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Into the Fire

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“That wouldn’t do for you at all!”

Steph jumped as a hand reached out and pulled the red and black corset from her hand.

“That’s tawdry. You’re way too classy for that!” the girl repeated.

Steph turned to see the critic. A tall, elegantly pretty girl stood beside her. A gamine face, tip tilted nose, a wide mobile mouth and very large blue eyes smiled merrily at her.

Taking Steph’s hand, the girl pulled her to the back of the store where a rack of more muted yet lovely bustiers hung.

The store was a rich tapestry of colour, scent and materials. Silk and lace, brushed cotton and satin melded in a swath of colours and textures, intriguing, seductive and utterly feminine. This was not a man’s store – any man entering would be awkward, out of place, hyper aware that this was the bailiwick of soft skin, melting eyes and femininity.

Despite her innate sensuality, Steph was at heart shy and tentative. Within her own element, with the confidence engendered by familiarity with her long-time love, she was able to relax enough to explore her sexuality to a very limited extent. Her husband was somewhat of a plebian sensualist – a bit caveman like in terms of taking his own pleasure and he adored the trappings of spurious sensuality – the wisps of underwear, the plunging bras and stockings and garters – and indulged his secret vice by supplying her with what he perceived as erotic and enticing.

Steph, however, sometimes felt uncomfortable in his choices that inevitably reflected a burlesque sense of erotica – crimson reds with vulgar lace, peek-a-boo bras and crotchless panties. She felt as if she were putting on a very bad show, one that she didn’t quite believe in, and despite her best efforts to enjoy, always had a sense of donning a persona that didn’t reflect who she was.

She had walked by this store many times and with furtive, shy eyes yearned after the lovely undergarments displayed in a very attractive window display. Finally, building up her courage, she entered.

Now, swept along by this lovely girl, she was tugged to the rack.

“Now, let me see,” the girl said and standing back, gazed at Steph consideringly.

At 5’4″, Steph was short waisted but had long lovely legs and a figure she sometimes felt was too curvy. Bountiful was how her husband described her large, heavy breasts with their sensitive dark brown nipples, a small waist sweeping out to full curving hips and a lovely firm and full ass. Her dark hair complemented her smooth olive skin and dark, almost black eyes.

Turning to the rack, the girl started to go through the plethora of bustiers and corsets. Pausing, the girl again eyed Steph consideringly, turning her around to see the entire figure. Then, to Steph’s shocked surprise, the girl suddenly reached out and briskly cupped a heavy breast, squeezing it just slightly, weighing its heavy warm weight in her hand.

“About a 36DD, I would say,” the girl said considering, as if cupping a stranger’s breast was commonplace.

“Hang on, we have that,” she said approvingly, turning to the rack and rummaging through the selection. A few minutes later, she gave a small cry and pulled out a very lovely bustier. A muted gold corset, gauzy material crisscrossed with dark laces, a barely there bust and a sweet line which would sweep down in front, up at the hips and thence to tie in the back, it was quite breathtaking. A rather complicated construction of straps was somewhat confusing to Steph’s inexperienced eye.

Steph looked at it longingly, but thought, sighing, Mario wouldn’t find it too intriguing.

“Excuse me,” she began, a little tremulously.

“Oh, silly me! I haven’t even introduced myself!” the girls said laughing.

“I’m Gabrielle. You are just the prettiest thing and I’ve seen you walk by here the last few days. I could tell you wanted to come in here but were too shy!”

“Do you work here?” Steph asked.

“It’s my shop.” Gabrielle said.

“When I saw you looking at that other stuff – what we call “Halloween” junk, I had to step in. You’re far too pretty to put on that crap! That’s for the drag queens.”

“Here, try this on – you’ll see what I mean,” Gabrielle said.

Steph rather felt as if she had been hit by a cyclone. She had planned on telling Gabrielle the corset was a “no go” but the girl suddenly grabbed Steph’s hand in her own strong, warm grasp, tugging her to the change rooms. Pulling open a curtain, she hustled the other girl in, handing her the bustier and then standing expectantly.

“Well, put it on!” she said. “I can guarantee it will look great!”

Steph gathered up her tattered rationale.

“Umm, I need to close the curtain,” she pointed out.

Gabrielle, laughing, complied, stepping back slightly and allowing Steph to pull the curtain over.

Inside the cubicle, Steph stood for a moment looking at the corset, then decided it was indeed lovely and actually something she would have chosen for herself. She had been looking at the others because they in fact reflected her husband’s concept of sexy.

Unbuttoning her blouse, she peeled it off, her heavy breasts in their serviceable bra well constrained. Stepping out of her skirt, she hung both items carefully on the hangers that hung against the wall. Turning to the mirror, she studied herself critically. Pinching her hip, she sighed, wishing she had narrow hips like that pretty girl outside. Even in the workaday bra, her breasts were bountiful, swelling up into a deep cleavage, shadowed and sweet, smooth olive skin, lightly dusted with a sprinkling of tiny brown freckles. Her stomach was flat, the belly button recessed.

Holding the corset she tried to figure out how it worked. Unhooking the narrow ribbons that ran up the boned back, she awkwardly pulled it on. Reaching behind, she was able to pull the strings so the corset tightened at the waist, but it still looked awkward and the top half gaped. Looking in the mirror, she realized her workaday bra looked ridiculous, so daringly, she reached behind and unhooked it, allowing her heavy breasts to tumble out of their tight constraint with a sigh of release.

“How does it look?” said an impatient voice from outside the curtain.

“It’s not on yet!” Steph answered.

With a whirr, the curtain whipped open and Steph was suddenly exposed. With a squeak of surprise, she crossed her hands in front in a vain effort to hide her large breasts, unconstrained by the still loose top.

A hot blush stained her olive cheeks, she had never been this naked in front of another girl before. She was also mortified because she felt her curvy body was unattractive next to Gabrielle’s long spare frame.

Steph hung her head, allowing her silky black hair to swing forward and hide her burning face.

Gabrielle slipped in. Stepping back, she eyed the other girl critically. Turning her, the girl briskly pulled the strings of the corset, making Steph suck in her breath as the corded bodice tightened around her ribcage. Looking up, her face went crimson as her breasts, ample at the best of times, swelled up in a rich plump bounty of flesh, quivering as she struggled to take in a full breath. Her large nipples tightened in the cool air of the cubicle, firming and lengthening from both the atmosphere and Steph’s mortified realization that another woman was gazing at her.

Gabrielle watched her over her shoulder in the mirror. Grinning, she reached under Steph’s arm and with experienced hands firmly grasped one heavy breast, pulling the wisp of lace in the front of the bodice over its plenitude. A moment, and the second breast was similarly caught. Steph looked at herself. Her breathing, already affected by the tight lacing, whistled as she took in the fact that her breasts had just been squeezed into a position where their normal bountiful presence was well nigh overwhelming.

Her mouth opened as she took in her appearance – she looked, she thought, remarkably sexy – at least from the waist up. Her hair, tousled and full, looked as if she had been wrestling in sheets, spilling over her shoulder, an ebony lock falling in one beautiful eye. Her neck, long and slender rose from her strong shoulders in a graceful arch while her breasts looked as if they were placed on a platter, offered for sampling. Their beautiful creamy texture quivered as she took harsh, shallow breaths, the tip of her areolas dark and sweet above the wisp of dull gold. Her waist looked impossibly tiny, the full breasts looking almost too heavy for its slender support. Her hips, lush and full swept out from the tiny cinched waist in a glorious sweep of flesh, the indentation of her bellybutton inviting and provocative.

“It would look better with stockings and high boots,” Gabrielle pointed out prosaically.

Steph blushed again, her eyes meeting the blue gaze of the storekeeper over her shoulders.

“No, it’s quite lovely … but I’m good, thank you,” she trailed off.

Then looking at herself again, she decided.

“I’ll take it,” she said firmly. “I’ll just get dressed, shall I?” Raising, an eyebrow, attempting to sound firmer than she felt inside, Steph looked at the other girl.

Grinning, Gabrielle sketched a bow and swept out, pulling the curtain closed behind her.

Letting go a tremulous breath, Steph stood for a moment. She was feeling somewhat overwhelmed at the moment. The proximity of the other woman, her touching had left her feeling, well, uncomfortable.

Looking back to the mirror, she trailed her fingers along the swollen top of her breasts, sighing.

Several minutes later, Steph left the room, clutching the corset, her hair brushed and swept back, her lovely breasts once again restrained. Striding to the counter, she avoided Gabrielle’s eyes, busying herself with pulling out her credit card.

Ringing up the purchase, Gabrielle schooled her face to be serious. She was intrigued by this pretty but very obviously inexperienced Latina. This girl definitely had no concept of how goddamed sexy she was and Gabrielle didn’t want to frighten her away.

Smiling, she bagged Steph’s purchase, handed her the bill and the very pretty silver bag of with Intimates stenciled across its surface. Steph smiled a little tremulously at her.

“Do come back,” Gabrielle urged. “We get new shipments every two weeks and I’m waiting for some really lovely outfits would look stunning with your colouring.”

Steph, grasping her bag, tightly, nodded and almost ran out of the store, Gabrielle grinning after her.


Later that night, Mario heaving and groaning on top, his stiff prick pistoning inside her soaking pussy, Steph closed her eyes and remembered the feel of Gabrielle’s hands on her breasts. Mario’s fingers squeezed her full tits harshly and almost painfully as his hips pushed into her and Steph remembered how soft and gentle Gabrielle’s fingers had felt as they cupped, then oh so gently squeezed her breast and the feel of Gabrielle’s finger trailing over her engorged nipple. Mario’s breathing increased rapidly, and Steph jumped slightly as he released his hold on her breasts to grab her thighs.

Deep within her groin, she felt a pulling, a deep ache and opening her eyes, she stared into the sweating face of her husband. Wrapping her feet around his thick waist, she wiggled, trying to push her clit against the bony part of his groin. Grunting, he pulled her thighs up against his waist and then giving a harsh yell, his prick began spasming and Steph felt hot scalding cum squirting inside her slippery passageway.

Thrusting, he pushed into her in long, strong strokes, emptying his prick. Steph felt her orgasm edging away and fought the urge to cry. Her breasts felt swollen and hard, the nipples engorged and aching. Mario pulled out abruptly, his still stiff penis trailing a string of pale almost translucent sperm. Shaking himself, he stood up, a little weak kneed and made his way to the bathroom to wash – something he did each time, leaving Steph feeling like she was somehow dirty.

Surreptitiously, she closed her eyes again and cupping her breast, rolled the engorged nipple between her fingers. Her other hand went between her thighs, slippery and wet with her own arousal and her husband’s cum. Pushing a finger gently up her cunt, she relished the feel, thick and pasty, of his sperm. She remembered again the smell of the store, that soft, perfumed oh so feminine scent that went so perfectly with the whole feel of silk and satin, brushed cotton and femininity. She searched her memory and recreated the moment when the Gabrielle’s long capable fingers cupped her breast, recalling the feel of that soft palm on the underside of her heavy beast, then the sweet electric spark of her finger trailing along her nipple as she pulled the bodice up. Steph actually heard the slippery wet slick sound of her own hand as she frantically rubbed her swollen clit. With a stifled groan, she imagined Gabrielle’s soft lips coming toward her, leaning down and capturing the engorged nipple, suckling long, hard.

Steph moaned as the first wave of her orgasm engulfed her. She sighed harshly, pressing her groin against her hand, relishing the feel of the hot spray which spurted from her urethra – the reason in fact that Mario seldom stayed with her.. Female ejaculation was rare and in Mario’s world, unheard of. He found it off-putting and even disgusting. The first time it had happened, Steph had been mortified, the hot aching, full sensation in the front of her groin, then the spray, spurting out in rhythmic contractions as she came. She thought, horrified, that she had actually peed and Mario had yelled at her, thinking the same.

It had not happened for a long time after that until one day as Mario fucked her harshly from behind, she had felt it again and cupping her hand between her thighs, her breasts stretched and shaking as he pushed into her, her eyes closed as she imagined his prick throbbing and pushing into her swollen red cunt and then that feeling … that beautiful, hot, aching feeling and fluid squishing from between her cupped fingers, trailing clear streams down against her wrist, on the bed. Since then, Mario seemed to consciously avoid allowing her to reach her peak – a course of action Steph rationally understood and had accepted – until recently.

She had done some research, some searching and come to the conclusion not only was this a natural occurrence but she was in fact extremely fortunate. It was NOT urine she had pointed out to her husband, but was speculated to come from the periurtheral gland. Mario was skeptical and reiterated that he found it “unnatural” and “disgusting”. Steph gave up, and the fact that her husband found her natural functions revolting combined with his very obvious efforts to avoid her reaching orgasm effectively killed any please she might have gleaned from their couplings. Her hand and privacy were the only relief she had experienced for some time. Worse, deep inside, she thought Mario was probably right – that it was disgusting and that she was a freak.

Sighing, she rolled over, opening her side drawer and wiping her hand on the hand towel she kept there for that purpose, the running it between her still tense thighs. The bed dipped as Mario got in and leaning over, pecked her cheek.


“Thank you, enjoy your purchase.” The clerk handed Steph her change. Steph hesitated and the girl looked at her inquiringly.

“Is Gabrielle not in today?” Steph forced herself to ask.

“She’s on lunch – she should be back shortly. Do you want to leave a message?”

The past few months had passed with a blur of sensation and emotions that made the normally stoic Steph feel she was sometimes going mad. She had returned to Intimates the next week and found the same comfortable feeling with Gabrielle that she had left with the very first time. Coming from a close-knit, rather misogynist community, Steph had had very few friends outside her immediate family, and certainly not from any non-Latino group. It was refreshing, exciting and stimulating to meet someone with such a radically different background to her own rather mundane upbringing.

To Steph, Gabrielle was not only gorgeous in the way a small town girl dreamed of being gorgeous but her intelligence, verve and cosmopolitan lifestyle intrigued her and drew her back again and again. Steph knew in some ways she was lucky. Mario worked long hours and made good money and liked to see her spend it – encouraging her to buy clothes and showering her with what she secretly felt was gaudy jewelry. She knew that she was envied among her group but they didn’t know the mind-numbing boredom she experienced, the disgust she was starting to feel more and more at the hurried, brutal couplings, the need to expand a mind that her husband refused to acknowledge she possessed.

Gabrielle had changed all that. Steph devoured the books Gaby suggested; dragged her to movies Steph had never heard of, and slowly, painfully began to learn that she had her own opinions, her own feelings, her own viewpoints. Now, when the girls got together at their favourite coffee shop, they were often the center of many envious and amused glances as they passionately argued points and debated issues that Steph had had no awareness of before her meeting with this fascinating girl.

As Steph would prepare for their now weekly meetings, she would laugh at herself.

“It’s like I’m going on a date.” she would berate herself, rummaging through her lingerie drawer, looking at and discarding outfit after outfit, then, carefully applying makeup. She would studiously ignore the fluttering in her stomach, the swelling breasts and engorged nipples as she dressed, caressing her own breasts, closing her eyes, thinking of her friend’s soft mouth, long pretty legs and firm breasts. Sighing, she would touch herself briefly between her legs, astonished at the dampness, telling herself that she was just trying to look her best.

Although today was not the day to meet Gaby, Steph had felt an overwhelming desire to see her. She found that she was increasingly impatient to see her friend, storing away snippets of wisdom gleaned from her newly expanded reading list, rehearsing amusing incidents that occurred in the course of her largely mundane days, generally finding reasons to call her, just to hear her merry voice.

With each meeting, Steph found herself blossoming. When with the lovely long limbed Gabrielle, Steph felt sometimes she was someone else. She found that with Gaby’s urging, she had opinions, sometimes even decided ones that she was beginning to understand were legitimate. For the first time too, she began to feel that her short waisted, heavy breasted figure was not short and stocky but lush and sensuous. Gabrielle would help her choose beautiful soft lingerie, run lingering fingers along the sensitive breasts and laughing, confess herself envious. She would stand behind Steph, her long spare hands warm on her shoulders, her beautiful blue eyes laughing into Steph’s in the mirror, while against her back, Steph would feel the soft firm mounds of her friend’s own small pretty breasts.

Best of all, Gabrielle, like Steph, was a toucher. Walking down the street, she would link her arm companionably in her friends. When they met she would kiss, first on the cheek, but lately right on the lips, and Steph even felt the kiss last time lingered slightly. As they spoke and argued, Gabrielle would constantly touch Steph’s arm, or squeeze her leg, even lean over and gently push a strand of the heavy ebony hair behind her ear.

Their once a week meeting was no longer enough for Steph who found she wanted to see Gaby every day. Today, residual anger from her coupling with her unappreciative husband still fresh, she feel a yearning to see her friend.

On a whim, she dressed, then gathering up her purse, hurried to Intimates – arguing to herself that she would just see if Gaby had time for a quick coffee. She had been unreasonably crushed when she stepped into Intimates only to see Claudia, Gaby’s clerk there by herself.

Now, killing time, she wandered through the store, rummaging through racks of gorgeous lingerie without seeing it, constantly looking around to see if Gabrielle had returned. Finally, admitting defeat, she grabbed a few thongs, paying little attention to the size or type and went to the cash to pay out.

Claudia asked again if Steph wanted to leave a message for Gaby.

“Oh, no, no, not at all – just wondered …. .” Steph was embarrassed; the last thing she wanted was to bring attention to herself.

“Stupid, stupid, stupid.” she thought unhappily to herself as she whirled and went to make her way out of the shop, flustered and red-faced.

Pushing out the door, she almost stumbled over the step. A firm hand caught her elbow, righting her. Looking up, Steph looked into the merry blue eyes of Gabrielle. Sun sparked golden in her pale hair, the translucent white skin flawless with the exception of a few endearing laugh lines bracketing the beautiful eyes.

“Where are you going in such a rush?”

Steph felt her heart pounding. A part of her stood back and felt ridiculous. WHY was she reacting so strongly to someone?

“Hey Gabrielle!” she said brightly. “Just buying some underwear!”

“What kind?” Gabrielle reached and peeked in the silver bag. “Umm, nice, thongs ….” Pulling one out, Gabrielle checked the size … “too small”.

Steph was crushed.

“I always take small!” she said sadly. “Do you think I’m too fat?”

She felt crushed, ridiculously so – this pretty girl – the one she envied her long slender legs, her thin torso, her so American blondness – thought she was short and squat and ugly. Tears sprang to her eyes and she turned away, mortified that Gabrielle might see.

Gabrielle’s eyes softened as she reached for the other girl, cupping the stubborn chin and turning the great brown eyes towards hers.

“You know I’m not saying that – but what a lot of people don’t realize is you buy thongs one size LARGER if you want them comfy, that’s all. Now come, in silly, and I’ll make sure you get some that fit that pretty body!”

Taking Steph’s hand she tugged, pulling her back to the store. The clerk looked up and grinned – then looked a big shamefaced as Gabrielle berated her for not being more instructive about fittings. Gabrielle softened, and told Claudia she could go for the afternoon – that Gaby herself would man the store. Claudia didn’t need to be asked twice, pulling her purse out from under the counter, she hurried out.

Gabrielle turned to Steph, and pulled the younger girl to the rack of wispy undergarments. Sorting through them, she pulled out several pairs.

Then herding Steph to the back, she pushed her into the cubicle.

“I’ll be right back – try them on!” she instructed and disappeared.

A moment later Steph still stood, eyeing the scraps of lace uncertainly. Gabrielle suddenly appeared and grinned at her discomfort.

“Silly Steph,” she said chidingly, then laughing, slipped in beside her.

Steph wasn’t sure how she felt. Though comfortably appointed and fairly spacious, the cubicles weren’t designed for two – and this close, she could sense Gabrielle’s heat and smell the soft, seductive scent of her skin and hair. Unconsciously, her nose flared as she drank in the scent, closing her eyes for a moment as her senses were battered by a multitude of sensation.

“Come on, little one,” said Gabrielle briskly, “get that skirt off.”

“But if they DON’T fit, then I can’t return them.” Steph protested.

“There’s advantages of having the store owner as your best friend.” Gabrielle said, laughing. Steph literally glowed at the words – her best friend – how true that was!

A little self consciously, Steph unzipped the skirt at her narrow waist, allowing it to drop to the floor. Gabrielle stopped for a moment, as she took in the sight of the half naked Steph. Wearing her new corset, the creamy tips of her breasts swelled up and over the low-cut sweater, which hugged her trim waist and molded the large heavy breasts. A wisp of a garter belt was fastened to pale cream stockings and in an effort to maximize her height, 4 inch red stilettos showed her beautiful legs off from their taut muscular calves to the firm round thighs. The only jarring note was her underwear, which was a prosaic cotton high cut pair, which did nothing for her.

Catching her breath, and working to remain calm, Gabrielle hooked her long fingers in the waistband of the panties, pulling impatiently. For a moment, Steph resisted, her doe eyes capturing the hot gaze of the other woman, frightened and intrigued at one and the same time.

Then taking a deep breath, she took her hand away, allowing the other woman to pull her panties down, stepping out and standing almost defiantly naked except for her sweater and the garter and stockings.

Gabrielle caught her breath, her fingers furtively running along the damp crotch of the panties. Her Steph was breathtaking, curvy, delicious and completely feminine – with her lush hips, her small waist and swollen, heavy breasts. Her ebony hair was pulled up today in a messy knot, allowing silken tendrils to trail along the long slender neck and kiss the huge doe eyes. The skin was a café au lait, a remarkably luscious, creamy dense texture to its smooth expanse, making Gaby’s fingers ache to touch.

Gathering her wits, Gaby leaned down, her nostrils flaring, taking in the intoxicating scent of the girl as she leaned near her neatly trimmed black pubes. Steph stepped into the thong and tried to catch her breath as slowly, sensuously, Gabrielle pulled them up the beautiful legs, then carefully, very, very slowly, up over her pubes. Then obediently, she turned, as Gabrielle indicated.

Gabrielle stood behind Steph, admiring the long curving back, the flare of the plump, full buttocks. She slowly pulled the ribbon of the thong up, almost closing her eyes as she watched it disappear between the deep crack, imagining the feel of it against the plump lips as it nestled between and then up to rub against the sensitive anus. Settling the thin ribbon at the apex of where the buttocks met the deeply curved spine, she reluctantly let go and stood back.

Steph turned to her, desire naked in the vulnerable eyes, the great breasts heaving as her breath came shallow and hoarse. Gabrielle needed no second invitation.

Pulling the other woman toward her, her eyes met Steph’s hot and aroused and shocked, Steph realized that Gabrielle wanted her as much as she wanted Gabrielle. Gently, Gabrielle cupped the heavy breasts over the sweater, then impatiently, pulled the sweater up and over Steph’s head. Not giving her a chance to react, she leaned forward and gathered the heavy flesh in her reverent hands, rubbery and warm in her palms, beautiful brown breast flesh overflowing the wispy bodice. Gently, reverently, she leaned down and her soft warm lips captured Steph’s in a clinging, utterly sensual kiss that she felt deep in her womb.

Sighing, feeling as she was coming home, Steph leaned into Gabrielle’s spare frame, her arms going up to clasp the warm neck, soft and tender under the tousled blonde hair. Gabrielle’s mouth tightened on hers, deepening the kiss and Steph felt the warm tongue probing between her lips. Almost sobbing, she surrendered her mouth, opening and allowing the other woman to plunder her.

Steph wasn’t sure what was happening. She didn’t understand how she was standing here, mostly naked, with another woman feeling her breasts, another woman plundering her mouth. What she did know, is she didn’t want it to stop.

The feel of this woman’s hands on her breasts was breathtaking. The sensation was so different from Mario’s. Unlike the somewhat rough hands with their calloused palms, Gabrielle’s hands were soft and warm, running experienced fingers along the surface of the breast, around to the armpit, up and over the swollen cleavage down to the stiffening nipples.

“You darling” Gabrielle whispered into her mouth. Pulling back, she gently pushed a strand of hair out of the smaller woman’s face.

“You don’t know how I have wanted to do this, how I have wanted you.”

Holding one swollen breast, she pulled the material of the corset open, gently molding the breast. Then, cupping the other breast, Gabrielle leaned forward and delicate as a kitten, lapped at the erect and swollen nipple. Before Steph could react, Gabrielle gently placed the breast back within the bodice.

Steph watched herself in the mirror as the other woman touched her. In the muted light of the change room her hair was glossy and rich, her skin creamy. Her great breasts swelled up and out of the scant bodice, the areole showing and the soft lace cupping but not hiding the swollen bump of nipple. Her waist looked impossibly tiny while her hips curved richly out, sweeping down to long shapely legs.

Behind her, Gabrielle’s blue eyes were fevered and bright, her fair skin flushed and pink. Steph could feel the other woman’s breath on her ear.

She watched as Gabrielle leaned over her shoulder, her lips feathering sweet light kisses that burned and stung along its sloping length. Sighing, the blond girl leaned and then ran her soft wet tongue from the shoulder to circle the shell like ear, dipping ever so gently in and causing Steph to groan loudly.

Murmuring how lovely she was, Gabrielle ran her hands from the dark girl’s hips along the sweet waist and up, cupping the large breasts, which were barely constrained.

Then pulling back, she reached down and Steph felt her tugging at the thong she had just put on.

Bemused, her breasts aching, Steph complied, not objecting as Gabrielle pulled the panties down and off, stepping out of them.

Gabrielle caught her breath. The girl was stunning. Her plump mound was lightly furred in dark hair, trimmed neatly so the sweet lips were visible. From behind, her ass was tight and full, plump cheeks firm and swollen. Those absolutely gorgeous tits, which were what had first caught her attention, were swollen and full, tumbling out of the brief bodice, their sweet brown tit flesh scrumptious and enticing.

Running her hands down the girl’s waist, Gabrielle couldn’t resist cupping that gorgeous ass and squeezing the cheeks.

Steph gasped as she felt the other woman’s hand on her bottom. She felt a trickle of moisture between her legs and realized that she was unbelievably aroused.

Gabrielle turned the other woman to face her, her blue eyes enquiring. Leaning, Steph felt Gabrielle’s soft lips capture her own. Closing her eyes, Steph surrendered to the moment. Gabrielle’s lips were soft yet firm and expertly molded and clung to her own generous mouth. Their breaths, sweet and warm, intermingled as the two women breathed into each other. Then, a moist tip probed and Steph opened slightly, allowing the tongue to enter where it gently explored and licked the inside of the other woman’s warm mouth.

The two women pressed up against each other, the one’s bountiful breasts pressing into the smaller breasts of the blond girl. Reaching between their bodies, Gabrielle impatiently ripped at the front of her blouse, undoing the buttons and pulling open the blouse.

Steph reluctantly released Gabrielle’s mouth, her breath coming hot and quick. Bemused, she watched as Gabrielle pulled off her top, revealing slender shoulders and beautiful, small tip tilted breasts. Small firm mounds, Gabrielle’s nipples were a deep pink, with swollen heavy tips almost the size of the darker crimson areoles.

Taking Steph’s hand, Gabrielle put her hand on her little breast.

Fascinated, Steph cupped her palm and gently felt, for the first time, another woman’s breast. It was breathtakingly soft to begin with, a sweet, full texture unlike anything she had felt before. Unable to resist, she gently took a luscious nipple between her fingers, savouring the texture and feel of that swollen erect tip.

Gabrielle groaned, startling Steph and causing her to pinch. The blond woman almost growled, and breath hot and fast, she pulled the other’s woman’s large swollen breast from its scanty cover.

Leaning down, with one hand holding Steph’s hand to her breast, Gabrielle cupped the heavy weight, then incredibly, pulled that sweet brown nipple into her warm lips. She closed her eyes, her tongue laving the sensitive tip, her cheeks slightly hollowing as she suckled.

Steph felt as if she could pass out. Gabrielle’s other hand was playing with her other breast, her fingers running around its sensitive underside, flickering fingers tapping at the swollen side and then gently pinching the sensitive swollen tip.

Steph closed her eyes, lost in the sensation of another woman making love to her. Dreamingly, she felt Gabrielle’s hands run down her body, cupping her firm ass, a finger probing delicately between their plump cheeks. Moaning, she pushed up against the suckling mouth, pushing more breast flesh into those warm lips.

Her pussy felt like it was on fire. Moisture was actually trickling down the inside of her thighs from the swollen folds. Unable to resist, she cupped both Gabrielle’s firm breasts in her hot palms, gently squeezing and releasing, relishing the feel of their soft firmness, the hard tips burning against her hands.

Pulling back, panting, Gabrielle released that sweet luscious breast, loving the look of its bountiful swollen flesh, dark brown tip glistening from her ministrations. Her hand reached down and deftly slipped between the dark girl’s thighs, an experienced finger probing.

Steph groaned as she felt the other woman’s hand between her legs. Opening her thighs, she gave her unfettered egress, sighing as Gabrielle cupped her firmly between her legs, a finger probing between the swollen folds to push into the deep hot engorged wetness of her vagina.

Helpless, she pushed down as Gabrielle pushed first one finger, then two up its swollen folds, feeling her cunt sucking at the welcome intrusion.

Then pulling back, Gabrielle’s clever fingers found and gently, so gently and cleverly, began rubbing the nub of her hard, swollen clit.

“Oh, you darling! You’re so wet!” Gabrielle breathed into her.

Stepping back she pulled her hand up to her own face, breathing in the musky scent of Steph’s arousal, her tongue flicking out to taste the astringent wetness of the other woman’s juice. Then, pulling up her skirt she exposed her own plump mound and narrow hips to Steph’s bemused gaze.

Taking Steph’s hand, Gabrielle tugged it towards her. Unresisting, Steph allowed her hand to be pulled and then placed between the slender thighs. She groaned as she felt the hot wet folds of the other woman’s cunt envelop her fingers.

Gluing her eyes to what she was doing, she slowly, exquisitely explored this unexpected bounty. Gabrielle’s clit, swollen and erect, protruded at least half an inch from between the bright crimson lips of her outer labia. Shaved smooth, the woman’s cunt was slippery and very wet, glistening in the muted light of the change room. Gabrielle whimpered and pushed against Steph’s exploring hand, using her own hand to push Steph’s fingers up the swollen folds of her cunt, then bending her knees, sank down so that two fingers pushed up into her cunt.

She was dripping, clear viscous fluid running in rivulets down the thin thighs.

Pushing up against Steph, Gabrielle trapped Steph’s hands between them, rubbing her clit frantically against the other woman’s hands. Her own hand went down and parting the softly furred lips, gently grasped the sweet swollen clit, flicking and rubbing it.

Steph’s knees buckled. Helplessly, she leaned against the change room wall, her thighs spread as the other woman worked her fingers between her legs, her own hand loving the feel of that big clit and the wet slippery folds.

“I’ve got to taste you,” Gabrielle groaned.

Falling to her knees she pressed her face up against Steph’s hot swollen mound, her tongue flicking then probing between the plump lips. She lapped up the juice, which was running from between Steph’s trembling thighs then spreading those thighs, pushed her face well between, her lips capturing the swollen engorged clit.

Steph almost screamed. The sensation of Gabrielle’s soft tongue lapping between her thighs, the feel of her lips suckling her clit were indescribable. Deep inside, she felt a tugging, a building and a pulling and helplessly, her hips undulated, pushing that sweet pussy against Gabrielle’s greedy mouth. Her hands came up, coated with Gabrielle’s wetness and bringing her fingers to her lips, Steph breathed in the scent of another woman’s arousal. Her own tongue flicked out and tentatively she tasted the other woman’s cunt juice. She groaned as the scent and taste invaded her senses, intoxicating and defeating. She thrust her own fingers in her mouth, suckling the wet tips fiercely.

Then cupping her own heavy breasts, she pulled hard at the aching nipples. Deep within, the tremors began to build, an unbearable pressure deep inside. Suddenly, Steph became aware of the heavy aching at the front of her pudendum and panicking, pulled back from her friend’s sweet tongue.

Gabrielle looked up, her face glazed, set with the copious juice that was dripping from Steph’s sweet aperture.

“What is it sweetie,” she asked, her voice hoarse.

Steph felt bereft. She was so aroused, her breasts actually hurt and yet she couldn’t do that to Gaby – not Gaby. Miserable, she couldn’t help it, the tears began to drip from her eyes.

Gabrielle stood and pulled the smaller woman into her embrace, murmuring soothing, nonsense words, her breath warm against Steph’s tousled hair, Gabrielle’s small breasts hot against her own swollen chest. Pulling back, Gabrielle lifted her chin until the drowning eyes met her blue gaze.

“What is it, sweetheart. Are you not enjoying it? If you hate it, I’ll stop, much as it will kill me. I want you so bad, but I love you, dear heart, I won’t continue if you are unhappy.”

Leaning, she delicately licked the salty tears streaming down Steph’s cheeks.

Horrified that Gaby thought she hated her lovemaking, Steph took a deep breath.

“It’s me – there’s something, well, something, weird about me.” she said shamefaced.

“What darling? You’re so beautiful – so smart and fine and amazing – what could be weird?” Gabrielle asked.

“When I cum.”

Steph stopped, ashamed, thinking of Mario’s reaction – what the reaction would be if anyone knew of her little secret.

“You can tell me, darling, anything .. it won’t disgust me, I promise.”

Steph gathered her courage and looking Gabrielle in the eye, stiffened her spine and said decidedly, “I ejaculate. I know that’s weird – I know it’s gross – I can’t help it. I don’t do it all the time but I am so excited … I feel it, right here.” she indicated the front of her crotch unhappily.

“It’s like it gathers – I know it’s gross.” she repeated, the tears streaming now down her pretty face.

Then unable to face the disgust she knew she would see in that beloved face, she turned away, hiding her streaming eyes.

Soft as a kitten, Gabrielle’s hand came about and began to caress Steph’s soft cheek. Pulling her, first gently, then more insistently, she made Steph look at her.

“That is WONDERFUL! How absolutely lovely! WHY are you so ashamed?”

Gabrielle was perplexed. Her friend seemed so unhappy to have that lovely ability!

“You don’t find it disgusting?” Steph was incredulous.

“It’s not pee – really – but everyone thinks it IS – it grosses Mario out completely.” she offered.

Leaning, Gabrielle caught the sad mouth with her own, showing instead of saying how much aroused, how in love, how much she cared.

Then kneeling once again, she pressed her mouth up against the swollen, aroused lips of Steph’s cunt. Steph cried out as Gabrielle’s firm lips began to suckle and probe. Unbelievably, she felt her fasten her mouth over her swollen clit and urethra.

Unable to help herself, the pulling and ache increasing, Steph cupped her big heavy breasts, pulling and pinching the nipples as her excitement increased, thrusting her lush hips against Gabrielle’s questing mouth, pushing into its warm sucking wetness, the slender tongue lashing and licking. Opening glazed eyes, show looked down at her own hands pulling at her swollen excited breasts to the top of Gabrielle’s blond head and suddenly, like a wave, it hit her.

Groaning, her breath panting and frantic, the orgasm hit. Thrusting her cunt against the probing tongue, Steph pushed her clit hard against Gabrielle’s mouth as she began to spasm. A sudden release as the harsh, deep aching was released and a stream of hot fluid filled Gabrielle’s mouth. Gasping and choking, Gaby fought to swallow as rhythmic contractions pushed a pulsating stream of clear liquid into her eager throat.

Her own cunt felt like it was on fire, and clutching Steph’s shaking thighs she fought to hold on as the girl’s hips spasmed and throbbed against her. Keeping her tongue working busily, gulping and swallowing, Gaby thrust her fingers up into the swollen cunthole, relishing the feel of that sweet prison contracting and sucking at her fingers.

Steph gave out a guttural cry. Her legs trembled, barely able to support her. Slowly, the contractions in her womb and urethra began to lessen, the long sweet pulling not as intense. She felt as if her breasts might burst, as if sweet milk was swelling and gathering inside their warm brown heaviness.

Shaking, she struggled to gain her composure. Looking down she me the hot blue gaze of the women kneeling below her.

Gabrielle’s blond hair was tousled and damp with sweat. Her face was flushed and glistened with the sweet wetness from Steph’s pussy, her lips pink and swollen. Her small firm breasts stuck straight out from her narrow chest, the tips deep red, engorged and swollen. Her smile was gentle as she met Steph’s bemused gaze.

Steph reached down and pulled her up. Reaching, she pulled the other woman’s face toward her, capturing her lips. Gabrielle tasted of her, astringent, familiar and incredibly arousing. She cupped the small breast, squeezing it tightly, pinching the stiff tip between her fingers.

Gabrielle groaned against her mouth.

Still trembling, weak kneed, Steph wanted to give her friend as much pleasure as she had just received. Dropping to her knees, she studied her friend’s narrow hips. That succulent clit was almost obscenely obvious, pushing out from between the swollen, shaved folds of her outer labia. Puffy and glistening, Gabrielle’s arousal was evident.

Taking a deep breath, the remnants of her own orgasm still resonating, Steph leaned forward and tentatively licked that enticing clit. Above her, Gabrielle groaned and clasping the dark head, pushed her crotch into that mouth.

First tentatively and then with more confidence, Steph suckled Gabrielle’s sweet cunt, her tongue laving and suckling the swollen clit, then probing between the lips to push a soft tip up the deep red hole. It wasn’t at all like she had anticipated – in fact it was quite enthralling – sweet, clean and astringent.

Steph felt her own excitement building yet again as for the first time in her life she tasted and sucked another woman. Under her breath, oblivious, Steph moaned, enraptured with the taste and feel. Then shocked, she felt Gabrielle tense, the thin thighs tauten and stiffen and then, with a long, undulating cry, Gabrielle pushed her cunt onto Steph’s tongue.

Against her mouth, Steph felt the other woman’s contractions and then, deliciously, she literally felt wetness drooling down her working mouth. Eagerly, she swallowed, lapping up any residue and sweeping her tongue between the swollen folds.

Both women trembled, and Gabrielle’s legs refused to support her. Sinking to her knees, she leaned back, stretching her legs out in front, resting her trembling back against the cool mirror. Opening glazed eyes, she reached and gathered up the smaller woman in a tight embrace. Holding her close, Steph’s long ebony hair spilling across her arm, she leaned and captured the glistening lips in an intimate, grateful and passionate kiss. Delicately, their juices mingling and mixing, the two women shared their joy.

Gabrielle rocked her gently in her arms, relishing the feel of the small compact body, the lush ass and still damp crotch against her legs.

It was a minute or an hour later, that Steph started to come out of her half doze. Looking around hazily, her head heavy against Gabrielle’s neck, she suddenly stiffened.

“Gaby! We’re in your change room – what if someone comes in?” she asked horrified.

“Don’t’ worry, don’t worry, little one. I locked the door and put the closed sign up.”

Steph relaxed, then reluctantly, looked at the watch that still adorned her wrist. Unhappily, she turned to Gabrielle and kissed her again, then regretfully: “I have to go – Mario will be home around 6 and I need to make dinner.”

Gabrielle looked at her.

“We have to talk, you know that.” she said seriously.

Steph avoided her eyes for a moment then nodded miserably – “I know, but give me time, let me take this in first.”

Twenty minutes later, dressed, her face still flushed, Steph left Intimates, knowing in her heart she would be facing some major decisions over the next while.

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