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You Have Drifted Off to Sleep…

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You have drifted off to sleep and are having restless dreams because you are slightly obsessed with fantasies you’ve been sharing with someone you’ve never met. Somewhere in your subconscious, you hear the sound of a door opening in your apartment, but your hind brain doesn’t feel threatened and you continue to doze…

I slowly and carefully open the door, my dancer’s feet making no sound as I glide across the floor. I silently open up my bag and pull out the things I need, then move across to your bed and gingerly lift up the covers, just enough to find your hand. You stir and I lean gently toward your ear, whispering softly, “It’s ok, John, you’re safe, it’s just a dream. Go back to sleep,” and you do as you are told.

I gently and carefully tie a restraint onto your hand and slowly pull your hand up to the bed post and tie it securely. You are definitely awake now and start to look up and say something, but in that instant, I have your other hand and am tying it up to the other post. You are looking a little wild-eyed, still groggy from sleep, when you see my smiling face and realize that it’s all part of our fantasy, and you relax.

“Hello,” I say, with a sly smile on my face, “It’s very nice to meet you. I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time.”

I slowly begin a strip-tease in front of you, removing my coat, one button at a time, revealing the large round curve of my breasts. I am wearing a skirt, which I leave on, but take off my blouse. Underneath is a very sexy top with many ties, barely covering my breasts. I pull up my skirt to show you my black lace panties and turn around to show off the curve of my ass, then slowly pull the panties off and pull the skirt back down. I take off my shoes and pull down the covers of your bed, revealing your long, beautiful cock, very hard now and throbbing slightly.

I get on the bed and straddle you. You can feel the strength of my legs holding yours down as I reach forward and put a gag on your mouth. You resist. You are very strong, but your arms are bound and my strength holds you down just enough to accomplish my task. Then I proceed by slowly rubbing the wetness of my pussy along your legs, up to your balls, along the shaft of your cock, just to the tip of it. Pausing there, panting, aching for it, and then slide myself back down. Then I pull myself up to be able to reach your fingers, tied up to the bed. I take each one in my mouth and suck them lovingly, putting them deep into my mouth and then replacing them with another. Then I slide my tongue along your hand, then down your arm, biting gently as I go, as I reach your neck, you shiver and moan. I delight in the sound and take time to bury my face in your neck, biting, sucking (but not too long), loving the heat from your blood there.

I repeat the procedure with your other hand and then once at your neck, take time to gorge (figuratively) at your throat. I give you a beautiful smile and check that you are still ok, and then proceed to kiss, suck, lick and nibble my way down your chest to your nipples. I stop there, circling the outside of one, then the other. You writhe with pleasure and another moan escapes through the gag. Then I take each nipple in my mouth and put it between my teeth, biting at first gently, then a little harder, feeling the effect of this by the increased engorgement of your cock and the heat of your body and the tossing of your head. Mmmmmmm……

Now I’m ready to proceed. I move down your belly, stopping at your navel to push my tongue inside the depression there, then continuing down to the tip of your cock. I stop once, licking the pre-cum off the head, pushing the tip of my tongue into the depression and opening there and then moving off and going around your genitals, sensing your frustration and smiling at the feeling of power I have, with you helpless to resist. I look up to see if you are all right, and then I proceed to tease you mercilessly, coming closer and closer to your cock and balls but never touching; biting and licking your inner thighs. Mmmmm…. You are writhing again, moaning and shaking, and I sense it is time to take a different course of action.

I go back to your face and take off the gag. I kiss your lips tenderly, then plunge my tongue deep into your mouth and find your tongue, sucking on it. So delicious! Then I go back to your beautiful cock, holding it with one hand, so long, so stiff, so warm, and proceed to lick the head like a child licking a delicious ice cream cone. I hear your voice now, sighing, gasping, moaning, and it sends me into the depths of passion.

I suddenly slide your entire cock into my mouth, plunging it deep into my throat, then come up for air and do it again. You gasp and cry out. Then I lift your legs up and out, exposing your sweet ass bud and slide myself up so that my cunt, now dripping with juice, can meet it. I lift your ass a little higher, and with one hand, spread my lips wide and press myself up against your ass, shuddering with desire. You feel my wetness and then feel me spreading my juice all over your balls and your sweet ass, covering you with slippery heat.

I then get off and proceed to lick you all around your bud, tasting my sweet, tangy juice and pressing my tongue into the opening, gently at first and then more insistently. You moan and groan and shake. You’ve been wanting this for a very long time. I slide a finger up to your bud, and press it against the opening, feeling you open a little wider, then a little more.

I am beside myself with desire and I ask you, “Do you want more? Do you want to feel it deeper inside you?”

You groan and say “Yessss, Oh God, Yessss”,

and, with a little more of my juice, which is flowing copiously from my hot cunt, I slide my finger as far as it can go up your ass. You shudder and gasp.

I’m not ready to ‘take you’ completely yet. My cunt is aching for your cock. I slide myself up to it, pressing the head against my hard clit, then circling it at the entrance to my cunt. I slide your cock further into me, groaning with pleasure, squeezing you with my cunt muscles as you slide deeper and deeper inside me. I ride you with hard thrusts and then circles and then more hard thrusts, looking into your eyes with my pupils wild and dilated. I lean down and kiss you again, almost unable to control myself and then I feel myself cumming from somewhere deep inside. You feel the convulsions on your cock and almost cum yourself, but you are able to stop yourself and wait for my shudders to subside.

I slowly pull myself off your shaft and kiss you again, getting off the bed to open my bag of tricks again. I smile at your wide eyes when I pull out my new toy. It’s a beautiful strap on dildo, shaped like a penis but not too long or wide, just perfect for our play. I sense your trepidation and assure you that I will be so gentle for you. I don’t want to hurt you. I want this to feel as good for you as it will for me.

I strap on the dildo, adjusting it so that the part facing me is positioned for my maximum pleasure, then I straddle you again.

I ask you, “Are you ready luv?”

You nod, speechless with passion and I take out my bottle of lube and spread it lovingly all over your balls and ass cheeks and then all around your ass bud, circling closer and closer to the opening. I spread your ass cheeks wider and press the head of my dildo gently against the hole. You are so slippery but tight and I want to help you relax, so I stroke your cock, very hard and throbbing now with anticipation. This seems to work and the muscles around your ass are relaxing just enough so that I can press the tip of my ‘cock’ a little deeper into you.

I tell you “push a little bit, babe”.

You do and the ‘cock’ slips deeper in. You gasp. It hurts just a little bit, but the pleasure of having a cock inside you is so amazing that it takes over and you relax more. I sense your wanting and push a little more inside you, shuddering with pleasure. I too, have fantasized about this for a very long time. It feels so unbelievably hot to be pushing a ‘cock’ inside of you and feeling you open more and more as I go deeper and deeper inside you. We are both gasping and moaning and panting as I fuck you a little harder and faster and deeper with every thrust. I grab your real, warm, hard cock again and start to stroke it, exactly the way you like and you are pushed past the brink. You start to shudder as I thrust inside you, the deepest thrust yet and you are yelling and cumming, cumming, cumming… Jiz is spurting out of you in high arcs as I continue to thrust my cock harder and deeper inside you. You have never cum so hard before in your life! Cum is shooting out of your swollen cock and I lean over to catch it in my mouth. Oh sweet! You taste so good! I sense your extreme sensitivity now, so I slowly remove myself from inside you and lay on top of you, smothering myself with your cum.

We lay together, panting, as you keep repeating, “Oh my god, Oh my god!” over and over again.

I laugh and smile, feeling very satisfied that I have fulfilled both of our fantasies so well.

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