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My Beautiful, Insatiable Wife

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The first time I met Cory, I knew that I wanted this woman to be my wife. She was not only gorgeous with a fantastic body but we just clicked and got along beautifully as we seemed to like many of the same things. That night, she invited me in when I took her home from the dinner party at which we had met. We wound up having delicious sex and I spent the night with her.

In a few months, our relationship had grown quite serious, as we had been seeing each other quite often, so when she proposed moving in with me, it seemed only natural as we both wanted each other as much. When I agreed, she told me to sit down as she had something to tell me which may affect our plans.

She told me that she respected me too much to keep an important fact from me before we start living together and proceeded to tell me that she was a bisexual and had to have a lot of sex with both gals and guys. Cory told me that she had no control over it as things just seemed to turn her on and she had to react. She promised that once we start living together, she would only want to have sex with me present and hopefully joining in. She had no idea of the effect this was having on me because I had been trying to think of a way to get her involved in group sex since it was introduced to me by some good friends previously and I found it very exciting and very stimulating.

I told her not to worry because I want her enough to share her on occasion so she can relax on that point. I’ll never forget the relieved look on her face when I told her that and she walked over and gave me a big hug and kiss and that was the start of a loving, exciting and very satisfying relationship which I have never regretted.

She and I always had great sex and I loved every minute of our lovemaking but now a new wrinkle would be added as others would be joining us on occasion. The first time was the day after she moved her things in and started living with me. She told me that she had invited a close girlfriend over to spend the evening with them and was sure that I would like her as she was not only gorgeous but had a body to die for and was also bi. She said that Toni would be coming over about eight pm so we ate early and finished cleaning up the kitchen with about a half an hour to spare. Cory said that she was going to undress and put on a robe and suggested that I do the same. I told her that I would follow her every lead tonight as I wanted to experience the role she wanted me to play in her sex life. She walked over to me, poked her hand through my robe and grasped my thick organ in her hand and told me that I am her man in every sense of the word and she wants me to enjoy the evening before us as much as she will.

She told me to keep my organ nice and hard so she can show it to Toni when she arrives and, with that, the doorbell rings and Cory opens the door to reveal an absolutely gorgeous Asian woman with a body that took my breath away. Cory brought her into the living room where I was sitting and introduced us and then opened my robe to proudly show Toni my thick erection which was now her personal toy. Toni couldn’t tear her eyes away from my penis until Cory suggested that she undress and we all go into the bedroom. Cory stayed with her while she undressed and I went into the bedroom and waited for them. The two of them appeared totally naked in the bedroom door and the sight of them took my breath away.

Cory asked me to sit in the sofa chair and watch them for awhile as she wants to see my reaction to their lovemaking and took Toni’s hand and led her over to the bed and asked her to lay back and relax as she wanted to lose herself in pleasuring her first. I watched as Cory played with the delicate labia lips and ran her fingertip over the growing clitoris which already had its head peeking out of the hood in anticipation. I saw the look of passion on her face as she lowered her head to Toni’s sexy crotch and began kissing it, licking it and sucking it reverently as she worshipped every millimeter of the delicious cunt she was sucking. Toni was going wild and held Cory’s head tightly as she wiggled her hips and fed every part of her crotch to Cory’s eager tongue and lips.

I was as hard as a rock watching the two of them and was lightly stroking my shaft as I saw how much Cory loved pussy by the way she was worshipping Toni’s organ. Then Toni asked Cory to swing around so that she could get at her also and the two of them entwined in a 69 and proceeded to draw gobs of precum out of me from the sight alone. The two gorgeous women totally lost themselves in pleasuring each other and, as I watched them, I was using the copious amount of precum flowing out as lubrication for my stroking. I didn’t want to cum just yet so I slowed down a bit on the stroking although my eyes were transfixed on Cory and Toni as they absolutely worshipped each other’s crotches from asshole to clit. Then Cory started to whimper as she pressed her cunt down on Toni’s hungry mouth and experienced a mind blowing orgasm which triggered Toni’s also and she opened her thighs wide for Cory’s still searching mouth as she flooded her face with her juices.

After a few moments, Cory looked over at me and asked if I enjoyed the show. I told her that it was a tremendous turn on for me and showed her my thick, throbbing erection as proof. She looked down at Toni and asked her if she would like to try a very nice cock which happens to belong to her now and Toni smiled back and beckoned me over to the bed. She lay back with her arms over her head and her thighs splayed wide and asked me if I liked what I saw. In answer, I licked the insides of her thighs until I reached her slit and then I kissed her swollen labia and took each lip in my mouth and tugged on it lightly before sliding my tongue between them and into the pink, wet hole to taste her flavors and breathe in her sexy aroma.

Then I trailed my tongue up to her clit, which was already out and looking up at me so I took it between my lips and sucked on it while running the tip of my tongue back and forth over it. When she started to groan and mutter sexy things, I lifted my face from her cunt and moved over her as I fit the head of my organ to her sweet passage and pushed it in until the entire crown popped inside. Her eyes were opening wider as my thickness filled her and then I saw Cory swing over her and lower her cunt to Toni’s mouth as she toyed with her clit and watched me fuck her friend.

I lifted my head and found Cory’s erect nipple in front of me so I took it between my lips and sucked it as I stroked into Toni. I started long, deep thrusts into Toni and she told me never to stop what I was doing to her so that she could feel these sensations all the time and then she cried out as her orgasm struck and I felt her cunt tighten around my shaft in a series of spasms which wet my penis with her juices.

Cory asked me if I had cum also and when I told her that I hadn’t as yet, asked me to disengage from Toni and feed her my thick cock as she wanted me to fill her with my meat and then my cum. Toni slid over to make room for Cory and as soon as she was ready, I rubbed the head of my penis up and down her slit wetting it with my precum and then fed it inside her slowly inch by thick inch and got even more horny listening to her moans and gasps as more and more of my penis filled her. Cory’s cunt was like no other to me and I loved the way it grasped my thickness and held it tight as I stroked into her. I loved fucking her and knew that it wouldn’t be long before

I blew my load and she sensed it also as she started moving her hips and asking me to fill her cunt with my hot cum juices. It happened suddenly and I felt the rush of pleasure as my organ erupted in a series of spasms which deposited load after load of my cum cream inside her. As the spurts splashed into her, she reached around me and held me tight as she went into orgasm also and we both went to that special place together. When I finally withdrew my organ, I lay down on my back between the two gals to rest. Cory brought some refreshing cold drinks as we took turns showering and then the three of us sat down naked in the living room and sipped our drinks as we talked about how well everything is going thus far since the three of us seem to have vibes for one another.

It was during this conversation that Toni mentioned something about her husband and I looked up surprised as I thought she was single. She told me that she’s married to a doctor who joins her in sex partying most of the time and that he’s bisexual also. I told her that I’d like to meet him sometime if she could arrange it and she agreed adding that she’s quite sure I’m going to like him and can’t wait to see the two of us having sex. Having said that, she crossed the room and kneeled between my parted thighs and nuzzled my crotch with her face while licking my balls and slowly hardening shaft. She looked up at me and smiled as she watched my cock rise to all its glory again and she couldn’t help wrapping her lips around the swollen crown and sucking deeply on it as she looked into my glazed eyes. Cory suggested that we retire to the bed and get comfortable since she wants a piece of the action also.

When all three of us were in bed, Cory asked if she could sit on my cock while Toni sat on my face and then they would switch back and forth until I cum. I wholeheartedly agreed as I couldn’t wait to have these two beauties again and lay back as Cory straddled me and fit the head of my cock to her pink, wet hole and slowly lowered herself onto my shaft. Just then I saw Toni’s sexy crotch appear over my head and watched it with interest as it descended tantalizingly slow to my eager lips. She started to feed me her cunt and then switched to her anus so I dipped my tongue into her and heard her gasp in pleasure as it penetrated her puckered hole. She moved slightly and fed me her clit to suck and I was in total heaven as Cory worked expertly on my throbbing penis and milked it with her pussy as she rode me. I had Toni’s erect clit between my lips and was sucking firmly on it as she rode my face and threw her head back in ecstasy as I took her to never never land once again.

Cory was moving around on my organ so that my cock penetrated every inch of her cunt and she was contracting her pussy around the shaft and milking it beautifully which was driving me wild as I feverishly sucked Toni’s delicious cunt. Then Cory bore down on my shaft and cried out in orgasm as she bucked and rode my cock until her last spasm ended and she just sat there with my penis filling her hole and a satisfied smile on her face. I was driving my tongue deep inside Toni’s hole when she grabbed my head in her hands and pulled me to her as she wet my face in orgasm and I tasted her juices dribbling down on my tongue.

Then Cory asked Toni to switch places with her and, as Toni fit the head of my throbbing organ to her wet cunthole and lowered herself on the thick pole with a sigh of contentment, Cory sat down on my face and started feeding me my favorite desert. Toni was totally lost in sensation as she rode my penis and told Cory how good it felt and what it was doing to her. It wasn’t long before she stiffened and bore down on my shaft as she went into orgasm and, as soon as she came out of it, Cory asked her to join her in sucking the cum out of my balls. The two of them passed my thick, throbbing penis back and forth between them as they hungrily sucked the shaft and played with my balls and anus.

It didn’t take long for my orgasm to peak and I started to shoot long ropes of cum as they quickly passed my cock to each other so they could share my juices. They were licking their lips and squeezing my shaft up from the base to get every drop out when I suggested that we call it a night as I was exhausted. After Toni left, Cory hopped into bed with me and grasped my flaccid organ in her hand as she cuddled up and fell asleep in my arms. A few days after this exciting threesome, we went down to City Hall and got married and, since we couldn’t spare much time, took a three day honeymoon in Bermuda.

A couple of days after we got back, I got a call in the office from Cory. She told me that she had invited a very well hung bi guy over tonight and that I should be ready for some hot action as he is a real cocksman. After I hung up the phone, I kept thinking about how well he was built and hoped that I would be turned on by him so that we three could have a ball tonight. I got home early and Cory and I finished dinner quickly and, after cleaning the dishes, we went into the bedroom, got undressed and showered as Cory told me what a beautiful cock Dean had and how much she was going to enjoy watching the two of us get it on together. When I came out of the bathroom after showering, Cory was sitting on the edge of the bed naked.

She motioned me over and when I stood in front of her, she reached out and took my semi-hard penis in her hand and leaned forward to lick the tip. She told me that she just wanted a little appetizer before the main course which would be served as soon as Dean arrived. She was nibbling on my shaft when the doorbell rang and she slipped on her robe to answer the door. A minute later, she stood in the doorway with a good looking, athletically built guy and slipped off her robe as she told him to undress.

I watched him with keen anticipation and noted his strong thighs and tight ass as he removed his shorts. Then he turned to walk to the bed and my heart gave a leap as I saw his beautiful, thick organ. I t was about 8 inches long soft and very thick with a smooth, sloped head that just begged to be sucked. He had his eyes fastened on my now fully erect organ and Cory suggested that he get to know it better as she knew he was going to enjoy himself.

He got up on the bed and kneeled alongside me as he ran his hands over my chest, nipples and stomach before lightly touching my balls and then grasping my throbbing organ. As he played with me, I took his slowly hardening penis in my hand and squeezed it lightly as I played with his full, tight, ball sac. His cock felt alive and warm to the touch and, as he leaned down to lick my balls, I pulled his cock so that he was lying with his head on my thigh as I rested my head on his and contemplated the beautiful organ in front of me. I couldn’t resist licking his cockhead, especially since I noticed a big drop of precum welling up in the slit and I found his flavor wonderful. The two of us started nursing on each other’s organs and I found that he didn’t get any longer when he got hard, just thicker and I concentrated on getting as much of his delicious precum as I could and found he was doing the same to me.

Cory had come over and was running her hands over our asses and balls as we sucked each other and I saw that her hand was busy between her legs as she watched us. I was lost sucking Dean’s gorgeous, tasty cock while he was doing a marvelous job on mine when, suddenly, I heard him groan and felt his organ jerk as he started shooting hot jets of cum into my eager mouth. As I was swallowing his delicious load, my organ swelled and began pumping my cum juices into his hungry mouth. The two of us were in another world as we drank our cum together and we both kept sucking each other long after our orgasms passed to make sure we got all of our juices. Cory was leaning back with her hand over her cunt and just recuperating from a mind blowing orgasm from watching us drink each other dry.

We rested and had some cold drinks as Dean told us that he recently met a very nice young lady and is considering settling down with her soon as he really likes her. He told us that she’s great in bed but he’s not sure how she would take to group sex as he would like her to join him. I told him to invite her over some night and tell her that he’s slept with us before and, if she likes us, she can join in. He said he would let us know what her reaction is asap. With that, Cory said that she would love to have me fuck her while Dean is fucking me. I told her OK but asked Dean if he would be gentle with that fabulous penis in my tender ass and he smiled and told me not to worry. Cory got down on her back and spread her legs wide for me as I fit the crown to her wet and ready vagina and pushed it inside until the head popped in.

She gasped as my thick, swollen crown filled her passage and she started moving her hips back and forth to meet my thrusts as my cock went deeper and deeper inside her. When I got as deep as I could go, my cock was brushing against her cervix, and she was wildly swinging her head back and forth as she moaned and contracted her pussy around my thick shaft. As I held myself deep inside her cunt, I felt Dean’s hands caressing my ass and balls and then I felt his cock against my anus as he rubbed it back and forth and got it good and wet with his precum before feeding the crown inside and then slowly feeding it inside inch by inch. I loved the feeling of having his beautiful penis fill my ass at the same time that I was enjoying the rapturous pleasures that Cory’s cunt was giving me. Dean was being very gentle and I loved the feeling of his cock deep in my ass.

It made it even more unworldly as my cock was being massaged by my wife’s incomparable pussy at the same time and I was in a world of pleasure and on a beautiful high when Cory wrapped her thighs around me and started bucking in orgasm as she wet my organ with her juices and then kept fucking me as nothing had happened.

Dean was holding my hips as he worked his thick organ in and out of my eager asshole and I heard his breaths start coming in short gasps as he filled me with cock and spurt after spurt of his hot cream. When I felt the first hot jet in my ass, my cock exploded and started shooting cum in spasm after spasm against Cory’s cervix and she exploded in another mind shattering orgasm as I was filling her with cum. We collapsed on top of Cory and when she started gasping for breath, we rolled off and lay back to relax a moment. I took the opportunity to compliment Dean on his ass fucking prowess and told him that he could call on me anytime he wanted his gorgeous and delicious organ sucked and he smiled and told me that he would like the same privileges and we shook hands on it as Cory giggled and called us silly.

Then she suggested that we both lay back and relax as she wants to see who she can get hard first and, with that, kneeled between us and took our soft organs in her hands and leaned over and started licking Dean’s balls and then swung over and licked mine as she stroked both of us. Her mouth felt warm and wonderful as she took the head of my penis inside and started nursing on it before going back to Dean and doing the same to him. While she was moving back and forth sucking our cocks, Dean started playing with my nipples and I did the same to him and our organs slowly started to come to life. After a few moments, we were both fully erect and Cory declared a tie as she lay back and asked Dean to put his erection inside her cunt and then told me that it was my turn to give Dean as good a fucking as he had given me.

I watched as he fit the head of his thick cock to my wife’s wet vagina and pushed it inside as she groaned in passion. I waited patiently until he was buried deep inside her and then rubbed the head my penis against his anus and got it lubed from my precum before popping the crown inside. I heard Dean groan as the head slipped inside and felt him pushing back to get more cock so I fed it in until my pubic hair was mashed against his ass cheeks. Cory was sucking on his tongue like it was his cock as she wiggled her hips and contracted her pussy around his thick shaft. I was in another world as I started stroking in and out of his sexy anus in rhythm to his movements as he fucked Cory. At one point, he lifted his head and told me how much he loved having my cock inside him and that I should never stop fucking him and then went back to soul kissing Cory as he sawed in and out of her clinging cunt.

Cory was getting close to an orgasm as she asked Dean how my cock felt in his ass as he was fucking her and then she cried out as she held Dean tight and went into a wild orgasm. Dean never stopped fucking her all through her orgasm and I kept stroking my thick shaft into his comfortable asshole. After Cory came back down from her trip to Nirvana, she started talking to us and telling us how much she enjoyed being fucked while we fucked each other and her comments were getting both of us wild with excitement as both our cocks were buried in warm, stimulating orifices. It wasn’t long before I felt my orgasm approaching and told Dean that I was about to fill his sweet ass with my cum just as my cock swelled and began shooting hot jets of cum into his waiting anus.

I heard him cry out as the first spurt shot into him and felt him shudder in orgasm as he dropped his load into Cory and both of us emptied our balls at the same time as his ass contracted around my thick shaft with each spasm. When my orgasm ended, I slowly withdrew my penis from his tight ass and we all lay back on the pillows to relax a while.

After showering and grabbing a quick snack and some cold drinks, Cory told us that she had an idea for an interesting party this weekend as a girlfriend of hers was coming to the city on Friday from the West Coast mainly to meet her new husband and she had asked her to stay with them. She wouldn’t tell us anything more other than Tina was gorgeous, had a body to die for and absolutely loved sex with both genders. She said that she was thinking of inviting about 10 people, both couples and singles and having the party run from Saturday evening until sometime Sunday.

I told her that it sounded like a fun weekend and asked her to tell me more about Tina since she was going to be staying with us but all she would tell us was that she was beautiful, had a great personality, adored good sex and she was sure that I would appreciate her talents during her stay with us. Knowing that Cory’s taste in both men and women was excellent thus far, I was looking forward to meeting her friend. Next day Cory was busy calling her friends and by the time she got home from work had everything set up. She told me that, outside of Toni and Dean, everyone else would be new to me. She said that Toni would be coming with her husband and that Dean had convinced his wife to come along and see if she likes partying and she had invited two other couples to round out the party. She emphasized that everyone coming is bisexual and it should prove to be interesting with all the combinations possible.

I was getting hard just thinking about it and, as soon as Dean saw my erection, he came over and took my cock in his hand as he leaned down and guided it to his lips and began licking it from the base up to the head before opening his mouth and taking it between his lips. While he was busy worshipping my organ, Cory slipped between his legs and started sucking his cock, which was already at full staff. I gave myself up to his mouth and hands as he took me away to that special place once again. After some time, I asked him to lay back so that I could return the compliment and the moment I took his thick penis in my mouth, Cory wrapped her lips around my organ and the three of us went off on a high from which none of us wanted to return.

Then I felt Dean’s organ swell in my mouth and he held my head in his hands as he began to unload the contents of his balls onto my tongue in spurt after delicious spurt. I was eagerly drinking his load when suddenly, out of nowhere, my penis erupted and shot ropes of cum into Cory’s hungry mouth which I heard her gulping down and moaning constantly as she experienced another orgasm.

We decided to call it a night as we were all pooped and had a busy day ahead of us tomorrow. After Dean left, we cuddled in bed and fell asleep immediately. The week seemed to take forever to pass but finally it was Friday and Tina would be arriving shortly. She had asked us not to pick her up at the airport as she knew it was a hassle and preferred taking a cab and when I heard that, I liked her immediately. She told us she was taking the red-eye out of L.A. and would be arriving in the morning and sure enough, about 11 o’clock, our bell rang and it was her. When I opened the door to her ring, I saw an absolutely gorgeous blonde goddess standing there with a big smile on her face. She was tall with long blonde hair cascading down her shoulders and my eyes were immediately drawn to her sexy cleavage which revealed the size of her magnificent breasts.

I took her bag and showed her in as we kissed in greeting and she ran to throw her arms around Cory as the two of them greeted each other warmly. We sat down in the living room and Tina told us about her boring flight but said that she slept most of the way and is ready and eager as a bunny for any action we have lined up. Cory told her about the party Saturday and Sunday and thought it would be a good idea for her to get intimately acquainted with her new husband, as she glanced over at me and smiled. Then she asked me to go inside and undress and put on a robe and come back…as quickly as possible. I needed no urging and went to the bedroom and whipped off my clothes and slipped on my robe. When I walked into the living room, they were engaged in a lively discussion about some people I didn’t know but stopped as soon as they saw me enter.

Cory asked me to stand in front of Tina and open my robe so she could see my beautiful equipment. I parted the robe and saw the look of desire in her eyes as she gazed at my thick member and full balls. Her eyes approvingly traversed my entire body and she asked me to remove the robe so she could see all of me as she asked me to turn around and ran her hand over my ass cheek. When she was finished checking me over, she told Cory that I was everything that she had told her about me on the phone and she couldn’t wait to get to know me better.

Cory suggested that, since it’s only fair play, Tina go inside and slip on a robe so she can show me her body as well and took her by the hand and led her into our bedroom to change. A few minutes later, they both returned wearing robes and Cory sat down next to me and grasped my thick erection in her hand as she asked Tina to show me what I would soon be tasting. Cory’s hand around my cock was electric but when Tina opened the robe, she was standing sideways so that I could see her fantastic ass and thighs, I wanted to reach out and run my hands over her sensual, womanly body. She saw the lust in my eyes and turned towards me revealing a long, thick, beautifully sculpted penis and a big pair of tight balls.

It took a minute for it to sink in that it wasn’t a she, it was a he. If you didn’t see her cock, you’d never suspect that this gorgeous “woman” was a man. I was totally fascinated with her and reached out and grasped her thick organ in my hand and felt its texture and aliveness as it started to rise in my hand. I started to slowly stroke it and then pulled her closer so that I could take the head in my mouth. As I covered her gorgeous crown with my lips, I looked up and saw an absolutely beautiful and sensual woman with sensational breasts and nipples and it was even more of a turn on because of this. I started to suck her cock and watched the expressions on her face change as I varied the depth of the stroke. Cory was sucking on the head of my cock as I sucked Tina and suddenly broke free and suggested that we all retire to the bedroom and get serious about things.

We had Tina between us in bed and were both running our hands over her body when Tina asked me if I would like to fuck her and I told her that it would be a pleasure and asked her to lay down on her back as I wanted to look at her while I fucked her. She smiled and reached for my throbbing organ and guided it into her anal opening. I was oozing loads of precum so her tight hole was nicely lubed before I popped the entire swollen crown inside. As I moved in her, I saw her eyes glaze over and realized that she was loving every minute of my cock in her and was in a different world as I fed her more of my thick penis. Her ass felt just like a cunt and if wasn’t for the fact that I felt her throbbing erection against my body as I lay on her, I could never believe that I was fucking a man!

She became even more beautiful, if that was possible, as I stroked in and out of her clinging hole and I couldn’t resist her as she lifted her head for a kiss and our lips met and our tongues entwined. It was while we were soul kissing that she moaned and gripped my tongue tightly and began sucking it like it was a cock and then I felt a gusher of hot cum cover my belly in spasm after spasm until she came back down to earth and we resumed our sweet fuck dance. I was starting to feel my orgasm approaching and fed my cock into her from my crown to the base in stroke after stroke until I was transported into another place and time and my penis erupted and started pumping hot cum in spurt after spurt. I was looking at Tina as I came and it, as well as she, was beautiful. As I lifted myself off Tina and I watched as my slowly softening penis slid out of her fascinating anus and I lay down alongside her again.

Her fingers were playing with my nipple as Cory came over with a wet cloth and washed off my penis and then dried it lovingly adding a few kisses as she worked. I looked over at Tina, still marveling about the fact that she was a man, and as hard as I tried, couldn’t see anything more than an absolutely gorgeous, sexy woman. Cory noticed me looking at her and asked if I ever saw a more beautiful man in my life and I had to agree with her as Tina smiled at me and leaned over and gave me a peck on the lips. Then Cory told me that she had been in L.A. on business a few years ago and picked up Tina in the hotel cocktail lounge thinking that she was going to make love to a very sexy woman and was very pleasantly surprised when they got to her hotel room.

Ever since, they have maintained contact and gotten together a few times a year when either of them traveled anywhere near each other. She told me they had met in New Orleans once for a weekend together because neither of them had any coastal trips planned for a while. Tina interrupted her and said that she was going to make sure that she would be coming back often as the combination of the two of us was too much not to take advantage of, as often as possible. Cory told her that she can stay with us whenever she’s in the city and Tina said that she was going to get more clients here so that she can visit more often.

As we talked, we were idly running our hands over each other’s bodies and Tina started to smile when she saw both our cocks waking up about the same time. Cory moved down between us and began licking, kissing and sucking first my cock and balls and then Tina’s until both of us were highly excited again and both our cocks stood up thick and proud. I told my wife that I wanted to suck the cream out of Tina’s balls and asked her to suck me while I was so occupied. I got comfortable between Tina’s sexy thighs and leaned forward and ran my tongue over her lips before soul kissing her and sucking her tongue into my mouth. Then I trailed my tongue down her neck and over her full, tight breasts until I reached her gorgeous, erect nipple which I sucked between my lips as I ran my tongue back and forth over it and listened to her sighs and moans of pleasure.

Cory was waiting for me to get down and eat her crotch and was playing with my erection and slipping a finger inside my ass. I moved down and lowered my mouth to the fabulous, thick penis waiting for me and reverently took her sweet cockhead between my lips and started sucking the delicious organ as I gazed up at her beautiful face and into her glazed eyes. Cory was bobbing her head up and down on my rod and it felt wonderful as I lovingly sucked the beautiful penis in my mouth. I loved its taste and was thrilled whenever some precum oozed from the slit as its flavor was magnificent. I was lost in sensations when I heard Tina ask Cory to swing around and make a suck circle as she wanted some delicious pussy in her mouth. Cory swung around without missing a beat and the three of us sucked each other’s organs.

I lost track of time as I was totally enveloped in sensations. My cock felt like heaven as my wife sucked it so beautifully and I loved every minute of sucking Tina’s gorgeous penis. Then Tina cried out that she was cumming and I felt her cock swell and start shooting jets of hot cum onto my tongue. It was delicious and I gulped down each load as she fed it to me and after her last spasm ended, squeezed her shaft from the base up to get the last sweet drops out of her penis. I heard Cory moan as she sucked deeply on my organ and felt her shudder in orgasm as Tina’s mouth was rewarded with her delicious orgasmic juices. My wife’s firm sucking drew the cum from my balls also and my cock erupted and pumped my hot cream into her hungry mouth until my balls emptied.

She came again while drinking my load as she usually does. The three of us were resting our heads on each other’s comfortable thighs when the phone rang and we were brought back to reality quickly. It was Dean and he mentioned that he got off work today and wondered if we’d be available to meet his wife as he had finally convinced her to come to the party tomorrow but thought it would be best if we broke her virginity in a smaller group first. I told him that I thought he was right about that and that we happened to be free the rest of the day.

He asked us to come over to his place where he thought his wife would be more comfortable and I told him we should be there within the hour since he only lives about 20 blocks away and that we would be bringing a girlfriend of Cory’s who is in town for the weekend. When I hung up the phone, I told the girls what had transpired and Cory told Tina about Dean’s wife Geri and Tina became excited at the prospect of breaking in a virgin.

We hopped a cab and were in front of Dean’s building in just a few minutes. The concierge let us in and called Dean to let him know we were on the way up. Dean and Geri answered the door wearing robes and after greetings and introductions were made, we all retired to the living room. Geri was a dark haired beauty with what looked like a great body under her terry robe. Cory asked her if she was a little nervous and when she nodded in the affirmative, told her to relax and just watch the proceedings and join in whenever she feels like it. Dean told us to go into the bedroom as he had laid out robes for us so we could undress. The three of us went inside and removed our clothes and slipped into the robes he provided.

Tina and Cory were bubbling about how good Geri looked and how they can’t wait to bed her. Cory suggested that we start on each other and let Geri and Dean watch a while as she was sure Geri would want to join in pretty quickly from the look she got from her when they were introduced.

We sat down on the couch with the women on either side of me and, after a few minutes of small talk, Cory opened my robe and ran her fingers over my semi-hard penis as Tina cupped my ball sac in her hands and gently squeezed them. I lay back and let them play with me as it felt so good and my organ rose to its full height as I noted Geri’s eyes riveted to the thick meat. Then Cory and Tina leaned over and took turns licking my shaft and crown. Tina was squeezing out some precum and sharing it with my wife and I noticed that Dean had his hand inside his wife’s robe as she grasped his substantial organ and was stroking it while watching what the girls were doing to me. While Tina sucked on my shaft, Cory moved down between her thighs and, with a flourish opened the robe to display Tina’s enormous erection and full balls.

There was a shocked silence and a sharp intake of breath from Geri as she and her husband realized that the sexy Tina was really a guy. Both of them were fascinated by the sight of this absolutely gorgeous woman with such a beautiful, thick penis and their eyes were riveted to the thick erection as Cory began licking it from the base up to the flared head. Geri had parted her legs wide so that her husband could get to every part of her hot cunt and was starting to moan in heat. Then Cory raised her head from Tina’s erection and looked over at Geri, who was looking at her with pure lust in her eyes. Cory needed no further urging and, with her eyes fastened on Geri’s, she moved between her thighs and began licking her labia as the two of them locked eyes and a long sigh escaped from Geri as my wife’s talented tongue provided exquisite sensations to every part of her crotch.

As soon as Dean saw that his wife was lost in pleasure, he arose and brushed his cockhead across her lips and fed the crown inside her mouth as she hungrily began sucking it. Cory sucked her to a beautiful orgasm and then Tina got down in her place and started worshipping the delicious pussy also. Dean motioned me over and told me to feed his wife my cock as she wanted to suck it badly. When he moved over to Cory, the two of them started 69ing each other on the carpet in front of Geri and she was totally into the scene before her as well as the eating that Tina was giving her while she sucked deeply on my organ. Tina brought her to another orgasm and then she asked if we could all retire to the bedroom and get more comfortable.

When we got inside, Geri said that the last pussy she had sucked was in high school and she wanted to suck Cory as her pussy looked so good. She got on her knees between my wife’s sexy thighs and started probing Cory’s swollen labia with her tongue. I got underneath her and started licking her labia to keep her nice and horny while she was busy sucking Cory. She must have been good because she brought Cory off quite quickly. Dean told us that one of Geri’s favorite fantasies when they made love was being fucked in every hole and suggested that we act it out for her right now. He asked me to lie down on my back so his wife could mount me and as soon as I did, she straddled my body and reached down and grasped my erection in her hand and guided it to the entrance of her vagina where she lowered her cunt onto my organ and with many gasps of pleasure sunk down so that she had it deep inside and filling her cavity fully.

As soon as she had me deep, Dean got behind her and fit the head of his organ to her anus and pushed it inside after lubing it with his precum. Geri cried out in pleasure as she felt the two organs filling her holes and then Dean asked Tina to feed her penis into his wife’s mouth to complete the scene. Tina was standing over me as Geri covered her erection with her mouth and began bobbing her head up and down on the thick organ. I reached up and fondled Tina’s big balls and slipped a finger in her asshole as Geri sucked merrily away. It was wonderful having Geri ride my cock but what was even more exciting was the fact that I felt Dean’s big cock moving around inside his wife’s ass and rubbing my cock as he stroked in and out of her.

The three of us were sawing away in Geri when suddenly there was a muffled cry from her and I felt her body tense and my cock was bathed in her juices as she shook in orgasm. She was totally into what we were doing to her and was making slurping sounds as she sucked Tina’s thick cock. Then Dean cried out that he was cumming and I felt his big penis slide deep inside his wife’s ass as his organ began shooting hot jets of cream into her hole. Her cunt contracted around my shaft and starting milking it as her husband kept pumping cum into her ass and suddenly I had to empty my balls also from the sensations her cunt was giving me. My cock swelled and starting jerking as load after load shot into her warm, wet cunt and I heard her muffled cry as she experienced another orgasm as soon as my hot cum splashed against her cervix. Both Dean and I kept our cocks deep inside her as we watched the sexy expressions on Tina’s face as she also neared orgasm.

Then she gasped and pushed her thick organ deep into Geri’s mouth as she came. She started pumping vast quantities of cum into Geri’s mouth and try as she could, she couldn’t manage to swallow all of it and some dripped from her chin onto my face. Geri kept nursing on Tina’s penis until, with a sigh of contentment, Tina withdrew her organ and Dean pulled his cock out of her ass. She slowly lifted herself off me as my cum and Dean’s dripped from both her holes. When I looked over, I saw my wife holding a vibrator to her clitoris as she watched us untangle and then state that it looked so good that as soon as we got hard again, she wanted the same thing.

While we were relaxing, we asked Geri how she felt about group sex now that she was no longer virgin and she told us that it was much better than she had ever imagined and she had to apologize to Dean for giving him such a hard time about it for so long. She told us that she had often fantasized about having a cock in each opening but the real thing was even more exciting than the fantasy and she was looking forward to more of the same tomorrow night at the party. She told us that while we were fucking her, she got tremendously turned on while sucking Tina’s tasty penis and looking up, with that big cock in her mouth and seeing such beautiful breasts and nipples and such a gorgeous, sexy face looking down at her.

Then she asked Tina if she could please suck her hard as she wanted her to fuck her and Tina replied that she would love it and lay back as Geri got down between her legs and began expertly teasing her flaccid cock and balls with her tongue. It didn’t take long for Tina to get hard and, when Geri pulled her mouth from the delicious organ, it was throbbing and ready for action so she asked Tina to get on top of her, in the missionary position, as she wanted to look at her while she was being fucked. She lay down on her back and held her arms out to Tina as her eyes traversed the gorgeous specimen of womanhood –with- a- cock before her. Tina smiled down at her as she fit the tip of her thick crown to her wet opening and ran it back and forth between her swollen labia until Geri raised her hips straining to get that gorgeous organ inside her.

When Tina saw that she was ready, she thrust the swollen cockhead inside her passage and was rewarded by a gasp of pleasure as Geri felt the fabulous sensations of a thick penis inside her. When she looked up at the gorgeous woman fucking her, it got her going even more and she reached up and cupped the full breasts in her hands and played with the erect nipples as more and more of the beautiful cock filled her vagina. When Tina had her filled completely she leaned down so that Geri could suck her nipples as she moved her organ minutely in and out of the hot, grasping pussy. Geri was moaning in passion as she experienced sex with a beautiful woman who was filling her up so wonderfully with such a gorgeous cock.

She was looking deeply into Tina’s eyes as that wonderful penis started moving around inside her and she knew that her orgasm was approaching as she was turned on by the whole experience. Her body tensed and she wrapped her legs around Tina’s hips and their eyes locked as her orgasm hit and the cock inside her was covered in her hot juices as she shuddered in ecstasy. When she came back to life, Tina was slowly withdrawing her throbbing erection from her passage and she sighed in contentment and looked over at us with a smile of satisfaction.

I asked Dean to see what he could do about getting my organ ready for action as my wife was patiently waiting to be triple fucked. He needed no urging and was lying between my legs a moment later playing with my semi hard penis as he licked and sucked my balls. I loved the way he sucked my balls. He took each one in his mouth and ran his tongue all over it as he sucked and his talented hand teased my organ to full erection in just a few minutes. I asked him to swing around as I wanted to make sure he was ready for Cory and his beautiful, thick, sculpted organ swung into view and I knew he was ready so I just licked off a drop of precum that was welling up in the slit and asked Cory if she was ready for us. She and Geri were eating each other but she jumped right up and excused herself telling Geri that now it was her turn and she wasn’t going to miss out on it.

I asked her to choose which cock goes where and she asked Dean to take her vagina, Tina, her anus and I, her mouth as she wants to look into my eyes all through it. Dean lay back and Cory straddled him and they locked eyes as she lowered herself on his thick erection. When she had all she could take of him inside her they embraced and soul kissed as Tina rubbed her precum all over Cory’s tight anal opening and pushed the head inside as Cory pushed back to get more of her thickness inside her. I waited until Tina was comfortably thrusting in and out of my wife’s anus before kneeling down over Dean’s face and feeding my cock to Cory. She took it in her mouth hungrily and I felt Dean’s tongue cover my balls at the same time and I was in heaven.

Cory was gasping, with her mouth around my organ, as the two thick cocks worked their way into her openings and drove her wild with sensation. She was moaning all the time and was giving me a hum job which felt marvelous. Then her body jerked as she went off to never never land and came as each of her openings sucked hungrily on our organs. When she slowly came back to reality, Tina slid her erection from the comfortable anus and I withdrew my organ from her mouth as Dean rolled her over and pulled his penis from her warm opening.

The three of us looked at each other’s throbbing erections and I reached out and took Tina’s gorgeous cock in my hand as Dean grasped mine and Tina held his. We lay down in the same position and I guided Tina’s organ to my mouth just as Dean started kissing my balls as he stroked my cock and Tina started munching on Dean’s substantial meat. I loved having Tina’s thick, sculpted penis in my mouth and when Dean started sucking my cock, I was lost in rapture and gave myself up to the fabulous sensations I was experiencing. I must have been leaking a lot of precum as Dean was moaning appreciatively as he savored each drop. Then Tina started to feed me hers and my tongue was rewarded with its delicious flavor as I sucked deeply on her crown and stroked her thick shaft.

I pulled my mouth from the delicious penis, momentarily, to ask if we could try to have simultaneous orgasms and got two grunts of approval before I took Tina’s gorgeous cock in my mouth again and lost myself in the pleasures of sucking while being sucked and we took each other off to another place where none of us ever wanted to leave. I was floating in a pool of sensations when my cock jerked and started spurting jets of cum into Dean’s greedy mouth. As he hungrily swallowed each load, his organ exploded in Tina’s mouth and started feeding her his hot juices. As soon as Tina tasted his first load, her organ stiffened and started jerking as it deposited load after delicious load onto my waiting tongue. I hungrily sucked her wonderful penis to get every drop of her juices until it was finally at rest and the three of us got up with satisfaction written all over our faces as Cory and Geri applauded the performance and told us we should take it on the road.

Part 2 — The Party

We decided to call it a night since we had to conserve our energy for the weekend’s activities and while we were getting ready to leave, Geri told us how much she enjoyed meeting us and thanked us all for a wonderful evening of the best sex she’s ever had with anyone other than Dean. We told her the feeling was mutual and that we were really looking forward to seeing them again tomorrow night. They saw us to the door and Dean patted Tina on the ass as she walked by and then leaned closer to her and stage whispered that he was looking forward to sucking the juices out of her balls tomorrow and she smiled and told him that she would make sure she has plenty there waiting for him. We hopped a cab home and when we were back in our apartment, I suggested that we all get some sleep since we will be having constant sex from tomorrow thru Sunday and, after our session tonight, let’s play it cool and get some rest.

Tina pouted and said that she was looking forward to sucking my cock before we went to sleep so I told her that, if she wants, she can sleep with my cock in her mouth but she can’t suck it and make it cum as I want to sleep. She agreed saying that it was better than nothing and lay down between my legs and rested her head on my thigh as she took my soft organ in her mouth and closed her eyes. Her warm mouth felt comfortable and, as long as she didn’t suck it, I wouldn’t get excited and could fall asleep. Cory cuddled up alongside me and we fell asleep almost immediately.

The next thing I knew was waking up feeling extremely horny and found Tina gently sucking on my thick shaft and swollen crown. I thanked her for the wake up call and, even though I was horny as hell, surprised myself by telling her that we are not going to have any sex until the party tonight and she reluctantly pulled her lips from my penis and went inside to take a shower. Cory was already up and was making breakfast. I slipped on my robe and went into the kitchen to find my beautiful wife preparing breakfast totally nude. I walked up behind her and put my arms around her as I kissed her neck and suggested that she go inside and put on a robe as we were not going to have any sex until the party tonight and if she stays naked both Tina and I would have a hard time keeping away from her.

She made a face but went inside and slipped on her robe just as Tina came out of the bathroom. She told her to put on her robe also since the orders of the day were no sex until tonight. Tina told her that she was just getting comfortable sucking my cock this morning when I broke it up and she misses her morning health drink. Cory told her to come inside and have some breakfast as she’s going to need all the energy she can muster up for the party.

After breakfast, Tina and I cleaned up the kitchen and all of us got dressed while trying to decide how to spend the afternoon. Cory came up with the idea of visiting the Museum of Sex as they had an exhibition of the works of Tom of Finland which she knew turned me on tremendously and would get us in the right mood for the party. We hailed a cab and got to the museum a few minutes later as the traffic was light. When we walked into the exhibition hall, I got an instant hardon when I saw the pencil and ink sketches all around the room. Tom made cocks the center of attraction in all his works and drew a penis like no other artist. I stopped in front of a large framed pen and ink drawing showing a good looking, muscular guy with his pants down around his ankles and his absolutely huge, thick erection buried in another guy’s ass.

He captured the look of passion on both their faces and his depiction of that gorgeous cock sliding in and out of the sexy ass was very arousing. Tina came over and asked me which one I’d like to be and I smiled at her and told her that, right now, I’d love to be fucking that fantastic ass. I hadn’t noticed but there was a young, good looking, blonde guy standing near us, who overheard me, and volunteered that he would love to be the guy being fucked. Tina and I smiled at him and, in looking him over, found that he was also very muscular and showed promise of having a fine ass also. He told us his name was Luke and he was Tom of Finland’s representative and had curated the show for the museum. I introduced myself and Tina and called Cory over to meet him also. He mentioned that he was only in town for the weekend and would be heading back to Europe on Monday.

I asked if he had any plans over the weekend and when he said that he didn’t, I asked him to come to our party tonight and promised that he would have a very nice time. Cory and Tina chimed in that they would make sure he had a good time and, upon asking, found out that he was bi and would fit in perfectly with the group. He accepted our invitation and asked if we would like him to give us a back scene tour of the show since he knew everything about the artwork and we accepted immediately.

He stopped in front of a large pencil drawing showing a young, well built naked guy on his knees sucking a fantastic, thick penis while three other naked guys waited their turn as they played with their hard cocks. Luke told us that Tom always has a bunch of good looking, well hung guys hanging around his house who are encouraged to have sex any time they feel like it so that he can sketch them in action. The guy sucking cocks in this drawing is his lover who can’t suck enough cocks during the course of a day. He mentioned that he is the guy on the right, waiting his turn to be sucked and, after looking at the size of his penis in the artwork, the three of us asked him if he’s really hung like that. He smiled and said that Tom always likes to exaggerate cocks but it’s pretty close.

I told him that I want first dibs tonight and he smiled and agreed. He took us around to each drawing and filled us in on the background of the scene and my cock refused to go down, I was leaking precum and told them that, by the time we got through the whole exhibit, my pants would be soaking wet. Luke told me that he leaks a lot of precum also and suggested that I go into the men’s room and slip my handkerchief into my shorts to keep my pants from getting stained. When I returned, they were standing in front of an oil showing a very muscular, naked guy strapped into a harness so his arms and legs were immobilized and two other naked guys teasing his cock and balls with large ostrich feathers.

His penis was gorgeous and I would have loved taking it in my mouth anytime, anyplace. Then Luke told us that he was the model for the painting and we could see the resemblance when we looked closer. I asked him if Tom was strictly gay or bisexual and he told me that he was primarily gay but has sex with women on occasion. I asked him about living in Tom’s house and he said he wouldn’t trade it for the world as he has great sex all the time and occasionally brings gals there to watch and join in with the bi guys. He gave us the background on every piece of art in the exhibition and by the time we were finished, it was time to grab a bite to eat and go back to our place to get ready for the arrival of our guests. The museum show had whet all our appetites for sex and we couldn’t wait for the party to get started.

We had enough time to shower before everyone arrived and we slipped on our robes and had drinks in the living room until the bell rang about 8 o’clock and Cory opened the door and let Dean, Geri, Toni and her husband George inside. After introductions were made, she asked them to go into the guest bedroom and undress and put on the robes provided. While they were changing, the bell rang again and I opened the door to let Carlos and Ann in. Carlos was a tall, good looking, Brazilian guy who was famous for the size of his cock. His wife Ann couldn’t take more than half of him and we were always on the lookout for a gal who could take his whole organ inside. While they were inside undressing, I told Luke about his problem and he couldn’t wait to see how large Carlos really was.

When everyone was assembled in the living room, I declared the party officially started and whipped off my robe displaying my already huge erection telling everyone about our exciting afternoon at the museum and how horny it made me. Luke smiled and slipped off his robe displaying an absolutely gorgeous hardon as he dropped to his knees in front of me and started teasing my cock and balls with his tongue. He was very talented and had me wildly horny in just a few minutes as he lovingly nursed on my cockhead and cupped my balls in his warm hands. I saw my wife slip her hand into Carlos’ robe and expose that fantastic specimen of cock. She was holding it in her hands and gazing at it in rapture when Carlos guided her down on the couch in a 69 position and started to lick and kiss every inch of her crotch.

She was lying on her side with Carlos’ head buried in her crotch, giving her exquisite sensations, as she licked the enormous crown of his penis. She could only get a little more than his crown inside her mouth and she was sucking it voraciously as she played with his large balls. I was lost in the sensations that Luke was giving me and that, plus the sight of Cory sucking Carlos’ huge organ, had me wildly high and horny and I just had to have Luke’s cock in my mouth so that I could suck him as beautifully as he was sucking me and I motioned for him to lay down on the carpet so we could lie on our sides and concentrate on giving each other the utmost in pleasure.

When I had his beautifully sculpted penis in my mouth and felt his warm mouth cover mine, I entered a different world and became lost in the sensations we were giving each other. His cock was delicious and every once in a while, a drop or two of precum would ooze out which was like nectar to me and I savored its flavor as he fed it to me. Then I felt someone’s hands caressing my ass and I felt a finger slide in as Tina leaned down and asked me if I was having a good time. I kept sucking Luke and nodded to her as she smiled and asked us if we would like to join her in the bedroom and make it a threesome. We agreed and reluctantly parted as we followed Tina’s gorgeous ass into the bedroom and got into bed with her.

She looked so gorgeous and sexy lying there on her back with her full breasts and nipples thrust out and that fantastic, thick penis in full erection cleaving the air. Luke and I just looked at her a moment in worship before I laid claim to her cock and Luke leaned over and kissed her as he tweaked her erect nipples in his fingers. I picked right up with Tina’s thick organ where I had left off with Luke’s and was happily sucking her delicious penis and holding her full balls in my hands when a mouth covered my penis and I looked down to see my wife sucking on my cock. She looked up a moment and asked if it was OK for a pussy to join in and both Luke and Tina agreed immediately so she went back to pleasuring me as I hungrily sucked Tina’s gorgeous organ. As I worked my mouth around the thick head and shaft, I looked up to see Luke feeding Tina his penis to suck and she was lost in sucking it as her eyes were closed and she was moaning as she lifted her hips and fed me her delicious penis.

The four of us had each other going on a series of highs as we pleasured each other until suddenly Tina cried out, with her mouth still around Luke’s organ, that she was cumming and I felt her penis jerk as the first spurt of hot cum splashed onto my tongue and I enjoyed its flavor before swallowing and getting the next load. I greedily downed every drop she had in her balls and kept firmly sucking the still hard organ long after her last spasm ended. Then I felt the rush as my orgasm overwhelmed me and my cock started shooting hot ropes of cum into my wife’s hungry mouth until my last spasm was over. She sucked the last drop out of my balls and wearily rested her head on my thigh, looking up at me with a smile of satisfaction on her face for drawing the cum out of me.

I looked around for the first time since we got into bed and noticed that a few other couples had joined us on the huge bed which was perfect for partying. I watched as Geri tried to get as much of Carlos’ monster penis in her mouth as possible and had to quit after getting a little more than the crown inside but she sucked intensely on the thick meat and stroked his shaft with her hands as she sucked him. Luke was watching Geri suck Carlos also and he kept remarking about the size of Carlos’ cock and that he couldn’t wait to have a go at it as he had never had one that size. He also mentioned that he would love to introduce Tom to Carlos as he would be a favorite model for some time and would get all the action he desires for as long as he stayed. I told him to broach the idea to Carlos while he’s sucking on his cock and see what his reaction will be.

Meanwhile, we watched in amazement as Geri straddled Carlos and fit the head of his cock to her opening and slowly and carefully lowered herself onto the massive pole. Her expression changed to one of total abandon as she felt his thick meat filling her up to such an extent that she entered a different world in which the cock inside her was the only thing that mattered. I noticed that Toni and her husband, George were watching them also and were totally enthralled with the sight of that monster penis inside Geri’s cunt. She could only manage to get about half of him inside before she had to stop but she had never experienced having a cock this big inside her before and the fullness of the feeling was a turn on in itself and she lost herself in the pleasures she was experiencing from the thickness filling her vagina.

I glanced back at Toni and saw that she was looking at me so I motioned her over and made room for her alongside me and next to Cory as we continued watching the sexy scene before us. Cory held out her arms to George and he smoothly glided between her legs and began licking and kissing the insides of her thighs as he worked his way up to her delicious slit. She kept her eyes fastened on Carlos’ organ halfway inside Geri’s cunt as she raised and lowered herself on the thick pole and her eyes glazed over in passion as George’s tongue had reached her clit and was sending her off on a nice high. Toni reached out and grasped my erect organ in her hand as she asked me if I would like her to suck it. I agreed on one condition, and that was that she feed me her delicious organ at the same time and we swung around on our sides and I rested my head on her sexy thigh while I looked at the gorgeous crotch spread open before me.

It was like the feast of the gods as her swollen labia were wet and glistening as they parted revealing her pink passage. Her clitoris was just peeking out of the hood and I couldn’t resist flicking my tongue over it as it grew in size. I started to lick her from her rosebud asshole to her clitoris and back again as she squirmed and moaned in complete abandon as I teased her crotch. She tasted and smelled like heaven and I couldn’t seem to get enough of her pussy especially since she went wild whenever I drove my tongue deep inside her vagina and licked the walls of her passage to catch her juices as they flowed down. She was deep throating me and the combination of her pussy and mouth sent me off to cloud nine where I could have stayed forever.

She came twice while we 69’d but I was in that special stage of sex where I could remain hard for long periods of time without cumming and go off on long, exciting sessions for quite some time so I asked her if she would like my cock inside her pussy for a while and she heartily agreed so I swung around and fit the head of my penis to her wet and ready hole and fed the head inside her as I looked into her eyes and watched her iris’ open wider and wider as my thickness filled her cunt. I worked my organ deeper and deeper inside her until she winced and I stopped and held it right there for a moment. Then I felt her pussy tighten around my shaft and then relax in a series of wild contractions that milked my penis like it was a hand massaging my shaft and I held myself there and let her take me on a fantastic high.

We were looking into each other’s eyes as we went off to heaven together when suddenly a beautiful, thick, sculpted penis appeared before me and I looked up to see George on his knees in front of me as he straddled his wife’s head. She was sucking on his balls and I couldn’t resist taking the beautiful, smooth, sloped head between my lips and nursing on it while running my tongue over the slit to capture any delicious precum that might leak out. As I sucked him and stroked deeply into his wife, he told me that, if I come over to their house sometime, I would have to go through him to get to Toni so if I want her, enjoy him first.

I was enjoying sucking his beautiful and tasty organ but stopped for a moment to ask what happens if I bring my wife along and he told me that Cory would have to go through Toni to get to him and just before going back to sucking his penis, I told him that she’d have no problem with that. He was starting to leak precum and I quickly covered his cockhead with my mouth and licked off the delicious juices as they oozed onto my tongue. I was enjoying nursing on his sweet cock while I thrust my organ in and out of his wife’s pussy as she wrapped her legs around my waist and met each thrust with one of her own. She began to breathe heavily and then moan as she sucked her husband’s balls.

Suddenly, her legs tightened around my waist and she thrust herself against me and began to gasp as waves of ecstasy washed over her and I felt her cunt contract around my shaft as her hot juices flowed all around it and she jerked in spasms until finally she quieted down and was motionless. I could see that George was in the same stage as I, so I asked him if he would like to 69 a while and, in answer he swung around and we lay down on our sides and started licking and sucking each other’s entire crotches from our assholes to our balls and beyond. I could tell that George was really enjoying sucking my cock as he would lift his head every once in a while and tell me how absolutely delicious my cock is, especially with his wife’s cunt juices all over it, and then go back to worshipping it with his mouth, tongue and lips which had me off on another planet.

All this time, I was in seventh heaven with his gorgeous penis in my mouth which would feed me delicious precum every so often which I eagerly lapped up. We sucked each other for a long time and took each other up on one high after another but neither of us felt like cumming so after a while we decided to stop and seek other adventures which awaited us within the apartment walls.

We walked into the living room and saw Tina slow fucking Dean as he lay draped over the couch with his head buried in Cory’s crotch. She was tossing her head from side to side and telling him where she wanted his mouth and was totally lost in the pleasure of the moment. I stood in back of Tina and pressed my throbbing erection against her sexy ass and she immediately responded by pushing back against it. I still couldn’t get over the fact that Tina was a guy. I had never seen a TV that was such a beautiful and sexy woman that it was a complete shock to see her absolutely gorgeous, thick penis and full balls. The guy that gets her, or him, is going to have a real prize. He’s going to have an absolutely beautiful and sexy woman with a gorgeous body, big breasts and a fabulous looking, thick, long penis that any man would be proud to own.

The best of both worlds, so to say. Although I’ve seen some absolutely gorgeous, beautifully built hermaphrodites that had thick 7-8″ cocks as well as fully functioning pussies. That’s everything built into one person which I think, would allow for a very interesting sex life. Getting back to the subject of Tina’s ass, I rubbed some precum over her anus with the head of my cock and fed it inside slowly and matched my thrusts to hers as she fucked Dean. I loved fucking her ass and she loved it even more as she kept turning her head around and telling me how good it felt. We fucked each other for some time before Tina’s rhythm increased and her breathing became heavy. I knew she was about to cum and sure enough, she cried out in ecstasy and I felt her ass contract around my shaft each time she shot another load of her hot cum deep into Dean’s ass.

Then I heard Dean groan as my wife suddenly jumped up and dove between his legs and took his shooting penis into her mouth and drank his juices as he fed her load after load. When the two of them came off their trip, I pulled my cock from Tina’s ass and thanked her for a lovely fuck. She turned and kissed me as she told me how much she loved what I did to her also.

I walked over to the bar to pour myself a drink and noticed Ann sitting on the couch next to Carlos idly playing with his cock as they talked. I couldn’t resist that marvelous organ and walked over to them and dropped to my knees between his outstretched thighs and asked Ann to hold it for me as I nursed on the thick, swollen crown. His cock was delicious and, as Ann stroked his shaft, I sucked on the head and cupped his huge balls in my hands. He was starting to move his hips around in heat as I nursed on his cockhead and then he asked me if he could please fuck me. I lifted my mouth from his meat and looked at it with some trepidation wondering if I could take that monster in my tight asshole. He assured me that he would be gentle and asked Ann to help him get me good and hot so that I would enjoy his cock.

The both of them sat me down on the couch and proceeded to work on me with Carlos taking charge of my crotch while Ann soul kissed me and played with my nipples. After a few minutes, Carlos asked me to roll over on my stomach so he could get at my anus and Ann sat with her back against the arm of the couch and told me to lay down between her thighs and suck her pussy while Carlos got behind me. I felt his thickness brush over my anus and wet it with his precum as he got ready to fuck me and then felt his entire crown push inside my opening. It felt like a telephone pole was in my ass but he knew how to handle it and soon I was pushing back to get more of him inside me as I licked his wife’s delicious, wet cunt.

She had her hands guiding my head around to various parts of her crotch as her husband started feeding more of his organ into me and it wasn’t long before I was in another world from which I never wanted to return. I had never had a cock as big as his inside me and, to my surprise, I found it exciting and very fulfilling. Ann was talking to me as she ran her hands through my hair and told me how exciting it was to watch me taking that big penis so nicely and that when her husband cums, I would be in for an even bigger thrill since he’s going to shoot a lot of cum inside me and that I would serve as her private container so that she can drink his juices from my asshole as soon as he finishes cumming. He worked his huge organ in and out of my ass and had me squirming in heat as I felt his thickness moving around inside me and then suddenly, I heard him cry out as his cock began jerking and pumping load after load of his cream deep into my ass.

It was a wonderful feeling having his cum fill my hole in spasm after spasm and the moment his last spasm ended, his wife told him to pull out as she wanted to drink from my special cup. Before I knew it, she had her mouth covering my asshole and was digging her tongue deep inside to capture his cream which was just starting to dribble out. He looked at me with a smile and told me that Ann loved drinking his cum from either assholes or cunts and was always hanging around waiting for him to drop another load so that she could have her favorite health drink. After she cleaned me up thoroughly, I fell asleep right there and the next thing I knew, I opened my eyes and the sun was streaming in the windows and Geri was lying between my legs sucking on the head of my penis.

It’s a great way to wake up and I told her so as she nibbled on my penis and looked up at me with a smile on her face. Then Cory suggested that we play Russian Roulette and asked us all to retire to the bedroom where she had Geri, Ann, Toni and herself lay back alongside one another. She asked us to draw cards to see who would be first and Dean won with Luke second, me third, Carlos fourth, Tina fifth and George last. Dean got between his wife’s parted thighs and slipped his cock inside her and started stroking in and out of her wet and ready pussy as Cory set the timer for five minutes. When it went off, Dean pulled his organ from Geri’s cunt and moved over to fit the head to Ann’s pussy and then thrust inside as she gasped in pleasure.

Meanwhile, Luke started fucking Geri and at the sound of the timer, both pulled out and moved to their right as I started fucking Geri. At the next signal, Carlos started fucking Geri and all of the gals had cocks inside them and they were all telling each other how good it felt. When George finally fit the head of his organ to Cory’s pussy, one round had been completed and we kept moving to the right each time the timer went off until suddenly Toni gasped and cried out that she was cumming as Carlos was fucking her. Then Ann came while I was fucking her and Cory asked if any of the guys felt close to cumming since she wanted to try and guess who would get the first cockload and win the game.

It happens that, as Tina was fucking Ann, she cried out and buried her thick organ deep inside Ann’s pussy as she started jerking in spasms and her cock pumped hot cum into Ann’s hungry cunt. Cory asked Tina to remove her penis so that each of us could have a turn in sucking her cum out of Ann’s cunt, which was the winning prize. Each of us had our turn cleaning out Ann’s pussy and Ann enjoyed two beautiful orgasms as we each sucked her.

By this time, all of us were totally satiated and we decided to get dressed and call it a day as it was already mid afternoon. After everyone had left, Tina, Cory and I got into bed and had one more session before falling fast asleep. Later that evening, Tina told us that she had a wonderful time over the weekend and was looking forward to a return trip soon. Before she left for the airport the next morning, Cory and I made sure to drink more juices from her fountain during the course of the night and she promised to be back soon as she loved feeding us both.

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