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Lisa’s Revenge

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I peered into the rearview mirror and saw the familiar VW logo of Jenna’s Jetta. Not that I was worried about her finding her way. We’d been driving this route to the beach for over 15 of her 20 years, so she certainly knew the route. It was pretty much a straight shot from Columbia to Charleston on I-26 and then a short jog over to Isle of Palms. Nothing to it.

I turned to look at Patty, my wife of twenty-five years, as she stretched out her long tan legs in the passenger’s seat. She’d been my college sweetheart and she still looked damn fine for having just passed fifty. She’d given me two wonderful daughters and been instrumental in the success of our real estate business back in Columbia. The villa at the beach had been a reward for our hard work and good fortune and had served our family well over the past fifteen years.

I was sad that our older daughter, Laura, wouldn’t be joining us for our yearly August week at the beach this year. But she was gainfully employed in New York and seemed happy with her new city life, so I had to feel good that she was well on her way toward adulthood.

And so to take Laura’s place on our annual pilgrimage this year, Jenna had talked me into letting her college roommate join us for the week. Lisette, or Lissie as I learned to call her, had actually flown down on Thursday and spent a few days at our home before our departure this morning. After a week at the beach they’d both garner their forces and head back to Clemson for their junior year.

We had met Lissie before, at Parents Weekends and the like. But this was the first time I’d spent any time around her. The girls had spent the previous two days shopping and hanging around the house, getting ready for our week away.

It hadn’t taken much arm-twisting on Jenna’s part to convince me to let Lissie join us. She was a stunningly beautiful young lady and had a disarmingly genuine personality one wouldn’t expect from such a beauty. She was from Maryland and, therefore, had a passion for soft shell crabs and the Orioles. She was courteous and polite and so very, very easy on the eyes. I smiled as the thought of being surrounded by three beautiful ladies in bikinis for a week permeated my thoughts.

“What are you smiling about, big shot?” asked Patty.

“Oh, nothing, hon. Just thinking about getting to the beach. That’s all,” I lied.

“The girls still behind us?”

“Yes they are,” I stated as I checked in the rearview mirror again. I eased off I-26 , onto 526, hit cruise control at 65, cranked up the sound a notch, and sat back to enjoy the last twemty minutes to the South Carolina seaside.


I grabbed Patty’s hand as we bobbed and weaved along East Bay Avenue, trying to stay up with the girls. It was hard to believe that two young ladies in such short dresses and high heels could keep up such a pace. It almost seemed like the folks walking the street sort of parted ways as they strolled past them. There was an assuredness and confidence in their walk that turned more than a few heads. No doubt if I had been walking the other way I would have done a 180 to admire the rear view as well. And what a view it was. Damn, these girls looked hot; even if one of them was my daughter. I hustled and pulled Patty along so I could keep their twitching little rear ends in view.

We arrived at Magnolias and were seated at our table promptly. I felt quite sure we would get excellent service from the all male staff this evening. We ordered and proceeded to have a wonderful evening.

The past few days had been just what the doctor ordered: lots of sun and beach time mixed in with good food, drinks and laughter. It’s why we loved coming back here each year. The younger girls had gotten into a routine that hadn’t varied: spend the day at the beach, drive into Charleston with us for dinner, then they’d head off to the clubs while Patty and I returned to the villa.

Lissie was a completely charming young lady and was constantly thanking us for our hospitality. I kept telling her it was our pleasure, which was surely true. I couldn’t tell what I enjoyed more: watching Jenna and Lissie bounce around in their skimpy bikinis or strut down the street in their short little sundresses and high heels. I was calling on all my resources to resist simply staring at Lissie most of the time. She had a beguiling “girl-next-door” beauty that seemed to deepen the more I was around her.

She was a few inches taller than Jenna’s 5′-6″ and had a long lean model’s body. Her slender legs went on forever, and meshed into the sweetest hips and ass I had ever seen. She looked fabulous in anything she put on, even the tight little cotton pajama bottoms she lounged around in later in the evenings. Her breasts sat high and hung full and round on her sinuous torso. They looked like they’d be incredibly soft and smooth to the touch. Her nipples were often quite visible through her bikini top; a fact she had to be aware of.

But it was her exquisite face and long flowing auburn hair that kept getting my attention. She had the kind of chameleon-like beauty that seemed to change with her smile and demeanor. She could look incredibly sexy one minute and like an innocent college kid the next. Her large almond eyes would light up when she smiled, or smolder at other times when she seemed to have something else on her mind. Beauty, brains and body — she had the whole package in spades.

And it might have been my hopeful imagination, but she was a very subtle flirt as well. There were numerous times when I caught her smiling or looking at me when a possibly suggestive comment or innuendo had been made. She leaned over more than once to allow me to gaze at her sumptuous cleavage. And despite my best efforts, I kept leering and getting caught. I’d be watching her cute rear while she was chopping a tomato when she’d suddenly fling her hair, turn and look at me before I could pretend to be looking elsewhere.

“How do you like your tomato sliced, Mr. G?”

“Uh, with a knife, I guess,” I’d reply.

“Very funny. This tomato is so thick and juicy. Perfectly ripe,” she stated matter-of-factly as she licked her fingers seductively.

“That’s just the way I like ’em,” I replied.

She’d smile and turn away, cock her hip seductively and keep slicing. I felt exposed and guilty, but she seemed to take it in stride and, in fact, seemed to enjoy my attention and sense of humor. Certainly she did nothing to hide her body or cover up her ridiculously smooth flesh.

The meal was fabulous and a wonderful bottle of cabernet did nothing to dampen our spirits. The girls were talking about college and the year ahead. The excitement in their voices was palpable and we were happy for their youth and enthusiasm. Somewhere during dessert Patty turned to me.

“Jack, did you remember that Jenna and I have to head back to Columbia for a few hours tomorrow morning?”

I had, in fact, forgotten. But I was reminded now of Jenna’s need to visit the dentist and Patty’s feeling that she had a few things to do back in town. She’d decided to go with Jenna and keep her company for the drive there and back.

“We’re going to leave early, so we should be back by early afternoon. Did you make a reservation for tomorrow night?”

“I did, honey. That’s no problem. I’m sure Lissie and I will find a way to occupy ourselves.”

I stole a quick glance at Lissie and found her eyes smiling at me over the rim of her glass. This was all in my imagination, but I couldn’t help but fantasize just a little. I felt my cock thicken just slightly at the very thought of spending a few hours, however innocently, with this gorgeous co-ed.

We enjoyed the rest of our meal, the overly attentive waiters, and made our way out into the warm Charleston night after dinner. The girls swayed off up East Bay to meet some friends and Patty and I walked hand-in-hand back to the car.

“Lissie is a sweet girl, isn’t she Jack?”

“Very sweet,” I replied. Images of her sweet body were dancing in my head.

Patty was in a good mood after a few glasses of wine, so we talked and laughed all the way back to the villa. I watched my wife’s tight little ass as she walked up the steps and gave her a squeeze. She could still get my motor running after all these years. Sometimes extracurricular thoughts played into it as well.

“You’re pretty sweet too,” I whispered in her ear as I unlocked the door.

“Not that sweet,” she retorted as she tugged on my half-stiff cock and giggled.

We were in the bedroom in no time, clothes everywhere. We’d always found the beach a stimulating place sexually, especially when our daughters weren’t around. And tonight was no exception. Before long we were fucking intensely, but I couldn’t get the image of Lissie out of my head. I suddenly found myself thrusting with a speed and depth that surprised even me. A few minutes after we were finished Patty turned to me.

“Wow. What got into you tonight, tiger?”

“I’m not sure. Must have been the oysters.”

“Well make sure you order them again next time.”

She curled into my arms and we drifted off to sleep.


I squinted through the slats of the wooden blinds and realized the morning was further along than I thought. Patty had been up early and was gone. The thought suddenly dawned on me that it was just Lissie and me in the house. I stroked my cock lightly thinking about the day.

The girls had come home late last night, so I was pretty sure that Patty was driving while Jenna slept on the two hour trip back to Columbia. No doubt Lissie would be sleeping late as well. I, unfortunately, had a meeting with an associate in Mount Pleasant later in the morning that would cut seriously into the few hours Lissie and I would be alone together. I wasn’t sure why I was so fixated on this fact, but I found that, more and more, I just wanted to be in her presence.

I showered, dressed and headed downstairs to make coffee. I was halfway through the paper when I heard rustling upstairs, a toilet flush and a few moments later the patter of tender feet descending the stairs. When I looked up Lissie was standing at the bottom of the stairs, hands above her head, stretching and yawning. Her long luscious hair was tangled and matted and looked sexy as hell. She had that sort of “just fucked” look.

She was wearing what I guess could be described as thin cotton pajamas. They were baby blue with little white clouds. The elastic band of the shorts sat low on her flaring hips and the fabric hugged her bottom and then flared slightly at the top of her long lean thighs. The short top was stretched across her delicious breasts and cropped a few inches below. As she stretched her navel and tiny waist were on full display. Her nipples were clearly defined through the thin cotton fabric, and she had to know this. She smiled at me as I ogled.

“Morning Mr. G. Any good news in the paper?”

“Uhh, no, I, uhh… The Orioles lost.” Caught staring again. I was a hopeless case.

“You know where everything is. Help yourself. Coffee is ready,” I stammered.

“Ohh. How sweet. Thank you, Mr. G.”

She sashayed over to the counter and poured a cup. Her body jiggled with each step, clouds bouncing. I tried to go back to reading the paper. She opened the refrigerator and bent over, the cotton bottom tucked tightly into the crevice of her nice round cheeks. I watched from behind as her round rump stretched the thin fabric of her pajama bottoms. I thought I could even see the slight bulge of her labia between her legs.

She grabbed some yogurt, a banana, a cup of coffee and headed over to sit at the table. I tried not to watch as she slipped the banana into her mouth, but she caught me sneaking a peak once again. I felt like I was losing my self-control.

“So, I’m going down to the beach soon. Do you want to come?” She smiled with her eyes as she took another bite of her banana.

“I’d love to come,” I said in a dead-pan. “But, unfortunately, I have to go into Mount Pleasant for a meeting. So perhaps I can join you when I get back.”

“Oooh. That’s too bad. But I’ll let you off the hook this time.” She finished her breakfast and headed upstairs to change. I didn’t have to leave for another hour so I debated doing a brief jaunt down to the beach with Lissie, but I knew this would look completely transparent.

A few minutes later she came down the stairs again, clad in the briefest orange bikini. She’d been working on her tan for a few days now, and her bronze skin was lustrous. She strode up to me as I remained on the stool at the counter.

“Well since Jenna isn’t here, you have to do her job and lather me up with lotion — just in the places I can’t reach.” She handed me the bottle and turned her back to me.

The slim strings of the bikini arched over her slender hips and flared into a small triangle covering her beautiful protruding ass. Another slim string wrapped around the middle of her back holding her top in place. The rear view was astounding and I felt my heart racing. I squirted a generous amount of the warm white lotion into my hand.

“Is this really part of my job description,” I joked.

“It can be,” she retorted.

She lowered the straps off her shoulders and held her breasts to keep the cups in place. If I’d had four hands I would have offered to do that job as well. I spread my palms across her shoulders and massaged the lotion into her skin. Her upper body felt tight and toned. I rubbed the lotion over her shoulders and upper back, all the areas above the string of her top. My rubbing turned into a bit more of a massage, despite my efforts to maintain a “friend’s father” demeanor. She moaned lightly.

“Oooh. That feels so good. You have nice hands, Mr. G.”

“Thank you. You have nice, uh…you’re nice too, Lissie,” I stammered suavely. “You have a nice everything.”

Lissie giggled, threw her hair over her shoulder and turned to smile at me with those big brown eyes. I squeezed some more lotion and spread my palms across the small of her back. She had a tiny waist and her back arched out prominently to her sweet round buns, barely covered by the orange material. I continued to rub and massage the lotion into her ski, skirting the upper slope of her exquisite ass and wanting so badly to slide my hand right into her bikini bottom.

“I’m trying to do a quality job here,” I stated unconvincingly. She let out a soft, but very sexy, moan.

“I can feel that. Excellent quality. You’re hired,” she laughed.

I finished and wanted to give those round cheeks a little pinch or slap, but I resisted with a sigh.

“I’ll be happy to return the favor some time,” she smiled.

“I will most definitely look forward to that, Lissie.”

I saw her steal a glance down at my groin. Fortunately, I had on baggy shorts, or else she would have clearly discerned my raging erection. She thanked me profusely, padded toward the door and blew me an innocent little kiss.

“Come find me later,” she prodded. It was said in all innocence, but it sounded seductive as hell.

“I will. You can count on it,” I smiled. “Save me some lotion.”

She smiled again and slid out the door. I began to wonder what I was getting myself into.

I headed out an hour later, wishing my day had been structured differently. But it was all for the best, I decided. This was my daughter’s roommate, we were talking about here. I had to be an adult. What had gotten into me?

I put the thoughts out of my mind and headed off to my meeting. Returning to the real world put the crazy thoughts I’d been having out my mind for a few hours. I stopped at the store on the way back to the Isle and picked up a few things we needed. I was figuring Patty and Jenna would be home by the time I returned, but Jenna’s car wasn’t there when I pulled into the driveway. I headed up the stairs, groceries in hand, and figured I’d head down to the beach if Lissie wasn’t in the house.

I was barely in the door when my cell phone rang. It was Patty.

“Jack. I’ve got bad news. We’re having car problems, an alternator, I think. The car place says they can’t get the part they need until tomorrow morning first thing, so we’re going to have to spend the night here and head down tomorrow morning. I’m really sorry.”

“Geez, Patty. Don’t be sorry. That’s a bummer. I can’t believe they can’t fix it today.”

“Well they say they’re backed up, or whatever. It’s okay. How are you and Lissie doing?”

“Actually I just walked in from my meeting and I think she’s still down at the beach so…I guess we’re doing fine,” I replied.

“Well you guys should still use our reservation tonight. Don’t stay home on account of us. I’ll call you first thing in the morning and give you the scoop. Love you.”

“Love you too,” I replied.

She hung up. My mind was racing. The first thing I did was call the restaurant and change our reservation from four to two people. Then I went upstairs and changed into my swim trunks. The potential, the possibilities, rattled around in my brain. On the way out the door I poured vodka, ice and cranberry juice into two insulated cups, grabbed my shades and a chair and headed out the door. This was going to be a very interesting afternoon.

I strode across the boardwalk over the dunes and down onto the hard-packed sand of the typical South Carolina beach. I looked to where we had been hanging out the past few days and only saw Lissie’s chair and bag. Figuring she must have gone for a walk, I sat down in my chair, took a deep swig and made myself comfortable.

One thing I love about the beach is watching people. Every size and shape walks by eventually and it’s a constant parade of sunburned humanity, ranging from the flabby to the fantastic. And I’ve always loved checking out the gorgeous women that love to parade and promenade along the shore. I watched several as they came and went, when one some distance away caught my eye: exquisite shape, long legs, walked like a model. It took me a few seconds to realize that it was Lissie.

Her bikini fit her like a glove. The top seemed to barely support her breasts as her cleavage bobbled noticeably with each step. Her hips swayed as she sauntered through the sand. Most days I would have been agog watching a woman like this walk by, wondering what it would be like to be with her. Now, instead, that beautiful woman was walking up to join me. Will wonders never cease?

She smiled as she approached and realized I’d come down to join her.

“Finally. It’s been so lonely down here. Are Patty and Jenna back yet?” she asked.

“Actually, no. There’s a bit of a problem.” I went on to explain the circumstances and watched Lissie’s response. The corners of her mouth curled in a sultry smile as I finished my saga.

“Oh my. That’s a bummer. Whatever are we going to do with ourselves?” she asked with a shrug.

“Well I took the liberty of changing our reservations at the restaurant, so if you’re up for it, we can still head into Charleston for a nice meal. It’s a great place. You’ll like it.” I caught myself. “Or not. If you’d prefer we can hang out here.” I looked at her quizzically.

“No, no. That sounds great. I’d love to go into Charleston again,” she replied with enthusiasm. “Maybe I can wear my new dress,” she added with a sly grin.

“You can wear anything you want, Lissie. I’d love to see your new dress.”

“Oooh. This is going to be fun,” Lissie smiled.

She sat down in the chair next to mine, then spied the cup slid into the cup holder of her chair and looked at me with a questioning gaze.

“Just a little cool libation for your sipping pleasure,” I said.

She took a sip and a broad grin spread across her face.

“Mr. G. You really know how to treat a lady.”

“I try, sweetie.”

We sat and watched the bodies walk by, enjoying the parade of flesh. We commented on the various men and women that appealed to us and basked in the warm afternoon sun, the icy drink and the display of skin. Suddenly Lissie jumped up.

“Let’s go swimming,” she squealed, and went running toward the shore.

Who was I to turn down such an invitation? I watched Lissie’s cute little butt twitch down to the water as I sauntered casually behind her. The South Carolina coast doesn’t boast big surf, but an offshore storm was stirring things up quite nicely and the waves today were a bit bigger than we were accustomed to. We waded into the breaking waves and began to bob with the tidal surge. I floated on my back with my toes poking out of the surf.

“How can you float like that, Mr. G.? I’ve never been able to do that.”

“Here. Let me show you. Relax and lay your head back.” I placed my right hand on the small of her back as she leaned back. I placed my left under her thighs and gently lifted her pelvis up toward the surface. I marveled at the sharp curve of her spine and the taut skin on her tight thighs.

“Relax. Let your toes float to the surface,” I directed. As her hips broke the surface she lay her head back and closed her eyes. The wet bikini-clad bulge of her pussy mound arched out of the water. I looked on in amazement at her protruding lips, the wet material clinging to her generous labia. She was delectable and I stared in awe at this specimen of feminine beauty. I removed my left hand and talked her through the floating process. She had it down in no time.

“Thanks Mr. G. You’re a great teacher.”

My touching her had sort of broken an unspoken barrier, so now she eagerly grabbed my shoulders as we bobbed with the swell of the waves. Perhaps it was the anonymous nature of being mostly submerged in the warm ocean that gave us a more casual approach to touching. But suddenly Lissie was grabbing my shoulders and arms and hands, as we moved with the ebb and flow of the undertow. She hopped on my back and rode piggy back while we jumped over the crest of each new wave. Then I moved behind her, grabbed her waist and raised her up to meet each swell. Her sumptuous breasts looked like they were going to explode out of her bikini as she bobbed with the waves. We laughed and played in the surf for twenty minutes, when Lissie announced that she was getting waterlogged and wanted to take in the last rays of the day.

I stayed behind, hoping I might lose my erection before exiting the water. She was so glorious and so sexy, my head was spinning. What incredible experience was going to unfold as the evening progressed? I finally felt my tumescence ebb enough to head back to our spot.

As I walked back to our towels I realized that my rather full and baggy swim suit was soaking wet and clinging to my thighs and my semi-erect state. My cock dangled down my left leg and was rather impossible to hide under the circumstances. Lissie was on her back on her towel, leaning back on her elbows, shades on, watching me return to our perch.

“You look pretty hot, Mr. G.” Lissie commented. “You’re in great shape for a guy your age.”

“Thanks. I think. You’re pretty hot yourself, young lady.”

I sat down in my low chair while Lissie lay to my left on her back. She turned her head away and I stared down at her exquisite body. Her rather full breasts lay flat, but round on her chest, her pert little nipples barely detectable under the thin wet top of her bikini. Her stomach was flat and smooth, curving slightly as it flowed down toward the edge of her bikini bottom. The bottom was stretched taut between her prominent hip bones, and the quarter inch gap between the waist of her bikini bottom and her brown belly was totally captivating. I thought about what it would be like to slide my hand down there, searching for her essence. The mound of her pert little pussy pushed the fabric up in a womanly declaration of sexuality. It protruded proudly and seductively.

After ten minutes on her back she flipped over onto her stomach, and I was pretty sure she had done this on purpose. With my shades on I pretended to be surveying the horizon of the ocean, looking at birds and distant ships. But once she was turned on her stomach I turned to admire the rear view. The beautiful round mounds of her buttocks rose proudly and sharply from her tiny waist and the sharp curve of the small of her back. Her cheeks were perfectly formed and firmly stretched the thin fabric of her bikini. Her auburn hair hung wet and wild around her shoulders. Her endless legs stretched toward the ocean, her thighs long and lean. I wanted to stop staring, but I couldn’t. She was going to be my date tonight, and I felt myself harden at the thought.

We enjoyed the waning sun and finally decided it was time to head back to the villa. Lissie had been at the beach all day and was ready for a shower. We strolled back slowly, not touching, basking in the warm glow of the late afternoon and ready to clean up for a night on the town. Once inside, Lissie headed to her room and I headed to mine. I showered and shaved, spending a little extra time to trim my groin and shave my balls. I knew I was being presumptuous, but I had a good feeling about the hours ahead. I donned a crisp white shirt, my best pair of faded jeans and sandals — a little cologne behind my ear and I was ready to rock.

I headed downstairs to make a drink. As I walked past Lissie’s room I could hear her hair dryer whirring away and looked forward to seeing her emerge when she was ready. I made a stiff drink, turned on some music, and sat down on the couch to wait. Ten minutes later I heard the light clomp of heels on the top of the stairs. Lissie slowly descended, sliding her open hand along the wooden rail. I caught my breath. Her full head of flaxen hair bounced softly as she stepped slowly in her heels. As she spun around the newel post to face me, she struck a pose and flung her slender arms into the air.

“Ta Da.” She had a huge smile on her face and I stared agog.

“Jesus, Lisette. You look…damn.” I was speechless. “That dress ought to be illegal.”

“You don’t like it?” she pouted.

“Like it? It’s…damn. You look incredible. Really. You’re gorgeous, and you know it.”

She smiled and said thank you.

She was wearing a short silk dress, kind of a light maroon or mauve color, that contrasted wonderfully with the rich mahogany highlights of her hair. The dress sat squarely on her shoulders and had a little flair type sleeve at the shoulder that accented her beautiful tan arms. The front scooped down low to reveal her luscious cleavage. I could see the hint of a lacy black bra that seemed to be lifting her cleavage and consolidating her bouncy flesh in the scoop of the neckline.

The bodice hugged her full breasts then tapered tightly around her tiny little waist until flaring back to hug her perfect little bubble butt. The lower part of the dress came to and hung loosely at mid-thigh. She wore a sexy pair of black heels with two straps across her delicate tanned ankles. The silk dress hugged her derriere and I could detect no sign of panties. The fabric hung lazily on her upper thighs and swung in a subtle sway as she walked into the kitchen. She looked back over her shoulder.

“What are you having?” she said with a coy smile.

“A little vodka. They’ll card you at the restaurant so let me fix you one before we go.”

I got up and headed into the kitchen. As I prepared her drink, she stood close by. I could detect the subtle scent of an expensive perfume and could feel her gaze as she looked me up and down.

“Gonna be a good night. Isn’t it?” she whispered.

I handed her the glass, and toasted her.

“It’s going to be a great fucking night,” I stated.

We took a few sips while looking straight into one another’s eyes. She flipped her hair and smiled that killer smile of hers. Her make-up was subtle, but very effective. Her deep brown eyes were captivating and her pouty lips looked ready to be kissed. I imagined them stretched around my cock.

“Let’s go,” I declared. I needed to leave before I couldn’t. She grabbed her purse and we headed for the car.

She slid in next to me, the skirt riding high on her well-formed thighs. They looked so long and smooth against the soft leather seat. She made no attempt to pull the hem down even just a little bit. The view was amazing. I stared at her bare thighs and didn’t worry that she knew it. I was taking in her beauty and she was happy to share. It was no mystery anymore that she loved to show off her body, which was certainly understandable. She slid a CD into the slot and Easy Tiger became the sound track for our trip.

“I love Ryan Adams,” she cooed.

The trip into town was beautiful. The sun was beginning to set, large cumulus clouds filled the horizon and the colors of the low country were at their best. We arrived downtown, parked in the garage and made our way down to East Bay Avenue. She lightly grabbed my elbow to steady herself on her spiky heels. I was happy to lend assistance.

“You’re going to love this restaurant, Lissie. High Cotton.” I looked over at her. “Too bad Patty and Jenna can’t be here to join us.”

She smiled ironically and flashed her big eyes at me.

“Yeah,” she agreed. “Really a shame.”

We both giggled and proceeded arm and arm to the restaurant.

I watched the crowd as we crossed the room to our table along the outside wall. Heads turned on the left and the right. Either people thought that Lissie was my daughter or that I was the luckiest fucker in the world. I had a feeling it was the latter. We sat with a flourish and I could feel the eyes of a few envious male patrons leering. We ordered dinner and began to filter out the noise and vibrato around us. We discussed wide range of topics, she was a very intelligent young lady, but as the evening wore on the talk turned to sex.

“Lissie, you look astoundingly beautiful tonight. I mean, I am so pleased to be in your company.”

“Mr. G., I ‘m the one who should be thanking you. You’ve been so nice to me, inviting me here, and sharing your villa with me. I can’t thank you enough.”

“Well you’ll be heading back to campus soon. I have no doubt there will be many male suitors waiting in the wings.”

She rolled her eyes when I said this and looked me straight on.

“You know, I’ve been dating twenty-something guys for two years and I am so done with that.”

“What are you talking about?” I queried. “This is the best time of your life.”

“Oh please. Mr. G.! God, my parents say that to me all the time. You know, the truth is that college guys are interested in about three things: getting into your pants, getting a blowjob and getting drunk. It gets so damn boring. The fact is most of them really don’t know how to fuck!”

Lissie was almost angry; it took me aback.

“So what does that mean?” I asked, feeling a bit on the defensive.

“It means what it means. I got really tired of the same old shit this past year. So toward the end of this past year I found a much older lover and found out what good sex is really all about. I mean, I am just not that interested in college guys anymore, to be totally honest.”

I felt a twinge down below as I felt her conviction and fire. God, she was so sexy and forthright. I found her refreshing and wanted to probe further.

“An older lover? Like, what do you mean, an older lover?”

“Well, I know this sounds cheesy, but,” she hesitate before going on. “I went on line and found a guy. We started communicating, anonymously at first — e-mails, IM — but then I met him. He’s 38, owns a bunch of restaurants, married, 3 kids, but not satisfied in hid msrriage. We clicked, what can I say? He has a place up in the mountains. We’d go there and…” Lissie stopped and looked at me, trying to figure out whether to plow ahead.

“And?” I looked at her..\

“We go up there and absolutely fuck our brains out. Non-stop sex. I mean, he is the best, most skilled lover I have ever had and we just tuned into one another and…it’s really quite amazing,” she said with a dreamy smile.

“Tell me more,” I asked, as I put my glass down, folded my hands together and looked deep into her dark brown eyes.

“Well, he knows how to make me come. He isn’t into himself; he’s into pleasing me. He loves to adore my body and I can see how excited it makes him when he’s licking me and sucking me. He loves my breasts, my nipples, my pussy. He’s just awakened me sexually in so many ways And he’s got a gorgeous thick cock. I…”

Lissie hesitated. I could tell she was embarrassed by the way she’d gone off. I was entranced, and hard.

“I’m sorry. I went off. Oh, what have I been saying?” She put her hand over her mouth and looked at me for forgiveness. “And please don’t say anything to Jenna. She doesn’t know anything about this.”

“Lissie. Don’t be ridiculous. I wouldn’t say a thing. I appreciate that you feel comfortable enough to say these things. It’s very interesting. And your restaurant guy is one fucking lucky dude, let me say that. I mean, he is…”

I wasn’t sure where I was going with this. I looked into her big brown eyes.

“He’s the luckiest guy in the world, Lissie.”

Lissie leveled her gaze at me and looked ready to turn the tables.

“Well, what about you? You’ve been married, what? 25? 30 years? And, by the way, I heard you and Patty going at it the other night. It was hard to ignore the moaning and the banging of the headboard. God, I got off so hard the other night, listening to you guys. Shit. That was so hot, knowing you were fucking right above me, hearing Patty groan. I came so hard.”

I rewound back to Tuesday night and remembered a pretty hot session with Patty. I’d had no idea that we were audible. But then I realized that our bedroom is directly over Lissie’s guest room.

“Well, we manage to keep things pumping, I will say that. But for the past few days, it’s been hard to keep my eyes off of you, if you want to know the truth. Your body is so…” Words failed me.

Lissie got a little grin on her face.

“I’ve noticed. I like it when you look at me. I imagine you’re thinking about all the things you’d like to do to me. Aren’t you?” She looked at me lasciviously and smiled. “It makes me wet.”

“Yes.” I said, with a gulp. “I am thinking that. I’m wondering whether you like to have your nipples licked. I’m wondering what you pussy tastes like. I’m wondering what you look like when you come.” I hesitated and plowed ahead unthinkingly. “But what I’m really wondering is what it’s going to be like when I get you back to the villa and fuck you tonight.”

I’d said it. Our eyes burned holes in one another. Lissie’s intense gaze had me totally transfixed. She picked up her napkin, dabbed her mouth and looked at me hard.

“Let’s go.”

Those were the magic words and all she needed to say. I’d paid the check, so we stood up, weaved our way through the tables, heading for fresh air. I could feel the gazes and stares, and I loved it. I looked down at Lissie’s tight round butt, swaying sweetly under her thin silk dress, hair cascading about her shoulders. She grabbed my arm tightly as we hit the street. We walked slowly and sauntered up the avenue, looking in gallery windows and taking our time to feel each other’s presence. I good feel her press her full bosom against my arm and couldn’t wait to get home.

We found the car, climbed in, and pulled out onto the open road. I opened the sun roof and felt the warm Charleston air swirl through the car. Lissie cranked up the stereo and we plowed over the bridge toward the Isle of Palms. Her dress was hiked up her thighs and her hair glistened in the moonlight. As we swerved into the two lane traffic along Route 17, Lissie undid her seatbelt and leaned up to my right ear.

“I want to give you a blowjob,” she stated.

“Excuse me? I’m driving here and…”

“I’m not asking you, I’m telling you. I am going to suck your dick.”

All the while she was lowering my zipper and digging down to pull my cock out. This girl had been around a few zippers, I could tell that. I became instantly hard.

“Oooh,” she crooned. “I knew you’d have a nice thick cock.”

She stroked me with a soft touch and brought me to full attention.

“Lissie, this is not a good idea. I’ve had a few glasses of wine, and I’ve got to drive in traffic, and…OH SHIT.”

She took me deep into her mouth, all lips and tongue and saliva. I almost lost control of the car. I regained some composure and just tried to rationalize in my mind what was happening. No big deal. The most beautiful woman I’d ever been on a date with was giving me a blowjob while I was driving at night on a busy road. No big deal.

Then she began to swirl her tongue on the underside of my shaft and I almost ran into the curb. I needed to get off the road. A curb cut ahead signaled an entry into a strip mall and I swerved in, weaved to the middle of the empty lot and hit the brakes. I arched my back up and Lissie absolutely devoured me. I’d never been so deep in a woman’s mouth. She jerked her right hand up and down at the base of my cock as her head bobbed, absorbing as much of as she physically could. I placed my hand on her hair. I marveled at the sweet sound of suction and gentle moans coming from her mouth.

“Lissie. Oh fuck, Lissie. I’m gonna come in your mouth baby.”

My warning went unheeded. In fact, I felt her pick up her pace and suddenly, I came with a force I didn’t know I had. Spurt after spurt disappeared deep into her mouth. Wet slurpy sounds emanated from below and I could literally feel her suck my cum into her mouth. She licked around my cock and picked up errant drops of semen and seemed to be totally absorbed in licking me clean.

“Holy! Fucking! Shit! Lissie? What the fuck was that?” I was incredulous.

She licked my cock, leaned up to my ear and kissed me.

“Take me home,” she ordered. “Now.”

I kicked the car into gear, merged back into traffic and headed south, wanting to get home as fast as possible.

“Lissie. That was amazing, girl.”

“Glad you liked it. More where that came from,” she stated in a pant.

I looked down. Her dress was hiked up even higher now, her long, taut thighs on full display. She had her right hand inside her tiny black panties. I could see her knuckles crooked under the silky fabric, digging into her wettest recesses. I could even hear the sticky sounds of her lubrication, as she twisted her head back and forth.

“God! I’m so fucking horny,” she practically screamed. She turned to me again. “Do you want a little preview?”


With that she withdrew her hand from between her long lithe thighs, reached across and stuck her fingers into my mouth. I tasted her tangy sweetness and licked her fingers madly. I could smell the sweet pungent scent of her sex.

“You like?”

“Oh Lissie.”

I pressed down on the accelerator as we rose up over the causeway. She began fingering herself with an intensity I couldn’t believe; her long legs splayed apart, her back arched.

“We’ll be home in a minute, Lissie. And I’m going to fuck you all night long, baby.”

I think there’s a song with lyrics to that effect out there somewhere. Or should be. I peeled into the driveway and felt grateful to be able to turn the car off and forget about driving. I popped out of the car, ran around to the passenger’s side and opened the door for Lissie. Her long legs disembarked, followed by the rest of her and we staggered up the stairs to the front door.

Lissie walked through the door, into the kitchen and leaned forward on the island counter, her ass pushing against the thin silk of her dress. I walked up behind her and ran my hand lightly over her ass. The satiny touch of smooth ass flesh through silk gave me an immediate hard-on. I slowly lifted her dress up. It was so short it didn’t have far to go. She leaned forward and put her face on the counter while I pushed the dress up over her hips. The thin straps of her black thong disappeared into the deep crevice of her perfect butt cheeks. I hooked my fingers in tenderly and pulled it down. I could see the puffy flesh of her labia. I pulled the tiny little thong down her legs and she stepped out it. It was soaked. I stood up.

“Go sit down on the couch, Lissie. I’m going to get us something to drink and I’ll be right there.”

She pushed herself off the counter, straightened her dress and sashayed into the living room. I poured two glasses of cold white wine and joined her in the living room. She was half sitting, half reclining on the leather sofa. I put the glasses down on the table and knelt before her.

“Spread your legs, baby.”

She did, very slowly. The hem of her dress was barely draped over her treasure and lay tenderly over the bulging mound of her pussy.

“Show me yourself,” I said in a throaty voice, filled with lust and desire.

In a painfully slow manner she inched the hem up and over her gorgeous mound, until her glorious pussy came into view.. She heard me elicit a low gasp.

“You like my pussy, Mr. G.?”

“No,” I said as convincingly as I could. She smiled.

“Liar,” she said as she hit me on the head with a throw pillow.

“I’ve never been a good liar. Your pussy is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful, Lissie.”

And it was. There, spread before me, was the most beautiful pussy I’d ever seen up close and personal. Bound by the soft round tissue of her labia were the sweetest lips I’d ever laid eyes on. They already glistened with her juice and the long thin ridges of her minora lay in a perfectly symmetrical flower of desire. Inside her open lips she was a juicy pink. Her clit peaked from underneath its hood and looked like it wanted to come out and play. She formed a vee with two fingers, lay it over her mons and spread her lips a little further, opening her sex fully to me.

“No fair just looking. You have to taste me.”

She scooted her butt forward so she was on the very edge of the sofa. I hunkered down low and began to kiss my way up her legs, from her knee to her upper thigh. Each time I got close to her apex I could smell her essence and literally feel the heat emanating from her cunt. I kissed my way around her center. She placed her hands on my head to hurry my exploration.

I began to run my tongue along the thin ridges of her pubis, licking her juices and kissing her flesh. I circled closer and closer to her clit. She was bucking her hips, searching out my tongue, wanting me to zero in on her nexus of nerves. I pulled her hips off the sofa. Her back was now on the sofa, her heels dug into the carpet and her hips were arched up to meet my mouth. I placed the palms of my hands underneath the soft round cheeks of her tight butt and lifted her to me.

I could tell that she was sensitive and so I placed the flat of my tongue ever so gently on her clit. I moved it slowly in a circle and could hear a deep guttural sound come from deep inside Lissie’s throat. I began to drag my tongue over her clit and could feel a mini spasm each time I came in direct contact.

“Oh, Mr. G.! Lick me! Eat my pussy! That feels so good!”

As I built up a steady rhythm that Lissie seemed to groove to, I slowly slid my middle finger into her sopping wet pussy. I only went up to the first knuckle, wanting to go slowly and gauge her reaction, knowing she might prefer only a little finger action right at the entrance to her cunt. She responded with moans and bucked her hips as I lifted her from below, bringing her to my waiting mouth. I pulled away for an instant.

“God, I love your cunt, Lissie. You’re so freakin’ hot, baby.”

“Oh lick my fucking pussy, Mr. G. Suck it! Fuck me with your tongue,” she shouted.

I dug my hands into her tight ass and pulled her pussy to my face. I opened my mouth wide and used my lips and tongue to bathe her pussy with oral stimulation. I licked fast and furious, lapping her clit, sucking her lips, tonguing her open pink gash of wet flesh. She was bucking and grinding her hips into my face, breathing hard and heavy and groaning loudly now.

We moved to a mutual rhythm, and I kept increasing the speed and pressure as I felt her body stiffen and, suddenly, she stopped breathing. I felt her cunt pulse and clamp rhythmically on my deeply embedded fingers. Her body was wracked with orgasmic spasms, her cunt flowed with juices from deep within, and for a few seconds her groans stopped as she had an explosive orgasm and bathed my face with cum. Her breathe came back with a deep groan and she grabbed my head and pulled me hard against her groin. I stopped tonguing and licking and just applied pressure with the flat of my tongue. We stayed still for a moment and I could feel the last few convulsions of her orgasm flow from her cunt into my mouth. I pulled away slowly and with little kisses to her inner thighs.

“Oh, Mr. G. That was so fucking good. Where the hell did that come from?”

“Inspired by your beautiful body, Lissie. I could eat you all night long. But I think we need to take this upstairs and get comfortable. Because this has been an incredible night already and…”

I leaned in close to her ear.

“…and we haven’t even fucked yet,” I whispered.

“God, I’m so ready for you,” she said as she leaned in to kiss me and taste her own juices.

We stood up. I leaned down and lifted the hem of her dress up and over her head. She was now standing in front of me in a bra and heels. She looked so fucking delectable and fuckable. I told her so. I reached behind and undid the clasp of her bra. I slowly slid the straps off her shoulder and for the first time her glorious tits came into view. And I thought her pussy was beautiful? Her breasts were full for her slender body, and they hung with authority above her ribcage. Lissie had the kind of soft round breasts that move and jiggle with every movement. They were a shade lighter than the rest of her torso: a testament to the past few days in the hot sun. I cupped their softness and felt their buoyancy.

Her aureolae were large and smooth, slightly darker than the skin of her breast and located on the upswing of the swell of her bosom. Her nipples were slender and distended. I wanted to suck on them, but we needed to move to the bedroom. I offered my hand, she took it, and we headed upstairs to the third floor master bedroom suite. I was still fully clothed and Lissie was naked except for her heels.

We had both come now and the sense of urgency had abated just a little. I wanted to savor her body and build up to a serious and deep fuck. I wanted to take it slow and bring her back to the intensity we’d been flirting with. I led her into the bedroom and she climbed onto the big king size bed and lay on her back, resting her head on the big pillows and watching me with lust. I was still dressed, so I slowly disrobed. My sandals, my shirt, soon lay on the floor. Lissie slowly unstrapped her high heels and threw them to the floor. I undid my belt as Lissie stared at the bulge in my jeans. I slowly unzipped my jeans and my cock emerged: stiff, thick and at full mast. I climbed onto the bed, my cock dangling below me as I hovered over Lissie.

I may have passed the half century mark, but I’m not shy about showing my body to a woman. I’m in shape and my cock can keep up with the best of them. Some of Lissie’s comments echoed in my head and I wanted to explore her body slowly and purposefully. I climbed up on all fours and kneeled on her right side. I hovered over her lithe form and leaned down to softly kiss her lips. They met mine and parted, her tongue darting deep into my mouth. We kissed passionately, our breathing increasing with the intensity. Her lips were smooth, wet, pliant and inviting me to go deep.

I kissed and nibbled my way to her ear, down along her long delicate neck and eventually arrived at her nipples. I moved slowly and with patience. I stuck out my tongue and gently swirled my tongue around her stiff tip. Lissie groaned with approval and I encircled her nipple with my mouth and sucked ever so gently; trying to be as tender as I possibly could. Lissie’s deep throaty groan confirmed my approach was the right one.

I went from one breast to the next and back again; sucking ever so lightly and rolling the flat of my tongue over her thin stiff nipple. Her erratic breathing and undulating torso communicated what I needed to know. I began to trace my right hand lightly along her thighs; grazing her soft skin and feeling her move under my touch. I moved the tips of my fingers further and further up her long slender thighs with each pass. As I swirled my tongue in long slow circles around her nipple my middle finger came to rest lightly on her slit. I could feel the heat and wetness of her cunt. I was tempted to slide my finger in, but resisted and teased the length of her labia with the lightest touch imaginable. I could feel her hips rising to meet my finger, longing for more contact.

I cupped her mons with the palm of my hand, pressing down slightly as I also sucked on the very tip of her nipple. I felt her groan with approval as I again traced my fingers up her slit until my middle finger barely grazed her clit. She twitched with desire and reached for my cock, stroking it lightly as I continued my dual approach. I began to wiggle my finger on her clit, using the softest touch I could muster. Then I reached down with my left hand, my mouth and lips never losing touch with one of her nipples, and began to stroke her clit with my left hand while my right now began a slow and cautious entrance into her soaking wet cavity. I crooked two fingers just inside her pussy and began to alternate the stroke of my left middle finger with the rhythmic wiggling of my right fingers and the paced licking and sucking of her delicate nipples. She writhed under my touch, moaning for me not to stop, as she stroked my cock in a more earnest fashion.

“Oh, Mr. G. Oh, fuck! Don’t stop! Right there! Oh, God. Don’t fucking stop!”

She began to moan to the rhythm of my strokes and I could feel her building up to another climax. Her head began to rock back and forth, her eyes closed in ecstasy as I kept up a steady pace. As I felt her coming close I sunk my right fingers deeper and deeper with each stroke, eliciting an erratic and spasmodic breathing. I began to finger fuck her, the palm of my hand slapping against the wet slick skin of her fleshy labia. She flung her head back with her mouth wide open and arched her hips to meet my strokes, coming with a loud guttural cry. Then she collapsed on the bed.

She lay there for several minutes collecting herself. I pulled my hands away from her pussy and moved up to kiss her. We kissed softly at first, tongues swirling around each others lips. She reached down for my cock and whispered into my ear.

“Oh Mr. G.! I need you to fuck me,” she said in a deep throaty voice.

I could feel how incredibly wet and turned on she was as I placed my arms on either side of her torso and lifted my hips up and over her open legs. I could smell the aroma of her arousal. She guided my cock to her opening and pulled me into her gaping hole. I slipped in a few inches and began to rock back and forth.

“Oh, yessss,” she hissed, bucking her pelvis to bring me in deeper.

“Okay, Lissie. Here I come, baby.”

And with that I sunk my cock all the way into her deep and waiting wetness. She gasped as my pubic bone slammed into her. I pulled all the way out and rammed it home again. The slurpy sound of my cock sluicing into her sloppy cunt was incredibly hot and exciting. I began a deep and steady rhythm, our bodies synchronized in lust. She grabbed my ass and pulled me in deep with each thrust.

“Oh, fuck me! Fuck me harder! Faster! Oh, Mr. G.! I love your cock!”

We fucked with long steady deep strokes. I could feel my balls slapping against her ass and smell her sex. The headboard banged against the wall and Lissie moaned to the rhythm of our movements. Harder and harder, faster and faster, I pistoned in and out of her sweet cunt until we reached a crescendo rhythm that we both tuned into.

“Oooooh. I’m gonna come again!” she screamed.

And with that I let go, my semen shooting deep into Lissie’s womb. I could feel her muscles spasm on my cock as she pulsed and came with an incredible intensity. We both laughed and collapsed on the bed.

“Damn, girl. That was something else.”

I snuggled up next to her and lay my head on her soft supple breasts. She stroked my head and slowly regained composure. We talked for awhile and both slowly drifted off to sleep. The sun, the dinner, the drinks and incredible sex had taken it out of both of us.

I descended into a deep slumber, fully exhausted from the events of the evening. Even in my dreams I couldn’t escape Lissie’s beauty. I began to have a wonderful dream that she was giving me a deep wet blowjob. As I reeled from the intensity of the dream I reached my hand down toward my groin and felt a full head of lustrous hair, bobbing up and down on my cock. As I awoke from my stupor I realized that Lissie was, in fact, completely absorbing my semi-hard member and that my dream had become reality. The bed was bathed in moonlight shining through the French doors next to the bed. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 4 a.m.

“Oh Lissie. You sweet girl.”

I was on my back and she was to my side licking my dick up and down, sliding down to suck on my balls, then back to the knob where she’d deep throat me. I was too big for her to take it all in when erect, but in this state I felt her lips take me down to the root. That didn’t last long. In no time I was fully hard and she began to suck me with gusto, stopping every few seconds to jack my dick, only to slide me into her mouth again. I needed to touch her; to taste her.

“Lissie, baby. Slide your sweet little butt up here.”

She flipped her legs over my head and we went into a 69 position, her on top. I stared up at her spread and very wet pussy, her open flower inviting me to suck on the center of her. I reached down squeezed her breasts from below and then leaned in to kiss her juicy slit. Her cunt was awash in juices and I loved feeling like I was drowning in her secretions. Her aroma drove me insane and I licked her and pushed my tongue as far into her pussy as I could.

I then latched on to her clit with my lips and twiddled her nubbin with the tip of my tongue. She was bucking her pelvis against my head, sitting down hard on my face, smothering me with her love. Meanwhile she was kneading my balls with one hand, jerking the base of my dick with the other and sucking the top half with all tongue and wet lips. It was heavenly. If only all dreams ended like this. She pulled away and reversed herself above me, straddling me face to face.

“You did all the work earlier, Mr. G. It’s my turn to fuck you. Lie back and enjoy.”

And I did. She raised her pelvis up high, placed the tip of my dick at her sopping slit, and slid down, inch by inch, absorbing me deep into her body. She leaned back and put her hands behind her head. Then she sat up straight and began an up and down motion that brought her crashing down onto my pelvis with ferocious intensity. Her magnificent breasts were bobbling and bouncing with wild abandon. She grunted each time she descended and looked deep into my eyes as she fucked the shit out of me.

“Yeah. Fuck me, Lissie! Fuck me good! That’s it baby. Keep it up. Fuck me with your juicy cunt!”

She leaned forward, put her hands on my shoulders and changed her motion. Now she began a sort of back and forth swiveling of her hips, rocking back and forth, pumping her pelvis much the way a man would fuck. My cock slid in and out of her and she was so lubricated that our genitals were making a sloppy wet sound that one only hears from intense sex. Her breasts swayed seductively. I placed my hands just below her tits, so that with each movement her luscious globes bounced in and out of my hand. They swayed uncontrollably.

“Oh God! This is good. Oh FUCK!”

She found a rhythm, a groove, and I was right there with her. The vision of this beauty, totally consumed by the moment, my dick deep inside her, her body moving and swaying, her big round breasts bouncing and jiggling — it was too much. I was going to come and I told Lissie.

“Yeah, come inside me, baby. Fuck me with your big cock!” she said through clenched teeth.

“Here I come!” I screamed, and I felt her muscles tighten around my cock as I exploded a huge load of cum into this sweet girl. She kept rocking, drawing out every drop, slowed the pace, and then laid down on my chest with my cock still in her. I could feel my groin awash in semen and pussy juice. It felt warm and wet and I felt in a state of bliss.

We dozed off again.


I squinted at the daylight filtering through the blinds and slowly realized it was probably later than I thought. I turned to my left and saw the naked form of Lissie lying on her side, facing away from me. The memory of the previous night came crashing into my mind. I glanced at the alarm clock and did some mental calculations on timing. It was 8am and the earliest Patty and Jenna would be back was probably 11am. I still had a few hours to enjoy the fantasy of Lissie and her sensuous company.

Her hair lay tangled on the pillow, falling in waves over her delicate shoulders. I followed the lines of her back as it pinched down toward the bed and her tiny little waist. Then her hips flared up dramatically and her cute butt cheeks looked so round and ready to be touched. Her long slender thighs extended forever and culminated in her exquisite calves and perfect feet.

I reached out. My fingers traced the contour of her hips and waist. She stirred and turned her upper torso to look at me. As she did so her right breast arched up into the air, her nipple standing proud and tall. My hand grazed up and felt the supple texture of her sumptuous breast as I lightly stroked her nipple and felt it stiffen ever so slightly under my touch.

“Mmmmm. Morning Mr. G. What a nice way to wake up,” she cooed. “What time is it?”

I answered obliquely.

“It’s time for you and me to enjoy the next two hours with the thought that an evening like last night and a morning like this may never happen again.”

“Ooooh. Don’t say that.”

“Let’s just enjoy the moment, Lissie.”

I leaned forward and took her nipple into my mouth, my hand wandering down to caress her legs. She felt so warm and smooth under my touch and her smell was intoxicating. I felt her body move and respond to my fingers.

“You’re so beautiful, Lissie. So beautiful.”

I could detect a smile as she rolled to face me. Her tousled hair framed her gorgeous face and I put my hand behind her head and pulled her to me for a kiss. Time stood still as our tongues and lips explored one another, so soft, so delicate. We kissed for a few minutes, our bodies beginning to stir. I moved to kiss her cheek, her ear, her neck and moved slowly down to lick and suck her now distended nipple. She let out an audible sigh.

My hand slid down to her hips as she rolled onto her back. I looked down at the downy hair of her mons, rising in a wonderful mound of flesh from her tight tummy. I could see the slender lips of her labia opening to the morning light. My hand traced the mound of her pussy and my fingers found the slick moist skin of her inner lips. She reacted with a moan as I began to softly finger her, sliding my fingers all around her pussy, sliding down low to her ass and back along the ridges of her labia to her clit.

Suddenly she pushed me onto my back and swung her legs up and over to straddle my chest. We kissed again, then she began a slow teasing descent down my chest, lightly biting my nipples. She kissed my stomach and I could feel her hair following her movement along my stomach. I spread my legs as she nestled between them, flipped her hair over to one side of her shoulders, opened her mouth and leaned down to absorb the tip of my cock into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the knob as she went back and forth between taking several inches into her mouth and licking and tonguing my shaft.

Her left hand cupped my balls and squeezed them gently as she administered to my cock. She let a huge gob of spit fall from her mouth onto my shaft as she swirled her tongue to distribute her saliva all over my erection. The fingers of her right hand circled the base of my cock in a tender grip. She looked up into my eyes as she gave me an exquisite and loving blowjob. I don’t know that I had ever seen a more beautiful sight or felt such incredible pleasure.

She’d pull away for a moment, look down at my cock and stroke me a few times with her hand.

“You have a really nice dick, Mr. G.”

“You say the sweetest things, Lissie. Thank you. It looks particularly good entering your mouth, I must say.”

She giggled and went back to making love to my cock. Her head licked down the shaft and she went down low and began to suck my balls, taking one at a time into her mouth and swirling her tongue carefully around each one. Then she let one ball fall from her mouth and go to the other one. I had my hand on her head and I closed my eyes to enjoy the incredible sensation.

She moved back up to a kneeling position and went straight down on my cock, going deeper than she had so far. I could hear the slurpy wet sounds her lips and mouth made and it sounded so fucking sexy. She gagged slightly as she tried to take more of me than she should. Her gurgling noises and sucking sounds were driving me out of my mind. I could smell her distinctive scent and knew she was getting turned on.

“I need to fuck you, Lissie. I need to fuck you now,” I stated emphatically.

She pulled up to straddle my hips, her hair hanging in long auburn tresses below her. She gently guided my cock to her cunt, teased her clit with my knob, and then inserted it into her gaping hole. She lowered herself inch by inch, slowly at first, but slowly increasing the speed as she took my whole length into her pussy. I looked at our union and marveled at the beauty of her delicate fleshy folds stretched wide by my rock hard prick. She put her hands on my shoulders and began to impale herself on me, moaning and flipping her hair as she fucked me.

For the next ten minutes we fucked like two crazy people. She turned around and rode me in reverse cowgirl, after which I pulled her onto the bed and spooned her from behind. I lifted her leg up so I could gain deep access and pumped away. She couldn’t get enough. I moved to missionary and put her legs up over my shoulders. We were a whirling dance of humping bodies and sweat; the sound of our bodies slapping together filled the bedroom. We fucked like there was no tomorrow.

I knew I needed to fuck her deep and I leaned into her ear.

“I need you doggie, Lissie. I need to fuck you doggie.”

I hopped up, pulled her to the edge of the bed and propped her up on her hands and knees. I stood behind her and pulled her back against me. I guided my cock toward the gaping hole of her cunt and slid in. My hands held the top of her hips and I pulled her onto me, driving my cock deep into her body. She let out a guttural gasp, flipped her hair over her shoulder again and turned to look at me with sheer lust in her eyes.

“Fuck me, Mr. G. Fuck me hard!”

I grabbed the top of her hips and slammed her against my cock, over and over again. She was tight, but very well lubricated and the slippery friction of my cock sliding deep into her was so over the top. She moaned and looked over her shoulder at me, urging me on, telling me how much she needed my cock, how much she loved fucking me. I was pumping her with all that I had and sweat was pouring off my forehead onto her sweet round ass. She could look innocent at times, but right now she looked like a dirty slut, fucking me with utter abandon. She moaned with pleasure as she lowered her face and upper torso onto the bed.

There is a sensual image that will always stay with me. Lissie, head down on the bed, face turned to the side, hair everywhere, hands stretched forward clutching the bed sheets, mouth open in ecstasy, ass high in the air taking my full length, pussy juice dripping down her inner thighs, the aroma of her sex filling the room, the sounds of her guttural moans and my own heavy breathing, along with the slapping sounds of my hips banging against her ass, the steady rhythm of our last frenzied fuck. It’s there whenever I close my eyes and go to that place.

We came together one last time and were just beginning to unwind when the phone rang. It was Patty calling to say they were just passing I-75 and would be back in an hour. I looked at Lissie’s luscious naked body splayed across the bed and did my best to talk calmly and normally, even though my pulse was racing.

We cleaned up the bedroom, making sure not to leave any earrings or tiny wet panties behind. We surveyed the villa to ensure that no traces of our intense lovemaking would rear its ugly head. Lissie changed into her bikini to head down to the beach. I figured I’d stay behind and greet the girls. Lissie approached me as she got ready to head out the door.

She gave me a deep kiss and stoked my cock. I reached between her legs and cupped the beauty of her fleshy bikini-clad labia.

“This was so much fun, Mr. G. You’re amazing.”

“Lissie, you’re the one that is amazing. I can’t thank you enough. Just wish we could do it again some time.”

“I’m counting on it, Mr. G. You can come to Clemson anytime you want. I’m sure we could find a way to get together and fuck our brains out. What do you say?” She stroked my cock some more and I felt myself thickening once again.

“You’re a hard one to say no to. We’ll see how it goes. But we better be careful right now, baby.”

She leaned in for a kiss as she let go of my cock. I gave her pert little ass a light smack and she turned, flipped her hair and headed for the door.

“Send Jenna down when she gets home.”

“I will. Bye-bye.”

She walked out the door, I let out an audible sigh and surveyed the villa. Everything looked in place. I picked up a magazine, settled in on the couch and waited for reality to return.

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