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The New Boss Ch. 02

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I sat at my work desk, finished checking my hand written note, then re-read it again one last time. ‘Pick me up as soon as you can after work on Friday, we will stop for dinner on the drive down. I have organised all food and drink. Underwear is forbidden. Wear nothing else but a one-piece outfit that buttons or zips right down the front.

Bring all your toys and a desire to obey. Absolutely no masturbation or playing for the rest of the week. Ring me tonight if you have any questions. Shred this before I leave your office.’

Happy with the wording I placed the sheet in a folder with some other papers and walked through to the office of Rita, the personal assistant of Christine Smale, the recently appointed General Manager of our toy distribution company.

“Is Chris available for a couple of minutes Rita?” I asked. “I have some figures she asked to see.”

“Yes come through Simon,” Chris called to me through the open doorway.

“Go right in Simon.” Rita grinned.

I smiled my thanks and walked into Chris’ office as she waved me to close the door. She surprised me with a new short sexy haircut that reminded me of Sharon Stone at her sexiest.

“Good morning Chris, “I’m sure these figures will interest you, they look very promising.” I said as I closed the door before laying the papers out on her desk and pointing to the top sheet. “Your new haircut looks very nice, it suits you to have it short.”

“Thank you Simon, oh.” Chris smiled but in stopped mid-sentence as she saw my hand written note.

As Chris read I looked closely at the wonderful girl with whom I was going away the following weekend. Not for the first time I marveled at how lucky I was to have met such a sexy and kinky lady, who was also an excellent manager. I knew well the luscious body with the large breasts and shaven pussy hiding under the prim business suit and I couldn’t wait to have her under my control for two full days.

“That looks excellent.” Chris said as she scribbled some words on the bottom of my sheet.

My sexy boss grinned as she turned the sheet for me to read ‘Yes Sir! Can’t wait, I’m permanently wet!’ and when I nodded she shredded the note as per my instruction.

I moved around to stand beside Chris in her chair as she perused the inventory figures on the desk. A shiver ran through her body as I placed a hand on the back of her neck.

“The collar goes here.” I whispered very quietly as I gently rubbed the smooth skin.

A soft moan escaped my boss’ lips as she looked up at me and placed a finger between her red lips, moving it in and out in a very suggestive fashion.

“Tsk, tsk, naughty girl.” I whispered before moving away and standing on the opposite side of the desk.

I removed a small black notebook from a pocket and jotted some notes and when Chris poked her tongue at me I scribbled a couple more lines.

We grinned conspiratorially at each other then tried to look businesslike as Rita knocked, opened the office door and said, “Excuse me Chris, but Darren and the new clients have just gone into the boardroom. They are about five minutes early but I’d thought you would want to know.”

“Yes, great thanks Rita.” Chris said, rising quickly to her feet as Rita returned to her office. “I’ll check those figures later Simon and call you with any queries.”

“Fine, thanks Chris, oh just quickly, would you mind if I left an hour early on Friday? I’m going away fishing with a friend for the weekend.”

“No problem Simon, you have worked many extra hours, enjoy your weekend.”

“Thanks Chris, I’ll get out of your way.” I winked at her and mouthed ‘good luck’ before returning to my office.

I was late getting home that day after collecting some fun toys from the city’s leather gear shop. As I opened the front door of my home I heard Chris’ voice leaving a recorded message on my telephone set. I rushed to speak to her but she hung up just before I picked up the hand-piece.

Cursing my luck I pressed the play button to hear Chris say in sexy Mae West type voice, ‘Hey big boy, I mean sexy Simon sir, you’re not at home? Fuck! Oh hell I guess me using the F word puts another note in your little black book. I’m so horny Sir, can’t wait for my training to begin. Underwear not allowed; oh orders like that make me so wet, fucking hell, how will I sleep tonight without a play? My mouth, arse and cunt are yours Sir to use as you wish.’ Chris giggled and paused before continuing in her real voice. ‘Now just between you and me sweetie, Darren and I signed up the new client today so big changes loom at work. I will talk to you tomorrow and the MD will confirm your promotion at a staff meeting on Friday morning. Ok love you sexy Sir, see you tomorrow, kisses on the stiff bit.’

I laughed at her farewell words before erasing the tape and eating some dinner prior to checking the leather gear and attending to some packing for the weekend.

The following day I spent well over an hour in Chris’ office discussing my forthcoming promotion to Assistant Manager. Chris’ professionalism showed as not one word of the coming weekend was mentioned while we deliberated over the future plans for the company. I was delighted with the salary and perks package offered to me and assured Chris that she would not be disappointed in my work. A trip to our interstate distributors with Chris was planned for two months time after I had settled into my new position.

When our meeting concluded Chris came around from behind my desk and gave me a big hug as she whispered, “Two more days big boy, mmmmmmmm.”

A squeeze of my cock, a quick kiss and a cheeky grin ended our time together and as I wiped some lipstick off my lips Chris opened her office door.

Rita watched as Chris and I shook hands and my sexy boss said, “Congratulations Simon, I’m sure we will make a great team, but please keep the news quiet until tomorrow.”

“Of course Chris and thanks again.” I replied as I smiled at Rita and returned to my office to think over Chris’ plans for the future.

The General Manager announced the company’s new contract and my promotion to Assistant Manager at a senior staff meeting in the boardroom on Friday morning. I copped the inevitable dirty looks from William and Ben, the employees who were senior to me. But I wasn’t concerned about the reaction of the ‘flowerpot men’ as all the other employees gave me genuine congratulations. The day passed quickly with a series of meetings and then I left early as planned for my ‘fishing’ weekend. I made another quick trip to the leather shop on my way home and then filled in the time before Chris arrived by packing the food and drink and ensuring all was ready for the weekend.

To my surprise I heard the sound of Chris’ car in the driveway earlier than expected at 5.45pm. As I opened the front door my sexy friend came running inside and threw her arms around me.

After a long deep kiss Chris said, “Oh Simon, it’s been such a busy week, I really need to give up control for a couple of days.”

“And so you shall my dear Christine.” I said as I held her at arm length and admired the simple floral outfit with the front buttons as instructed. “Very nice, you have dressed well.”

“Thank you Sir.” Chris smiled and curtsied as she looked down at her dress. “I would have preferred one that had just the thorns and not the roses, but I had to settle for this.”

I laughed and played with her nipples through the thin material. “No bra too, good girl. Do I need to check for panties?”

Chris answered by lifting the front of the dress to display her smooth hairless pussy. “I got up early this morning to shave specially for you.”

“Good girl.” I said as I reached for a gift-wrapped parcel on the hall table and gave it to Chris. “For my naughty girl, you may open it now.”

“For me? Oh thank you kind Sir.” Chris smiled as she ripped open the patterned paper to reveal a leather collar in a small open box. “Oh Simon, it’s beautiful.”

My beautiful boss’ shaking fingers explored the smooth red leather with the black felt lining and as she turned the collar over she saw the small engraved plate with the words ‘Naughty Girl’. To my surprise she fell to her knees and offered me the collar that I accepted and buckled it into place around her lovely neck.

Tears welled in Chris’ eyes as she said, “Oh Simon it’s beautiful and it feels so sexy, so, ummm so right.”

“It really suits you.” I assisted Chris to her feet, we kissed again and I wiped the tears away. “Ok darling, let’s get going, the sooner we get there the better.”

Chris helped me carry the bags and food to the car and after we loaded everything she passed me the car keys and said, “I’m all yours Simon, treat me safely and sanely and you have my full consent.”

“Nice words naughty girl,” I said as we settled into our seats. “The safe words are as before, amber and red. You gave your parents the address of where we are going?”

“Yes I did, and thank you for thinking of that. I can assure you that if I’m not home safe and sound Sunday night and not answering my mobile phone they will contact the local police poste haste.”

As Chris clicked her safety belt into place I took a pair of wrap-around sunglasses from my shirt pocket and instructed, “Put these on and keep them on until I say so.”

“But it will be dark soon, I won’t need sunglasses.” Chris protested.

I sighed and pulled the little black book from my pants pocket.

“Oh shit, I’m sorry Simon Sir.” Chris said as she grabbed the sunglasses from my hand and put them over her eyes. “Hey I can’t see anything, it’s all black!”

“Really? What a surprise!” I said as I started the car and reversed it from the driveway. “And guess what my sexy subbie?”

“Ah what?” Chris said doubtfully.

“You will remain silent for the next hour.”

“You must be fucking joking, owwwww!” Chris’ protest stopped as I slapped her thigh. “Ok ok, you’re the boss, Sir.”

I grinned as I gunned the lovely BMW up the street as my pouting boss and I headed for our weekend cabin near Wilson’s Promontory. I could sense that Chris was fuming in silence as I cruised at the speed limit down the freeway and out into the countryside. She was totally surprised to be out of control this early on our trip and the folded arms across her chest gave away her state of mind. As the kilometers passed by Chris slowly calmed and after fifty minutes her hands were relaxed in her lap.

My timing was perfect as just after an hour’s driving I slowed and turned the car into a roadside stop where I knew the café sold tasty meals. I switched off the ignition, turned in my seat and gazed at my sexy companion. I reached out and removed the blacked-out sunglasses while Chris sat and looked straight ahead through the windscreen.

“Time’s up, you may speak now.”

“Thank you.” Chris’ reply was short and to the point although a few seconds later she added, “Sir.”

“Silence doesn’t come easily to you does it?” I asked calmly.

“No Sir.”

“Put your hands on your head.”

“Yes Sir.” Chris muttered as she slowly obeyed my instruction.

I reached over and grasped her upper arms as if placing them in a certain position, then suddenly slipped my fingers into her armpits and started tickling like crazy.

Chris reaction was instantaneous as she shrieked. “No Simon, don’t, ha ha ha, I’m so ticklish, ohhhhhh ha ha ha, stop pleeease.”

I stopped tickling, pulled Chris closer to me and our lips met in a long deep sensual kiss.

As we parted I asked again, “Silence doesn’t come easily to you does it?”

“No it doesn’t Simon and you know it.” Chris giggled and grinned at me. “You bugger, I’ve been so wound up all week and all I wanted to do was talk to you and you made me be quiet, for a whole hour!”

“Come on let’s eat and you can talk all you like about work until we get back in the car.”

Chris gave me a dirty look and poked her tongue out so I made another note in the little black book and hopped out of the car. Chris quickly joined me and we held hands as we walked across the car park to the café where we had a tasty late dinner and discussed all the changes at work. The red collar around my subbie’s neck attracted some strange looks from fellow diners but Chris seemed oblivious to the attention.

“Ok, no more work talk for the rest of the weekend.” I said as we settled back in the car.

“Yes Sir!” Chris saluted as she reached for the sunglasses and slipped them on.

I loosened a couple of upper buttons on her dress and she grinned and then moaned as I slipped a hand in to play with her breasts. As I pulled and twisted her hard nipples my free hand pulled a set of light nipple clamps from my pants pocket. Chris yelped as I placed a clamp on each nipple and then refastened the dress.

As I started the car I told her, “You can take the glasses off sweetie but the clamps stay on until the two hundred kilometer sign.”

“Oh god, only another ninety-five to go.” Chris moaned as we pulled out onto the highway and passed a sign.

“Remember the safe words.”

“Amber,” Chris giggled as she removed the sunglasses. “Sorry Sir, only joking, may I talk?”

“Of course you may, so tell me my sweet, have you ever played golf?”

“Golf? The topic is golf?” Chris asked incredulously. “My pussy is dripping and you want to talk golf?”

“Yes the topic is golf.” I replied, “And don’t be too cheeky, I already have a lot of notes in my black book.”

Chris sighed with resignation as she realised that I was controlling the conversation. She did her best to contribute to topics on sport, music; food, politics and travel while the pain from the nipple clamps continually interrupted her concentration. The kilometers flew by and I thought that Chris must have had her eyes closed as we flashed by the two hundred kilometers advisory sign. We passed the signs at five-kilometer intervals and I knew that Chris had seen them but she didn’t mention the clamps. Finally the large sign directing us to Wilson’s Promontory loomed in the headlights and I slowed the car and turned right onto the minor road.

“What’s wrong, why are we stopping?” Chris asked as I stopped the car, switched on the interior light and unclipped her safety belt.

“Because I want to take these off.” I replied as I opened the front of her dress.

“Owwwww,” Chris winced as I eased a clamp off each nipple. “I could have put up with them a bit longer.”

“Brave girl.” I said as I leant over and kissed each nipple. “The weekend is but a pup my dear.”

I unbuttoned Chris’ dress from her neck to waist, opened the front to completely bare her beautiful breasts and clipped the seat belt back into position. Then I checked the map to get the turns in my mind, switched off the interior light and gunned the car towards our cabin.

“Free speech my sweet, the topics are all yours.”

Chris’ reply was to place her hand on my thigh and gaze out the windscreen. In silence she watched the road ahead as the BMW’s bright spotlights showed the corners of the country road. The kilometers rolled by and as Chris maintained her silence I began to wonder if she was having second thoughts about the weekend. I was able to glance across and look at her face as I slowed the car to pass through the small town of Fish Creek. Chris’s expressionless straight-ahead gaze gave me no clue to her emotions at that time and my worried thoughts grew stronger. Nearly twenty minutes later I saw the advertising sign to the cabins and slowed the car as I found and turned into the gravel track. Slowly I proceeded down the track until I saw the small sign directing us to cabin number three, our home for the next two nights and days. Fifty meters down the track the headlights lit up the small timber cabin surrounded by neat lawns and flowerbeds.

I stopped the car next to the steps up to the verandah, turned off the ignition and turned to speak to Chris who had not shifted in her seat.

“Are you ok honey?” I asked.

Chris turned with a serious expression and looked me directly in the eyes. “To be honest Simon,” She said slowly and paused, “I’ve never been more excited or turned on in my life, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!” Chris burst out laughing. “Gotcha babe, I knew my silence would get to you. Two can play the silence game you know!”

My look of concern turned to understanding as I too burst out laughing. “Damn smart woman, I thought you turned submissive when the sun went down?”

Chris leant across and kissed me. “I’m all yours when we walk through the front door babe. Come on, it looks lovely and I need your cock so bad.”

“Grrrrrrrr you naughty girl, get inside, NOW!”

“Yes Sir!” Chris grinned and jumped from the car.

I found the key in the hiding place as described by the owners and we soon had the car unloaded and everything inside the cozy cabin. Chris ran gleefully around the large bed-sitting room, her bare breasts bouncing as she explored the kitchen area and the bathroom.

“Oh I love it Simon,” Chris cried loudly as she bounced onto the bed. “Can we use the hot tub tomorrow please Sir?’

“Of course we can naughty girl, come over here, now.”

“Ohhhh yes Sir!” Chris quickly jumped from the bed to stand in front of me.

“See that corner over there?” I asked as I pointed with a finger.

“Ah, yes Sir.” Chris replied uneasily.

“Go stand in it, face to the wall, and don’t turn around until I tell you.”

Chris wrinkled her nose in annoyance but followed my instruction and walked slowly over to stand in the corner.

I grabbed my overnight bag and unpacked some of the toys into a drawer beside the bed. After checking to see that Chris was not watching I searched her bags and found two vibrators, a long flexible dildo and the inevitable butt plug. I added them to the drawer with my toys, stripped off all my clothes and walked over to stand right behind my lovely companion.

“Ready to obey naughty girl?” I asked quietly as I placed my hands on her shoulders and started to lift her dress off over her head.

“Pllleeeeeaasse.” Chris moaned as she raised her arms to assist the removal of her floral covering.

I threw her dress aside and as Chris lowered her arms I grabbed her wrists and placed them behind her back. She moaned loudly as I tied her wrists together with a length of silk rope. Next I turned my sexy boss around and watched her eyes flash with excitement when she saw I was nude. She licked her lips in anticipation as I led her across to stand on the carpet next to the bed. Another low moan escaped her lips as I pushed her down on her knees and thrust my cock at her open mouth. Chris’ tongue flashed out and licked the pre cum from the tip as I grabbed a handful of her blonde hair and thrust my cock between her lips. I set the pace and moved her head back and forward as her lips sucked hungrily on my cock. I loved the feeling of power and control as I looked down at my obedient cock-sucking boss.

To Chris’ surprise I pulled her head back and my erection plopped from her mouth. She yelped with pain and shock as I pulled her back to her feet without letting go of her hair. With my lover’s arms still secured I turned her around and pushed her face down on the bed. She wriggled and tried to stand but I held her down as I pushed my cock between her legs where it slid easily into her very damp pussy.

“Yeeeeeeeeeessssss fuck me!”

I grinned at the words as I push my penis fully into Chris’ vagina and stayed motionless for a short time allowing both of us to experience the different feelings. Slowly I withdrew and then pushed back in again to the hilt, setting the pace as I gradually increased the rhythm. I thrust back and forward as I used my boss’ sexy body for our mutual pleasure. Naturally it wasn’t long before we both reached a shattering climax, my cum rushing into her pussy before I collapsed panting onto the sheets.

I reached across and released her wrists from the silk tie as I panted, “Clean me up, touch me only with your mouth and tongue.”

Chris groaned as she pushed herself up and scrambled into position, kneeling beside me on the large bed. My obedient naughty girl positioned her mouth directly over my limp cock that glistened with her own juices and my cum. The tip of her tongue licked around my knob and up and down the length as she savoured the much-loved taste. I watched Chris’ cheeks moving in and out as she lovingly sucked all my cock into her mouth. Once again my hand went to her head and held her in position with her nose pressed up against my belly. She managed to turn her head a little and as our eyes met she winked to convey how much she loved that position. I let go of her head and she playfully licked up and down my cock a few more times before looking at me with raised eyebrows as she sought my approval. I nodded my appreciation, spread my arms out and Chris flopped down beside me as we hugged tightly.

After a period of recovery as we regained our breath Chris said quietly, “Simon, I’ve never been tied before.”

“A total loss of control for you sweetie, are you ok?”

“Ok? It was ahhhhhh, amazing, just so exciting.” Exultation showed in Chris’ voice. “And when you shoved me on the bed and screwed me like that, oh wow, it was fucking wonderful Simon, I mean Sir. It felt like you were using me for your pleasure, and that thought nearly made me cum.”

“I enjoyed it too my little subbie.”

Chris raised her head from my chest, looked into my eyes and said, “Call me that again.”

“Say please Christine.” I said with a grin.

“Please call me that again Sir.” She said seriously.

“You were wonderful my little subbie. You like those words?”

“Please call me that for the rest of the weekend, even when we’re not playing. I love submitting to you Simon and it’s exciting to be called your little subbie.” Chris paused and looked serious once again. “But never ever, not once will you use that term at work.”

“I would never do that at work, not even when we are alone.” I said as I smacked her once on the bum. “Ok, I feel like a shower before we sleep, it’s been a long day. You will wash and dry me my lil subbie.”

“Ohhhh yes Sir.” Chris kissed me then jumped off the bed and raced to the bathroom. A second later she came bouncing out again and grinned at me as she unbuckled the collar from around her neck. She placed it carefully on a pillow and then happily skipped the few steps back to the bathroom.

I followed slowly and together we enjoyed a long warm shower as my subbie’s soapy hands washed every inch of my body. I watched as she quickly washed her sexy figure, then she dried us both with a large soft towel and we returned to the bedroom.

“Anything else I can do for you Sir?” Chris asked with a smile.

As I lay down on the bed my subbie lifted the collar off the pillow and passed it to me.

I placed the collar around her neck and buckled it back into position before lying down on my side. “Just a goodnight kiss then snuggle in here my lil subbie.”

“I love being here with you Simon, sleep well my Master.” Chris said as she kissed me tenderly, turned off the lamp and snuggled her back in against me.

“Goodnight my lil subbie.” I whispered as I kissed her neck, pulled the covers over us and put a protective arm around my wonderful friend. “Sleep as long as you like.”

I awoke the next morning to the sound of Chris preparing breakfast in the kitchen area. The rattle of cutlery, cups and plates and the aroma of bacon were mixed with the sound of my subbie humming happily.

Suddenly she raced into the bedroom with an excited expression. “Oh good you’re awake. Simon come and look at what’s outside. Come quickly.”

She pulled the covers off me and grabbed a hand to help drag me off the bed. I stumbled after her into the kitchen and over to the window overlooking the garden.

“Look, aren’t they just beautiful? I didn’t expect to see anything like that.”

I looked down on three adult kangaroos and a baby joey lying on the grass in the warm morning sunshine.

“They must have come over from Wilson’s Promontory National Park.” I said. “I bet they get scraps of food from the cabins.”

“Can you see many animals there?” Chris asked as we stood with arms around each other.

“Of course my lil subbie, kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, goannas, lizards, an amazing amount of bird life and of course lots of snakes as well as great walks and beaches. I’ll take you there sometime, but not this weekend.”

“Ewwww, snakes, the only snake I’m interested in is this one with one eye.” Chris grinned as she reached down and fondled my cock “Whoa, I must rescue the bacon.”

I relieved myself and washed in the bathroom while Chris completed the breakfast preparations. We sat opposite each other at the small table and made small talk while we ate the delicious breakfast. There was some tension in the small cabin as Chris wondered what evil ideas I had for the exploration of her submissive traits. Although I had purchased the toys and equipment I had not planned any specific order or time for our playing. After we had finished eating and washed the dishes Chris excused herself and spent some time in the bathroom.

I slipped on a pair of shorts and sat in a lounge chair pretending to read my little black book as Chris returned to the living area. She had brushed her hair and applied bright red lipstick to her lips. Wearing only the leather collar my subbie glanced at the book then lowered her eyes and knelt on the floor at my feet.

I took a coin from my shorts pocket and said, “Heads or tails my lil subbie?”

“Heads or tails Sir?” Chris asked as she looked at the coin.

“Heads you use your head, tails I use your tail.”

“Seems to me I win both ways Sir.” Chris answered with a smile.

“Indeed you do.” I replied as I spun the coin high in the air.

The coin bounced on the carpet and Chris called, “It’s tails Sir.”

“Crawl over to the bed and find what I have hidden under the pillow. Bring it back between your teeth.” I instructed.

“Yes Sir.” Chris replied with a sigh as she turned somewhat reluctantly and crawled across the floor to the bed.

A shiver ran through her body as she pushed the pillow aside and discovered the promised butt plug with the tail of thin leather strips. Carefully she grasped the plug between her teeth and crawled back over to present me with her prize.

“Good girl.” I said as I patted Chris’ head and took the plug from her mouth. “Turn around and face away from me.”

With a moan of expectancy my obedient subbie turned around and wiggled her lovely arse in my direction. She shivered again as I played the end of the leather tail across her firm white cheeks and up and down her back. Until that moment Chris had not realised that the tail served a dual purpose, it was an excellent flogger in addition to its prime function as a butt plug/puppy’s tail.

Without warning I raised the plug in the air and cracked the leather strips firmly across her bum. My subbie yelped with surprise but held her position as she tensed in readiness for the next swipe. The thin strips cracked again leaving light red marks on the white skin. I stood and swished the flogger firmly from side to side as each stinging hit brought an exclamation from my lovely subbie. I was surprised at her ability to absorb the pain of each stroke while stoically maintaining her position on hands and knees.

“Roll over onto your back and spread your arms and legs wide apart.” I instructed after administering ten cracks of the flogger on each buttock.

Chris quickly obeyed my instruction and moaned as her hot arse cheeks touched the floor. She looked up at me with excitement shining in her eyes as I straddled her with my feet either side of her hips. I lowered my arm until the leather tips of the flogger were just touching her large breasts and commenced swinging them softly from side to side.

“Oh Simon Sir, I never thought of this. Ohhhhhhhh God that is sooooo good, a bit harder please.”

I nodded and said, “Remember the safe words my lil subbie,” as I put a little more muscle into the swings.

Chris was wincing and sometimes yelping as the stinging leather strips left pinkish stripes over her wonderful breasts. Her body was twitching at each hit but there was still no sign that my subbie was nearing her pain limit. Treading carefully I moved to stand beside Chris’ sexy body and after a couple of final swings across her breasts I played the leather tips across her smooth shapely thighs.

Our eyes met and Chris nodded her acceptance of my unspoken request to continue using the flogger. With extra careful aim I swung the leather strips firmly against the soft skin of her inner right thigh. As I raised the flogger again I glanced to see my lover’s face screwed up as a loud groan escaped through her gritted teeth. Five strokes on the inside of each thigh were enough to bring the first call of “amber” from my wonderful subbie.

Wondering whether I was making the right move I brushed the tips of the leather strips over Chris’ glistening vaginal lips causing her eyes to open instantly as she looked at me with an expression of shock.

I held up two fingers for her to see and said, “Cum for me on the second stroke.”

My gutsy friend again nodded then waited expectantly with closed her eyes and screwed up face. Resisting the temptation to pause and increase the tension I moved the leather strips back between Chris legs and flicked the tips firmly against her labia.

“Yahhhhhhhhh!” Chris cried out as her body jumped and her hands moved automatically to protect her pussy. To her credit she forced her arms out wide again and tensed her body for the final stroke.

“Cum my little subbie!” I cried as I flicked her pussy for the final time.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Chris yelled loudly as the powerful orgasm arched her body off the floor.

I stepped away watching in awe as my subbie moaned continuously as her perspiring body juddered and convulsed uncontrollably. The mighty climax slowly subsided but miniature orgasms seemed to continue to flow as she gulped in air while gasping words that would have shocked her parents. When I thought that Chris had calmed sufficiently I pushed my shorts to the floor and knelt between her legs with my erection inches from her shaven pussy.

“Fuck me!” Chris gasped.

I moved forward and pushed my cock deep into my subbie’s very moist vagina. Using the flogger on Chris’ sexy figure had been an amazing experience for me. I was very turned on and it wasn’t long before I was rhythmically fucking her hard and fast. Chris’ breasts were bouncing uncontrollably as my cock pounded in and out of her pussy. Naturally it didn’t take long before I thrust hard and orgasmed deep inside my subbie’s vagina. I stayed in position squeezing Chris’ breasts as wonderful feelings vibrated through my body and her figure shook with another powerful climax. I pulled my cock out and sat back on my heels as I watched Chris collapse back onto the floor.

Chris open her eyes, smiled weakly and managed to pant, “Drink please.”

I jumped to my feet and staggered the short distance to the kitchen where I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge. Back in the main room I held the bottle while Chris gulped and coughed down some of the refreshing fluid. When my subbie had partly recovered I helped her to her feet and assisted her to lie on the bed. I grabbed a towel from the bathroom and wiped the perspiration from Chris’ face and upper body while I sat beside her on the sheets.

“When you feel up to moving we will go and relax in the tub.”

“Sounds great but won’t the water will be cold?” Chris panted.

“I switched it on when you were in the bathroom after breakfast.” I explained. “The owner said the heaters were new and worked quickly.”

“Wonderful, after all that I need to relax for a while.” Chris took hold of my right arm. “Help me out there please Simon.”

“I’ll just take this off first.” I said as I unbuckled the collar.

Chris smiled feebly as I assisted her off the bed and out through the sliding doors to the hot tub set into the paved patio. The water temperature was still a fraction cool but sufficiently warm enough for us to enjoy. After helping Chris into the tub I eased myself carefully in beside my tired subbie and supported her while she laid back and floated in the warm tub. She looked so sexy as she lay in my arms with her eyes closed, her deep breathing causing her large breasts to rise and fall like floaties supporting a child in a pool.

“Thank you so much, you are so good to me Simon.” Chris said unexpectedly.

“No thanks needed my sweet lil subbie.” I said as I kissed her salty lips.

Chris opened her eyes, smiled at me and suddenly wriggled out of my arms to stand and hug me tight. “Can we talk Mr. Special Man?”

“Of course we can talk.” I said as I moved over to one of the spa’s underwater seats where I sat and perched Chris on my lap where she cuddled in with her head on my shoulder. “Something’s not quite right is it? Talk to me honey.”

Chris nodded and I waited while she searched for the right words. “It’s the puppy stuff darling. I know I said it was a fantasy and that was true, but when you ordered me to crawl across the floor and bring the plug back in my teeth I felt, ummmm, degraded.”

“Humiliated?” I asked.

“Yes, something like that. I know it probably sounds silly because I absolutely loved being whipped and when you fucked me, well you know how I love you to use me like that.”

I kissed her again and said, “My darling lil subbie, I don’t question your feelings. Your submission is a very personal thing and I feel privileged to be part of it. I’ve had fantasies that didn’t work out when I tried them for real so I know how you feel.”

Chris looked up at me in shock. “You have Simon? Tell me about them. Oh you’re blushing!”

“No, no, it’s the warm water.” I blustered.

“It’s not the water temperature is it?” Chris’ seriousness had suddenly disappeared, as had been my intention. “Tell me pleeeaassseeee Simon.”

“Some other time, I promise. This weekend is about you baby and any further puppy play is out, so don’t worry.”

“Thank you for understanding darling,” Chris giggled like a schoolgirl. “You can still use my butt plug, if you want to, Sir.”

“I’d actually planned to put something else up there.” I said with an evil grin. “But right now, how about I switch on the bubbles?”

“Bubbles, ohhhhhhh yes!” Chris grinned as she threw her arms around my neck and we kissed deeply. “I think I love you Simon, Sir.”

I held Chris at arms’ length and we looked at each other in shock at her last words.

Chris just grinned, shrugged her shoulders and said, “Well it’s true and I don’t care if it makes things difficult at work. I’m falling for you Simon and I think you feel the same about me.”

“I’ve been trying to stay professional and keep my feelings under control but you make it too hard, ah I mean difficult.” I reached out and pulled Chris back into my arms. “Yes Christine Smale, my beautiful lil subbie, boss and lover, I’ve fallen for you too, and in a big way.”

We stood hugging and kissing in the warm water of the spa, oblivious to the world around us until suddenly we heard the sound of car doors slamming.

“Are you there Simon?” A man’s voice called as a he knocked on the cabin’s front door.

“Shit we forgot the towels!” I said.

“Oh God, you can get out.” Chris laughed as she bent her knees until only her head was showing above the water.

“Shhhhh stay quiet, it must be the owner, he might go away.” I whispered.

We stayed quiet but we could hear footsteps approaching around the cabin on the gravel path. Fortunately the path was lower than the patio and they could not see into the water as they rounded the corner of the cabin.

“Ah there you are!” The male half of a middle-aged couple said as he saw us in the tub. “I’m Maurie and this is my wife Hazel, we just dropped in to collect our money.”

“Hello Maurie and Hazel, I’m Simon and this is my friend Christine.” I replied. “Nice to meet you but I’m afraid you’ve caught us at a bad time. Can we drop the cheque into your house later this afternoon?”

Maurie started up the steps onto the patio and caught a glimpse of Chris’ bare breasts just below the water line.

“Ohhh I see.” Maurie said as he stopped on the steps and gazed directly at the best pair of tits he had seen in a long time. His eyes stayed directly on Chris’ breasts as he turned around and stopped his wife from coming any further. “Sorry to disturb you, come on dear, we’ll go to number four and get their money.”

As Hazel turned her back Chris straightened her legs and stood, smiling sweetly at Maurie as she gave him an eyeful of her breasts. The cabins’ owner turned bright red, stumbled down the steps and quickly followed his wife back to their car. We could hear them whispering to each other as their footsteps faded away on the gravel path.

When the car doors slammed Chris and I burst out laughing as we hugged in the warm water.

“You naughty girl, flashing your tits like that at poor old Maurie, I will have to spank you for that indiscretion.”

“I’m sorry Simon, I couldn’t resist it.” Chris laughed. “My god, Hazel won’t know what’s hit her tonight, I know what Maurie will be thinking about while he pounds away.” Chris smiled sweetly and added, “And as for the spanking, mmmmmmm, yes, I deserve it Sir. Now what happened to those bubbles?”

I found the controls and switched on the air jets for the bubbles. Chris and I had a wonderful time carrying on like two love-struck teenagers as we hugged, kissed and touched each other in the bubbling water. As lunchtime drew close we clambered out of the spa and air-dried our bodies in the warm late summer sunshine.

It was cooler inside the cabin and we donned our towelling robes while we prepared and ate some delicious salad sandwiches for lunch. We discussed Chris’ reactions to the flogger and she confirmed that she wanted further exploration of the ‘pain for pleasure’ aspect of BDSM. I made sure that she was emotionally comfortable with the submissive side of her nature and again assured her that it was ok to say no to the doggie training or anything else that she didn’t like.

“Just because you have a submissive side to your nature doesn’t mean that you are a brainless twit.” I said firmly as we held hands across the small table. “I know how clever you are so just relax and enjoy our weekend my lil subbie, ok?”

Chris smiled and blinked back a few tears. “Simon, you make me feel so good about myself. I know I come across as confident at work and for the most part I am, but I do have times of doubt and you make me feel so positive, thank you darling.”

“We are great for each other my subbie but enough talk, do you feel like some more play?”

Chris’ answer was to stand, walk around the table and throw her arms around me in a giant hug. She whispered “I’m your subbie and I love you”, then stepped back, dropped her robe and knelt submissively on the polished timber floor.

I assisted my sexy lover to her feet and led her to the main room to sit on the side of the bed. She watched with wondering eyes as I piled some pillows in the centre of the bed and covered them with a towel. Chris’ eyes opened wider when I took four leather cuffs from the drawer beside the bed and placed them on the bed beside her. Small shivers of excitement ran through Chris’ figure as I strapped the cuffs to her wrists and ankles and then assisted her to lie face down over the pillows. Four lengths of cord secured her wrists and ankles to the corners of the bed and my subbie was well and truly ready for whatever I desired. I grabbed some toys from the drawer and knelt on the bed between Chris’ wide spread legs.

My first selection was a pair of fur-covered gloves that I knew would feel great against my sexy subbie’s skin. I placed the gloves lightly over Chris’ ankles and moved them slowly up her legs, over the firm buttocks and up her spine to the shoulders. Chris moaned with pleasure as I caressed the fur sensually up and down her body. I could feel and see her relax onto the pillows as the luxurious stroking had the desired effect. For over ten minutes I continued the erotic movements as Chris lay with her eyes closed and purred with pleasure. The fur gloves were removed and replaced with one thin latex glove on my right hand. Chris jumped as I squirted some cold lubricating jell on her arse hole and ran a slippery finger up and down the crack separating her lovely buttocks.

“Oh God, you know how I love this.” Chris moaned.

I pushed firmly against the puckered opening as Chris relaxed her sphincter muscle to allow my finger easy access. Gently and sensuously I moved my twisting finger in and out, adding more lubricant for the coming fun. I pulled the finger out and my subbie gave a moan of frustration when she heard the removal of the latex glove from my hand. That sound soon changed to a grunt of approval when I pushed a new large vibrator into her wet pussy and turned it onto low setting. My plan had been to use a smaller vibrator in Chris’ arse but all the play had revived my cock. It was hard and ready as I smoothed lubricant along its length and both of us shivered with excitement as I pushed the tip of my cock against her waiting rosebud.

“Fuck my arse Sir!” Chris cried as she automatically relaxed her sphincter and my cock slid slowly into the tightness of her rectum. “Yeeeeesssssssssssssssss!”

I was acutely aware of the buzzing of the vibrator in her pussy so close to my shaft as I stopped with my cock fully inside my lover’s arse. I gulped in some deep breaths as I reached under and increased the pulsing of the battery-powered dildo.

“Oh shit!” Chris and I called out in unison at the amazing sensations that suddenly hit our bodies.

I knew that with the extra stimulation I would not last long so I quickly dispensed with my plans for a long slow arse fuck. Chris cried out again as I rammed my cock in and out as the vibrator buzzed away in her pussy. Since losing my virginity I had never experienced such powerful sensations as those now resonating through my body. Perspiration was dripping from my face onto Chris’ back as I fucked her arse and before long I yelled loudly as I shuddered with a powerful orgasm. As I pulled out my cock and collapsed down onto the bed in a quivering heap I somehow managed to turn the vibrator onto its highest setting. Chris screamed as a wonderful climax shuddered through her body as her arms and legs jerked against the securing ropes. I lay watching my amazing subbie as I gasped for air on the damp sheets.

“Red Simon, red, turn it off!” Chris cried as another mighty orgasm hit her straining figure.

I quickly reached back between her legs, twisted the control to the off position and pulled the vibrator from her body. I summoned some more energy and managed to unbuckle the cuffs from Chris’ ankles and wrists before I slumped back down on the bed. Our panting was the only sound that could be heard for maybe ten minutes before Chris pulled the pillows our from under her and snuggled in beside me.

“Any water?” My subbie gasped.

Chris shrugged as I shook my head in reply and lay back down beside me while we both recovered some strength. Some minutes later I dragged myself to the kitchen and returned with a water bottle. After slurping down some of the reviving liquid Chris hauled herself up to sit beside me and lean back against the head of the bed.

“Hell bells, I thought I was going to have a heart attack.” Chris puffed. “Only one thing inside me at a time from now on.”

“Suits me honey.” I turned my head and kissed her salty cheek.

Chris giggled and said, “Oh, unless it’s your cock in my mouth and your tongue in my cunt of course.”

“That will be the exception.” I replied as my breathing returned to near normal. “That vibe was too much for me.”

“Any plans for the rest of the afternoon?” Chris asked as she cuddled close.

“I thought we would go for a drive and see some of the countryside,” I said as we kissed again. “Oh, and we must go and pay the money to Maurie and, um, what was her name?”

“Hazel, just like your eyes lover boy. Can we shower first?” Chris asked, “I’m all sticky.”

“Good idea my sexy subbie, I’m just a bit sweaty myself, let’s go!”

After the shower we drove to Maurie and Hazel’s to pay the account and then go for the short drive. Chris wore an extremely tight and revealing singlet top that simply clung to the curves of her breasts and emphasised the size of her nipples pressing against the thin material. She looked very sexy in figure hugging jeans and she laughed when I said I hoped that Maurie didn’t have a heart attack.

We drove over to the main house and found Maurie pottering around alone in the garden. He waved when he saw us and walked over as we hopped out of the car.

“Maurie we love the cabin, it’s so clean and comfortable.” Chris purred with a genuine smile of her red painted lips.

“Oh thank you, I’m glad you like them, I mean it.” Maurie stuttered with his eyes transfixed on Chris’ breasts.

“And such a lovely area, are the kangaroos we saw this morning tame?” Chris asked.

“Ummm, ah yes, but they can scratch if annoyed too much, don’t get too close to their claws.” The red faced owner replied as he attempted to look at me.

“Oh I don’t want to be scratched, I hate pain.” Chris said sweetly.

I somehow managed to control my laughter, withdrew the cheque from my wallet and passed it over to the flustered owner. “Could I have a receipt please Maurie?”

“Oh yes, ahhh Simon, I’ll just go into the house and get one for you.” Maurie glanced again at Chris’ breasts and walked somewhat reluctantly to his home.

Chris grinned evilly at me as I whispered, “You’re incorrigible you naughty girl.”

“Ha! I’m just giving the poor old bloke a thrill he’ll always remember and besides it’s harmless fun.” Chris saw Maurie reappear through the front door and said, “Watch this.”

I stayed by the car as Chris ran up the garden path to the house. Maurie stood on the verandah open mouthed and wide eyed as he stared at the pair of wonderful breasts bouncing towards him. I watched Chris jump up the few steps to stand close beside Maurie so her breasts brushed his arm as he handed over the receipt. I couldn’t hear their short conversation but I could see the shock on Maurie’s face when Chris gave him a quick kiss on a cheek before she jumped off the verandah and ran back to the car.

“Come on darling, let’s go.” Chris smiled sweetly as she waved to Maurie and jumped in the passenger’s seat of her car.

I waved farewell to Maurie and as soon as he was out of sight Chris and I burst out laughing.

“What did you say to him?” I spluttered.

“I’d better not tell you.” Chris giggled.

“Come on my naughty lil subbie.”

Chris tried unsuccessfully to look sensible but burst into giggles again. “All I said was that we loved staying in his lovely cabin and we hoped to come back again some time.”

“Yeh, sure honey, and what else?” I said as I turned the car right onto the main road.

“Oh, I just said that I liked him looking at my breasts and that I hoped that he had fun with Hazel tonight.” Chris burst out laughing again. “Don’t worry darling, he can’t tell anyone and it’s made his weekend, or maybe his year. You’re not mad at me are you?”

“Hell no baby, it was all good fun and it did make his day.”

Chris placed a hand on my groin and squeezed gently. “Mmmmm I need some more of this tonight. Where are we going to Sir?”

“There is a small extinct volcano down the road called Mount Laura, if my memory serves me correctly it gives a great view right over to the sea.”

“You’re sure it’s extinct?” Chris asked, “If anything’s going to blow around here I want it to be you my love.”

I laughed once again at the one-track mind of my sexy lover and Chris chatted away as I drove down the country road. Mount Laura came into sight a short time later and I drove carefully up the narrow twisting road around the steep sides of the hill. The small car park was empty of other tourists and Chris and I hopped out and wandered around arm in arm, enjoying the wonderful views and taking some photos of the countryside. A sign pointing downhill to a walking track made us wonder why anyone would attempt to climb the steep slopes when they could use a perfectly good road. We saw a vineyard a few kilometres away and resolved to indulge in some wine tasting before we returned to our cabin.

When we returned to the car I leant my back against the door as we hugged, kissed and whispered little endearments to each other. Chris looked surprised as I broke the hug and placed my hands on her shoulders, but her expression soon changed to one of delight.

“Suck me.” I ordered as I pushed my lover down to her knees.

“Here? Yes Sir!” Chris smiled up at me as she unbuckled my jeans, pulled down the zip and eased my pants and undies down to my knees.

My subbie grasped my cock and held it up while she sucked and kissed my balls. I looked down to see the excitement in her eyes as she sucked a testicle into her mouth and seemingly massaged it with her tongue. After taking a couple of photos of my subbie I braced myself with one hand on the window frame of the driver’s door as my other hand gripped a handful of my subbie’s hair. My cock was rock hard and ready to go but I let Chris set the pace as she moved her mouth over to my other ball.

Chris was moaning with pleasure when she let go of my ball and looked up at me and whispered, “I love you and doing this for you. Fuck my mouth Master.”

With those few words my adorable subbie licked the pre-cum from my hole then placed the head between her lips. She looked up at me and winked as I slowly moved her head towards me and watched my cock slide into her mouth. Chris’ eyes closed and a shiver of pleasure ran through her body as she lovingly administered one of her greatest and most satisfying pleasures. The tip of my cock tapped the back of my subbie’s mouth and she gurgled as it invaded the top of her throat. Using the handful of hair I moved her head back and forward as I fucked her mouth for our mutual pleasure. After every few thrusts I would hold her face up against my pubic hair and each time Chris would squeeze her lips around my shaft to leave a red lipstick mark. I loved watching the way Chris’ cheeks moved in and out as she sucked energetically on my hard shaft. As usual it did not take long before I felt the familiar tightening of my balls and I braced myself with both hands on the car as my cock spurted into her mouth. With her lips around my knob my subbie sucked hard as my cum spilled into her welcoming mouth. When Chris was satisfied that she had not missed a drop she sat back on her heels and opened her mouth wide to show me the fruits of her labours. As I took another photo she smiled wickedly, closed her mouth and swallowed audibly, moaning with pleasure as her tongue licked greedily around her teeth and lips.

“Oh Simon, that was so exciting to suck you in the open up here. I love it when you used me like that, anywhere any time darling, my mouth is yours.” Chris sighed as she kissed the tip of my cock again before tucking it back in my pants. “Except at work of course.” She added with a giggle as she buckled my belt.

I lifted my wonderful lover up off her knees and as we hugged two girls in hiking gear suddenly appeared at the end of the walking track. They appeared to be in their early twenties and seemed to be hardly puffing at the end of the long steep climb.

“We have company, behind you.” I whispered.

Chris turned around and giggled, “I wonder if they have been watching?”

I shrugged and whispered, “Too bloody bad if they did.”

We stayed arm in arm as the two girls walked towards the picnic tables where I had parked the car.

“Good afternoon.” I said as they drew near, “Have a good climb?”

The taller of the girls nodded and said, “Yes thanks, we always enjoy climbing up Laura.”

“Lovely day for it.” I replied as I noted the innuendo.

The girls giggled as they walked past us without making any attempt to continue the conversation. Chris and I looked at each other and shrugged as the girls sat with their backs to us on a wooden seat. I pointed to the car and Chris nodded her agreement, it was time to leave.

“Where are you going?” Chris asked as I drove the car over near the walking track and stopped the engine.

“I want to show you something, did you get the innuendo when she said they enjoy climbing up Laura?”

“Um no, I didn’t,” Chris giggled, “I always thought that innuendo was the Italian word for anal sex.”

“Ha, ha ha, very funny.” I laughed. “Now just pretend to admire the view but use the mirror to look at the girls.”

“Oh my god, they’re lesbians!” Chris said excitedly as she adjusted the mirror and watched the girls hugging and kissing on the picnic seats.

“I think they saw all of your blow job,” I said as I gazed at the outside mirror. “They were hardly panting at all like they would have been if they had just climbed the mountain.”

“Two outdoor blow jobs and we were watched both times. How exciting.” Chris giggled. “Stop the car when you get next to them honey.”

Alarm bells started to ring. “What are you up to this time?”

“Don’t worry Sir, I’ll be nice and polite.” Chris smiled angelically at me.

“You’d better be, naughty girl.” I said as I started the car and turned it towards the exit and the girls.

At the sound of the tyres on the gravel the two girls broke apart and were drinking from water bottles as I stopped the car next to their table. Their wary expressions soon turned to shock as Chris lifted her singlet and flashed her wonderful breasts at the girls through the open side window.

“Wouldn’t you love to suck and play with these?” Chris yelled as she bounced her breasts in her hands.

The girls just sat with their mouths wide open as Chris slumped back in her seat and I drove off down the narrow road. My subbie was laughing loudly as she covered herself and clicked the seat belt into place. I just shook my head from side to side in wonder of the amazing lady with whom I had fallen in love.

“That makes three who’ll be thinking of me when they fuck tonight.” Chris giggled.

“Four actually.” I corrected.

“Four?” Chris queried. “Who’s the fourth?”

“Me of course you daft lil subbie.” I laughed.

Chris smacked the flat of a hand against her forehead. “Silly subbie, you want to fuck me again tonight Sir?”

“Is the Pope Catholic?” I asked.

“Oh goody, where to now Sir?”

“Call in at the winery and see if we can find a nice bottle to have with dinner and then back to the cabin before the night gets cool.”

Chris and I tasted a few different wines and selected a bottle of Chardonnay to drink with our evening meal. The sun was low in the western sky as we arrived back in our cosy little cabin and we set about preparing the dinner of steak, oven-heated potato chips, fried tomato and eggs. We ate at the small table, sipping on the wine and chatting.

“I hope those girls are happy together.” Chris said with a touch of sadness.

“I guess their relationship has ups and downs just like other couples.”

“I guess so.” Chris said and then volunteered. “I’ve been hit on by girls a few times, one nearly succeeded.”

“Really? I mean I’m not surprised you’ve been hit on, you’re successful and beautiful and attractive to both sexes. Like to tell me about the one that nearly succeeded?”

“Oh you men,” Chris smiled and poked her tongue out at me. “Two girls together gets all of you going. It’s a short story honey but if you want to hear it I don’t mind you knowing. Ummm, it was about five years ago at a business development seminar at a hotel. We were having a few drinks at the end of a long day and I was left chatting with one of the few other girls there, her name was Belinda. Somehow I ended up in her room, and yes, I was pretty drunk. I must have dozed off on the sofa cause all of a sudden I woke up with fingers playing in my cunt and someone kissing me. The lights were very low and I couldn’t get my bearings but hell, the fingers were magic and I had a great cum. Then I suddenly remembered where I was and who I was kissing, wow did Belinda get a shock when I jumped off the sofa. I mumbled something about her making a mistake, grabbed my bag and ran from her room. Shit, did I sober up quickly and the funny thing was, she still had my panties!”

“Did you see her the next day?” I managed to ask as I laughed at her story.

“We had a mutual avoidance day.” Chris laughed. “Hey Sir I love cock too much to turn bi.”

“You could always use a strap-on.” I chuckled.

“I have used too many vibes honey. A piece of buzzing plastic or metal will never replace the real thing. The taste, the texture, the veins standing out along the shaft, mmmmmm. The smooth skin and the knob with its little hole that spurts out all that lovely gooey cum.” Chris shivered at her thoughts. “Oh Simon Sir, I must sound like a slut.”

“You will never be a slut in my eyes my lil subbie.” I paused as a thought came into my mind. “But what would you do if I ordered you go down on another woman?”

Chris gulped but looked me straight in the eyes and said, “If you ordered me to I would do it.”

“Good answer but you don’t have to worry baby cause I would never do that, and anyway, I have my hands full with you, how could I handle two girls?” I laughed, stood and started to clear the table. “Come on, let get the dishes done, I have a video to show you.”

“A video?” Chris jumped to her feet. “What’s it called oh Master of mine?”


“Secretary? Hell it’s not that old movie starring Dolly Parton and Lily Tomlin is it?”

“No silly, that was Nine to Five.” I laughed as we combined to wash the dishes. “As if I’d bring a movie like that away. I think you’ll like it baby.”

For the next couple of hours Chris and I sat curled up on the couch together watching ‘Secretary’. My subbie wriggled closer to me as she watched the spanking scenes and whispered ‘I want that’ when the bondage/fucking scene was shown near the end.

“Apart from the connection some would make between BDSM and self mutilation, I liked that movie.” Chris said as we snuggled together at the end of the film. “The girl, Maggie Gyllenhall was excellent and James Spader, well he’s always weird so he was right for the part. Can I ask you something honey?”

“Of course babe, what’s up?”

“It’s been a great day and you have looked after me so well. Instead of more playing tonight can we just go to bed and let me look after you?”

I hugged Chris to me and replied, “Of course we can subbie, a lovely screw with the love of my life and a good night’s sleep would be a great finish to the day.”

“More play tomorrow morning I hope?” Chris said with a giggle and then she shivered and said, “Make my arse burn again tomorrow, I love it.”

“It’s a promise sweetie.” I said as I helped my lover to her feet. “I need to use the bathroom and then you can take care of me.”

A short time later I was lying on my back in the centre of the bed with Chris kneeling beside me. Once again I blessed the fates that had brought this wonderfully sexy and intelligent lady into my life.

“This is for you Simon, relax and enjoy.”

My weekend subbie leant over, kissed the head of my limp cock and then eased its full length into her mouth. To my surprise Chris looked me in the eyes and winked, while gently swirling her tongue on my cock without sucking. She commenced by making humming noises that sent vibrations and started the blood flowing into my cock. Chris moaned with pleasure as my cock jerked to life and started to lengthen and expand in her mouth. My subbie’s cheeks commenced their familiar in and out movement as she sucked gently on my slowly lengthening penis. My hips were pushing towards her face as she began to slide her mouth up and down my shaft. My eyes were closed as I lay contentedly enjoying the wonderful sensations that were flooding through my body. Naturally I was expecting the usual conclusion of climaxing in Chris’ mouth and my eyes flew open with surprise with the sudden cessation of all touch with my cock.

Chris stayed kneeling but moved slightly so she was directly facing me with her knees spread wide apart. Her right hand went directly to her pussy into which she inserted two urgently moving fingers while her left hand rubbed and squeezed her hard-nippled breasts. I will never forget the look of lust on Chris’ face as she looked directly into my eyes while masturbating herself towards her inevitable climax.

“No wait!” Chris moaned as I start stroking my rock hard erection.

I nodded and dropped my arms back onto the damp sheet as I watched a powerful orgasm shake through my very turned on subbie. Perspiration was glowing on her face and body as she moved quickly to straddle my hips with her pussy directly over my cock. A low gutteral moan escaped her lips as she slowly lowered herself down onto my erection.

“Ohhhhhhhhh baby!” Chris hissed as she sat almost motionless with my cock deep in the damp tunnel of her vagina.

I had never seen a sexier sight as Chris sat with her arms held up with her hands at shoulder level and her palms facing me. Amazing sensual sensations were flooding from my cock through my body as my subbie rocked gently for several minutes. Slowly her hands reached out in my direction and I raised my arms so our palms and fingertips met allowing our fingers to interlock. Chris closed her eyes again as she swayed her figure in small circles, her breasts rising and falling as she sucked air into her lungs. Almost imperceptibly Chris started to move up and down on my cock and my hips automatically thrust upwards as we neared orgasm.

“Fuck me Simon, use your lil subbie!” Chris cried.

Somehow I managed to roll Chris over onto her back without my cock slipping from her pussy. With our fingers still interlocked I held her hands down on the sheets as I started to pound my cock in and out of my subbie’s cunt. We were both grunting loudly each time my cock was fully inserted and my balls slapped against her arse hole. After all Chris’ teasing it did not take long before I orgasmed and pumped my cum deep inside her pussy. I felt her legs wrap around me just before another powerful climax juddered through her wonderful body. I collapsed down on top of my subbie as somehow she continued to hold me while her figure shook with ongoing waves of passion.

“I’m rolling over.” I gasped.

Chris nodded and relaxed her legs allowing me to roll onto my back and pull her over on top of me. I hugged her as she lay her head on my chest while we both regained our breath.

“Ohhhhhhh Simon, wow.” Chris panted. “Oh baby I love it when you fuck me like that.”

“I don’t know what to say, my subbie you were amazing.”

“Mmmmmm.” Chris purred. “In case I haven’t told you before, I love it when you call me your subbie.”

We kissed deeply but Chris suddenly pushed herself off me with a look of surprise on her face.

“What’s wrong?” I asked as she knelt beside me again.

“I nearly forgot to clean you.” Chris said with a joyful smile.

Once again my subbie guided my cock into her mouth, happily sucking and licking our combined juices from my shaft and pubic hair. After a close inspection of her cleaning she poked my hole with the tip of her tongue and licked the knob as if it was an ice cream.

“Easy my subbie, I think we’ve had enough for tonight.”

“I bet I could get it up again Sir.” Chris giggled but let go of my penis and lay down beside me. “God I love the taste of our cum.”

I managed to reach out and switch off the bedside lamp as my wonderful lover and I cuddled down on the damp sheets.

“Listen.” I said as Chris snuggled against me.

“What?” Chris queried as she stopped wriggling. “Ohhhh rain!”

“Don’t you love snuggling and smooching in bed with rain?” I asked.

“Mmmmm it’s lovely, but I love you more Sir.”

We lay kissing and talking quietly about our day of fun and our feelings for each other before falling off to sleep in each other’s arms.

Sunday morning we slept in until after nine, showered together and sat nude in the kitchen while we ate a small breakfast. The kangaroos were a fascination to Chris and a distraction to her thoughts about our play for the morning. After we had tidied up after breakfast I carried a straight backed chair from the kitchen and placed it close to the bed with its back facing the small chest of drawers.

“Come and sit down her my beautiful lil subbie.”

“How could I resist when you call me that?” Chris said with a wary expression as she sat on the timber seat.

Chris gasped as held up two lengths of soft white rope, knelt down in front and spread her legs as wide as the legs of the chair. Each rope was about three feet in length and I carefully and neatly secured her ankles to the chair.

“Hold your arms up in the air.” I instructed as I rose and moved behind Chris’ chair.

“Yes Sir.” Chris muttered as she followed my order.

I attached the end of a longer length of rope to the back of the chair at the level of my subbie’s beautiful breasts. She watched wide-eyed as I placed the rope under her right breast then across at an angle over the top of her left breast. I pulled the rope firmly around the back of the chair, then back over her right breast and down under the left breast.

“Tell me if it gets too tight.” I said as I adjusted and slowly pulled the rope.

Chris gasped but remained silent as the rope tightened her against the back of the chair and while lifting both hard-nippled breasts. I secured the rope and Chris let her arms drop by her side.

“Did I give you permission to lower your arms?”

“Oh, I’m sorry Sir.” Chris said as she quickly raised her arms.

“No sorries my subbie, just concentrate on my instructions.”

“Yes Sir.” Chris said meekly.

As I attached a length of thinner cord to the back of the chair I said, “For that misdemeanour I will double this part of the bondage.”

I looped the thin cord twice over and around her uplifted breasts and pulled it firmly until it pressed slightly into the smooth skin. Chris watched as I stood in front of her and adjusted the rope so that the two strands were parallel just above and below her nipples. She moaned as I pulled the rope tighter, causing it to press into the firm white flesh making the hard teats stand out even further.

“You ok?” I asked as I kept the pressure on the rope.

“Oh god yesssssssssss, fantastic.” Chris hissed through clenched teeth.

I grinned as I tugged the rope a little tighter and secured it to the back of the chair. I guided Chris’ hands down by her side and used some more rope to tie her arms securely behind the chair. I stood in front of my wonderful subbie and stepped back to admire my first real attempt at bondage.

Happy with my efforts I kissed Chris and asked, “Ready to give up more control?”

“Fuck Sir, how can I give up more control than this?” Chris looked at me as if I was crazy. “Ohhhhhhhh this is so good, you know I trust you, do whatever you like, just get on with it for Christ’s sake.”

“Blasphemy now? Tsk, tsk, tsk. I thought you would have known better.” I admonished my tightly bound subbie.

Chris gritted her teeth at my words and looked submissively down at the floor. From the drawer I took a black felt blindfold and a child’s metal clicker that was attached to a short length of elastic. Chris moaned and shivered as I slipped the blindfold over her eyes but accepted her loss of vision without query. But she soon questioned my intent when I slipped the elastic loop over her fingers so the clicker was snug in the palm of her left hand.

“What’s that for?’ Chris asked uncertainly.

“It’s for your safety.” I explained. “To replace the safety words. Two clicks mean amber and any more than two clicks means red.”

“For my safety? Shit, if I can’t speak it means you’re going to gag me?” Chris was incredulous. “I don’t think I could stand that.”

“Easy darling, easy.” I said as raised the blindfold above her eyes. “Nothings going to happen that you don’t want, you know that.”

“I do trust you Simon, but being gagged is something I’ve never ever thought about.”

“Just try the clicker my subbie, you know you have the final say on everything we do.”

‘Click, click, click’ the loud metallic sound was easily heard in the quiet room.

Chris looked up at me uncertainly and grimaced. “I don’t know Simon, ah I mean Sir, I guess I could try it and see how we go.”

“Good girl, let’s try it without the blindfold first.” I said as I bent down and kissed her.

I stepped around behind my brave little subbie as she tilted her head back and opened her mouth. I settled the ball into position between her open lips and attached the clip behind her head.

“Are you ok sweetie?” I asked as I stood back in front of my wonderful subbie.

She nodded her head in reply and groaned as I reached out and squeezed and tugged on her nipples that protruded so prominently between the ropes. A low guttural moan came from deep inside as the discomfort of the gag was overtaken by the pleasure of me playing with her teats.

“Three clicks if you don’t want this.” I said as I slipped the blindfold back down over Chris’ eyes.

The only sound was my subbie sucking in air around the ball keeping her mouth open so I slipped into the kitchen and grabbed an ice cube from the freezer. Chris jumped as I rubbed the ice over her left nipple and she yelped behind the gag as I attached a clamp to the hard teat. There was more subdued moaning as I iced the right nipple and attached another clamp. I rubbed two fingers over Chris’ clit and she screamed into the gag as her first orgasm of the morning caused her body to jerk and pull against the restraining ropes.

I allowed her a short time to calm before picking up the flogger and swishing it several times across her slim thighs. Chris’ muffled screams of surprise mingled with the tuneful ringing sound of her cell phone followed by the metallic sound of the clicker going non-stop. I quickly dropped the flogger, slipped off the blindfold and removed the ball gag.

“That’s my parents calling, it’s their special tune.” Chris gasped. “I told them not to call unless something was wrong, get my phone quick.”

I grabbed the small phone from the bedside table and held it for Chris to speak.

“Hello, yes Mum it’s me,” Chris panted, “What’s wrong?” There was a long pause as Chris listened to her mother. “Yes ok Mum, look I’m sure he’ll be alright but we’ll come home early and you and I can visit him late this afternoon.”

At those words I transferred the phone into one hand while my other commenced untying the knots.

“Mum just relax, the doctors will look after him, it was probably because he didn’t take his medication. Look we will be home in about four hours, four o’clock at the latest, just relax, I’ll see you soon.” Another pause was followed by, “It’s ok Mum, we were just relaxing, don’t worry. Ok bye, love you.”

“Your Dad is in hospital?” I asked as I pocketed the phone and busied myself releasing Chris from the ropes.

“Damn, damn, damn, yes it looks like he didn’t take his angina tablets, it’s happened before.” Chris was quite upset. “I’m sorry honey, that was so exciting, I didn’t want to go home early.”

“It’s ok sweetie, family must come first.” I said as I let loose the ropes holding her arms and breasts.

“Wow look at the marks on my boobs!” Chris exclaimed as she ran her fingers over the indentations left by the rope. “Oh my god I love it, I am so hot right now.”

“We can do this again honey, at my place one night this week if it suits.” I said as I knelt down to release the leg ropes.

“What’s the time?” Chris asked as she stretched and rubbed her arms.

“Um, nearly eleven, why?”

“Good, we have a bit more time, before we go will you use the flogger on me please Sir.” Chris pleaded. “I nearly came again when you whipped my legs.”

“Oh my subbie, you’re turning into a pain slut.” I laughed as the final rope fell on the floor. I supported Chris as she stood on wobbly legs and helped her over to the bed. “Ok I’ll go and pack the stuff in the kitchen, you start on the bathroom when you can stand. I’ll use the flogger when we are ready to go.”

“Thank you Simon, you’re a wonderful man.”

We kissed deeply then I went into the kitchen and packed the remaining food and drink into a box and the car-fridge. Chris quickly cleared the bathroom of our soap, toiletries and towels and was throwing clothes into our bags as I returned to the main room.

“Leave something out for me to wear please.”

“Oh hell, I forgot you were still in the nuddie,” Chris giggled. “I’ll just put on what I wore down and leave out a tee shirt and jeans for my Lord and Master.”

“Lord and Master!” I laughed at her words. “Cut it out, I’ll settle for Sir when we are playing but don’t go overboard with the wanking titles honey.”

We soon had everything packed by the front door ready for a quick exit after we had finished our last play session. The flogger was ready on the bed beside two pillows as I hugged my little subbie.

“Ready?” I asked.

“Always ready for you, Sir.”

I smiled at Chris’ predictable reply and we kissed her once more as I guided her to lay face down over the pillows. She squirmed to get comfy then lay still, breathing deeply as she waited for the sting of the flogger. With the flogger ready in my hand I stood beside the bed and gazed again in awe at the beautiful submissive with whom I had fallen in love.

‘Smack, smack, smack, smack!’’ – the first light blows landed across the shapely buttocks with no verbal response at all from Chris.

‘Smack! Smack! Smack!’ – “Owwwwww.”

“Right young lady, four smacks for flashing your boobs at Maurie in the spa.”

Chris giggled at my words as she recalled the look on the cabin owner’s face.

‘Whack, Whack, Whack, Whack!’

“Yaaaahhhh, oh I’m sorry Sir.”

“And another four for rubbing up against him at his house!” I was really getting into the punishment for bad behaviour and I knew that Chris would love it too.

‘Whack’ – “Owwwww”

‘Whack’ – “Ohhhhh no.”

‘Whack’ – “Ouch, it stings!”

‘Whack’ – “Yikkkkes! Oh I’m sorry Simon Sir.”

“I’ve told you before that sorry is not in my vocabulary young lady, that’s twice you’ve used that word, four more for that misdemeanour.”

‘Whack!’ – “Noooooooooo!”

‘Whack’ – “Ohhhhh God.”

“You will learn my subbie that you are never to use the word sorry.”

‘Whack’ – “Pleeeeease no more Simon.”

“What happened to calling me Sir?” I demanded.

‘Whack!’ – “Yaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

Chris’ arse was now a lovely bright pink and she was bouncing around on the pillows and groaning after each stroke.

“Now, four more for flashing the lesbians at the lookout.”

“Oh God! Make them quick, I’m nearly there.” Chris moaned.

“Don’t you dare cum before I give permission.” I ordered as I raised the flogger once again.

‘Crack!’ – “Owwwwwwww!”

‘Crack!’ – “Yaaaaahhhhhhhh, I can’t hold.”

‘Crack!! – “Oh shiiiiiiiiiiit!” Chris’ wail was loud in the small cabin.

‘CRACK!!’ – “Uhhhhhhhgggggggggggggggg!!!!!!”

Unintelligible sounds came from Chris as a powerful climax shuddered through her convulsing body. She fell off the pillows onto the rumpled sheets, her figure shaking with spasms of bliss. She was gasping in air as I threw the pillows aside and sat on the edge of the bed watching my awesome lover as waves of pleasure continued to sweep through her form. Chris was gulping large amounts of air into her lungs and I stroked her legs as I waited until she had calmed enough to speak.

Finally she opened her eyes, looked at me as she shook her head from side to side and gasped one word, “Fuck.”

“I’d love to my subbie but we should get away soon.” I grinned.

“You know what I mean Sir.” Chris panted. “I can’t move yet.”

I leant over and kissed my lover. “You stay there while I load our stuff into the car.”

Chris just nodded and flopped back onto the sheets as I quickly dressed and loaded our belongings into the car. Chris was still lying on the bed so I grabbed a wet face washer and towel from the bathroom and wiped the perspiration from her face. She smiled as I sat her on the edge of the bed and assisted her to dress.

“You want me to carry you to the car my lil subbie?” I asked.

“Hell no, I just love it when you look after me like that.” Chris giggled as she stood and hugged me tightly. “Oh Simon, that was just amazing, such a powerful cum.”

“Come on, we’d better get going.” I laughed and I kissed my sexy lady.

“Yeh, better not be late and upset Mum any more than she is.” Chris sighed.

We checked the rooms for any missed belongings then walked arm-in-arm to the car. Chris eased her still stinging arse onto the passenger’s seat and I placed the door key back in Maurie’s hiding place. I drove slowly down the narrow track and stopped beside Maurie standing by the entrance at the main road.

“Leaving early?” Maurie said as looked straight past me and fixed his gaze on Chris.

“Yes my father has been taken to hospital.” Chris replied. “He’s ok but my mum needs some support.”

“Oh that’s no good, I hope he’ll be alright.” Maurie said, “S’sorry you folks had to leave early.”

“We loved you place Maurie,” Chris said sweetly. “We want to come back again and visit Wilson’s Promontory.”

“The Prom is lovely and you’re welcome here anytime.” Maurie replied with a wide smile, his gaze still fixed on Chris.

‘You just want to perve again you dirty old man’ I thought to myself. Then out loud I said, “Well thanks again Maurie, we have to get going, our regards to your wife, see you next time”

We said out goodbyes and I turned the car onto the bitumen and gunned it for home.

I glanced at Chris to see her buttoning up her dress. “Did you flash him again?” I asked incredulously.

Chris was giggling so much she was unable to talk for a couple of minutes.

“Oh Simon I couldn’t resist it, poor Maurie’s tongue was practically touching the ground.” Chris paused as she wiped away tears of laughter. “I guess you’ll have to flog me again honey.”

“Shit the flogger, I don’t remember picking it up.” I said as I braked the car and did a quick u-turn.

“Oh God, what if Maurie has found it?” Chris burst out laughing again. “It must be in the sheets.”

I sped back to the cabin and winced when I saw the open front door. Chris decided that she was a subbie no more that weekend and told me to fetch the flogger. I ran up the steps and into the room, happy to see Maurie in the kitchen and the bed still in a mess.

“We think Chris may have left her mobile phone here.” I said desperately. “Would you check the kitchen please mate?”

Maurie searched in the kitchen while I was very happy to find the flogger among the twisted sheets. I quickly wound the strands around the handle and shoved it in a pocket of my jeans.

“It’s ok Maurie, I’ve got it, it was on the bed, we’re off again, hooroo!” I called as I ran from the cabin.

As I clambered back into the car seat Maurie came out onto the small verandah and waved goodbye. Chris smiled sweetly at the owner and blew him a kiss as we drove away for the second time.

“Is that a flogger in your pants or are you just glad to see me?” Chris giggled as her hand rubbed my jeans pocket. “Did he see it?”

“No.” I breathed a sigh of relief. “He was in the kitchen, probably counting the cutlery.”

Chris pulled the flogger from my pocket, shook free the leather strands and kissed the handle. She cuddled it to her chest as we chatted all the way to my home where I quickly unpacked all my belongings.

“Thanks for a great weekend Simon.” Chris said as we hugged beside her car. “I had a great time.”

“Me too honey, I love you.”

“I love you too but I’d better go.” Chris said wistfully as she stood on tiptoe to kiss me. “See you tomorrow Mr. Assistant Manager.”

“We make a great team honey, as long as we keep our work and play separate, the future will be very rosie.”

“Just like my bum!” Chris laughed as she climbed into her car. “Ok time to change to the dutiful daughter.”

“Give my regards to your parents.” I said as I shut the car door. “Tell them I love their wonderful daughter.”

We kissed once more, said goodbye and Chris drove home after a wonderful weekend away.


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