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Dr Dominic Gale leafed through his file as he waited for the elevator to reach its destination. It contained the medical notes of his latest referral, one Gwen Sutton. Without seeing the patient they were nearly useless as a diagnostic tool but helpful in avoiding the large blue eyes of Nurse Schluter.

Since her transfer to the hospital a month ago she had made it very clear that she found him sexually attractive.

Dr Gale didn’t need to be a great psychiatrist to see that. With a healthy amount of insight he recognised the small feeling of flattery the unwanted attention caused him but he could dismiss it as trivial. Without vanity he knew he was good looking, at 35 he was tall, lightly muscled and slender with dark hair.

Dr Paul Chatham, his friend in the department, thought Dominic was a fool not to take advantage of the beautiful blonde’s infatuation. He pointed out that Anna Schluter had a body that any man would die for.

Dominic tolerated the advice because he knew that Paul’s view stemmed from his insecurity. The other doctor bedded a whole succession of women who later wanted nothing to do with him, having been worn down by persistence and desperate charm.

Try as he might, Dominic had been unable to convince his colleague that he was a perfectly happy married. He was uninterested in any other woman apart from Stacey, his wife of ten years and mother of his two children. He had never cheated on her and no desire to ever do so. Not a day went by that he didn’t thank God for allowing them to meet. He didn’t care if his attitude made other guys think he was odd; he felt sorry that they hadn’t found love like he had.

Anna Schluter coughed and was adjusting her nametag when Dominic glanced across.

Dominic barely managed to hold back a chuckle at her not-so-subtle attempt to draw attention to her large breasts. Fortunately the elevator had reached the fifth floor, which housed the ward he needed. He smiled politely at Anna and exited.


Gwen Sutton was asleep or resting in the bed when Dominic entered her private room.

He already knew that she was 22 years old, new to Sixville and that she had tried to commit suicide by slashing her wrists. The bandage on her left arm, which lay outside of the blankets, confirmed that fact. Seeing small, pale scars crosshatching her exposed skin informed him that she had a history of self-harm. He scratched his neat beard, mentally scolding the Attending who had failed to note that down.

With that faintest of sounds Gwen opened her eyes and sat up, drawing her arm under the sheet.

“Hello, Gwen. I’m Dr Gale. I’m going to be your doctor for a while.”

His patient curled her limbs closer to her.

“You a shrink? I knew that guy thought I was nuts.” She muttered sullenly.

“Now you told the Attending that you regretted trying to take your own life, is that right?” He asked softly.

The girl, her fringe hung over her eyes, nodded. Dominic could only see her pink lips.

“It was a mistake. I didn’t really want…to die…I guess…” Her voice was low and made her seem younger than she was.

Dominic asked her a few more questions. He felt a pang of sympathy for the girl, a troubled mix of attitude and vulnerability. He informed her he’d be sending her to the psych ward with a session a day initially.

He left her, and though he knew he shouldn’t, fully expected to help Gwen with her troubles. If he had one flaw it was that he invested a lot in the people he treated.


Dominic walked into his house, quietly enough to take Stacey by surprise when he kissed the back of her neck.

She turned in his arms and he embraced her, their lips kissing softly.

“Where are the monsters?” Dominic asked. It was nice to get alone time with his wife.

“Next door. Mrs Lees agreed to show them the puppies.” Stacey grimaced, knowing that the subject of owning a pet was going to be brought up again.

Obviously, so did Dominic.

“I think we could see about getting one, don’t you? The girls are old enough now to handle the responsibility.” Dominic said, adding a pinch of salt to the simmering pot.

“Hey, its up to you! You know that I’m not getting up early to walk the thing, ever?” Stacey growled with mock indignation.

Dominic smirked. He knew that Stacey would probably fall heart and soul for the dog as soon as it was in the home. Her nurturing personality was one reason that he loved her.

“I’ll ask Mrs Lees when I see her next.” Dominic concluded, knowing his wife secretly approved. “How was your day?”

“Weird incident at the Church today, after I got the girls off…”

Dominic had started to open a bottle of wine but he stopped when he heard the concern in his wife’s voice.

“What happened?” He asked, directing his full attention to her.

“Father Miller was in his office with a man; European by accent, I’d say, and they were arguing. I couldn’t help being worried….”

Normally Stacey loved her part time work as verger to the Church but now she looked like she was going to cry. Dominic pulled her away from the counter and hugged her, running a hand through her wavy auburn hair.

“Go on…” Dominic encouraged. Seeing his wife troubled was enough to make him feel upset and protective.

“Well, that was it really. I mean, I got the impression…the other man was from the Church so…why would they be shouting at each other? I’m just being silly…”

“Did you ask the father what had happened?”

Stacey laughed softly against his chest and pulled herself together. Composed once more she kissed Dominic on the lips and returned to her preparations.

“Can you imagine me telling Father Miller I’d been eavesdropping?” She chuckled at the idea. The old man could be cantankerous even on a good day.

Dominic knew enough about the priest to let out a little laugh. “Maybe you could speak to Father Peters.” Dominic suggested, mentioning the old man’s assistant.

Stacey shook her head just as Laurie and Rosalie ran into the kitchen and both adults had their hands full fielding off demands for a puppy.

Dominic scooped up his daughters. He noted with sadness that Laurie’s protests were beginning to sound sincere and grown up. Still, there was some time left. He listened intently, genuinely interested, as the sisters told him about their days at school and kindergarten.

“Guess what I saw today.” Dominic told his kids.

“What, daddy?” Rosalie dutifully interested.

“Looks like they’re setting up a fun fair in the park. Wanna go Saturday, huh?”

The news went down enthusiastically and, topped with the decision on the puppy his kids were ecstatic for the rest of the evening.


Session 1

“Can you tell me when you started cutting, Gwen?”

Dominic knew that the topic was an awkward one for the girl but he needed to hear her answer. This was his first session with her and he knew that self-harming could be a crucial symptom in deciphering why his patient had tried to take her own life.

Gwen flicked her hair off her face and fixed a rather startling pair of blue eyes on Dominic. Her expression registered a combination of hurt and defiance.

“Sixteen, maybe….” She replied, reluctantly. At least she looked a lot better than when he’d first seen her. Some colour was in her cheeks and he’d even seen a cute proto-smile trying to emerge as he’d been talking to her.

“Was there anything that happened at that time, at home or school?”

Gwen toyed with her hair, which was sleek and shiny now that she was out of bed and able to shower.

“How long have you been in Sixville, doctor? Do you like it here?” Gwen asked back, delaying her own response. Dominic noted down the tactic.

“Me and my family moved here about four years ago when this job came up.” He showed Gwen the framed photo of his family he kept on his desk. “We’ve been very happy here.” He paused before asking, “Are you happy in Sixville, Gwen?”

“No.” She stated flatly.

“Why did you move to Sixville? What were you hoping to find here?”

Gwen sat with her head in her hands as she pondered the question. Dominic could see her brain working behind her midnight blue eyes. They really were quite extraordinary, and Dominic was sorry to see such pain in them.

“My mom was from here.” Gwen stated plainly. “I inherited a place. From my grandparents…we never came up here when she was alive though…”

“When did she pass over?” Dominic asked low.

“Last year. You don’t have to put on the kind face, Doc. I never got on with the bitch.” She let out a bitter little laugh, throaty and deep. “…She never really told me anything, you know? She never spoke to me really….She was a single mother and I was, like, this unwanted burden on her.”

Dominic nodded, not saying anything to see if Gwen would fill the silence. He knew that cutters often had troubled parental relationships.

“Do you love your children?” She inquired.

“Yes.” He answered after a brief hesitation. It wasn’t that he didn’t know the answer, just thinking how much to share but he believed reciprocity was a foundation of trust. “Do you think that your mother loved you, despite everything?”

“I. I don’t know…. sometimes it was alright.” She began to bite her fingernails and to rock gently. Dom’s heart went out to her, her wounds were so raw despite the hard shell she was affecting.

“What happened when you were sixteen? Was there anything you can think of that made you want to cut yourself?”

“There wasn’t anything, like specific, dammit.” Her eyes flashed angrily.

“How do you feel when you do it?” Dominic pushed on, firmly.

“Like I can feel something for once, something real for once…I can’t explain it really…I know it doesn’t make sense, doctor,” She told him rationally and pointedly. “but I need to do it….most of the time its as if I’m asleep and cutting is the most real thing…”

Dominic smiled at her sympathetically and conveyed his understanding to the troubled girl. He poured her a glass of water and handed it to her.

“Why don’t you call me Dominic? We’ll never get you better if we can’t talk like normal people with each other.”


Session 2

“Last time you said you didn’t like it here in Sixville. Could you tell me what has made you unhappy here…?”

“I dunno…these feelings I have had my whole life…they got worse when I came here.”

“What feelings, Gwen?”

“I dunno” She snapped then looked as if she regretted it. Gwen took a deep breath. “God, I’m really gonna convince you I’m cracked in the head….” Dominic could see she was rueful but he was glad she was resolved to commit to therapeutic process. “I look at other people and I find it hard to believe who they are…I mean…like….there’s nothing behind them, mostly, or too much.”

Dominic glanced up, concerned

“Can you go into that feeling? What do you mean?” He asked.

“Most people seem unreal or hollow or something…” She shook her head as if she couldn’t believe she was revealing this. “but with other people its like their skin is barely holding everything in… there are some many of that sort in Sixville.”

Dominic scribbled on his notebook and only just caught Gwen saying,

“They scare me.”


She was panting in his ear, short hot breaths. They hadn’t had time to undress so her skirt was just roughly shoved up to her waist.

Anna Schluter seized the back of his shirt with one hand and grasped his ass with the other. Paul Chatham was grunting as his cock was thrust deeper and deeper into Anna’s shaven twat.

She may have been wishing the dick belonged to a certain other doctor but Chatham didn’t care. It was his dick she’d settled for and he’d take any pussy that was offered to him. More fool Dominic for not getting there first; he’d had his chance. Anna was a fucking goddess.

“Harder…fuck me harder…you bastard….”

The tubby man growled and picked her up and tossed her up against the wall of his office.

“Uh…bastard…” She insulted him, a trace of accent coming through.

Paul felt as if he were on fire. Dominic may have been happily monogamous but his friend preferred a string of casual encounters and leggy blondes, like this one, were his partners of choice.

He found suddenly his gratitude towards her replaced with resentment. He was puzzled for a second but the capacity to understand his motivations was blasted back, repressed deep, by his need to fuck this bitch.

He tore away her shirt until her bra was uncovered. The short man pulled the lacy red fabric down under Anna’s large tits.

“Ungh…” She moaned, in pain or in excitement, Paul didn’t care.

He pawed at her tits, squeezing them with both hands, his lower body pushed forward to pin her in place.

“You’ve great fucking tits.” He announced and lowered his head nibble on a perky bud.

The slut threw her arms round his sweaty neck as a hand began to rub the folds of her pussy. Paul was no great lover but Anna was not picky. She’d needed cock and found a man willing to oblige. A man’s whose weakness was women…

“Put your cock back in me….” She pleaded.

“I’ll fuck you when I want to…or we stop….” Paul couldn’t believe what he was saying. He knew, half subconsciously, that he was no great catch. He didn’t want to piss her off but for some reason he couldn’t help himself; he was saying all the things he’d always wanted to say…

“No…don’t stop…please…” She begged as his digits slipped into her tight hole. She was aching with need. “aaaahhh mmmm….”

Paul twiddled her clit as she writhed against the wall, biting her lip as undulating waves of pleasure and discomfort swept through her flesh.

“Yes….uh…that’s good…”

Paul’s mouth had worked so hard on her naked breast they stung with warmth, and his wet tongue sent shivers over her skin.

The customary jollity of Paul’s eyes was absent, replaced with hard wanting. Anna felt herself get wetter at thought. Transferring here had been the right decision….she knew that she’d be cumming soon.

She clung to two bookshelves so she could hump onto his slick hand as tomes were shaken to the floor.


Paul yanked her head back and deftly performed re-entry into Anna’s bare snatch.

The nurse gasped as she climaxed, her body jerking like an electric chair baby.

“Jesus….” Paul exclaimed when her nails raked into his skin through his shirt. It was soaked through with perspiration so it clung to his back, dripping over his bare pimpled ass as he pumped into his exhausted lover.

He was thrusting in fast little spurts, faster and less comfortable than girls usually liked. Anna was beyond complaint. A tiny piece of consciousness realized that Sixville had gotten to her, after all. Dr Schroeder had said it would…

“I’m gonna cum soon….I’ll pull out…okay?” Paul inquired, some of the old him returning for a moment and realising his throbbing cock was unsheathed.

“Don’t you dare pull out! I …want you to lick me clean after…” The bedraggled woman implored loudly.

“You’re such a fucking slut.” Paul cried, shocked but impressed.

“Ummmm….yeah…” She actually sounded proud.

“Oh…fuck…” The psychologist yelled as jets of his semen shot out of his cock and saturated Schluter’s cunt.

“Well…lick me clean…” She commanded imperiously. She felt awake and alert in a slow kind of hyperawareness. As if time were crawling she felt her lover kneel on the floor and push his face close to her pussy and start to slurp his seed from her.

She noticed a shadow of a man passing the drawn blinds. No prizes for guessing who that had to be. Anna smiled and Dr Gale opened the door of his friend’s office. She’d had just enough warning so that she could fix the intruder with a lusty, come hither look. With his head buried in Anna’s crotch Paul was unaware they had been caught in this compromising situation.

Dominic’s jaw dropped and he looked away, ashamed, shocked and stunned. Without intending too he looked back to confirm his first impression.

This time he saw everything. It looked like a scene from a porn movie and its hardcore star, Anna, was inviting him to join in. She rubbed and stroked her juicy tits as she tilted back her head to give a provocative little laugh.

Dominic had never seen such sight his whole life. He shut the door and walked away, telling himself that his straining hard-on was a perfectly natural response to erotic stimuli.

Anna scowled, but only briefly, before letting her second orgasm build and overtake her senses.


Ten minutes later Paul walked into Dominic’s office. Some attempt had been made to tidy himself up but the term dishevelled was an understatement.

He looked embarrassed, sheepish and as if he wished the ground would swallow him alive.

“Dominic, what can I say….?”

“I should have knocked. I’m sorry.” Dominic said, gently. “We don’t need to mention it.” Dominic figured Paul was single and Anna was a consenting partner, so really it was none of his business; cringe worthy, yes, but no big deal.

“We’re good?” Paul asked, surprised and relieved.

“We are.” Dominic confirmed, patting his mate on the arm. With an unidentifiable feeling Dominic realised he could smell the scent of sex on Paul.

“Nurses, eh?” Paul had had his fair share. “On the bright side, maybe this means she’ll stop coming on to you.” Paul added jovially.

Dominic was shocked to realise he was a little disappointed. The image of Anna’s tempting tits flashed into the forefront of his mind.


Session 3

“In our last session you said “Most people seem unreal or hollow but with others its like their skin is barely holding everything in… there are some many of them in Sixville.”

Dominic had written ‘derealization?’ on his notepad, next to this quote. It suggested that Gwen might be more seriously unwell.

“Does that include people that you are close to?” He inquired.

Gwen seemed reluctant to answer, shifting uncomfortably. She began to clench and unclench her hands unconsciously and her lower lips trembled.

“I know it sounds mad,” She yelled before she caught herself, “but everyone is one or the other. It’s hard to explain.” Her tone made it clear that she didn’t want to.

“Okay. We’ll leave the explanation for the moment.” Dominic knew when not to force it. He liked Gwen and didn’t like seeing her discomforted. “Where do you come when categorising yourself?

“Sometimes I think I’m not real, like I’m just the skin on someone else, so I’m both….maybe… God, I sound nuts…” She yelled, slamming a hand down on the coffee table. “aaargh dammit!” She continued, venting her frustration with herself.

Dominic shook his head emphatically.

“You are not nuts, okay?” He said, scooping her into a paternal hug. “You’re just telling me how you experience the world and once we understand that we’ll know where we are, okay?”

Gwen nodded, her flushed red cheek cooling on Dom’s blue shirt. He guided her back to her chair. Gwen looked a little happier as Dominic scrawled ‘depersonalisation’ on his page. It sat underneath ‘derealization’ and Dominic drew a plus sign, followed by an equal’s symbol. Lastly he wrote ‘dissociative identity disorder?’.

The possibility concerned him immensely. He was able to ease his fear by adding ‘less profound conditions: disorganization or decompensation?’.

“How can you be both, Gwen? Can you tell me what that means?” Dominic probed tenderly.

“Well…It’s like I’m not all of me. There’s another part…or half…This scares me, Dominic…do I have to talk about this?” She really sounded like a little girl, like his daughters when they were frightened and upset. He nodded. “I don’t know who I am, not really…”

Dominic agreed that they could take a break and Gwen trawled around the office, stopping only to closely examine a phrenologist’s head.

Dominic kept one eye on his patient and the other on his notepad. DID was a possibility but he knew the danger of jumping to conclusions. Gwen could equally be suffering BPD or borderline personality disorder.

The trouble was both diagnoses would fit with what Gwen had told him, and fit with her history of self-injury, depression and the suicide attempt. Or neither! Gwen seemed too alert or conscious of her situation. In other words, she wasn’t nuts enough.

“Gwen? The people with too much underneath? Why do they scare you?”

“They want to kill me, this half of me. So does the other half of me, I know that because I feel them in my dreams.” Gwen sounded sleepy and unguarded.

“Do you ever feel that way when you aren’t asleep?” He managed to ask evenly though he was deeply shaken. Dominic did not think that Gwen’s paranoia was at the point of psychosis, but was concerned nonetheless. He made a note to discuss the threat of harm she perceived as all around her.

“I see it the faces of people in town. There are loads of them in Sixville. More than anywhere else….They know I can see it.” She whispered conspiratorially.

“Okay.” Dominic was at a loss and stalling for time. ” Is the half of you that wants to hurt you responsible for the cutting and the attempt on your life?”

“No, she doesn’t want to hurt me yet. We have to live together for the time being.”

Dominic was definitely disturbed by Gwen’s use of the third person.

“Do you feel safe here, Gwen?”

“I trust you but I’m worried for you.” She spoke and Dominic was a little touched at how protective she sounded.


“They might not like me talking to you…because you might believe me…”

“Believe what?”

“Sixville is a front for evil. I try to tell myself it’s not; that I’m imagining it but I’m lying.” She was on her knees and crying in front of Dominic. He really wanted to hold her as he’d hold Rosalie. “The people with too much in them…they might be the government or demons …I dunno…but there is something in the air, too….it’s evil”

“What’s in the air, Gwen?”

“Whatever it is it controls people. Gets inside…gets inside…” She rocking against his legs and scratching at her scars. Dominic made the unusual decision to medicate her.


Session 4 (extraordinary)

Dominic sat with Gwen in her room. He’d scheduled an extra session this week because of what had happened and what had been said that morning. So far Gwen had refused to discuss it.

“Do you have any friends in town, Gwen? Someone you’d like me to call here or you could visit?” Dominic asked, deciding to drop his enquiry for the time being.

Gwen’s brittle shell was back up. Her arms were wrapped around her body and her body screamed that his presence was unwelcome. “I’ve not had a friend since I was turned ten.” She said harshly, as if he were stupid.

“Why is that, Gwen?”

“I dunno!” She snapped, slumping in the chair so her straight black hair fell over her face.

Dominic stood, patiently, hoping she’d fill the silence.

“It was my birthday.”

“Your tenth birthday? Okay? What happened?” Dominic queried, taking his own seat.

” I had some friends round, just girls from school, their parents, you know how it is?” She asked rhetorically but Dominic nodded anyway. He couldn’t help thinking of his daughters’ parties and pretty pink cakes.

“We were all out in the garden when me and Jenny, she was my best friend, decided to climb this tree out back. I fell out, and I was all right but scared; like kids are, you know? I wanted my mommy but she was nowhere around. She was never around.”

Dominic shook his head imperceptibly. He cherished parenthood. He could never understand how anyone could mistreat his or her children.

Gwen was on a roll.

“Jenny’s mom helped me go look for her.” She shifted so that she was almost buried by bedclothes. Dominic had to drag his chair closer to be able to hear her.

“We found her eventually, with Jenny’s dad. Mr Matson getting his hard cock sucked whilst his fingers were shoved up my mother’s pussy. He’d always seemed so nice…” She sounded so world weary and battle scarred. “We moved not long after that. Wherever we moved there’d be different men over at our house. My mother had a real thing guys with wedding rings.” She shrugged, as if blasé about the whole thing. It didn’t fool Dominic.

“That must have been awful for you, Gwen. I’m sorry. Very sorry.”

“Its hard to be friends with someone, anyone, when you know what your mommy is doing with their daddies.”

Dominic squeezed her hand and sat with her as the tears flowed. She cried without a sound.

Later, when Gwen had taken another sedative, Dominic went to do his rounds. He found himself distracted with all his other patients.


Session 5

“My first boyfriend was called Will. We were both 19 and away at college.” She smiled as she recalled sweet memories. ” I was a recluse, and I wanted nothing to do with him but he persisted. He’d send me little things and do stupid dances or sing when I was around. He made me smile.”

“Was he your first boyfriend?”

Gwen nodded, shyly.

“He wasn’t great looking, you know, average but he was so sweet. I could tell him anything. I told him about mom and how I grew up and he understood. He really understood, you know? His dad had been abusive when he was alive …”

Gwen was crying again. She rubbed the tears from her eyes and her face became stony and hard.

“When I told him I wanted to wait…like…wait,” She looked at Dominic to see if he understood. ” he was cool about it. He made me feel like a princess. When he looked at me…it sounds so damn sappy but… I knew he loved me and I was so happy. He took me on holiday to celebrate our first anniversary. Miami. It was brilliant and for the first time I could imagine being with a man…not fucking like my mother but love-making…making a real connection.”

Dominic knew this man had hurt her and dreaded to hear how such a great romance turned bad.

“Then one night Will vanished. I looked everywhere but he didn’t appear to be anywhere inside the hotel. Um. I wished he’d stayed missing….” She croaked, her voice quaking. “Really late that night I heard the door to his room open. I was still up, of course. I went running to see him…I banged on the door for ages…I could see the light under the door…”

Dominic wanted to stop her, to stop the bad memories but he knew she needed to release this torment.

“He opened it after taking so long. He was naked. Mhmm… I still can’t really believe what happened next….He was upset to see me. I stepped forward to hug him when I noticed…”

“What, Gwen? You can tell me.”

“My mother was there.”

Dominic’s jaw dropped. How could people be so evil, let alone to their own flesh and blood?

“She was naked too. It was obvious what they’d done.” Gwen recited numbly. “My mother pulled me into the room by my hair. I was stunned and nearly hysterical. I couldn’t believe it. I just couldn’t. She started gloating that she’d fucked Will. That, that after only a few hours in her company he’d been begging, begging, to fuck her.”

Dominic had never heard of anything so twisted. Clearly Mrs Sutton had had some sort of narcissistic personality disorder if not outright psychopathology!

“I told her didn’t believe her but she walked up to him and started to jerk him off. I hadn’t even seen him nude before…”

“What did Will do?” Dominic asked, unable to comprehend how a man could be induced to betray the woman he loved.

“Will looked embarrassed, mortified, at first. Maybe a little piece of him still felt something for me but he began to respond, fondling her tits, kissing her, sticking his fingers in her pussy.” Gwen cried between gritted teeth, clearly pained by the effort to recall so terrible memories. “I started hitting them, insulting them, and pleading with them to stop. Will grabbed hold of me. He held me as my mother undressed me.”

Dominic was disgusted. He wanted to hunt down this man and beat him within an inch of his life.

“That was the first time that I felt myself detach…like…leave myself….I remember everything but I wasn’t really there, you know? I, I, I, remember licking Will’s cum off my mother’s tits…ohhhh god…..”


Session 6

Dominic watched as Gwen walked in timidly. She’d asked to see him this morning instead of waiting for their afternoon appointment.

“How are you feeling?” Dominic wanted to know. He hoped that she felt at least partially unburdened since yesterday.

“I’m scared….” She sighed as she sat opposite him.

“Why, Gwen? You’re completely safe here. We only want to look after you.”

“I woke up with these this morning.” She whispered, parting her legs.

Instinctively Dominic glanced down and noticed strident red scratches upon her silky thighs. He was shocked and was about to speak when he peeked upwards, seeing the lacy pink material that covered the girl’s pussy. So shocked was he at himself that couldn’t speak for blushing.

“It sounds insane but I thought my dream had really happened. The people had got into the hospital and …..raped me.”

“Gwen, you know that was just a dream. You are safe here.” Dominic reassured her as he scrawled ‘rape?’ onto his pad. “Those scratches look self-inflicted, Gwen.” He said as kindly as he could.

She nodded her agreement.

“I’m so ashamed, Doctor ….I enjoyed it… my dream…I woke up this morning breathless, I’d scratched myself and the bed was wet with my juices…”

Dominic was a little embarrassed by her candour but pushed it away. He took a moment to compose himself before he asked the next question.

“Have you ever been raped, Gwen? We don’t have to talk about it but it will help you if you can answer, …” He said softly.

“I was an intern at this company and my supervisor was this real dickhead. Handsome and charming and didn’t he know it! All the girls had crushes on him and I played along to fit in. It felt good to gossip about him and share plans about flirting with him.” Gwen was somewhere else. She didn’t seem to be making a conscious decision to talk. It was spilling out beyond her rational control.

“Anyway he singled me out and I agreed to go on a date with him, I don’t know why. We had sex that night.”

“How did that feel, Gwen? How did it make you feel?”

“I didn’t feel anything. I’d learnt my lesson. Nothing could hurt as much as what had happened with Will…ha…I blamed myself for not fucking him…I let him do whatever he wanted to me. I’d detach myself. Bondage stuff… whips…”

Dominic didn’t think he could picture this girl chained in the throes of passion but he was mistaken. Suddenly he saw her naked, bent double…red lash marks on the pert round ass he had pretended not to notice. His cock stiffened uncomfortably in his pants. Clamps on her nipples…

“Gwen…” He started to comment.

“It was consensual but I was hardly willing, if you know what I mean?” Gwen continued, oblivious of him. “He had complete control, I was unable to resist.”

Complete domination, completely at liberty to do anything he wanted to her! Dominic swallowed, unable to stop himself picturing taking advantage of such freedoms with her compliant young body. His hand was now groping his cock through his pants.

“A few weeks in and Jared, my supervisor, got really nasty. He’d work me up until I was painfully on the edge, threshold, of cumming and he’d hit me or slap me.”

Dominic was lost as he watched her shiver as she recalled this abuse. He could see the exposed pink panty fabric grow moist. Was he imagining the musk in the air?

“I’d be writhing , there was nothing, nothing, I didn’t promise I’d do for release. He’d made me his whore. It was torture….it was madness..”

The image of Gwen, naked and promising profanity after profanity for sexual mercy…Dominic shut his eyes, knowing it was seared into his memory forever.

He gasped and swallowed, trying to reclaim a semblance of control.

“Did you like the sensation of pain?” God, disgusted at himself, he wanted the answer to be yes.

“I never got a sexual kick out of it, that, when it got bad. He’d do it, make me lose it, never cumming, permanently strung out, horny and delirious. I couldn’t even frig myself off because Jared had forbidden it. I had to keep Jared. I had to. There’d be times that I could barely walk, any motion too awful.”

Dominic wanted to run. These thoughts, his imagination…they couldn’t be part of him. Where had they come from? Where was his professionalism? No other patient had aroused him like this.

“I was a virgin.”

Dom wanted to wank off right there. He could feel pre-cum building and the tip of his dick. He only barely managed to suppress the urge to stick his hand through his fly and start jerking off. He shook his head to clear these alien thoughts.

“What happened with Jared?” He croaked.

“He got hit by a falling brick. Died a week later. I got my shit together, left L.A and here I am…a fucking mess…”


Dominic finished tucking Rosalie into bed and planted a soft kiss on her forward. Both of his girls had been exhausted after all the fun they’d shared at the funfair.

He joined his wife in the hall and they lingered to watch their sleeping daughters.

Surrounded by all of his loved-ones Dominic was struck again at how alien his thoughts had been yesterday. All day he’d been introspecting. It was only now was he feeling more reassured that they were an aberration; the thought of inflicting pain did not arouse him and he was certain he felt no attraction to Gwen.

No, everything he wanted was right here. He walked with his wife to their bedroom. He was kissing the back of her neck as soon as the door shut behind them.

“Mmmm, that feels good.” Stacey sighed, using one arm to hold up her curly auburn hair.

Dominic trailed a slow hand down her raised arm and side before sliding it under her t-shirt to stroke her belly. It had become his favourite part of her since Laurie had first started to show. He began to nibble at her ear, as he knew she liked.

They began to slow dance, their bodies rubbing together but neither in any rush.

Stacey took one of his hands from her waist and brought it up to her breast. His gentle caress sent of delicious little thrills through her body.

He turned her delicately and kissed her. She delighted in the rough contrast of his beard and light lips and tongue.

Stacey pulled at his sweater and off it came. She ran her hands over her husband’s masculine torso. Every time they made love she was thankful to God so manly yet considerate a lover.

Every intimacy seemed like a blessing…she kissed the crucifix half hidden in his thick chest hair.

Dominic cupped his wife’s ass to bring her closer to him, the pair shuffling towards the bed, both sharing the same thought without a word.

With unspoken but apparent admiration Dominic removed Stacey’s top and greeted her large breasts with respectful kisses. He spent a long time there, not an inch of beautiful skin went overlooked.

“You’re beautiful…” He whispered.

Stacey smiled, stroking his strong back. They kissed and time dissipated until her hands snuck under the waistband of his jeans and played over the top of his butt.

“Please…” She asked coyly.

Reluctantly he rolled off, onto his back and beginning to unfasten his fly. Stacey attempted to assist him in removing his pants only for the two of them to fall together in a heap.

They laughed unselfconsciously, even as they fell into kissing again. Dominic slid on top of her as she spread her legs.

“Ummm…” She murmured as his big cock filled her hairy pussy.

He rose up on his hands and gazed down at her bright eyes as he began to thrust rhythmically in and out.

“Ohhh…” She cried involuntarily, a hand reaching to finger her clit. Her other hand rested around his neck.

Their two bodies responded as one, complimentary and synchronous.

“Oh yeah…” He groaned, lowering his head so she could feel his breath on her cheek.

Harmonious waves of sensation bloomed in Stacey’s body, building and building in a crescendo of pleasure.

“Ohhh Dom…mmmm….yeah.” She came with a long drawn out sigh. He never failed to satisfy her. “Ohhh…” She wanted to thank him but could only suck in air greedily.

Dominic smiled and stopped holding back. Watching his wife’s face for the cutest aftershocks of climax he let himself concentrate on the sensations throbbing through his cock and the anticipation in his balls.

“Ohhhh…shit…ugh….” He cried and fell down beside her and, in intimate companionship, they fell asleep.

Their sweet lovemaking had satisfied him completely and any residual doubts that had lingered were blown away.


His pager went off as he was helping Laurie clear the table.

“It’s Sunday evening, Dom. Tell them you can’t come in.” Stacey groaned. Sometimes having a dedicated, hardworking husband was a real chore.

“It must be an emergency.” Dominic reasoned, knowing he’d end up going.

Stacey signalled that she understood and Dominic kissed her gratefully. He kissed his daughters and set off.


“Who saw her last?” Dominic asked, capable and in control. Gwen had gone missing. He was worried that she’d try to harm herself again but he would not surrender to panic. God would watch over her.

Nurse Schluter raised a hand. ” She seemed fine, Doctor.” The blonde explained.

“Security is searching the building.” The head nurse informed him.

“She may head home. I’m going to go that way and see if I can spot her. I’ve got my cell phone if she turns up?” Dominic decided, sounding calm but inside he was praying that the girl was safe.


Gwen’s big house was dark when Dominic rang the doorbell.

“Gwen, it’s me, Dr Gale. Dominic.” He called through the letterbox. He strained to hear if there was any movement inside the house. “Gwen?”

“Doctor.” Came a hushed response. It came from the bushes that bordered the garden and ran up against the porch.

“Gwen?” Dominic inquired as he ran down the steps and headed in the direction of the voice.

“Get down, please…” Gwen cried, great urgency in her voice. “They’ll be back and they’ll see you.”

Dominic had located the stricken woman and crouched beside her in the undergrowth.

“What’s going on Gwen?” He asked, taking off his jacket and wrapping it around the shaking girl. “We have to get you back to the hospital.”

“No! Nurse Schluter is one of them! I heard her talking about me. It’s all really happening.”

Dominic was very worry by the all too possible risk that she’d had a mental break. “Gwen, you were safe at the hospital. I’ll take you back there and make sure you’re okay, okay?” He soothed as he put his arm around her.

“Shut up! I ain’t nuts and I don’t need you to look after me.”

Dom was about to reply when she covered his mouth. A car pulled up. Rob Cannavane, the county attorney, stepped out of the vehicle with another man.

“Did you call the police?” Gwen whispered, letting Dominic speak.

“No.” He was puzzled at the sight of the guy, too.

“That other guy is Westoby Jones from the paper. Any idea why they’d both be looking for me? Together?” Gwen enquired, scorn audible despite her low voice.

The two men were inspecting Dominic’s car then they looked around the deserted street.

The men walked up to the front of the house and peered into the front windows.

Jones pulled out a radio. “Dr Gale was here. He may be bringing the girl in.” He said into it.

“Any chance the good doctor could believe her and help her escape?” Came a feminine reply.

“No, Dr Chatham said Gale’s notes even mentioned disassociative something or other. She’s mental in his opinion.” Jones answered with a sneer.

Gwen violently elbowed Dominic in the ribs.

“Fucking jerk.” She muttered.

Dominic didn’t feel it or hear her words. The world was thrown askew, upended and recast as foreign territory. People were out to get Gwen and Paul was one of them? He was considering these new facts and couldn’t assimilate them.

“Let’s hope they’re on their way back. I’ll get Dr Schroeder to check with Schluter. Oh and gentlemen? My mother will eat your balls as you lay screaming if this kid is not recovered. Find her.” The woman’s voice articulated coldly, ending the conversation.

“There are road blocks at all routes outta Sixville. She can’t escape.” Cannavane told his partner. It had sounded as if the woman had meant what she’d said.

Just then a bunch of youths turned up on bikes. It was clear from their body language that they were expected.

“Boys.” Cannavane nodded in greeting. “Hang out here and watch the house.”


The boys circled and wheeled in the street on their bikes. Dominic found it hard to count them as they continuously left to circle the block, often returning with other young men.

He was still unable to process what was happening. The boys exuded an aura of menace that he could hardly believe.

“We’ve got to get out of here!” Gwen growled at him, pulling him by his sweater. He crawled along after her simply because he didn’t know what else to do.

“We should call the police.” He spoke after they navigated past a difficult fence post.

“Who the fuck do you think are manning the road blocks?” Gwen snarled.

“Shit. This cannot be happening.”

“The bad people are out to get me. Just like I said. Hey, at least I’m not schizo, but I am fucked, right, huh?” She whispered sarcastic and angry.

Her words finally struck home and Dominic swallowed hard. This group of people were obviously bad news and they wanted to hurt Gwen. He resolved, right there, that that would never happen.

“My house! From there we can head through the woods. Leetown is only an hour away by the path.”

Gwen nodded curtly.


They were nearly at Dominic’s street. They’d stuck to backyards and resorting to climbing fences, as Gwen was certain that Sixville’s streets were teeming with enemies.

“Why do they want you? Who are they?” Dominic whined at point as they took a rest.

“Fuck knows. Some cult or something. Satanists, maybe?”

Dominic couldn’t believe what had happened to his life. It had got slanted or something, knocked off into some reality where even his neighbours represented danger.

He helped Gwen over a fence and began to climb over when he was seized and dragged down.

Instinctively he elbowed his assailant in the face. There was sickening crunch as his nose broke. It turned Dominic’s stomach.

“Dominic, don’t let them take me away. Don’t let them take me away, don’t let them take me away.” Gwen was pleading regressing like a child. “Don’t let them take me away…” Her voice sounded helpless.

Dominic swung his arm again and made contact.

“Hummmph.” His attacker groaned and Dom was free. He turned towards Gwen. Two sheriff’s deputies were manhandling her into a truck.

“Stop!” Dominic yelled and advanced. He grabbed one by the collar of his shirt and yanked him from the struggling Gwen. He was fired by the hatred of his own stupidity; of course they’d watch his home. Oh God, please let Stacey and the girls be all right!

A well-swung nightstick knocked out Dominic, Gwen’s only hope.


Dominic awoke in pain. It flashed hurt when he moved his head to survey the room he was in.

Apart from the chair he was tied to, the room was empty of furniture. The marble floor and tasteful modern art on the walls told him he was probably in a villa or mansion in the best part of town.

He couldn’t tell how long he’d been out. He tested the strength of his bonds. They were tight but not too tight, a fact that filled him with hope; he might just be able to work himself free! A call to the FBI or the National Guard or something and this nightmare would be over.

He began to twist his wrists and felt the rope pull against the frame of the heavy chair.

“Aghhh.” He grunted as the rope bit into the skin of his arms. He tried to block out the pain. Who know what Gwen was being subjected to?

He must have been tugging at his bonds for close to an hour. He was sweating hard and a little out of breath but his ropes were definitely looser when he heard a key in the lock.

Damn! A little longer and he’d have been able to surprise them with his fists. He tried to calm his breathing. Maybe they wouldn’t notice or think to check the knots….

Paul Chatham entered the room and brought Anna with him. Dominic flooded with relief until he recalled that these two people were no friends of his.

“Paul! Paul. Get me out of here. You’ve got to help me!” Dominic cried, failing to hide his desperation. ” Help me.”

“We are going to help you, Dominic.” Paul said but the glint in his eyes scared Dominic.

Anna got down on the floor in front of him and smiled wickedly as she groped the bulge in his pants.

“Hey! What the fuck!” Dominic yelped.

“Dominic, you’re in denial and we’re gonna help you face reality.”

Traitorously Dominic’s cock began to stiffen under Anna’s touch.

“Get the fuck away from me!” He shouted.

Anna just laughed and continued to play. Her touch felt so good and Dominic was completely at her mercy.

“Dom. Dom.” Paul called, having to attract his attention with a wave as his colleague was watching the woman in his lap. “Are you enjoying that, Dom? Tsk… all that happily married monogamy crap…I mean I like Stacey, I really do…but do you really wanna fuck the same dreary pussy everyday or when ever she’ll let you?”

“Fuck you, Paul! Don’t you fucking dare talk…gah…ah….” Dom choked as his hard prick was pulled from his pants and swallowed whole by Anna’s eager mouth.

He tried to pull his shaft free of that warm wetness, but fighting against her just increased the sensation. He was forced to shut his eyes and resolve to ignore her expert tongue flicking and dancing over his thick nine inches.

“Once you stop repressing it Dom, you’ll feel better. God, Dom if her mouth feels like that imagine what her cunt will feel like.”

“Fuck, Paul, we’re friends. I …ah…don’t want this. Let…me go and I’ll forget…I don’t know what they’ve …ah…done to you…”

“Homplfl…” Anna muttered, relishing the dick she’d yearned for. She slid her hands down her front and began to finger her pussy.

Dominic was mentally reciting the multiplication tables but it was a losing battle. If this kept up he’d be shooting cum down another woman’s throat.

Dominic sensed movement and Anna’s whoring mouth left his cock with a last slurp. She had been kicked to the floor by an even more stunning woman.

“Fucking Nazi bitch. You get our scraps, never the first bite!” This goddess chastised. Anna looked at Paul to defend her but he was cowed. This new person looked Dominic up and down, her eyes focused on his cock shiny with spit for a long time.

“Very nice, Doctor, but now is not the time.” She smirked and tucked his pulsing dick away. “My name is Claudine and I am your host for this evening.” Maybe she’d taken a course; ‘Etiquette for hostage taking’, or something.

“What’s going on? What do you want Gwen for?” Dominic had recognised Claudine. She was the Mayor’s wife and he’d seen her opening a new ward at the hospital; maybe she was someone who could be reasoned with.

“Turns out Gwen wasn’t the one we were looking for. Nevertheless, Gwen is part of my family, Doctor. I regret you’ve been caught up in it, but that’s life.” She shrugged, and Dominic shivered; he’d never seen a woman do it so erotically. His deflating cock began to reharden. ” Gwen is going to be reborn, Doctor, and take her place here. You’re going to help us…” She smirked again and Dominic was very afraid.

“I’ll never help you. Never.” He cried, defiantly.

“Oooh, so clichéd…” She sounded disappointed in him. “I’ve heard it before.” She sounded thoroughly bored. “I think you’ll change your mind.” She sounded very sure of herself.

She whistled quietly and two armed men entered. They trained their weapons on Dom as Claudine began to sever the ropes that held him.

In a few moments the small group, Dominic being half dragged, left the antechamber and joined the party.

Hundreds of people parted as they entered. They all appeared unashamedly naked and Dominic could see some of them rutting on the floor or up against walls. He saw familiar faces amongst the crowd. There were celebrities and famous models mingling with faces he recognised from the street. It was mind-boggling.

He’d never seen such hot women and so many gathered in one place. The air was wrong. Subtle scents whirling around him snared his senses and drew his gaze around him. There was nowhere to look without seeing enticing tits or cunts or asses. His cock was fully hard now and he had no way of hiding its jutting form as it tented his pants.

“Please…” He asked a guard but got no response. A hand snuck out to fondle his balls and he heard a snigger behind him. He turned instinctively and saw Gwen.

She was upon an altar to the left of him, dressed in an almost transparent white top and skirt. A gorgeous blonde woman was drawing blood from her arm.

With a deep relief Dominic noted the rise and fall of her chest. He could make out the dark shape of her nipple in profile. His stomach lurched and he thought madness might fall upon at any moment.

“You won’t get away with this.” He warned, knowing it was futile.

“Ha ha ha, oh baby we’ve been getting away with it for a very long time.” Claudine sighed gravely. She pulled at his sweater. He started to resist but his guards didn’t take too kindly his non-compliance. He raised his arms and he was soon topless.

Claudine’s sensuous hands draped all over his chest and brushed through his chest hair, scraping down to the start of his pubic hair. Dom shivered.

She had an appreciative look in her eyes.

“You’re a decent man, Dominic. You love your wife and family but it isn’t enough. You’ll betray them.”

“You’re wrong. My body may respond but my heart and soul are my own and free …I won’t do what you say.”

“You will and what’s more you’ll do it willingly.”


Claudine kissed him, catching him by surprise. Before he knew what he was doing he’d put his arms around her. “You’re a man and the animal is waiting to be released. We’re going to turn the key and watch you become the true you. You’ll fuck and fuck and you’ll love it. You’ll mistake depravity for happiness and sink further and further into sin.”

Dominic shivered, repulsed by what she was envisioning but the words took on life in his mind. They nested in its recesses and called to be realised.

“No…please…” He groaned, his eyes beseeching the onlookers. He wanted to run but he couldn’t, wouldn’t leave Claudine’s embrace.

Docile, she led him over to Gwen.

“Dr Schroeder,” She said, indicating the intimidating blonde “has kindly drugged her. She’ll never have to know that it was you that fucked her, took her and used her at her most helplessness. She’ll never know.”

Dominic licked his lips and swallowed. Wasn’t it better that he fuck her than any of the other men in the room? Didn’t he want her more?

He shook his head conflicted. Dominic tentatively placed a hand on Gwen’s ankle. Her skin was so smooth and the world did not end.

“That’s it, Dominic. Feel her. Feel her softness,”

Dominic’s hand stopped trembling as his hand moved up her calf. Gwen moaned, her body squirming unconsciously. How he wanted her to moan.

“Think about how her young body will feel under you, Doctor. Won’t she have a nice tight cunt, Doctor?” Claudine breathed softly into his ear.

Dominic swallowed hard. He tried to shake his head, to bring back some sense of reality. His mind flashbacked to the image of Gwen, her legs spread and pink panties on display. Of that moist dampness.

His spare hand somehow found itself down his pants, holding onto his stiffening cock.

“No…” He rasped, stopping at the hem of Gwen’s skirt.

Claudine embraced his naked torso from behind, playing with the hairs on his belly and at the nape of his neck.

“You’ve thought of this, of touching her, haven’t you?” Claudine cajoled intimately. “You want to fuck her, Dominic and there’s nothing wrong with that.”


“Isn’t here. Gwen’s tight snatch, Dominic, touch it, taste her sweet tits. That’s what you want to do, isn’t it?”

“Yes…?” Dominic’s head swam, the air full of heady, befuddling aromas.

His touch rose higher, as if out of his control. Soon his fingers had pushed panty fabric aside and rested at Gwen’s wet and warm entrance.

“Oh God…”

“Don’t hold back, Dominic. Fuck her now.”

Claudine’s words sounded so reasonable that Dominic bent and yanked Gwen’s skirt and panties down. Her body was so pliable.

He inhaled as Gwen’s sweet musk suffused through the air. He rose up to unfasten the buttons of her blouse.

He paused but it was inevitable now. Lust filled his brain and he was breathing hard just at the thought of cumming inside her.

He could feel unidentified hands working to undo his belt and then his pants were gone. He revelled in his nakedness, his hard lustiness.

He crawled over Gwen’s writhing body, lavishing it with sloppy kisses. Any thoughts of his wife or his family were gone. There was no stopping him now. Her hot unresisting body was his to use any way he wished.

Dominic’s big hands roved all over her, fondling and cupping her breasts, lifting her thighs to cup her ass and push her groin against his own.

She was making little murmuring sounds now as his lips and teeth sucked and nibbled at her skin.

“Fuck her. Rape her. The bitch is yours, Dominic.” Claudine commanded. “Just how you want her.”

“Yeah.” He sighed and Dominic pulled Claudine close to kiss her, grateful. She tasted so good he almost didn’t hear the collective sigh go up amongst the onlookers.

Their mouths parted and Dominic took a second to glance around the hall. It was wall of nude flesh, their eyes all-intent on him. He thought nothing of it now. Desire and sin and indecency seemed natural to him at that moment.

Everyone was swaying, rubbing, touching, fornicating. He could feel their anticipation, their need and with one long lick of Claudine’s perfect tits he returned to Gwen.

He seized his hard cock, guided it to her cunt and with one thrust he was penetrated ball deep inside of her.

“Ahmmm….” Gwen gasped awake, simultaneously. “No…” She groaned as she took in her surroundings and situation. “No…” She cried in disbelief, tears forming in her eyes.

She struggled briefly, but hands appeared to hold her down as Dominic pounded away at her pussy.

“Oh, fuck yeah.” He growled as her internal muscles constricted around his shaft. It was better now she was awake…

“Please….” Gwen whimpered. “Ahh noo…”

She arched her back as oiled fingers caressed her body and Dominic’s hand found it’s way to her clit.

“hmmm…don’t….” She pleaded but her husky voice belied the pleasure she was feeling. Dominic was fucking hot, though it had taken a moment before she’d recognised him.

“Feel it, sister. Take sustenance. Wake up, now and fuck him. Delight in this sin. Rejoice in evil dirty fucking. This is who you are. A slut, a whore. Say it, Gwen. Admit who you are, who you’ve always been.” Claudine sang to the younger girl. “Look at what you’ve done to Dominic…you’ve done this to him.”

“Jesu…hm hm hm oh…” Gwen wailed, wrapping her legs round Dominic’s waist, spurring him to fuck her harder and deeper. She began to thrust her hips aggressively to match his.

“Yes…fuck…yes…”Dominic shouted, looking in her eyes and seeing her wanting him. He grinned down wolfishly.

“Fill her with cum, baby. Empty all your cum for me, baby.” Claudine encouraged, stroking Dom’s sweaty, heaving back and ass. He gave her an evil little sneer, his lip curling, and upped his pace, gyrating his hips a little. He’d never experienced a fuck like it.

“Yeah…I want your cum…oh…that’s …I want all your cum from now on….” Gwen beseeched him. She knew it was true, an irrevocable change had come over her, some part of herself had been revealed after so long dormant.

The final surrender of her inhibitions was almost like a climax in itself, swelling heat bursting through her body like a nebulous cloud.

“Shoot your cum in me.” She begged, aroused by the transformation she could see in him. She had him. He was hers now. In some new part of her brain she was comparing the man he’d once been and the man he would be now; indecent, sinful, an adulterer…

She came hard and suddenly, raking her nails across his buttocks. Breathless, she raised herself to steal the air he exhaled.

“UHHHH” He grunted as he shot creamy ribbons of cum up her pussy. He buried his head in her tits as his cock twitched every last drop inside of her.

She finally felt at peace, sated. She’d been reborn in evil and found her true place in the world.


Stacey slid her hand into her husband’s and shifted closer. Together they watched as their children played with the lively Jack Russell terrier.

“Have you thought of a name yet?” Dominic asked.

“Dog.” Said Rosalie, inspiring the grown-ups to laugh and Laurie to roll her eyes.

“I wanna call him Pavlov, like the guy with the dogs, Dad.” His eldest informed him. He ruffled her hair, in the way she secretly adored.

“We’ll think of something, kids.” Stacey intervening before a fight broke out.

“Think we made a bad call?” Dominic whispered to his wife.

She put her arms around his neck and kissed him. She might have been about to make a reply but Dom’s cell phone chirped.

He got hard immediately as he looked at the small blue screen.

“I’m needed at the hospital. Kiss the girls goodnight for me?” He asked his wife as he grabbed his jacket.

If Dom felt any guilt none showed on his face. He’d lied to Stacey once again; he was off to cheat on her and felt no remorse at all.

He shut the door behind him and began walking towards his car when a hand reached out and pulled him to the shadows.

“Gwen…” He smiled, rakishly, rubbing his crotch against her. She been transformed and exuded sexuality from every pore. In everyway she was faultless. Even her scares were gone.

“But you’re a married man, Dr Gale…don’t you feel bad at all?” Gwen whispered coquettishly.

Dominic didn’t reply but his smile got bigger as did his raging hard-on. He pushed the girl against the wall, one hand slipping up under her skirt and into her panties.

“Umm.” She moaned as his big hand stroked over her clit and wet pussy. They kissed forcefully, tongues lashing, wrestling and colliding as all his fingers were inserted inside her.

“Ahh!!” She cried, biting her lip. Dominic extracted his glistening hand. He smeared her juices over her lips for her to lick off.

“Ha ha hm..” She chuckled before he refreshed the supply and covered her mouth with his.

He ripped open her blouse, buttons popping everywhere, so that he could palm her nipples and cup the irresistible weight of her bountiful tits.

“Oh fuck.” He groaned as he broke off their kiss to nuzzle in her cleavage. He left a hand there as he went down on one knee to lick and suck on her inner thigh, her tight skirt roughly shoved around her waist. Since that night a month ago he’d sampled lots of cunt; Claudine’s, Anna’s, dozens of anonymous sluts at the mayor’s mansion, even several patients’ but none compared to Gwen’s for sweetness of flavour.

The curled tip of his tongue flicked at the nub of her clit, causing her writhe against the wall. He loved the feel of his beard on her skin with his face buried in that warm, wet place.

“MMMmm.” Gwen hummed, pulling at Dom’s hair as the pleasure got to her.

She began to shiver with ecstasy as an orgasm built, Dominic working diligently to bring her every satisfaction. Gwen was his first priority in every aspect of his life. She was panting now as the relentless pressure escalated.

“HMMM. Oh oh mmyeah…”

Dominic fixed his gaze on her from between her legs, intent on pleasing her and enjoying her vocal response. The thought of his family hearing this indecent activity outside never crossed his mind, at all. He wouldn’t have stopped even if it had.

She came powerfully; her pussy dripping extra lubricant which Dom licked up before he stood up. His digits remained at her cleft to stoke the embers of her climax.

He watched her, his expression cold and playful at the same time, their bodies not touching, as she trembled.

Abruptly he spun her to face the wall.

“Hey!” She complained, but her face broke into a smile instantly. Dominic followed her gaze. At an angle through the bright window his innocent daughters could be seen at play, unaware of the events outside. Dominic smiled too. He pulled his burgeoning cock from his fly.

“If only they knew what their Daddy was up to…” Gwen sniggered. “Daddy don’t want them no more. Do you, daddy? Daddy just wants cunt, now, dontcha daddy?”

Dominic didn’t reply. He used one hand to cover and silence Gwen’s mouth, other to choke her throat. It wasn’t the words he objected to, it was just that his sexual preferences now leant towards the dark and depraved.

No, his family meant nothing at all. The only reason he’d stayed with his family at all was because Gwen had asked him to. Every second he spent with them, lied to them and betrayed them aroused her. Dom would play the decent family man; it only made his unfaithfulness sweeter.

He thrust into Gwen’s tight asshole and savoured her muffled scream.

“Fucking bitch. You like it dirty, don’t you?” He whispered to her, his stubble on her cheek and his sweaty body pushing against her back. She didn’t need to answer; her shallow breaths and fluttering eyelids communicated everything.

Dom focused on the sensations and forces working on his cock as it ploughed into her. He liked how his balls swung, hitting against her. He saw Stacey walk into the den and start to corral the kids for bed.

Stupid bitch. How had ever thought he’d be happy with her? That life was a lie now. He had a new one now, one of lust, sin and damnation. He was happier than he’d ever been.

He filled Gwen’s tight tunnel with his cum, spurting long and hard in her darkness. Dominic sunk to the ground, pulling her with him.

He relished the aroma of her, all musk and sweat mingled with the cinnamony scent that all succubae shared.

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