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Ghost Riders

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“Perfect,” she said out loud to no one. As if the night couldn’t get any worse, now her costume was ruined. The piece of shit car had just barely held onto life long enough to chug and puff into the gas station before it died with one last horrible cough. She had put the hood up and tinkered around in there the best she could – Karen didn’t know anything about cars except how to fill them with gas.

While she was bent over the greasy engine the wings she had so carefully attached to complete her ‘Angel’ costume had fallen into the muck.

Not that it mattered much now, without her car running there was no way she was going to make it to the party anyway. She walked over to the pay phone and dropped a coin in the slot, dialed a number. It was answered on the second ring and she could hear the din of a party in the background as a male voice said “Hello.”

“Tim, its Karen. My piece of shit car gave out again and I can’t get it restarted. Do you think you could come and pick me up?”

“Ah shit Karen, I’ve already had too many beers to drive and so have most people here. I can ask, see if I can find someone who is coming your direction and make a phone call. Where are you?”

“The gas station at the corner of Main and Vine, the new one they just built. It’s cold out here and I’m not dressed to be standing outside, my costume this year wasn’t Eskimo Fisherman.”

“It could be worse,” Tim said. “At least you are in a well lit area and can head inside and get yourself something warm to drink while you wait for a ride.”

She agreed he had a point and she told him to hurry up, that she would wait inside for a ride. Karen hung up the phone and turned to walk back to her car when she noticed the man looking under her hood. She approached cautiously and called out “Hello” when she was still a safe distance away.

The man stepped back and slammed the hood closed. “She’s dead, nothing I can do for her until the morning.” He wasn’t very old and he was strikingly handsome. He wiped his hands on a rag and stuffed it back into his back pocket as he approached her.

He held his hand out to her, “I’m Luke.”

“Karen,” she replied taking his hand cautiously. “Thanks for taking a look at it, but I think I should just take it to the scrap yard rather than sink any more money into trying to fix it yet again.”

Luke laughed. “Probably a good idea. Where were you headed tonight, I can tell that you are dressed for a Halloween party but I can’t tell what your costumed is supposed to be.”

“I’m an angel, or was an angel. That damn car claimed my wings too, and they were perfect. I can’t believe that car is going to ruin another night of my life! And this Halloween party was going to be great – Tim had even sprung for a keg of the good stuff.”

“Tim Collins?” Luke asked. “You were on your way to Tim Collins annual Halloween party?” Tim had been hosting his Halloween parties since before he was old enough to buy the beer himself. The stories of his annual bash had become the stuff of legends around town in the twenty plus years he had been hosting.

She nodded. “And now I won’t make it, which sucks because Halloween and costume parties are my favorite.”

“There’s no reason we can’t give you a ride,” he said gesturing to a car parked in front of the convenience store. “That is if you don’t mind squeezing in the back. My friends and I are headed just up the road from Tim’s. We can drop you off on the way.”

She thought about it for a minute. Luke was hot and he looked like a nice enough guy, and the car he had gestured to was awesome – a black Trans Am. On top of that she was getting cold and she really didn’t want to miss this party, she had been looking forward to it for so long. Karen agreed to accept the ride and retrieved some things from her car. She locked the door and kicked the broken down car one last time in disgust. At least it wasn’t going to ruin her night completely.

Luke escorted her across the lot to the car. The doors swung open and two other men stepped out of the car. The driver was a tall, well muscled man with dark hair and dark brooding eyes. “That’s Bobby,” Luke said and Bobby lifted his head almost imperceptibly in that ‘too cool’ greeting.

The other occupant was a short black man, only a few inches taller than Karen was but she could tell he was an athlete because his shirt sleeves bulged and his neck was thick with muscle. He smiled with a perfect set of bright whites as they were introduced, “This is Tre.”

Luke explained that Karen’s car had broken down and that she was on her way to Tim Collin’s Halloween party. Since they were on their way past there they were going to drop her off. This didn’t seem disagreeable to either of the cars other passengers and Karen was helped into the back seat behind Bobby and Luke dropped into the seat beside her.

Bobby fired up the car with a loud ‘roar’ and the rumble of the exhaust shook Karen in a way that made her think of rough sex. They sped out of the parking lot with the loud squeal of tires; the Trans Am was built to be driven fast and Bobby seemed inclined to do just that.

As they sped down the road, the outside world whipped by and Karen settled back to enjoy the ride. Tre reached under his seat and came up with a bottle, Karen could see from its label that it was whisky. He uncapped the bottle and took a swig, handed the bottle to Bobby and he did likewise. The bottle made its way to the back and Luke offered Karen a drink, which she took, before taking a long pull on the bottle himself.

The alcohol burned Karen going down, but it helped to warm her. She wasn’t outside long but she also wasn’t really wearing any cloths to speak of. The angel costume consisted of not much more than extremely short shorts covered by a sheer skirt and a white halter top that had two purposes – to conceal the wearers breast and hold the costumes wings in place. It did the latter much better than it did the former.

Karen was a good looking girl, tall and with above average assets. She stood about five foot eight and had long, trim legs. Her breasts were her best asset, and they were large enough for a D cup bra. She’d gained the reputation around town for being a slut, but she didn’t think that going to bed with men she found attractive was wrong. Besides she knew girls who had slept with way more men that she had, but Karen was definitely a party girl who loved a good time.

Luke must have sensed this as he kept feeding her whisky and soon her head started to swim. He had set his hand on her knee soon after they got into the car and she hadn’t objected. As time passed he was getting even bolder, moving his hand up her leg. He was now rubbing the inside of her thigh and she could feel little jolts of excitement running through her pussy.

Karen took another drink, a large one and felt it start to melt her inhibitions away. She felt dangerous, in a fast car with three guys that she didn’t know. Hell she hadn’t even thought about it not being safe to take a ride from these total strangers. For all she knew they could be driving her to some remote location to rape her, not that she would mind fucking any of the guys in the car. “Can’t rape the willing,” she thought to herself and a smile crossed her lips.

Luke must have read this as a sign she approved of his advances, which actually she did. He was the best looking guy who had shown interest in her in a while and the alcohol was really starting to loosen her up. He stopped rubbing her thighs and moved his hand between her legs to her pussy. Karen knew she was getting wet and Luke could feel the heat of her pussy though the thin material of her costume. He leaned over and kissed her, tasting the whisky on her tongue and lips. She was a good kisser and they shared a long kiss.

Luke moved his mouth to her neck kissing her skin roughly, Karen loved to be kissed on the neck and she knew that she could feel herself starting to lose control; she decided she didn’t care. Luke moved his other hand to her breasts and squeezed them though her top. The outfit was cut low and a lot of her breasts were pushed up and out of the top and Luke began to rub the bare skin of her tits. He slipped his hand down and inside her bra, pinched a nipple. Karen pushed her body into his touch and Luke pulled down on her top, causing her tits to spill completely out of their confines.

He stopped kissing her neck and moved to her breasts, sucking on each nipple in turn. Luke could feel her wetness now starting to dampen the crotch of her shorts and he rubbed her harder. She pushed back against his touch and opened her eyes and saw that Tre was turned around in his seat watching the show, his eyes locked on her tits.

Karen felt her shorts pulled aside and felt Luke’s touch on her swollen pussy lips. He ran his fingers through her wetness, never penetrating her but teasing her expertly. She pushed her hips down against him in an effort to get his fingers inside her but he just kept on sliding his fingers between the folds of her wet lips, teasing her. She felt like she was on fire and would do anything these guys wanted if they would just please her.

Luke continued to tease Karen and he knew that she was really getting turned on, her hips were pushed as far forward in the cramped back seat as they could. He desperately wanted to put his tongue in her, to suck on her clit and inhale her sweet nectar but that wasn’t going to happen in the back of a Trans Am. His cock was hard and was straining against his jeans. Karen had been stroking him through his cloths since he had started rubbing her pussy and he wanted to be in her mouth. He told her so and she agreed.

Karen pushed Luke off of her and back into his seat. She didn’t bother to fix her cloths or cover herself, she just went for Luke’s jeans, unbuttoned and unzipped them and pulled out his cock. It was a nice size and she put him in her mouth and began to bob up and down on him relentlessly, shoving him deep in her mouth and ramming him against the back of her throat on each stroke. Luke’s hand was on the back of her head, encouraging her to push his cock in even deeper.

She felt the car slow and then turn off the paved road onto a dirt one. Karen had no idea where they were going but she didn’t care, as long as it had enough privacy so she could stop sucking Luke and get him inside her pussy. The car rolled to a stop and she sat up and looked around. They were at the picnic area of a state park, a place that this time of night was guaranteed to be deserted.

Bobby and Tre hopped out of the car, Tre taking the bottle of whisky with him. Luke helped Karen out of the back seat and out into the cool night air. Karen’s nipples hardened in response to the cold and stood erect for all three men to see.

Luke led Karen over to the picnic pavilion and set her on one of the tables. He grabbed her shorts and slid them down over her shapely legs. Tre moved behind her and helped to pull her skimpy top up and over her head. She was stark naked in this very public place, on Halloween night with three hot guys she had met barely a half an hour ago.

Tre handed her the bottle of whisky and she took another deep swig, feeling it warm her insides in stark contrast to the cool night air outside. Bobby sat on the table next to her and Luke straddled the bench between her legs. Karen handed the bottle back to Tre who took a long pull and handed it back to Bobby.

Karen leaned back and kissed Tre who then helped lay her back on the table. Luke was on her pussy in an instant, his tongue licking her slit in long strokes. He slid a finger inside her and worked it in and out of her wet pussy. Tre was standing above her taking off his cloths; first his shirt was off revealing his muscled physique and then his pants and boxers went, and his cock was free. It was very large and very black – Karen had fucked a few black guys and for the most part they had indeed had rather large penises but Tre’s was by far the biggest she had seen.

She got a good look at it too, and from very up close. No sooner had Tre’s cock been released than he was feeding it down her throat. Karen opened her mouth as wide as she could and could feel the strain on her jaw as she struggled to keep her teeth from dragging on Tre’s dick.

Bobby was devoting his attention to her tits, licking and sucking on each nipple in turn. He pressed them together and grabbed the bottle of whisky, tilted it and poured the brown liquid all over her large tits. He licked at them furiously in what had to be the most literal instance of a ‘body shot’ in history.

Luke was doing a number on her pussy too, and his gentle lickings and stroking had been replaced with a feverous assault on her clit and hole. He had three fingers jammed in her pussy and was ramming into her with speed while his mouth sucked and bit on her engorged clit. Karen was going crazy, so many great feelings at once she didn’t know which to concentrate on.

Tre was full on face fucking her now and was ramming his cock into the back of her throat with each long stroke, his huge black balls slapping her in the forehead as he did. Bobby was sucking furiously on her nipples and tits; Karen knew that she would have large hickeys all over them tomorrow.

Karen’s skin began to tingle all over and her breathing became shallow, she orgasmed and her moans were muffled by the cock jammed down her throat. Her hips lifted from the table and bucked on Luke’s mouth, her pussy juices spreading all over his face. “That pussy ready?” Tre asked and Luke assured him that it was. Tre took his cock from Karen’s mouth and he and Luke traded ends.

Karen looked at Bobby who was still sitting there clothed. He took a swig of the whisky and then put a cigarette in his mouth and lit it. He put the bottled to Karen’s lips and tilted it, pouring a little too much down her throat causing her to cough and sputter. Bobby laughed, “You better get used to having a lot of liquid in your mouth, cuz once we’re done fucking your pussy and ass you’re going to swallow all that we have to give you.” He reached out and tweaked a nipple hard as if to punctuate his statement and Karen started to say something like, “Pussy and Ass?” or “No need to be mean about it, of course I’ll let you cum in my mouth” but she never got the words out, when she opened her mouth to speak Luke jammed his cock in her mouth and she forgot all about what she was going to say.

Tre was getting ready to fuck her sweet pussy, teasing her with his big cock, putting the head in and then sliding it back out and rubbing her pussy with it. Karen’s hips moved to take more of him each time he did and each time he withdrew much to her disappointment. Then in one quick, violent motion he shoved into her and past any resistance that may have been left. His cock crashed into the back of her vagina and his balls slapped her ass with a loud ‘thwap!’ Karen cried out in pleasure and pain, filled so fully that she began to cum. It occurred to her then that Tre probably never did anything gentle.

Luke was still fucking Karen’s mouth, and even though he had a nice sized cock it wasn’t like when she was trying to blow Tre. Karen put her hands on Luke’s ass and pulled him into her mouth, using her tongue to please him before releasing him to catch her breath and then pulling him back into her mouth. Luke loved the blowjob; this hot bitch was taking every inch of him into her mouth with decided skill.

Tre continued his rampage on her pussy, driving into her with force, ripping her open and slamming into the deepest parts of her. The first few thrusts Karen thought that she was going to be ripped in half, but as her pussy became wetter and she got used to his size she started to really enjoy herself. She had to hand it to Tre, despite his apparent lack of tact he really knew how to fuck. She came and added more lube to the coupling; Tre took her moans as encouragement and only fucked her harder.

Bobby must have seen Tre starting to loose control because he said, “Don’t come in her you fuck, not until we have all had a crack at that sweet pussy. Luke, bend her over the end of the table down there.” Tre slammed his cock into Karen one more time and then withdrew. Karen’s pussy tightened and squeezed his cock unconsciously trying to hold him inside her.

The guys helped Karen up and moved her to the end of the table. Luke took up position behind her and pushed her forward, exposing her hot cunt. He reached his hands around and cupped her breasts as he slid inside her. Karen reached down between her legs and lazily rubbed her clit as Luke settled into a slow pattern that was the exact opposite of Tre’s. Luke fucked her with long, slow strokes that let him feel every inch of her hot box; He would push all the way and hold himself inside her, his hips pressed against her sweet ass, and then out again leaving in just the tip before repeating the motion.

Bobby undressed and hopped onto the table in front of Karen. She could see that his cock, while only half hard, seemed to already be bigger than Tre’s. Must be the alcohol she thought and then it was in her mouth. Bobby was pulling her down onto it as far as she could go and Karen had to concentrate on not throwing up. She gagged on his cock as it grew, and grew and grew some more. She pulled it out of her mouth and looked at it, shiny from her spit in the moonlight. It had to be over a foot long and almost as thick as a beer can.

“Holy fuck,” Karen said and the three men laughed.

“Bobby’s a legend, even us brothers bow down to him.” Tre said from his seat at the picnic table. He was working on the whisky again and Karen noticed that for all the drinking they had been doing, the bottle still seemed half full.

“Yeah,” Luke said from behind Karen. “He figured out that if you have a big cock and a cool car you don’t have to have a personality to get laid.”

“Fuck you guys,” Bobby said and laughed. “Luke, stop worrying about my cock and concentrate on getting yours in her ass.”

Karen tried to object, she had tried anal sex a few times in the past and hadn’t enjoyed it, but before she could say anything Bobby had stuck his cock back in her mouth. He pulled her down onto his lap, trying to shove his monstrous dick deeper into her throat. Karen had to put her hands on the table to keep herself from being chocked and so when she felt Luke’s cock press against her ass she was in no position to fend him off.

Luke started to push against her anus, felt resistance and tried again. “Needs lube,” he said and Tre handed him the bottle of whisky. Karen felt a splash of liquid on her ass and then felt Luke’s tongue in her crack, licking at her holes. Again Luke tried and this time her backside relented and his cock slid into her. His hands were on her tits again and he squeezed her nipples hard, sending shock waves of pleasure through Karen. She felt him push deeper into her ass, deeper than any one had before and she began to feel herself relax.

She had also figured out how to keep Bobby from chocking her to death and was now sucking on him as best she could despite his enormous size. Karen managed to get her mouth open wide enough to fit around Bobby’s cock and tried to deep throat him. She was enjoying the challenge of sucking his huge cock and put as much in her mouth as she could and pushed. He held the back of her throat and pushed as deep as was possible. Karen thought she had a good amount of him down her throat but when looked she saw that more than half of him was still sticking out of her mouth. How she was ever going to get this thing in her pussy she didn’t know.

Luke had stopped fucking her ass and she felt him slide out of her and then back in, only this time she felt her ass hole being stretched even further. While Karen was concentrating on Bobby’s cock Tre had moved behind her and taken Luke’s place in her ass. If Karen thought Tre would be gentler because he was in her ass and not her pussy she was badly mistaken. Tre reached up and grabbed a hold of her shoulders and pulled. She felt her anus stretch and tear as he shoved and shoved his huge black cock inside her.

Tre pushed until he had managed to get his entire cock inside her ass and then he began to fuck her with the same strong strokes that he had used when he was in her pussy. His hands gripped her hips tight and pulled Karen down onto his prick with great force. She was no longer sucking on Bobby, couldn’t, she was too busy trying to keep her ass from splitting in two.

The feeling was nothing like Karen had ever felt before, the pain was intense, but underneath it was… yes, it was pleasure. She reached down between her legs with both hands and put two of her fingers from one hand inside her pussy and used the other hand to rub her clit. Moments later she could feel her knees grow weak and a tidal wave of orgasmic pleasure came crashing down on her. She screamed, and felt her ass hole squeeze and relax, squeeze and relax. Karen was cuming like she had never came before and she screamed with each pulse of her climax. She felt her pussy grow wetter than she had ever felt it and her juice boiled over, sending streams of her juices flowing down the inside of her thighs like twin raging rivers.

Her legs kept shaking and if she hadn’t been impaled on Tre’s cock, Karen would have collapsed. Slowly the shock waves subsided and she pulled herself forward and off Tre’s cock. She reached her hand back and could feel how open her previously tight ass hole was and she decided right then that if those were the kinds of orgasms that she was going to get with a cock in her ass then she had a new hobby.

Bobby helped her to the picnic table and laid her back down. He spread her thighs and knelt to lick the trails of pussy juice off her legs. Karen was still breathing hard from her last orgasm and when she felt Bobby’s tongue come in contact with her pussy, she came again immediately. She came again and again as Bobby kept licking her clit with hard strokes. A strange tingling was making its way to her pussy with each orgasm and then it happened; Karen squirted. Not a lot, not a huge waterfall of juices but a stream of female cum that splashed on Bobby’s chin and in his mouth.

Bobby stood and smiled at her and Tre rewarded her first female ejaculation by pouring a huge gulp of whisky in her mouth. Karen was sure she didn’t need anymore alcohol, her head was swimming in sexual pleasure just fine, thank you, but she wasn’t in a position to object.

Karen felt pressure between her legs and it reminded her of the time when one of her old boyfriends had gotten drunk and become convinced that shoving his whole fist inside her was a romantic gesture. It wasn’t, it only hurt her and got him slapped. But this was no fist, this was Bobby’s cock and he seemed bound and determined to get inside her. She reached for the bottle of alcohol again and took an even bigger swig of the foul stuff – liquid courage, and she needed all the courage she could get to face down this monster.

Bobby spit on his hand and rubbed it on the head of his cock trying to get as much lube as he could on his tool. He had been pushing against Karen and couldn’t even get started inside her. “Fella’s, grab her legs” he said to Tre and Luke who were sitting on benches opposite each other. They did and her pussy opened up a little more, just enough that he was able to slip the tip of his cock inside her. Once he got started he knew he could shove inside her but getting it going was always the tough part.

Karen was trying to relax, knowing that she was going to have this cock inside her if it took Bobby all night to get it in. It didn’t, all it took was for the other two guys to pull her legs apart and then she felt the tip slide past her outer lips. He was working himself into her slow, at least she could be thankful of that. If he had been trying to ram into her like Tre had she was sure she would have been bludgeoned to death.

Bobby was making progress now and each push was placing him deeper and deeper inside Karen. He used his thumb on her clit as he pushed, trying to loosen her up even more and it seemed to be working. Karen was starting to enjoy the feeling of Bobby’s cock inside her, the feeling of being stretched to the limit and filled to capacity. A few more pushes and she felt him bottom out, the massive head of his cock scraping the very depths of her womanhood.

Karen reached her hands out and found what she was looking for. She took Luke’s cock in one hand and Tre’s in the other. She began to stroke them in sync with Bobby’s thrusts, her whole body now consumed with lust. “Fuck me Bobby, fuck me with that amazing cock. Faster,” she pleaded and Bobby obliged her, picking up the pace and ramming into her with a little more force, testing her resolve. Karen came, her whole body convulsing and thrashing with pleasure. She cried out, screamed out like a wolf howling at the moon (Well, it was Halloween night, so should that have been like a were-wolf howling at the moon? Ah, never mind.)

The two cocks in Karen’s hands were reaching their full girth again and Luke and Tre took up positions on either side of her head. Karen turned toward Luke and he pushed his cock into her mouth, she sucked on him as he slowly fucked her mouth. Then she released him and turned to Tre. He grabbed her head and shoved his cock into her mouth and into her throat causing her to gag. Tre held his cock in the back of her mouth and Karen massaged the underside of him with her tongue. Between her legs Bobby kept on pounding away at her pussy, picking up steam with each stroke.

Karen came again and the muscles in her pussy quivered, seemed to grab the cock inside her and squeeze. The increased friction started Bobby on the path to orgasm that he wasn’t going to recover from. “Holy fuck,” he said. “I’m gonna cum.”

He pulled from her pussy and moved onto the picnic table, straddling Karen’s chest. She let go of the cocks in her hands and pushed her breasts together, making a tunnel for Bobby’s cock. Bobby thrust between her tits a few strokes and then he cried out. Karen lifted her head from the table and took the head of his cock between her lips and sucked, barely getting in position as the first stream of sperm jetted past her lips and splashed onto her tongue.

Bobby kept cuming and Karen kept swallowing. She swallowed as much as she could but he was cuming too much and too fast. Her mouth filled with his seed and it spilled out, cascading over her lips and down her chin, coming to rest in pearly pools on her neck. The last few drips of cum dripped from Bobby’s cock onto her lips and Karen swallowed what was left in her mouth and then licked her lips. She used her mouth to clean every last bit of cum from his majestic cock before releasing him. Bobby’s legs were so weak from climax that he literally crawled over to his jeans, took out his cigarettes and lit one.

He puffed on it and held in the smoke for a long time before breathing out. “Well, what are you guys waiting for? Finish up. The girls got a party we promised to get her to.”

Both remaining men made a move for her sacred slit, but Luke was the faster one and was in position before Tre had even put down the bottle of whisky. “Let me have a drink of that,” Karen said and Tre handed her the bottle. She took a deep swig and then another, washing down the huge load of cum she had just coaxed out of Bobby. Tre took the bottle from her when she was done and Karen noticed for the second time that even as they passed the bottle and drank generous amounts, their still seemed to be plenty in the bottle. She supposed that Tre could have gone back to the car and gotten another at some point while she was otherwise distracted but she didn’t think so.

Karen’s thoughts were interrupted by the feeling of Luke’s cock being shoved up her ass. All night he had been gentle with her, fucking her with controlled strokes and seeming more interested in her pleasure than his own, but clearly his lust had started to take over now. She felt her ass being stretched as he pushed deeply into her, not bothering to take his time. Karen felt his balls slap her ass as he pushed all of himself inside her. He started to fuck her with fast strokes, pushing all the way inside her and then coming all the way out, leaving just the very tip of him aligned with her anus so he had the feeling of penetrating her with each stroke.

While he fucked her ass Luke took three fingers and shoved them in her pussy. He was amazed at how open she was now, but figured that after taking a cock like Bobby’s she should be stretched out. He fingered her fast and hard in the same way as he was fucking her ass. Karen was enjoying the feeling of having something stuffed in both of her holes and she decided that this too was something that she would have to experiment with in the future.

It wasn’t long before Luke’s motions became exaggerated and he got that far away look in his eyes that guys get when their orgasm is imminent. With a final flurry of strokes Luke withdrew is cock and moved to Karen’s mouth. He pushed his dick deep into her mouth, all the way against the back of her throat and came. Karen swallowed all that Luke had to give her and then cleaned him with her lips and tongue before letting him fall from her mouth. Luke joined Bobby on the grass and bummed a cigarette for himself.

Karen was sore in both holes and still had Tre left. He moved between her legs and grabbed her hips and rolled her over. With his strength he had no problem simply picking her up, turning her and setting her back down with her ass in the air. He spit on Karen’s asshole and she again felt her anus penetrated but it wasn’t a cock, it was one of Tre’s meaty fingers. He stuck it all the way into her, up to his last knuckle, and began to massage the inside of her ass. Karen felt his big black dick press against her pussy and it slid in with amazing ease. She was so stretched out from Bobby that she wasn’t sure that she would ever be satisfied with a normal sized cock again.

Tre knew only one way to fuck, hard. He was crashing into her pussy with tremendous force and while it had been a shock before and a little uncomfortable, all the activities of the night had Karen stretched and feeling extremely good. Soon Karen was cuming again. Tre slipped another finger into her ass and Karen knew that he wasn’t just going to fuck her pussy, cum and let her stretched out ass rest. As he worked his two digits in and out of her anus he continued to fuck her with force, causing Karen to cum again and she felt herself ejaculation for the second time of that night.

Tre pulled his cock from her pussy and bent to lick the sweet liquid Karen had released from her pussy. He removed his fingers from her ass and positioned his cock at the entrance to her rear. Her ass was sore and tight, unaccustomed to seeing this much activity. Tre found her ass tough to get into and so he did what he always did, he pushed harder until he felt the resistance give and his cock slid down her hole. Karen screamed in pain and Bobby said, “Shh, if you scream like that again the rangers will come up here to see what’s up and then we’ll have to let them fuck your ass too so they don’t give us a fine and then they’d want to take you to their little cabin and pass you around to all their ranger friends. Before you know it you’d be getting tag-teamed by Yogi and Boo Boo.”

The four of them laughed out loud at the thought. Karen relaxed and Tre resumed fucking her ass. He pounded her, straining with each thrust to shove even more and more of himself inside her hole. Tre fucked her in the ass for a few minutes then slid his cock out of her anus, repositioned himself and slid into her pussy again. The sensation caused Karen to cum again and she was now just lying there limp letting this large black man have his way with her holes.

Tre fucked her pussy with hard strokes, their bodies making loud slapping noises with each push. Karen felt him slid out of her pussy and then back into her ass. He fucked her ass hard and deep again before pulling out and sliding into her pussy yet again. Each time he switched holes, the sensation of his large cock penetrating her caused Karen to cum. He continued his assault on both holes and Karen thought she was going to turn into one big orgasm when she felt him slid into her ass and go rigid.

Karen could feel his cock grow in her ass, her previously tight anus stretched even further and the she felt his hot cum shoot into her depths. Tre held her hips tight and didn’t move as his cock jumped and shot jet after jet of hot cum in her ass. It was a feeling that Karen had never experienced and she liked it, not as much as she like having men cum in her pussy, but it was enjoyable still.

When at last Tre had deposited the last bit of cum he had to give he slid out of her backside. He moved over to Karen’s mouth and presented his cock for her to suck. She refused to open her mouth, she didn’t have a problem eating cum or tasting her pussy but it had just come out of her ass. Tre slapped her cheek with his dick and Karen gasp. In the instant that her mouth opened he shoved his cock into her mouth. Karen could taste the strange combination of her ass and his cum. It wasn’t actually bad and she figured ‘what the hell, I’ve done everything else tonight. What’s one more thing?’

Karen sucked him clean and when he was satisfied, Tre withdrew his cock. She sat up and wiped her lips. Bobby handed her the bottle of whisky and she took a long swig, trying to get the taste of her ass and Tre’s cum out of her mouth. She took the bottle from her lips and then returned it, taking another long drink to help dull the pain she was feeling in her pussy and ass.

The guys passed the bottle around and set it back on the table as they redressed. The night air was strong with the scent of cigarette smoke, cheap whisky and pussy. Karen looked at the bottle again, she had taken two big swigs from it and then watched these three guys do the same – still the amount of whisky in the bottle seemed the same. She started to form a question in her mind, then lost it in a haze of sex and booze, and now she was being helped to her feet and helped back into what was left of her costume.

“Even without the wings, you are an angel,” Bobby said, a grin on his lips.

“Yeah, you win the ‘Best Costume’ contest hands down,” Luke said.

Karen laughed, “You mean pants down.” She was the only one in costume unless they were going out dressed as preppy jocks. “So what’s my prize?”

Tre grabbed one of her tits through her costume top and smiled at her. “You just got your prize and if you don’t get that hot ass body in the car we’re going to throw in a wonderful parting gift, too.”

The guys laughed and so did Karen. Tre held the door and Luke helped her into the back seat. Bobby got in, turned the key and the car’s finely tuned engine let out a roar. Minutes later they were back on the highway and in just few more minutes they were pulling into Tim Collin’s driveway. It was late but the party was still going strong.

Karen got out of the car and thanked the guys for the ride.

Luke smiled. “Hey, it was no problem. The pleasure was all ours,”

“Well, the pleasure wasn’t all yours,” Karen said smiling a sexy smile. She turned and walked toward the house. Bobby put the car in reverse, backed into the road and slammed the car into drive. The engine revved and the tires squealed and when Karen turned to get one last look at the car it had accelerated so fast she could barely make out the lights in the distance.

Karen weaved her way through merry party goers dressed in an assortment of Halloween get-ups until she found Tim. He was over by the keg talking to two guests dressed as Dracula and a nurse.

“Hey Tim, looks like a great party,” Karen said and Tim turned to greet her. He handed her a glass of beer and raised his own in a little toasting motion.

“Glad that you could finally make it, did you get that piece of shit car running or were you able to bum a ride?”

Karen took a drink from her cup, glad to have something to wash the whisky taste out of her mouth. She knew the old saying, ‘Liquor before beer, have no fear’ and figured she was in the clear; she didn’t plan on drinking any more whisky anytime soon. “Grabbed a ride with some guys who were at the station. They were headed this way and so it was no big deal for them to drop me off. Nice guys too, said they knew you and about your parties.”

“That was nice of them,” Tim said. He waved across the crowd to a couple who walked in the front door, the man was dressed as a pimp and his date as one of his ‘working girls.’ “Who were they?”

“Well, it was Bobby Mitchell’s car, a hot Trans Am, and his friends Luke and Tre.”

Tim, who had been taking a drink, suddenly froze and lowered the glass from his mouth. “Bobby Mitchell?!” Tim asked, his voice raising to the level of a shout. “Did you say you got a ride here with Bobby Mitchell?!”

The noise in the room quieted and all conversations stopped. Everyone was starting at Tim and Karen.

Karen scuffed her feet uncomfortably, she wondered why Tim was making such a big deal over who she caught a ride with. Bobby and his friends were nice and, other than leaving her with a sore ass and a well stretched pussy, they had gotten her here safe and sound. “Yeah, Bobby Mitchell. And Luke and Tre,” she said defensively.

The more Karen thought about it the more indignant she became; what did Tim care who she rode with? She had called him when she broke down and he had left her stranded at the station, and now he had a problem with who she had rode with? The more she thought about it, the angrier she got. She and Tim were just friends, what right did he have to question who she rode where with? And wouldn’t he just totally flip if he knew that on the way to his party, the four of them had stopped and had the an outdoor fuck fest that had left her sore and stretched in both holes, not to mention with a stomach full of cum?

Karen’s emotions rose inside her and she was starting to get pissed. The crowd of people at the party were all staring at her and she didn’t like that much either. Tim just stood there staring at her, mouth agape. “So what if I did?” she asked, looking hard at Tim, challenging him.

“Karen,” Tim began, his voice soft, “I know that you haven’t lived around here that long and so you don’t know about Bobby, Luke and Tre…”

“What’s to know?” she shot back. “They were nice guys and they got me to your party, which by the way, isn’t turning out to be the fun loving times I had hoped for. I rode here with Bobby Mitchell, sat in the back seat of his Trans Am next to Luke and drank from the bottle of whisky that Tre had with him. What’s the big deal?!”

Horrified looks passed on the faces of the crowd, was this some kind of joke? Did this girl think she was being funny?

Tim looked at everything but Karen, who stood there hands on her scantly clad hips starting at him.

“Bobby Mitchell was my best friend…”

“Oh, I see where this is going. You had a falling out and you don’t want me to be friends with him. That it? This some dick waving contest? Is that what this is?”

Tim was visibly shaken, and his voice wavered as he spoke. “Karen…Ten years ago, on Halloween night… just about a mile up the road from here… they were drinking, driving that damn Trans Am too fast… didn’t make the corner,” Tim paused and sucked in a breath.

He composed himself and went on. “You couldn’t have gotten a ride to the party with them… ten years ago in that accident… Bobby wrapped his Trans Am around a tree… all three of them were killed.”

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