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Intimate Interview

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My name’s Sarah and I am a twenty two year old nanny. I’d like to tell you about an interview I’ve just had for a job. I replied to an advert placed by an American couple requiring a nanny for a period of time whilst they will be working in the U.K. I attended the interview held in a meetings room at a hotel in Cardiff.

I met the parents Mr and Mrs Richmond (Jo and Maria) who conducted the interview and I felt I had presented myself well to them. At the end of the interview they informed me that they had other candidates to meet and they would get in touch with me to let me know the outcome and if successful to invite me to a second interview. I returned home and later that evening I received a phone call from Mr Richmond and he invited me back to Cardiff for a further interview the following afternoon.

When I arrived at the hotel and enquired at reception for Mr and Mrs Richmond I was informed that I was to go up to their suite as they were expecting me. I ascended in the lift to the tenth floor and found their room. I knocked and the door was answered by Mr Richmond who invited me in. Mrs Richmond was sat on a plush leather sofa in the lounge area and she invited me to sit down and join her. They were both dressed a little more casually than the day before. Mr Richmond offered me a drink and I requested a dry white wine. He poured me a glass and brought it over to me. They both already had drinks and he went and sat in an easy chair opposite us.

Mrs Richmond was the first to speak and she informed me that I was their first choice for the position but they had some further details to discuss with me. They explained that the position was a live-in post and that I would be given a one-bedroom apartment in the roof of the four-storey house that they were leasing for the length of their stay, due to be five years. The accommodation was rent-free and I would be able to order food and other items cost free. She then went on to explain the type of schedule I would have in looking after their four-year-old son Ben.

Mr Richmond then took over and told me that there were some important things I should know about that I might want to consider before accepting or not. He said they wanted to be perfectly honest with me. He then went on to tell me that he and Maria were in ‘the life-style’. He could see a look of puzzlement on my face. He then explained that ‘the life-style’ meant that they were swingers.

Mrs Richmond then said “Although we are very much in love we both enjoy having other partners and watching each other with other partners. This would mean that on occasions you would see us at home with someone else either together or alone, knowing what we would be doing and sometimes we could be part of a larger group when we host a party.”

“We think it only right that you know this as you would be part of the same household and wouldn’t want you to discover it after commencing your employment. We realise you may not be comfortable with such a situation and would understand if you decided not to proceed with your application,” said Mr Richmond.

“We know it’s quite a decision so we think you should take a little time to consider it. Why don’t you go down and take some time in the hotel lounge and then let us know,” said Mrs Richmond.

I did as was suggested and sat in the lounge with a coffee for about half an hour thinking about the situation. I am not a prude and everyone should be allowed to please themselves. I found the whole thing quite interesting, fascinating and exciting. I had made up my mind and decided to return and inform Mr and Mrs Richmond of my decision.

I again knocked on the door Mr Richmond answered “Sarah come on in,” he said.

I stood in front of them both “Mr and Mrs Richmond,” I started.

“No Sarah call us Jo and Maria,” said Mr Richmond.

“Jo and Maria I would like to thank you for selecting me for the position to be your nanny during your stay in the U.K and I would kindly like to accept your offer,” I said.

“Oh great!” said Maria “We were both hoping that you wouldn’t turn us down.”

“I think you should finish your wine now to celebrate your new job,” said Jo.

“Thank you,” I said, taking up my previous seat on the sofa next to Maria. “In the end it wasn’t a difficult decision.”

“No we should thank you for being such a broad minded young lady,” said Jo.

“I don’t think people should dictate how others run their lives or have fun so long as no one is getting hurt and nothing illegal is being done,” I went on.

“Of course you’ll be free to use our house as if it were your home and do what you want to,” said Maria.

“That’s very much appreciated,” I said “I think were going to get on well.”

We continued our conversation talking about America and my training in England. We also talked about Ben and they informed me that he wasn’t Jo’s son. Jo’s sperm is infertile and they didn’t want to go through the clinical process of a hospital sperm donor. Instead Jo selected five guys who were not known to them and during one week Maria spent the night with all of them in turn. They all filled her up and shortly afterwards she discovered she was pregnant. They didn’t know who the father was, nor did they want to know and Jo has taken all the legal steps and is now Ben’s lawful parent. This reinforced my opinion that they were really loving parents. We talked a bit more, their conversation making me feel more at ease all the time. I could tell by their conversation that they really loved each other. We talked a little about me and my life in England and they were probing to find out if I had a boyfriend, which I didn’t.

“So! No boyfriend then, but your so attractive. We’ve both had Cindy, our current nanny back home and she’s not half as good looking as you,” said Jo.

“Jo! Don’t go embarrassing Sarah like that. I’m sorry Sarah,” reprimanded Maria.

“Don’t worry its no problem,” I replied, “I appreciate the compliment.” Feeling bold after two glasses of wine I went on to say, “So how old is Cindy and do you have her regularly?”

“Cindy is not as young as you she’s 27 years old and one or both of us have her on average about once a month,” replied Jo.

“You need to be careful Sarah. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but Jo has been sitting there taking every opportunity to have a good look at your legs and up your skirt, he’s not very subtle,” Maria warned.

“I thought I caught him looking earlier,” I replied. “Do you like what you see?”

“Very much,” said Jo.

“What have you seen then?” questioned Maria.

“I’ve seen that Sarah likes to wear stockings, hold ups actually. She’s also chosen to wear green panties today,” Jo replied.

“So what are you thinking?” Maria continued.

“I’m thinking the view would be even better if she wasn’t wearing any,” said Jo.

“Well Sarah Jo would like to see you without any panties on, what do you think to that?” Maria asked.

“I think he’s a very naughty boy,” I said.

“I think he’s naughty as well,” continued Maria. “Would you like to be naughty with him Sarah? Id love to watch you being naughty together.”

“He does have a nice looking face and fit looking body,” I replied. “Does he want to be naughty with me?”

“With your young body any man would be daft not to want to be naughty with you,” Jo replied.

With that Jo changed places with Maria and sat next to me on the sofa. Maria took up Jo’s position on the armchair opposite. Jo took the wine glass from my hand and placed it on the small table. He placed a hand behind my head, stroking my hair and pulled my head towards his. His mouth met mine and I felt his tongue parting my lips as he slipped it inside. I was a little confused but excited at the same time and responded by playing my tongue over his and into his mouth. I knew we had started down an unstoppable road and I didn’t want to stop, I wanted Jo.

Jo placed a hand under my jacket on my blouse over my right breast and squeezed it gently. I could feel it firming up under his touch. He then reached down and began stroking my thigh just edging up under my skirt. We broke off from kissing and Jo whispered in my ear “I’m going to undress you, stand up for me baby.” I did as I was requested and stood facing Maria, Jo stood behind me. He eased my jacket off my shoulders removing it and placing it on the sofa behind him.

At that moment a mobile phone rang. Maria got up, walked over to the table picked up the phone and answered it. “Maria Richmond. ………………. Hi Cindy, how’s everything and how’s Ben? ……………………….. He’s gone to playgroup, that’s fine. Is he missing us? ………………………………. The interviews have gone very well, we’ve been able to select a very good candidate Sarah. …………………….. Yes, she’s twenty two years old, very pretty and will fulfil all the services you provide. …………………………. Oh yes especially that. …………………….. Jo’s just about to find out, he’s undressing her at the moment.”

Maria returned to the armchair still continuing her conversation. “He’s just pulling her blouse free from the top of her skirt. He’s working on the button and zip, it’s falling down her legs to the floor. ………………………….. No she’s wearing white hold ups, she’s got lovely looking legs. …………………. Yes you can just glimpse them below her blouse, their green. Jo’s massaging her buttocks through them. …………. He’s opening the buttons of her blouse. ……………………. Her bra matches her panties…………………………..Yes; he’s unclipping her bra at the back. …… They’re small, firm and round with very nice tiny pink nipples. …………………. Jo’s nibbling Sarah’s neck, squeezing her boobs and pinching her nipples, she’s really enjoying it. I don’t think it will be long before she’s naked. …………………. Of course he’s bound to. …………….. He’s easing her panties down. Wow she’s got a full bush of dark hair; it looks quite soft and downy. ……………… I’m sure he’s going to enjoy taking her; I’ll certainly enjoy watching. ………………………. Of course I will. …………………. O.K look after yourself and give our love to Ben.” Maria placed the phone down on the arm of the chair.

“Sit yourself on the sofa and Ill join you soon,” said Jo.

I sat on the sofa and Jo went into the area where the bed was. After a couple of minutes he returned. He had removed all his clothing and was stood in front of me completely naked. He does have a fit body and I saw his not very long but very fat circumcised cock for the first time. He knelt down, pushed my legs apart positioning my pussy right at the edge of the seat. Placing his hands on either side he slowly pulled my pussy lips apart exposing all of my sex to his gaze. He lowered his head and started a long slow tonguing of my pussy forcing his tongue deep into my love hole and concentrating on my clit, he licked and sucked it ever so gently.

“Mmmmm that looks good,” said Maria “Is Jo being nice to you Sarah?”

“Oh! Very nice,” I replied, biting my lip in sheer pleasure.

“How does she taste?” questioned Maria.

“She tastes really good and she’s wet. I hope she will be even wetter soon,” said Jo.

“I think he wants to make you cum, would you like that?” Maria carried on.

“Mmmmm yes he’s making me feel so good,” I shouted breathlessly amongst my moans.

Jo continued his attention alternating between love hole and clit and after some time I felt the build up in my stomach as it tightened and I knew I was going to cum. I let out a loud sigh as I filled his waiting mouth with juice as a long intense climax gripped my body.

“Ooooh somebody’s a very noisy lady. I think you needed that,” commented Maria.

“Bloody hell you can say that again. It’s been three weeks since anyone’s made me cum,” I gasped through my heavy breathing.

“We’ll make sure you don’t go that long once your working for us, one of us will have the pleasure I’m sure” Maria said enthusiastically. “Do you suck dick?” she enquired, “I’d love to see you sucking Jo’s.”

I responded by taking hold of Jo’s cock, who was now standing in front of me. He was already quite stiff and hard. I was surprised but excited to discover that I couldn’t encircle his girth with my hand. That had never happened before; he was certainly fatter than anyone I had encountered previously. I lowered my head, stuck out my tongue and let it flick over his bulbous head making it shine with a coating of saliva. He tasted good but I wanted him in my mouth. I wasn’t sure how much of his cock I could fit in. First I allowed his head to enter between my lips sucking and licking gently. He was enjoying it and his actions indicated that he wanted me to take more. Slowly I moved my lips lower down his shaft filling my mouth with his meat. It was not going to be comfortable to take his full length and I don’t enjoy discomfort so I withdrew his cock leaving just his head inside. I then began moving my head up and down his length, up to my comfort zone. This was obviously to his liking as he became fully erect and his moans of pleasure became louder. After a period of this attention I set about doing something I really enjoy. I continued rubbing up and down his spit covered cock with my hand whilst sucking one of his balls into my mouth. I love the way a mans balls move around inside their protective sack as I suck and lick them. It gets me very horny. Jo’s balls were a nice size, shaved and I gave them both a good going over.

My mouth released his ball as Jo took my hand and expertly guided me into a kneeling position facing the back of the sofa. Positioning himself behind me he reached between my legs spreading my pussy lips apart with his hand. “Your so wet and tight baby, sliding inside you is going to feel so good,” he said as I could feel him placing the head of his cock at the entrance to my love hole with one hand whilst holding me open with the other. He pushed a little stretching me until his head was inside me. I gasped as I felt it fill and distend my little hole and with the realisation that I was about to have my pussy filled with and to be fucked by the fattest cock I had ever experienced. The thought made me even wetter. Slowly Jo pushed forward whilst gripping my hips and pulling me towards him filling me with his meat until I could feel his balls against my bum and I knew his full length was inside me.

“God you feel good,” I screamed “Fuck me hard, please do me,” I pleaded. With that Jo began a rhythm, in and out, full long strokes. He gradually built up the tempo increasing his pace and with it the force of his thrusts. I had by now lost control and was screeching at him to fuck me harder. He continued to pound me hard until I had that feeling in my gut again. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! I’m cumming! Don’t stop,” I implored him as my stomach convulsed again and my knees became weak. Jo had induced another massive climax in me as my sighing and panting filled the air.

Jo was still full of energy as he sat down next to me. “Baby come and sit on my dick,” he beckoned. I raised myself to standing on the sofa, straddled his body and lowered my pussy towards his thick shaft. I was so wet that I slid down effortlessly swallowing all of him until my bum rested on his balls. “Oooh! Fuck me good baby,” shouted Jo. With my feet still flat on the sofa I was able to lift myself, sliding up his cock and then lowering down again. I was now in control, I was fucking Jo. He was using his hands to fondle and play with my boobs and nipples, which sent additional sensations through my body. I began to fuck him harder, increasing both the speed and force of my movements especially on the downward penetrative stroke. Jo enjoyed this as his breathing became louder mingling with his sighs of pleasure and his request for more and harder had me doing him as hard as I could. I couldn’t believe it I felt I was going to cum again. Jo knew it as well and he encouraged me not to stop until I’d wet his cock and balls once again. It wasn’t as powerful as the previous two but it did make me and Jo wet again.

After a little recovery Jo said “We need a rest, come to bed.” He stood me up and led me to the bed. We lay down facing each other and slowly stroked each other whilst kissing gently. Jo rolled me on my stomach straddled my thighs and slowly worked his still erect cock between my closed thighs finally finding its way into my pussy. Not being very long he was only able to give very short strokes like this. He gently rocked slowly like this for what seemed like ages. It was calm and soothing until I again felt my tummy tightening as he gave me a long drawn out low-level cum. He really knew how to use his cock. He turned me on my back and straddled my torso. He placed a finger in my mouth and gently teased it open. His other hand was busily jacking his thick cock. It wasn’t long before he placed the tip of his cock close to my mouth. His cock began twitching and he began filling my open mouth with his warm, thick milky spunk. It tasted wonderful and there was lots of it. I played with it in mouth for a while, to savour the taste, before swallowing it all down.

Jo rolled off me and we slowly found ourselves spooning, Jo behind me slowly caressing my boobs …………………………………………………………………

………………… I woke suddenly, with the feel of something playing between my legs. I turned and looked up. It was Maria sitting on the edge of the bed, completely naked and running her fingers along my pussy. “I couldn’t resist, seeing you dozing there so fulfilled and contented,” she said. “You and Jo had quite a session, you’re obviously a young lady who enjoys being fucked.”

“I do enjoy it especially when the fucking comes from someone gifted in the cock department and who knows how to use it,” I replied.

“Well you can certainly say that about Jo. Everyone enjoys the way they get stretched by him and I never tire of having him as he always sees to my needs.”

“He certainly ensured I was taken care of, I have never cum so strong and as repeatedly before.”

“Yeah you came a few times and you’re so vocal with it. Jo also commented to me on the extreme tightness of your pussy, he liked that. You also surpassed Cindy by allowing Jo to feed you his load, she has never allowed him to cum in her mouth or on her face.”

“What’s the point of sucking a cock if your not going to get your reward. Jo may be infertile but his cum is thick, there’s plenty of it and it tastes so good.”

“You’re a girl after my own heart. I hope you don’t mind but I used my cell phone to capture a few pictures of you two doing each other. Cindy I know would love to see them.”

“I don’t mind so long as you send me them as well, I want to remember this afternoon. Maria your hand feels so good stroking me down there I hope your not going to stop,” I said.

“I’ll do you if you’ll do me,” Maria replied.

I needed no prompting and pulled Maria down to lie with me on the bed. I enjoy pussy and was certainly not going to miss the chance of tasting Maria. Maria is thirty-two years old with long blonde hair standing about five feet seven tall with large 36C breasts, each topped with a fat dark nipple. Between her legs she sports a trimmed landing strip of pubic hair confirming her to be natural blonde. Our lips met and we both eagerly explored each other’s mouths with hot excited tongues. Maria broke away and straddling me she adopted a classic sixty-nine position, pinning me to the bed her pussy inches from my face. She was eager and soon had my legs parted and was down utilising her tongue to give urgent attention to my pussy and clit. I returned the favour as I parted her pussy lips and inserted my tongue into her pink love hole. She was already very wet and tasted good. I worked my tongue along to her clit, a beautiful large hard button that I licked and began nibbling on. Maria was now fingering me deep inside my pussy working an in and out motion. Her tongue then went to work on my perineum, that sensitive little area between love hole and bum hole. She worked her tongue on and began rimming my bum hole, pushing her tongue as far inside as possible. I then felt a finger circling my saliva wettend rose bud. It began to push at my anal entrance and slowly worked it’s way right inside.

“Jo was right about your pussy being tight but this little hole is even tighter,” commented Maria.

“It stays tight as I don’t allow cock up it,” I replied “But your finger feels so good in there,” I uttered between gasping and sighing. I was now rimming Maria whilst having two fingers deep in her pussy and rubbing her clit with my thumb. Maria was encouraging me not to stop, in-between licking and sucking on my clit. I new she was close to exploding and I was soon rewarded with her warm cum on my tongue as she screamed her satisfaction. She was rubbing my pussy and clit and her intensity increased as her climax built until I could hold back no longer and I returned the favour of giving her my cum to taste.

After time to recover Maria rolled off and laid herself down next to me. Jo, who had been watching us both, then joined us and he lay on my other side. Jo and Maria propped themselves up on their elbows lying on their sides facing me. I was still on my back and was able to look up at them.

“Wow! I never thought interviewing could be so much fun. We’ve certainly picked a perfect candidate. I hope your still going to take the position Sarah?” said Jo.

“Of course I’m going to accept. I’ve even more reason for doing so now after such a thorough interview.” Jo and Maria giggled at my comment. It felt really relaxed being in their company. Jo and Maria stroked me gently giving my nipples an occasional squeeze. I responded by reaching down and gently squeezing Jo’s cock.

“We’d like you to come over to the States next week, if you’re available, so you can meet Ben and discuss things with Cindy. We will then be back here in a month to begin working,” said Maria.

“That’s no problem for me,” I assured them.

“Good,” said Jo. “We’ll arrange the flights and everything and let you know. Whilst you’re with us it would be nice if we could host our farewell swingers party at our place. Would you like to be our ‘milk maid’ for the event?”

“What’s a ‘milk maid’,” I enquired.

“Not all the ladies at our parties enjoy the taste of cum, unlike you and I,” Maria explained. “But the guys enjoy having their dicks milked. So one of the females is appointed to take on this task and gets to have a considerable amount of sperm during the evening. The boys would love giving it to you,”

“Sounds interesting and very enjoyable,” I replied.

“Why don’t you do more than just squeezing him? Go down on him to finish the afternoon,” Maria whispered in my ear. Jo’s cock was semi-rigged and I took Maria up on her suggestion. I once again felt Jo get to full hardness and fill my mouth with meat. I sucked, licked and played with him and was soon rewarded as Jo, with his cock still in my mouth, filled me up with hot fresh cum.

“God your some young lady,” said Jo removing his cock from my mouth. “We’d all best get up shower and put some clothes on or well be here forever.”

“A nice thought,” I said as Maria and I headed for the bathroom.

Once showered and dressed again in my interview clothes I thanked Jo and Maria for providing my best interview ever and told them I would be eagerly awaiting details of my trip to the States. I left the hotel and was heading home a very well used and satisfied new employee of Mr and Mrs Richmond.

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