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Writing His Own Happy Ending

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Terrance Madison looked around the crowded ballroom, hoping for a glimpse of her, not seeing her anywhere. For a brief moment, all his old insecurities came flooding back to him.

Terrance pushed them back down — way, way down, because there was no logical reason to have them any more. At 43, he looked great — better than he had some 25 years earlier.

He was rich and successful, having written 4 best-selling novels [and his publisher assured him, a fifth was likely on the horizon], he had on a tux that hugged him like a second skin and he was in phenomenal physical shape — even if he did curse his trainer at every available opportunity. He hadn’t been physical years ago — he wasn’t overweight, but the overall package hadn’t been impressive either. He’d been tall — nearly 6’4″ — and clumsy, not very graceful. What he had been was creative and funny and that had served him well. He saved himself from a lot of torment by writing great essays, helping others with theirs and by being the Class Clown.

It had kept him out of trouble and it also attracted attention — including Kelly’s attention. Long legged, green-eyed, brunette, sweet and loving Kelly — the great love of Terrance’s life.

She had asked for help with an English essay — he’d completed his a week prior, so he had time and no breathing man could have resisted those green eyes of hers. He helped her out to the best of his abilities and she asked him out as a “Thank You” — never dreaming she’d find someone who got her in so many ways, who could make her laugh and think and feel good about herself. Most guys just looked at Kelly’s boobs or legs or thought about ways to get her in bed — not Terrance. He was attracted to her physically, of course — but he engaged her mind, he asked about her day, he cared about her. Kelly was smitten and their first date turned into several. Kelly found herself falling for him, she was sure she’d found her soul-mate, she told Terrance that — he felt the same.

Then the axe fell.

Kelly came to him, sobbing hysterically, she hugged him until she could calm herself down. There was “NO WAY”, her parents had told her, that she was going to get serious about a “goddamned writer with his head in the clouds”. They wanted her to marry one of the football players she had dated before Terrance, someone with NFL prospects who could keep her in a nice lifestyle, nice home with all the amenities. Kelly was crushed — she’d fallen for Terrance, fallen hard, and he felt the same way about her.

She looked at him, her green eyes full of love, stood up and let her tiny denim skirt and halter drop to the ground. “I want us to have a memory of this night Terrance, one we can cherish forever and will bring us both a happy smile in later years. I want you to be my first — and I will be yours, please?”

There, in the pretty alcove by their favorite meeting place, the lake on the outskirts of town, they made love. Terrance had never in his life felt such warmth, such heat, such passion. Kelly was sensual beyond her years and he felt a confidence he had never known. They stayed out all night, hugged goodbye and the next time they saw each other was a week later, at the Graduation Ceremonies. He saw her eyes, full of tears, looking over at him. He gave her a weak nod and moved on with his life.

Or, he tried to. Terrance moved on with that life and he was far from celibate — being a best-selling author attracted lots of lovely women and he bedded many, having short-term relationships and one near-miss. But it wasn’t in his nature to give his heart away — he had done that years earlier and Kelly still had it. He wanted to see her again, to see if time had served her well.

He looked around and found an old friend, one of the guys he had helped tutor. “Hey Jake — have you seen Kelly Ryan?” He’d done some research and found out that she’d married John Ryan Jr., who was one year ahead of them in school and an All-Star running back in college.

Jake looked at him for a second and then it hit him. “Terrance Madison? Wow pal, didn’t recognize you. Kelly Ryan — not sure I know who — oh, you mean Kelly Jackson? She’s outside with a friend.”

Terrance’s heart lurched a bit — what kind of friend? He was surprised to hear she was answering to Jackson again — what about her husband? He made his way through the crowd; the only person he really cared about tonight was Kelly. He got to the terrace and there she was — holding a glass of wine and talking with a very attractive blonde he didn’t recognize. She was wearing a greenish, metallic full-length dress, cut low in front and she looked more beautiful than any of his memories. Despite all his success, he was hesitant to approach her and he felt his voice tremor as she said “Kelly?”

She turned around and there were those eyes — still shining. She saw him and nearly dropped her drink; Kelly ran to Terrance, wrapped her arms around him and gave him a kiss that nearly took his breath away.

Terrance had no idea of the passage of time until the blonde tapped Kelly on the shoulder and smiled. “Come up for air, you two!” She said as Terrance and Kelly broke apart.

Both of them grinned sheepishly at the blonde, Kelly laughed. “I guess we were making a spectacle, sorry Ally.”

“It’s no big deal.”

Terrance held out his hand to the curvy blonde in the form-fitting, silver metallic dress. “Hi, I’m Terrance Madison.”

The blonde laughed. “I know that — you’re one of the more famous alumni and even if you weren’t, Kelly has talked non-stop about you all the way here. Even if she hadn’t, I went to school with both of you.”

Terrance had a puzzled look, Kelly, who was still hugging him close, said “Terrance, that’s Allyson Stern.”

Terrance was shocked. “Scrawny, little unassuming Allie Stern? Wow — okay, I wouldn’t have known you.”

“See Terrance, you aren’t the only person who has changed since High School,” Allyson said, laughing. She noticed that Terrance and Kelly had still not stopped holding hands. “You two were the talk of the school — hey Kel, you can let go of his hand, you know,” Allyson smiled.

“I am never letting go of him again,” Kelly said seriously. She turned to Terrance and smiled. “I made that mistake once — not again. I’m divorced Terrance — free and clear. I make my own rules now and if you want me, I want to be with you. I’ll understand if you have someone in your life, but …”

Terrance kissed her hard again; he didn’t care if Allyson was watching. “There has never been anyone for me but you — and never will be. We’ll figure it out — right now, why don’t we go inside and mingle a bit, don’t want to be rude to the others.”

“Others? There are others?” Kelly said with a lazy smile.

They mingled around, Kelly never left Terrance’s side, Allyson wasn’t far behind them at any time. When they finally were able to sit down and have a bite to eat, in between Terrance signing copies of his books for the impressed alumni, they were able to play catch-up. Kelly had kept abreast of Terrance’s progress, of course, but he knew little of hers.

She told him that she had married John Ryan Jr, who had not only cheated on her, but been nearly impotent most of the time. All he was good for was a paycheck and when his pro football career had tanked; he wasn’t good for much beyond that. They had no children, which broke Kelly’s heart — she loved kids. Slowly, the couple drifted apart — Jack had been fair in their divorce settlement and Kelly was able to move on with her life. She had dated — she’d had affairs — but was lonely and when she confessed to her friend Ally how miserable she was, the girls bought a nice-sized Condo together and kept each other company.

“Do you have to go back to your Condo tonight?” Terrance whispered in Kelly’s ear.

“No — I think Allyson can find her way home tonight,” Kelly smiled as she leaned in and kissed his cheek. “What did you have in mind?”

“A different type of reunion,” Terrance smiled. Kelly took both his hands and kissed them.

“Where are you staying?”

“The Park Plaza Hotel. I have a suite.”

Kelly took a drink of wine and smiled. “I can’t think of anything I want more than to spend the night with you. Let’s dance a bit — say our goodnights — and then I’ll go home and pick up a few things and meet you back there a bit after 1 AM. How does that sound?”

“Like a dream come true.”

Terrance hung up his tuxedo jacket and looked around the room. He knew no matter what he did, he couldn’t make everything perfect — it would go — how it went. He had wine ready and chilling, had made arrangements with Room Service for breakfast in the morning and had flowers sent up — but it was up to him and Kelly and their desire for each other to make it all magical. If this night had all the passion he hoped for, he wasn’t letting her go either — they’d work it out, he had more than enough for the two of them. He was glad she’d had a friend like Allyson to keep her company, even with his success, it was lonely at times.

There was a knock on the door and there she was, beautiful — long auburn hair, the eyes that would always mesmerize, and a long coat — it wasn’t that chilly out, but he found out the reason in a moment. Kelly was wearing a cream-colored negligee and matching thong, white stilettos, she was the vision of absolute perfection. She walked over to him and took his face in her hands and pressed her lips hard against his, her tongue moving in. Terrance wasn’t even sure if he was still breathing, time had stood still — this moment was perfect.

“Worth waiting 25 years for?” Kelly said as she broke the kiss. Terrance knew he was just standing there with a dopey grin on his face.

“I think I would have waited the rest of my life for you,” Terrance said as the sat on the bed. She began unbuttoning his shirt, running her hands over his skin. “You’re even more handsome than you were all those years ago — I was so in love with you!” Kelly said wistfully.

“You made me feel confident — like I could do anything,” Terrance told her. They kissed again and Terrance’s shirt was off, his body pressed against Kelly’s.

“Stand up,” Kelly said. He did and she unzipped his pants, once he had stepped out of them, she placed them on the back of a chair and turned back to him. Without a word, she took his cock from his boxers and began to lick and suck it. Kelly’s eyes looked up at him, she grinned as she fellated him, he was almost out of his mind with desire. He’d fantasized about this more times than he could count and this beat it all. She …

There was a knock at the door. Kelly stood up and walked to the door and opened it. There was Allyson, in a coat similar to Kelly’s. The girls kissed and Allyson removed her coat, she had on a negligee like Kelly’s, only black. Terrance was struck dumb.

“Kelly, didn’t you explain to this lovely man …?”

Kelly shook her head. “There wasn’t time, baby-doll. You got here a bit sooner than expected.” The girls kissed again and Allyson sat by a confused Terrance on the bed.

“Terrance, when Kelly and her husband split, she came to live with me. I was recently split up as well — from my girlfriend, Tara. We were getting goofy one night, Kelly asked me what it was like to sleep with a girl and … she was drunk enough to try it and …”

“I liked it. A lot.”

Allyson nodded. “We’ve shared a bed every night since — but I made her promise if you ever came back, she’d go for it. Then she told me if you ever did come back, she’d let me see why she was so over-the-moon in love with you. I saw it tonight.”

Kelly smiled. “When I went back to our Condo to put on this little thing, I had a brainstorm — I thought perhaps you might like to have two women in bed tonight, and maybe you could see why I’m also nuts about Allie. What do you say, lover?”

Terrance, who wrote for a living — was at a loss for words. He could only nod, Allyson kissed his face while he felt Kelly tugging at his boxers. He wasn’t about to tell either of them that 3-somes weren’t entirely new to him — but having the love of his life and her — lover — in bed with him was a new twist. He just lay back and let them work him over.

Kelly moved back from the bed while her girlfriend licked Terrance’s cock and balls. She dropped her negligee to the floor and placed it beside Terrance’s jacket and she stood before him. She was as beautiful as ever, hard-bodied, with nary a blemish on her skin and those beautiful long legs, that perfect ass. She moved beside Terrance and took him in her mouth and Allie stood away, removing her black lingerie. She was bustier than Kelly, her skin paler, but her legs were nice and her blonde hair fell in ringlets to her shoulders. She joined them in the bed and moved between Kelly’s legs. Despite all his success, this would have been the thing his 18-year old self would have found hard to believe would be in his future — being in bed with two of the hottest women in the world.

“Come here darling, I want you so much,” Terrance begged, holding out his arms. Kelly complied, leaving him once again in the more-than-competent lips of Allyson, while she straddled his face and he ate her nearly-bare cunt. Both she and Allie enjoyed shaving each other and having fun after. Kelly would have bet Terrance would have enjoyed seeing that — she’d make sure he did sometime in the very-near future.

Kelly’s pussy was soaked and she wasn’t waiting any longer — 25 years of frustration was enough, she moved on top of his cock and lowered her cunt around it, wriggled and twisted until she was as far down as she could go. Allie’s nimble tongue was now licking them both, but only for an instant, her lover moved to replace her on Terrance’s tongue. They were making love again, not only that, but the other person she loved most in the world was with them? For Kelly, life at that moment could not have gotten any better.

Kelly’s pussy tried to milked Terrance dry and she could feel her own body tense, she threw back her head, her eyes closed and she came like she had never cum before..

“You’ve got to try him luv, you have to!” Kelly panted, kissing her best friend. Allie merely nodded and got on all fours, she wanted a pussy-cock combo — a rarity for her, she usually didn’t like to share Kelly and especially not with men. Kelly was right though — this wonderful man was a giving lover and a true sweetheart, she could easily see why Kelly had fallen so hard and never completely gotten over him.

“Hard baby — I want it hard while I eat Kelly’s juicy cunt, give it to me like a bitch Terrance, I can take it!” the blonde said. When she’d been younger, she’d had a secret crush on him — but the then-skinny, somewhat nerdy blonde didn’t have a chance and besides, he only had eyes for Kelly. Now they were all together and Allyson was being screwed better than anyone had ever fucked her.

“Oh yeah baby, fuck my slutty cunt, give it to me, see your man Kelly, god, he’s a good fucker!” Allyson groaned. Kelly just smiled.

“I’m glad you like him, you blonde slut!” Kelly groaned as Allie buried her face in her pussy again. “I’m glad you like him, because this time, I’m keeping him!”

That declaration sent Terrance over the edge — he pulled out of Allie, she and Kelly grabbed his cock and sucked it dry. The trio fell back on the bed, exhausted, noting the time to be nearly 4 AM.

“Anyone hungry?” Terrance said, putting on one of the robes the hotel provided and handing Kelly the other. He grinned sheepishly at Allyson. “Sorry — didn’t know about you, I’ll get another one.”

“No worries,” Allyson grinned. “I could eat something, but Terrance, it’s after 4 AM.”

“She’s right, darling,” Kelly said, leaning on his shoulder as he dialed Room Service.

“One of the perks of having money ladies, you can check into a hotel with kitchens that never close. Hello? Yes — it’s Terrance Madison in the Deluxe Suite. Can you send up a nice platter of fruits and cheeses and little deserts? How long? 30 minutes will be fine. Oh, and some coffee too. Thank You.”

Terrance hung up and Kelly snuggled close. “I meant what I said — I am not letting you get away again, Terrance Madison. However you want me — fling, mistress, whore or girlfriend — that’s what I’ll be.”

“What if I want wife?” Terrance asked.

Kelly’s green eyes went wide and her mouth opened wide, but nothing came out.

“I think that means yes!” Allyson giggled as Kelly threw her arms around Terrance.

“Y-yes, it does, yes, yes, YES!” Kelly squealed, sounding almost like she had 25 years ago. “But Allie — I hate to leave you alone, I love you dearly and …”

Allyson was about to speak, but Terrance beat her to it. “Who says you have to leave anyone? Allyson, how big is your Condo?”

“Pretty big — 4 bedrooms, why?”

“Paid for?”

“Almost, we owe around 25 Grand.”

“Okay — so if I move in with you, Allyson can stay put. I can use one of the bedrooms for an office and when I’m on the road promoting my books, you and Allie can — ahem — keep each other company. What do you say, ladies?”

“Sounds perfect to me Terrance. Allie?”

Allyson nodded — she liked Terrance and she knew she might even grow to love him — he could grow on a girl very fast. “I think it might work, but what if you and Kelly want — you know — to be alone?”

“We might. So might you and Kelly. Or even …” Terrance winked “…you and I. I know we’ll work it out, my little loves. I’m a writer — I’ll just use my imagination.”

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