfectly set off against the color of the dress.

“Like it?” Erin winked at Liz.

“Love it!” Liz’s eyes roamed over Erin’s body as Erin twirled around to model the outfit. Liz had a fleeting thought that she should feel self-conscious staring at her friend’s body like that, but she had never seen Erin look more beautiful. She was a sight to behold. The curves of her body in that dress were perfectly displayed.

Erin reached into her bag again, and pulled out the shoes. Black caged sandals with 4 inch heels were tricky to walk in, but really added shape to her legs as she slipped them on and brushed past Liz and into the bathroom. She touched up her makeup and hair, and after a few minutes, came out ready to go.

Veronica and Liz were chatting in the kitchenette, still in their travel jeans. They both turned together to look at Erin.

“Wow, who’s the hot chic?” Veronica now was looking over Erin’s body. “You’re hot! Where did that come from?”

“Vicky ‘S’ baby! My birthday present to myself! Hey, why aren’t you girls ready?” Erin was slightly annoyed.

“Relax, girl, we have all weekend. We opened the wine we brought. Want some?” Veronica offered.

“Tell you what, I’ll meet you both at the bar. I want to see what’s going on in the casino.” Erin was ready to head down, she didn’t want to be all dressed up and sit in a hotel room!

“OK, we’ll be down.”

Erin grabbed her tiny purse, put her cell phone and credit card in it, and pulled it over her shoulder. She looked in the mirror one last time. Satisfied, she stepped out into the hall.

“Don’t take all night!” she called over her shoulder as the door closed.

Erin punched the lobby button as she stepped into the elevator. The ride down was quick and quiet. As the door opened, the contrasting noise and excitement of the casino floor confronted her. Stepping out, she strode confidently past the slot machines, black jack and poker tables toward the bar in the center of the casino. She was aware of more than the usual heads turning to watch her. She tried to concentrate on walking upright in the high heels as she grinned, checking out the crowd herself.

As she walked past the high-rollers poker side room, she slowed to check out the action. There were a few men at the tables, and more than a few women surrounding them. Erin looked around. It was easy to spot the rich ones. They seemed to be in control of the table. An older guy, maybe 60, was looking distressed. The chips in front of him were dwindling. The other guy at the table was a salt-and-pepper haired, well dressed man who had a big stack of chips in front of him. He was joking with the dealer, leaning back, relaxed. Erin watched his mannerisms, noting the tailored sport coat and making a mental note of the lack of ring on his finger as he twirled chips between them. As her eyes moved up to his face, she noticed his eyes. They were dark and staring directly into hers.

Erin felt her face warm from her blush. Her eyes immediately dropped, then carefully glanced back at him. His eyes hadn’t moved from hers, and a smile came across his face. He motioned with a nod of his head, sending an unmistakable silent invitation to Erin to come sit by him. Erin breathed deeply, then with a shrug, moved inside the room toward his table. His eyes never left hers, holding his gaze with her eyes until she stood beside him. They were silent for what seemed to Erin like an almost uncomfortably long time. His smile broadened.

“I’m Ace,” he offered his hand, finally breaking the gaze as his large hand reached for hers.

Erin couldn’t help but laugh. “Ace? Wow, a perfect Vegas name! It’s nice to meet you, I’m Erin,” as he took her outstretched hand with a firm handshake. Erin smiled broadly. She hated when a man gave a limp handshake. Some were afraid to squeeze a woman’s hand. A firm handshake showed confidence, and it oozed from Ace.

She sat next to him, watching as he expertly played the game. There were drinks, quite a few, including champagne all around when Ace went all in and cleaned up the table. There was also a lot of flirting by them both. He made her laugh almost constantly, and time stood still for her. The chemistry was strong. It was almost 2am when Erin thought to check her phone. There were five texts and a few voice messages. She quickly texted Liz back. “srry in hi rollers rm. Will txt l8tr n tell u all about it.”

Erin noticed that the keys on her phone were hard to push in the right order. She realized that she had way to much to drink. She stood up, her legs rubbery. She giggled.

Ace’s arm was quick around her waist, holding her up. He pulled her closer to him for stability. She noticed his musky scent, something that was very attractive to her. His light beard stubble was close to her cheek as she leaned into him. He felt very good. She noticed his eyes lowering to her cleavage, and she caught her breath. Her hand went to his chest, feeling his hard body through his silk shirt. She thought she could feel his heart racing, but maybe that was her own.

Ace flipped a $200 tip to the dealer, and asked to be cashed out. The room manager quickly took his chips and said he would take care of it. Ace finished his drink, and looked again into Erin’s green eyes. She met his gaze, searching his dark eyes for a message.

“Come have a drink with me in my suite,” he said.

“Well, maybe one.”

His arm around her waist, they walked together to the luxury area of the hotel. It was the side with the glass elevator that rode up the outside of the building. He slid his room card into the elevator slot, and the door opened. Holding the door, he led Erin by the hand into the rounded elevator. The door closed behind him. and Erin looked outside at the lights of the city. The elevator overlooked the strip, and Erin leaned against the glass, watching the little people among the blinking lights.

She felt Ace’s warm hands around her waist as he moved behind her, pulling her body close to his. She leaned back into him, as his hands rode up her waist, caressing her breasts through the green leopard print dress fabric. Erin let out a moan, closing her eyes and relaxing her body.

She felt his hardness pressing into her ass through the thin fabric of his pants and her dress. She reached back behind her, her hand finding its way to his bulge. It was thick and hard, and she rubbed her palm over his growing cock. The elevator continued its ascent, the city growing smaller beneath them. It all felt to be slow motion to Erin.

Ace’s hands moved to Erin’s waist and down over her back, lifting her dress up over her ass, caressing the soft, round cheeks. He pulled her thong down past her knees down to her ankles, and she heard him unbuckling his pants, his hands moving up inside her thighs.

Erin was dripping wet, and she realized her panties had been soaked for a long time now. She leaned against the glass, opening her legs wide. Ace grasped her ass and moved his thick cock between her thighs, rubbing it against her ass as he crouched lower to move the round head to her glistening pussy lips. Erin reached down between her legs, grasping the hard, hot shaft and pressing it to her shaved wet opening.

Slowly, Ace pushed inside her, his strong hands lifting her up slightly by her hips over his raging hard-on. As big as he felt to her, he still slipped inside her easily as her wetness coated his shaft. She moaned loudly, pushing herself back into him to take his cock deeper in her smooth wet pussy. He moved her back and forth effortlessly over his hardness while he caressed her breasts, pulling her top down to expose her rock hard nipples. He tweaked them lightly, squeezing them between his fingers just enough to make Erin moan with each touch.

Erin ground back into him as he continued to push in and out of her pussy, fucking her expertly from behind. She felt his kisses on her neck even as she could hear the wet slurping of their combined passion. She opened her eyes to see the city below, its inhabitants unaware of the incredible energy rising above them.

His cock felt amazing to her, filling her, yet sliding easily in and out as he fucked her faster and faster. His thrusts were perfectly in sync with her desires, and she could feel her orgasm rising from deep within.

Ace pinched her nipple hard, and Erin let out a scream. The rush she felt combined with the onslaught of her orgasm and the scream turned to moans of pleasure. He pushed deeper inside her, holding her close to him, her pussy throbbing around his thick shaft.

She struggled to catch her breath, unable to speak for what seemed like minutes.

The elevator beeped and slowed.

Ace pulled is still-hard cock out of her with an audible slurp, the dress sliding back down over Erin’s ass as she quickly pulled the dress up over her heaving breasts. She heard Ace zipping up as he stood beside her, their backs to the door as it opened at the penthouse level. She thought briefly about picking up her panties, but decided to leave them at their feet. Slowly turning around, they came face to face with an older couple, patiently waiting for the scenic ride.

“Going down?” the woman asked.

“Yes, very soon!” Erin giggled, as they strode down the hall.

Chapter 2

As they reached the door, Ace fumbled in his pocket for the card key. Erin stood behind him and put her arms around his waist, lowering her hand to his still-obvious bulge. He stopped, card in hand, and allowed Erin to caress his stiffness. She felt his thick cock grow even harder in her hand, the fabric of his pants keeping her from his warm skin. Finally, Ace swiped the card, and with a beep, they were inside the suite.

It was huge, a big picture window overlooking the brightly-lit strip. Erin looked around the room. A fire was lit in the hearth, making the room glow orange. Erin turned back to Ace. He was staring into her green eyes, his lust showing. He moved to her, leaning down to kiss her, gently at first. Their passion quickly grew, tongues exploring each others’, his hands caressing her shapely ass as Erin ground her hips into his raging hard on.

She couldn’t take it any more, the feel of his cock was too much. Erin grabbed at his waistband, fumbling for the belt and finally unbuckling it. She expertly unsnapped the clasp and slid the zipper down, followed by the pants down around the ankles. His boxers tented over his stiffness, and she slowly slid them down his thighs as well. She pulled the waistband of the boxers out over his cock, and Erin licked her lips as the thick shaft was finally exposed to her, now up close and personal. Ace’s cock and balls were shaved clean, which Erin loved. He unbuttoned his shirt, finally pulling it over his head. Erin knelt at his feet, her hands moving to caress his rock hard cock. She licked her lips again as she looked at his smooth head, just the hint of pre-cum oozing.

Erin’s tongue lapped at the juice, tasting the sweetness, making her crave even more. She opened her mouth as Ace moaned, her lips closing over the thick head, sliding his cock deeper in her mouth. She paused, letting her throat relax enough to take him deeper. He was thick, thicker than any other man she had been with. She persisted in moving lower on his shaft, licking and sucking his hardness. Her hand closed around the base of his dick, stopping to caress his tight balls at the same time. His smoothness allowed him to slip easily in and out of her mouth, as her saliva covered his shaft.

Erin reached back to caress Ace’s ass, squeezing his hard cheeks. Ace’s fingers played with her fiery red hair, pulling her closer to him. His pressure on the back of her head turned Erin on, and her other hand dropped to reach between her own legs. As she sucked his cock, she was again surprised at how wet she felt. She caressed her inner lips between her fingers, stopping to rub around her already stiff clit. She took his cock in her other hand, her lips and tongue underneath the hard shaft. Looking up, her eyes locked on Ace’s as she sucked and licked. The expression on his face was priceless, his eyes half closed in pleasure.

Ace’s moans increased, and she pulled him back in her mouth, his cock seeming to grow even larger in her throat. She gagged just a bit as she went deeper, pulling it out to catch her breath, but he quickly pushed it back inside her wet mouth. The sound of Ace’s groans turned her on even more, and she began rubbing her clit directly with her middle finger as her tongue ran underneath his shaft. Ace began pushing himself harder into her mouth and down her throat, Erin struggling to keep from gagging. He had both hands on her head now, fucking her wet mouth with his thick cock. Erin tried to take it all, still caressing his tight balls, her excitement building, anticipating him to fill her mouth with his hot load.

Suddenly Ace’s cock slid out of Erin’s mouth with a slurp. Erin was disappointed, but Ace was pulling her up by her shoulders, helping her to her feet. He grabbed at the hem of her short skirt and began lifting it up over her head, her long red hair cascading over her eye now. Ace stepped back a bit, his eyes roaming up and down Erin’s toned body. He licked his lips while she watched his eyes, a smile on her face. The look of lust in his eyes caused a chill to run over her body and she felt her nipples harden even more. She too, enjoyed the view of his body, cock still wet from her saliva standing almost straight up. She knew it was because of her that he was so hard, and she wanted more of him.

Finally they were both naked, standing together. Erin moved to him, her breasts against Ace’s chest. His hardness pressed against her belly, making her want him even more. Then, grasping Erin’s hips, Ace’s strong hands lifted her up, carrying her in his arms across the living room to the master bedroom. He placed her gently on the king-sized bed, lying on her back as he stood at the base of the bed at her feet.

Ace then climbed onto the bed, kneeling between Erin’s legs, leaning down to kiss her. He lingered over her lips, then her cheek, kissing a trail down across her neck and shoulder. His hands caressed her arms as he moved lower on her body, kissing her breasts, licking all around her hardened nipples. His tongue circled her nipples, sucking gently at the same time he bit down softly. Erin’s moans encouraged him even more as his hands caressed her breasts, his mouth moving lower on her body. His tongue lingered at her belly button, licking all around it. Her hips involuntarily moved up, and as his fingers squeezed her stiff nipples, Ace’s tongue trailed over her smoothly shaved mound.

“God, yes!” Erin moaned loudly.

Ace smiled, knowing that she was enjoying the slow tease. But he didn’t have the heart to continue it, finally licking around her outer lips. His tongue moved all around them, finally tasting the sweetness of her pussy, licking and sucking her puffy lips. Erin looked down at him, past her shaved pussy, and again their eyes met. He continued licking up her soaked slit, his eyes locked on hers, as his tongue began to circle her hardening clit. She moaned again.

Ace moved his finger between her spread legs, sliding it easily inside her as his tongue increased pressure on her clit. He began to fuck her slowly at first, his pace increasing as he lapped at her clit. Erin was going crazy, knowing that his expert tongue was about to send her over the edge. Then Ace began to move his finger inside her, bending it so that the tip of his finger pressed against Erin’s g-spot. The pressure was too much, and her legs stiffened, the orgasm overtaking her quickly. Ace felt her muscles grasp his finger, and felt the wetness increase as he tried to lap it all up.

Chapter 3

Ace kissed all around Erin’s dripping pussy, tasting her sweetness. He licked inside her thighs, his hands on her round cheeks, lifting her up effortlessly to his mouth. He kissed slowly back over her mound, working his way back up across her breasts to find her lips. They kissed together softly, their tongues dancing together as Erin started to catch her breath.

“I want you now, baby,” Ace whispered in her ear.

“I want you!” Erin moaned in response.

“Come with me,” he held out his hand, and Erin took it. He seemed to continually surprise her; she wondered what he had in mind now. She just wanted to feel him inside her again. She was literally craving him, and now he wanted to go for a walk? She couldn’t believe her excitement.

They walked hand in hand to the living area. Erin couldn’t help but keep glancing at his massive hard-on, sticking out from his body. She wondered if he was ever going to cum for her. She hadn’t decided if she wanted him to release inside of her pussy, on her ass, her breasts, or in her mouth. She licked her lips. The mouth, she decided. She wanted to taste him.

He put his arm around Erin’s waist, leading her to the picture window. They stood in front of it, the city that never sleeps far below them, lights blinking, tiny cars and people moving along the strip.

“So beautiful,” Ace whispered next to Erin’s ear.

She nodded , enjoying the view, then turned to look at him. He was looking at her, not out the window. Ace moved behind Erin, his arms around her waist, sliding his hands up over her bare breasts. He squeezed them both gently, caressing her, feeling her hard nipples between his fingers. Erin felt his hardness pressing against her cheeks, moving ever so slowly back and forth over her smooth ass. She closed her eyes, leaning into him.

With his arm around her waist, Ace pushed her slowly toward the window, and Erin instinctively spread her arms out, palms against the glass. She moved her legs apart, anticipating his next move. His strong hands moved between her legs, lifting her slightly as his fingers played with her wet lips. She felt the head of his cock at her entrance, and she pushed herself back and down toward him. His cock slipped inside her immediately, filling her with his thickness. He paused a moment, enjoying the feeling of her pussy surrounding his shaft.

Slowly, he pulled back, almost all the way out, just the head of his dick inside her pussy. Erin moaned in complaint, and he pushed back inside again. Back and forth he moved, his hands on her hips, pulling her toward him, then pushing back away. He moaned loudly as they fucked, the slurping of his cock sliding in and out of her wetness the only other sound in the room.

Erin moved back and forth on his shaft as she gazed over the city from the view. She felt almost weightless, high above the strip, impaled on Ace’s thick cock. Her pleasure was building again, his moans getting louder as well. Ace started to fuck her harder, pressing into her. She leaned into the glass, her breasts flattening against the pane separating them from the dark sky.

Ace leaned back, his cock the only thing touching her, and gave Erin’s tight ass cheek a spank. A chill ran over Erin’s entire body. Again, Ace’s open hand hit her ass, leaving a red mark. It stung, but she wanted more. Her other cheek took the next blow, and the chill grew to a craving. She actually felt her pussy coating his hard cock, each spanking blow exciting her even more.

Ace rubbed her red ass with his hand. Erin thought how soft his hands felt on her raw ass, even though she knew they were strong hands. He slowed his thrusts, keeping deep inside her for a moment. Erin wondered if he was about to orgasm – she hoped so because she was so close herself. But then he pulled out.

Erin whimpered, but Ace took her hand again, turning her around and laying her down across the leather couch. He quickly moved on top of her, taking her thighs in his hands and pulling her toward his thick cock. He pushed back inside her, at the same time leaning down to kiss her. Their tongues again met, sucking and licking each other in their passionate kiss. He pushed hard into her, his balls slapping against Erin’s ass. His hands were under the small of her back, and he pulled her toward him. She arched her back, his lips kissing her neck, trailing down to her breasts. He took her nipple in his mouth, licking all around the hard nub. Closing his teeth on it, he bit gently but firmly. Another chill ran throughout her body and she moaned loudly.

Ace continued to fuck her hard, building rhythm together. Erin knew her orgasm was approaching. She pushed hard into Ace’s thrusts, feeling the fullness of his cock inside her. She had never been this wet, she thought. He felt so amazing moving in and out.

“Oh God you’re going to make me cum, Erin,” Ace breathed.

“Fuck yes, me too!” she screamed. Her orgasm built and released in that instance.

“Ohhhh fuck!” Ace moaned.

She could actually feel his cock expanding and throbbing inside her. He was filling her pussy with his hot, thick juice. He felt so amazing as her own orgasm embraced his shaft.

They continued their thrusting, slowing down ever so gently over what seemed like a long time. Finally, they lay together, chest to chest, his weight full on her body. Her arms were around his strong shoulders, both of them breathing hard. He nuzzled against her neck, giving her light kisses. She giggled as he finally slipped his cock out of her soaked pussy. She could feel both of their juices leaking out of her satisfied body.

This guy could be fun, she thought to herself.

Chapter 4

Veronica and Liz had left the suite about an hour after Erin. Veronica, a short-haired brunette with a cute boyish look, was dressed in a short sky blue dress and black stockings and high heels. Liz wore a red dress that flared out at the thighs. It was low cut, showing her generous cleavage that was framed by her cascading blond hair. She was about four inches taller than Veronica, but still wore heels that made her tower over her friend.

After chatting for a long time over cocktails at the bar, the two had separated as they spread out to enjoy some gambling. They had conversations with people at the black jack table and slot machines. They promised each other they’d meet back at the suite, but both quickly lost track of time.

Liz was down almost two hundred dollars and was thinking it might be time to call it a night.

“Maybe my luck will be better in the morning,” she told the dealer.

“Do you think your luck is all bad tonight?” a voice called behind her.

She turned to see a tall red-haired man, about 45, smiling at her. He held a drink out to her. “Sex on the beach?” he said, matter of factly.

“How did you know?” Liz took the drink, smiling and flipping her hair over her shoulder.

The man’s eyes dropped quickly to her breasts, but then back to her blue eyes. “Heard you order a few times. I really do love the name of that drink! I’m Tim.” He held out his hand.

Liz reached to take his hand. “Liz,” she said. His hand was huge, covering hers almost completely. “Thanks for the drink.” She stood up. He was a good five inches taller than her, even with her heels. She wasn’t used to men being that tall. In fact, she was often taller than them, which bothered her. Not that she didn’t like being tall. She actually did. She just liked her men taller. Liz smiled.

“You have a brilliant smile,” Tim said. “I hope your luck is changing.”

“Seems like it might be,” Liz whispered, mainly to herself.

“Maybe you can change mine too. Care to help?”

Tim took her hand and led her to the craps table. Liz never really understood this game, but there were always a lot of people around and it looked exciting. Tim dropped down two fifty dollar chips, and grabbed the dice. He held them to Liz. She blew on them, looking directly into Tim’s dark brown eyes.

Tim tossed the across the table, bouncing off the back wall.

“Eleven!” called the dealer. Everyone applauded.

“I knew you were lucky,” Tim winked. Liz smiled broadly. She wasn’t sure what just happened, but she knew she wanted to find out more.

They spend another few hours playing different games, and drinking a lot. It was only after she pushed her card key into the door of their suite that she even thought about the fact that she had two roommates.

“Shhh,” she turned to Tim. “I need to make sure we’re alone.”

They both giggled. They tip-toed into the room. The TV was on in Veronica’s room, but as Liz peeked into the door, she saw she was spread out on the bed, asleep. She pulled Tim into the other room, and was glad to see that Erin wasn’t back yet.

Tim pulled her close to him, kissing her lips. Their mouths open, Liz let her tongue slip into his warm mouth. He sucked gently on it, his arms around her, hands moving lower to caress her ample ass. He found the zipper to her dress, unzipping it all the way down her back, as they continued kissing deeply.

Liz pulled back from Tim, looking him in the eyes as she began to peel the tight dress off her shoulders. Tim unbuttoned his shirt as he watched the sight in front of him. The dress slid down her body over her ass and down her legs to the floor. She stepped out of it, only her black bra and thong covering her body. Tim dropped the shirt behind him, his bare chest covered with red hair and breathing hard. He moved to his belt, swiftly unbuckling and unzipping.

Liz reached behind her, finding the clasp of her bra. As she unsnapped it, she leaned forward slightly to let it loosen. As it fell to the ground, Tim’s pants did as well. Her firm breasts were 40c, large dark nipples hard. Liz noticed Tim’s appreciation as his jockey shorts were bulging over his seven inch hardness. She took a step toward him, her hand reaching to caress what she saw. Her breasts pressed into his chest, Tim pulling her close to him with his arm around her waist.

Liz’s palm massaged his hard on, rubbing back and forth. She licked her lips as she whispered into his ear, “Mmm, I like what I feel.” She slipped her fingers into his waistband, pulling the underwear down smoothly.

Veronica rolled over in bed, almost falling out. She noticed the TV was on and fumbled for the remote. She had thrown off her dress as she stumbled into bed, head spinning from the alcohol, so she had only a short tank top on with her boy short panties. Switching the TV off, she laid back in bed. Her eyes closed, but quickly opened again. She thought she heard voices. Oh, finally Liz and Erin are back, she thought. She rolled out of bed and walked across the living area to their room. She stopped quickly, however.

The scene in front of her was not what she expected. In the soft light that came in the window from the strip below, she saw a tall, red-haired man standing next to Liz’s bed. He could see him from the side, noticing his nice firm ass. But what shocked her even more was the fact that her friend Liz was laying on her stomach on the bed, her mouth sucking on the mans hard cock. Veronica could hear them both moaning. She thought about looking away, but couldn’t. Liz was an amazing cock sucker! She had him all the way in her mouth, holding him there for a few seconds before taking him out to kiss the wet head of his cock before doing it all over again. Veronica stood in the dark, unable to move.

Liz felt Tim growing in her mouth as she ground her hips into the bed. Her pussy was aching for him, but she didn’t want to stop working his delicious cock with her mouth and tongue. Finally, unable to take it any more, she pulled him out from between her lips, wrapping her fist around the shaft and continuing to stroke it while she moved herself to sit on the edge of the bed, facing him.

Tim leaned down to kiss her, his hands on her thighs. She opened her legs wider and leaned back on the bed. He followed her down, kissing her neck, moving his lips and tongue over her huge breasts, taking time to lick and suck her hard nipples as he caressed them with his hands.

Veronica had never seen her friend like this before. She realized that she was rubbing her own small breasts, her own nipples as hard as little pebbles under her thin tank top. She pinched them, rolling them between her fingers, watching Tim sucking her friends big tits. Veronica had thought about this before, she knew. She was always a little envious of Liz’s body. But it was more than that. She had thought about doing to her what this man was doing right now. Sucking and licking those beautiful globes. Yes, it was a common thought.

As Tim sucked her, he lifted her thighs slightly, moving closer to the edge of the bed. His cock was pressing against Liz’s exposed clit, the head of the shaft picking up her wetness to make things slippery. He pressed forward, her inner lips opening for his cock as he pushed inside her. Liz’s hips pushed back into him, her ass lifting off the bed, Tim’s strong hands under her.

Veronica’s left hand dropped to her own pussy, reaching inside her shorts to feel her wetness. She pressed her palm into her lips, imagining what the man’s cock would feel like to her friend. Her other hand slipped under her t-shirt, her flesh feeling warm and nipples harder than ever.

Liz’s legs wrapped around Tim’s waist as he pushed harder and faster into her wetness.

“Fuck me, baby!” Liz moaned. “Give me your beautiful cock! Harder!”

Tim obliged, slamming into Liz with more force. He reached out and caressed her bouncing breasts, squeezing hard as he fucked her. The bed was creaking with the motion and passion of the couple.

Veronica’s fingers were now pushing inside her own wetness. Her palm pressed harder into her clit, rubbing up and down quickly as she watched her friend getting fucked so hard. She imaged the feeling of the redhead’s cock inside her own pussy. She watched him squeezing Liz’s tits, imagining what they might feel like as well. She stepped closer to the doorway to get a better view.

Tim slowed his thrusts, pushing Liz’s legs higher as he pushed his hard cock into her, holding for a moment, then slowly sliding it out to the head. He pushed into her again, very slowly, before pulling out all the way.

“Come ride me,” he said, sliding into the bed, rolling onto his back, his head on the pillows. Liz turned around on the bed.

Veronica saw the man’s cock standing at attention, needing to be taken care of. She watched as Liz straddled him, her back to him, his hands caressing her big tits as she lowered herself to his hard cock. Liz’s eyes were closed as she took him inside her again. Veronica could see his cock disappear under her light blond pussy hair in the soft light of the room. She rubbed her own pussy even harder as she focused on the view in front of her, Liz’s pussy milking the hard cock so good. She watched her ride him, reverse cowgirl style, for a few minutes, before looking up.

Liz’s smile was broad as she stared directly into the eyes of her friend, who had now come right to the door of the bedroom. Liz licked her lips as she watched her friend masturbating while she rode Tim’s hard cock in front of her.

Chapter 5

Veronica’s heart was beating almost out of her chest. She froze, her left palm pushing hard against her engorged clit, and right hand squeezing her nipple. Her mind raced. She was caught naked, watching her friend having the time of her life fucking a hot stud. And yet, Liz was smiling at her, obviously enjoying her view of Veronica’s predicament. Veronica’s eyes moved down Liz’s body again, across her large, bouncing breasts, then lower to see her pussy swallowing Tim’s thick cock.

Tim gave Liz’s ass a loud slap as she straddled him. Her eyes closed, she leaned back, her body curves highlighted by the dim light coming through the window. Veronica felt her clit throb against her palm and realized she was squeezing her nipple even harder between her fingers. She was too far gone to stop now. A huge smile crept across Liz’s face as Veronica moved into the room until she was standing at the foot of the bed, even closer to her friend and her friend’s lover.

Veronica stared at Tim’s cock pushing in and out of Liz’s pussy in front of her. Tim’s hands were on Liz’s hips, lifting her up, his cock glistening as it pulled out of her, then pushing her hard back down on it as it disappeared between her wet lips. Liz was moaning loudly now, obviously enjoying the fucking. One of Liz’s hands moved across her own breasts and down over her smooth stomach. She took two of her fingers and straddled her own throbbing clit, masturbating herself as Tim thrust his hardness into her wet pussy.

Liz again made eye contact with Veronica, and Veronica realized that Liz was enjoying her watching them fuck like this, and that fact made her even more excited.

Almost before she realized it, Veronica found herself kneeling on the bed, inches from her friend’s heaving breasts as she bounced on the man’s stiff pole. Veronica licked her lips, leaning forward to take one of Liz’s round breasts into her mouth. Her lips surrounded the hard nipple, her tongue licking all around it as she pulled more of her friend’s heaving breast between her soft lips.

Liz moaned loudly again. Her other hand ran through Veronica’s short brown hair, pulling her friend closer to her, enjoying her soft tongue on her body as Veronica sucked her breasts with more vigor. She kissed between them and under them as Liz continued to bounce on her lover’s thick cock while rubbing her own clit with her hand. From the sound of her moans, Veronica knew both Liz and Tim were close to orgasm.

Veronica leaned back again, her hands caressing LIz’s breasts. She squeezed and played with them, her hands roaming over Liz’s chest and dropping down across her belly. Liz quickly grabbed her hand and pulled it lower to herself. Guided by Liz’s hand, Veronica’s fingers lightly touched over her trimmed blond pubic hair. Liz guided Veronica lower on her body until she felt Liz’s wetness, coating both LIz’s pussy lips and Tim’s cock where they came together. Using her other hand, Veronica caressed Tim’s tight balls at the same time.

Veronica shifted slightly to one side so she could get a better angle with her fingers on Liz’s clit. As she did, she straddled one of TIm’s outstretched legs, her dripping pussy coating his thigh. She started to grind herself into his leg, feeling her own sensitive nub thickening in pleasure. Still guided by Liz’s hand, Veronica’s fingers were still rubbing Liz’s pussy while Tim’s cock rammed into her.

Veronica was in heaven. Her gorgeous friend was bouncing on a thick cock in front of her, and she was licking and sucking her beautiful tits while rubbing her pussy at the same time. Liz was also at the peak of pleasure. Their eyes again met, and Liz reached out to pull Veronica closer to her. Veronica leaned in and kissed her friend on the lips. Liz’s tongue immediately explored her mouth as they kissed deeply and passionately, only breaking away when Liz gasped for breath as her orgasm began to overtake her. Her moans were louder as her body stiffened with each wave. Tim slowed his thrusts as her pussy clenched his rock-hard cock inside her. Veronica kept gentle pressure against Liz’s clit with her hand, giving little kisses to her friend’s cheek and neck.

Veronica ground herself harder on Tim’s thigh between her legs, her own pussy wet with lust. As Liz started to come down from her high, Tim began to grown loudly. Liz seemed to remember that he was there again, and she again began to ride his cock with more urgency. Then, sensing his orgasm approaching, Liz lifted herself up, pulled his shaft out of her pussy with a wet slurp, milking it up and down with her hand. She pressed the shaft to her own wet slit, his thick cock covered with her wetness. He moaned louder. Veronica watched her stroking his thick cock, holding it in front of her own body. He was long and thick, the round head glistening from Liz’s juices and his own precum.

Liz’s expert stroking finally sent him over the edge and Veronica watched a long stream of cum shot out of his cock, landing some on Liz’s belly. She continued to stroke him as a second spurt reached almost to her breasts. Liz continued to rub the thick shaft as he emptied his load on Liz’s stomach and hand. She rubbed the cum into his cock, coating it completely with the milky white liquid.

The vision was almost too much for Veronica, and she ground now even harder into Tim’s thigh. She watched her friend milk the man’s cock, smaller droplets of his cum covering her hand and dripping down back on his shaft as Liz worked the liquid up and down his cock. Veronica reached out with her finger to touch a droplet of his cum that was on Liz’s stomach. She turned her finger over to coat it with cum, then put it to Liz’s lips.

Liz’s tongue lapped at Veronica’s finger, and the women leaned closer to lick it together. The salty taste was more of a turn on, and Veronica pushed her tongue into Liz’s mouth as they kissed passionately again. Liz then lifted her own cum-covered fingers to Veronica’s mouth, and the two of them licked each finger, from the base to the perfectly manicured fingernails, tongues dancing together.

Without moving apart, Liz moved her body off of Tim. She kneeled on the bed as Veronica did the same, lifting herself, practically sliding off of his thigh which was covered in her juices. They now faced each other, kneeling together at the foot of the bed as Tim moved to sit upright against the headboard. His cock was semi-hard now, his cum covering much of it.

Liz’s tongue continued to explore Veronica’s, while Veronica moved closer, her arms around Liz’s waist as their bodies pressed together. Liz’s much larger breasts almost engulfed Veronica’s small mounds. Both sets of nipples rubbed together, giving both women another chill of excitement.

Veronica’s hands moved lower on Liz’s back, and she began to caress her ample ass, squeezing the cheeks softly. Liz did the same to her smaller friend, grabbing Veronica’s tight but shapely ass in turn. Veronica moaned as she did, breaking their kiss briefly as she enjoyed Liz’s touch.

Tim, meanwhile, was mesmerized by the sight in front of him. Unconsciously, he began to stroke his cock again, which was hardening to attention quickly. That caught the attention of LIz.

“I think you’ve made a new friend,” she winked at Veronica. The two girls smiled, watching Tim rubbing his hardness.

“Oh my, Liz, this is amazing,” Veronica half whispered, as if in a dream, afraid to wake up.

“When I saw you watching us and playing with yourself, I needed to feel you closer.” Liz squeezed Veronica’s ass again.

“Oh my god, I couldn’t look away,” Veronica giggled. “You looked like you were enjoying it so much.”

“Even more so when you finally came to me,” Liz gave her friend a kiss again.

Veronica took another drop of cum from her friends stomach, placing it on Liz’s breast with her fingers, rubbing it around the hard nipple. “You know I’ve wanted to touch this for so long.”

“I know,” Liz’s words surprised Veronica. “I wanted you to.”

Veronica leaned down and licked the light brown nipple, her tongue lapping quickly across it.

“Yes, just like that,” Liz moaned.

Veronica giggled. “So what do we do with him?”

They both looked at Tim, who was slowly stroking his hard cock, sitting quietly watching the women.

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