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My wife and I had a fight and she went to her mother’s. I enjoyed the freedom for a couple of weeks, but I was missing sex, having been used to getting it almost daily. I thought of picking up a slut at a bar, but then I remembered having had a brief experience with another guy in high school, several years ago. At 35 years old I wondered why such a memory would return to me after all these years.

I Remembered feeling his cock while we jerked each other off. It made me kind of tingle with excitement. The more I thought about it, the more it became a thing I wanted to do again. All we did was jerk each other off, but I knew we would have had more pleasure if we had continued with our play.

I decided to go to an XXX movie house in the area. I knew that the customers were mostly, if not all, men. I figured I would just watch the movie, jerk off and see what happened.

When I walked in it was pitch black. I had to stand at the entrance for several minutes before I could even see where the seats were.

Eventually my eyes became adjusted to the darkness and I could see several rows of empty seats. I wondered if the place was empty. Moving carefully, I sat in the middle of an empty row. It wasn’t long before I heard muffled sounds coming from behind me. On the screen there was a foursome, three guys and a girl. They were servicing her in all her orifices. The sounds that I heard were coming from the three rows in the back of the theater. Now that my eyes were totally adjusted to the darkness I could see several men jerking each other off. Once in a while I saw a guy go down on the guy in the next seat. Well, I naively thought, these guys must all know each other. I unzipped and began stroking my 7″ hard cock while getting turned on by all the sucking and fucking on the screen.

It wasn’t long before a guy came and sat next to me. He immediately removed my hand from my cock and replaced it with his. Well, I thought, nothing like a good hand job, whoever gives it. I leaned back and enjoyed his manipulations. Soon another guy sat on the other side of me. He slipped his pants down to his knees and began to stroke his cock. I could see in the dim light from the screen that he had a very long an very hard prick. Without giving much thought, I wrapped my hand around it and began to stoke it gently up and down. He moaned his enjoyment.

The guy on my left was doing such a good job on my cock, I was afraid I would cum too soon so, I removed his hand and, surprising myself, bent over and slipped his cock in my mouth. I was really turned on by now and had no interest in the movie. Engulfing his hard cock all the way into my throat made him sigh and he held his hand on the back of my head and gently urged me to go deeper. I don’t know how I was able to breathe, but I took him all the way to his balls. I held him in my throat for as long as I could and as I backed off I felt his sweet cum shooting out and hitting the roof of my mouth. He was shooting a very big load. Getting really into what was happening to me, I swallowed and gulped and swallowed it all.

Now I was out for as much cock I could get. I swung around and took the guy on the other side of me into my mouth and began sucking. I had a little trouble with his big, fat cock, but I was able to give him deep throat too. I went down to his balls and then began to apply the pressure with my mouth and tongue as I backed off slowly. He too came as I was pulling back. His load of juicy cum shot right down into my throat, filling me with his seed.

I looked up and the whole row had filled with men with their hard cocks out. I went to my knees and started down the row. I sucked small cocks, limp cocks (and made them cum), huge cocks, fat cocks, and all cocks. I kept sucking and swallowing cum in a frenzy. When I got to the end of the row, the row filled up again and I kept sucking. My jaw began to get sore, but I couldn’t stop. My cock was spilling precum all over the floor. I got to the end of the other row and saw that the row was filled again with other men.

As I worked my way back down the row, sucking, slurping and drinking cum load after cum load, I felt the beginnings of my long awaited climax. My load of cum began to surge from my balls and up through my hard, throbbing cock. I leaned back, one guys big cock popping out of my cum filled mouth, and my cum began shooting up in the air. Great arcs of milky, ropey cum juice shot toward the guy sitting in front of me. Spurt after spurt was shooting in the air. Some guys hand encircled my cock as it continued to erupt. The greatest orgasm in my life! It was so intense I passed out for a moment. Some guy was shaking me saying, “Are you OK?” Guys were standing around me with their cocks in their hands, some hard again, some soft after the service it received.

I managed to get on my feet. I was still a little groggy. They were all thanking me, saying they were amazed at how well I sucked their cocks. Some guys who just came in wanted me to do them. Spying a small light at the exit, I walked (swayed) toward the door. Walking out into the bright sun, I struggled my way to my car. Driving home I reflected on what just happened to me. Estimating that I must have brought about twenty cocks to orgasm and drank all that cum, I knew now which way I was heading into the future. I hope I never see my wife again, but I will go back to that movie house.

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