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Needs, Mine

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You greet me with a nod and a glance. I know I have to obey your instructions and walk into your room silently.

I stand there as you walked around me, touching my clothes, a single finger tracing my form. Standing face to face, you grab the collar of my shirt and, expressionless, you rip it open and shred it from my body.

Without even looking down you grasp my skirt and tear it open, letting it fall to the floor at my feet. I do not take my eyes off of you, even though my heart is trying to pound its way out of my throat.

You leave my bra and panties intact as you grasp my long hair and pull me towards you. You kiss me on the lips, hard and fast. I don’t have a chance to kiss you back. I stumble and you push me up against the wall, pressing my face into the cold, paint-chipped plaster. I gasp, feeling the cold against my naked flesh. I feel you withdraw slightly and then *SLAP*, you strike my ass and I bite my lip, struggling to keep silent and still. You spread my legs and move my arms up and open above my head. I cannot see you, but I can hear you dropping wound ropes at my feet.

I feel your breath on my inner thigh as you wrap and secure each of my feet to the O rings set into the wall. It is tight. I do not try to move my legs, but I know that I cannot. Then I feel you and see your hands winding the rope around my mid-section and between my legs, pulling up. I hold any sound in my closed mouth.

You harness me from behind, the tight rope squeezing my breasts apart and out from my body. You press your body into me, hard, as you bind and secure both of my arms together behind me, then bend me into the wall and push my head down between my own legs. My breaths are shallow as I strain to maintain my composure. You bend down; I can see you as you secure a bishop’s gag into my neck and behind my head. I start to drool almost instantly. You step back as I blink to focus on your face. You look pleased as you land another strike against my virgin backside. I wait, bound, restrained and gagged. You had not said a word as you tied my body with long lengths of rope. I had not spoken, not a word because I was nervous and excited. I closed my eyes to manage the pain. I can feel my entire body throbbing as you stand over me. Then you turn and walk away without a word, leaving me bound and gagged on your wall. I wait patiently for your return.

I squeeze and flex my intertwined fingers. It is the limit of my range of arm motions. I am being held so tightly to the wall with my bound arms, my bent torso and restrained feet. Squatting up and down, pinned solidly to the wall is as far as I can get. I am impressed by the limited amount of movement you have left me with. My sight is also limited and upside down. Looking through my legs I cannot see you, but when I stop testing my limits, I can hear you. You are out of my range of vision, but you are in the room and I smell sweet pipe smoke. I wonder how cherry tobacco tastes on your lips. As I focus my sight closer, I can clearly see my well-manicured quim from a new angle. My rings look very nice dangling from my closed, pouty lips. As I calm my rapid, shallow breathing, I can better feel the ways that I can move and shift my weight onto other muscles. I can almost suspend myself completely if I press my weight into the walls with my shoulders.

“Stop,” I hear you say.

You are much closer to me that I had imagined. I stop moving and my heart resumes a hurried beat as I hear you stand up and walk over to me. Without another word, I hear you unzip you trousers and press your hips into my naked, white ass. I can see your flaccid cock lurching so close to me. I reach out, almost able to grab you with my mouth. I can’t catch you with my lips so I lick my tongue to the tip of your cloaked head. You grab my hips and thrust yourself into me. I capture the end of your manhood in my lips and grasp a hold on as I feel you swelling in size. I hold on for dear life as you push your cock into my straining, wet mouth. I want more of it and huff in frustration of being denied your entire shaft. I push, bouncing with my only leverage off the wall and suck voraciously on your impressive girth. I am breathing hard through my nose and wish your big, wiry balls were slapping my face. I hear your grunting as you roughly and repeatedly slap your pelvis against me. As your fat-capped head pokes into my throat, I feel a rush of wetness overtake me and trickle out of the sides of my mouth and over my face. I close my eyes to keep them from getting soaked and feel it dripping off my forehead.

I milk your pre-cum as you pull back sharply, ripping your cock out of my tightly gripping lips. Leaning into me, you gently hold my head as you carefully stand me upright. My face is red and heated, the cool wall is delightful on the side of my face. I turn my head away from you to feel the refreshing chill on the other side. You fingers begin to dance over me; I close my eyes and hear how loud my breathy-shallow breathing is as you loosen the arm binds behind my back. Taking one shoulder at a time, my arms finally free, you place your hot hand on my joint and begin to massage it. I turn my head back to face you and moan from the intense pleasure you are giving me, as you ease me out of the after-effects of bondage. As I balance, cheek and shoulders to the wall, you bend down and release my feet from the wall and separate the ring from the ankle cuff, which you leave on.

“Whoa,” I gasp as you sweep me up into your arms on rising from freeing my feet. My heart bounces in my chest, you have turned all my senses to high. I didn’t expect you to be so soft and gentle; so understanding of what my body is craving. Carefully, you lay me down on the bed. I sigh as you place my head onto the king-sized pillow. You make my body feel so light and malleable. As the bed envelops my form, you move and take my left foot into your hand. Your breath on the underside of my toes makes me squirm slightly. You inspect the cuff and how my skin looks. Each one, so gently and carefully that I cum again, without you even knowing it, just with your touch on my feet.

“I saw that,” you say, it sounds extra loud, but it is just that my eyes were closed.

“Now cum again,” you say calmly, “and this time keep your eyes open.” My eyes flare open from their drunken haze.

I try to regain the place I had just been, but you had scared me. ‘Did I really think you would not notice if I came again?’ I feel your finger swiping at my pouty, pink, swollen lips. Sliding back and forth, opening them to feel the slickness of my fresh warm cum. I just moan loudly as you wiggle in and cover your finger in my sweet sex. You withdraw it for the moment and then move it up to my mouth to paint my juice on my lips then slip your finger into my mouth. My own flavour on your finger arouses me again. I want more.

“Do not hold back and never hide when you cum for me,” you say slowly in your thick accent. How can you be so calm when my body is at such a heightened peak? You pop your finger out of my mouth and slide it back between my lips, stroking down, Up and down from clit to ass, like I did as a young girl before I knew what penetration was. I rock up and down with you, my back arching as I can feel that needy-want building up inside me. You slide your arm under the small of my back, helping me arch into your sliding hand. You have not penetrated me again but you have made the pressure just right. My body begins to jerk, my breasts slapping against your arms and bare chest. I am gasping and whining and bucking into you with such force.

“I am going to cum,” I whisper to you.

“Go ahead then,” you reply.

I buck and grind my swollen clit, feeling your arm hairs pressing into my red button. I scream, shaking as I can feel the power of my spray force your hand away as my tender cunt squeezes in mini-seizures. I cry out, overtaken by the force of my orgasm. You lower your arm, letting me writhe on the bed freely. With my arms, I am sliding them across my breasts, enjoying the feeling of my stiff nipples to my warm skin. Touching and rubbing my nipples, letting my mini-death ripple through my body and limbs, I feel like I am in slow motion. I blink my wet eyes, flopping my head back and forth. I feel my cheeks flush red and I begin to giggle.

You flare your eyes and smile down at me, writhing in bliss on your bed. I look up, panting slightly and giggling more. I close my legs and drop my knees to one side. You reach over and spread my legs open.

“You made a mess on my bed,” you state, seeing my soaked quim and wet spot below.

“Mmmmm, yes and I want to make another,” I moan in response.

“Oh do you, now?” you say sternly.

I look into your eyes and focus. I gasp immediately. With my legs spread open, you take a length of rope and start to bind my calves to my thighs, one at a time. I try to flex, but you have made them so tight, I have no movement in my legs. You stand up; inspecting your work, then with a firm hold on my hips, pull my body halfway down the bed.

“Hands over your head,” you instruct, producing another length of rope from under the bed. I do as instructed, feeling your soft but purposeful touch, wrapping my wrists in the rope, then securing the ends to the left and right headboard side of the bed. Before rising, you lean down and kiss me on the lips. I kiss you back, but you lift away before I can get enough. I blush with wanting and craving you so much. I savour your taste and detect a hint of whiskey in the mix. I stretch, feeling the specific way you have restrained me and the cool air on my wet honey pot. You walk around me, two full times before leaning over me and licking my mouth. As I open to kiss you again, you place a wound, bishop’s knot gag into my jaw and secure the buckle over the top and behind my head. I lick at the leather woven sphere, tasting the salty, pungent mass. I feel the narrow straps and the texture they create as I begin to drool. Swallowing quicker and breathing through my nose, I do not notice your hand until they touch my semi-stiff nipples.

“I have something for them,” you comment, removing two wooden clothes clips from your pocket. I feel a tiny quiver in my quim as you slap at my left breast, sending it tumbling and waving chaotically. I want it, but I am afraid it will hurt more than I can handle. Pinching my rosy tip between your thumb and forefinger, you pull up, shaking my breast below. I gasp, and then you let go. My nipple is fully erect and hard. You smile then flick it with your finger, hard making me yelp. Cupping my breast in your left hand, you open and secure the clip on my red, stiff nipple. I whine and begin to take shorter, raspy breaths as you repeat that on my right nipple.

*Clap!* Your hand slaps across my face. I feel the pain and heat. In my surprise, I tear up, my cheek becoming hot.

“No whining,” you command, calmly.

I look down at my contorted nipples, clips standing tall straight out. You take the right and shake it. I moan in pain and pleasure as you let it bounce until it stops. You move between my legs and slap my open and exposed cunt and ass. I do my best to withhold my sounds from you.

You lean in, between my legs and blow on my unsheathed, swollen clit. I bite into my bit and close my eyes. Then, the unexpected… I feel something sharp at the top of my inner thighs. My eyes open immediately as I try to look down. I feel your nails digging into me, and then so very slowly you scrape down, scratching my tender skin down to the ropes above my knees. I feel my heart racing at this new sensation. You stand up, I look at you, and you can see my panic. With both hands you pull on the clips attached to my nipples. I squeak out as you pull them both off, leaving red indentations on my stiff nipples. You press them back and forth, watching me arch and writhe in my bindings.

“Look at me,” you saw, my eyes springing open to the sound of your voice. Circling my long neck with your strong hands, I stare into your eyes. I feel the tightness, my breath shallow as you slowly release your grip. Without moving, you press your nails into my neck, it feels like many small knives, and you drag them down over my chest. Again, you move them so slowly, giving me ample time to feel the pain. The heat makes my eyes water and face flush. I swallow hard, trying not to drool out of my gag. As you scratch down to my waist, you stop and come back to my torso again. You lean over me, pressing your chest into my face as you run your nails just below the wrist binding and dig them in. I cannot control myself and whine as you begin to scratch my arms to my armpits.

“Look at me NOW,” you say loudly enough to surprise me.

I open my watery eyes and look at you. You seem to take much joy in seeing me like this. You make your way up, digging into my skin, past my elbows and up to my armpits. I squirm, fighting the tickling I can feel through the pain. You continue down my sides until I am striped pink with your scratching. Sitting back up, between my bent and bound legs, you take my knees and lift them to my head. I feel your hot breath on my pink, swollen cunt. I close my eyes, expecting to feel pleasure and instead I feel your teeth clamp down on my clit as your tongue assaults the tip. My eyes and mouth open, I cry out, unable to control myself as I hear you let out a laugh. You work your mouth up and down, my clit still firmly clamped in your hold. I feel my wetness slipping towards my lips and so do you. As you let go, I cry, tears streaming from my eyes as you lower my hips. I struggle to keep my eyes open through the tears as I feel your thick, stiff cock tapping on my throbbing clit. I sniffle, wanting to feel your cock inside me, giving me pleasure. You drag your cock across my splayed pussy, taking my clit in your finger’s, I feel your cock tip at my slit.

“Yes,” I cry out. “Pleassee!” I beg to you through the gag. I need your cock inside me. I NEED IT NOW. My heart races as you tug up on my clit at the same time forcing your thick head into my tightly pulled hole. As you press it in, I can feel my cunt open to your force.

I scream loudly as you penetrate me, releasing my clit and thrusting your long manhood into my warm, wet treasure. You take my bent legs into your arms and begin to rut your cock deeply inside my slick hole.

“Aaaghhh,” I wail out as you bury your entire shaft deep inside my gaped pussy. Feeling myself shaking, I try to hold back my orgasm. You notice my control and stop in mid-fuck.

“You are not permitted to cum yet,” you say as you withdraw your cock from my wet hole. You get up and walk around the bed, your cock bouncing and bobbing. You lean over and remove my gag; my gaze is on your cock. You stand up and hold the headboard with one hand.

“Suck me,” you direct pointing your wet cock to my mouth. “And keep your eyes open,” you remind me.

I open wide; it feels good to have control over my mouth again. You slap your wet pole across my face. Then, with need, you press your prick head into my mouth. I taste my cum on your thick cap and eat you hungrily. You press your hips into my face, making me take more of your shaft into my mouth and throat. I gag, feeling my mouth water as you moan in pleasure above me. I suck your shaft, feeling you holding back fucking me harder. Gagging loudly, you withdraw, leaving me panting.

You walk back around and climb onto the bed. Standing over me, you lift me up onto my shoulders, my bent-tight, restrained legs pressed back until they are resting on the headboard. You reach down my back and scratch the untouched skin. Over and over you rake your nails over my back, leaving pink lines running long ways. I struggle to keep my eyes open as I begin to weep again; it feels like small knives barely cutting into my skin. You stop momentarily; I feel the heat, the burn, as you stand tall over me. I concentrate on looking into your eyes which are looking back at me. I take shallow breaths as you lay a slap across my right cheek, then the left. Back and forth you spank me. Suddenly you spread open my ass and press your big, wet cock to my tiny little pucker and open me slowly as I blink fast and do not make a sound. You dip two fingers into my wet pussy and withdraw them to paint my cum on my ass hole, slipping in a finger and fucking me. It feels so good. Then I feel your cock head on my little hole, I push out, trying to open myself to you as you spear me open and fit your thick rod into my gape. I scream, unable to control myself as you begin to fuck my ass. My heart beats loudly as I gasp for breath through my shrieking. You open my pussy lips with your fingers as you continue to fuck my ass, getting faster and deeper. I hear you grunting and your face grows red. I feel the jerk and swelling in your cock, my ass wildly opened to you. As you grow louder you thrust 3 fingers into my pussy and spread it open, forcing me to cum. Screaming, squeezing and squirting my orgasm, you release your thick cum into my ass. I can feel it filling and burning me deep. You, holding my pussy open the whole time, I am squirming in pleasure and pain. When you fully release your seed into me, you withdraw your fingers and cock, falling to your knees beside me. My legs fall back down to the bed as I feel your cum and mine dripping from my holes. You move close to me, your head next to mine as you reach down and rub my wet ass and pussy. Using your hand, you feed me our cum. I eagerly lick and clean all that is offered to me and take a moment to say “thank you, thank you,” as often as I can.

You unclasp my wrists from the headboard, and bend them slowly, placing them across my chest.

“Close your eyes,” I hear you say, calmly. It is more than my pleasure to do as you say. Stinging from tears, I close my lids and blink before letting them relax. I feel you sit up and take my left leg into your grasp. So completely different than before, you hold me close, steady, taking the weight as you start to release the ropes that held me so tightly. First, you free my leg from my ankle, so careful and conscious of my knee as you bend it slowly and rest it on the bed. Your light touch fluttering over my leg causes shivers that ripple through me, more vivid with my eyes closed. After removing the wound rope from my thigh, you begin to rub and massage the deep marks left by the restraints. I moan in pleasure, hugging my newly freed and strained arms about my bosom. You get up and walk around the bed to my other leg; you slide under it, holding it in your lap. I shift a bit on the bed, enjoying my new range of motion. You hold my leg up then out, fully supported. I feel your breath on my puffy, hot, closed lips just a second before your tongue parts me open. I moan very loudly, as your tongue tip drags across my clit.

“Oh yes, thank you,” I moan, head rolling back and forth, eyes obediently closed. Your fingers move around my leg, unknotting the binding as your tongue continues to slip up and down my sex making me writhe and push up into you. Kneading my released leg, you bend it slowly, carefully letting me have control of it again. I straighten my legs up, stretching upwards as you lick between my pouty, swollen lips.

“Stay like that,” you direct as you climb further onto the bed. My pink pussy, squeezed tightly between my legs, being licked from clit to ass, makes me gasp and moan loudly. I feel you turn your head and begin to fuck my pussy hole with your rough tongue. In and out as you tickle me on the inside.

“Thank you,” I gulp as I feel you finger press hard, opening my ass as you continue to tongue fuck my cunt. I feel my legs begin to quake and I reach up with both arms to hold them still. You withdraw your tongue and lap it over my tender sex a few times before I hear you shifting positions.

Spreading your legs around either side of me, I feel your cock tip painting your slick pre-cum over my tightly closed lips before you press them open.

“AHHhhhh,” I scream as you thrust hard with your cock, opening my pussy with your thick head and pressing your length into me. You buck hard into my squeezed pussy a few times before saying, “Lower your legs and take my hands.” I let my legs fall on either side of you as you pull me on top of you. As I sit atop your cock, you bend my knees and place my feet down beside your waist.

I lean forward, putting my hands on your shoulders as my tits slap together in your face and I ride your thick, long cock deep inside me. With great, needy thrusts, I buck your cock in deep, grinding into your base by flicking my hips when you are in deep.

“YES,” I moan out loudly as I scratch at your broad, strong chest. “YES,” I scream louder as I feel the pressure build within me. I ride you furiously, making loud slapping sounds as I impale myself on your throbbing manhood. As I start to climax, grunting and moaning, you hold my hips hard and fuck yourself into me. You guide me up and down, then hold me up.

“Put my cock in your ass, now,” you command. Mid-orgasm, I fumble with your wet cock, pointing the tip to my little clenched hole as you press my body down hard onto it.

I scream as you force my hole open fast and plant yourself deep inside. I instantly cum, spraying your chest with my sex as you watch your cock dive into and out of my ass faster and faster. You are guiding me, as I scream in pleasure and pain. You work my hips up and down until you let me fall forward onto your wet chest, your big, hot load flooding deep inside my ass. I gasp for breath, riding your heaving chest. Our warm bodies, together rippling like storm waves. I find your neck and kiss it, then bite it lightly as my orgasm subsides. Your hands still holding my hips and pressing me firmly down on your cock. I delight in your musk mixed with mine as I enjoy the post orgasmic bliss and the feeling of us breathing together.

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