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Hostel Travels

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Kerri poured herself another glass of wine. She tilted the bottle up, all the way up until the last red drop fell into her cup. She sighed and took another deep swig, feeling the acid of the cheap wine burning her throat slightly on the way down.

She had been sitting in the Pisa airport for nearly 24 hours. The train system, in fact, all travel systems in Italy, was perpetually running late.

So, despite the fact that Kerri had left Assisi nine hours before her flight left, and despite the fact that Pisa was only a few hours away by train, she had still missed her flight. She had pulled into the airport train station at 9:50pm, and she was sure that the plane she saw taking off as she approached the airport was hers.

The next flight to Berlin didn’t take off until 9:50 the next evening (the cheap airlines are able to stay cheap by only getting one flight out a day), and the nearest hotel was an expensive cab ride away, so Kerri had sweet-talked the security guards into letting her sleep on the floor in the airport. There had been other travelers with her, and in the end she decided that no backpack through Europe was complete without a night spent on the floor of an airport or train station. Still, she felt that she was entitled to a few glasses, or an entire bottle, of wine.

Kerri stole a glance at her watch. 9pm. She could see her gate through the other side of security, and decided that it was time to head over. She downed the last of her wine and grabbed her pack, throwing the cork in her pocket as she went. She wanted to save the corks of all the wine she drank, even the bad wine.

She made it through security and waited patiently for her flight to begin boarding. She had finished that entire bottle of wine in about 45 minutes, and was starting to feel its effects. She leaned back in her seat and closed her eyes, careful to keep her backpack pressed snugly against her back.

“Signore e signori, il volo 335 a Berlino adesso si imbarca su,” an authoritative voice sounded from overhead, before offering a heavily-accented translation. “Ladies and gentlemen, flight 335 to Berlin will begin boarding now.”

Kerri gathered her things and took her ticket out of her pocket. She wanted to sleep the wine off, so she got in line to board immediately. One of her favorite things about Europe was that not too many people were in a rush, so only a handful got up to stand in line immediately. She was one of the first people on the plane, and found a seat in the back, adjusting the air conditioning so that a cold jet of air pushed softly against her face. She fell asleep before the plane even finished boarding.


Several hours later, Kerri woke up, a bit startled at first that she was on the plane. She wasn’t sure how she had made it on, but she was proud of herself for pushing through the wine and the long wait to make it on her flight. She had been looking forward to her trip to Berlin for some time, and nothing was going to stop her.

The plane landed with a hard jolt on the ground and taxied quickly to the terminal. It seemed that the German flight crew was as anxious to get off the plane as she was. Since she had sat in the back of the plane, she was one of the last off the flight. It was quite dark out. She checked the time; 2am. She was exhausted. Sleeping on a tile floor didn’t do much for her bad back.

Kerri found the nearest bathroom and splashed cold water on her face, then headed out to locate the closest information desk. A rotund German woman stood behind the counter. She looked awfully cheerful for the late hour.

“Excuse me,” Kerri said shyly. She had just spent a month in a country where she knew the language almost fluently, and it embarrassed her to have to showcase the fact that she was a tourist. “Do you speak English?”

The woman behind the counter laughed. “Of course! I wouldn’t have gotten this job if I didn’t!”

“Fabulous.” Kerri pulled a confirmation sheet out of her purse. “I am trying to get to the Mellinger hostel. Here is the address,” she said, sliding the sheet across the counter.

“Of course! It is a very popular hostel for young travelers. I believe it is quite inexpensive, and if I remember correctly it is in very good condition.”

“Wonderful! I was a little skeptical because it is only 13 euro a night.”

“This must be your first time to Berlin. Things here are quite a bit less expensive than in other cities.” The woman’s accent was very heavy, but it was refreshing to get away from the Italian snobbery for once.

The woman behind the counter pulled out a map of the city and a highlighter, outlining the route from the airport to Kerri’s hostel.

“Dank!” Kerri said once the woman had finished explaining. Thank you was one of the only phrases she knew in virtually every European language.

Once again pulling her bag onto her back, Kerri headed out into the cool night air. She located her bus and made her way to the subway. It was a bit confusing at first, but the woman’s directions were flawless, and Kerri soon found herself stepping out of the underground across the street from a red and white sign with a large “M.” Mellinger City Hostel. Perfect. Time to get some sleep.

Kerri walked briskly across the street, praying that someone would still be behind the registration desk. She had called ahead to keep her reservation after she missed her flight, but with the late hour she was concerned that they had given her bed to someone else.

A little bell rang as Kerri pushed the door open. She was immediately greeted by an attractive young German behind the desk.

“Hello,” he said kindly. Germans are awfully sweet at night, Kerri thought to herself.

“Hi,” she replied. “I made a reservation for a room, but I am afraid that you may have given it away because I arrived so late.”

“Not at all. We have a few extra beds tonight anyway, and since you are traveling alone it wouldn’t have been difficult to find you a room. Your name, please?”

“Kerri Hallow.”

The man behind the desk punched a few keys into the computer.

“Yes, there you are. The rooms are 13 euro a night, and I will need to make a copy of your passport.”

Kerri slid a ten euro note and three euro dollar coins across the counter along with her passport. Soon, she was being handed the key to her room.

“OK, room 149. It is just around the corner. Go all the way down the hall and make a left. It will be the third room on your right. If you plan to stay more than the three days you have reserved, please let us know and we will hold your bed for you.”

She took the key gratefully and headed toward her room. She couldn’t remember ever being this tired or dazed before. When she reached the door, she dropped her bag off her shoulder and fumbled to get the key in the lock. It was late, and she knew she would have roommates, so she opened the door as quietly as possible.

The room was pitch black. It took a moment for her eyes to adjust to the dark, after which she took a long look around the room.

There were a few lockers lined along the wall, and three sets of bunk beds. Every bed was filled except for the top bunk immediately to her right, so she flung her bag onto the bed and went to the bathroom.

As Kerri washed her face and brushed her teeth, she thought of the long day ahead of her. Sighing deeply, she dried her hands and went back into her room, crawling immediately into bed.

Over the years, she had found that the best way to put herself to sleep was to listen to the sounds of the night, so she closed her eyes and did just that. She heard the hum of the air conditioner, the sound of boisterous laughing in the street, and a small giggle from the corner of the room. She sat up with a start; she hadn’t realized anyone else was awake.

Kerri squinted in the dark, straining to see the bed that the noise had come from. She listened closely to determine the exact location of the giggle, and she heard a soft moan. Leaning forward, she saw a couple kissing in the small bottom bunk of a bed across the room. The top bunk, she noticed, was now empty.

The woman on bottom stretched as the man ducked his head underneath the sheets. Kerri could see his head making its way slowly down her body, stopping at just the point where her legs met. The woman closed her eyes and bit her lip. Kerri could imagine the man licking her clit, rolling his tongue over her as she became increasingly wetter.

Kerri had been backpacking for two months now, and she had gotten extremely lonely in the past few weeks. She continued to watch the couple, longing to join in their passion. She leaned over closer, her head now hanging over the edge of the bed as she started to caress her breasts. The bed creaked, and the woman turned her head up to meet Kerri’s eyes.

Kerri was horrified. She couldn’t believe she had been caught! Watching other people have sex seemed so perverse to her. She saw the woman tap her partner on the back of the head. His head popped out of the top of the sheet. The woman whispered something in his ear, causing him to turn his head toward Kerri. He smiled. The woman waved slightly at Kerri.

“Oh, god, this is terrible,” Kerri thought. She didn’t know what else to do, so she gave a small wave back.

Then the woman extended one finger and curled it up toward her twice, the international symbol for ‘come here.’ What did they want? Were they going to lecture her about watching them?

Kerri climbed down from her bed silently and made her way cautiously to their bed. Once she reached it, the woman made another ‘come here’ sign, and Kerri drew her head closer to them. Then, the woman took Kerri’s face in her hands and pulled her down, landing a passionate kiss on her lips. Kerri’s eyes closed, but her eyebrows rose in surprise as the woman’s tongue danced circles around her own.

The man rolled over next to the woman, and Kerri immediately sat down on the bed. She continued to kiss the woman as the man ran his hand along her back slowly, letting her know that it was OK. Wow. Kerri was already wet at the mere thought of making love to this couple.

The woman moved her hands down to Kerri’s breasts, and Kerri swung a leg over her, straddling her as she crawled under the covers. She noticed that both of them were completely nude underneath the sheet. She pulled away for a moment.

“What is your name?” she whispered.


Italian, Kerri thought. Perfect.

“Come ti chiami?”

The woman’s eyes lit up. “Lucia. E questo,” she continued, gesturing to the man beside her, “e Paolo.”

“Piacere,” Kerri said, giggling a little. It seemed a little odd to say “nice to meet you” to someone who had their hand on her breast.

Lucia laughed softly, then leaned toward Kerri’s face and whispered in her ear. “Piacere.”

With that, Lucia began gently sucking on Kerri’s ear lobe. She took her tongue and ran it along the outside of her ear, following the folds of her skin around until she reached the center. Then she withdrew her tongue and blew cool air into Kerri’s ear. Kerri shivered with delight.

Paolo continued to stroke her back, getting lowering and lowering until he eventually landed on her buttocks, rubbing them with just his finger tips. Kerri let herself fall into this, gave herself completely to the Italian couple, dripping with wetness as she imagined the two of them driving her to the edge.

Lucia withdrew her face and moved her hands down to the bottom of Kerri’s shirt. She pulled the shirt over her head, letting Kerri’s long brown hair fall onto her naked back. Kerri’s now bare breasts rubbed against Lucia’s soft skin.

She bent down to kiss Lucia again, taking in her fragrance. She smelled like lavender soap and sweet perfume. Kerri began to kiss down her neck, brushing her lips against Lucia’s clavicle. Kerri could feel Lucia tense a bit, but then felt her wriggle down a little, until her face was level with Kerri’s breasts.

Lucia took Kerri’s right nipple in her mouth as Paolo reached a hand around and massaged her left breast. Paolo continued to tease her buttocks, rubbing her upper thighs and occasionally brushing a finger up her boxers onto her bare skin.

The couple stayed there, caressing Kerri, for a long time. Occasionally Lucia would switch nipples, forcing Paolo to massage the other breast. Kerri had never been so stimulated by breast play before. Sometimes Paolo would take all of his fingers and spread them around the base of her breast, then drag them slowly up and toward each other, following her breast line until he reached the tip of her nipple, which he’d give a playful squeeze before going back to the full-on massage. Each time he did this, Kerri could feel herself get a little wetter, her clit getting a little harder.

Paolo shifted his weight so that he was lying on top of Kerri, his face toward Lucia. His erection pressed against Kerri as he leaned forward to nibble on her neck. Lucia stopped sucking Kerri’s nipple for a moment. She looked up to give Paolo a long passionate kiss, pressing her breasts against Kerri’s breasts as she leaned up to reach him.

Kerri was sandwiched between the lovers as they wrestled their tongues together, and she could feel Lucia’s nipples meeting hers, and Paolo’s hard penis against her back. A wave of pleasure came over her as she experienced an orgasm unlike one she had ever had before. It wasn’t that it was better than any other orgasm, but it was very different. Instead of coming in several waves or feeling slightly electric, it just felt relieving, like she had just put down a heavy box or stepped off of the hot sand and into cool water. She sighed deeply from the back of her throat as she felt herself grow wet between her legs. Paolo and Lucia continued to kiss, but their passion seemed to grow after Kerri’s orgasm was finished.

After finally pulling away from his kiss, Paolo put his hands on Kerri’s hips and guided them up. She was now laying on her knees with her hips pushed high up to the ceiling, completely open to him. As he pulled Kerri’s shorts down to her knees, Lucia walked two fingers down Kerri’s stomach, eventually landing on her sensitive clit. As she began to move it in clockwise motions, Paolo slipped himself inside Kerri. Kerri’s eyes popped open for a moment at the fullness of him. He filled her completely; any more would have been painful, but Kerri just felt light-headed and dazed.

Lucia brought her mouth back to Kerri’s nipples, flicking her tongue across them as she massaged Kerri’s clit. Paolo rocked himself inside her, his hands running up and down the sides of her back. He glided back and forth, letting his full length find every inch of her core. Lucia and her partner developed a steady rhythm, their motions working in sync to drive Kerri to the edge. Kerri’s hands clenched the sheets tightly, her nose wrinkled up as she bit her lip hard. It was all she could do from crying out and waking the other inhabitants of the room.

Paolo continued to thrust himself inside her, pushing faster and harder as he took both of them to their limits. Lucia bit softly on her nipples just as a warm, sharp jet exploded out of Paolo. The feeling of teeth on her breasts and the warmth now dripping out of her sent another wave of pleasure through Kerri. Even after Paolo was spent, Lucia continued to rub Kerri until she finally climaxed again. This time, Kerri shuddered forward, feeling her legs spasm. She landed on top of Lucia with a soft thud, and she could feel Lucia’s hand switch positions, now rubbing her own clit.

Lucia continued to masturbate, and Kerri knew she should return the favor. She picked her still dizzy head off Lucia’s chest and took a nipple in her mouth. It tasted soft and sweet and rolled easily along her tongue. She felt Lucia’s motions grow faster and faster, and finally Lucia let out a sexy groan. Her back arched off the bed, her head dragging behind it.

Lucia flopped back down on the bed, Kerri collapsed on top of her, Paolo collapsed on top of them both. Kerri gave Lucia’s chest a few soft kisses, feeling someone’s hand run through her hair. She wasn’t sure which one of them was playing with her hair, but it didn’t seem to matter to her; the three of them had become one, all working together to create the most intense experience of Kerri’s life.

Eventually the three drifted off to sleep. When Kerri woke, she found herself spooned between Lucia and Paolo. She squinted around the room and noticed the first soft lights of morning coming through the window. She stole a glance at the other beds, and as far as she could tell everyone else was still asleep.

Kerri rose quietly, pulling her shirt and shorts back on as she did. She carefully lifted herself over Lucia and stepped onto the floor. She made her way across the room to her bed, crawled up, and reflected on the night before. She could still feel Paolo inside her, Lucia’s mouth on her breasts. Kerri’s fingers moved toward herself, and she began rubbing her clit with two fingers of her right hand, her left hand grasping her breasts roughly.

Kerri re-traced every moment of the previous night as she played with herself; Paolo lifting her hips, running his fingers along her, Lucia’s deep kiss and hands fondling her. She quivered against the sheets as the orgasm rose inside her, and she came once more, spilling onto the cheap white sheets on her rented bed. She fell back onto her pillow and drifted off once more.

A few hours later, Kerri woke to find her hand still down her shorts, her other hand still on her breast. She sat up and looked around; the room was empty, and the sheets on Paolo’s and Lucia’s beds were both gone. They had checked out of the hostel without saying goodbye.

Feeling slightly hurt that they had forgotten about her, and extremely embarrassed that the entire room had seen her hands where she had left them, Kerri climbed down the rickety stairs, off the top bunk, and onto the cold floor. She moved to her belongings to choose a fresh pair of panties and an outfit for the day. Thoughts of the Berlin wall and Checkpoint Charlie danced in her head as she sifted through her belongings.

Then she felt her hand hit something unfamiliar in her bag. Feeling around, she heard the crinkle of paper beneath her fingers. Kerri pulled the paper out of her bag, confused. But, when she saw the single hand-written word on the piece of notebook paper, she smiled to herself, knowing that the couple and not forgotten about her at all.


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