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Getting Extra Friendly

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“Show me,” Hannah said, grinning.

“What?” Bruce responded.

“I said show me, I want to see how big it is.”

“I’ve never claimed that its big, just that his is small,” Bruce responded, laughing.

“I don’t care, I want you to show me.”

“Are you serious?” Bruce asked, feeling his cock stiffen at the thought of getting it out in front of his friend.

“Hell yes, I’m drunk, horny and I want to see your cock,” Hannah said animatedly.

“Ok, then, you asked for it,” Bruce responded, standing and undoing the Hannaht of his jeans. Hannah moved a little closer as he worked the button loose and then slid the zipper down to the bottom. Hannah reached out and yanked on Bruce’s jeans, pulling them down his legs, leaving his most erect penis clearly evident as it stood out against the loose confines of his boxers. Before he could even utter a protest, she grabbed those as well, puling them down. Bruce’s cock sprang up after it was jerked downwards in the removal process and Hannah clapped her hands as she took it in.

“Um there you go then, that’s it,” Bruce said.

“Mmmm, nice,” Hannah replied as she moved her head around so that she could take it in from all sides.

“Only fair that you show me yours now,” Bruce said, moving to pull his pants back up.

“What are you doing that for?” Hannah asked.

“Well you’ve seen it now, I’m putting it away,” Bruce replied.

“Well, yeah, I’ve seen it, but what if I want to touch it … or suck it even?” Bruce felt his cock twitch involuntarily at the suggestion and started to wonder how it was that he’d managed to find himself in this position.

The four friends had got together for drinks and cards. The night had started out normally enough, quiet cards, quiet drinks, but of course as the night went on, they’d drunk more and both the cards and the drinks had become louder and louder. Challenges had been issued, the obligatory insulting of each other’s manhood and cursing of the winner of the cards (Sarah).

Sarah had been the first one to retire and then Jason had disappeared, assumedly to have gone to the toilet. He never resurfaced though and investigation had found him crashed out on the floor of the guest room. He hadn’t even managed to make it to the bed before falling asleep.

That left Bruce and Hannah, both well lubricated with alcohol and with drinks still left in the glasses, neither had been quite ready to call it a night. So they sat up talking and sipping their drinks and as inevitably happened, their talk turned to sex.

Somewhere about that time, Hannah had told Bruce to show her his cock. And there it was, out it came.

“Well, that would put me in something of a predicament if you wanted to do that,” Bruce responded.

“What sort?” Hannah asked with an evil glint in her eye.

“Well for a start I don’t think my girlfriend would like it, and then there’s the fact that your boyfriend probably wouldn’t like it and finally there’s the fact that you haven’t shown me yours yet,” Bruce said.

“Oh well the last one’s easy to take care of,” Hannah replied, pulling her top off over her head so that she sat there in a black padded bra. “But there’s nothing to see, I’ve got no tits.” She reached behind her and released the clasp of her bra, freeing her small breasts. Bruce grinned as he took in the sight of Hannah’s well-toned upper torso, her nipples proud and erect on her breasts.

“I don’t care what you think about the size of your tits, I am more than happy with this vision,” Bruce replied. “Those nipples look like they’re begging to be sucked.”

“They’re not the only things begging for a good sucking you know,” she replied, pointedly looking down to where Bruce’s erection pointed towards her. “I really do think you should leave your pants off.”

“Ok, I’ll leave mine off if you leave yours off,” Bruce replied, stepping out of his jeans and taking a drink before sitting down.

“Too easy,” Hannah replied and she stood up and slipped the short skirt that she’d been wearing, revealing a tiny black thong.

“Damn that’s sexy underwear,” Bruce said, eyeing her off. “I wish Sarah would wear g’s, but she says they feel like they cut her in half.”

“Poor you, I love them,” Hannah said as she slid the g-string down her legs before stepping out of it to stand naked. Bruce took some time to survey her body, his eyes lingering on her erect nipples before traveling over the rest of her well toned body.

“Damn I don’t think I’d ever tire of looking at you naked,” he said as she took her seat and crossed her legs. “Of course, if you sat less lady-like, it would be a whole lot more enjoyable.” Hannah laughed at him.

“Oh you want some basic instinct action, do you?” she asked and slowly uncrossed her legs before switching them over, giving Bruce an eyeful of her pussy, bare of hair other than a short strip above her lips.

“Why is that desert I see?” he asked, teasing.

“It could be, if I get to have some desert of my own,” Hannah responded, slowly and deliberately licking her lips. Bruce sat motionless, unsure of where to go. As he hesitated, Hannah took the initiative. She moved from her chair and knelt before Bruce, one hand on each of his knees.

Bruce all but shuddered at the touch of her hands on his knees and when she pushed them apart, she met no resistance. Bruce’s cock stood fully erect, pointing skywards as Hannah leaned forward, opened her mouth and lowered it over his cock. She took almost his entire cock into her mouth before slowly sucking her way back up to the tip, which she held in her mouth as she swirled her tongue about the circumcised head. Flicking her tongue against the slit in the top of his cock, she teased him, licking slowly and delightfully all around the head before taking him once again in her mouth.

“Don’t you want some desert too?” she asked him as his cock slid from her mouth.”

“Fuck yes,” Bruce replied, giving up any pretence of being able to deny this desire

“Top or bottom?” Hannah asked him.

“Bottom,” Bruce replied and stood up before moving over to the rug that covered a part of the wooden floor near by. He lay down on the thick-piled rug and waited while Hannah walked over to where he was. She stood with a foot either side of his head before squatting down and Bruce ran his hands up the insides of her legs as she did so, feeling the smooth skin, enjoying the almost electric contact between them. His eyes were glued to her pussy as it came closer and closer to his face.

Hannah squatted until her pussy was millimeters from Bruce’s face at which point he flicked out his tongue and ran it along her slit. Hannah moaned and lowered herself that little bit further to ensure that full contact was made with Bruce’s mouth as he speared his tongue between her lips and licked her from the inside. Hannah squirmed on his face for a few minutes, enjoying the pleasure that was being exacted upon her. But then she shifted so that she was on her knees and leaned forward so that she could take Bruce’s cock in her mouth at the same time.

Bruce pulled a cushion over and stuffed it under his head so that he was supported as his tongue worked ceaselessly against Hannah’s pussy and clit, seeking to bring her to the point of climax. He tried desperately not to focus on the feel of Hannah’s mouth as it slid up and down his long hard shaft over and over again, desperate to hold out until she had cum first.

Bruce focused on Hannah’s clit, rubbing his tongue forcefully across it over and over again, feeling her squirm as she was driven closer and closer to orgasm. He grabbed her butt cheeks with his hands, arms wrapped around her thighs, parting her to enable him to work his tongue gleefully against her pleasure button. As he sensed her closing in on her orgasm, he worked his fingers around until he slid two of them into her pussy as he attacked her clit. He felt her grasp his balls gently in her hand as he mouth worked on his cock in response.

Slipping his now lubricated fingers from her pussy, he ran one back and forth across her anus and the around and around, before pushing his finger inside her tight back-entrance. As he did so he sucked hard upon her clit and was rewarded with a cry of delight as Hannah’s orgasm rocked her body. Bruce watched as her pussy pulsed and contracted with her climax.

As her orgasm subsided, Hannah again took his cock in her mouth, sucking it deep and then working up and down, determined to extract Bruce’s seed from him as he had done to her.

Bruce relaxed now, having achieved what he had wanted to and enjoyed the sensations that were being brought to bear upon his manhood. Hannah sucked him expertly and before long, he felt the tension build in his balls and was bucking his hips at the intensity of the pleasure before exploding and shooting his cum into her mouth.

Hannah swallowed his sperm avidly, licking and slurping, ensuring that she didn’t miss a single drop before rolling to one side.

“Fuck that was good,” Bruce said moments later.

“Hell yeah,” Hannah replied, “All I need now is a good fucking.”

“Give me a couple of minutes and I might just oblige you,” Bruce said as he surveyed her naked form again.

“For real?” Hannah asked, excitement in her voice.

“For real,” Bruce said. “Just give me some time to harden up and I’d be happy to fuck you if you want it.”

“Of course I do!” Hannah said, changing her position so that she was lying on her stomach between Bruce’s legs. She took his flagging erection back into her mouth and gently but persistently worked her magic on him again. It didn’t take much until his cock was again as hard as a rock.

“Roll over,” Bruce said after a little more oral pleasure.

Hannah rolled from between his legs to lay on her back on the rug, her legs spread ready to accommodate him Bruce moved to hold himself between her legs and then guided his cock towards Hannah’s sopping pussy. He felt his head touch her lips and then thrust forward, sliding easily inside her tight wet hole. With his cock deep inside her, Bruce lifted himself up over her and admired her body again, noting how hard and erect her nipples were.

“Hmm, I think they have missed out on that sucking they need,” he said, lowering his mouth down to cover Hannah’s left nipple, sucking it hard and deep into his mouth, his tongue flicking back and forth against it. He took his time, running his tongue around it, flicking it, catching it between his teeth and pulling gently. Then he moved to her right nipple, feeling her thrust it towards his mouth as he began feeding on it.

“Oh yeah!” Hannah said as she felt Bruce’s mouth devour her nipple, his cock stuffed inside her pussy. Bruce didn’t waste any time, but started sliding his cock back and forth, working it slowly at first, but with an increasing tempo, working faster and faster as he went. Hannah thrust her hips at him as he pounded harder and harder into her until she said, “Wait, let me roll over.”

Bruce withdrew his cock from Hannah’s pussy and she quickly rolled over, getting her knees under her and leaning forward on her elbows, presenting herself to him doggy-style.

“Now fuck me,” she insisted.

“Man the number of times I’ve checked out your arse and dreamed about fucking you from behind,” he commented as he moved in behind her, erection first. He pressed the head of his cock up against her pussy and pulled her arse cheeks apart with his hands as he slid himself home.

“God that feels good,” Hannah said as Bruce’s cock slid deep inside her and she felt his balls press up against her pussy lips. Bruce slid back out and drove himself in again. And again and again, he worked himself up to a frenetic pace, slamming his cock hard into Hannah’s pussy as she thrust back against him with every movement, groaning with pleasure, Bruce grunting with every thrust of effort.

“Fuck you look hot like that,” Bruce said to Hannah as he looked past her tight arse, over her slim hips to where her hands were now splayed out in front of her. He reached forward and under her chest to pull her nipple as he worked his cock in and out at a slower pace, feeling her lips clinging to his cock as it worked slowly in and out.

“I so love getting fucked from behind,” Hannah told him, “All I need now is something for my mouth as well.

“Mmmm, I can just imagine you with a cock in your mouth while I fuck you like this,” Bruce said.

“Oh fuck yeah, that would be totally hot,” Hannah said, reaching back with one hand to tease her own clit. “Or even one cock in my pussy and one in my arse.”

“Sorry, only got one on me, I can only fill one hole at once,” Bruce laughed.

“Yeah, pity Jase passed out so early,” Hannah said.

“You really think he’d be up for it?” Bruce asked as he continued to slowly fuck her, the talk of involving a third driving him closer to breaking point.

“Oh yeah,” Hannah replied.

“I would have thought he’d push for a threesome with another girl,” Bruce laughed.

“Yeah, but he knows that if he let me do this I’d do it with a chick as well.”

“Really, like totally do it with her, eat her pussy and all?” Bruce asked, hardly Hannahieving the turn the conversation had taken.

“Fuck yes, I would love to try it with another girl.”

“Damn, pity Sarah would never go for it,” Bruce said.

“Have you asked her?” Hannah said, a note of optimism in her voice.

“No, but there’s been enough times where she’s clearly indicated that she’d never participate in any sort of group thing that I wouldn’t bother.”

“Mmm, maybe I should ask her,” Hannah said thoughtfully, pushing back against Bruce’s cock.”

“Huh, feel free, just don’t mention you talked about it with me,” laughed Bruce.

“Just thinking about it makes me so hot,” Hannah said. “Fill me with your cum Bruce, I want to feel you explode in my pussy.

Bruce picked up the speed of his thrusts again, working quickly and hard inside Hannah’s pussy. Hannah reached around with her right hand and Bruce watched as her fingers sought out her anus and one finger slid inside it up to the first knuckle. That on top of everything else was too much for him and he thrust hard inside Hannah one final time, holding himself there as his cock spurted his cum into her.

Hannah slid forward, easing herself off of Bruce’s cock. Bruce leaned forward and pulled her butt cheeks apart, admiring Hannah’s fucked pussy. He leaned in and gently ran his tongue over her anus, drawing a little squeal from Hannah.

“Maybe I should have nailed that too,” he teased.

“Next time,” Hannah said.

“Oh I don’t know that I’ll be able to allow a next time,” Bruce said.

“Yes you will, I’m going to have that cock in my butt and you won’t be able to resist it. Fuck, I’d do it right now if I wasn’t so exhausted.”

“Huh, you’d have to get me hard again first and I can’t see that happening,” Bruce laughed.

“Sounds like a challenge to me,” Hannah said,

“Oh no!”

“Hell yes!” Laughed Hannah, and as Bruce watched, she rolled onto her back and spread her legs, then she pushed two fingers inside her pussy before pulling them out, covered in the mix of her own and Bruce’s cum. Bruce watched, incredulous as Hannah took the two fingers into her mouth and sucked them clean. After she’d done this a couple of times, she stood up and went to the fridge, returning with a carrot.

She pointed at Bruce’s cock, “This isn’t even hard, look, you’re almost there again and I’ve barely even started!” And with that she sat on a chair, spread her legs and began sliding the carrot in and out of her pussy with one hand whilst the other worked against her clit.

Bruce moved closer so that he could get a good view, watching as the carrot slid smoothly in and out between her hairless lips, her fingers dancing against her clit. Without even thinking about it his hand dropped to his cock and started stroking it and in moments he was hard again.

Hannah looked down at his cock and grinned and then moved her fingers from her clit. Bruce watched as she rubbed her fingers around her pussy where the carrot was sliding in and out and then shifted so that she was able to start sliding a finger in and out of her anus. Then she slipped the carrot from her pussy and moved the tip lower so that it was resting against her butt hole. She applied pressure and the carrot slid inside her butt.

That was enough for Bruce. He moved closer to her, his cock erect again and he knelt just in front of the chair so that he could slide it inside her pussy whilst the carrot was still inserted in her bum.

“Oh fuck that feels so good,” Hannah exclaimed as she felt the stiff cock slide into her pussy, her arse already full of the carrot. “Man I need to do this with two cocks, that would be so awesome.”

“Well I’m happy to be one of them and I don’t’ even care which hole I get to fuck,” Bruce said, grinning at her and reaching out to play with Hannah’s nipples.

“But first I want to feel your cock in my bum, I want you to fill my arse with your cum,” Hannah insisted, removing the carrot. “Do it in my arse doggy-style Bruce.”

She moved from the chair, extricating herself from Bruce’s cock and again getting down on her hands and knees on the floor. Bruce followed her and knelt down behind her. He slid his cock into her pussy again for lubrication and gave her a couple of quick strokes before pulling out and rubbing the length of his shaft down over her anus. Bruce eyed off Hannah’s puckered little hole and then positioned the head of his cock there, pushing and using his hand to ensure that the head of his cock slid inside. It was nice and tight and he slowly eased himself in, giving Hannah the chance to adjust as he invaded her bum.

Hannah wanted it though and pushed back against the cock that she felt sliding past the ring of muscle in her butt. She urged Bruce to shove his whole cock in her butt and felt him slide deep inside before taking a moment to feel the fullness. Then she felt Bruce slide his cock back out before pushing himself back in again.

“Oh god, I love this,” Bruce said as he watched his cock slipping and sliding in and out of Hannah’s arse. He reached around under her and found her pussy with his fingers, slipping two inside her to feel her wet pussy as his cock slid in and out of her butt, feeling his hardness through the thin separating membrane.

“Fuck my arse Bruce, fuck it harder,” Hannah insisted and Bruce worked his cock quicker in and out of her. He moved his fingers to her clit and tweaked and stroked it as he worked her arse over with his cock. Hannah squealed and announced that she was going to explode. Bruce didn’t relent and soon he felt Hannah shuddering and shaking and her arse grabbed rhythmically at his cock as he shoved it home a final time and spurted cum deep inside her butt.

Hannah eased forward, Bruce’s cock sliding from her but as she collapsed, exhausted on the floor.

“Geez, I’m done,” she said, grinning back at Bruce who had collapsed next to her.

“You and me both,” he said. “I think I’d better go crawl into bed now.”

“Mmm, me too, but we’re not finished, I am going to hold you to being one of the two cocks that I take.”

“Works for me,” Bruce said, helping Hannah to her feet.



“Hey Bruce, its Hannah.”

“Hey, how’s things?”


“Good, and what can I do for you?”

“Can you get an hour or so off to stop by my place?”

“Yeah probably, is there something you need help with?”

“Yes there is, and I need you and Jason to do it right.”

“Ooooooh,” Bruce replied, “any particular time?”

“About an hour from now would be perfect,” Hannah replied.

“Excellent, I’ll see you then.”

Bruce finished off a couple of things and then made his excuses to leave the office for a couple of hours, dashing out the door and trying to conceal the erection that resulted from knowing what was about to happen.

When he arrived at Hannah’s house, he knocked on the door with butterflies leaping about in his stomach. Nothing had happened between them since their night of passion and he’d thought that this day wasn’t actually ever likely to happen.

When Hannah answered the door, she was wearing knee-high leather boots, a black g-string, matching bra and nothing else.

“Woah, that’s hot,” Bruce exclaimed as he drank in the sight of her.

“G’day,” She said grinning at him and stepping aside to let him in. She shut the door behind him and then stopped him from walking further by reaching out to grab his erect cock through his pants. “Glad to see that you came prepared.” Hannah knelt down in the hall and worked Bruce’s cock free through his zipper and took it in his mouth, sucking up and down the length of his cock with her hands grabbing at his buttocks, pulling him towards her as his cock slid into her mouth.

The door opened and both Hannah and Bruce started, looking up to see Hannah’s boyfriend Jason standing in the door way.

“Geez, couldn’t you even wait for me?” he laughed when he saw what was going on.

“I told you first one here would get to start,” Hannah said to him.

“Huh, you didn’t tell me that,” Bruce laughed.

“Yeah, so you’re just extra lucky you were the first one here,” She told him. Hannah didn’t bother getting up from her knees, she just pulled Jason over to her, extracted his cock and started sucking on it, still holding onto Bruce’s cock with one hand. After alternating between them for a few minutes, she announced that it was time that they all went to the bedroom.

Jason and Bruce followed her, both of them eyeing off the gorgeous picture that she presented as she strode ahead of them. When they were all in the room, she turned and demanded that both the boys undress. As they did so, she removed her bra and lay back on the bed, telling them that when they had done that, they could have a nipple each. She also pointed out the lube on the side table, “We might need that later,” she said, grinning.

Jason and Bruce climbed up onto the bed on either side of her and each took a nipple in their mouth, sucking and biting at it. Hannah made sure that she could reach a cock with each hand and played with their erections as she enjoyed the attentions that her breasts were receiving.

“Get this where I can suck it,” she said to Jason and he moved to kneel along side her head where she could take his cock in her mouth.

Bruce saw an opportunity and started to kiss and nibble his way down Hannah’s body until he moved between her legs. He pulled the g-string aside and began to delicately lick all about Hannah’s pussy without actually penetrating her or touch her clit. When her hips started to writhe, he ran his tongue straight up the slit of her pussy until he flicked her clit with his tongue. Then he pulled the g-string down over her boots so that they were all that she wore.

Hannah spread her legs for him and Bruce dove in, feasting on her pussy as she didn the same on Jason’s cock.

After a while, Hannah called out for a swap and Bruce and Jason traded places, Bruce getting his cock sucked whilst Jason worked his tongue all over Hannah’s appreciative pussy.

Hannah stopped sucking Bruce’s cock, holding it in her hand as her breathing became rapid and ragged. She cried out and the boys watched as she came, her body shaking with pleasure. As she subsided and recovered, she rolled over onto her hands and knees.

“Now fuck me Jase,” she said, indicating to Bruce that he should kneel in front of her now so that she could suck him while she was fucked. Jason moved in behind his girlfriend and slid his cock into her pussy.

“Damn you really want this, you’re wet as,” he remarked as he started to slide his cock in and out.

“Fuck yeah, I’ve been wet all morning wanting this,” she replied before taking Bruce’s erection back into her mouth. As she was pummeled from behind she was forced down the length of it until, sucking deep and hard. Bruce leaned around and grabbed Hannah’s tit with his hand, pulling on her nipple as she sucked his cock. Rolling it between his thumb and fore finger, Bruce could feel himself getting close to cumming and told Hannah that this was happening. She just kept sucking until Bruce thrust at her mouth and his cum exploded from his cock and into her mouth.

Hannah released Bruce’s cock as he recovered and allowed Jason to keep fucking her doggy-style. When he too announced that he was close to cumming, Hannah slid from his cock and turned around, taking his wet erection into her mouth and sucking him until he exploded. As she had with Bruce, she sucked his sperm down her throat, swallowing until there was nothing left for him to give.

By this time, Bruce’s cock was erect again, and Hannah told him that she wanted to feel it in her pussy again. She lay on the bed and Bruce climbed between her legs and started fucking her missionary style, sliding in and out, his balls pressing up against her arse as he thrust home.

“Oh yeah, come on Jase, get yourself together, I need another cock,” Hannah said as Bruce slowly fucked her. “Come here and I’ll suck you hard again.” Jason moved over next to Hannah’s head and she took his cock in her mouth, working her magic upon him until he was fully erect again.

“That’s better, time for some anal!” Hannah said as she released Jason’s now erect cock from her mouth. She told Jason to lie down on the bed and then climbed over the top of him, guiding his cock into her pussy, facing him. “Ok Bruce, get your cock in my arse,” she instructed.

Bruce grabbed the lube from the side table and after slopping some on his cock, moved in behind, finding a spot between the tangle of legs that allowed him to start feeding it into Hannah’s butt. He went slow, pushing and squeezing himself in. Hannah held still as she felt the second cock penetrate her body. When Bruce was in, she wriggled slightly before telling the boys how amazing it was to have two cocks in her at the same time. Jason could barely move, but Bruce started sliding his cock in and out of Hannah’s butt and the movement of that forced her pussy up and down Jason’s cock at the same time.

Hannah cried out and announced that she was cumming, her body rocked by the force of the pleasure coursing through her. She twitched between the two guys, her pussy and arse clenching at the meat that was buried within them.

Bruce thrust a few more times, short and quick inside her butt before he exploded with cum, filling her bum before sliding out and stepping away, allowing Hannah to work up and down on Jason’s cock. As Bruce’s cum started to ooze from her arse, she rolled off of him and demanded to be fucked hard. Jason took up the position between her legs, holding himself over her as he rammed his cock home again and again. He grunted and cried out when he finally exploded inside her pussy.

“Shit, I have to go back to work,” Bruce exclaimed a bit later, having cleaned himself up and dressed. “See you guys some other time!”

“I sure hope so,” Hannah called out as he walked out the door.


Hannah sat looking at Sarah. She wasn’t quite sure how she should approach this. She knew what she wanted, but she was also pretty sure that her friend didn’t. The question was whether she could talk her into it or not.

“I’m thinking about getting a boob job,” Hannah said.

“Really, why would you do that?” Sarah responded.

“So I can have some tits,” Hannah laughed.

“You’ve got tits,” Sarah insisted.

“Not really, I want tits as big as yours,” Hannah said.

“Mine aren’t that big,” Sarah said, glancing down at her chest.

“Yeah, but they’re way bigger than mine, most of this is just bra,” she said, grabbing her breasts in her hands. Then she pulled her t-shirt over her head and reached behind herself to release her bra.

“See,” Hannah insisted, displaying her breasts to her friend. She also couldn’t help but notice how wet her underwear was getting as she started stripping off in front of her friend.

“Well yeah, they’re small, but surely you’re better off with small natural boobs than having fake stuff stuck in your body,” Sarah responded as she looked at Hannah’s breasts.

“That’s easy for you to say, you’ve never had to put up with small ones,” Hannah sighed.

“Even I wear enhancing bras,” Sarah said, “I’m not really this big either.

“Show me,” Hannah said, Sarah hesitated, but then pulled her own t-shirt off over her head. She reached behind herself and released the black satin push-up bra that she had on, her breasts spilling free. Hannah eyed off Sarah’s breasts, thinking how nicely sized they looked sticking out from her chest. Sarah’s nipples weren’t as erect as her own, but Hannah found herself thinking that she’d easily be able to get them that way if she were to suck them.

“See, they’re beautiful, not to big, not to small, just gorgeous,” Hannah said.

“er thanks,” laughed Sarah, blushing.

“Um, can I feel them?” Hannah asked quietly, “’cause like, I’ve never actually felt a breast,”

“You’ve felt your own!” Sarah said, suddenly very nervous.

“Yeah, but I want to feel bigger breasts and there’s not too many people that I’d actually feel comfortable asking you know.”

“I suppose I should be flattered or something,” Sarah laughed. “Oh what the heck, go on.” She sat with her chest forward and her arms at her sides as Hannah reached out and cupped her breasts with her hands. She was surprised at how gentle and soft Hannah’s hands felt on her breasts and felt her nipples start to harden at the contact.

Hannah sighed as she got to hold her friend’s breasts. She cupped them and squeezed gently, fondling and caressing, aware of how hard Sarah’s nipples were becoming under the attention.

“They feel so nice,” Hannah said, not releasing them. “I wonder if fake ones feel this good.”

“Can’t help you there,” laughed Sarah, conscious of the fact that Hannah hadn’t let go.

“Hmm, I wonder if when you get a lap dance they let you touch the girls’ tits,” Hannah pondered out loud. “Then I could feel some fake ones and I’d know.”

“You’re terrible,” Sarah laughed. She shifted slightly so that Hannah’s hands moved from her breasts. Reluctantly Hannah pulled her hands back.

“Feel mine,” she insisted, “see how much nicer yours feel.”

“Its ok,” Sarah said, but Hannah insisted and took Sarah’s hands in her own, putting them on her breasts. She held them there, feeling the heat of Sarah’s hands against her, her pussy melting at her own daring in having managed to go this far with things.

Sarah felt Hannah’s breasts, noting how hard the nipples were against her palms. They were like little nuggets. “Wow your nipples are hard,” Sarah said as she withdrew her hands.

“I know, I could sure have them sucked right now,” Hannah laughed. Sarah laughed nervously as well. “God I find this such a turn on you know, sitting here topless with you. Sarah blushed, having become aware of the reaction that her own body was having to the contact, but not willing to admit it.

“Man you should see how wet my g is,” Hannah said, standing.

“No, its ok, really,” Sarah laughed, but Hannah didn’t listen. She hiked her short skirt up and pulled her g-string down her thighs so that it rested across them. “See!” Sarah stared, not Hannahieving that Hannah had just pulled her underwear down to show her the dampness that was clearly evident on the crotch. What shocked her even more was the lack of hair on Hannah’s pussy. There was just a tiny strip of hair above her slit and that was it.

“God Hannah, where’s all the hair?” Sarah said without really thinking.

“Gone,” laughed Hannah, “Waxed it away. Jason wanted me bald but I only went this far.” Having showed Sarah her pussy, Hannah just quickly slipped her g-string down her legs and stuffed it in her bag, pulling her skirt down so that she was sitting talking to Sarah topless and without any underwear on.

“Geez, you’re not far off bald. Bruce always wants me to go bald, but I haven’t so far.”

“You should try it, its awesome, its soooo smooth,” Hannah said.

“I’ve never really felt the need,” Sarah said.

“But you must shave a bit at least?”

“Yeah, I trim myself but I don’t like the thought of re-growth, that can’t be nice,” Sarah said.

“Well how hairy are you then? Show me,”

“What? Show you my pussy?”

“Yeah, go on, I want to see how much hair you have.”

“No, I’m not going to show you my pussy,” Sarah laughed again.

“But I want to see,” Hannah said.

“You really want to see it that bad?” Sarah asked, surprised by Hannah’s insistence.

“Yeah, come one, it won’t hurt you know.”

“I cannot Hannahieve that I am doing this,” Sarah said with a laugh a she stood up to pull her shorts down, revealing a pair of cotton panties. She then slid the cotton panties down and thrust her hips forward slightly, showing Hannah the neatly trimmed patch of hair on her mound.”

“And you don’t shave your lips?” Hannah asked.

“Just trim the hairs shorter,” Sarah replied, parting her knees slightly and giving Hannah even more of a view between her legs. Sarah was suddenly conscious of the fact that her body was reacting to having exposed herself to her friend and pulled her panties and her shorts back up.

“Don’t you get less oral with hair down there? I wouldn’t like that, I love oral sex too much.”

“I don’t know, I’ve always had hair and I can get oral when I want it, I just don’t feel like it that often.”

“Really, you don’t feel like it? Far out, I get it whenever I can.”

“Bruce loves doing it, but most of the time I say no when he offers.”

“I’m stunned,” laughed Hannah, “You really should try getting waxed it’s so smooth and the sex is awesome, its wonderful, feel me!” Hannah suddenly said, running her fingers over her pussy lips before reaching out for Sarah’s hand.

“No, no,’ laughed Sarah, taking her hand out of the way so that Hannah couldn’t grab it.

“Go on, don’t be such a woos, Hannah insisted, making another lunge and this time capturing Sarah’s hand. She stood up and hiked her skirt up, stepping close to Sarah and spreading her legs so that she could maneuver Sarah’s hand between her legs. She felt butterflies begin their excited dance as Sarah relaxed and allowed her fingers to brush against Hannah’s hairless lips.

Hannah guided her for a second touch and this time shifted slightly. She felt Sarah flinch as her fingers brushed against her slit. Hannah knew that as wet as she was, Sarah would have just felt the moisture that was seeping from her pussy.

Sarah pulled her hand away, conscious of the fact that she’d just touched her friends pussy and acutely aware of the fact that despite not wanting to, she felt excited.

The two friends stared into each other’s eyes and the moment seemed to extend into an eon, each waiting for the other to speak.

“That felt good,” Hannah said at last, breaking the silence, “you touching me felt really good.” Sarah looked on the verge of speaking, but shut her mouth and remained silent, still thinking. Hannah ploughed ahead.

“I want to touch you Sarah,” she said, reaching out to fondle her friend’s breast again. “I want to touch you down there,” she added, not daring to break the eye contact that she held with Sarah.

Sarah swallowed. She wanted to say yes. She couldn’t Hannahieve herself. She’d never ever wanted to have anything like this to do with another woman. Ever. And here she was, wanting her friend to touch her. Silently, she stood up, Hannah’s hand falling from her breast, her eyes still glued to Sarah’s.

Hannah wasn’t sure what was happening. Sarah hadn’t looked away, but she hadn’t said anything either. When she stood up, she thought that she’d just walk away and her heart raced as she considered (within what must have been a split instant only) what she might have done to their friendship.

To her astonishment though, Sarah didn’t walk away, she simply undid the button of her shorts and pushed them down her legs, panties and all, before stepping from them to stand naked before Hannah.

“Touch me,” Sarah said, nearly choking on the words. Hannah’s hand reached out tentatively and stroked down through Sarah’s pubic hair before sliding between her legs, her palm against Sarah’s thigh. Sarah was wet. Hannah felt the moisture on her fingers as her index finger slid along Sarah’s slit. Then she turned her palm upwards, cupping her labia, applying even, gentle pressure. Then she moved her middle finger between them. It slipped quickly between them and Hannah wiggled it around until she found the entrance to Sarah’s vagina and slid her finger inside.

Sarah stood watching as Hannah slipped her finger inside her pussy. She couldn’t Hannahieve this was happening. She couldn’t Hannahieve how good she felt. It took her back to the very first time that she’d allowed someone to touch her there; taboo, against the rules, daring. She shuddered ever so slightly at the thought.

Hannah stood up, her left hand going to Sarah’s breast. They were close. Very close, their eyes locked together. Hannah moved her head forward, hesitantly. Sarah closed her eyes, her lips ever so slightly parted, her head tilting forward.

Hannah allowed her own eyes to close as their lips made contact. “So soft,” she thought, so delicate as they pressed together. Then her tongue instinctively slipped out, only to meet Sarah’s as it came into the kiss from the other direction. The entwined and touched and lingered.

Hannah slipped her hand from between Sarah’s legs and put a hand on each hip, pulling her towards her. She felt Sarah’s breasts crush against her chest as their kiss continued, fueled by new-found desire.

Neither of them knew how long they kissed for, but when they broke, they both smiled. Hannah took Sarah’s hand without saying a word and led her to the bedroom.

Silently, they moved to the bed, laying beside one another and then they kissed again, their hands touching and caressing each other. Hannah’s hand rarely moved from a breast, Sarah’s stroked Hannah’s back.

Hannah pushed Sarah onto her back and straddled her, a hand on each breast as she played and explored. She lowered her head and started to suck on Sarah’s right nipple. Sarah caressed Hannah’s breasts in turn as she enjoyed the electric contact of Hannah’s tongue on first one breast and then the other. Hannah moved over Sarah so that her body covered her friend’s and they resumed kissing. Then as their tongues dances, she shifted her hips side ways and slipped her hand between Sarah’s legs. Sarah parted them as she felt Hannah’s hand begin exploring her pussy, touching, stroking and teasing at her lips and between them.

Sarah worked a hand between Hannah’s legs to explore for herself as well and soon had a finger sliding along Hannah’s hairless lips and slipping between them. For some time the two of them lay together, fingering each other’s pussies, playing with their clits until Hannah quietly said, “I’m going to taste you.”

Sarah lay still as Hannah shifted on the bed, laying herself between Sarah’s legs. She stared at the pussy before her, stroking it with her fingers, taking in all the details of Sarah’s inflamed lips, the sheen of moisture that showed where Sarah’s juices had run from her pussy, down over her anus and between her cheeks. She knew that her own pussy would look as wet and ready as this. Then she parted Sarah’s lips with her fingers and used her tongue to glide along the slit and up to Sarah’s clit.

Hannah worked her tongue all over Sarah’s pussy, exploring her first taste of another woman, delirious with the rush of pleasure that it was bringing her. She felt Sarah’s hands in her hair, pulling her into her pussy and focused her attention on her clit, determined to make Sarah cum.

Sarah was in ecstasy. She was overwhelmed by the glorious sensations that were coursing through her body from her pussy and the whole concept that it was another woman bringing her that pleasure. She cried out as her pleasure peaked and then her pussy was convulsing with the rush of her orgasm.

Hannah crawled back up alongside Sarah and idly caressed her friend’s breasts as she recoverd.

“That was amazing,” Sarah said to her a little later. “I think it only fair that I try and do the same for you.”

“Well I’m sure as hell up for it,” Hannah said, kissing Sarah again, “but only if you really want to.”

“I want to do this for you Hannah,” Sarah said as she began to move between Hannah’s legs. She hesitated though and lay her body over Hannah’s beginning with the same treatment of Hannah’s breasts that she herself had received.

Sarah stared at Hannah’s almost hairless pussy. She conceded to herself that it turned her on to see it glistening and wet, ready for sex. She stroked it and touched it, exploring further, sliding two then three fingers into her. And then she decided that it was time that she went further. She ran her tongue all over the outside of Hannah’s pussy. Hannah encouraged her, telling her how good it all felt.

“What do you think Bruce would say if he saw you now?” Hannah asked, hoping she didn’t destroy the mood.

Sarah snorted a laugh, “He wouldn’t say anything, he’d drop his pants, walk up behind me and try and fuck me!”

“Mmmm, I’d love to see that, Bruce fucking you while you ate my pussy,” Hannah said as Sarah resumed eating her.

“Really?” Sarah asked.

“Oh yeah, I’m so hot just thinking about it.’ Sarah didn’t say anything further, she just focused on the task before her, licking and lapping at Hannah’s clit until her friend screamed and collapsed, her body spent after orgasming.

Later, Hannah kissed Sarah goodbye and it wasn’t just the kiss on the cheek that they’d used before. Hannah left, wondering if she’d be able to get Sarah to share her boyfriend. As she drove home, she thought about the possibilities.


“I fucked Sarah you know,” Hannah said as they sat having lunch together a few days later.

“Bullshit,” Bruce laughed.

“Truth,” Hannah said. “And I can prove it to you.” She then proceeded to tell Bruce exactly what Sarah’s pussy looked like, what her breasts looked like, how big her nipples were and in particular how she reacted and sounded when she came.

“Oh fuck, you really did, didn’t you?!” Bruce said, incredulous (and with his cock now rock hard0.

“I did. And I asked her what she thought you’d say if you walked in on us while she was eating my pussy …”

“She ate your pussy too?!” Bruce interrupted.

“Oh yes, very well too. Almost as well as you did. She said that you wouldn’t say anything, that you’d just drop your pants, walk up behind her and start fucking her.”

Bruce laughed. “She’s probably right.”

“And that gave me an idea. If I can get her into bed again and let you know, will you walk in and start fucking her?”

“Oh fuck, I’d love to. I have no idea how our relationship is likely to survive this though.”

“Well, she’s fucked me, you’ve fucked me. I’m sure that you’ll survive doing me together,” Hannah said.

“Maybe” Bruce said pensively.

“Just leave it to me,” Hannah said, standing to go back to work.


Bruce waited somewhat impatiently in the car. Inside the house, Hannah was supposed to be trying to fuck Sarah again. If she succeeded, he was supposed to get a text message telling him to come in.

His phone beeped. He looked at the screen. It was on.”

Nervously, Bruce made his way inside, careful to make no noise. He undressed quietly and quickly before he got to the door of Sarah’s bedroom and then moved forward to peer around the door. Hannah was looking over the top of Sarah’s head. Both girls were naked, Hannah laid back on the bed with Sarah feasting on her pussy. Sarah was half on the bed and half off, her cute butt aimed at the door.

Bruce knew what was expected and quietly walked up behind Sarah. His stiff cock led the way and he quickly positioned himself and then stabbed his cock inside her. Sarah nearly fell off the bed with fright as she felt a cock slide home in her pussy. She looked over her should to see Bruce there and her heart became even more eratic in its beating.

“Bruce, wait, I can explain,” she started.

“Don’t explain, keep going,” Bruce said, grabbing her arse again and sliding his cock back into her pussy. Sarah was obviously confused, but with encouragement from both her boyfriend and Hannah, not to mention the fact that Bruce didn’t relent and kept sliding his cock in and out of her, she gave in and resumed sucking and licking at Hannah’s pussy, her face thrust against it each time that Bruce pushed home inside her.

Hannah watched Bruce thrusting into Sarah as she licked her pussy. She pinched and pulled at her nipples, feeling her orgasm approaching. She wanted it to last, she desperately wanted more, but the sight of what was happening before her was too much and she arched her back and moaned as her pussy erupted with her orgasm. Then as Bruce continued to fuck his girlfriend, she turned around, kissing Sarah, tasting her own juices on her friend’s lips.

“Fuck that is hot,” Bruce said as he watched the girls kiss. Hannah moved from the bed to where she could kneel beside Bruce as he worked in and out of Sarah’s pussy. She reached over and pulled his cock to one side, sucking it long and hard, tasting Sarah all over his hard erection and then allowing Bruce to fuck Sarah some more.

“Turn her over Bruce,” Hannah said and Bruce paused long enough for Sarah to roll over on the bed, her legs now hooked up towards his shoulders. He slipped his cock back inside her pussy and Hannah alternately attacked her breasts and kissed her. In order to do so, Hannah knelt on the bed, her butt back towards Bruce.

Bruce took advantage of the position by reaching around behind her and sliding two fingers into her pussy. He worked them in and out until they were nice and wet and then slid his index finger into Hannah’s anus as his middle finger continued to penetrate her pussy. She pushed back against him as she continued to suck hard upon Sarah’s nipples.

Hannah decided that Sarah needed to cum and so as Bruce fingered her and she licked and sucked Sarah’s nipples, she reached across with her hand to tweak Sarah’s clit whilst Bruce slid his cock in and out. Sarah sighed at the contact, pleasure assaulting her in so many ways. It didn’t take much more of this and She exploded, thrashing about on the bed with her orgasm’s intensity.

She stopped Bruce, telling him that she couldn’t take it.

“I want to feel his cock in me Sarah, can I fuck him?” Hannah asked, kissing Sarah.

“Go for it, I can’t take anymore,” she replied.

Hannah dropped her Hannahly to the bed, her feet on the floor and told Bruce to do her from behind. Bruce obliged, stepping in behind her and sliding his cock into her pussy.

“Oh fuck yes,” Hannah cried out as his stiff cock slid home, “Do it hard and fast Bruce.” Bruce built up his speed until he was slamming his cock into her and could take no more. With a hard final thrust, he held himself deep in her pussy and came, spurting inside her.

Later, as they lay on the bed together, Bruce with a girl either side of him, Hannah told Sarah how after she had seduced Sarah, she’d decided that she wanted a threesome and had talked Bruce into it. She didn’t refer to their first session together, and made it sound like she’d had to do a lot of convincing after she’d told Bruce that the two girls had already slept together.


Bruce, Jason, Hannah and Sarah all sat around the table playing cards again.

“What’s the game?” Bruce asked.

“Poker,” suggested Sarah.

“Strip Poker,” Hannah amended. Everyone looked at each other, waiting for an objection.

“Strip poker it is then,” said Jason, grinning. Sarah picked up the cards and shuffled prior to dealing.

“So how is this going to work then?” she asked.

“Isn’t it just that the person who get’s the lowest hand has to remove a piece of clothing?” Hannah asked.

“Sounds good to me,” Bruce said.

“If I’d known that we were going to play this, I would have worn more clothing,” Sarah laughed.

“You don’t need to worry, you’re wearing more than anyone else anyway!” Bruce pointed out as he realised that all he was wearing was a pair of shorts, a t-shirt and underwear. Jason was similarly attired whilst Hannah had on a skirt, underwear, shoes and a t-shirt. Sarah was wearing a pull-over, jeans, shoes, socks and a t-shirt.

“That’s the way it goes, let’s play,” Bruce said, picking up his cards. Everyone checked their hands and then traded cards.

“Pair of fives,” Bruce said somewhat dejectedly.

“Full House, fives over eights,” Sarah said, smiling.

“Pair of sevens,” Hannah announced,” at least I’m safe.

“Crap, I got sweet fuck all,” Jason said.

“Get it off!” everyone chorused together. Jason pulled his t-shirt over his head and discarded it to the floor.

“Deal,” he said. The cards were dealt again and this time Hannah lost, opting to discard one of her shoes.

“That is such a crap deal,” Bruce said laughing, “Bloody women and all their crap.”

“You’re just jealous,” Hannah responded as she picked up the cards to deal. Sarah lost the next hand and took off a shoe to complaints that she’d never be naked at this rate. Then she lost three more hands in a row to be barefoot and on something more of an even keel.

Bruce was the next to lose and removed his shirt. When Hannah lost the next hand, she too was barefoot, followed by Bruce who lost his shorts at the end of the next hand. He stood on his chair and did a dodgy strip-tease as he removed them, to gales of laughter from everyone at the table.

“Getting bloody dangerous this is,” he announced, picking up the cards to deal. Hannah lost the following hand and opted to remove her skirt, copying Bruce’s act by standing up to slowly strip it off. As she slipped the skirt off, she revealed a white lace thong that only barely existed, drawing whistles of appreciation from Bruce.

“Doesn’t it feel like it cuts you in two?” Sarah asked when she saw the minute underwear.

“Nope, it’s comfy as and I feel so sexy wearing it,” Hannah replied, sitting down.

“Damn, now we can’t see,” Bruce complained.

“That’s the whole idea,” Hannah laughed.

Sarah was the next to lose and had to take off her top and was reduced to as much clothing as Bruce and Jason had started with.

“Oh fuck,” Bruce said as he laid his cards on the table at the end of the next hand. “Jack high nothing,” he declared. Jason laughed at him.

“Welcome to nudie land dude,” he said, laying out his hand. “Queen high nothing!” Bruce groaned and the girls laughed at him.

“I can’t Hannahieve I’m getting done on that,” he complained, but stood up in his boxers. Sarah and Hannah started urging him to take them off and so he turned around so that he wasn’t facing them and mooned them before slipping them all the way down his legs. When he turned around, he had his hands covering his cock.

“Come on, show us,” Hannah said. With a dramatic sigh, Bruce took his hands away, revealing a semi hard cock. Everyone applauded and Bruce sat down at the end.

“So now it’s just three of us?” Hannah asked.

“No way, I want cards too,” Bruce said.

“But you don’t have anything to take off,” Sarah pointed out.

“I might not lose either, and if I do, I’ll think of something,” Bruce said. They all decided that that was fair enough and so the cards were dealt again.

This time it was Sarah that lost and she opted to remove her top, sitting back down in her jeans and a yellow bra that presented her breasts nicely.

“Woohoo, look at those tits!” Hannah called out.

“I am!” Jason replied, earning him a playful slap from his girlfriend and a blush from Sarah. “Hurry up and make her lose, I want to see them without the bra,” he added.

Jason was the next to lose and removed his shorts to be sitting in just his boxers. When Hannah lost the following hand, she was reduced to sitting at the table in her underwear. Bruce was eying her off and Sarah decided to look around the table to his lap,

“You certainly like that view, don’t you,” she teased, noting the state of his cock. Hannah shifted her chair and peaked under the table at Bruce’s erect cock.

“Well if it does that to you, I’m happy to share,” she said, grinning.

Sarah lost the following hand and stripped out of her jeans, attempting a strip tease but laughing too much for anyone to take it seriously. She sat back down in a pair of yellow panties that matched her bra.

Jason lost next and had to strip naked and join Bruce on the line of hoping to strip the others before losing a hand. It wasn’t to be though and he lost the very next hand.

“So what happens now?” Jason asked, wondering what he was in for.

“Well, I think that the person with the highest hand should get to choose something for them to do,” Bruce said.

“Sounds like fun,” Hannah said, grinning. Everyone quickly checked the cards. Bruce had the highest hand.

“Alright,” Bruce said, laughing. “The possibilities are endless.” He sat pondering, enjoying the fact that Jason was squirming in his seat, wondering what on earth could possibly happen. “Ok, I’ll go easy on you, you have to suck on Hannah’s right tit for 30 seconds, right here in front of us.”

“Too easy!” Jason said, grinning.

“But what if I don’t want him too?” Hannah asked, “I mean I didn’t lose, what if you choose something that I don’t want to be a part of?”

“Um good point, I guess that if any of us are put in that position we have the right of veto and the winner has to choose something else.” Everyone agreed that that seemed fair and Jason moved over to where Hannah was sitting. He knelt beside her and pulled her bra down, so that he could access her right breast. He took her nipple in his mouth and sucked and played with it until he was told that the 30 seconds were up.

“Obviously Hannah’s not the only one to enjoy that,” Sarah said, checking out Jason’s erect cock as he moved back to his seat, blushing.

Jason just responded by picking up the cards and dealing. Sarah lost the hand and Jason whooped it up, enjoying the fact that she now had to make a commitment to exposing either her breasts or her pussy. She opted to remove her bra, reaching behind to release the clasp before teasingly taking her time about removing the actual cups from in front of her and using her hands to hide her breasts when she did.

“Come on already!” Jason cried in frustration. Sarah finally removed her hands to stand with her breasts sitting naked and proud on her chest, her nipples erect in the cool air of the room. “Oh yeah!” Jason commented as he took in the sight. Hannah and Bruce also enjoyed the view as she took up the cards and started shuffling, her breasts moving nicely with the movement of her hands.

Bruce lost the following hand and Hannah held the highest. She had a twinkle in her eye as she considered what she would ask Bruce to do. She reached into her drink and pulled out a cube of ice. “Come here and I’m going to rub your dick with this ice for 30 seconds,” she said.

“Ouch!” Jason said in sympathy. Bruce just grinned and went to stand next to Hannah. She ran the ice cube up and down his cock, enjoying the way that it twitched and flinched when she touched the sensitive areas, or the way in which Bruce would wiggle when she held it in once place too long.

Hannah lost the next hand and opted to discard her bra saying, “Its not like its hiding much anyway!” Her nipples were very stiff and everyone commented on the fact as the cards were again dealt only to see Hannah lose again.

“Crap!” she said as she stood up and slid the g-string off, revealing her almost bald pussy before sitting down.

“Getting interesting now!” Bruce said as he dealt the cards, only to find that he’d dealt himself a losing hand. This time, Sarah had the highest hand.

“Stand up and wank for us for 30 seconds,” she said. Bruce stood up alongside the table and took his cock in his hands, pumping his shaft and masturbating, feeling a little silly as he did so. By the time that he’d finished, there was a drop of pre-cum sitting nestled in the slit at the top of his cock. Just as he went to sit down, Sarah reached out to smear it over the head of his cock. Bruce moaned as she touched him.

“Hey that’s cheating!” Hannah exclaimed. “If you get to do that, so do I!” Jason grinned, thinking that she was about to rub the top of his cock, but Hannah reached across the table and ran her fingers over the head of Bruce’s cock like Sarah had been doing. Sarah laughed at Jason as she saw the look on his face.

“You’ll keep,” he said to her, “You can’t keep those panties on forever!” The cards were dealt and this time it was Jason that won the hand against Hannah’s losing hand.

“Get over here and suck me,” he said, grinning. Hannah knelt beside the chair and lowered her mouth over her boyfriend’s cock, sucking and slurping at him until Sarah told her that 30 seconds were up. She sucked noisily back up his length one last time to release him with an audible plop.

“I’m so fucking wet,” Hannah exclaimed, “this is great fun.” She then promptly lost the next hand as well, this time with Bruce being the winner and decider of her fate.

“Sit on the table and spread your legs, then finger-fuck yourself for us,” he announced. Hannah did as required, spreading her legs with her butt pressed against the table top. True to her declaration, it was clearly evident just how wet she was and she easily slid two fingers into her pussy before working them in and out. Bruce and Jason crowded close to get a good view and it was Sarah who told her it was time to stop. Then she surprised everyone by taking Hannah’s hand and bringing the fingers to her lips, sucking them clean.

“Cheating again!” Bruce exclaimed.

“Yeah, but we don’t mind watching that!” Jason said enthusiastically. Everyone laughed. The cards were dealt again and this time, Sarah lost, finally having to strip off her panties to reveal her trimmed pussy.

“Mmm, I have a feeling we’re going to see more of that!” Jason exclaimed, grinning. He was the one to lose the next hand though, with Hannah being the one to win.

“I want you to pour chocolate sauce on your cock for us and then sit there until you lose again and someone lets you do something about it,” she laughed. Jason went to the fridge and returned with the chocolate sauce that was usually put on top of ice cream. He stood at the table and dribbled it down his cock. It ran down his shaft to his balls at which point he stopped pouring and sat down, looking a little disheartened by it.

Sarah was the next one to lose and Hannah was again the winner, getting to decide her fate. Jason looked at his girlfriend hopefully but she said to him, “Naah, way too early to help you out! Sarah, I want you to suck my breasts.” Sarah moved over to where Hannah was and sucked upon first her right breast and then her left, drawing and teasing her nipples between her lips, pulling them and nibbling at them as Hannah moaned with pleasure. Bruce and Jason both watched avidly as Sarah pleased her friend.

“Damn, I know I want to see more of that,” Jason said, holding up a hand to Bruce who gave him a high five.

The cards were dealt and this time Bruce was the loser and Sarah was the winner. “Lick my pussy,” was her simply command.

“Anytime, you know that!” Bruce said, kneeling on the floor between her legs. He ran his tongue up one side of her pussy and then back down before pushing his tongue between her lips and running it up to circle around her clit and play with it until someone announced that it was time.

Hannah was the next loser and Jason, with great glee the winner, announcing that she had to suck the chocolate sauce off of his cock, which she did, slowly and with great pleasure.

When Hannah lost the next hand and Bruce won, he told her to bend over the table and to slide a finger in and out of her arse. Everyone watched as she slipped a finger first into her pussy to get it lubricated and the inside her bum, wiggling it and sliding it back and forth, moaning with pleasure.

“I wish this was a cock,” she announced as someone called time. “I could really use a cock in my bum.”

“Then you might need to win a hand,” Jason suggested. But the next hand proved not to be lucky for her. Sarah lost and Jason was the winner.

“I want you two girls to pash each other,” he announced. Bruce and Jason high-fived again as their naked girlfriends took each other in their arms and twisted their tongues together, their lips meeting passionately. After some two minutes the girls stopped and Sarah said, “aren’t you timing us?”

“Hell no Bruce replied, “I could watch this all day!” Jason agreed, laughing as the two girls took their seats again.

Bruce was the next winner and Sarah again lost. “Come here and slide that nice hot pussy down on my cock sweetie,” he said to her, sitting forward so that his erect penis pointed skywards. Sarah moved over to the chair and turned so that she was facing away from Bruce. She reached around behind her to hold his cock in her hand, guiding it between her lips. Then she slid down his length, moving up and down slightly, writhing around. Hannah moved so that she could get a good view. Then she knelt on the floor, her hands on Bruce’s knees, watching, entranced.

Jason called time, but Sarah kept moving and Hannah decided that she didn’t need the cards anymore. She put her hands on Sarah’s legs and held her so that she didn’t slide up again. Then she lowered her mouth to Sarah’s pussy and lapped at her clit, just above where she was penetrated by Bruce’s cock.

“Oh my god, that is so fucking amazing,” Sarah said, throwing her head back. Bruce reached around to play with her breasts. Jason moved over and grabbed her breasts as Bruce let go, seizing the chance to get to play with them He then sucked on Sarah’s nipples, adding to the pleasure that she was already receiving.

Jason moved the table out of the way and moved in behind Hannah, knelt down and slid his cock home in her pussy. He started fucking her as she worked her tongue on Sarah’s clit, occasionally licking lower to Bruce’s shaft and sucking on his balls.

Sarah was so horny by now that it took very little of this attention to bring her to orgasm. She squealed as she felt the familiar rush through her body and her pussy grabbed at Bruce’s cock, squeezing him.

Hannah stopped for a while as Jason pounded into her from behind, but then she reached up and pulled Bruce’s cock from Sarah’s pussy. Sarah didn’t move much but gave Hannah enough room to pull the cock into her mouth so that she was sucking one and getting one from behind at the same time.

“Oh wow, I think I want to try that,” Sarah said as she watched Hannah take on the two guys.

“You should, its awesome,” Hannah encouraged her between mouthfuls of cock. Bruce announced that he was going to cum and Hannah held him in her mouth, sucking hard as his balls contracted and ejected his sperm in warm sticky spurts. Sarah moved out of the way and Jason continued to pound Hannah.

“Its only fair that if you tasted me on Bruce, that I taste you on Jason,”” Sarah said. She moved alongside Hannah and Jason pulled his cock out for her, offering it. Sarah took it in her mouth, sucking up and down his length, cleaning her friend’s pussy juice from her boyfriend’s cock.

Bruce moved in behind her, telling her that she’d said she wanted to try it and slipped his semi erect cock into her pussy, using her to help himself recover his erection. Sarah commented on how good it was to have two cocks at her disposal.

Hannah told Sarah to lie down on her back and then when she had, slipped over the top of her to assume a 69 position. She started licking Sarah’s pussy, but Sarah wasn’t yet ready for the intensity, so Hannah fingered her hole instead. Then Jason slipped his cock back into Hannah’s pussy, Sarah getting a view from immediately Hannahow.

Then Jason was cumming, his cock pumping its seed deep into Hannah from behind. Hannah moaned as she felt herself filled. “Now I just need a cock in my bum,” she announced, “C’mon Bruce, fuck my arse for me.”

Bruce was by now hard again from watching the other three and so moved in behind Hannah. He pushed his cock into her pussy, still dripping with Jason’s cum, then he pulled it out and eased his dirty cock into her butt, squeezing it into her tight back passage.

“Oh yeah, fuck my arse Bruce,” she urged as he started to work back and forth inside her bum. Sarah watched and commented, “Doesn’t that hurt?”

“Oh no, it feels great, you need to try it!” Hannah told her.

“I don’t think so,” Sarah said.

“Get around her in front of me,” Hannah told her, “Get on your hands and knees in front of me.” Warily, Sarah did as her friend requested.

Hannah began to probe Sarah’s pussy with her fingers and then leaned forward to lick Sarah’s arse with her tongue, running it around her puckered hole, teasing her.

“See, that feels good, doesn’t it?” Hannah asked.

“Mhmm,” Sarah said, not committing too much. Hannah pulled her slippery finger from Sarah’s pussy and began working it very slowly and gently into Sarah’s arse. Bruce slowly slid his cock in and out of Hannah’s feeling her muscles around the girth of his cock as he watched the progress of Hannah’s finger in her butt.

Jason was now erect again and watching the action whilst stroking at his cock, obviously looking for somewhere to put it. Then he lay on his back and slid his head beneath Sarah so that he could suck on her breast nipple and fondle her breast as his girlfriend explored Sarah’s butt with her finger.

Hannah worked a second finger into Sarah’s arse and told Jason to lie down so that Sarah could get his cock in her pussy.

Everyone jiggled around a bit, adjusting positions. Jason lay on his back and Sarah mounted him. Hannah knelt down between their legs and Bruce impaled her arse from behind as she fondled Jason’s balls (and cock when she could) and probed and licked Sarah’s butt.

Bruce reached under Hannah and stroked at her clit as this happened and she exploded with her orgasm. She rolled to one side, and as she recovered, told Bruce that he needed to stick his cock in Sarah’s arse so that she could feel the wonder of both her holes being filled with cock.

Bruce quickly went and cleaned himself off while Sarah worked herself up and down Jason’s cock, but she quickly stopped when Bruce reappeared behind her, the end of his knob pressing between her legs, starting to ease its way into her bum hole.

Slowly he squeezed inside her, pushing deeper and knew that he had her when he felt her push back. She then moved herself slowly, both cocks slipping in and out of her holes as she went first one way and then the other.

“Isn’t it awesome?” Hannah asked her, reaching out to play with Sarah’s breasts. Sarah nodded slightly, biting her lip. Hannah then slipped a hand in between everyone’s legs and tweaked at Sarah’s clit. She exploded. Bruce gave a quick thrust and held his cock deep in her arse and he too came as her muscles convulsed on the meat buried inside her. He pulled out and Sarah rolled onto her back, leaving Jason with a slippery erection that he wanted help with.

“Fuck my tits,” Sarah said to him. Jason’s eyes lit up and he straddled Sarah’s abdomen, pushing his cock down between Sarah’s breasts. She pushed them up with her hands and felt him slide back and forth between her breasts. He worked his cock back and forth until he came, his sperm shooting from between Sarah’s breasts to give her a pearl necklace.

“I need another orgasm,” Hannah announced as it appeared that everyone was about to stop and recover.

“Sit on my face and let me lick your pussy,” Bruce said, flat on his back already. Hannah didn’t hesitate and straddled his face, facing away from him so that she could play with his cock with her hands. It didn’t take much attention to return to life.

“Come and use this, Sarah,” Hannah said, wiggling the cock in her hands. Sarah sighed like she was spent, but then came over and mounted Bruce’s cock, facing Hannah. The two girls kissed each other, and fondled each other’s breasts with Jason voicing his approval as he looked on.

This continued until Hannah approached the point of climax and ground her pussy down on Bruce’s face as he sucked hard upon her clit. She came with a rush and collapsed sideways, twitching, leaving Sarah mounted on Bruce’s cock.

By mutual agreement, they stopped, neither of them particularly needing to cum again. Slowly they all gathered their clothes and dressed, not bothering to return to the cards, opting for a quiet drink and a chat before retiring to bed for the night.

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