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Cruel Mistress Claretta

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“Knock knock”

It wasn’t the set up to a lame joke. It was real knocking on my apartment door. I paused the movie I was watching and got up off the couch to walk across the room to that white wooden door. “Who the hell is it…” Looking out the peephole, I saw someone I did not expect. It was a woman, young, 1 year younger than me. Wavy, black, shoulder length, sharp brown eyes, tan skin, a prominent nose that could belong to an Italian or a “Middle-Easterner”.

(She was part Italian, part Lebanese.) She was short, and a bit round, all the more-so in the distorted view through the peephole, and in her dark red, low-cut casual dress. Not stunning, but pretty hot, if you liked girls with a little extra meat on them. I knew just who she was: Claretta. A girl I hadn’t seen or talked to in a year, though I’d known her since high school.

And here she was, standing outside my apartment, staring and smiling right at my peephole. I barely thought of anything, but just felt surprise and a shocking little spark of arousal as my had immediately reached to the lock and I opened the door to let her in.

“Jimmy!” she squealed as she instantly hugged me tight upon stepping in. I was knocked off balance.

“Claretta…hi!” I sheepishly said with an attempt at friendliness, suppressed by shock and awe. I’m pretty sure my voice cracked. Her bountiful and partly exposed breasts pushed tightly against my lower chest. I didn’t have a hard-on, but close. I saw she was wearing her usual high heels now, red as her dress, couple inch heels.

“Aw, that all I get?!” she teasingly whined, “No return hug?”

“Oh, yeah” I put my arms around her lightly, feeling guilty at the touch of her silky dress.

“Sooooooo how are ya Jimmy?” she stepped back and smiled at me, calling me by a name none of my friends and not even my fiancee Amy called me. No one called me it seriously anyway, but her. I was ‘James’ to anyone else.

I felt a little better composed, enough to close the door behind her at least. Did my best to be friendly as we both stood awkwardly. At least I was awkward. Not like I was at all unhappy to see Claretta; she’d been a good friend at one point, and was sure as hell easy on the eyes…but that was part of the problem of course…

“Oh, you know, work’s a bitch, stuff’s good with Amy. So, uh, what brings you around Claretta? How you doing?” I said with more confidence. Why did I feel such a need to project confidence for this old (attractive and flirtatious) friend I’d just had a brief fling with years ago…

“Just in town and wanted to visit some old friends…sorry I didn’t call or text, lost my phone a couple days back…can a lady sit down around here?” she said with a slightly teasing tone, that made me feel stupid for forgetting basic manners. Damn she looked good…her hair was lighter than her skin and framed her face wonderfully, cascading down to her shoulders…she was wearing make-up, and she did that right for sure…her eyes were lovely as always, and her breasts…damn they were nice. Big, firm but soft, perkier I swear than when I saw them last. She had a bit of a belly, not fat but a thick girl for sure, thick hips and legs. I shut up my penis brain and got on with my head brain.

“Yeah, uh, sorry, we can sit in here,” motioning to the living room, “Want anything to drink, eat?” Did I sound confident, I hoped I did. Why did I care so much though?!

She looked she was nearly suppressing a giggle as she strolled past me to the couch.

“Thanks…I brought my own drink though.” She took a small bottle of vodka out of her bag, about ¾ full. She walked CLOSE past me…her dress briefly touched my jeans as she strolled past…her hips moved characteristically of a girl in heels, and characteristically of Claretta. If her breasts were great, her ass was to die for. It looked even more plump, round, and big than I remembered. Under her dress the two large orbs of her buttocks swayed and stuck out boldly. She must’ve done a lot of squats to add on that much muscle…I felt my dick start to perk up a little and get wet. Shit! I was staring. Don’t think she noticed, I’m sure she knew of the effect she was beginning to have though.

“Cool…” I walked behind her. She sat down on my couch before I did, very lady-like; thick, tan, feminine legs crossed, petite feminine feet sliding out a bit loosely of her shoes as she relaxed.

“Ah, want some? It’s some good shit.” she took out two glasses of her purse as well, poured a shot of vodka for herself. What the hell was she playing at…

“No thanks, I gotta get up early tomorrow.” I said honestly, getting more and more distracted by fantasizing thoughts over those legs and where they went, the way those breasts must feel, her red soft lips as they rested on the edge of a shot glass. It was 10:30 at night after all…she had some balls coming up here in my neighborhood that late dressed how she was…but, then again, it was Claretta, and she’d always had balls of steel. A tazer in her purse for sure too. Her dad being a cop had helped her out in the self-defense department.

“Suit yourself Jimmy, ya baby.” she flirted “Arent ya gonna sit down though?” she purred and sipped at her drink. I realized I was just standing staring at her tits. Was I being seduced? I sat down next to her without saying a word, putting as much space between me and her as possible without looking too awkward.

“So…how’s Amy? You said good, right?” she inquired, smiling devilishly. Amy was my fiancee, who I’d dated for 5 years, since or freshmen year of college. I loved her dearly, we were very close, well obviously, with getting married and all. The thoughts about Claretta right now were raising my guilt and stress levels just as much as they raised my horniness. No way the beautiful, sexily dressed slightly intoxicated girl in front of me didn’t realize that.

“She’s…good, yeah. Got her new job over at the new office, we’re happy about that…I mean she got the job a couple months ago, she’s at her cousin’s house right now for the week, out of town.” Why the hell was I telling her this? Making it easier for her?

“Ah, out of town, I see…” she dropped one of her shoes off one foot, exposing the black painted nails on that smooth, tan, delicate little foot. Then dropped off the other shoe. She finished her one shot as she placed both feet on the floor. I could see up her skirt right then if I looked. I looked. My cock got rock hard, bulging against the inside of my pants.

I had to put a stop to this, NOW. I was not betraying Amy, I never had and never would, Claretta was just a one night stand and before that a friend, she had no right to come in and do this. I stood.

“Claretta, I think it’s time you go home. It’s late. I’ll call you a cab.” I really did mean it; even if Amy never found out, I would know, and regret it for life.

“Hahaha…now, you don’t really mean that Jimmy, what the hell’s wrong with you just throwin’ a chick out when she’s sprawled across your couch all relaxed hm?” she purred and giggled as she turned and laid with her head against a couch arm, putting her feet in my lap. They were slightly warm.

“Claretta, I am not having sex with you. I like you as a friend but I’m getting married next year, and this isn’t appropriate. Please leave.” I felt shame at the contrast between my words and my penis’ state. I at least sounded tough now.

“C’mon Jimmy, don’t be such a pussy. You know you’ve always found me hot…I’ve been working out you know, like girl working out, the relevant parts, getting all toned up. Don’t you wanna feel it all? Feel me? Fuck me?” she stood and her voice got almost threatening.

“Claretta, no. Get out, I’m serious.” I growled, wanting to get her out of the apartment before I did something stupid. Then I could jack off, and that’d be the end of it. She wasn’t letting that happen.

She stepped in close, her breasts bumped gently against me, her face close right below mine, her eyes looked me up and down, and up, and down again to my crotch.

“Jimmy, I’m serious too. I’m not the same floozy you met in undergrad school…I’m stronger, and smarter, and better, and stronger, smarter, and better than you. And I’m getting fucked tonight. And looks like you’re up to the task.” she grabbed my junk in one hand, not gently in the slightest. I felt utterly in her power. It had to stop. I grabbed her hand and ripped it off of my crotch, and shoved her back hard, harder than I’d intended, she stumbled and fell back onto the couch heavily. She didn’t skip a beat or seem put off at all. She looked up at me in a flash of anger, then went back to her confident, dominant expression, eyes locked with mine.

“Now, Jimmy…that is NOT the way to react when a lady approaches you with such a normal request. We both know any real man would leap at the offer to get into this.” she motioned at her own crotch. “It really is pathetic how big of a pussy YOU are. And I’m here to change that, maybe. I’m having doubts now though. Oh well, I’ll have fun either way, and YOU’LL see what a little idiot you were for choosing Amy over me years ago: take your pants off and have sex with me right now, or I’ll tell Amy you did.”

I was seriously angry now.

“She won’t believe you Claretta, now get the fuck out of here, I’ll call the cops if I have to.”

She laughed, loudly, like a woman who knew she was in control.

“Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, damn you’re STUPID. Amy will believe me, because she knows we had a little thing before, and how you’ve always had a little lingering fantasy about me since then…we both know damn well, we talked about it on Facebook about a year back, remember? She’d definitely believe you could FUCK UP like that, and I’m a good actress to boot. Furthermore, a guy is gonna call the cops to have them take out the drunk, half-naked girl from his apartment?! I’d just scream ‘Rape!’ while you were on the phone, and run crying to them telling them you raped me as soon as they showed up at the door. So the situation really is, right now, you are going to have sex with me.” she smiled slyly and narrowed her eyes, a look of true cruelty on her face.

Everything she said was right. I really didn’t have a choice. If I refused, best case I’d lose Amy, worse case I’d be going to prison. So, I was being raped. By a girl. She lifted up her hands now.

“Help me up now Jimmy, good boy.” I did as I was told as I helped her to her feet. I started to take my pants off.

“Hey now, I appreciate the enthusiasm and common sense, but I got something else in mind…this is really about my pleasure here, for now anyway.” She slid her panties down, slipped one leg and then the other out of them. The black frilly panties dropped to the floor. She leaned against me, grinded her crotch against mine. Then she grabbed my hand and shoved it up under her dress to her pussy. It wasn’t shaved, the curly hair was absolutely wild. Of my own accord I stuck my index and middle finger in, found her g-spot, started rubbing it. Her vagina felt wonderful, ridiculously wet, warm, slippery. She lifted her dress up now and I could see it; beautiful and pink visible underneath the black pubes. Her olive skin was lovely in the bright light of the room, her thighs a wonderful blend of muscle and fat, so feminine and so strong. She closed her eyes and moaned, leaning harder onto my hand. I was starting to enjoy myself a bit, even though the whole situation was so disgusting.

“My clit…get my clit” she whispered. I began rubbing the firm little knob of her clitoris with my thumb, matching the rubbing of it with that of the g-spot.

“C’mon slave, keep rubbing, move over here with me” she breathed as she led me by my hand back onto the couch, she sat down. I had to crouch down in front of her to keep pleasuring her. I really felt like her slave, knowing what she would do to me if I disobeyed. She leaned back, so relaxed and in pleasure as I sped up and rubbed her clitoris and g-spot harder, then her breathing got faster too.

“Ah wait stop, stop, I want something else…” she panted. I stopped. I already felt ashamed and angry at what I was doing.

“Now, little slave, I want you to lay down, cmon hurry up.” She got up and I did as I was told, laying down on the couch, on my back. Now she was finally going to mount me, shove my cock into her vagina, and truly rape me…I never knew I would so dread screwing a hot girl like Claretta. Then she took off her dress completely, threw it to the floor, and stood naked over me.

She was wonderfully curvy. Big round olive breasts with petite little pink nipples, erect now. A decent amount of belly fat, far from fat, further from skinny. Legs big and curvy, attaching to her hips perfectly like sculpted by a genius artist. Her vagina was shining and soaking wet. I caught a whiff of it now; I’m surprised I didn’t earlier, it smelled like she hadn’t washed her vagina in a few days, and it was all the more fragrant now with how horny she was, it was dripping. It stank, it was foreign and not Amy’s vagina, and it turned me on so much. She smiled devilishly again.

“Now you just sit there nicely slave…” she swung her right leg over me, finding room for it on the couch to my left. I couldn’t take it anymore. I sat up and started to push her off, touching her breasts as I did so.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing slave?!” she squealed. “Get the fuck back down!”

“No Claretta, no, fuck this, I’m done, I’m not breaking my commitment. Amy will understand that you’d do something messed up like this, she won’t blame me, not if I don’t go through with screwing you.”

“Ha, alright, I got a dildo at home, hell I can just get another guy whose not such a damn pussy!Maybe I’ll visit you in prison!” she pulled a cell phone out of her purse and started to dial 911.

“Claretta, stop, this is bullshit and wrong I haven’t come close to raping you you bitch!”

Her finger was on the “Send” button.

“Oh, really, really, you think they’ll believe that for a second?” she began going to a role of attempted-rape victim: “Officer officer PLEASE HELP come fast he invited me over for drinks, I saw him put a roofie in mine and I tried to run but he stopped me and threw me on the couch I’m calling from the bathroom now he ripped my clothes off please help I’m so scared!” she made her eyes tear up at the same time at will. She really was a good actress. Then she looked at me and smiled again.

Her finger started to move towards the “Send” button now.

“Ok ok I’m sorry Claretta please!” I panicked.

“Good little slave…good. One more little outburst like that and I will be calling the cops, and then Amy will know you’re a cheater and a rapist! But not really, you’re too much of a pussy and not a real man to ever do something like that. Now, lay the fuck back down, you need a bit of punishment now.

I felt furious, enraged now, and couldn’t do a thing about it. I could easily overpower her and beat her up, throw her out of my apartment on her sadistic whore ass. And have cops knocking at my door within the hour. I did what I was told and lay back down on my back.

“Now then, hold still…” she moved forward over my crotch, without unzipping my jeans. She slid up over my torso, up to my face, so her pussy and ass were hovering right over it. Her pussy was plump, hornier than ever, red now, wet and slippery and smelled so strong now it was almost overwhelming. Her ass looked Goddess-like from this view, so perfectly round and big, with it’s nice wide crack and symmetrical halves and little pink anus at the center of it, ringed by tiny hairs. Her pubic hairs ticked my nose as she sat her vagina right down on my nose and mouth. Her body was fairly heavy, squeezing my head down into the couch with 150 pounds of woman.

Her scent was ridiculously powerful now. It smelled more bitter than Amy’s, less sweet. I could taste it then, and it smelled and tasted so powerful, like it was enveloping and owning me. It reeked so good, I felt like gagging and jizzing at the same time. I couldn’t breathe.

“Now, slave, eat me out good. Finish me, and I’ll let you breathe.” Not wanting to suffocate, I immediately began to dart my tongue in and out of her pussy-lips, tickling and pushing against her throbbing clitoris. The taste was the strongest I had ever experienced. It was beautiful forbidden nectar of sin. It was a mix of sweat, urine, and natural vaginal lube and altogether it tasted so fishy-bitter-salty on my busy tongue I was having trouble thinking. I felt her shift above me slightly as she was pleasured and started breathing heavier and faster than when I’d fingered her. I was running short of breath, I didn’t dare stop flicking against her clit with my tongue.

I kissed the clit now too, putting my all into this to get it over as quick as possible. I put my lips around the stubby hard red bunch of nerves and sucked. Claretta moaned loudly above me now. She shifted enough that I got in a breath and immediately returned to work. My nose was pressed against the little mound of fat above her pussy, so I couldn’t breathe still, not anything fresh anyway, just the powerful, all-dominant female genitalia on top of me that I had no choice but to please until its owner squirted all over my face, probably into my mouth. She was a squirter as I recalled.

I could feel she was getting fast as I stepped up the intensity and speed, sucking the clit, licking it, kissing it, sucking it, licking it. She bore my face even further into her pussy as my head began to feel crushed by her muscular but pudgy crotch. She moaned loudly as finally she came. Her body shook in waves of pleasure on top of my face, even as my lungs were about to burst in suffocation.

“Yes, YES aaaaaah that’s it mmmmm FUCK YES” she screamed. A sudden spurt of vaginal fluid blasted its way into my mouth, and she leaned back and the rest of the vag juice got squirted, rubbed, and dripped all over my nose, mouth, and eyes. It was ridiculously fragrant. I could breathe fresh oxygen, but it was tainted with the Goddess stench of Claretta, as was my face. I couldn’t stop breathing her in. She relaxed after the orgasm I’d been forced to provide her, rubbing some more of her fluid onto me in the process.

“Aaah good job slave…good, good job. You really do still know what the fuck you’re doing when you eat a girl out!” she panted. It was still weird having a view looking up at her pubic mound, belly, breasts, and chin. She looked down at me, smiled. Her hair was tossed about, a few black strands over her face. She moved them aside.

“Slave, it almost makes me feel bad about having to give you a bit of a punishment still…oh well.” she did not sound like she felt bad at all. With her weight still on my chest now, (her big round buttocks sat magnificently on my chest; I could feel the strong muscles in them shift as she’d wiggle and breathe a little) I still felt small and dominated even though I was much taller than this psychotic girl and definitely stronger. I felt even deeper shame and humiliation.

“Now, punishment, slave…I’m feeling gassy at the moment. Really gassy. Downright uncomfortable. Must be the chili I ate earlier.” I gulped in fear. Claretta, when we used to hang out years ago and were friends, wasn’t generally shy about farting in private while her and I and our other friends were all hanging out. It was sometimes funny, sometimes a bit less if she felt like intentionally farting on someone and it really stank, as it often did. Her ass was strong in more than one way.

“And, anyway,” she smiled “I figure you won’t mind if I let off some steam after that nice little orgasm you gave me. And by steam, I mean fart gas.” she looked down at me with an evil look, and suddenly lifted her butt up to aim the pink circle of anus directly at my face. She was squatting over me with her cheeks spread. I was at her direct mercy. I could see the anus pucker up, and then a fart escaped it; airy and hot. It sounded like the air being let out of a tire, and was big, lasting about 3 full seconds. I heard and felt it at the same time; the nasty dirty warm air blowing mercilessly against my nose and mouth. Then the smell hit me a moment later; it was, in a word, horrible. It smelled very sulfuric, concentrated, and burned my nostrils. There was absolutely nothing sexy about it; I felt like puking. I immediately closed my eyes and brought my hand up to close my nose and protect it from the vile stench.

“NOPE, put that hand down slave, put both hands under your back!” I sheepishly did as I was told, not wanting even more trouble. Hopefully she wouldn’t have too much gas and would leave me alone after this.

Claretta commanded me again.

“Open your mouth up slave!” I did that too.

She sat down lower so her sphincter was right in front of my mouth (I could kiss it if I wanted) and her buttocks mashed against my face. She let out a short loud raspberry of a fart, literally into my mouth. I felt her ass-air in my throat, and gagged and threw up in my mouth a little bit. Then she farted one more time, making me swallow this one too. She lifted her butt up now, and looked down at me. I must’ve looked like shit, and certainly smelled like it. She laughed.

“Hahaha look at you just laying there while a girl half your size rips raunchy ass right down your throat! You really are pathetic. I could take a dump on your face right now, probably make you eat it too…but I’m not into that kind of thing. Too far for even me. Lucky for you. Ah, bit more gas though hang on, open wide!”

I was still enveloped in a wretched lingering cloud of digestive waste gas as she blew that cloud up even more with another noisy fart in my mouth, and then one more silent one right on my nose. I was tasting shit and fart and vomited a little on my own chest, once her butt moved back off of me. I was absolutely humiliated; covered in vaginal fluid, forced to inhale and eat farts, and most of all, forced to orally pleasure a woman against my will, forced to betray the woman I loved and then get used as a fart cushion as a ‘Thank You’. I almost felt like crying, and yet I still couldn’t stop admiring Cloretta’s beauty and feeling so damn turned on and wanting so badly to just have sex full-on sex with her.

“Well, little Slavey McBitch, time for me to be heading home I guess. Same time next week?”

I was stunned. She was going to do this to me repeatedly?!

“Cloretta, Amy is gonna be home then…”

“Well, we can go to a hotel. Hey, next time you should enjoy yourself more, you learn the rules so I won’t have to punish you again hahaha…I may even be nice and make you fuck me real conventional-like, teach ya to be a real man Jimmy.” She explained dominantly as she re-dressed.

“Haha, try not to think of me too much next time you’re laying with that bitch Amy now! And don’t forget what’ll happen to you if you try to shirk your new duties now. Toodles!” And just like that she winked and strolled across the apartment and out the door with her purse.

I had never been so humiliated and dominated in my life, and it was by a beautiful woman. It didn’t even make sense. And my treatment as a new blackmailed dirty sex slave to a dominant woman was just getting started.

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