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Karen’s Fantasy

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The drapes to the sliding door were closed. The sun was blazing hot, and closing the drapes help keep the house cool. Karen and I were watching The Stand. She had seen the movie many times, almost knew the dialog of all the characters. The old black woman had just died.

I leaned over and kissed Karen on the cheek. She snuggled up to me, I put my left arm around her shoulders. She turned on her hip and placed her left leg on my lap.

Karen reached up with her chin, kissed my jaw near the ear, moved down a little and kissed again. Step by step, she kissed her way down my jaw to my chin. I tilted my head, made it easy for her.

She sat on my lap, facing me, long legs folded up on either side of me. Grasping my neck, massaging my cheeks with her thumbs, she leaned in and gently kissed my on the lips.

“Follow me” was all she said. She got off my lap and walked towards the bedroom, never looking back. She knew I would follow.

I got up and followed. What was a guy to do? Watching her long tanned legs move gracefully through the dining room and down the hallway, in jean shorts and a lavender tank top.

“Sit down” she said with a smile and pointed at the bed. I sat and she sat on my lap, just like she did on the couch. I put my hands near her knees, and slide my hands up her thighs, until I cupped her ass cheeks in the palms of my hands. She put her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply.

Thrusting her tongue into my mouth, our tongues did a dance. The tip of her tongue circled the inside of my mouth, then mine circled hers. Her hands slid down over my chest, and pulled my shirt out of my shorts. Fumbling to get her hands underneath, she pulled the shirt up and over my head.

Karen pushed me back, she leaned forward and kissed me on the lips, gently. She kissed my chin, continuing kissing under my chin and down my throat. She rubbed my chest, circling my nipples with her thumbs. Trailing kisses and licks down my chest, her right hand slide down my stomach as soon as her lips touched my nipple.

Her hand rubbed my hardness, up and down, occasionally cupping my balls and gently squeezing. Karen would kiss from one nipple to the other. She slide her hand up, palm pressed lightly on my shaft, and grabs the flab of cloth above the button on my shorts. Giving a hank on the flap, the button came undone, and she grabbed the tab on the zipper and pulled it down.

“What’s hiding in here?” Karen asked.

“Someone always happy to see you.” I said.

“Always happy to see him too” Karen said. “So let’s get him out to party!” She grabbed the waistband of my briefs, and pulled them down, along with my shorts. I lifted my hips to allow her to pull the bundle off.

Karen straightened up. “Doesn’t seem fair” she said and pulled off her top. Her perfectly sized boobs were perfect for cupping in the palm of my hands.

Bending down, she cupped my balls in her right hand, sliding her thumb under the shaft. She stuck her tongue out, slowly circling the head of my cock. She slowly slide her hand up and down my rock hard shaft, never stopping the circling tongue. Opening her mouth, she took in the head, and continued circling the head with her tongue. Her lips never left the head of my cock as she got off the bed and knelt at the end. Karen started to lick the shaft, methodically going around in a circle, getting everything wet.

I was up on my elbows watching her. She looked me in the eye and asked “You like watching me get your hard cock nice and wet don’t you?” She never lost eye contact as I watched my cock slowly slide into her mouth, and felt her rub my balls at the same time. Her lips touched her hand, and she moved both of them up and down my shaft together.

“Where would you like to cum sweety? Do you wanna cum on my tits? Watch the cum dribble down over my tits and down my stomach? How about cumming on my face, so I can scoop it up with my finger and into my waiting mouth? Ohhh, I know. You wanna cum in my mouth, let it drip out from around my lips and onto my hands, so you can watch me lick my hands clean. That’s what you want isn’t it sweety?” Her hand never stopped moving up and down my shaft, as she made suggestions in her sultry low voice.

I put my finger next to my mouth, turn my head and rolled my eyes a bit, pretending I was pondering. “Well, you do know my favorite.”

Karen laughed. “I got you all figured out.” With that, her head bobbed down and her mouth covered my cock again. Her tongue glazed the underside of my shaft with saliva. She would twist her hand around my shaft, getting everything wet and well lubed.

Her mouth left my cock, but her eyes didn’t stop looking into my eyes. “I want you to cum in my mouth. I want to taste that salty cum on my tongue. I want to feel that shiver with my tongue as you cum. I want to feel your cock pump and then a splash!”

Her head bobbed back down, and she started to bob faster. “Give me what I want baby, coat my tongue!” she said between bobs. I was breathing heavy, feeling the pressure build, watching as Karen moved her mouth, lips, tongue and hand in perfect combination. Up and down the shaft, hand twisting around the shaft like a screw, eyes looking right into mine.

My hips bucked a bit, pushing my cock deeper into her mouth. A lick of her soft tongue, and a final rub with her hand, and I erupted onto her waiting tongue. She never batted an eye, never took her eyes off my face as I came.

She swirled her tongue around the head, just enough to heighten the sensation. As she did so, some creamy cum ran past her lips and onto her hand. She ran her tongue over her thumb, getting the cream. The tip of her tongue traced her forefinger, and then back down towards her wrist, catching the last trail of cum before it escaped.

It took a moment for me to recover. “That was fantastic!”

Karen kissed her way up my abdomen, kissing each nipple. Her breasts dragged over my stomach. I wrapped my arms around her, massaging her back. She kissed my neck, my chin, and finally my lips.

My hands reached down, cupped her ass cheeks. “These shorts are in the way.” I hinted.Karen stood up, right on the bed, and pulled them down. She stepped out of them, while I held her hand for balance.

Karen kneeled back down, knees at my rib cage. Her naked wet pussy pressing against my hard cock. She moved her hips up and down, spreading her wetness over my cock. I wrapped my arms around her, and pulled her close, feeling her nipples press against my chest. I thrust my hips slowly up, timing myself with Karen’s movements.

“Get that favorite lavender toy of yours” I say.

“But I like this much better” Karen pouts.

“I have a plan, you’ll like it, promise.” I said as I playfully spanked her ass.

Karen crawled off me and reached into the night stand. She pulled out the lavender dildo. I slid down the bed and put my feet on the floor at the foot of the bed.

“You running away from me?” Karen pouted.

“Nope, not at all.” I said. “Now get that cute butt down here, lay on your back on top of me.”

Karen maneuvered herself in position, putting her feet on my knees. My hands wrapped around her and found her tits. I kissed her neck, and whispered “Guide my cock into you, make me nice and wet with your honey.” She reached down, grasped my cock, rubbed the head over her pussy lips a couple times, before impaling herself on me, slowly burying my hardness in her.

When I was buried to the hilt, I kissed her neck and asked in a whisper, “Does that feel good?” Her answer was a moan. I pumped myself into her a couple times while I caressed her hard nipples with my thumb and forefinger.

“Now that I am nice and wet,” I said as my hand slid down over her stomach and rubbed her clit a second, “I’m going to fuck that tight ass of yours.” I reached down between us and took a hold of my hard cock, held it steady as Karen slide up and repositioned herself. She wiggled her hips, found the right place, and slowly descended onto me, my cock slowly entered her. Karen slid down slowly, letting herself adjust to me.

Buried to the hilt, I kissed Karen’s neck, lightly dancing the tip of my tongue over her skin. “Now it’s your turn to cum. Slide that toy into your pussy. I want you to look down between your legs and see yourself in the mirror, getting filled up and fucked. I want you to see yourself cum and cum hard.”

“Oh God” was her only response. She started to slide the dildo in and out of her, watching herself in the mirror. I started to pump myself into her, matching her rhythm.

I could tell she was loving this. I could feel her juices trickling down my balls. I wondered what she was watching in the mirror. Was she watching my rock hard cock pump in and out of her ass? Was she watching her favorite toy pump in and out of her pussy? Was she watching her face twist in ecstasy? Was she turned on by the glistening wetness coating the dildo? Was she watching her sweet pussy juice trickle in a torrent down my balls?

“Watch yourself cum, baby,” I said.

“Oh God!!!” Karen gasped. Her ass cheeks started to quiver, and her feet started to jerk a little on my thighs as waves of pleasure overcame her. I pinched and twisted her nipples in my hands. Her head jerked and her body shook, but her eyes never left the mirror.

Karen collapsed back onto me, panting with her eyes closed. I gently caressed her skin and asked her “What are you planning for the rest of the day? Think you might have an idea?”

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