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Just Being Neighborly

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So there was a few years ago in my marriage, that I lived in this duplex. It was in the back streets of a small old neighborhood that was slowly transforming into a Chinatown. Nowadays the transformation is more complete than it was then. Like I said we lived in a duplex. I was 38 then my wife was 32. A little more about us, I am a tall drink of water so they say. 6 feet 4 inches tall lean and hard muscled. My hair has patches of premature silver spread evenly throughout against my mostly black hair.

I keep it very short and neat. I wear glasses as I can’t stand contacts and don’t want anyone coming near me with a laser. My wife is shorter, 5 foot 2 inches, very oriental and in good shape. She is small breasted but has great hips and a nice round ass.

Our neighbor next door is a young lady around 24 or so living with her 2 year old son. She is a country girl. When I say country, I mean does the whole wrangler/rocky mountain jeans, boots, buckles, hat everything. She is well formed with a little extra padding but in great shape nonetheless. She has long wavy medium brown hair a nice fresh face, often tired from her relentless job as a single mom. Her son’s father comes by every so often and does whatever he does. They yell at each other a lot when he’s around.

My wife, Marie, speaks to her from time to time, as do I but she keeps mostly to herself. I, Dan, don’t really chat with her too much. I try to take care of all the outdoor chores around the duplex, including her side of the yard work and looking out for her car. Vicky (short for Victoria) needs the help. So there’s a little background, on with the story.

Marie has been homebound since yesterday as her thyroid was removed. Her throat has been in constant pain since the operation. She had taken some pain medication earlier this morning (around 4am) and was sleeping well. I went outside after she finally went to sleep and sat on the front porch step to smoke a cigarette before the day really got going. As I passed around Vicky’s front door, I noticed it was wide open and only the storm door was closed. Of course I looked in. As I did I saw her stand up from the bed with a big red dildo in one hand wearing her bra bend over and pulled up her jeans and panties over her naked ass. I turned away for a second and took a long drag on the cigarette, thinking about what I had just seen, even if it was for only a second. I was good and hard now as I realized, Vic was in there getting off with that dildo before she got the kid up and went to work. My cock was straining to get out of my cotton sweat shorts. I heard a noise behind me and turned. Vicky was there at the door looking at me as I smoked. My hard cock, all 7 inches of it stood proudly at attention. It was threatening to bust out the top of my shorts at any second.

She seemed to hesitate a little as she asked “Care for some coffee? ”

I smiled at her and put out the cigarette. As I walked towards her my cock bobbed a little at her and her eyes grew wide open. “Love too. “, was the obvious reply.

She stared at me with her big wide eyes as she opened the door. “Is that because of me?” she asked haltingly. “I mean… “, she was finding it difficult to speak.

“Yes it is,” I replied closing the door. I took her hand and placed it on my covered hard cock. “And I think you and I both know what’s next. You didn’t want to just have some coffee, did you?” I asked her. She slowly shook her head as her hand started exploring the shape of my cock. “Take it out,” I told her. Her mouth opened slightly as her breathing increased. She grasped the waistband and pulled it down over my erection. My cock sprung out to almost a 90 degree angle. It was thick red, purple, and angry hard looking. Vicky let out a low moan as her skin came in contact with it. “Suck on it for me baby, you know you want to.” I told her as I guided her shoulders down till she was on her knees staring at it a mere inch or two from her face. She looked up at me as I grasped the back of her head and guided my cock towards her lips. Vicky groaned loudly as I pressed on and pushed the fat cockhead into her mouth and slowly eased it deeper into her mouth. She seemed stunned as it went deeper and deeper until it was all the way in and caressing her throat. All of a sudden she let out a muffled grunt, as her ass started wiggling on the ground. It looked like she was cumming. She tried pushing me back and out of her mouth. I wasn’t having any of that. I took her hair in both my hands and pushed my meat back in her mouth and out again, I slowly fucked her mouth. With every push in she groaned hard around my cock, sending sweet vibrations up and down my shaft. She kept trying to push me out of her mouth but I kept my throbbing dick there. After some five minutes of this I popped my cock out of her mouth, with an appreciative smile and moan of my own.

“Oh my God!! What the fuck are you doing?! I can’t do this! Get the fuck out of here before I scream!” she hissed.

“Oh you’ll be doing some screaming, alright, but it won’t be like you think it is,” I replied. As she protested I grabbed her with one hand around her neck, spun her, and pushed her with the other into her bedroom. My cock was glistening with her spit, angry looking, and ready to fuck anything. She tried to struggle away from me as I gave her a final shove onto the bed. I grasped my cock and pointed it at her, “You are going to finish what you started you little slut.” Vicky leaned back showing some small amount of fear on her face, and something else. “Get those fucking pants off.” I told her. She hurriedly popped them open and shimmied out of her tight ass Rocky Mountains. I glanced around the room as she did, finding her toy standing up near the bedside table. Impatient, I reached down and whipped her pants the rest of the way from her legs, grabbed both sides of the tails on her button down blouse and ripped upwards. Buttons flew everywhere as she cried out. I popped the front of her bra in one quick motion and her heaving 36c tits rolled out. I noticed the crisp hardness of her nipples as I reached down and literally ripped her white cotton no nonsense panties off her ass. She looked absolutely amazing in her heat before me.

From her:

I lay there in the tatters of my clothes, my pussy flowing nonstop as I looked up at him and his proud hard cock. My nipples ached for attention and soon received it as Dan pinched them both as he pulled me by them towards his waiting beautiful cock again. I groaned loudly as he shoved that hard dick between my lips again. He started fucking my mouth like before. It was a struggle to breathe as my tongue slithered around it, savoring it, tasting, it, loving it. Finally he stopped; I was so tired already from my struggle for breath. He grabbed my ankles in one hand and pulled my legs up towards my head as far as he could. And then I felt it. His engorged cock was grazing the outside of my dripping pussy. He was teasing me with it. My body started jerking towards it, like it had a mind of its own. My mind was on fire for trying to get that magnificent cock in my needy pussy.

“Please,” I begged him over and over “Put it in, please fuck my pussy, I need to get fucked so bad” and he did. I felt like I had been struck by some insane cattle prod as his gorgeous cock hammered into me over and over. I moaned and cried out as he jack hammered it in me relentlessly. His sweat dripped on me as I felt his balls slapping my asshole. I put both my hands on each of my asscheeks and stretched to try and get more of him in me. Oh my God I was being such a slut. He took one hand and brought it up to his face and sucked in a finger as he fucked me. It was so erotic watching him. Then he brought it back down to my ass and growled at me to put it in my asshole. I hesitated, and he slapped my ass, hard! It stung and I quickly unthinkly shoved my finger in my asshole and I literally exploded in a moaning groaning orgasm. My body bucked and spasmed underneath him. My pussy clenched tightly on his cock. I could feel my ass clenching my finger like a little cock as my orgasm raged through me. I came to my senses as I felt my body being moved. He had flipped me over, and was continuing to fuck my poor swollen pussy. I had caught my second wind by this time and felt somewhat more in control of myself as his sweat dripped across my back with every stroke. I shook my ass at him as he fucked me so good and hard.

And then CRACK, a hard so painful sting across one of my asscheeks, then the other CRACK as his hand stung my ass over and over as he fucked me so hard. I was crying as he speared me with his raging cock. Then of a sudden he penetrated my pussy deeper than ever and leaned over my back. He pulled my hair back as he trailed bites and kisses down my neck and back.

“MMMMMM YES, “I kept saying over and over. I was grabbing sheets and stuffing them in my mouth as he bit and kissed me, pulled my hair from side to side and ground his cock deep in my cunt. Ahhhhh God this is what I needed so bad….And then it was out.

“NOOOOO “I cried “PUT IT BACK oh please” I whimpered he pulled my face up to his cock by my hair and shoved it in my mouth. I could taste my pussy and his hot hot cock in my mouth again. I groaned in frustration around it sending shivers through his body. He moved and then I felt something on my dripping well fucked cunt. It was my dildo and he was shoving it in. “NO I WANT YOUR COCK,” I hissed angrily at him, trying to dislodge it. He started spanking my ass again as his hot slimy cock slapped in time on my face. After a couple minutes of this he started spitting on my asshole. At first it didn’t register what he was doing or why, and then it did. Oh shit he was going to fuck my ass. “OH God, Oh NO, please don’t please don’t I’ve never done that I can’t do it”

I begged him.

He mashed my face down in the bed as his cock stroked the outside of my asshole. I tried to push away from him but he was too strong. Then the burning. The pain, The penetrating heat of his fucking dick as it went slowly in my ass. I was screaming in the sheets as he eased it in. It went in slow slow like a rod of hot steel going in my ass. My pussy fluttered and spasmed around my dildo. My ass clenched and unclenched around his dick. It quit hurting so bad. He started fucking the dildo in and out of my pussy. It rubbed deliciously against the real cock in my ass. Oh God I was starting to like this. I was sobbing, tears running down my face, as I moaned “I want to get f-f-fucked ”

And fuck me he did. Like a titan moving the earth and heavens his cock started slowly to pump in and out of my ass as his hand pistoned the dildo in and out of my throbbing pussy. I was feeling really good and used like some sex crazed whore by now. I became delirious as he let go the dildo and started hammering that fucking cock in my ass over and over.

“Oh MY GOD, DON”T STOP DON”T STOP I started crying, His hands reached under me and pulled both my nipples hard, stretching my tits. I felt like a huge tidal wave washed over me, drowning me as my orgasm crashed through me. The dildo shot out of my spasming pussy and I sprayed cum all over my thighs and the bed. He ripped his cock out of well fucked asshole and spun me over. I looked up in amazement, pleasure, pain fear, awe, as his cock erupted spewing violent hot ropes of cum all up and down my body. It scalded me where it landed. I felt like he and were cumming forever as gooey sticky cum splattered on my tits, face, stomach and pussy. And then I passed out.

I heard voices. I looked up. Looked around me. “Oh shit, “I thought, “looks like I’ve been fucking a goddam bachelor party. I heard Dan’s voice outside and some small laughter. I heard my ex-husband out there with him. Oh shit Oh shit Oh shit I kept saying as I scrambled madly trying to clean up from ….Oh God that was hot…Oh shit oh shit oh shit……


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