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An Astronaut’s Lonely Return

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Her time aboard the international space station done, Jane had returned to the blue pearl she loved and despised so much.

Three months of research and testing in microgravity, endless challenges, nausea, “fake” exercise, the smells, the terrible food. The novelty of being in space had worn off in a few weeks, and the last month had been pure drudgery. Of course, part of that could have been her resistance to come home to a divorce.

“The prick,” as she had taken to calling him, had served her just before going up. She knew they were having problems, but clearly she hadn’t realized how bad it was. Or how willing his single twenty-something co-worker had been.

In any case it took some time to get used to gravity again, and she walked around with nobby knees for a few days, always trying to look strong for the cameras. It took her those few days to get home to her flat in London, but when she did it was finally enough. As the door closed, a sigh let loose. She dropped her bags, looked at the lonely surroundings, then slumped against the door and started to cry.

The incident the last night on the station didn’t help any. That southern belle from the States named Sam had seduced her. And she had enjoyed it. The other astronauts knew, of course, but were kind enough not to say anything. She was grateful for that at least. You couldn’t eat a flake of cereal without everyone knowing.

So here she was, a so-called renowned scientists, one of Mother England’s bright lights, freshly back from a stint on the space station, divorced, alone, and her thoughts drifting to a woman.

The problem was that they had landed in Kazakhstan and been separated quickly, each of the three returning astronauts going home. Which meant Sam went back to the States for her own debriefing, so even if Jane wanted to spend time with her, it was impossible. Fuck! It was a frustrating time.


The first day home was busy. Blood work, workups, the usual shit they subjected astronauts to. Two press interviews. Fake smile, good, stiff upper lip and all that. It was busy enough that she hadn’t thought about Sam all day.

When she got home and finally checked her email, there was one from Sam. Jane’s heart skipped a beat. Don’t be silly, she thought, it’s probably a sorry-I-can-never-see-you-again email. Wouldn’t be the first one. Well, it would be the first one from a woman, but-

Oh shut up and open the goddamn email, she chided herself.

“Hey love, you’re probably going through the same shit I am right now, hope you’re doing alright! Thinking of visiting London. Could I crash? Buy you a pint?”

Holy shit. Reply. Pause. What to say? Keep it simple: “Absolutely you can crash, might be a bit cramped by American standards but it’s pretty posh compared to where we spent the last few months! When were you thinking?”

Send. Wait. Breathe. She considered just going to bed, since it wasn’t too likely she would get a reply right away, but just as she started to get up, it chimed. A new reply.

“Next Friday work?”

Next Friday, tomorrow, forever, of course you silly goose. Instead she wrote: “Absolutely! Let me know your flight and I can meet you at the airport!”

For the first time in forty eight hours, she smiled a genuine smile.


She was crazy. That’s all there was to it. How else could she explain this fascination with a woman? Not that lesbians were crazy, but this wasn’t Jane. Waiting breathlessly, anxious, nervousness betraying her actions.

Standing waiting at the international arrivals gate at Heathrow, she was struggling to stay calm, especially since a couple of people had recognized her. So much for her disguise of pulled back hair and sunglasses.

The gate opened, and passengers started filing through. The plane had apparently landed. Or a plane. The right one? Was she on it?

It only took a moment to find out, and as soon as Sam saw Jane standing there, that sunlight bright smile took over.

They embraced, and Sam kissed her on the cheek. “Hi Janey!”

“Welcome to England,” was all she could muster.


The ride back to her flat had been filled with idle chit chat. Nothing that would have hinted at their intimacy. Jane was glad for it, since she truly hadn’t figured out a damned thing yet, but it was heartbreaking at the same time. Was she sincere? Was this to be the Sam she knew? Or was this to be the Sam she loved?

Jane led her friend into the flat, helping with the luggage, and when the door closed she found the one she had hoped for.

Sam kissed her, hard, wrapping her arms around her neck. Everything Jane remembered, but better. Wet, soft, caressing, smooth, but this time strawberry too. Some kind of flavoured lip thing. She liked it.

“Oh my god I’ve waited to do that,” she said finally. The smile on Jane’s own face betrayed her joy, she was sure. “It’s good to see you, lover.”

“It’s good to see you too. I’m glad you came.”

“Well I think out of the two of us, you are the bigger celebrity right now so it was probably going to be harder for you to get away. Besides, I’ve always wanted to see London!”

“How long can you stay?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t got my return ticket yet, a couple of weeks maybe?” Sam said with a sly smile. “Do you think you could stand me in close quarters for that long?”

Jane laughed. The intimacy of the space station meant they were all far closer friends than she had expected. “I think I could handle that.”

“Good!” Sam leaned over and kissed her again, longer, slower, her tongue touching Jane’s, rubbing against her teeth and driving her mad. She felt Sam’s hand rub against her breast, using her thumb to tease the nipple through her blouse. “I believe you said something about trying this in gravity?”

Jane could only nod. Her breath was short, and she felt like her heart would beat straight out of her chest. The sound of blood rushing in her ears was so loud she had to watch Sam’s lips to hear what she was saying. Her lips. Those luscious, delicious, orgasmic lips.

She decided to show a little courage. “I would like very much for you to fuck me in my bed.”

Sam smiled widely. “Lead the way, lover!”

Jane took her hand and led her to the bedroom. A nondescript affair, plain like it’s owner, she figured. Her one embellishment had been the pink and lace covering a bed of pillows. A queen sized bed at least, a luxury in a London apartment that made walking around the bed nearly impossible.

Sam squealed as she jumped on the bed. She apparently liked it. She laid face down on the bed and faced Jane, her chin resting on her propped hands. She had a devious look on her face. “Strip for me.”

“Sam, I’m not much of a stripper-”

“I don’t care, I want to see you undress. God, just the thought of it is making me wet!”

Jane bit her lip, trying hard not to smile and not succeeding. Then reached for her top button. Maybe not much of a dancer, never mind a stripper, but she put a little wiggle into it, playfully exposing herself as the buttons came loose.

She could see Sam was transfixed. That spurred her on. She was glad to have chosen the strapless bra that morning, since now she undid it, removing it, without ever taking her shirt off. Tease, the undone blouse hinting at the flesh underneath.

Then the top button of her jeans was released, the zipper following. Turning around, Jane could see Sam stare at her bottom as the jeans were slowly pulled off, revealing her pink lace underwear. Another good choice, luckily. Sam licked her lips as Jane bent over to pull the jeans off, one slow leg at a time. She was sure to pull her little sockies off at the same time.

“Fuck me, woman you are gorgeous,” Sam said.

“Oh shut up,” Jane smiled back. She turned sideways, and hooked her thumbs into her panties. She could hear her friend breathing hard as she lowered the panties, slowly, still hiding her tender flesh from view.

Facing away from Sam once more, she quickly lowered her blouse to cover her behind, waving it around, putting on her little show. Finally she dropped it, but reached for her crotch and used her hand to cover her vagina from the front.

Once more she bent over, to watch her friend from between her legs. Slowly, slowly she pulled her hand forward to expose her pink flesh, trailing her middle finger through the moist pink folds. Briefly she rubbed, up and down to get her finger nice and wet, then inserted it to one knuckle. Sam gasped behind her. Quickly she removed it, rubbing up to her clitoris and finally removing her hand.

She turned and faced her friend. “How was that?”

“Well, I think I just creamed my jeans, if that’s any indication. Get that pretty little ass over here!”

Jane walked over and laid beside Sam on the bed. Side by side they faced each other, and Sam caressed her face, brushing the hair aside. Another tender kiss.

Jane watched as Sam laid back, arms stretched up. “Now I want you to undress me,” she said with a smile. Jane laughed, then sat up and looked at her friend laid out in front of her. She felt her way, starting at her waist, crossing over her breasts and applying enough pressure to give them a good squeeze. Sam moaned. She reached for the top button, undid it, then moved to the next.

In moments the blouse was loose and her chest was exposed, save for the white bra underneath. “Here, I’ll help with this one!” Sam sat up and reached behind to undo her bra, leaving it in place as she pulled her blouse off and laid back down. “Continue!”

Jane reached over and removed the bra, careful to gently massage her friend’s breasts as she did so. Those luscious breasts, so different from her own, but so mouthwateringly beautiful. Another moan escaped her friend’s lips. The jeans were her next target, and in seconds she was pulling them off to expose the black panties underneath, one leg at a time.

She swung over and forced her friend’s legs apart to sit between them, then started gently rubbing her friend through the panties. “Are you sure you want me to remove these? They’re so lovely,” she said playfully.

Sam was squirming. Jane knew how it felt, and it was starting to take it’s toll on her. She could feel herself starting to leave a line of moisture down the inside of her thigh. “Alright, I’ll take them off!”

Sam laughed as Jane took a firm grip of the panties and pulled them down, firmly, quickly, lifting her friends legs over her head to remove them. She held her legs there for a moment and licked the back of one of Sam’s calfs. Another moan, but Jane was getting desperate. She didn’t know how much longer she could hold out.

Holding those luscious legs with one hand, her other hand trailed down, tracing a path on the inside until she reached the vagina, and started to rub. She was very wet. “Oh my fucking god,” Sam said.

Jane inserted her index finger as deeply as she could and wiggled it, using her thumb to rub her friend’s engorged sensitive nub. Sam arched, breathless. “Oh god, don’t stop please don’t stop!”

She began pulsing her finger, in and out, around, up and down, the warmth of her friend’s insides leading her on. Her first orgasm hit then, she could feel it clamp down on her hand as Sam gasped, screaming. Jane slowed, letting her come down easy, them removed her hand and, while Sam was watching, put the finger in her mouth and sucked it clean.

“Fuck me woman, you know how to welcome someone.” Jane laughed and laid on top of her friend, embracing her while they kissed again. “Now it’s my turn!”

Sam forced Jane onto her back and kissed her deeply, but briefly before turning her attention to her neck. God, the woman knew how to work, sucking her earlobe and licking her neck in all the right places. If she was wet before, she was turning into a puddle. She looked up at the ceiling and closed her eyes.

She could feel Sam rub her breast, tender, firm, pressure on the nipple as it rose with her breath. She hardly noticed when it was no longer a finger massaging her nipple, but a tongue, flicking, moist. The sensation was incredible. But she was greedy now, she wanted more.

“Fuck me, please Sam I beg you!”

Even with her eyes closed she could almost swear she felt Sam smile. As Sam’s mouth was locked onto her breast, another hand reached between her legs and inserted a finger into her wet center. “My god woman, you are wet!”

Stroking, rubbing, Sam continued her ministrations, sucking on a nipple while fingering her vagina. It didn’t take long. After a moment the orgasm hit, and Jane screamed. Waves, heat, spasms, her hands nearly ripping the sheets out from under her. She didn’t care, the pleasure, worth everything.

When she came down, Sam was there with a kiss, gentle, letting her get her breath back. “Hm, what’s this?” Sam held up her come-soaked fingers, then rubbed Jane’s nipple with them, coating the breast in her own cream.

Sam moved down and licked the fluid from her breast, and Jane nearly came again. The sight alone nearly sent her over, watching her friend totally absorbed in licking her breast. Sam was moaning.

“Well honey, I hope you’re ready for more, ’cause I ain’t quite done yet,” she said, lifting her head from Jane’s breast.

Jane watched as Sam moved, smiling the whole way, down to her vagina, licking, tasting. She lifted Jane’s legs, forcing them apart, spread eagled, then buried her face. Jane stifled a scream.

Sam was moving quickly, up and down, teasing her fleshy lips as she occasionally sucked on her clit, tongue fully engaged. It was heavenly, and groans escaped Jane’s lips as she laid back and closed her eyes again.

She could feel her friend’s warm breath, and it just drove her further. Sam lifted one leg, forcing it up to give her better access. This was much easier in gravity, she decided.

Jane could feel Sam’s tongue moving, licking, probing, until finally a finger was inserted again. More waves of pleasure, but Sam removed the finger after a few seconds. Jane didn’t care, the tongue and lips were still there giving her everything.

Then she felt the pressure on her anus and gasped, looking up.

“Just relax love, I’ll be careful with you,” Sam said.

Jane forced her head down. She didn’t know if she liked this, but she trusted her friend.

Sam’s finger entered her anus, up to a knuckle, and started pushing in and out. It was, erotic, dirty, and it felt pretty fucking fantastic she decided. Another knuckle, and she could tell another orgasm was approaching quickly.

Tongue and lips on her vagina, a finger nearly all the way up her ass and pumping in and out, the waves of adrenaline were flowing like water. When she finally looked up to see her friend, she saw the pure pleasure on her face, her own eyes closed as she ate voraciously at her nethers.

She came. No, she exploded. It was like no orgasm she had ever experienced before. The world disappeared, her ears were ringing, all she felt was wave after wave of pleasure crashing against her mind. Muscles locked, breath stolen away, she could not even scream.

Jane didn’t know how long it lasted. It felt like minutes, but suspected it was only a few seconds. When rational though came back to her, Sam was there, smiling as always, laying beside her. Her face was wet.

“Hello,” was all she said.

Jane didn’t even have the strength to answer, offering a weak smile instead to accompany her slowing panting. She blinked, looking at her lovely American friend, and realized that she had tears in her eyes.

“Well now that you’ve given me a proper welcome, what is there to do for fun in this London of yours?” Sam asked, smiling.

Jane laughed. “I hear showering is fun.”

Sam raised an eyebrow at her. “Then what the hell are we waiting for?”

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