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Kati Runs Late

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“Just a minute,” I said to Kati as she stood up from her dressing table after putting on her make-up and smoothed her skirt down.

We were getting ready to go out one Thursday evening to a friend’s birthday celebration at a restaurant in town. We were already running late by a few minutes but there was important business to deal with first. I motioned for her to lift her skirt and she raised it up around her hips.

“Is this ok?” she asked shyly.

She was wearing lace front panties which matched the black suspender belt holding up her sheer charcoal stockings.

“You’re wearing too much,” I replied.

Like the good girl she is, my wife of more than 10 years immediately took off the knickers, bending to pull them over her strappy high heels, then stood there waiting for my approval.

I like nothing more when we go out than to know that she’s not wearing any pants. Thinking about it makes for hot sex when we get home, sometimes even on the way home.

Kati loves to take the opportunity now and again when she’s out and knickerless to flash me and I find it a double turn-on that on occasion she’s also accidentally flashed others too.

And if circumstances and surroundings permit, she’ll also sometimes raise her hem under the dinner table so I can slip a hand between her legs and run a fingertip between her moistly parted cunt lips. How many times have I licked a fingertip at the dinner table not to remove some misguided sauce from the main course but to taste Kati’s juices in readiness for ‘supper’ at home?

“That’s better,” I said, taking in the revised view. Her freshly shaved pussy was now perfectly framed by the stocking tops and suspender belt.

My cock twitched in anticipation and I decided we could afford to be a couple more minutes late to really anticipate our homecoming after dinner.

I unzipped my trousers and sat on the edge of the bed, taking out my swiftly hardening cock. “Come here,” I said, motioning her toward my lap.

I don’t know if many guys who’ve been married for more than a decade could reasonably expect their wives to suck cock on command two minutes before going out and just after they’ve finished putting on their make-up. But Kati not only loves sex as much as I do but she’s also sweetly submissive, a role she relishes.

So without protest, she kneeled down in front of me, taking my cock between her palms, and flicked her tongue across the tip before plunging her lipsticked mouth over me.

I was only thinking of a quick suck, a few seconds to flag how we’d be finishing the evening and give us something to think about over dinner. But Kati was getting into it with gusto, gobbling away at my cock and needing no encouragement to plunge her mouth down over my cock to its root, smudging her dark red lipstick along the shaft.

What I’d anticipated as a few seconds stretched out to a couple of minutes with Kati slipping her right hand between her legs and starting to touch herself as her head rose and fell on my cock.

Feeling my orgasm beginning to rise, I realised that if I didn’t call a halt to proceedings right now, in 30 seconds or so Kati would be enjoying entree before we’d even got to the restaurant.

I raised her head and she looked at me. “Don’t you want to cum?” she asked.

Well, yes, by now I did but at that second I was still willing to wait and enjoy a full-course session when we got home.

However, Kati had other ideas to tempt me and she scrambled past me onto the bed, pulling her skirt around her waist and taking up a position on her knees and elbows so her bum angled up in the air.

what the heck, it looked like we were going to be late. And a quickie now didn’t necessarily preclude some more involved fun later so I dropped my trousers and kneeled in behind her.

I thought she wanted it normal doggy style, a position she particularly enjoys because of how deeply I can thrust into her vagina while reaching round and under and frigging her clit until she cums.

But as I started lining up my rigid shaft with her damp, pouting pussy, she murmured plaintively: “In my back hole?” and, resting on her shoulder, reached back with both hands to pull her ass cheeks apart.

Her pink ringed anus seemed to wink at me. A quickie in the ass? Absolutely!

“You’re a naughty girl, Kati,” I said, trying to be stern but unable not to smile.

“I know. I’m sorry…” she replied.

“Well it’s going to be hard and fast then,” I told her and grabbed the baby oil from the bedside table.

With no finesse whatsoever, I started fingerfucking the lubricant into her tight little hole, first my index finger all the way up to the knuckle then, mere seconds later, my middle finger too.

“Oh!” she gasped.

“I told you!” I said, dumping oil onto my cock and massaging it down the full length.

I took up my position behind her, pushing down on the bottom of her back to make her drop her hips a bit more.

She let out a shuddering breath as I nosed the head of my cock against the centre of my target. I pressed forward and the head slipped easily inward an inch before encountering the resistance of her ring. Kati gasped as I exerted more pressure but not enough yet to force through.

“Hard and fast,” I reminded her.

There was a quaver in her voice as she said: “I know…” but the unsteadiness of her reply was more a reflection of her excitement at what was about to happen than any other emotion.

I looked down at the view. I always love it from that angle. Her asshole was stretched around the head of my cock which was almost completely inside the vestibule of her anus. The two rear suspender straps were stretched tightly

across her buttocks as she continued to hold them apart and the lingerie added an extra enjoyment to the view, framing her in the rear as it had earlier from the front.

I increased the inward pressure and felt her tighten her muscles instinctively, resisting the hard rod of flesh which was attempting to invade her.

“Relax or it’ll be worse,” I growled unconvincingly, but then, without waiting for her reaction, I thrust forward anyway and my cock popped through her tight ring of muscle and slid halfway into her ass before I could stop.

The sensation was like a firm rubber band gripping my cock and I couldn’t help letting out a gasp of delight, but it was easily drowned out by Kati’s cry. She let go of her ass cheeks and brought her clenched fists up onto the pillow in which her face was half-buried.

“Oh, oh!” she yelped.

My response was pull her ass cheeks apart myself and withdraw to the point at which her ring gripped deliciously in under the flare of my cock head – then push slowly forward all the way so the full length of my erect penis was engulfed in her asshole on only the second stroke.

Kati panted for breath as I held there for a moment before withdrawing to the same point as before and repeating the slow inward slide to the hilt.

My wife whimpered at the fullness inside her and the way her rear opening, so tight and tiny a minute ago, was now stretched to a wide ‘o’ around my rampant cock. Yet a mere 30 seconds later I had built up the rhythm until I was steadily stroking the whole length of my cock in and out and her right hand was back between her legs as she wanked herself and moaned like a whore.

She came three times inside the next few minutes, the first couple of times screaming her lungs out and frigging her clit like crazy while curled over her, squeezing her tits through her clothing and holding myself as firmly up into her as I could while she spasmed and lurched beneath me.

When she started cumming the third time, I kneeled straight up behind her and held onto her hips and started shafting her ass as fast as I could, big hard strokes all the way in so my thighs slapped against her buttocks.

Even with her own orgasm overwhelming her, she could feel I was about to cum and started yelling: “Yes, yes! Oh, fuck me, fuck me!” And as I lost control and started pumping streams of cum into her in grunting, violent thrusts, her lustful pleading changed to “Fill me, fill me, fill me!”

I was seeing stars when I finally let out the last hitch of cum into her ass and slumped there trying to catch my breath. Finally I withdrew, my cock slipping easily from her thoroughly abused back passage, and sat back on my haunches, fascinated by the view of her distended anus, rimmed with baby oil and glistening within with cum.

Her asshole gaped so wide that at that moment that any man who’d wanted to take my place could have stepped up and slid his throbbing erection into her with no difficulty whatsoever.

Then, as she continued stroking her clit in a post-cum daze, she squeezed and her asshole winked gradually shut – one, two, three and closed tight.

She stayed there for a moment, head down, bum up, catching her breath. I got out of her way as she finally sat back, getting off the bed and finding some tissues to wipe my greasy cock.

When I turned back, Kati was standing beside the bed wiping excess baby oil from between her ass cheeks with the knickers I’d told her to remove just 10 minutes earlier.

Then she smoothed down her skirt again and checked her hair in the mirror.

Half an hour later, she was walking into the restaurant with her ass full of cum.

“Sorry we’re late,” she said to her girlfriend, wishing her happy birthday and kissing her on the cheek, “something came up…”

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