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Switching Roles!

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It took me a while to squeeze out of the railway station before making it to the parking space while I kept thinking about what my wife said just before the train started moving.

‘You have to be content with your mother’s spicy food till I return with your baby.’

I was convinced that her statement was quite straight and meant nothing than what it sounds. But, I somehow began to feel the prick as I kept eschewing her statement again and again.

I have been watching Savita, my mother with sexual intentions for quite some time now although I have always ensured that neither she nor my wife get suspicious about it. I never missed a chance to watch my mother’s cleavage carelessly revealed once in a while and I have been watching her swaying butts while she walked with heart pumping fast. It is difficult to recall since when I have started having this intention although the initial phase of feeling ashamed about desiring to have my own mother on my bedside has vanished for good.

I had asked myself if I was taking undue advantage of my mother’s helplessness, more so after my father died leaving nothing but a few hundred rupees of monthly pension for her. However, I knew that it was only after her sudden interest in some social activities that I began noticing the changes in my mother. What started of a mere curiosity seeing her renewed sense of dressing, soon turned into lust. As I drove back home, it struck to me that it is going to be just me and my mother for at least another three months before my wife returns after delivery.

As my mother opened the door letting me in, I lowered my eyes in a sudden feel of guilt although it was just momentary. My eyes hungrily looked up to watch my mother walking towards the sofa while her ass cheeks swayed.

“Shall I bring a hot cup of coffee?” she asked with her eyes glued on the television.

“No. Thanks,” I replied and kept looking at her knowing well that she wasn’t in the mood to take her eyes of the TV. She was wearing a stiff cotton saree which kept fluttering in the breeze of the ceiling fan. She had considerably reduced the height of her blouses which just about concealed her reasonably big tits. I could see a reddish curve just below her blouses suggesting that she preferred to leave a little bit of the lower portion of her breasts uncovered. It was already enough for me as my dick had hardened dramatically as I made up my mind to proceed further without wasting any more time. I slowly got up, walked across and reached to the double sofa where she was sitting. I soon rested my head on her lap pretending as if I was very exhausted. I wasn’t sure as to how she would react as I kept my eyes closed. Seconds later, I could feel her palm on my forehead as she began massaging it gently.

“You seem to be tired,” she said while I simply nodded my head in agreement.

“Why don’t you sleep it out? I will get you a nice cup of coffee and some pill.”

I thought that it wasn’t a bad idea at all. I immediately rose from her laps, got into my room and jumped onto the bed. My mother didn’t get up at once as she kept watching her favorite soap making me further anxious. It was after a good ten minutes that she came into my room with a cup of steaming coffee and a head ache pill. I swallowed the pill and began sipping the coffee while my eyes rested on my mother’s wonderful tits right above my eyes. I shook my head in disagreement after my mother stretched her right hand to take back the empty cup.

“Sit down,” I instructed. “I need to talk to you.”

She immediately sat on the bed and looked at me with surprise in her eyes. “Anything serious?”

“I guess so,” I quipped. “I wanted to talk about you.”

“About me?” She exclaimed. “Go ahead. I am eager to hear.”

I paused for a moment before beginning to speak. “Of late I can see that you look different. The sober look on your face has vanished since long and I can see your face glowing with grace.”

“Is it so?” She smiled. “What else?”

“Your sense of dressing is getting better day by day,” I continued. “Even my wife is somewhat surprised to see the range of sarees you prefer wearing nowadays.”

“That’s because of my club activities,” She intervened abruptly. “I need to look presentable in the company of some big people.”

“Presentable?” I queried. “You have started looking gorgeous nowadays. I hope guys are not chasing you while you go out.”

She began laughing as she said, “I think that is going too far. I am going to be 45.”

“That exactly is the problem,” I smiled. “Even I can’t believe that you are going to be 45.”

For the first time since our conversation began, I could see her face going rigid for a moment. There was no way I could go back having gone so far into engaging my mother into such a conversation. My fingers reached to her lips, held and gave them a gentle press. She took no time in pushing my hands of her and attempted to rise from the bed. My hands flew towards her waist to hold them and pull her towards me. My lips were pressing against her stomach now as I started kissing her soft skin all over. I could feel her body shaking as my lips made contact with her body as her hands came down heavily on my head to push me away.

“Manu. What are you doing?”

“No; this is not correct..and..I am…”

“Ohhh…please..stop this Manu…I am your mother…”

As she kept stammering, I was becoming nervous as I feared that things were getting a bit forceful. My grip on my mother loosened and I reconciled to the fact that if she wasn’t interested she can easily get away. But, she wasn’t making any extraordinary efforts to get herself relieved although my arms had opened up. I realized that she wasn’t resisting me as I had feared as even her evasive action was too slow to say the least. She was trying to get up in slow motion from the bed when I held her by her arms and pulled her back on to the bed.

“Don’t say you don’t like it,” I said looking straight into my mother’s eyes.

“We can’t do this. Manu,” There wasn’t even the scarcest shade of protest in her voice.

“Be my wife till she is back,” I pleaded as my lips approached her face again. As my lips began exploring her shiny face licking her cheeks, chin and lips, she stayed still with closed eyes as if she was tied up.

“It is now that I have realized how sexy you are,” I kept pestering her with my erotic talking. “You have a wonderful pair of boobs; better than my wife and firmer too.”

The brief struggle we have had left her saree astray over her breasts as they stood invitingly in front of my eyes. I stretched a hand eagerly to her right breast, cupped it and squeezed it gently.

“Ohhh. Manu.”

I knew that she was yielding to me now as I could see a hint of smile on her lips. Her eyes opened soon as she inched her way closer to me.

I asked her looking into her eyes, “I want to kiss your lips.” I got bolder and slit my tongue inside her mouth. Immediately, her tongue stuck out and met mine inside my mouth. I was convinced that my mother has begun enjoying and began unwrapping her saree. She sat in front of me with a petticoat and a blouse that just about held her overwhelming tits beneath.

“You look wonderful,” I admired. “My hands are itching to have a go at each one of your tits.”

“Oh! It is very odd thing to hear from you,” She covered her face with her hands as I unclasped her blouse hooks to leave her with just the tight bra holding her beautiful globes.

“Oh Mom, I have watched your cleavage a hundred times in the last few months,” I lured her.” I can’t believe I am seeing them so close today.”

It worked as she undid the bra hook and pushed me into the bed. Before I could apprehend what was happening, she gradually got on top of me. I kissed her again and unzipped my jeans and stuck her hand on my huge bulge. I began taking each one of her nipples into my mouth and started sucking them softly making her moan gently. I felt her body trembling as I alternated between her nipples to give them some oral treatment they deserved. Her breath was getting harder and her moans were becoming louder. I couldn’t believe my luck as I was getting more and more aroused to be pleasing my mother this way. I soon became naked in front of my mother while she looked at me with utmost amazement.

She glared with a smile as I kissed her again on her lips and eventually began working my way down her neck to in between her huge tits. She kept moaning softly and I started to kiss her fleshy boobs. My hands went around to hold her ass and clutched them firmly. I undid her petticoat and descended enough so that my head was at level with her panties. I could see her panties was soaked and I began kissing her womanhood and thighs. My fingers went around her pussy lips as her moans became louder than ever before.

“I am feeling so odd,” my mother hissed. “Should we go to this extent?”

“I bet we should,” I asserted. “Stop thinking that I am your son and keep enjoying as if I am your lover.”

“You must be a good lover,” she admitted. “You wife must be very lucky.”

“So you are,” I said with a smile and resumed where I had left by licking over her panties. She couldn’t hold it any longer as she pulled her panties off to reveal her bare pussy. Almost immediately my tongue popped out and started brushing her pussy lips with hunger. She was rather screaming than moaning as I started tasting drops of her pre-cum with my tongue. I rolled her over and laid her on my bed. Our lips met again as we kissed for quite some time before she grabbed my dick. I threw all caution to the winds as I mounted on her.

“We are going to have sex now,” I whispered into my mother’s ears.

“If that’s what pleases you, go ahead,” her words sounded as though resigned but her arms wrapped around me eagerly.

“I am going to slid my cock into your tight pussy and feel you all around. I will keep getting at your tits and may be I will shoot my cum into your womb. She stared at me while I spoke to her as my hands held her firmly. My mom instantly got the clue as she began spreading her legs. I slowly began thrusting my hard, virgin cock into her slogged pussy making her groan. As my motion gathered momentum, her body swayed coping up with the pounding my dick was performing. She occasionally glanced at me to smile as if she was impressed with my fucking. The session lasted for quite sometime before we had a simultaneous explosion as thick loads of my semen found their respite inside my mother’s cunt. Once our fluids slurped, I rolled over and laid next to her while the room was filled with our deep breathing. Our naked bodies hugged each other as we remained on the bed staring at the ceiling fan for a long time.

“We did it. Mom,” I turned to her and told her as she blushed.

“I am glad that you are pleased now,” she replied with a sense of fulfillment.

‘I won’t be missing my wife anymore’ I told myself.

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