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Golden Opportunity

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“What a conniving bitch” was all I could think. When I had turned eighteen in June my foster mother could have kicked me to the curb but she hadn’t. Relief first struck me then suspicion. My foster mother wasn’t exactly Mother Theresa, there had to be a catch. It wasn’t obvious at first what was really going on. The condition for my remaining was simple, I had to pay my way. Plus she would need a little for rent. No problem.

Four months passed and that’s when she let me know exactly what I owed. Presented with my “usage” bill, I had stood there with mouth hanging open. Not only was there the three hundred we had agreed upon for rent but also everything I had consumed- from water to a bag of old Fritos. My total was equal to my savings. You just couldn’t earn that much money working at Jo’s coffee shop downtown Austin, Texas.

The bill came on the worst of days. Halloween is my favorite day of the year and here I was faced with handing over my entire savings to the greedy bitch or being homeless. Anger surged through me. If I paid the whole amount I wouldn’t be able to go to the biggest haunted house in the world, The House of Torment. And I loved to be frightened more than anything else. Instead, I’d be stuck handing out candy to a bunch of brats while my foster mother partied on my hard work.

Searching for a solution I paced around the small bedroom I had called home for the last two years. I needed money and I needed it fast. Old feeling of resentment roared in my head and I forgot all about consequences. Getting money the “old” way made sense. I just needed to be careful when I picked which house I was going to rob.

The older neighborhood near Jo’s café was high dollar. That was why my foster mother and I had to live above a garage. The two bedroom apartment was barely big enough for one. Being high dollar meant there were a lot of empty houses during the day. Everybody had to go to work to pay for the privilege of living in the trendy district.

Standing before my small dresser I smiled at my reflection. Thick blonde hair just touched my shoulders. Without make-up my pale angular face and small scattering of freckles made me look more child than woman. Leaning forward I applied a little mascara around my bright green eyes.

My face might guarantee I got carded every time I tried to buy alcohol, but my body had developed over the last year. Where I had once been stick-like, I was now all curves. At only five feet tall my size c breasts looked huge and highlighted my small waist. But it was my ass that drew the most compliments. Rounded hips sported a bubble butt that couldn’t be hidden and I always felt men stare when I walked by.

If I wanted any money to party with I’d better get moving, so I grabbed my denim jacket and slipped it over my green floral sundress. I knew I looked the picture of respectability. A small tattoo with the word “Goldie “written across my wrist did not make me stand out in a city known for hipsters. Acquired at Southside Tattoos, it was a gift to myself on my eighteenth birthday. Before my father died he had nicknamed me Goldie and it was the name I still used.

Picking the house didn’t take too long. There didn’t appear to be any movement in the two story home and there were no cars in the drive. Also I just hated this particular house. Every time I passed the pale blue building I cringed. Three chainsaw carved bears arranged in descending size stood in the front yard. Each bear held a fish in its paws. The fish in the polar bear’s hand was labeled “Drew.” The grizzly bear’s held Mike and the black bear’s was tagged Alan. Presumably these were the residents. It was the tackiest thing I had ever seen. They deserved to be robbed.

Looking both ways I opened the side gate and let myself into the small treed yard. Native Texas foliage dominated the eclectic backyard filled with more chainsaw statuary. Even better, it completely obscured the backdoor. The screened in back porch provided even more privacy. My good luck continued. The backdoor was unlocked. I should have known then it was too good to be true.

The blue rectangular kitchen had a dining area on one end complete with a carved wooden bar. The bar held every type of alcohol I had heard of and a few I hadn’t. I figured some alcohol would silence my nerves but heading immediately to the bar would turn out to be one of the dumbest moves I ever made. The first thing I tasted was scotch. It was horrible and without thought I spat it out on the dark hardwood floor. Next I tried a liqueur. It too was terrible. Too sweet…but managed to choke it down.

It was the third bottle that tasted amazing. Tito’s vodka wasn’t too strong or too sweet. Without having eaten a thing that day I guzzled down the clear liquid. Warmth spread through my body and I could feel my muscles begin to relax as anxiety and anger slipped away.

With a slight stumble I headed into the living room carrying the vodka with me. Everything but the three black large leather recliners and TV was made out of wood. The dark carved wood furniture dominated the wood paneled room. Antlers of various sizes dotted the walls and even more of those tacky chainsaw sculptures stared back at me from throughout the spacious room.

Money was what I was after so I began opening drawers. Nothing. Taking another swig from the bottle I felt dizzy. The recliners called to me so I sat in the largest. I just couldn’t get comfortable as my head continued to spin. The next one was just as bad. Falling into the third I took a swig from the bottle and pulled the lever to recline. It broke right in my hand. Knowing I shouldn’t be wasting time I pulled myself from the stupid chair.

Leaving the dimly lit room I continued down the narrow hallway. Three doors awaited me. The first was a bedroom. One massive four-poster bed dominated the sparse room. Only a small bedside table provided a place to search. Quickly I dumped the drawer on the dark red coverlet, only three quarters were found.

The second door also contained a massive-four poster bed. A dresser and two beside tables provide places to look. The dresser was a bust but one side table held over 200. Dollars in cash. BINGO! The party was on! As I turned to leave my green eyes saw what had previously been unseen. Leather cuffs were hanging from each of the bed’s posts. Shivers ran down my spine at the implication of those massive cuffs. All four had locks on them. Taking a large swig of vodka I hurriedly entered the last room. Something told me I should just leave but I ignored the feeling.

Peering into the third bedroom I gasped. This room was different. A covered mattress was pushed up against the red painted wall and covered in brown linens. An oddly- shaped swing hung from the ceiling and the dresser in the corner made me shudder. Moving closer I stared at the objects scattered on top. Videos of naked girls sat stacked next to vibrators in varying sizes from the small to the frankly threatening. Blindfolds, gags and nipple pinchers occupied the remaining space.

A “fuck” room. That was the only explanation I could fathom. Flipping open the dresser’ drawers I was disappointed. There didn’t seem to be anything of value in the odd room. One more chug of vodka was one too many. I tripped and fell onto the bed. I tried to pull myself up. I really did. The room began spinning as I struggled with consciousness. Eventually I lost and the vodka won.

My green eyes flew open. There had been a noise. With a head pounding in protest I struggled to my feet. Getting out of there was all that mattered. A window that was large enough for my slight frame to squeeze though presented a means of escape. Moving quietly I attempted to open the window. After a brief struggle I was able to lift it. Noises that sounded like a large animal were coming from down the hall.

Frightened beyond belief I tried to pull myself through the window but a hand large and freckled caught my foot and yanked. Screams flew from me as I tried to kick the man’s pale hand away. Now that I was eighteen a felony charge was waiting for me and I had to get away.

With a small grunt, the unnaturally strong stranger grabbed my slender thighs and lifted my petite frame as if I didn’t weigh a thing. My screams and kicks continued as the huge man dropped me on the floor at his feet. Looking up, a fear that was real and strong filled me.

Over six feet tall, the white-haired man was huge. A scowl on his face and bulging muscles gave him a rough exterior. The fifty something man was undeniably attractive but his size was intimidating. It was also his ice blue eyes that sent more panic through me. Lust dripped from his angular face as he stared down at me and he didn’t look like a man that took “no” for an answer.

Jumping up I ran for the door but giant hands grabbed me by the waist. I struggled but no matter how hard I kicked he remained unimpressed.

“Let me go Mother Fucker.” Chuckling he caught my flailing hands and pinned me. Frantic I continued to scream.

With my hands still pinned he dumped me face first on the four poster bed. Before I could even fight I heard the sound of the cuff locking on my flailing right ankle. Even though I knew I had no chance I fought tooth and nail as he forced first one hand and then the other into a cuff. A final cuff was locked and the white haired stranger stepped back and spoke for the first time.

“You shouldn’t have broken in…but I’m glad you did.” Caressing my thigh as he spoke, his rough hands made me shudder at my helplessness. “My roommates will be home soon…then we will decide what to do with you…now shut up, you’re not going anywhere. But silence was beyond me and I cried for help. Before I knew what was happening a rag was forced into my mouth and secured with a gag. Slapping my ass, the tall white man left the room.

Tears eventually ran dry as I waited. It didn’t take long till I heard raised voices. It was the sound of jubilation that made hope slip away. Two men were congratulating each other. I feared I was the reason why. Time stopped as I lay face down on the tall bed. Part of me just wanted to get it over with, the wait was excruciating. A creaking sound told me that I was no longer alone.

Turning my head to face the noise was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Two large men stood at the end of the bed. Though I couldn’t see their faces I felt their combined gazes

“My God…you just found her?” A voice that was deep and rough made me squirm. “She’s going to be so much fun…Halloween just got better…no need to look for entertainment tonight.”

My ass was grabbed and squeezed as they continued talking.

“Fuck! Her ass is fabulous…I want to see it.” And two forceful hands pushed up the back of my dress up. Only a thin strip of blue cotton covered my ample ass as I lay quivering.

“Holy, shit.” One finger traced the crack of my ass and goosebumps covered my lightly tanned skin. Wiggling I tried with no success to scoot away as another hand tugged at my panties. Cringing inside I heard the sound of a pocket knife opening. Within seconds my panties were shredded and had been cast aside. Heat spread across my exposed cheeks.

“She’s beautiful…the prettiest, yet.” The voice shook with desire as I felt my ass cheeks pulled apart. I thought I had been frightened before but as I listened to them discuss how delicious my ass smelled and looked I knew real horror. Halloween had turned more terrifying than I could have ever imagined possible.

“I want to keep this one…you promised!” The voice vibrated with youth and excitement. I could feel how tenuous his control was. I shuddered as they continued pawing at my body as if I were under inspection. “It’s Halloween.” The childish voice continued. “And this makes it even more special…just think…she’ll do all the tricks and we get all the treats!”

“It would be a hell of a party.” And just like that, they stopped. The sound of heavy footsteps could be heard coming down the hallway. And as I listened confusion joined terror. A voice, gravelly and angry bellowed as it approached. Without warning I heard a roar come from behind me. I sensed this new stranger was in charge and that there was something not quite normal about him.

“Have you boys lost your mind…what the fuck were you thinking?” A growl more animalistic than human accompanied his words. “Let her go…now!”

The younger voice started to protest but was quickly silenced as another roar angrier than the first one echoed through the bedroom. Though hope had entered my mind, his voice did not comfort.

“Get out of my way…go to the living room…now!”

Then something I hadn’t expected happened. One by one, the cuffs were unlocked. Freed I scooted to the top of the bed as I frantically ripped the gag from my face. Though the room was warm, my body shook as I looked at the man that had rescued me.

Though not as tall as the pale man he was even more imposing. Darkly tanned the broad Hispanic man kept his medium brown hair cut short. Muscles bulged under his clothing. Dark brown eyes stared at me with curiosity as I sat with knees drawn up to my full breasts. Dressed in dark jeans and western cut shirt the forty something man bristled with barely restrained energy.

Trying to regain my composure I pulled myself up and stared back.

“I’m sorry that happened. No one’s going to touch you until you give us permission… You will give us permission.” The certainty on his face infuriated me and I lost control.

“There’s no way I would ever give any of ya’ll permission…” He stopped me before I could finish. His eyes seemed to glow and his skin to bristle as he spoke in a voiced that echoed with danger. The hair on my neck stood up as I listened to his unnaturally low voice continue.

He really laid it out. He knew I was eighteen from my driver’s license which meant he knew I was facing a felony. He told me so. I pointed out that the other two men had done worse. Relief flooded me when I heard him agree. Then I looked at his face. A cruel smile twisted his mouth. He was a lot older than me but under different circumstances I would have called him a DILF.

“You have two choices. Only two. Don’t ask for another option.” Lust filled his face as he continued. “I can call the police and file felony charges on you. You won’t do much time but you will forever be a felon. Instead of hanging out on Sixth Street at night, you’ll be eating whoever’s pussy you’re told to. Or you can act like a big girl and take what you’ve earned.” With the word “take” his skin again seemed to bristle. The intensity of his gaze made me squirm.

I tried to protest again and he silenced me with a look more frightening than any I had ever seen. Gulping, I sat back and felt all bravado drain from me. My options were simple I either went to prison or I did whatever I was told to do on this terrifying Halloween night by the three. Slowly he licked his lips as he added that Halloween was a special time for special activities

My mind flew in all directions as I struggled to think. I could either get locked up or let three dudes fuck me all they wanted. Quickly I realized I didn’t really have a choice. There was no way I was going to prison. That was a place for people like my real mother, not me. Slowly I looked up trying to sniff away tears that threatened to fall.

Satisfied brown ones met my defeated green ones and smiled. “Good, now let’s go tell the boys.” As I shrunk back he added, “No more of that. You made a choice to break in and you made a choice to stay. Now act like a good girl and get that fine ass off the bed and follow me.”

I couldn’t believe what I was doing as I slipped onto the dark wood floor and followed the handsome Hispanic man out the door. No one had ever called me a good girl before. I should have been angrier. Horrified I realized I was slightly aroused. What the fuck was wrong with me? I didn’t like to be told what to do, much less by three freaks.

The hallway seemed too short and I found myself at the door to the den. Frightened again I paused and stared before me. Three large men all stood grinning and looking at me as if I were edible. Keeping my green eyes staring straight ahead I willed myself not to cry.

They were exactly like the statues that bore their names out front. Drew was the tallest with thick white hair pulled back into a ponytail. Curly white hair covered arms and steel blue eyes and a haughty expression gave the man an air of cruelty. He did resemble the polar bear in the front yard. Mike the one that released me was brown haired and eyed like the middle bear outside. Thickly built, the man was imposing. Obviously in charge he sized me up and down. The smallest of the men wasn’t small at all. Close to six feet, he was not much older than I was.

Standing in just a pair of cargo shorts the young African American looked like any other UT student. It was his eyes that weren’t quite right. Dark skinned and with sharp features the muscular young man vibrated with constrained energy and his black eyes seemed to reflect something dangerous. He reminded me of a panther on a leash. A panther about to be set free.

“Don’t be shy…come on in. We’re just going to sit here and get to know one another.” And as Mike the medium skinned one spoke they all sat in their recliners. Every eye remained transfixed on me. “Come on…we won’t bite.”

“Not yet!” added the black one, and broke into a fit of laughter. I knew my eyes were bugging. Even though they were all handsome, I was seriously frightened of these three men. Taking two steps forward, I stood next to a slate covered hexagonal coffee table. Standing before them. My heart thundered in my chest and breath was difficult. Halloween had never been scarier.

“Take off your dress” the voice from the dark skinned man was harsh and demanding. I looked to each of the other men for help. But both men’s eyes had begun to change. Their gaze cold and more like a wild animal as they stared back at me with obvious hunger. “Now.”

I jumped and the youngest snorted and laughed as if he were watching a comedy. Turning suddenly serious his black eyes bore into me as he calmly repeated: “now.” I had no other choices, so I reached down and grabbed the hem of my floral sundress and lifted it over my head. I kept my eyes on the ceiling as I felt theirs consume me.

Standing in only in a blue bra I felt myself quiver deep within. Why? I didn’t know. How could my body betray my mind? I didn’t want to respond to these horrible people but as I waited at attention I felt my dark rose nipples harden and moisture begin to gather. All three men sniffed as if they could smell my juices and smiled knowingly at me. “Take off the bra.” Spoken in unison.

Trying not to meet their eyes I reached behind my back and unhooked my bra. Firm C’s slid into view as I felt my last scrap of clothing fall to the floor. I could feel myself tighten further under their watch. Mortified I felt a flush creep over body and face.

“Look at us.” The one that resembled the grizzly bear demanded.

My face burned as I complied. Three sets of eyes met my unhappy green ones. Leers hung from their faces as they took in my nudity. With as much dignity I could muster I stood there while they continued. The longer they stared the more uncomfortable I felt and when they sniffed the air I felt my belly flutter. What the hell was wrong with me? I liked sex as much as anyone but that did not explain my body’s betrayal.

“Hold your breasts…play with your titties!” The humiliation continued as I lifted my large breasts and began to twist my engorged nubs. But that wasn’t good enough for the young black man telling me what to do. “Suck your nipples…” Mortified I lifted one then the other and suckled myself. The horror was overwhelming. My body no longer belonged to me. It had begun making its’ own decisions and sparks of electricity raced through me.

“Step on the coffee table…I want to look at you.” The order came from the Hispanic man, Mike.

Releasing my firm breasts and shaking to my core, I stepped onto the slate table and faced the three recliners. Looking down at the men everything felt surreal. Like animals they sat studying me as if I were prey. Seconds felt like hours as I squirmed.

“Pull your lips apart…please.” My mind recoiled at the white-haired man’s words. Though he had used the word “please” it was not a request. I couldn’t do it. It was too much. Though my thoughts continued in revolt I felt myself begin to separate my small pink symmetrical lips. Blue tipped fingers held my bare lips open as the three inhaled deeply and smiled. Moisture immediately began building in my core and I felt a coiling deep within. I wanted to cry. How could my body do this?

“She’s excited…smell her. She wants to mate.” The youngest, Alan could barely contain his amusement. Mortified I let my blonde head fall. “Look up.” Lips still stretched I obeyed his order as one tear escaped.

“Turn around. I want to look at your ass.” This time it was a whisper from the white haired man. Releasing my lips I complied. Heat crept up my cheeks as I listened to them discuss the attributes of my ample charms. Apparently my ass was perfect for what they had planned.

“Bend over.” Again an order not a request. Excitement and shame danced inside me as I slowly bent over and stuck my rear into the air. Anticipation could be heard in the dim room as the men murmured sounds of appreciation. “Pull your cheeks apart….and hold them.”

Oh my God, I couldn’t do what they were asking me to, so I stood there frozen and bent over. “Pull your cheeks apart or go to prison…always your choice.” The Hispanic man, Mike was not playing. A low growl could be heard from the three as I submitted to their demands. The longer they stared without speaking the more I could feel arousal winding its way through me. I didn’t know why and I’m not proud to say it but their eyes felt like fingers stroking my most intimate of places.

Sensing movement behind me I tensed. Goosebumps erupted as I felt one large calloused finger trace my spine. Slowly the rough digit caressed its way downward as I struggled to remain calm. I didn’t even know who was touching me. More footsteps headed my way and soon all three were peering between my cheeks. Emotions arose that I hadn’t seen coming and a slight moan escaped me. Immediately chuckles surrounded me.

“Incredible…truly. She was made for fucking.” They continued discussing me as if I wasn’t even there. It should have pissed me off but it didn’t. In fact, I was becoming more excited by the moment. It made no sense but it was true. Inwardly I scolded myself for loving attention this much. The woodsy musk of the three encircled me as I fought to control my reactions. I might enjoy what was about to happen but I didn’t want them to know. It was too degrading.

With no warning at all I felt myself lifted. Holding me tight to his hard chest, the older white man carried me with ease down the hall. Again it was too short and we soon arrived at the last bedroom. Dumping me unceremoniously onto the bed shoved into the corner he began to strip.

The other two soon entered the “fuck” room and shed their clothes. Three rigid cocks of varying size and color strained towards me.

Reaching his hand towards me, the virile Hispanic man told me to get on my knees. A brown cock thick and veiny moved towards my lips as he spoke. “That’s right Baby Girl…open your mouth. It’s time to play.”

Opening my mouth slightly I looked up at him. Taking his cock into his large hand he traced the outline of my lips. Salty precum entered my mouth and I unconsciously opened my pink lips further. Grabbing my blonde hair to prevent me from moving, he thrust into my mouth. Back and forth he plunged as I gagged under his assault. Breath was impossible and I began to feel dizzy. Soon, I felt another cock touching my cheek.

Grabbing the cock in my mouth by the shaft I continued stroking it as I turned my head. Eight and a half inches of pitch black arousal waited. Looking up into Alan’s shining black eyes I felt a chill, quickly followed by a rush of warmth. Though I didn’t want to admit it to myself, I had never felt more desired. Grabbing the thick black shaft I slowly licked the mushroom shaped head.

“Yeah Baby, that’s it. Take my dick…” Plunging back and forth I deep throated first one cock then the next. Tears began flowing as I gagged. Alternating between the two I continued sucking and pumping. So lost in the work before me I didn’t feel Drew, the tall pale one move.

“Slow down…we have her all night.” Chuckling both men stepped back. “Now lay down and spread your legs…I want to taste you.”

More excited than I should have been, I rolled over onto my back and spread my lightly tanned thighs and watched the massive man begin to lick his way up my tensed calf. With each touch of his tongue he murmured praises for the taste of my skin. And my skin responded. Sparks of pleasure radiated between my legs and I squirmed.

As Drew continued kissing up my leg, Alan crawled on the bed to one side of me and Mike to the other. Too many nerves were hit as the three men all touched me at once. Alan grasped one of my ample breasts and suckled it between his black lips as Mike grabbed the back of my head and brought his full lips to mine.

His kisses captured the sounds of pleasure that rose from me. I couldn’t help it. I didn’t want to enjoy this but it just felt too good to resist. My back arched and I moaned into Mike’s mouth when Drew pressed his lips to my bare mound. Chuckling softly Drew began to lick. His tongue was rough and searching as it lightly stroked my slit.

Groans of delight were coming from Drew as he tasted my young flesh. Tension began to build deep and low as I relished the three mouths licking, biting and sucking on me. The smell of sex permeated the dim room as our bodies began to entwine.

All thought was lost when Drew’s tongue began to strike at my clit. Now with the other two chewing on my engorged rose-colored nipples I moaned into the air. One large finger than two entered my slippery wet folds and began thrusting in and out as the pressure on my clit increased.

I didn’t want to come for these lecherous bastards but my body wasn’t giving me any choice. Alan lifted his dark head and grinned “Make her cum…I want to watch.” As Alan held me locked in his arms, the other two kept driving me crazy. The sounds of slurping and my moaning were the only sounds to be heard as my body began to contort.

Twitching deep within rose higher and higher as instinct took control. My hips began to buck and my back to arch as wave after wave of need ripped through me. Drew’s tongue lapped at my juices as I collapsed twitching in Alan’s lean muscular arms.

The three withdrew from me and I rolled on my side and curled up facing the red walls. An internal war was waging. Anger at myself was real. How could I enjoy being blackmailed? The truth was I didn’t want them to stop and I didn’t want them to continue. Of course what I wanted didn’t really matter. Resisting the pleasure seemed pointless.

“Goldie…on your knees. I want you on all fours.” Mikes voice ignited a spark inside me. Raw need gave an edge to his words and left no room for argument. Slowly I uncurled my body and crawled onto all fours. Looking up Mike’s eyes no longer seemed human. Hunger filled his gaze as he climbed behind me and emitted a coarse animalistic sound.

My plump cheeks were roughly pulled apart as Mike inhaled deeply. Words of approval poured from him as he pressed his face to my ass. Long licks followed. Up and down my slit he licked, as I began to squirm. There was no point fighting against the pleasure his tongue was giving and I pushed back.

“That’s right Baby…give it to him,” said Alan as his thick smooth cock tapped my slightly parted lips. Instinctively my mouth opened as he slid his black member into my throat. Swirling my tongue around him I suckled him deeper.

As Alan began to thrust in and out of my mouth, Mike pulled back and lined his large pale cock up with my sopping wet pussy. With a roar, he plunged balls deep. Forced forward I gagged around Alan’s cock.

Soon a rhythm was set. Thrust back and forth between the two I relished the feeling of being filled. Something primitive took control and the more they fucked me, the more I wanted. Mikes hands held my hips forcefully, almost painfully as he ground into my wet folds. As I sucked and bounced back and forth, Drew wiggled under my body again to lick my sensitive clit. Explosions erupted between my legs as I choked around Alan’s thick ebony colored cock.

Erotic tension began climbing again as I felt Mike increase the speed of his pounding. As I reached the point of no return, Mike tensed and with a bellow shoved deeper. Wave after wave of thick white sperm was released and I felt mike shudder. Drew sucked my clit into his mouth. It was more than I could handle and I too began to convulse. Juice poured into Drew’s mouth as my juices were released.

Now choking around Alan’s girth I continued taking all that he had. Which each thrust I could feel his balls touch my face. Abruptly the young black man stepped back. My mouth tried to follow.

“Put her in the swing….I want to fuck her…that ass is soooo hot.” Alan’s exhilaration was obvious.

He scooped me into his unnaturally strong arms and stepped from the bed. Alan rushed to the swing and held the black leather straps apart. With my body seated, I was supported by wide straps beneath my head, shoulders and ass. My small feet were placed in stirrups. As my ample bottom settled between the straps I hung there suspended with legs spread and pussy gaping.

Alan grabbed a strap with each hand and pulled me nearer. I couldn’t help but notice his body was a study in perfection. Bulging muscles made him look like a physical trainer. Under different circumstances he would have been my type. Grasping his rigid cock e wiggled into my opening. I could feel myself stretching to accommodate a cock wider than I had fucked before.

Black smooth biceps bulged as he moved the straps back in forth. I was completely powerless as I rode to his rhythm. His cock struck home each time he pulled the straps towards himself. The feeling of hanging weightless while being plowed was mind blowing. The sight of his black cock invading my pink pussy turned me on even further and I moaned.

And as Alan continued pounding me Drew removed the strap holding my head up and let my head fall straight down. Now my throat was in perfect position for a cock. As Alan glided me back and forth, Drew guided his pink mushroom shaped head into my mouth. Salty precum met my tongue and I opened my mouth further.

Suspended in mid-air, I was thrust back and forth. My position ensured that both hit bottom with each swing. Totally engulfed by the two large men’s scent and bodies, time ceased. How long I hung there being fucked on both ends I do not know. Being used so roughly should have bothered me but it didn’t. Completely submissive I reveled in my powerlessness. I felt like a precious toy being played with. Suddenly Drew grabbed me to him and held me in place. My face was fucked like it had never been before. Tears ran from my eyes as I choked around the assault. Roaring like a beast in the woods Drew released rope after rope of steaming cum deep in my throat. Unable to breathe, I swallowed as fast as possible. A salty metallic flavor greeted me as he withdrew his softening cock and I gasped for air.

“I’m going to fuck that delicious ass of yours” Alan growled and fear returned. I had tried anal with an ex once before and the pain had been excruciating. In a shaky voice I began to protest. He didn’t appear to hear me as he grabbed a bottle of lube off the carved wood dresser. As he walked towards me his angular face leered hungrily. This was going to happen. Seeing my distress, Drew’s blue eyes softened and he stroked my tangled blonde hair.

Whimpering I again asked Alan to please fuck my pussy instead. Heedless, he began applying the gel to my rectum. All I could do trapped in the swing was wriggle. Slowly he worked one long finger into my deepest recess. It felt unnatural but I couldn’t deny the sensation was pleasant. Soon another finger wedged into my virginal opening.

Wiggling his fingers Alan stretched me open. Pain was quickly replaced by pleasure as he continued. My heartbeat was racing. Fear of the inevitable was real as Alan withdrew his fingers. This was all so wrong. I had wanted a Halloween that merely scary and now on my favorite day of the year I was about to be sodomized.

Small sounds of fear escaped me as I felt his cockhead press against me. And as Drew continued to stroke me, Alan pushed. The first pop was excruciating and I screamed. Drew’s lips stifled my screams as Alan began moving. My tender flesh stretched in protest as he slowly rocked deeper.

Drew released my head and stepped away as Alan bottomed out. With my ass filled tight I continued to whimper. I didn’t want him to move. Grasping the two black leather straps he pushed me slightly away and then pulled back. Gently at first Alan rocked in and out of my ass. As pain receded nerves began to twitch with arousal. This was dirty but I was beginning to enjoy it more than I wanted to.

Nerves never struck before sent fire surging through me and my whimpers changed to moans and small yelps. Feeling my desire rising I submitted fully to the cock filling me. The swing moved back in forth rapidly as Alan’s tempo increased. A deep pleasurable tightening grew more intense and I heard myself crying out in need. A spot more sensitive than any I had felt before was repeatedly struck each time Alan ground deeper.

Horrified I heard myself urging Alan on. He didn’t need any more encouragement and with a cry of his own he rammed repeatedly in out of my bruised flesh. Intense longing consumed me as I felt myself clenching deep in my bowels. I had no idea what was happening as I felt my body take control. Screaming I felt uncoordinated spasms course through my body. As moisture poured from me I continued crying out. Convulsing I collapsed back into the black strap. As the throbbing continued between my legs, Alan continued battering my sore ass.

Contentment filled me as I began to hear Alan yell out in release. Roughly he pulled the swing to him as he dumped load after load of hot cum into my bowels. Shuddering he withdrew his sated cock. As the three stood around me I continued to hang suspended from the high ceiling, with pussy and ass open to view.

“Mmm, my turn.” Mike stood where Alan had been and was staring hungrily at my exposure. Stroking his hard brown cock, the Latino man stepped between my suspended legs. He lined his turgid cock up with my sore opening, which was now leaking cum.

Popping his wide cockhead into my rectum he rolled his hips around and stretched me even further. With little time wasted, he plunged balls deep. Crying out I relished the feel of being filled again. Back and forth he swung me. The gliding of his cock in and out of me felt delicious. It didn’t take long before he too unloaded his seed into my ravaged ass.

As soon as Mike stepped away, Drew took his place.

Again I felt a large hungry cock knocking at my backdoor. My stretched ass was filled with cum and Drew’s long cock slipped in with ease. Whimpers escaped my pink lips again as my sore flesh was stretched even further. With building speed Drew plunged back and forth. My only choice was to receive his rough fucking. Warmth filled me as sounds of joy erupted from Drew.

Confusion washed through me. I had been reduced to no more than a sex toy and I had never felt more complete. After a few moments left hanging, Drew lifted me from the restrictive swing and sat me on the bed. Immediately I reclined onto my back breathing heavily. One by one the men joined me on the oversized bed.

Ass sore and full, I watched the three large men begin to crawl towards me. Drew pulled me towards him as Alan and Mike each took a slender leg and began kissing and biting their way up. As Alan sucked on my inner calf he whispered, “I’m keeping this one…” Melting into their touch, I hoped they would.

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