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Trip Planning

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Megan looked up from her salad and started another scan of the food court crowd. She wasn’t people watching, as much as person watching. She knew who she was looking for. At first, her search appeared to be fruitless, as it had been for the past two days. It was highly unusual for Megan to go this long without…

And then she saw her. Megan recognized everything about her from halfway across the massive downtown food court: her hair style; her hourglass figure; her long legs. Megan took a bite without ever taking her eyes off the blonde. Megan watched her set the tray on the table, pull out a chair, and sit down with her profile to Megan.

That was Megan’s favorite way of observing. The blonde wouldn’t notice Megan’s near-constant staring and, yet, Megan got a good view of her face and a silhouette of her delicious body.

Megan didn’t know her name…yet. She first saw her about six months earlier and rarely went very long without thinking about her at least once. Megan had masturbated to visions of the blonde while in the shower, in her bed, and even at her desk at work. She pictured the woman in various stages of undress and in numerous situations where Megan was alone with her and free to have uninhibited sex for hours on end. Imaginary lovers are always perfect, but this one actually existed.

Megan guessed her age to be about thirty seven. That was ten years older than herself, but Megan liked that. The blonde certainly had not lost her figure in any way. Once, while passing closely behind her, Megan noticed the lack of a wedding ring, which might have meant nothing at all. Still, it encouraged the younger, single woman to continue the pursuit.

The longer she stared the more convinced Megan became that it was time to act. Enough of the childish fantasizing. Megan had to have her. It was just a matter of how and when. Of course, Megan had already planned most of it out; now she had to execute the plan.

They had only exchanged short glances a couple of times since Megan first saw her all those months ago and she was convinced the blonde didn’t know Megan from any of the other hundreds of customers in the food court on any given day. This fact would make the first part of her plan easier, and the second part more difficult.

Half an hour later, Megan saw the blonde stand up and deposit her tray at the trash station. Megan did the same and stayed well behind as her prey walked out of the food court and into the mall. Much to Megan’s delight, she turned into a bookstore. This fit her plan perfectly.

Megan remained a good distance away and saw the blonde searching through the travel section. After skimming through a half dozen guidebooks, Megan saw her settle on one and go to check out. They passed each other near enough for Megan to see the cover of a travel guide to Italy. That was all Megan needed to know.

After the blonde had gone, Megan bought one of the guides the blonde had rejected. Now it would be a waiting game over the next few days at the food court.

Megan purposely began dressing a little more formally than she generally would for work, prepared to do it again as many days as it took to complete her objective. She paid more attention to styling her short, brown hair and even applied makeup—not at all customary for her. Megan was not plain by any means. She had penetrating eyes and a little nose with equally thin lips. Plenty of men approached her with the intention of asking her out. Little did they know.

All the preparation paid off the very next day. There was the blonde, finding an empty table and pulling out her travel guide. Megan was close behind, nearly running to grab the adjacent table and settling down into the chair nearest the blonde. Megan deliberately put her own travel guide well within sight of the blonde, next to Megan’s tray.

Megan ate and read for five minutes before taking her first glance over at the beautiful woman next to her. The blonde seemed to look away quickly. Megan waited a minute and looked again. They exchanged fleeting smiles. Three minutes later, another trading of grins.

Megan debated internally: Do I initiate this? Will she? Should I…

“Have you ever been to Italy?”

A startled Megan looked directly into the heavenly blue eyes of the blonde who asked the question.

“No. How about you?”

The woman gave a grimace of disappointment and said, “No. But I’m thinking about it and when I saw your book I was just wondering if you’d already been there.”

Megan gave herself a mental pat on the back and replied, “Unfortunately I haven’t gotten to go yet. But it’s first on my wish list. Are you doing a cruise or a land tour, or just going to one city?”

“I was thinking of doing one of the land cruises that the cruise lines offer where you combine a cruise with a four or five day trip on land. I’ve seen some that go from Rome to Venice. Wouldn’t that be cool?”

The sparkle in the blonde’s eyes almost melted Megan right into her chair. “Yeah. That would be.”

They both took a few bites of food and then Megan got the courage to ask the question, “Are you going with somebody?”

The blonde’s expression barely changed when she said, “Oh, my boyfriend and I talked about it. But he says these things and gets me all excited and then never follows through when it comes time to lay out the money.”

‘Boyfriend.’ The word always gave Megan that tiny feeling of hope; of optimism. Maybe with just the right amount of persuasion the woman could be swayed.

The blonde asked, “What about you?”

Megan looked over and with a wry smile said, “Do you mean would I take you?”

The blonde laughed out loud, the first real display of emotion Megan saw from her in six months. “No. No. I mean, who are you going with?”

Megan grinned. “I’m single. This one is so expensive I might have to go by myself, but I’m always looking for traveling partners to share the cost and stuff.”

She hoped her statement wasn’t THAT obvious of an invitation to the woman.

“What city do you want to see the most?” the blonde asked. And then she added quickly, “Do you mind if I join you?”

She was already picking up her tray and Megan tried to calmly say, “Not at all.”

Megan cleared space and in seconds she was sharing a table with the woman of her dreams…literally.

“My name’s Kate,” the blonde said.

“Hi. I’m Megan. My favorite city? I’m not going to Italy without seeing Rome and Venice, but Florence really interests me. Have you ever heard of the Santa Croce Church?”

Kate shook her head and Megan marveled at the natural flow of Kate’s long hair.

“Let me show you,” Megan said enthusiastically, opening her guide book to a marked page. “It’s where Galileo and Michelangelo are buried. Can you believe that? In the same church!”

“Wow. It looks awesome,” Kate said, staring with interest at the photos. “I just love all those ancient basilicas. We think something from the 1800’s is old here, and those churches go back to the fifteenth century. Sometimes older.”

Megan was only half listening. Her eyes were all over Kate’s hair and face and sweater. This was the longest she’d ever been able to study the beautiful woman from this close. And nothing was disappointing her.

“Yeah. I know,” Megan said. “Plus, Florence has David and the Ponte Vecchio. I don’t know how you can do it all in one day.”

“I wouldn’t,” Kate said between bites. “The whole trip is going to be two weeks, at least. That’s why it’s so expensive.”

Megan sighed. “I’ll never get there.”

“Where do you work?” Kate asked.

“I’m in the accounting department at National Bank. How about you?”

“The Smith and Laughlin law firm. I’m a paralegal.”

Megan smiled. “You can afford it a lot easier than me then.”

“Lots of hours. Not much money,” Kate answered. “But I might get my law degree someday. Then I’ll dump my cheap boyfriend and go to Italy.”

Megan laughed at Kate’s defiant pledge. But she didn’t doubt for a minute that the woman could make it happen.

“Listen. I have to run,” Kate said. “But do you want to meet again tomorrow and look at some other cities? I can reserve our visiting attorney’s office for us. Nobody ever uses it and I’ll order us something to eat. Is that OK?”

“Sure. I’d love it.”

“Give me your email address and I’ll send you a menu and our street address,” Kate said.

A few moments later all the arrangements were made and the women parted, making Megan very happy. It had turned out far better than she could have hoped for and her heart pounded with excitement. She knew already it would be hard to sleep that night.

The next day was Friday and Megan sacrificed the comfort of Casual Friday for a more formal outfit of slacks and a stylish blouse. At noon, when she arrived at Kate’s law firm, Megan was glad to see most of the staff dressed in similar attire.

It was only when Kate walked into the reception area that Megan felt shoddy. Kate wore a tight skirt and a short sleeve sweater that was similar to the one from the previous day, but was much more revealing and body hugging. Kate welcomed Megan with a broad smile and walked her back to the empty office where they would spend the hour. The only window looked out over the city, so with the door closed the women were very much alone.

Lunch was waiting for them and they chatted for a few minutes to begin. They sat next to each other in chairs at a round table that would be perfect for what they needed to see and do. Kate had her laptop computer with her and told Megan that she wanted to take notes while they talked.

“I’m not sure how much help I can be,” Megan confessed.

“Oh, don’t worry, Megan. Between the two of us we should be able to come to a consensus on what’s worth seeing and what isn’t,” Kate assure her. “I’ve had a few days to study my guide. How about you?”

“About the same.” Megan didn’t want to confess how she came to get the travel guide nor her relative unfamiliarity with Italy as a whole. She’d crammed just hard enough to hold a conversation with her beautiful friend.

“OK. Let’s start with Rome. What would you absolutely want to see there?” Kate said, with a sandwich and laptop in front of her on the table.

Megan quickly and smoothly rattled off a half dozen sights that she considered essential stops. Kate recorded each one in turn and the list grew as they ate and talked. They moved on to Florence, where Megan contributed nearly all of the suggestions.

At the end of her list, she added, “I think that would be a very romantic city. I’d definitely want to be there with somebody special.”

“Or find somebody special while you’re there,” Kate said with a wicked grin.

Megan’s self-restraint gave out and her hand slid across until it rested on Kate’s bare leg, just beneath the hem of her skirt. Kate’s face reflected her surprise, but she made no effort to escape.

“I’d rather take somebody I know,” Megan said. “Somebody I trusted.”

Her hand moved almost imperceptibly up and down the soft thigh.

Kate said calmly, “There are advantages to that, too.”

Megan swiveled her chair just a bit towards Kate. Megan’s hand moved onto Kate’s skirt and Megan said, “Have you ever vacationed with a woman before, or taken a weekend trip with female friends?”

Kate shook her head, but said nothing. Megan could see the tension growing in her friend’s eyes and lips.

“It’s so much more relaxing,” Megan said softly. “You never have to worry about whether he’s mad or bored or more interested in the woman at the next table.”

Kate giggled nervously. “How’d you know?”

“Men are all the same.”

They were facing each other now, their chairs turned so that their knees almost touched. Megan didn’t let her hand move off of Kate’s leg, retaining a constant contact between the two women. They looked at each other more intently than they ever had.

“And you’ve gone on trips with another woman?” Kate asked.

“Just once,” Megan replied. “A long weekend.”

“Was it fun?”

Megan rose from her chair and reached out her hands to Kate, who took them and was pulled to her feet. Megan moved closer and said, “It was fabulous.”

Megan fully expected Kate to resist her first attempt at a very light kiss. But their lips met and there was no movement. Megan brushed her tongue along Kate’s lips.

“We had a great time,” Megan whispered.

“Tell me.”

Megan was shocked at the request and her pulse quickened. She left just enough space between their mouths to speak. Their bodies touched.

“It was her first time and she was frightened. But also curious,” Megan said. “We started slowly. Just kissing and holding each other.”

The brightness of Kate’s eyes drew Megan into another kiss. This time Kate responded with a light sweep of her own tongue and Megan put her hands on Kate’s arms. The kiss grew more passionate and their breasts came together with more force. The new sensation equally scared and excited Kate.

The last thing Megan wanted was to frighten her beautiful friend away. It was very difficult fighting off the urge to throw the blonde on top of the table and yank up her sweater. But she allowed the kissing and tentative fumbling of hands to continue.

At the first opportunity, Kate said in a shaky voice, “I’ve never…you know…really been with a woman…”

Megan put a finger on Kate’s lips. “Don’t worry. Just do what you want.”

Megan kissed her again and let both hands settle on the side of Kate’s breasts, on top of the sweater. She knew better than to rush things any more than she already had. Megan applied a little more pressure with her fingers and felt Kate’s body grow tense.

“Megan, what if somebody…,” Kate said in a fearful voice.

“We’re alone. Relax,” Megan cut her off.

She used the interlude of the short discussion to move the palms of her hands onto Kate’s breasts. Megan saw Kate’s lips part, but no words were spoken. Megan squeezed harder and felt the bra give way over the large, firm tits. Kate stood like a statue as the hands slide inside the sweater and sought out the smooth skin above her cleavage.

Megan lifted the sweater with her forearms, without ever moving her hands far from the breasts. Once they were exposed, Megan leaned down and lightly kissed the skin around the edges of the bra. She could hear Kate’s uneven breathing as she held the sweater even higher.

Megan only had to lower one cup a few inches to set a nipple free. Quickly, she wrapped her lips around it and sucked it hard, followed by several swipes of her tongue.

Kate sighed audibly and tilted her body backwards. Megan leaned right with her and bit the nipple with her lips.

“Megan. No! Oh God, stop.”

But Megan was licking the nipple harder and faster until it hardened and turned bright pink. She felt Kate squirm and back herself against the table. Megan had the bra pulled almost completely off the breast, half of which was now inside her mouth. She sucked on it eagerly and Kate moaned louder.

Megan didn’t wait for the command to stop. She pulled back, put the bra back in place, and lowered the sweater. But she wasn’t entirely done yet. Megan lifted Kate’s skirt with one hand and placed the hand on top of Kate’s panties.

Megan smiled. “You’re wet, Kate. Very wet.”

“It’s nerves, Megan. You make me…so….”

“What, Kate? I make you what? Wet?”

Kate turned her blushing face away.

Megan rubbed Kate’s clit, which caused her to gasp.

“Remember how that feels, Kate. And think how much better it could be.”

Kate pulled Megan’s hand out and flung herself into her chair, straightening out her skirt in the process.

“I think the hour’s about over,” she said nervously.

“You’ll email or call me, won’t you?” Megan grinned.

Kate brushed aside a bit of blonde hair. With half a shrug, she said, “We’ll see.”


The email came the next day. Megan hesitated before opening it. Was this the end of her fantasy? Was Kate afraid to meet again?

Megan opened the message.

“147 Wilson Avenue. 8 PM tonight. Can you make it?”

Megan’s hands were shaking the second and third time she read the simple line, ‘Can you make it?’ She let a quiet giggle escape her lips as she considered the implications. Kate didn’t say ‘get lost’, or ‘never talk to me again’, or even ‘we need to talk about what happened.’

It sounded like an open invitation and Megan replied immediately that she’d be there.

The condo at 147 Wilson Avenue was a small end unit with uncomplicated landscaping and nothing to give away the personality of the single female resident. Megan was tense as she parked and walked up to the front door. Any number of things could happen inside and she tried to prepare herself for all possibilities.

Kate welcomed her inside and Megan was very happy to see that Kate’s chic attire had been traded in for jeans and a baggy top, effectively matching her own outfit. Kate led them into the small living room and offered a variety of drinks. Megan let Kate decide and they continued to chat while the hostess mixed her favorite fruity concoction…including an extra shot of vodka.

Almost as soon as Kate was back in the living room and sitting in a chair opposite Megan, she said, “I’m glad you came. I figured you’d be mad at me after yesterday.”

“Why would I be mad?” Megan replied. “I probably should have declined just to make you think I’m really busy on Saturday nights.”

Kate laughed. “Yeah. Well, you see how many places I had to go tonight.”

“I thought you just cancelled everything to have me over.”

“Yeah. That’s it,” Kate said with a wide grin.

“And you should be the one who’s mad,” Megan said. “I guess I shouldn’t have done that in public.”

Kate put her drink on a table and walked over to the couch where Megan sat. Still standing, she said, “So, can you show me how much better it can be, now that we’re in private?”

Megan was stunned by the speed with which Kate put things into motion. Megan was beginning to learn that this was a woman who didn’t believe in putting off what needed to be done right away. Plus, this invitation was even more open than the first.

Megan patted the couch as a sign for Kate to sit. The moment she was settled onto the cushion, Megan was leaning over and initiating a deep, adoring kiss.

“Do you think this is how the women in Italy do it?” Kate asked at the first break.

“I think they want more than a kiss,” Megan sighed.

“Show me. Please.”

Megan needed only apply a modest amount of pressure to get Kate to lay down on the couch. They stretched out on their sides facing each other and resumed the kiss. Megan wrapped Kate in her arms and forced a leg between Kate’s. Whatever hesitation Kate may have had in the office was melting away under the heat of Megan’s mouth and tongue.

Soon, hands were everywhere. But while Kate was content with an overall handling of Megan’s body, Megan hastily sought out the breasts she momentarily tasted the day before. She was pleased to find them braless and the nipples already reacting to her touch. Actually, it was closer to a mauling, but the start of Kate’s muffled moans spurred Megan on.

“For someone who claims to have never done this, you’re pretty good,” Megan told her new lover.

“Trust me,” Kate replied. “This part is easy. I’m not sure about…well, anything more than…”

Megan smiled. “We won’t do anything you can’t deal with.”

But she knew Kate could deal with having her tits in Megan’s mouth, so Megan pulled up on the lightweight shirt and stared down at the awesome pair of breasts that she had dreamed of all night. She kissed all around the nipples before putting one in her mouth and sucking it with delight. Kate voluntarily removed her shirt without Megan ever having to give up her treat.

Then Kate was rolling onto her back and Megan was climbing on top, picking up where she left off with her tongue. Megan used her hands to push up the tits while she licked and sucked and bit them lightly. In the midst of it all, Kate found the courage to put her hands inside of Megan’s shirt and find her own set of breasts to play with.

Megan was excited that Kate took the necessary step of touching her, knowing from experience that it was just the first step in finding the total enjoyment that two women can have. The harder Megan sucked on Kate’s tits, the harder Kate squeezed the young, firm breasts hanging from Megan’s chest.

Megan leaned up and pulled off her shirt, giving Kate a few seconds to stare and catch her breath. Then Megan said, “Ready for more?”

Kate nodded timidly.

Megan lowered her body with her breasts aimed directly at Kate’s face. Kate’s hands rose to meet them and she held them for a moment before opening her mouth and, for the first time in her life, tasting another woman’s tits.

There were tentative licks and soft nibbles at first. Megan was patient, but she didn’t have to wait long. Kate spread her lips and took in as much of the plentiful flesh as she could.

“Yes, Kate. Just like that,” Megan sighed. “That feels SO good.”

Megan remembered her first experience with another woman and could sense the same uncertainty in Kate, who seemed torn between the sinfulness of what she was doing and the pleasure of it. Kate was quick to back away from the breasts and equally swift in returning to them over the next couple minutes.

Megan was afraid to ask for permission to expand her exploration of Kate’s incredible body. So she kissed and licked her way down, past Kate’s navel, to the top of her jeans. Megan unbuttoned the pants and gradually pulled down the zipper. No sign of rejection from Kate gave Megan the courage to spread open the jeans and kiss as far as she could down the front of silky white panties.

Megan tugged on the jeans until the panties were exposed entirely. The indecisive look on Kate’s face worried her, so Megan slid up and laid on top of Kate.

“I’d like to see more,” she said softly. “I’d like to see you naked, Kate.”

“As long as I’m not the only one,” Kate answered.

“That’s fair. It’s a deal.”

Megan moved back down and finished the job of taking off Kate’s jeans. As soon as that was accomplished, Megan stood in front of the couch and removed the rest of her own clothes while Kate watched closely. Megan could almost feel the beautiful eyes inspecting every inch of her naked body. Then Megan pulled off Kate’s panties and rejoined her on the couch.

“That wasn’t so bad, was it?” Megan asked.

“You have a fantastic body. I’m not sure why you would bother with me,” Kate admitted.

Megan scoffed at the self-deprecation. For all of Megan’s youthful beauty, most men—and women—would agree that Kate had the sexier, more glamorous appearance. It was Megan’s craving to convince Kate that she could please her as well, or better, than any man could. Whether that would happen at this meeting or another was yet to be determined.

Megan did her part by embracing Kate, kissing her, and rolling together on the couch in a maze of arms and legs. They giggled after nearly rolling off and felt their bodies respond to the constant contact of skin on skin. Their breasts pressed against each other firmly and Megan used her thigh to rub against Kate’s pussy. The intensity of the kisses and subdued moans in Kate’s throat persuaded Megan to go on.

Her hand found the warmth between Kate’s legs and settled on her pussy. Fingers explored every crevice and dragged moisture upward amid the supple skin until reaching the erect nub that was Kate’s clit. Gently at first, and then more forcefully, Megan massaged the clit for nearly a minute.

Then, Kate abruptly drew her body away and said in a distraught tone, “No. Megan, I’m sorry. I…I just can’t. Not yet. It’s too…”

“It’s OK, Kate,” Megan said calmly. “I understand.”

“Maybe next time. I’m sorry.”

Megan brushed back Kate’s soft hair from around her face. “Promise me there will be a next time.”

“I promise.”


Reflecting back over the evening for the next several days, Megan considered it an overall success. No, there were no prolonged orgasms accompanied by squeals of delight. But the women spent nearly an hour together after Kate’s promise was made. Neither of them got fully dressed until Megan had to leave. She felt that Kate’s comfort level rose the entire time and that the next step in the process would be easier than she imagined.

This time, it was Megan who invited Kate over and the affirmative reply was fast and emphatic. Megan’s relief was only exceeded by her excitement. She was determined to make Kate’s decision making all but unnecessary during this second liaison.

They agreed, first, to meet at Megan’s favorite Italian restaurant, in honor of their trip planning. That allowed for plenty of wine to flow and a plethora of sight-seeing adventures to be considered. The more wine they drank, the more exotic—and erotic—the excursions seemed to get.

By the time Megan was unlocking the front door of her place to let them in, their primary goal was to research all the nude beaches in Italy. Megan knew that Kate was probably picturing more men on those beaches than women, but the night was young and perhaps her mind could be changed.

Megan waited about half an hour before putting her plan into action. She excused herself and began to fill her whirlpool bath with water, knowing that the sound would most likely be drowned out by the music in the living room where Kate sat. Megan quickly undressed and, opening the bathroom door, stepped into the tub.

“Hey, Kate!” she yelled out.

“What?” came back the barely audible reply.

“Come here…in the bathroom.”

Megan thought she heard an ‘OK.’ Then she definitely heard footsteps in the hallway. Kate turned into the bathroom and her eyes widened at the sight. Then a grin crossed her face.

“Well? Care to join me?” Megan said, leaning back luxuriously.

Kate instinctively closed the door and stepped closer to the tub. She glanced at Megan’s naked body stretched out under the water, the top of Megan’s breasts marking the waterline. After a deep sigh, Kate began to strip under Megan’s watchful eye. Just as she took off her panties, Megan turned on the whirlpool and the swirling water all but hid the body under it.

Kate was smiling as she gingerly stepped into the opposite end of the massive tub.

“You are truly wicked, did you know that?” Kate said.

“Hard to refuse, isn’t it?”

“What? That you’re wicked?” Kate asked as she settled under the water, her legs finding space next to Megan’s.

“No! Hard to refuse the temptation.”

Kate leaned back. “Must be the wine.”

“Excuses, excuses,” Megan moaned. “You’ll never want to get out.”


They enjoyed the pulsing jets for a moment and then Megan’s hands began to caress both of Kate’s legs. She massaged the calves and managed to reach beyond the knees onto the soft thighs. Meanwhile, one of Megan’s feet, which were inside of Kate’s legs, made contact with the edge of Kate’s pussy.

There was an expression of assurance on Kate’s face this time; one of understanding and acceptance. She slid slightly forward, giving the foot better access and Megan took advantage. Toes slid over the clit and Kate’s lips parted involuntarily. Kate reached down with her hands and rubbed the leg that gave her so much pleasure.

As before, it was Megan who commenced the more intimate interaction between the women. She withdrew her foot from Kate’s pussy and got onto her knees facing her friend. Kate’s eyes instantly locked onto the water dripping lazily from Megan’s nipples.

“You never look me in the eyes when I’m naked,” Megan said with mock disdain.

Kate laughed and replied, “Do you blame me? It’s all so new to me still.”

“Maybe it’s time you gain some experience,” Megan told her as she leaned forward.

They held each other in the churning water and kissed. Then Megan offered her breasts to Kate, who was quick to lick the remaining drops of water from the nipples and surrounding area. Each time Kate’s tongue slid across one of the bright pink nipples, Megan’s pussy tingled.

“Enough of that,” Megan said. “You’re going to make me cum. Sit up on the edge of the tub, please.”

Kate pushed herself up out of the water and put her ass on the small, molded seat at the end of the tub. She looked at Megan, who was kneeling in front of her.

“Spread your legs,” Megan told her.

As soon as she had room, Megan moved forward and placed her head between Kate’s wet thighs. Kate looked on with mixed feelings of anticipation and dismay at what she thought was about to happen. It was one thing to have a hand or foot playfully excite her. But this was…different. It was the ultimate kiss and Kate found herself more and more ready for it; even eager for it.

Megan was methodical. She kissed all around the pussy before putting her tongue between the protective flaps of skin covering Kate’s pussy. She went to insert it and felt Kate grow tense and pull back just a bit. Soon, Megan had her hands on the top of Kate’s ass and was pulling her closer as her tongue extended farther and farther inside.

They were only inches above the waterline and little waves occasionally lapped onto the pussy and tongue. Megan used the added moisture when she finally withdrew her tongue and moved ever closer to the swollen clit. Kate seemed to be holding her breath by the time Megan made first contact.

Then…”Oh my God, Megan. Yessss.”

Megan used her lips and tongue to work the clit into a state of total arousal. She licked it and sucked on it, causing Kate to lift her ass clear off the seat and into Megan’s waiting hands.

“Oh Megan. I’ve never…ohhhh…please don’t stop.”

Megan didn’t intend to until she had given her new lover all the pleasure she possibly could. Her mouth never left the clit amid the rising volume and frequency of Kate’s squeals of joy. Kate was leaning against the wall now, her eyes closed and her hips beginning to rock as if Megan’s mouth was her favorite cock. Only this was better.

A cock couldn’t grasp the clit the way Megan’s lips did, pulling on it while licking it intensely.

“Oh God! I’m…I’m…Megan! I’m going to…cum.”

Both of Kate’s hands pushed down on Megan’s head, forcing the mouth tighter onto her pussy and clit. A series of unintelligible shrieks and the thrusting of Kate’s lower body told Megan that the orgasm had begun. How many came after that, she couldn’t tell. Minutes seemed to pass with Kate continuing to beg Megan to keep on and her body responding in spasms.

“Harder! Yes, there!”

Kate could barely talk when she pleaded with Megan to stop. Megan moved up and lightly bit on one of Kate’s nipples, causing Kate to giggle and force Megan’s head away once again. Then they kissed, sliding back into the water once more.

“Do cruise ships have whirlpool baths?” Kate asked.

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